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					Travel Around The Dominican Republic
Posted by Jorge - Guest Blogger on 18th, September 2012
Did you know that now it is way easier to travel around the Dominican Republic?

Although the Dominican Republic is renowned for its beautiful beaches, its crystal-clear waters and the
kindness of its people, travellers usually had to deal with some uncomfortable issues. One of the main
ones was the conditions of its roads.

Fortunately, the government chose to roll up their sleeves and set to the task. After some time of work,
now the road between La Romana and Punta Cana has become a beautiful four-lane highway, allowing
travellers to reach any of its ends in a breeze-time of 35 minutes, which is a lot less compared to the
almost 90-minute journey such travel took before.

Traveling To Dominican Republic | Dominican Republic Travel Tips
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The result of this is a significant increase in tourism to both La Romana and Punta Cana.

La Romana has amazing attractions. Among them, we can easily mention the village of Altos De
Chavon, which is a recreation of a European medieval village completed in the mid 1970s. It features
an amphitheatre and a beautiful stone church named Iglesia San Estanislao de Cracovia. As a matter of
fact, many couples choose this church in Altos De Chavon to get married and enjoy with their guests
the beautiful attractions of the site.

La Romana visitors can also enjoy some time in Saona and Catalina islands. In Santa Catalina
travellers can easily meet new friends among the visitors who step down from the cruise ships that stop
Lastly, La Romana features La Cueva de las Maravillas (Caves of Wonders, or Cave of Miracles, in
English), which is considered a must-see by every tour guide in the area. Ancient cave drawings art
make them an awe-inspiring time during all the tour.

Traveling To Dominican Republic | Dominican Republic Travel Tips

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In Punta Cana, turquoise waters, gorgeous white-sand beaches and a lot more await. Punta Cana has
many clubs, hotels and golf courses, making it ideal for surfers, and golf-lovers. You can also have a
horse-ride or pamper yourself in one of its spas, if you like. You can try your foolproof blackjack
method in one of their casinos. Choose what you like! You will have fun anyway.

The new attractions in the Dominican Republic has made it become an increasingly popular destination
for other kinds of more private events. Companies are starting to use the hotel premises to organize
receptions, seminars, conferences, or celebrate weddings and even a few divorces! (No, I'm not
kidding!) If the group is large enough, you can even think about renting or temporarily privatizing
larger areas exclusively for their events.

Jorge, author of this article, is part of the staff working for Connect Travel Services, a Dominican
company which specializes in organizing tailored events and tours for groups of people visiting the
Dominican Republic, particularly in corporate environments.

Description: Traveling To Dominican Republic - Did you know that now it is way easier to travel around the Dominican Republic?