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					The New York City Housing Authority has
 committed to increasing the safety and
   security of NYCHA residents by the
    installation of Security Cameras.
NYCHA’s revised Safety and Security program
was developed in 2009 in collaboration with the
New York City Police Department, NYCHA
officials, including the Executive Vice Presidents
of NYCHA’s Capital Projects and Operations
departments, and NYCHA’s Citywide Council of
Presidents, which is comprised of resident
leaders. The revised Safety and Security
Program created a universal system for
selection and placement of NYCHA security
systems in all NYCHA developments moving

                                            NYCHA’s Safety and Security Task
                                            Force has provided recommendations
                                            for security measures, including
                                            Layered Access Control to enhance
                                            building entrance security, and state
                                            of the art cost effective improvements
                                            to Closed Circuit Television
                                            surveillance systems (CCTV). A
                                            NYCHA safety and security report was
                                            issues in February 2011 outlining
                                            thoughtful, concrete, cost effective
                                            recommendations for a universal
                                            security system for all NYCHA
Since 1997, when the CCTV program began, NYCHA has installed nearly 7,000
cameras in more than 500 buildings at 105 developments.

More than half (3,497) of
the cameras have been
installed since 2003,
benefitting more than
87,000 residents.

NYCHA is currently developing a comprehensive security plan, working with
residents on exactly where cameras should be placed.

“Ensuring that our communities remain safe is a collective
responsibility. NYCHA employees, elected officials,
advocates, residents and the NYPD all play a vital role in
making neighborhoods safer”

- NYCHA Chairman John B Rhea
In NYCHA’s new security architecture, cameras are now 50 percent cheaper.
The average cost for installing CCTV cameras prior to an evaluation period in
2010 was $165,000 per building. In the new architecture, the average cost per
building for cameras is now $80,000. Economies of scale, competitive bidding,
and more technology options account for this significant cost savings;
residents get more security from the City Council’s investment.
                                          As of July 2012, elected officials have
                                          allocated approximately $51 million
                                          (with another $10 million dollars
                                          allocated in the FY 2013 budget) to
See the list of NYCHA
                                          install CCTV and/or Layered Access
developments that have
                                          Control at approximately 85 NYCHA
been scheduled to receive
                                          developments. NYCHA is working to
security cameras by fall
                                          install security systems in 85
2013 by clicking a link
                                                      developments by fall 2013.
                                                      The new security system
Manhattan                                             installations will be
                                                      uniform, technologically
Bronx                                                 advanced security cameras
Brooklyn                                              that will be part of an
Staten Island                                         integrated system.

Improving the safety of NYCHA’s 334 developments is a huge challenge – with
2,600 buildings, 3,300 elevators and numerous amount of entryways,
stairwells and hallways citywide – it would cost at least $200 million to install
an ideal network of NYCHA security cameras. However this figure does not
account for the cost to monitor and maintain the equipment over time.
On Oct. 22, 2012, NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea, along with New York
State Senator Thomas K. Duane and Amsterdam Houses Resident
Association (RA) President Margarita Curet announced the completed
installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at
NYCHA’s Amsterdam Houses.
                              NYCHA added 21 new security cameras to
                              the 49 cameras that were already in place
                              at the Manhattan development. The newest
                              security installations were funded by a
                              generous $300,000 contribution from
                              Senator Duane.

NYCHA does not have the funding to install security cameras at all
developments, but will install them where elected officials have allocated
discretionary funding.
NYCHA developments with higher crime rates are likely to see the
installation of security cameras more quickly, as was the case with
Amsterdam Houses.

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