Reflections in the new year 1 by medomx12


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									                             Solution publicly in 2013
after Aa described many Palmtab and weary, and it
may be 2012 more people agreed to the desire
meekness, but I hope to be a true 2013 compensation
with him, following meditations for the new year:

- We can not accept a mistake load in 2012
responsibility for our mistakes, The year just a space
for us, and we humans are the cause of bad, and as
long as the same people with the same mentality will
move for the next year, unfortunately none reason for
- The most important thing we must ask ourselves
today is not what we have achieved in 2012, but what
has changed us "positive" as a person and human
being through this year?.

- It does not matter that you failed to achieve the goals
of 2012, it is important to know why, in order to
achieve the objectives of 2013.

- I do not like to mingle what some people do in the
New Year concept New Year, is the renewal of
important, is an important day for pause with the self
and see what has changed, is a day of recognition
Boutriguena that was true or not, do not bother to do
someone else on this day.
- Do not hesitate to this day to sit with yourself 10
minutes, select what you want, and then Start.

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