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									                   Enterprising and Professional Women

                                                                                       BPW International Theme 2008 – 2011
                                                                                           “Power to Make a Difference”

                             New York
President’s Message                                                                            Summer 2010
Greetings Members:
Here we are again - those lazy hazy days of summer. During this
season practice being good to yourself. Look for ways you can take
care of your needs - find time to relax, re-energize and refocus.
When we truly take care of ourselves, it becomes possible for us to
care far more about other people.

Thanks to all members who have joined or renewed their
membership. Many ask what EPW has done for me. I would like to
pose the question – what have you done for EPW? Every member has
an obligation to ensure the future of our organization and to keep it healthy                 Editor: Eileen Brennan, President
for future generations as those before us did for us. We’ve seen how easy
it is to wipe out years of progress for women. Why not consider
volunteering to be on the board or join a committee.                                              Executive Board

As you know, the Regional Conference will be Sept. 23-25, 2010 in                           President: Eileen Brennan
Las Vegas and the Young BPW International Conference will be                                     Ph: 631 423-8821
held at the same time. The EPW Annual General Meeting will be                                    94 Iceland Drive
Sept. 26-27. All three meetings will be held at the Stratosphere Hotel                     Huntington Station, NY 11746
and Casino. The Regional Conference will have a Grand Opening on                    
Thursday night, and on Saturday there will be a banquet, "Denim and
Diamonds", which will take place at the Riviera Hotel. The cost for                  1st Vice President: Althea Johnson Vannoy
both functions is included in the registration for the Regional and the                  Ph: 516-933-3636 Fax: 516-933-6972
YBPW. In addition, the YBPW will have a "breakfast with the                                        23 Pinetree Road
President", which is included in their registration price. The EPW
meeting will follow with a brunch on Sunday, which is included in
                                                                                                 Westbury, NY 11590
the EPW registration.                                                                  

There will be a "combo package" with a reduced price. The deadline                      2nd Vice President: Valentina Janek
for the early bird rate is July 31, 2010. The registration can be done                           Ph: 516-565-3714
through the International webpage, just click on "events". The hotel                              80 Arden Blvd
deadline is September 9th. The $49 per room (single or double)                              West Hempstead, NY 11552
includes discount tickets, free unlimited admission to the Tower                     
Viewing Decks, admission to the fitness center, etc. You need to use
the group code: C-BPWI.                                                                           Treasurer: open
I am sad to inform, you of the passing of Sally Cappitelli. Sally, who                 Recording Secretary: Barbara Howie
was an active member of the Nassau club, passed at the age of 95. To                            Ph: 631-654-5942
honor her work, we ask that any donations be made in her memory                                  61 Rose Avenue
to: Grace LeGendre Endowment Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 67,                                         Patchogue, NY 11772
Voorheesville, N.Y. 12186.
BPW International can help you grow and succeed not only as a
person, but also as a professional. Remember sisterhood is global.                          Young BPW: Alissa Kloner
You can help make a difference. Even a small effort by each one of                               Ph: 818-404-8723
us can result in huge change.                                                                    55 2nd Street, Apt 2
                                                                                               Brooklyn, NY 11231
 Lastly, don’t forget to read about what our BPW International sisters             
are doing, and what events lay ahead.
                                        With my very warmest wishes,                Immediate Past President: Elizabeth Benham
                                        Eileen Brennan

                                                          PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
Mission Statement                                                      UN Participation:
BPW International members take professional responsibility in          EPW-NY members can be accredited to attend meetings at the
all levels of society, the economy and politics, thinking and          United Nations as observers, enabling them to take back issues
acting locally, nationally and globally in working with the            and policies for further lobbying in their respective countries.
United Nations and other international organizations while             Worldwide Friendship:
practicing networking, mentoring, lobbying and enjoying                Members from five continents may connect with other EPW-
lifelong learning and friendships.                                     NY members globally through "BPW Online" digital network,
                                                                       "twinning" projects, conferences and International Congress.
Visit the Web!                                                         Business & Member Pages:
EPW-NY –                                           Individual members can publicize their business and pro-
EPW-USA –                                              fessions on
BPW                            The Recognition for Members:
BPW North America & Non-Spanish Speaking Caribbean                     BPW International website,, is a
–                                             showcase for the accomplishments of BPW International-
BPW Canada -                                         members, clubs and federations. Members may also be select-
                                                                       ed as experts in special fields or nominated for awards when
                                                                       opportunities arise.
    DON’T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR                                        Leadership Development:
       MEMBERSHIP CONTACT                                              BPW International offers mentoring and leadership training for
            INFORMATION                                                personal development. Young BPW members, aged 35 or
                                                                       younger, are also represented in BPW International Executive
                                                                       Board at international level.
                                                                       Support for Projects:
                                                                       BPW International affiliates’ capacity building projects for
                                                                       women may be selected as "BPW International Listed Pro-
We appreciate you taking the time to submit your current               jects.” Such projects will be promoted in the international
contact information. We will update the membership database            community to call for supportive resources.
with the information you provided. Thank you!


                                                                       I would like to welcome our new and renewed members and
                                                                       thank them for choosing EPW-NY. Your membership means
                                                                       power for you and thousands of working women worldwide.
Membership is everyone’s responsibility! Why? Because,
members keep us as an organization viable and sustains us                                 Treasurer Wanted
financially! Membership provides the opportunity to maximize
the efforts of our voluntary organization in order to accomplish
the mission, goals, day to day management and the many
projects that are important to our affiliates. Without members
we are nothing. They are our inventory and the basis of why
we exist and espouse that we are one of the leading
organizations of the world. Let us all commit to making BPW
International grow and be visible to the world!

Benefits for EPW-NY Members                                   Margherita Clemento, our Treasurer, has indicated that due to
As a member of EPW-NY, you can enjoy the benefits of personal reasons she needs to step down as our Treasurer.
membership at the local, national, regional and international Thanks Margherita for a job well done which you did in such
levels.                                                       an efficient and professional manner. We wish you the best.
                                                PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
                                                                        On August 26, 1930, the International Federation of Business
Looking for a Few Great Women                                           and Professional Women (IFBPW) was founded in Geneva,
                                                                        Switzerland on the initiative of Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips
Do you want to help decide the future direction of EPW-NY? Do           from Kentucky, USA where she was elected as the first
you want to feel that you have made a difference in today’s world?      IFBPW President and served until 1947. She concluded the
EPW-NY is looking for members committed to EPW-NY -                     initial three day conference in Geneva announcing, “let us
dynamic women who are creative, resourceful and authentic to step       build together and see what we can make”.
up and get involved in our Federation either on the board or a
committee. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, Our founding members adopted a constitution for the
expand your network, enhance your resume and learn more about organization, and made provisions for projects, committees
our wonderful organization                                           and exchange of information and knowledge. This is the
                                                                     organization that we have 80 years later.
Together Everyone Achieves More....
                                                            We have come very far, but there is still much work to be
                                                            done. While women have certainly achieved more recognition
                                                            than in the past, there are many countries which still leave
                                                            women un-empowered. There are also many boards of
                                                            directors that have no women and there are still many areas
                                                            where young women need the opportunity for mentoring and
                                                            leadership training. I call upon all our members and future
Openings for Treasurer, Finance, Membership, Public
                                                            members to recommit to the mission of BPW International,
Relations and Bylaws committees. Welcome our international
                                                            building on our successes and strengths for the next 80 years.
members to New York as part of the Hospitality Committee.
This is a wonderful learning experience and we are in great
need of more members to serve on the TEAM.                  I acknowledge and thank all of our past international
                                                            presidents who have devoted their time and efforts to the goals
                                                            of BPW International. They maintained our solid foundation
               The future of EPW depends                    and continued the vision of Dr Lena Madesin Phillips. I am
                        on YOU!!!!                          very proud to be serving as the 21st President and while at this
                                                            time it is my task to modernize the organization providing
                                                            more efficiency and use of new tools, I will keep building and
                                                            growing BPW International along with my dedicated executive

                                                                        We will continue to strive to be a leading women’s
                                                                        organization in the world advocating for women's issues
                                                                        because together we have the "Power to Make a Difference".

                                                                                                             Liz Benham, President
                                                                                                      BPW International 2008 – 2011
Eighty years, and we are still here! Over the years, BPW
International has been developing the professional, leadership
and business potential of women on all levels through                              80th Anniversary Curiosities
advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic                             Did you know?
empowerment programs and projects around the world. We are
doing something right and will continue to do so! As we                 When BPW was founded, it was a three-day Conference held
celebrate our 80th Anniversary this year I like to think that our       on August 24-26, 1930 in Geneva, Switzerland with 16 nations
Founder, Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips, would be very proud of              represented. It was the first of its kind in history.
this attainment! It is quite extraordinary that a woman in the          Lena Madesin Phillips was convinced that any form of equality
1930's could create an organization that would have such                for women could not last or be effective when achieved unless
international strength and impact.                                      it had a strong economic base.
                                                 PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
Lena Madesin Phillips believed that working women in gen-
eral made a strong influence on public opinion and living and
working standards, therefore, it was fundamental to give voca-
tional orientation for young women entering the business
world and promote the association between women in the

Lena Madesin Phillips did not perceive a conflict between
family and career, just thought it was a matter of changing pri-

Lena Madesin Phillips believed there were a few things of par-
ticular importance for women’s future: her freedom, independ-
ency and capability as an individual. Considering all the op-          From left to right : Sabine Baerlocher, founder BPW Lake Geneva; Kira-
portunities available, they should take advantage of them, keep        Destiny Price, President BPW Lake Geneva; Gabriella Canonica, 1st Vice-
faith in themselves, and understand their own strength and             President BPW International; Liz Benham, President BPW International;
                                                                       Sabine Schmelzer, President BPW Switzerland, Marie-Caroline Bertoldo,
courage to achieve their goals.                                        President BPW Geneva.

    BPW NEWS FROM THE PRESIDENT                                        On April 29th, 2010 BPW International held a press
                                                                       conference at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva, Switzerland.
 Over a year has passed since our last Congress in Mexico              The purpose was to announce the official registration of BPW
 City, Oct 24-28, 2008. How time has flown! It has been                International as a non-profit NGO (non-governmental
 nonstop for me and the executive board and I am happy to              organization) in Geneva Switzerland, our organization's
 report that through hard work, many of the goals are                  founding city. Along with many highlights of our successes it
 now being achieved.                                                   was also publicized that BPW is celebrating our 80th
                                                                       anniversary this year.
 Our new interactive website is growing day by day as our
 main communication platform. It is filled with news and               The next day, April 30th, BPW Switzerland held their Lena
 activities. If you have not registered on this website then           Award event honoring business women in 3 categories. It was
 you are missing most of the benefits which you can access             presented in the Salle Central, Madeleine, the same hall where
 as a member. All members can participate in discussions,              BPW was founded on August 26, 1930. This was a very happy
 the forum and meet up with friends in the community. It is            occasion and celebrated by all.
 all there for you and it is up to our members to make this
 tool vibrant and interesting.                                          APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Japan
                                                                       In 2010, Japan will host the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting
 Based on the many resolutions passed at Congress we are               and other related meetings, welcoming 20 member economies
 working at modernizing our organization. The constitution             from around the Pacific. BPW Japan will organize and support
 review and reform taskforce is well under way. All the                the Plenary Session during APEC WLN over a three-day
 information and latest updates are available on the website           period from September 19 – 21, 2010, at the Shinjuku Hotel,
 so you can read and be informed. These will be posted                 Tokyo. The theme for this year's meeting is ‘Creation of the
 regularly from all the workshops at conferences etc., so keep         New Global Economic Activities by Women - Realization
 checking in.                                                          through people, nature and culture.’ BPW Japan will also
                                                                       organize the panel discussions to take place during the Plenary
 Any news, press releases, newsletters, events, etc. from our          Session titled: Strategies for Women's initiatives in the
 affiliates emailed to the PR Director will be reviewed and            economy (and/or business) especially challenges faced by
 posted on the website so that members around the world can            female CEOs to create business.
 enjoy reading about all our activities. There is so much
 going on in our 92 countries and we all want to know about                                                              Best Regards,
 it.                                                                                                             Liz Benham, President

 We are going to make BPW highly visible so keep checking
 the website for much, much more!

                                                PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
                                                                                                                BPW Latin America
             Preserving our cultural heritage                                               BPW Argentina. Claudia Dafne Gorban.
             BPW archives find a new home                                                   BPW Mexico, Dr Irma Martinez Vacio:

                                                                                                                BPW North America
                                                                                            BPW Victoria, Restart of BC Club, Canada. Heidi Hunton.
                                                                                            BPW Gran Cayman, Cayman Islands: Rocio Esau.
                                                                                            EPW (BPW) California, USA. Lesa Rasmussen

                                                                                            A great thank you to the outgoing Presidents:
                                                                                            Marta Paredes, BPW Argentina;
                                                                                            Aurelia Sanora Sotelo, BPW Mexico;
                                                                Huguette Akplogan Dossa, Cotonou;
                                                                Rasmata Kabre, BPW Ougadougou;
President Liz Benham inspects the BPW International archives held at Aletta Institute
for Women’s History with Willy van Eersel, Past Finance Director, BPW International
as Archivist, Annette Mevis, reviews the content of our boxes
                                                                Ghislaine Royer, France;
                                                                Velma Powery Hewitt, Grand Cayman;
President Benham took a few days from her busy schedule to Sigurveig Fridgeirsdottir, Iceland;
inspect the BPW International archives that are currently Anja Overdiek, Netherlands
stored at the Aletta Institute for Women’s History in Amster- Solveig Staffas, Sweden.
dam. After meeting with the archivist, Annette Mevis, Presi-                                                Gabriella Canonica
dent Benham announced “I am very happy to report that our                                                     1st Vice President
archives are safe and being stored in a wonderful new home.
The area designated for our archives is temperature controlled BPW NEWS FROM 2ND VICE PRESIDENT
and they are stored in new boxes - all with acid free paper
which will ensure that they are protected and maintained.”       BPW International Signs Memorandum of Understanding
                                                                               with International Trade Centre
The work begins
                                                                BPW International continues to provide added value for our
Now that the archives are in the safe keeping of Aletta, Presi- members: BPW International and the International Trade Cen-
dent Benham said that “the real work begins over the next few tre (ITC) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland signed an
months where the BPW archives will be reviewed and cata- MOU (memorandum of understanding) setting up close col-
loged box by box. The estimated time is about 1 year at 20      laboration that will assist BPW members running business en-
hours per week!” This will all be done voluntarily.             terprises in developing and transition economies to access new
                                                                markets and business opportunities for their goods and servi-
         Congratulations to New Elected Presidents                      CSW-55: Online discussion - July 7- 20, 2010
                            Since January 2010               In preparation for the fifty-fifth session of the Commission on
                                                             the Status of Women (CSW-55), the Division for the
Welcome and congratulations to the new elected Presidents in Advancement of Women (DAW) invited members to
Argentina, Mexico, Benin, Burkina Faso, France, Grand participate in an online discussion on the linkages between
Cayman, Canada, Iceland and Sweden.                          women’s and girls' access to and participation in formal and
                                                             non-formal education and training, and their equal access to
                       BPW Africa                            full employment and decent work.
BPW Cotounou, Benin: Raïssa Eudoxie GBEDJI.
BPW Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Benjamine Douamba.                      CoNGO Regional Committee for Africa

                                 BPW Europe                                                 For over 50 years the Conference of NGOs in consultative
BPW France, Karin Raguin.                                                                   relationship with the United Nations has been actively
BPW Netherlands, Elke Wisseborn                                                             promoting the involvement of NGOs in the working of the
BPW Reykjavik, Iceland: Ingibjorg Thordardottir.                                            United Nations. BPW International is pleased to announce the
BPW Sweden, Brigitta Lantz.                                                                 establishment of a CoNGO Regional Committee for our sisters
                                                                                            in Africa.

                                                                 PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
BPW International has three Federations, Nigeria, Sudan, and
Egypt and eleven Associated Clubs in Africa: BPW
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, BPW Cotonou, Bénin, BPW
Abidjan RCI, BPW Kumba, Cameroon, BPW Outeniqua,
BPW Pretoria, BPW Johannesburg in South Africa, BPW
Kinshasa, RDC, BPW Lomé, Togo, BPW Laayoune,
Morocco, BPW Lusaka, Zambia together with Mrs. Leila
Aouichiri - Individual Associate Member Tunisia. BPW
International strongly supported the establishment of a
                                                         On June 21, 2010 the United Nations Development Fund for
CoNGO regional committee to help African members in their
                                                         Women (UNIFEM) and the United Nations Global Compact
efforts to raise awareness around the work of the UN, making
                                                         announced the 39 lead signers of the CEO Statement of
it an even more integral part of our activities the world over.
                                                         Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality
BPW International wishes the Regional Coordinator, Huguette
                                                         Means Business, which were launched at the UN on March 8,
Akplogan Dossa, UN Standing Committee member Jeanne
                                                         2010. Chief executives expressing their commitment to
Moulot, and members of Africa much success in advancing
                                                         advancing equality between men and women, the cornerstone
their work.
                                                         of the seven Women’s Empowerment Principles, come from
                                                         all regions of the world and represent diverse global and
BPW International is a member of many CONGO Committees national companies. These executives are affirming the high-
and works collaboratively with other NGOs on substantive level support necessary for the Women’s Empowerment
issues bringing our NGO expertise into discussions of Principles to gain traction in individual companies and their
government and the UN.                                   cultures."
                                                                   The CEO Statement of Support encourages business leaders to
  BPW International to Run Side Event at the 63rd Annual use the seven Women’s Empowerment Principles as guide
           United Nations DPI/NGO Conference in                    posts for actions that advance and empower women in the
                      Melbourne, Australia                         workplace, marketplace and community, and communicate
                                                                   progress through the use of sex-disaggregated data and other
This year's 63rd UN DPI/NGO Conference will be held in benchmarks. Signers underscore that equal treatment of
Melbourne, Australia from August 28 - September 1, 2010. women and men is not just the right thing to do - it is also good
This is only the third time in the history of this conference that for business and needs to be a priority. The Principles offer a
it will be held outside the UN Headquarters in New York. The practical approach to advance women and point the way to a
title of this year’s conference is: “Advance Global Health: business and social environment that is both fairer and more
Achieve the Millennium Development Goals”.                         prosperous for everyone.
                                                                   A partnership initiative of UNIFEM and the UN Global
BPW’s workshop proposal on “sport, nutrition and healthy Compact, the Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality
children: lessons from experience” has been accepted for Means Business, offers the business community a new tool to
presentation during this year’s annual United Nations work with the United Nations to advance the Millennium
DPI/NGO Conference to be held in Melbourne, Australia, Development Goals, particularly Goal 3: Promote Gender
from August 30 to September 1, 2010. BPW has prepared two Equality and Empower Women. A high-level private sector
workshop proposals for the forthcoming 63rd UN DPI/NGO forum will be held in New York to coincide with the UN’s
Conference. BPW International’s submission was successful. 2010 September Summit on the Millennium Development
Our colleagues at International Alliance of Women (IAW) Goals.
submitted a proposal on behalf of BPW Australia titled: The     On June 24 - 25, 2010 the UN Global Compact Leaders
Health Impacts of Inequality.                                   Summit was held in New York where more than 1,000 CEOs,
                                                 Freda Miriklis ministers, heads of civil society and the UN convened to
                                             2 Vice President discuss how to build a new era of sustainability - an era where
                                                                environmental, social and governance issues are deeply
                                                                integrated into business based on both material and ethical
                                                                      Women continue to be under-represented in top positions and
                                                                      on boards - their numbers have been increasing very slowly
                                                                      over the last decade.
                                                PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
The Women's Empowerment Principles, the product of                    Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW, es-
collaboration between UNIFEM and the UN Global Compact                 tablished in 1946)
informed by an international multi-stakeholder consultation,          International Research and Training Institute for the
are adapted from the Calvert Women’s Principles®. The                  Advancement of Women (INSTRAW, established in
Calvert Women’s Principles were originally developed in                1976)
partnership with UNIFEM and launched in 2004 as the first             Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and
global corporate code of conduct focused exclusively on                Advancement of Women (OSAGI, established in
empowering, advancing and investing in women worldwide.                1997)
                                                                      United Nations Development Fund for Women
 Womens’ Empowerment Principles in Brief                               (UNIFEM, established in 1976)
                                                            Over many decades, the UN has made significant progress in
   1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender advancing gender equality, including through landmark
      equality.                                             agreements such as the Beijing Declaration and Platform for
                                                            Action and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
   2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and Discrimination Against Women. Gender equality is not only a
      support human rights and nondiscrimination.           basic human right, but its achievement has enormous socio-
   3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women economic ramifications. Empowering women fuels thriving
      and men workers.                                      economies, spurring productivity and growth.
   4. Promote education, training         and professional Yet gender inequalities remain deeply entrenched in every
      development for women.                               society. Women in all parts of the world suffer violence and
   5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain and discrimination and are under-represented in decision-making
      marketing practices that empower women.              processes. High rates of maternal mortality continue to be a
                                                           cause for global shame. For many years the UN has faced
   6. Promote equality through community initiatives and
                                                           serious challenges in its efforts to promote gender equality
                                                           globally including inadequate funding and no single
   7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve recognized driver to direct UN activities on gender equality
      gender equality.                                     issues.
                                                            UN Women, which will be operational by January 2011, has
                                                            been created by the General Assembly to address such
                                                            challenges. It will be a dynamic and strong champion for
                                                            women and girls, providing them with a powerful voice at the
                                                            global, regional and local levels. It will enhance, not replace,
In an historic move, the United Nations General Assembly efforts by other parts of the UN system (such as UNICEF,
voted unanimously on July 2, 2010 to create a new entity to UNDP, and UNFPA) that continue to have responsibility to
accelerate progress in meeting the needs of women and girls work for gender equality and women’s empowerment in their
worldwide.                                                  areas of expertise.
The establishment of the UN Entity for Gender Equality andUN Women will have two key roles: it will support inter-
the Empowerment of Women - to be known as UN Women - is   governmental bodies such as the Commission on the Status of
a result of years of negotiations between UN Member StatesWomen in their formulation of policies, global standards and
and advocacy by the global women’s movement. It is part ofnorms, and it will help Member States to implement these
the UN reform agenda, bringing together resources and     standards, standing ready to provide suitable technical and
mandates for greater impact.                              financial support to those countries that request it, as well as
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon supports the decision. forging effective partnerships with civil society. It will also
And said “UN Women will significantly boost UN efforts to help the UN system to be accountable for its own
promote gender equality, expand opportunity, and tackle commitments on gender equality, including regular monitoring
discrimination around the globe.”                         of system-wide progress.

UN Women merges and will build on the important work of Secretary-General Ban will appoint an Under-Secretary-
four previously distinct parts of the UN system which focus General to head the new body, which will be a member of all
exclusively on gender equality and women’s empowerment:     senior UN decision-making bodies and will report to the

                                                PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
                                                                       This is an exciting period of reform for BPW International.
The operations of UN Women will be funded from voluntary               All members and clubs are encouraged to be part of this
contributions, while the regular UN budget will support its            renewal process. We all have valuable knowledge and
normative work. At least US$500 million double the current             experience to offer the Constitutional Reform Taskforce and
combined budget of DAW, INSTRAW, OSAGI, and                            the Constitutional Advisory Committee. Our vision is that the
UNIFEM, has been recognized by Member States as the                    Congress will approve our new Constitution and By-laws in
minimum investment needed for UN Women.                                Helsinki in June 2011, and we can build a future on this solid
                                                                       foundation we have built together.
UN Human Rights Council: 14th Conference in Geneva,
Switzerland                                                                                                         Dr Jean Murray
                                                                                   BPW International Executive Secretary 2008-2011
The UN Human Rights Council held its 14th Conference (May
                                                                                      Chairperson, Constitutional Reform Taskforce
31 - June 18, 2010) in Geneva in the presence of 180 national
delegations. BPW International was represented by three
delegates from BPW Switzerland and BPW Australia. Among                   WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU FOR
numerous topics they followed the debates on the right to              THE FUTURE OF BPW INTERNATIONAL
education, maternal mortality, right to inform and security of
journalists, right to health, violence against women, women’s
human rights or human trafficking.

               BPW NEWS FROM
            EXECUTIVE SECRETARY                                                           Don’t Miss This
                                                                                        Great Opportunity!
Update on the Constitutional Review and
Reform                                                                           Regional Meeting in Las Vegas
The Constitutional Reform Taskforce has received                                   September 23rd-25th, 2010
submissions from 7 Federations, 1 Associate Club, 2 Past
Presidents, 8 members of the Constitutional Reform Taskforce
and Expert Advisory Panel, and from the members of the
Executive Board. The Taskforce has also considered reports
of meetings held in the regions and in New York which are on
the Constitution page of the website.
Submissions have provided a rich resource of ideas, evidence,
and new strategies and approaches. As members, we share a
common view on many aspects of our Constitution and By-                     Coordinator's Message
laws, however, there are some matters on which there are a
range of different views. The Taskforce is working through I am very excited to invite you to our North Ameri-
those issues at the moment and is preparing its advice and ca/Caribbean Regional Congress, which will be hosted by
recommendations to the Constitutional Advisory Committee.     EPW - USA September 23rd to 25th at the Stratosphere Ho-
The new Constitution and By-laws will be drafted in July and tel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
the first draft will be circulated in August, inviting comment         Register now on the BPW International web site –
from all members and clubs. Views will be sought from         Don’t miss out on the very rea-
members at the BPW Regional Conferences and meetings in                sonable early bird rate USD $211.00. The EPW-USA
Las Vegas in September and Vienna and Singapore in October;
these discussions will inform the continued development of             Annual General Meeting will be held immediately following
our documentation. During this time the Constitutional                 the Regional and a package registration for both is available.
Reform Taskforce will be writing the new policies and                  Hotel rates are extremely affordable at $49 a night. A link to
procedures that will underpin the Constitution. The final draft        the Stratosphere on the registration page will allow you to
of the Constitution and By-laws will be presented to the Board         view the rooms, restaurants and entertainment. A special rate
of Directors in November, seeking in principle agreement.              for the hotel show is available as well.
There will still be time for last minute comment and changes,
as the final version will not be circulated until February 2011,       Nadia Munawar, Young BPW International chair and I wel-
with the resolutions for Congress. There will be no                    come young women from around the world to the YBPW In-
Constitutional Amendments tabled at the 2011 Congress.                 ternational Meeting, which will be held in conjunction with
                                                PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
the Regional Congress. Look for details of their special events networking, we will be able to work for those issues that affect
on the International web site as well.                          working women and their families, providing the tools and
                                                                strategies needed to succeed during this time of fiscal crisis;
At the President’s Meeting on Thursday Sept. 23rd, we will and through friendship, networking and educational opportuni-
have presentations by many of our International executive in- ties, we will improve our lives and those of our communities
cluding President Liz Benham, First Vice President Gabriella and country.
Canonica, Executive Secretary Dr. Jean Murray, and Latin
American Regional Coordinator, Dr. Yasmin Darwich. Past Your attendance means a great deal to this new Federation.
International President, Dr. Antoinette Ruegg, will conduct a This is a grass-roots organization of the members and for the
workshop on Emotional Intelligence/Conflict Resolution. A members. During this first general meeting you will have the
wealth of information on processes, organizational govern- opportunity to shape EPW-USA to fit your needs. You will
ance, administrative systems, communications, membership vote on key issues such as the new budget, bylaws, elect the
and web site navigation will empower our leaders and potential new leaders, and choose the direction you wish for EPW-USA.
leaders.                                                        We are looking forward to meeting you, working together, and
                                                                succeeding together.
The program will include informative speakers on core issues                                              Bessie R. Hironimus
such as Pay Equity, Peace, Human Trafficking and Mentoring.                                                  Interim President
There will still be time for networking and just having fun.                          EPW-LI Tea
Come to the Gala banquet “Denim and Diamonds” and cele-
brate 80 years of BPW International.

For tour information go to This is the
Stratosphere Hotel site with information about shows and
tours. A discount is available for tours of 10 or more. Tours
are being arranged for the city and surrounding areas, such as
Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. We are
arranging group rates, so please let me know if you are

Come and be part of this memorable event!

                           Jill Worobec, Regional Coordinator

          September 26 – 27, 2010                             EPW-LI held a successful Membership Tea at the Garden City
On behalf of the interim Executive Committee, it is my privi- Hotel on Saturday, June 5, 2010 The goals of this event were
lege to invite you to the 2010 General Membership meeting of to introduce and recruit new members and to raise money to
EPW-USA. It is with excitement and anticipation that we wel- support our work. A good time was had by all who attended.
come you to join us, members and guests, at this eventful
meeting.                                                           EPW-LI Assists Habitat for Humanity
EPW-USA is one of over 90 member countries that comprise
the International Federation of Business and Professional
Women. BPWI is celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year
with the theme “Power to Make the Difference Through Ac-
tion”. During these 80 years BPWI has helped women around
the world to seek equality and empowerment that will make
them successful in a global economy and be prepared to com-
petitively function in the evolving world in which we live.
This is a historic event for our members. Through our affilia-
tion with the International Federation and our national mem-
bership, we will be able to continue the efforts started by
founder Lena Madesin Phillips; through advocacy, training and

                                               PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
                                                                     safety in the workplace, treatment of rape victims and various
                                                                     health concerns.
                                                                                    BPW Bermuda honors
                                                                                     outstanding women:

On Saturday, May 20, 2010 eleven members of EPW-LI
assisted at an Elmont building site and donated $1,000 along
with sweat equity as they dug ditches, mixed cement and
painted rooms at the future home of a single mother.

                New Elected Presidents
                                                                     Three women who have excelled in their chosen professions
                     BPW North America                               were singled out for honors by the Business and Professional
                  BPW Canada - Doris Hall                            Women's Association of Bermuda (BPWA), at its 34th Anni-
                                                                     versary Banquet and Candle-Lighting Ceremony.
       BPW St. Andrew, Jamaica – Lilieth H. Nelson
                                                                     The gala event at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club,
Welcome and congratulations to the new elected Presidents            Paget was highlighted by BPWA's 2010 "Lifetime
and to the outgoing Presidents: Sue Calhoun, BPW Canada;             Achievement Award" being accorded to Dr. Norma Jean
Venita Walker, BPW St. Andrew, Jamaica thanks for your               Hendrickson. She's a former Secondary School Principal. Mrs.
dedication. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.           Judith Burgess, the Executive Director of PRIDE Bermuda,
                                                                     was cited as “Woman of the Year”.
BPW Toronto Celebrates 100 Years
BPW Toronto is the oldest club in BPW Canada, having been
formed in 1910 to help women in the workforce. At that time
only single women were employed outside the home and they
were restricted to just a few "feminine" occupations.
BPW has always sought to widen women's career aspirations.
Before there were guidance counselors in schools, BPW
Toronto held career information seminars for girls, with
members serving as speakers and role models. At a time when
few women rose beyond entry-level positions, BPW Toronto
provided an "Arts of Management" course so that women
could develop the necessary skills for advancement.

Times certainly have changed! Nowadays, there are married as
well as single women in almost all occupations and the "glass
ceiling" is frequently smashed. BPW continues to work
towards the equality of women in all aspects of life--economic,      Our next Congress will be in the beautiful city of Helsinki,
political and social--at local, national and international levels.   Finland, from June 17-27, 2011. For additional information
Toronto is the only BPW club in the world to have had two            visit http://www.bpw-
international presidents, as well as several provincial and
national presidents." Over the years, BPW Toronto has worked         n&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=159&lang=en.
with other organizations to improve laws to make them fair for
everyone. Since the 1940's, there have been briefs to provincial     Here you will find updated information about the Congress,
and federal governments concerning a wide variety of issues          events, tours etc. Check it often as information will be
such as jury duty, inclusion in pension plans, parental leave,       regularly added. You can also download and watch a movie
                                                                     about Congress.

                                                  PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
                                                                 Andrea and Dr. Minyersky Nelly, Mrs. Mary Emma Zapata of
  BPW Germany & BPW Nepal a Successful                           Lowrider Barrios del Plata, businesswoman Olga Arean, Ms.
  Joint Project in Pokhara by BPW affiliates                     Liliana Nasiff (Bridgestone Argentina), Prof. Arlette Neyens
                                                                 (BPW Villa La Angostura ), Dr. Silvia Molinari of UNLa and
                                                                 Mr. Paula Molinari (Argentina) were also amongst other
                                                                 brilliant women.

                                                              There was also an exhibition at the Art UNLa. This show was
                                                              devoted to the "Millennium Development Goals at the
                                                              Bicentennial" and refered to the "Millennium Declaration" of
                                                              the United Nations, signed by Argentina in 2000. This was
                                                              organized by Prof. Superior Honoris Causa in Visual Arts, Ms.
                                                              Zulema T. Barrirero. In the pavilion of Edicificio Jose
                                                              Hernandez-Aula Magna Bicentennial, one could see the show
                                                              spread of designers, entrepreneurs and business owners.
                                                              Nearing the end of the flagship event, the “Ceremony of
                                                              Candles” took place and BPW took this occasion to honor
                                                              outstanding women for their service to the community.
Pokhara, a sub-metropolitan city, with close to 200,000 As a final touch to the National Meeting on May 6th, the
inhabitants, lies some 198 km west of the capital, Kathmandu. University choir gave the closing musical with UNLa
Pokhara lacks the capital‘s good infrastructure. As in other interpreting 'the Criolla Mass', led by Director Andrew
parts of Nepal, women have become victims to political and Bugallo.
social upheaval. BPW Nepal has dedicated itself to developing
and furthering the enormous untapped potential of women,
                                                                             Invitation of BPW Brazil
however, these great goals cannot be achieved without funds! The Federation of Business and Professional Women
Since such funds are not easily found locally, BPW Germany Association (BPW Brazil) - and the Association of Business
has chosen to support a specific project in Pokhara.          and Professional Women – (BPW Curitiba) Presidents Arlete
                                                              Carminatti Zago and Maria Inês Borges da Silveira, have the
                                                              pleasure of inviting you to participate at the XXII CONFAM
In October 2007 a project to provide computer training for
                                                              (Convention of Federation of Business and Professional
underprivileged women and girls was launched. BPW
                                                              Women Associations Brazil). This year, the CONFAM will be
Germany took over the startup funding of a PC training centre
                                                              held in Curitiba, capital of Paraná State, September 3rd -7th at
and also supported the purchase of office equipment and
furnishings as well as the payment of the salaries of the Bourbon Curitiba Convention Hotel, the theme being
                                                              ‘Challenges of Action and Entrepreneurship’.
instructors. The women enroll for a 2 month course, to date
230 women have completed the beginner course.
                                                                     90th Anniversary of Democracy for
BPW Latin American Congress, May 6, 2010                                        US Women
The opening of the Latin American Congress was on May 6,
2010 at the National University of Lanus and continued at the
premises of Regent Palace Hotel on May 7th and 8th in the
City of Buenos Aires with interesting presentations and papers
from recognized professionals and business women of Latin
American countries and Europe.

The theme and slogan of the conference revolved around the
theme and slogan of "Leadership, Personal Responsibility for
Growth         and         Social          Transformation."
                                                            August 26, 2010 is the 90th anniversary of US women winning
Along with the speakers and local panelists on May 6th were the right to vote. The call for women’s right to vote was
the Chancellor of the UNLA, Dr. Ana Jaramillo with her voiced at the first Women’s Rights Convention in 1848, and
lecture on "Women, Politics and Development in the was finally won by the ratification of the 19th Amendment in
Bicentennial," the political scientist of the UNLa Daverio
                                               PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
1920. This 72-year non-violent campaign was waged by tens public policy. We ought to be a part of that process in the
of thousands - grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and their U.S.," she said.
                                                           Reviews After Ratification
On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S.                  CEDAW and its committee hold no powers of enforcement
Constitution was officially approved. At a time when women          over countries. But countries that ratify it are legally bound to
were meant to be seen and not heard, they braved censure and        abide by its provisions. Countries are also required to submit a
disgrace by speaking out on behalf of all women and                 report on the status of women to the committee for review one
organizing for their rights. Remarkable women arose in each         year after ratification and then at least every four years. The
state and became part of history themselves when they               latest review session - No. 46 - began July 12th at U.N.
successfully secured civil rights and political independence for    headquarters in New York City and ends on July 30th. Reports
American women. This 90th Anniversary offers a special              from the following countries are being examined: Turkey,
opportunity to pay tribute to their courage, determination, and     Russia, Albania, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Argentina, Fiji
tenacity and to their lasting achievement. This is a great day      and India.
for all of us, women and men alike. This is also a day to reflect   CEDAW was drafted by the U.N. Commission on the Status of
on how much work still remains to be done in the area of            Women following the World Conference of the International
gender equality.                                                    Women's Year held in Mexico City in 1975. The U.N. General
                                                                    Assembly adopted the Convention in 1979.
             Women's Rights Treaty
                                                                    Among U.N. member states 186 countries have ratified
           Going Nowhere Fast in Senate                             CEDAW. The United States remains one of only seven that
U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All       have not. The other six are Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Nauru, Palau
Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), an inter-            and Tonga. CEDAW is the only international human rights
national treaty to protect women's rights has been held up in the   treaty that specifically affirms women's reproductive rights. It
Senate Foreign Relations Committee for three decades, a situa-      also requires countries to uphold women's rights in political
tion women's activists would like to change during the Obama        representation, divorce, domestic violence and other areas that
administration. "Contact the office of Senator John Kerry,"         can stoke the ire of social conservatives. The principle of
said U.S. Congresswoman Caroline Maloney, a Democrat from           national sovereignty also inhibits U.S. ratification. There are
New York. "As the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations             many people on both sides who don't like the idea of the U.S.
Committee, he needs to hear from you. Write to Senator Kerry,       giving up sovereignty and being obligated to answer to another,
tell him that we want the U.S. in CEDAW now." With power-           higher authority," Chesler said.
ful women in the current administration, namely Hillary Clin-
ton and Susan Rice, the U.S. is at an optimal time for ratifica-
tion of CEDAW."
The Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary For more information:
Clinton have expressed strong support for the ratification of the United Nations' CEDAW:
treaty, however, we need Obama to send a strong and urgent
signal to the Senate that ratification of CEDAW is vital. For a
big controversial, multilateral treaty to move through the
Senate there needs to be an enormous amount of White House
                                                                    Support the International Violence Against
U.S. ratification requires 67 votes in the Senate, posing a
formidable political challenge, said Ellen Chesler, Director of
                                                                    Women Act (IVAWA - H.R. 4594, S. 2982)
the Eleanor Roosevelt Initiative on Women and Public Policy
at New York's Hunter College. "The right wing is holding the        Every day around the world a war is waged against women and
U.S. back from ratifying CEDAW because it talks about               girls, taking millions of lives and causing terrible suffering.
reproductive rights and it holds countries accountable for the      Approximately one out of every three women globally has
quality of their reproductive health services."          Chesler    been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her
described CEDAW as setting a benchmark for litigation               lifetime. Violence against women includes abuse by spouses or
affecting women - for writing civil, case and constitutional law-   partners in the home, rape as a weapon during wartime, dowry
-in every country in the world that is working to change the        related deaths and forced prostitution. The distress and injuries
status of women. "Women all over the world use CEDAW to             caused affects families, communities and wider societies,
hold their governments accountable for changes in law and           preventing women from taking full advantage of economic and

                                                 PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
educational opportunities and threatening security by
increasing social tensions. Violence against women is a global
health crisis, an egregious human rights violation, and a moral
outrage that knows no geographic or cultural barriers.

What many people don't realize, however, is that violence
against women is also a major cause of poverty. Violence
                                                                   If you are interested in providing for international members to
keeps women from getting an education, working, and earning
                                                                   stay at your home (gratis or for a fee), please contact me so I
the income they need to lift themselves and their families out of
                                                                   can prepare a listing for when these members reach out to me.
poverty. Research shows that giving women in poor countries
                                                                   Also if you know of any inexpensive or nice places to stay or
economic opportunity empowers them to escape abusive
                                                                   visit in the area please let me know so we can add them to our
                                                                   website liaison section. Lastly, please let me know if you are
                                                                   interested in signing up to join our Hospitality Committee so
About IVAWA: The good news is that violence against that when our international guests arrive we have members
Women is preventable and that there are proven solutions that available to act as hostesses and show them around. I can
work.                                                              assure you that you will not only have a great time, you will
The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA -              learn a lot and will be reciprocated should you ever travel
H.R. 4594, S. 2982), if passed, would for the first time internationally.
comprehensively incorporate these solutions into all U.S.
foreign assistance programs - solutions such as promoting                                  If you would like to make an
women's economic opportunity, addressing violence against                                  announcement about yourself or
girls in school, and working to change public attitudes. Among                             another member, contact your EPW-
other things, the IVAWA would make ending violence against                                 New York President.
women a diplomatic priority for the first time in U.S. history. It
would require the U.S. government to respond to critical
outbreaks of gender-based violence in armed conflict - such as BPW Business and Member Pages
the mass rapes now occurring in the Democratic Republic of Are you looking to increase your business exposure or to
Congo - in a timely manner. By investing in local women's expand internationally? Be sure to register on BPW’s
organizations overseas that are successfully working to reduce Business and Member Pages at
violence in their communities, the IVAWA would have a huge Members can register their personal information for free,
impact on reducing poverty - empowering millions of women so don’t pass up this great opportunity, especially if you
in poor countries to lift themselves, their families, and their want to interact internationally or plan on travelling. It is a
communities out of poverty.                                        wonderful tool to make your membership visible and to link
                                                                   you worldwide by profession, trade, business, etc., which is
                                                                   one of the great benefits of our international network.
The IVAWA (H.R. 4594, S. 2982), which was also introduced
in the House and the Senate during the last Congress, was
                                                                    BPW Roster
reintroduced on February 4, 2010 by Congressman Delahunt            BPW members can now view BPW Roster for Federations and
(D-MA), Congressman Poe (R-TX), and Congresswoman                   Associate Clubs from all 5 regions online via www.bpw-
Schakowsky (D-IL) with other members and Senator Kerry     or      via     under
(D-MA), Senator Snowe (R-ME), Senator Boxer (D-CA) and              MEMBERS / ROSTER. The roster online brings you the
Senator Collins (R-ME) with other Senators.                         latest contact information when you need it. There are
                                                                    instructions in all 4 official languages on how to make updates.
Help Pass the IVAWA: Send a Message to Congress Today!
                                                                    Vision Statement
                                                                    " To achieve a just and equal status for women in all levels
                                                                    and areas of society where the decisions are taken in true
                                                                    partnership with man, based on mutual respect, for a more
                                                                    balanced and peaceful world."

                                                 PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753
        Are you an active member, the kind                                  September 23-25,201
               that would be missed?                                 North America Regional Conference
 Or are you content to have your name on the list?                           Las Vegas, Nevada
  Do you attend events and mingle with the flock?
  Or do you stay at home and criticize and knock?                          October 15 - 18, 2010
                                                                    BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
 Do you take an active part to help the cause along?                            Singapore
 Or are you satisfied to be the kind to just belong?
        There's quite a few projects proposed                                  October 22 – 24, 2010
             that means success if done                                        Triennial Conference
They can be accomplished with the help of everyone.                              Perth, Australia
   We would appreciate it if you'll come and help                                June 17-21, 2011
                 with hand and heart.                                     27th BPW International Congress
  Don't be just a member, dig in and do your part.                               Helsinki, Finland
Think this over sister member. Am I right or wrong?
 Are you an active member or do you just belong?

                                          PO Box 330, Jericho, NY 11753

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