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					Wabo® silicone seal
Silicone Expansion Joint Sealant

Description                                                      • New construction or repair and maintenance of
Wabo® Silicone Seal is a dynamic two-part sealant                  existing joints
designed for horizontal expansion joints on bridges,             • Capable of ±25% joint movement.
parking decks, and open air structures. The cold applied,
self-leveling, low modulus sealant is ideally suited for the
new construction or repair of existing expansion joints.         tYpicAL AppLicAtions
When properly mixed, the sealant cures rapidly to form a         Figure 1: New Construction
well bonded elastomeric seal capable of accommodating                      Wabo Silicone Seal is placed in the joint opening
movements +/- 50% of the joint opening. Wabo Silicone                      of concrete deck over polyethylene backer rod.
Seal does not require the use of any primers.
                                                                 Figure 2: Armored Condition
                                                                           Existing joint material is removed, steel joint
                                                                           interfaces are sandblasted and Wabo Silicone
                                                                           Seal is placed over ployethylene backer rod.

                                                                 Figure 3: Overlay Condition
                                                                           Blockout is formed and elastomeric concrete is
                                                                           poured. Once the elastomeric is cured, Wabo
                                                                           Silicone Seal is placed over polyethylene
                                                                           backer rod.

                                                                    Figure 1: New Construction

FeAtUres / BeneFits
• rapid installation
  Wabo SiliconeSeal is a two-part cold applied, self-leveling,
  ambient cure sealant assuring ease in installation and
  providing minimal downtime in the field.
• Versatility                                                       Figure 2: Armored Condition
  Suitable for concrete, steel, aluminum or Wabo Crete II
  elastomeric concrete header applications, while allowing
  multidirectional movements of the structure.
• Unique Design
  Designed to provide a watertight seal and minimize
  debris, the Wabo Silicone Seal will easily bond to itself.
  No priming of interfaces is required which simplifies and
  accelerates the installation process.

recoMMenDeD For                                                     Figure 3: Overlay Condition
• Horizontal applications on Interstate highway to light duty
  parking garage and building expansion joints
• Expansion joint applications with a maximum movement
  range of +/- 50% of the joint gap
• Structures where minimum construction closure time is
  a factor

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Wabo® silicone seal
Silicone Expansion Joint Sealant

pHYsicAL properties                                                                            Coverage
Wabo Silicone Seal is a two part, self-leveling, low modulus                                   Yield will depend on joint design, tooling, backer rod
sealant. The material shall meet or exceed the following:                                      placement, waste, and experience.

                           AS SUPPLIED PROPERTIES OF SILICONE
                                                                                               sUrFAce prepArAtion
 Physical Properties              ASTM Test Method             Part A            Part B        Joint interfaces must be sandblasted. A minimum of
 Color                                                         White             Gray          14 days cure time is recommended before sealing new
 Leveling                         C 639                        self levels       self levels   portland cement concrete.
 Extrusion rate ml/min.           C 1183                       200-600           200-600
                                                                                               LiMtAtions / storAge
                                                                                               Watson Bowman Acme does NOT recommend the use of
                                MIXED PROPERTIES OF SILICONE
                                                                                               Wabo Silicone Seal under the following conditions:
 Physical Properties              ASTM Test Method             Requirements
                                                                                               • On joints where the existing gap is > 3” (76 mm)
 Leveling                         C 839                        self levels
 Tack free Time                   C 679                        60 Minute Min.
                                                                                               • On joints where the gap exceeds 3 1/4” (82 mm) during
                                                                                                 the movement cycle
 Joint Elongation                 D 5329 (1) (2)               600% min.
 Joint Modulus, 100%              D 5329 (1) (2)               15 psi max. (.10MPa)
                                                                                               • Installed when surface temperatures are < 40oF (5oC)
 Extension                                                                                     • On joints where movements will exceed +/- 50% of the
 Cure Evaluation                  D 5893                       ss @ 4 hrs max.                   joint gap at the time of installation Storage
 Ultimate Elongation              D 412 Die C (1)              1000% min.                      • Store out of direct sunlight in a dry place between 50-
 Stress @ 150%                    D 412 Die C (1)              25 psi max. (.17 MPa)           90oF
                                                                                               • Do not store in area of high humidity
 Shore Hardness, 00               C 661 (1)                    40 - 80
                                                                                               • Shelf life of the material is approximately 6 months from
 Specific Gravity                 D 792 (1)                    1.20 - 1.40
                                                                                                 date of shipment
 (1) Specimens cured at 77 +/- 3ºF and 50 +/- 5% R.H. For 7 days

 (2) Specimens size is 1/2" wide x 2" long

Wabo Silicone Seal is a 1:1 mix and available in:
 Standard 25.36 oz dual cartridges
 20 oz sausages
 5 gallon pails

                                                                                                   For Your DOT Product Specialist, Call: 800.936.6626

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