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					Here is another example of how the Postcode Lottery, Charities and Charitable organisations are linked together in
what can only be described as the biggest tax dodge the general public will have seen in many years.

Here, the site in question is, a "charitable" organisation which has recieved Postcode Lottery
funding, at least according to their website at:

Now firstly, this image is a fake, the people are not present in the picture. It has been professionally stitched together
and made to look like real people. From the Inland revenue/Charities commisions point of view it looks as though they
are doing their work, and if any questions get raised, the charities commission has something to look at to make them
happy and allow them to run their operation.

On top of this, one of the "people" in the picture is featured on the committee page of, Bernard Morton who is also a digitally manipulated image on
a webpage, and not much more.

What does this mean?

Postcode lottery funding gets given to a charity (one which the Postcode Lottery itself has ties with), money gets put
through the charities tax-free, and then used and redistributed (salaries, cars, and duck ponds) and is validated by
additional external "authorative" sites which appear to be governing/assisting them in some way.

Its a huge ring of made-up websites that are designed to mislead the public, the authorities including the Inland
Revenue, the Charities and Gambling commission. Plus more I probably don't know of!

Below is a screenshot of the original site, original image, and enhanced image which shows, with some effort, the eye
area having been manipulated of the elusive (non existent?) Bernard Morton.

This ring will be bust open at some point. Let's see which parts of them start to topple first.

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Description: This is another site, one of hundreds, which surround the Postcode Lottery and validates their existence in the real world ONLY by existing on the Internet. Fake people, names, and places. Faked images and news. All linking together providing credibility for a criminal organisation who are moving money around (read launcdering) throughout their network of open today, close tomorrow companies on companies house. More soon!