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					                            Martin County Sheriff’s Office
                            Robert L. Crowder, Sheriff

AppliCAnt prOCeSS

The first step of the applicant process will be to complete the application. After your application is completed, please
bring it to Human Resources any Friday between the hours of 8:00 - 11:00 A..M. and 1:00 - 4:00 P.M., no appointment
will be necessary. A review of your application will be completed at this time to ensure that we have all necessary

Martin County Sheriff’s Office
Robert L. Crowder, Sheriff

liSt Of All pOSitiOnS And initiAl teSting requireMentS

Law Enforcement/Corrections/Reserve Deputy Sheriff - Certified
Police Officer Selection Test (P.O.S.T.)

Law Enforcement/Corrections/Reserve Deputy Sheriff - Non - Certified
Basic Abilities Test (B.A.T.)
Police Officer Selection Test (P.O.S.T.)

Correctional Assistant
Police Officer Selection Test (P.O.S.T.)

Animal Control Officer
Police Officer Selection Test (P.O.S.T.)

Police Officer Selection Test (P.O.S.T.)
Clerical Test

School Crossing Guard
No Initial Testing Required

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1. B.A.t. (BASiC ABilitieS teSt) If you are Florida certified, you are not required to take the BAT examination.

    This test is given at Indian River Academy located at Indian River State College. Visit their website at, for testing dates. There is a $40 non-refundable testing fee. If you have any questions,
    please call (772)462-7961.

    This test is also given at the Palm Beach State College. There is a $45 non-refundable testing fee. Applicants must
    register as a student, and complete the non-credit application before taking the test. For further information,
    including testing times, please call (561)863-3011.

2. p.O.S.t. exAM

    All applicants will be required to take the POST written examination. This exam is conducted at the Sheriff’s Office
    Human Resources Unit located at 800 SE Monterey Road. Applicants must score a minimum of 70% to pass the
    exam. If you do not receive a 70% on the written exam, you may not take the exam again for a period of six months.
    Applicants will be instructed when they are required to take this exam.

3. OrAl BOArd

    If you are applying for an open position, after you return your completed application with all of the required
    documentation, a representative from Human Resources will contact you to schedule an oral board (if applying for a
    certified position). The board is made up from Commanders, normally the rank of Sergeant or above, and may be in
    the numbers from 3 – 5. You will be asked a series of questions pertaining to various subjects that are job specific.

4. OrAl interview

    After completion of the Oral Board, a representative from Human Resources will contact you to schedule an
    Oral Interview.

5. fingerprintS

    You will be fingerprinted at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office on the day of your interview.

6. COnditiOnAl Offer letter

    If you receive a conditional offer letter, this is acknowledging that the Martin County Sheriff’s Office has an open
    position that you are being considered for provided you successfully complete the remainder of the applicant
    process and are selected by Sheriff Robert L. Crowder. You will not be asked to schedule an appointment for a
    polygraph or psychological evaluation until you have received a conditional offer letter.

7. pOlygrAph & pSyChOlOgiCAl exAMinAtiOnS

    After receiving a conditional offer letter, you will be given a date and time for a polygraph and psychological
    examination. This is free of charge to you.

8. BACkgrOund inveStigAtiOn

    An extensive background investigation will be conducted including written inquiries to past employers and personal
    references, also neighborhood interviews.

9. phySiCAl And drug teSt

     Human Resources will advise when to complete these requirements. The location and forms will be furnished at no
     cost to you.

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re-AppliCAtiOn CriteriA

The Sheriff’s Office shall allow re-application, retesting, and re-evaluation of candidates not appointed on previous
attempts provided that nothing in the candidate’s history indicates an unfitness for appointment.

1. Provided a vacancy exists at the time, the applicant will be required to wait a minimum of twelve (12) months before
   being able to reapply, retest, or be re-evaluated.

2. This applicant may be required to go through the entire testing/evaluation process with each re-application.

3. The applicant will not be reconsidered for, including but not limited to the following reasons

     (A) If, during the selection process, information is obtained indicating an unfitness for appointment.

     (B) The applicant is originally turned down for appointment due to not fulfilling State mandated requirements that
         eliminate the individual from being considered at all.

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                              Martin County Sheriff’s Office
                              Employee Benefits

The Florida Retirement System

Employee must complete 8 years to become vested. In addition to the FRS Pension Plan, we also have an FRS
Investment Plan. Employee must complete 1 year to become vested. Employees are required to pay 3% into their

heAlth inSurAnCe
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida - Self Insured Plan

MCSO contributes 75% of total premium. Employee pays 25%. Blue Choice has a $500.00 deductible, (2) per family.
$20 Office visit co-payment when using PPO for general practitioner, pediatric, or internal medicine. Blue Options has
no calendar year deductible, $10 Office visit co-payment when using PPO on general practitioner, and a $20 office visit
co-payment for specialist. Express Scripts prescription card included. Generic drugs $10.00/$20.00 preferred/$30.00
non preferred. Mail away plan for approved maintenance drugs, insulin, birth control pills, etc. (90) day supply for 2 co-

dentAl inSurAnCe
Delta Dental - Traditional Plan

MCSO contributes 75% of total premium. Employee pays 25%.

life inSurAnCe

Standard Life Insurance Company, Inc.


Yes, in required positions.

depArtMent vehiCleS

MCSO members, who are certified Law Enforcement Officers assigned County vehicles are allowed to take the vehicle to
their residence within a 10 mile radius from the Martin County Line. This is not a condition of employment. All other out
of County personnel must provide transportation to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up their MCSO vehicle.

SiCk leAve

Eight (8) hours per month + Sick Leave Incentive. Upon eligibility, the Sick Leave Incentive Plan allows employees to
convert earned sick time into vacation time.
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vACAtiOn leAve

Annual leave will accumulate at a monthly rate according to time in service of the member. Members working in a full
time capacity will earn leave at a monthly rate. Members with less that five (5) years completed service; receive ten (10)
working days per year, etc.

eduCAtiOnAl prOgrAMS

Yes, including tuition reimbursement program.

lOng terM diSABility inSurAnCe

Yes, Standard Life Insurance Company

MCSO contributes 100% of the premium for this benefit.

fSA MeMBerShip

Yes. MCSO contributes 100% of the annual membership contribution.

fiCA iS MAtChed


hOlidAyS hOnOred

Yes, Schedule is distributed each year.

direCt depOSit


SAvingS plAn

Yes. Deferred Compensation Companies are payroll deductible. This is a voluntary benefit. We are currently limited to
Nationwide and Hartford Deferred Compensation Companies.

NOTE: There are many voluntary insurances and plans that are payroll deductible and offered at a group rate that have
not been listed. Benefits are reviewed and evaluated often. If you have any knowledge of any benefit that you think
might be beneficial to the members of this Agency, please supply the information for review and possible consideration
to the Human Resources Unit.

Revised 5/14/12

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                          Martin County Sheriff’s Office
                          Salary Information for Entry Level Positions

Effective 10/01/2011

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office accepts applications continuously for all positions whether they are occupied or vacant.

lAw enfOrCeMent/COrreCtiOnS deputy Sheriff
Certified - Step 1

lAw enfOrCeMent/COrreCtiOnS deputy Sheriff
FTO - while Deputy is in training.

lAw enfOrCeMent/COrreCtiOnS deputy Sheriff

COrreCtiOnAl ASSiStAnt
Civilian Position
Grade 4

Civilian Position (NON Sworn)
Grade 2

911 diSpAtCher
Civilian Position (NON Sworn)
Grade 4

AniMAl COntrOl OffiCer
Civilian Position (NON Sworn)
Grade 5

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