Pastor Geneve: Reasons to Invest in Colored Diamonds by pastorgeneve


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									Pastor Geneve: Reasons to Invest in Colored Diamonds

A distinguished colored diamonds dealer based in Switzerland, Pastor Genève
has operated since 1991. Many investors choose to purchase colored diamonds,
explains Pastor Genève, as their rarity makes them quite valuable. However,
several other reasons exist for investing in these gems.

First, investors generally do not have to disclose possession of colored diamonds
to government authorities and they can easily be transported. Investors can
place a multi-million-dollar portfolio in a single envelope. In fact, investors can
possess colored diamonds valued at $1 million in only a handful of stones, each
less than a carat.

Also, the value of colored diamonds does not decrease significantly, even in the
most trying recession. In fact, sales prices have seen a consistent rise over the
past few decades, depending on the color. (Some colors are rarer than others
and thus have seen greater increases in value.) As supplies decline, demand will
skyrocket, resulting in spiking values.

Finally, colored diamonds make an excellent contribution to an estate since
individuals can easily pass them on to future generations.

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