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									Top 5 Home Remedies for
     Sinus Infection
One of the most common ailments that
 people face during allergy season and in
 the cold winter months is a sinus

Inflammation of the sinuses and nasal
 passages are typically the result of a
 sinus infection.
Medicinal treatment options are
 available; however there are a number
 of effective home remedies for a sinus
 infection as well.

More people have become interested in
 natural home remedies for sinus infection
 because it allows them to avoid
 unnecessary over the counter or
 prescription medications.
The most common symptoms of a sinus
 infection include sinus headaches in the
 temple area or around the eyes, nasal
 congestion, sore throat, watery eyes, and
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If you have any of these symptoms, it
 may be beneficial to consider some home
 remedies for sinus infection* before
 taking medications.
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Home remedies for sinus infection are
 becoming a much more popular option
 for curing this common ailment. This
 could be the result of a number of
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Whether you are looking to take a more
 natural approach to healing your body or
 you are interested in home remedies for
 economic reasons, th                l
                     there are several
 options that you can consider.
The following home remedies for sinus
 infection can be administered with
 products that you already have in your
 home or that you can quickly find at your
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 local drug store or grocery store.

These five home remedies for sinus
 infection have proven to offer the best
 holistic, natural treatments.
#1 Home Remedies for Sinus
 Infection – Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has proven to be an
 excellent option for people that are
 looking to treat their sinus infection
 without medications.
Apple cider vinegar can be consumed in
 capsule or liquid form, and a steady
 regimen has been shown to reduce and
 eliminate the symptoms of a sinus
It is important to begin taking apple cider
 vinegar as soon as you realize that the
 symptoms are present in your system.
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 early can help make the healing process
 much quicker and much less painful.
The mucous in your nasal passages will
 begin to thin once you begin taking apple
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 cider vinegar, and thi is why it is such a
 great remedy.
Apple cider vinegar is undeniably one of
 the best home remedies for sinus
 infection. At the onset of symptoms, mix
 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with
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 8 ounces of water, and drink the mixture
This will allow you to consume just
 enough to begin thinning the mucous in
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 your h d and you should notice your
 symptoms decrease.
#2 Home Remedies for Sinus
 Infection – Steam
In addition to apple cider vinegar, you
 may also want to loosen the mucous in
 your nasal passages by breathing in
 steam vapors. There are several ways
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 that you can do this.
One of the easiest ways to benefit from
 the steam is to position your face over a
 bowl of hot water so that you can inhale
 the steam.

You could also place a hot washcloth over
 your face or sit in the bathroom with the
 hot shower running.
#3 Home Remedies for Sinus
 Infection – Saline Rinse
Irrigating your nasal passages will also
 help you clear out the mucous which will
 lessen the effects of the sinus infection.
Depending on the severity of your
 congestion, you should rinse your sinuses
 with saline solution regularly until your
 symptoms have cleared up.
#4 Home Remedies for Sinus
 Infection – Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful
 home remedy, and you can add a few
 drops to your nasal solution to help clear
 out your sinuses. Herbal home remedies
 for sinus infection like grapefruit seed
 extract have been proven to lessen the
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 severity of symptoms and speed up the  th
 healing process. You should only use a
 small amount of this solution as it is a
 very potent natural antibacterial agent.
#5 Home Remedies for Sinus
 Infection – Cayenne
The final of the top 5 home remedies for
 sinus infection is cayenne pepper. Drink
 a glass of water with a teaspoon of
 cayenne pepper, and you will be able to
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 feel the benefit of this natural healing
These home remedies for sinus infection
 are effective at helping to eliminate all of
 the symptoms that are associated with
 inflammation and congestion in the nasal

Learn more about sinus infection home
 remedies here:

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