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					                                        CURRICULUM VITAE

Job Objective                                        Suitable Position

Career Highlights

18 years of expereince in British Telecom Al Saudia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in managing Data Networking;
System Administration; Technical Support, Project Execution. Experience in setting up & managing Wide Area
Networks & administering Network Devices. Adept at mapping client’s requirements, & troubleshooting for
complex information Network Management. Insightful knowledge in Network Planning & Implementation, Site
Commissioning, Configuration of CISCO Routers, Switches, Modems, Antivirus, etc. Well versed with Profound
Knowledge of WAN and the various protocols supported by BT Tymnet/Cray, LAN Inter Connectivity using Cisco
Routers Switches, Firewall, 3 Com Bridges Routers and Hubs; different link operations that use various
technology like DSL, Links using various Modems with speed from 28 Kbps to 2 Mbps, Broadband Wireless
(Alcatel, Wimax, Zajil, etc.), G.703, E1, ATM. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with proven
abilities in resolving complex networking, and software related issues. Strong communication, collaboration &
team building skills with deftness in training and supporting end users as well as developing technical staff to
achieve performance objectives.

Name                     : ABDUL HAMEED KHAN

Nationality              : Indian

Date of Birth            : 13th May 1964

Mobile                   : 0091 9703034770

E-Mail                   : /

Driving License          : Valid Indian/Saudi/International Driving License

Religion                 : Islam

Marital Status           : Married

 B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad,
  A.P, India in 1989. (First Division).
  The Project Was “Microprocessor Based Advertising System” and other subjects of study were Electronics,
  Computer Sciences, Computing Technique, Computer Architecture, Microprocessor, Television and Radar,
  Pulse and Digital, Radio Communication, Network Analysis, Circuit Theory, Electrical Engineering, Electrical
  Technology, Microwave Theory, Instrumentation Technique, etc.
 L.E.C.E – Diploma of Licentiate in Electronic and Communication Engineering from The State Board
  of Technical Education and Training, Masab Tank Hyderabad Govt. of A.P., India in 1982. (First Division).
  The Project Work in this Diploma course was “Function Generator” and other subjects of studies were
  Electronics, Television and Radar, Pulse and Digital, Communication Theory, Telephone and Telegraphy, etc.

 Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)
 Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
Career Highlights
 Holds distinction of devising and implementing for the first time in the history of British Telecom Al Saudia,
  Trouble Ticket System and Monthly Maintenance Service Log for all local business partners in Gulf
  and part of Europe.
 Received Certificate of excellence from Saudi British Bank, as token of appreciation, for the services
  rendered at the Bank.



- Technical Support                    - Cost & Resource Deployment               - Contingency Management
- Requirement Mapping                  - IT Infrastructure Planning & execution   - Networking
- Technology Management                - System Administration                    - Vendor Management
- Disaster Recovery Management         - Quality & Compliance                     - Project Management
- Backup & Contingency Planning        - Facilities Management
- System Implementation                - Application/ Product Support


NETASQ INDIA From 26-06-2010 till date

Working since 23rd June 2010 in Netasq India as Sales Manager, Reports to CEO Netasq India. Netasq is a
French Company owned by EADS Group (European aeronautics defence and space system its 100 Billion Euro
Group company. Air bus Industrie is part of this Group. The products are UTM Appliance (unified Threat
Management , which is advanced firewall+ it has many many more features like Intrusion Prevention, content
filtering, URL Filtering, antivirus, antispam Solution, Policy based routing, Restricting Bandwidth for users,
based on names, ip address etc and QoS , IPSec And SSL VPN, Authentication, There is a Special feature, a real
time risk management tool, called SEISMO Which gives vulnerabilities of each and every device in the network
with fixes/ solutions in the form of links and the administrator has to download and patch those vulnerabilities.
Netasq India Clients List goes on and on like Reliance , DRDL, Department of Atomic Energy, Thales, DCNS,
Commissioner & Inspector General of Stamps & Registration, GHMC, DOR, Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemical,
Hetero Drugs, HMTV, I-Vantage, Runaware, RLP Securities, PCS Securities, Bank of Baroda, BBK, UOH, OU,
Telugu University, CDFD, Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Etc.

7i Solutions, ISP,Jeddah Saudi Arabia, NOC Manager
Mar 09- Jan 10
Reported to CEO. Managed the activities of Network, database and system of the ISP Network
operation centre. The DATA Centre Comprised of Core Cisco Router 7206 Handling DIA And Wireless
Clients while The DSL Cisco Router 7206 Handled DSL Clients And Acted as BRAS, Packeteer Device is
used for Traffic Shaping.Core Cisco Switch 6509 Provided Among others Firewall Operations .Bluecoat
devices Acted As Proxy. Various Servers Are used to store Data and for Authentication
,Authorization and Accounting Purposes like Radius Server

British Telecom, Al Saudia, Saudi Arabia (Feb’91 – Mar’09)
Resource Management, Head of Service , Support and Help desk Operations
 Feb 04-March 09

 Interfaced with Board of Directors and General Manager;
 Successfully managed and maintained The VISA Network in Gulf Region with around 200+ VISA Sites.
 Successfully managed and maintained BT’s MPLS Network across Gulf Region and part of Europe with
  around 250 sites, this network is divided into Two, One for reuters called Keystone and the second for other,
  Non-Reuter Clients called BAU (Business As Usual).
  - Co-ordinated with Account Managers and Senior Management of all the Local PTT like Saudi Telecom
     Company      (STC), Etisalat & DU of U.A.E, Batelco of Bahrain, Jordan Telecom, Yemen Telco, Tunisian
     Telecom, Syrian Telecom, Moroccan Telecom, Vodafone (Raya Telecom) and Egypt Telecom of Egypt,
     Qtel of Qatar, Oman Tel, Quality Net of Kuwait, France Telecom, Italy Telecom and British Telecom etc.
     across the globe.
     VISA Network has Hub Sites across all countries, this Hub Site Cisco Router is connected to each of the
     Visa Member Bank of that country through a Serial Interface Card and to the respective Backup
     Secondary Routers ISDN Ports at both the ends through ISDN Line.
 Managed, installed and maintained Cisco Telepresence 1000 Series at Knowledge Economic City (KEC)
  Saudi Arabia and Cisco Telepresence 3000 Series at Zain Telecom Saudi Arabia.
   -   Cisco Telepresence 1000/3000 Series is a Conferencing System which has audio visual effect of
       discussions of meetings, presentations, lectures, etc., displayed on a 65 Inch Plasma Screen where a
       remote site is connected by a link, like Fiber, Broadband Wireless, etc.

Project Manager Feb 98- Feb 04

 Functioned as Project Manager for Tymnet’s Packet Switched Network of BBME Egypt, Jordan, Azerbaijan
  and The Tymnet’s Packet Switched Network Projects in Saudi Arabia which included Saudi British Bank, Al
  Bank Al Saudi AlFransi, and Saudi Hollandi Bank.
 BT’s Tymnet Packet Switched Network: involved in management, installation and maintenance of
  various Tymnet Engines (Nodes) such as Pico, PXL, PXL II, Mini Engines, Dual Mini-Engines and CXL II.

Senior Network Controller Feb 96-Feb 98

 Raised Trouble Tickets in case of persistent problems, analyzing them and sending feedback to Hong Kong
  Shanghai Bank.
 Forwarded Change Request to facilitate genning of code by HSBC Hong Kong.
 Received Certificate Of Excellence from Saudi British Bank, as a token of Appreciation.
 BT’s Country Business Products (CBP) Digital/Analogue Switch: Installed Integrated System ITS
  Digital Switch, designed fundamentally for the Financial Trading Market.
 Cray Packet Switches – Configured, installed, managed and carried out maintenance of Cray Packet
  Switches like 8325, 8425 and 8525.
 Cray PADS: configured, installed managed and carried out maintenance of Cray PADS 8000, 8160. These
  Triple X PADS permit terminals which do not have an interface suitable for direct connection to packet
  switched network, to access such a network. Various models differ in their POP-POC Cartridge.
 Cray Modems: Configured and installed various modems like Quattro 144, SM288 for Win fax, Asyn and
  Sync applications of various Models, Type and CCITT Recommendations like V.24, V.28, V.29, V.32, V.32bis,
  v.17 and between IBM Terminal and Host for Sync Dialup.
 3 Com Bridges, Routers Hubs and Link Builders: Configured and installed 3Com Routers, Bridges and
  Hubs as per the requirement within LAN Interconnectivity through Tymnet’s Packet Switched Network WAN
 Used Communications S/W like PCplus, Hyper Terminal, Securecrt and Putty.
 Configured and installed layer 2 and layer 3 Switches, Inter Vlan Communication Port Security,
  etc.; configured and installed various Cisco Routers.
 Handled implementation of various routing protocols RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, etc.

Network Controller Feb 93-Feb 96

 Appointed at Saudi British Bank HO; handled responsibilities pertaining to maintenance of BT Tymnet
  Nodes, installation of new nodes; monitoring and controlling the entire Tymnet Packet Switching Network
  Operations of The Saudi British Bank.

Assistant Network Controller at Saudi British Bank HO. Feb 91-Feb 93
 Handled daily Network Operations.

Client / Projects:
 Saudi British Bank: BT Tymnet Network, Encrypter, Network General Sniffer Racal Milgo and Paradyne
 Banque Saudi Fransi: BT Tymnet / BT CBP
 Saudi Hollandi Bank: BT Tymnet, 3 Com Hubs, Routers, Bridges and Network General Sniffer.
 Saudi Arabian Monetary: Cray Packet Switch X.25 Network, Cray PADS Agency
 IBN SENA: 3 Com Routers, Hubs
 IBN Zahr: 3 Com Routers with FDDI as Backbone using Lanplex
 FDDI Switch and Concentrator
 CAT: LAN Using Cisco Products and Fiber Backbone
 Riyadh Bank: Installed and maintained Telematics Switches / Nodes
 ARAMCO: Installation and proper alignment of Laser Beam used for Data.
 Taif University: Installed PAV Equipment and aligned its Laser Beam used for Data.
 King Saud University: Cisco Products
 Ministry of Justice (MoJ): Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products.
 Ministry of Health (MoH): Managed, maintained and installed Cray Products.
 Unilever: Cisco Products and Juniper Firewall.
 AAF (American Air Filter): Installed Cisco Products and maintained their DIA Link for Internet Access.
 UTT Logistics: VOFR (Voice Over Frame Relay) Using Cisco Routers.
 Snamprogetti: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products and all their links provided by the local
   PTT The STC and Satellite Links provided by other ISPs like Alharbi Telecom.
 Cosco Containers: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products and their Link.
 British Aerospace: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products and all their links provided by the local
   PTT The STC and internet access provided by other ISPs like Awalnet And Zajil.
   Ministry of Defense UK: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products and all their links.
   AstraZeneca: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products and all their links.
   Bin Zagr: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products and all their links.
   Bristol Myers Squib BMS: Managed, maintained and installed Cisco Products, including Routers, Switches
    and WAP and provided them DSL Line connected to speedtouch modem and DIA Lines through various local
    ISPs, like Awalnet, Zajil for Internet Access.
   Goldman Sachs: Implementation of DID & DOD in co-ordination with local PTT The STC.
   BT’s Visa Cemea: Managed, maintained VISA Network in the entire gulf region of around 200+ VISA Sites
    and installed Cisco Products at various Saudi Sites for this visa network.
   BT’s MPLS Network: Managed, maintained The MPLS Network in Gulf Region, Part of Europe with around
    total of 250 Sites; Installed Cisco products at various Saudi Sites for this MPLS network.
   ITC: Managed, maintained And Installed Bluecoat Products.


Network India Ltd., Hyderabad (Nov’87 – Nov’90)                                         Various Positions
A Joint Venture company, engaged in marketing and maintenance of Japanese BEE Cannon Computers /
Cannon Electronic Typewriters / Electronic Printer’s Typesetters and HERMES Electronic Typewriters.

Chowgule Industries Ltd., Hyderabad (Dec’85 – Nov’87)                        Various Positions
A Joint Venture company, engaged in marketing and maintenance of Japanese Cannon Plain Paper Photo
Copiers, Japanese RICOH Facsimile Machines and EPABX Systems.

Entertainment Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad (May 82 – Dec’85)                           Various Positions
An Ancillary Industry of MURPHY India Ltd., engaged in marketing of models of Transistorized Radio Receivers.

Address:H.No 10-2-317/62,
Vijaya nagar colony,
Hyderabad 500 057,

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