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    Impressive in efficiency

    The AMAZONE self-propelled sprayer can accomplish      "Speed Spraying" –
    more in the shortest possible time thanks to reduced   for improved performance in crop protection
    water spray rates and higher operational speeds.       AMAZONE offers various equipment specifications for
                                                           increasing the speed, efficiency and cost-effective-
    Take advantage of the expert advice offered by         ness of filling, transportation and cleaning. AMAZONE
    AMAZONE to ensure the optimal selection of modern      combines this technical equipment for enhancing crop
    nozzle technology.                                     protection under the generic term "Speed Spraying".


    Introduction                               p. 2-3
    Impressive in efficiency

    Running gear, frame and steering           p. 4-5
    Extremely sturdy, agile and flexible

    Engine and hydraulic system                p. 6-7
    State-of-the-art technology

    Cabin and vehicle operation                p. 8-9
    Unbridled comfort

    Electronics                                p. 10-11
    AMATRON+, Comfort package and GPS

    Boom and Distance-Control                  p. 12-13
    Super lightweight and super robust

    Induction bowl and
    DUS pressure recirculation system          p. 14-15
    Simply ingenious

    Nozzles                                    p. 16-17
    The basis for success

    Service, standard equipment, options       p. 18-19
    Full configuration - full flexibility

    Technical Data                             p. 20


The SX advantages at a glance

•   Modern AMAZONE crop protection                   •   Sophisticated vehicle concept:
    technology:                                          Excellent adaptation to ground contours thanks
    Tank size: 4000 litres                               to the tandem running gear and hydro-pneumatic
    High fill rates in excess of 600 l/min with           suspension
    additional injector                                  Powerful 6-cylinder common rail Deutz engine
    Tried and tested AMATRON+ operating concept          with speed reduction
    with multi-function joystick                         High ground clearance of 1.20 m
    Comfort package for remote control operation         In-cab hydraulic track width adjustment
    of the spray liquid circuit                          Front-wheel, all-wheel or crab steering
    Electronic fill level indicator on the control        Claas Comfort cab
    terminal                                             Fully hydrostatic drive with differential lock
    Working widths of the Super-L boom from 24 m         Rape blossom protection for trouble-free cooling
    to 36 m incl. work light system for increased        40-km/h permissible speed with full tank
    operating time
    Profi-fold with tilt adjustment and independent
    boom folding

    Running gear, frame and steering
    Sturdy and flexible

    The running gear                                            Frame and running gear:
    The tandem running gear ensures excellent adapta-           • Optimal ground contact with low slippage thanks
    tion to ground contours and a high degree of stability,        to the intelligent pendulum frame
    even when working on sloping terrain. The SX pro-           • Comfortable and safe driving characteristics from
    vides the driver with optimum comfort thanks to the            the longitudinal tandem running gear
    level-controlled, hydro-pneumatic suspension. The           • Hydro-pneumatic suspension with level regulation
    combination of the unique chassis design and the               and roll stabilisation
    tried and tested AMAZONE boom suspension ensures            • Large diameter drum brakes
    optimum positioning of the boom even under tough            • Reliable hydraulics - no air regulation
    conditions.                                                 • Smooth boom positioning through additional SX
    The hydraulic track width adjustment unit is integrated        parallelogram damping
    in the tandem running gear as standard and can be
    operated from the driver‘s seat. If desired, an infinitely
    variable adjustment with a display of the current track
    width can be provided in the cab.

                                                Main frame


    Tandem running gear

                                                                        Pendulum yoke

                                                                                              Running gear/frame/steering

The steering…                                               Automatic steering system
… acts on all four wheels and enables a particularly        Prepared for Trimble systems, e.g. EZG 500:
narrow turning radius of just 4.50 m. This ensures high     • Contrast-rich 17.7 cm colour display
work rates, even in small fields.                            • 3-D display and light strip
The "crab steering" function facilitates perfect opera-     • Multi-lingual, intuitive operation
tion to keep within the track, even when working on         • 5-10 cm track-to-track accuracy with
sloping terrain.                                               Omnistar HP signal (annual fee)
An optional automated GPS steering system ensures           • 10-30 cm accuracy with free EGNOS signal
precise driving to the next bout and accurate applica-      • Signal also used for GPS-Switch
tion even during the night and in poor visibility levels.   • GPS support provided by Trimble sales partners
• High manoeuvrability thanks to a short wheelbase
   and tight steering angle
• Four-wheel steering for enhanced manoeuvrability
   in small fields
• Reliable tracking provided by crab steering for
   offset tracks and sloping terrain


                                                            Track width adjustment:
                                                            • Simple track width adjustment from 1.80 m to 2.25 m
                                                            • Rapid adaptation to different row crops
                                                            • Comfortable operation from the cab
                                                            • No wheel change required

    Engine and hydraulic system

    • State-of-the-art common rail engine technology
    • Fuel-efficient: 40 km/h with reduced engine speed
      at 1600 rpm
    • Tried and tested Deutz technology
    • Tier 3 emissions standard
    • Approved for use with biodiesel

    Performance and fuel consumption
    When used under optimal conditions on large fields           The fuel efficiency factor is predominantly down to
    and with few start-ups, fuel consumption is up to           the good power-to-weight ratio of the SX 4000: 2.15-
    0.8 l/ha. If the machine is used for travelling long dis-   2.27 hp/100 kg. The 200 hp rated engine has to move
    tances by road or if working on sloping terrain, con-       an unladen weight of just 8,800 kg to max. 9,300 kg.
    sumption rises to around 1.1 to 1.2 l/ha.                   Other self-propelled sprayers with over 220 hp and
    These are excellent values for an infinitely variable        an empty weight in excess of 11 tons produce just
    self-propelled sprayer. Mechanical drives produce           2 hp/100 kg. This difference of around 10% makes
    values that are a maximum of 0.2 l/ha higher – for a        a positive impact on both driving behaviour and fuel
    5,000 hectare annual usage this results in savings of       con-sumption.
    approximately € 1,000.
                                                                Compare performance and weight!

                                                                                      Engine/hydraulic system

• Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive           Specific allocation of tasks in the hydraulics
  from 0 to 40 km/h                              The first pump is designed for the traction drive, the
• Easy to maintain                               second pump is a load sensing pump and is used to
• High traction power                            drive the spray liquid pumps. The speed of the spray
• Reliable operation ensured by three separate   liquid pumps is maintained at a constant 480 rpm,
  circuits with three pumps                      independent of the engine speed. This saves fuel and
• Low fuel consumption thanks to pressure and/   protects the pumps.
  or flow-controlled pumps                        The third pump is designed for the steering system
• Equipped with an electronically switchable     and the hydraulic cylinder of the sprayer. A propor-
  differential lock as standard                  tional valve always ensures priority oil supply to the
                                                 steering system.

    Comfortable cab and
    simple vehicle operation

    The comfortable configuration of the cab makes every working day a pleasure.

    The driver‘s cab in the AMAZONE SX 4000 offers               Automatic climate control
    a fully-fledged work space and optimum operating              Air-suspended seat
    comfort with all-round visibility, climate control, active   Heated and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
    carbon filter and air-suspended seat.                         Additional mirror for the front right wheel for curb
    With AMATRON+ control and interfaces for GPS ap-             inspection
    plications, the SX is optimally prepared for the future.     Active carbon filter
    The automatic field-related documentation port is             CD radio
    extremely suitable for cooperative farming operations.       Passenger seat
                                                                 Controls conveniently located
                                                                 Very quiet due to being uncoupled from the engine
                                                                 Comfortable ascent with folding ladder
                                                                 Optional camera system (wide 135° viewing angle,
                                                                 extra-large colour screen, infrared low-light tech-
                                                                 nology, automatic backlight function)


Comfort creates control

Simple and convenient operation of all functions from the cab.

The speed control function is equipped as standard:        The terminal is simultaneously used to monitor all
After the desired engine speed has been set (1600 to       engine and hydraulic functions.
1800 rpm) it can be comfortably regulated using the
central rotary knob. The target speed is indicated on      The top line displays the direction of travel, parking
the engine display. A toggle switch is used to alternate   brake and the date and time.
easily between forward / reverse motion.                   The operational speed is infinitely regulated from
                                                           0-40 km/h via the accelerator pedal.
A modern, clear terminal is provided for engine mo-
nitoring. The display for engine speed, speed, engine
temperature and fuel tank capacity is easy to read.

                                                                                                 Engine terminal

                                                                                                         Speed control

     AMATRON+ – all the information at a glance

     Precise dosage and simple operation is ensured by the
     AMATRON+ operating terminal - modern and future-proof.

     The AMATRON+ on-board computer enables fully               The digital fill level indicator ensures constant and
     automatic control of the desired spray rate (l/ha).        safe level control. The AMATRON+ computer also
     Defined quantity changes are carried out quickly and        continuously displays and checks the current system
     precisely in pre-settable % steps. This modern on-         pressure level via the digital pressure indicator.
     board computer is particularly user-friendly thanks
     to its clear, simple and logical menu system. A large,     The computer has an application management pro-
     low-reflection display is installed for monitoring the      gramme with 20 field record memories. It can also be
     system. The very compact nature of the computer            connected to the automatic field-related documen-
     means it requires little space in the cab.                 tation port. The AMATRON+ has a serial interface for
                                                                connecting to GPS terminals and nitrogen sensors.
     AMATRON+ also allows the use of the Distance-Con-
     trol function for the boom and the Comfort package
     for remote control operation of the spray liquid system.


Comfort package and GPS-Switch

The Comfort package for AMATRON+                            Advantages of the Comfort package:
is included as standard equipment!                          • Clean and safe working conditions for the operator
                                                            • The driver is no longer required to walk out into the
The Comfort package from AMAZONE provides the                 sprayed crop
ideal way of simplifying the work conducted by all SX       • No foaming of the agent thanks to adapted
sprayers. The most important functions of the spray           agitation levels
liquid circuit (filling, agitation intensity and cleaning)   • Convenient filling ensured through precise fill levels
are controlled remotely from the cab via the Comfort
package. This enables the desired fill level to be
preset and the filling process to be terminated auto-
matically. The automatic agitation control ensures
a continuous, fill level-dependent adjustment of the
agitation intensity. When fresh water is drawn in the
pump, tank, agitators and spray lines are cleaned
automatically. Depending on the desired intensity
                                                               GPS-Switch for AMATRON+:
the driver can conduct the cleaning process several
times, spraying out the diluted agent where required.          Automatic part-width section control
                                                               This new GPS supported on-board computer
                                                               system automates an accurate switching of the
                                                               machine on the headland, in shortwork and in
                                                               wedges. The working width and the arrangement
                                                               of the part-width sections are taken into conside-
                                                               ration. The field headland is determined after an
                                                               initial pass around the field, then everything runs
                                                               automatically. The GPS-Switch on-board computer
                                                               can be universally used with AMATRON+ for both
                                                               fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers.

Comfort package control panel                                  GPS-Switch terminal
     AMAZONE boom in profile design

     Light - robust - compact - durable - low maintenance
     AMAZONE booms are designed to be simultaneously            • Tried and tested modular system of the Super-L
     superbly sturdy, and yet at the same time, superbly          boom ranging from 24 m to 36 m; extremely sturdy
     light thanks to the special profile design. The working       and durable
     widths of the Super-L boom (24 to 36 m) enable the         • Wide height-adjustment range of 0.50 m to 2.50 m
     optimum adaptation to the farm. Premium quality en-        • Central pendulum adjustment and hydraulic height
     sures a long service life even when working with very        adjustment of the boom; smooth boom travel even at
     high area outputs.                                           high speeds
                                                                • Equipped with Profi-fold I as standard for flexibility in
                                                                  all working widths
                                                                • Optional boom tip angling (Profi II)
                                                                • Optional Distance-Control for the boom ride
                                                                • Optional DUS (pressure recirculation system)

                                                                The Super L-boom is compact and flexible with a trans-
                                                                port width of 2.90 m and a transport height of 3.65 m
                                                                (to ensure safe road transit) and is equipped with a work
                                                                light system for the boom area.

                                                                                                Spring-damper system for reducing
                                                                                                horizontal roll movement
     Important components for the
                                                                                                           Additional sprung sus-
     optimum boom ride                                                                                       pension for reducing
                                                                                                            yaw movement in the
                                                                                                                direction of travel
     The vertical boom movements are cushioned
     and absorbed hydro-pneumatically by the
     parallelogram linkage and the good suspen-
     sion concept of the tandem chassis
     (not shown).

                                                     Spring-damper system for reducing
                                                     vertical bounce movement
                                                                                         Boom lock



Mechanical folding locations                                                                      Examples of nozzle distribution
                                                                                        15   18           24     28       33

36/28/19/10                                              9-9-7-7-8-7-7-9-9

       33/26/19/10                                       7-8-7-7-8-7-7-8-7

         32/26/19/10                                     8-6-7-7-6-7-7-6-8

              30/24/15/8                                 8-7-6-6-6-6-6-7-8

                     28/22/15/8                          7-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-7

                     28/19/10                              9-7-8-8-8-7-9

                       27/22/15/8                        6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6

                       27/19/10                           8-7-8-8-8-7-8

                                24/19/10                   6-6-8-8-8-6-6

                                           Number of nozzles / part width section
                                               Other allocations possible

Super-L-boom modular system

Automatic boom ride                                                 The driver concentrates on the correct crop protection,
                                                                    the computer concentrates on the optimum boom ride!
Fully automatic boom ride distance control is possible
with all booms. The boom follows the crop surface                   • Drive into the crop and set the boom to an optimal
and is automatically lifted at the headland. The dis-                 position…
tance control function enables automatic height and                 • Activate Distance Control…
tilt control (Profi I) or an angle and tilt adjustment in            • The boom ride remains parallel to the target
conjunction with Profi-folding II.                                     surface until the end of a long working day!

                                                                                                      Ultrasound sensor

                 Ultrasound sensor

                                                          Angle sensors
                                                     Length measurement
                                                   of tilt cylinder and spring

     High-performance pumps and induction bowls

                                                                                    Two high-performance, easily
                                                                                    accessible piston diaphragm
                                                                                    pumps (530 l/min.) ensure spray-
                                                                                    ing process can even be conduc-
                                                                                    ted at high volumes and speeds.

                                                                                    Thanks to its switchable injector
                                                                                    the SX has an additional fill capa-
                                                                                    city of over 600 l/min.

     Flushing the canister with the induction bowl               Induction bowl and power injector
     To ensure unproblematic cleaning of the spraying            Powdery substances and large quantities of urea are
     agent canister and to fully utilise its content, flush the   dissolved quickly and safely by the induction bowl with
     canister using a rotary nozzle. The closed induction        the ring line and additional nozzle, and simultaneously
     bowl can be flushed for self cleaning. The induction         inducted by the power injector. The extraction from
     hopper closes in a dust-proof manner. No dirt enters        large containers can be greatly simplified by using the
     the system and no liquid escapes.                           Ecofill connection.

                                                                                                                        Induction bowl/DUS

DUS pressure recirculation system

Simply ingenious –                                                                        without DUS
the DUS pressure recirculation system                                                                   24 metres

When starting work the line system, including the field
spray line, is flooded with solution in the opposite
direction under pressure. The spray lines are always
filled and immediately ready to use over the entire

                                                                      approx. 40 metres
working width. There are no waiting times at the
headland. Every time individual part-width sections
are shut off, during each turning operation and during
transport, the spray liquid circulates continually. This
is conducted via the AMAZONE pressure controller,
which guarantees reliable circulation. This ensures
deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines
are prevented in a reliable manner. The concentration
of the spray liquid always remains constant up to the
nozzles in order for the start of spraying to be con-
ducted without a problem, for example, after changing
the ingredients. In a cleaning operation clear, fresh
water flushes through the field spray lines and up to                                             with DUS
the nozzles without being sprayed. During cleaning,
the concentrated spray liquid is routed back into the
spray agent tank via the pressure circulating system.

                                                                                          Immediate start at the edge of the field

         from pump       pressure-reducing valve

                                                                                                                           check valve

                              The flow of spray is routed from the pressure regulator to the pressure-redu-
Switched off                  cing valve and flows on at low pressure to the throttle. The spray then flows in
part width                    the reverse direction back to the tank.
section valve
          to the tank

                                                                                                 Spray line

     The spraying specialist advises...

     ...less drift, even at higher wind speeds                Single and multiple nozzle bodies

     Crop protection agents can be applied with very low      The nozzle bodies in the profiles with integrated
     drift by using the air-assisted injector nozzles. They   diaphragm check valves reliable prevent afterdrip at
     can be used universally for all crops and all indica-    the nozzles. Self-adjusting bayonet locks guarantee a
     tions. Because of the coarse drop application these      quick nozzle change without tools. The triple or qua-
     nozzles can also be used during higher wind speeds.      druple nozzle bodies are suitable for frequent nozzle
     AMAZONE offers the agricultural sector a wide range      changes that are effected by different applications
     of nozzles from Agrotop, Lechler and Teejet.             and crops. Nozzle protection tubes on the outer sec-
                                                              tions or, if desired, over the entire boom working
                                                              width, ensure protection for the long injector nozzles
                                                              and the multiple-nozzle bodies.


The correct nozzle selection... the basis for success in crop protection

The long injector nozzles (ID, AI, TTI) have a relatively
coarse droplet spectrum and are particularly versatile
with regard to their field of application. A pressure
range of 2-8 bar is possible.
                                                                                                               Lechler IDN 120-025

If coverage quality is at the foreground of the appli-
cation, the use of standard or anti-drift fine droplet
nozzles, such as XR or AD, is recommended. Special
caution is required here due to the tendency to drift
above 3 bar.
                                                                            Teejet XRC 110-025

A good compromise is provided by the modern ID-K
or Airmix compact injector nozzles: These have rela-
tively little drift, but do not have too coarse a droplet
spectrum and are operated at 2-4 bar.

                                                                                                              Agrotop Airmix 110-04

When it comes to special coverage qualities the double
flat fan nozzle is an interesting alternative: As a double
flat fan injector nozzle, the AVI Twin from Agrotop also
produces droplets that are not too fine. The split spray
pattern ensures a more even deposit on the front and
back of the plant and is an interesting alternative, for
example, in ear treatment.

For speeds > 10 km/h the TD HiSpeed nozzle and its
asymmetrical spraying angle is becoming a new indus-
trial trend.

                                                                       Use of the TD HiSpeed nozzle

 Flat fan
 Anti-drift nozzles
 Compact injector nozzles
 Injector nozzles

                                            MVD                MVD                 MVD                MVD                    MVD
                                           125 µm             250 µm              350 µm             450 µm                 575 µm
       Allocation of
       droplet size
                                very fine              fine               medium             coarse             very coarse              extremely
                                 droplet            droplet             droplet            droplet              droplet              coarse droplet

     Modern special optional equipment


                                             The drawbar is a useful accessory for increasing daily
                                             capacity. A trailer load of up to 12 tons can be trans-
                                             ported safely at 40 km/h.

                                             Camera system

                                             A large 18-inch colour screen provides a safe view be-
                                             hind the machine. Vision is ensured at any time thanks
                                             to the heating element, Lotus coating and infrared
                                             light. If desired, a second camera can be directed
                                             towards a front wheel.

                                             Central lubrication system

                                             The fully automated central lubrication system ensures
                                             continuous operation with minimum effort. All lubrica-
                                             tion points and the parallelogram linkages are included
                                             on the Amazone SX.

     Additional special optional equipment
     (not illustrated)

     • 3 inch suction hose                   • HighFLOW equipment for high spray rates
     • Ecofill with rinsing stand             • Boundary, end or additional nozzles
     • Filling apparatus                     • Spot light system for the working area of the boom

                                                                                               Equipment / Service

SX standard equipment

• Hydro-pneumatically suspended tandem running            • Super-L-boom with field spray line, pendulum
  gear with central track width adjustment                  compensation, Profi-fold I with hydraulic tilt adjust-
• Hydraulic front axle, all-wheel and off set track         ment and independent boom folding
  steering                                                • Electric remote control with AMATRON+ on-board
• Infinitely variable hydrostatic individual wheel drive     computer and multi-function stick
  with drum brakes and pneumatic brake system             • Comfort-package for convenient remote control
• 6-cylinder DEUTZ turbo diesel motor 147 kW/220 hp,        operation of the spray liquid system
  common rail injection technology, tier 3 emission       • Platform-mounted spot light system for the working
  standard                                                  area
• CLAAS cabin, heating, air suspended full comfort        • Exterior wash down kit
  seat, adjustable steering column, CD radio,             • Digital external fill level indicator
  climate control, clock                                  • Rape blossom protection for cooling air intake duct
• Double pump system with spraying pump                     (see illustration)
  (280 l/min) and agitator pump (250 l/min)
• Suction capacity up to 800 l/min with switchable
• Suction chest with 3" suction filter (32 mesh) and
  filling connection for clean water tank
• Pressure equipment, self-cleaning 1"1/4 pressure
  filter (50 mesh) with quick emptying
• Induction device, tank cleaning nozzles

   You can rely on us

   The AMAZONE SX 4000 self-propelled machine is             AMAZONE‘s customer service department is
   a technically enhanced, high-quality vehicle that         always close by your side with expertise, reliability
   must be ready for use and produce maximum per-            and rapid solutions.
   formance at all times.
                                                             Our spare parts service guarantees rapid delivery
                                                             of original parts around the clock thanks to
                                                             state-of-the-art logistics systems.

                                                             We are always there for you.

                                                                                                                                Technical Data

     Technical Data: SX

     Nominal volume                              3,950 l                         Unladen weight                             8,800 - 9,300 kg
     Actual volume                               4,150 l                         Total weight in accordance with StVZO      13,500 kg
     Fresh water tank                            395 l                           Permissible axle load, front               6,900 kg
     Hand wash tank                              18 l                            Permissible axle load, rear                6,900 kg
     Ground clearance with 340/85R48             1.10 m                          Fuel tank                                  240 l
     Spraying height, min. / max.                50 cm / 250 cm                  Hydraulic oil                              120 l
     Transport speed                             40 km/h                         Length (transport)                         7.50 m
     Working speed                               4 - 18 km/h                     Width (transport)                          2.90 m (four-part boom)
     Filling opening                             45 cm                                                                      2.70 m (three-part boom)
     Agitator                                    Nozzle pipe                     Height (transport)                         3.65 m
     Engine power                                147 kW (200 hp)

     Illustrations, content and technical data are not binding!

          Dimensions                Load index             recom. air pressure       Track width       Cross-sectional width         Outer diameter
                                                                  (bar)                 (mm)                  (mm)                       (mm)
          300/95 R 52                   148 A8                    3.6               1,800 - 2,250                 310                     1,890
          340/85 R 48                   151 A8                    3.6               1,800 - 2,250                 345                     1,805
          380/90 R 46                   151 A8                    2.8               1,800 - 2,250                 384                     1,849
          420/80 R 46                   151 A8                    2.0               1,800 - 2,250                 410                     1,872
          460/85 R 38                   149 A8                    1.6               1,800 - 2,360                 486                     1,778
          520/85 R 38                   153 A8                    1.6               1,800 - 2,400               528 - 566              1,835 - 1,857

     AMAZONE sprayers generate profit

     UF mounted sprayer,                   FT 1001 front tank for UF,            UG trailed sprayer,                    UX trailed sprayer,
     900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 litres,      1000 litres                           2200 - 3000 litres, 15 to 28 m         3200 - 4200 - 5200 - 6200 litres,
     12 to 28 m                                                                                                         15 to 40 m

                           AMAZONEN-WERKE H. DREYER GmbH & Co. KG • P. O. Box 51 • 49202 Hasbergen-Gaste/Germany
                           Phone +49 (0)5405 501-0 • Fax +49 (0)5405 501-193

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