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           For LOCAL WOMEN

WOMEN                                  ANNUAL
                                     WEDDING ISSUE


                                     SPRING FASHION
Winter, 2010                           BERGDORFS
When you deliver your baby at The Elliot,
   you join New Hampshire’s leader
         in obstetrical and pediatric care.
Comprehensive Pediatric Services include:
   Large Network of Primary Care Pediatricians
   Newborn Intensive Care Unit
   Pediatric Emergency Department with
   Dedicated Pediatric Emergency
   Medicine Physicians
   The Only Pediatric/Adolescent Inpatient
   Unit in Greater Manchester
   Pediatric Hospitalists available 24/7
   Pediatric Surgery program
   Child Advocacy Program

Comprehensive Children’s Services
   start with the delivery of your baby.

                                           Pediatricians in
                                            and Raymond.

                                                     Elliot Hospital / One Elliot Way / Manchester, NH 03103 / 603-669-5300
                                 Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
women                                                  - Lifestyles

                                                  10 BOARD MEMBERS
                                                      APPLAUD ADVISORY

                                                        REAL STORIES &
                                             54   13    Letting Go.

                                                        IRENE’S RECIPE
                                                  1    Lasagna with Ease.

                                                        OONAGH’S RECIPE
                53                                6
  Winter 2010

                                                       Tomato, Sausage &
                                                       Eggplant Soup.

                                                        TASTY TRAVELS
                                                  17   Hidden Gems-Fine
                                                       Dining at Diner Prices.

                                                        CHEF RHIANNON
                                                  19   Guava Braised Short Ribs.

                                                        HEALTHY TEA
                                                  20   Health Benefits of Drinking


                                                        THE SINGLE SCENE
                                                  2    Do You Know This Guy?

                                                        SADIE’S DATING
                                                  22   Being Alone?

                                                        FINDING MR. RIGHT
                                                  23   Happiness Attracts

                                                  24   Children and Etiquette.

                 58          59
          4 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
      ADVICE                              INSPIRATIONAL
      THE SELF                            WOMEN
26   Self Awareness.
                                       52 LawyerKuhn a Mission-
2    Three Simple Steps to
     Transform Your Worries.           53 Writer Hirshberg
                                                 & Entrepreneurial Wife
                                          - Meg
29   Positive Change in 2010?
     Yes!                              54 Woman of Reinvention-
                                          Kim Gobbi

                                       55 Woman of Reinvention -
                                          Maureen Campaiola

     MAKEUP                               INSPIRATIONAL
30   Get a cosmetic Lift and Fight
     the aging process!                   WOMEN OF WINE
      SKINCARE                         58 Pam Walden                          19
3    Win the Winter Skin
     Battle.                           59 Margo Van Staaveren
       WE TRIED IT!
3    The Results-
     The Weightloss Battle.

34   Hot Hair Trends For Winter.

3    Is Laser Hair Removal Right for

36   2010 - Trend to Toss, Trends to
     Keep.                                                                                             36
38 Closet Cleanups.
39 Fall Fashions
      HEALTH                           42
5    When Cuts & Scratches Don’t
     Heal Quickly.

5    What Mothers Don’t Tell You
     - The Secret Conspiracy of

                                                             46 Winter 2010 5
                                                                                         60   A New Years Resolution

                                                                                              Departments -
                                                                                                FINANCE - ADVICE
                                                                                         62   Making Good Credit Card
                                                                                              Purchase Decisions.

   65                                                                                         MARKETING
                                                                                         63   Social Networking. Is It
                                                                                              Worth It?

                                                                                              Departments -

                                                                                         64   Organizing During a Difficult
                                                                                              Time - Bereavement.

      72                                                                                      Features

In Our Next Issue
                                                                                         65 Wedding Trends for 2010
      Beauty, and Spring                                                                 67 Once in a Blue Moon - A
                                                                                              Personal Wedding Story.
Our next issue is our Annual Beauty, & Spring issue. We are looking for appropri-
ate editorial for this issue. Our readers enjoy reading articles written by local pro-
fessionals. This provides our advertisers with a unique opportunity to establish a
relationship with our readers and share their expertise. Our advertising package
                                                                                         70 Wedding Checklist
provides for a FREE editorial page and an ad. All for a small fee.

We are also looking for editorial and product photos for our Ongoing and EX-
                                                                                         72 Bridal Gowns - Trends for
PANDING Wedding department.
If you have an expertise that you think local women will be interested in feel free
to contact us. We invite you to become an APPLAUD Columnist. CALL 603-895-               76 Destination Weddings
4699 for details.

6 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
                                                                            and reach


                                                                            Professional coaching...
                                                                           guiding you to be the best
                                                                                  you can be!

                                                                            “You are the real gift, a gentle
                                                                         co-creator of the flimsy bridge that
                                                                           goes from where we are to the
                                                                             place where my dreams are
                                                                          realized.” ~ Kevin M., Chicago, IL

                                                                                         Helen Dutton

                                                                         Call for a free 30-minute consultation.

Women’s Business Center
                             Catapult ahead with
    Supporting women in
                             the next generation
     business throughout     of business leaders.
 New Hampshire since 1995.
                             The Seacoast's Young Professionals Networking Group
    Education                We WelCome NeW memberS, buSiNeSS ParTNerS aNd iNTerNS
    Business Counseling
    Support & Advocacy

                                                           Winter 2010 7
                                                                                         Hello Readers,
 Founder & Editorial Director
 Susan Caldwell                                                                           The last year started out with Applaud as Applaud
                                                                                         Magazine, in print for the 6th year. As with many
 Graphic Design                                                                          other print magazines things looked pretty bleak.
 Susan Caldwell                                                                          Postage and printing costs had been rising for years
                                                                                         and with a bad economy advertising revenue had
 Staff Writer
                                                                                         sunk to the lowest level since I created the magazine
                                                                                         in 2002. However, I am lucky to be doing something
 Chelsey Shuman                                                                          that I am passionate about; lucky that I enjoy learn-
 Emily Pietro                                                                            ing new things and that I’m stubborn. I don’t like to
                                                                                         give up. I think the businesses who are open minded
                                                                                         and pay attention to new trends are the ones who
 Contributing Writers                                                                    will survive. Again, I am lucky that the trend is a
 Alana Finnie                                                                            shift to the internet for information, which is what I
 Alison Palmer, RN, MS, WHNP-BC                                                          have to offer; and in the use of social networking to
 Angela Hughes                                                                           market businesses. Another lucky thing for me was
 Cheri Valentine                                                                         that I had already decided that 2009 was going to be
 Crista Ryan
                                                                                         a change for me, rather a positive change. That deci-
                                                       sion lead to the creation of a brand new website to house our on-line publication for
 Christina Haag, ARNP                                  women in NH and northern MA.
 Danielle Beaudette
 Debbie Raymond-Pinet                                    Although I have never designed a website before I was able to find a user-friend-
 Dr. Walter Kwass                                      ly software and use my design skills to accomplish this task. Once the website was
 Ginny Williams                                        designed it opened up a whole new world allowing me to offer a huge amount of
 Helen Dutton                                          information for local women; a whole new community with listings of: restaurants
 Irene Cloutier                                        throughout NH and MA; beauty service professionals in NH and MA; Hotels in NH
 Janie Haas                                            (MA will be added in 2010); a massive Wedding Resource Center; Our female doctor
 Karen Kenney                                          listing for NH & MA (making it easier for local women to find the female doctors
 Kriss Soterion
                                                       available in their area); Seasonal activities; and finally our Women Biz directory. In
                                                       addition we have a number of informational pages with articles relating to Beauty,
 Laurie-Beth Robbins                                   Health, Fashion, Celebrities and tons more. Many of the information pages have RSS
 Layne Case                                            feeds from either local or national websites.
 Melissa Albano
 Oonagh Williams                                        The new concept is to provide a place for local women to find whatever information
 Rhiannon Fenstermaker                                 they need all in one place, making it easier and quicker for them. Last year we were
 Robin Young                                           Applaud Magazine, one small vehicle providing local women with a fraction of the
 Susan Kanoff                                          information that we are now able to provide for them on Applaud Women. What a
                                                       huge difference from this time last year!
 Staff Illustrator
 Lenore Garnhum
                                                        So my advice for those of you who have had a tough year is to keep your mind open;
                                                       know when you need to make a change and if you love what you’re doing – don’t
 Copy Editor
 Joann Batty                                             So welcome to the first issue of 2010. Our feature is weddings but don’t let that
                                                       fool you because we have tons of other articles relating to all the subjects women en-
                                                       joy reading about: Food, Dating, Advice, Children, Beauty, Fashion, Health, Finance,
 Editorial & Production Office                         Marketing, Home, and of course the core of the magazine – our Inspirational women.
                                                       This issue we have 4 fabulous women from NH and MA and two ladies from wine
 PO Box 578, Raymond, NH 03077
 Ph: (603)895-4699
 Fax (603) 895-4360,
                                                        Have a wonderful Winter season,

Applaud Women is not responsible for unsolicited
                                                        Susan Caldwell
photographs or articles. If you are interested in
writing an article for publication in exchange for
increased visibility for your business, please con-          now that we are
tact the editor by phone or e-mail.
                                                              totally on-line                       
The opinions contained in the articles and adver-      we can offer you so much more then
tisements published by Applaud women are not
necessarily those of Applaud Women, its officers,                 the magazine.                            Become a Fan on Facebook -
staff or contributing writers. Nor does publication        We have resource listings:                               Click here
in Applaud Women constitute endorsement of the
views, products or services contained in said ar-       Restaurants, Wedding and Beauty         
ticles or advertisements. Applaud Women values            Service professionals, Hotels,                    
accuracy; however, the publication does not war-
ranty the accuracy of material provided by it’s con-    Female doctors and articles, RSS
tributing writers.                                          feeds and links on all the                Join us on Twitter at applaudwomen
                                                       subjects we cover in the magazine.
 8 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
                                                 Have a voice in what we publish. E-mail us at
                                        and let us know what you want to hear or
                                                 how you think we’re doing. If you own a business or want
                                                 to help your boss we’ll be happy to give you or them a plug
                                                 with your comments.

                                                               Hampshire Family Dental
                                                                      Prov i d i n g Qu a l i t y De n t a l Ca re f o r A d u l t s a n d C h i l d re n

                                                * New Patients Welcome                                                    * Gentle Ultrasonic Cleaning
                                                * Evening Hours                                                           * General and Cosmetic Dentistry
                                                * Emergencies Promptly Seen                                               * Teeth Whitening

                                                * Provider for NE Delta Dental                                            * Financing Available

                                                                              Dr. Michele Morrow Dr. Kimberly Brown
                                                                               Treating Patients in Southern NH Since 1995

                                                   Cozy Corner Plaza
                                                    Raymond, NH               ZOOM! Single Visit Teeth Whitening                 603-895-5600
                                                     Conveniently Located One Mile off Route 101 (Exit 5) at the Junction of Route 27 & Route 156

Hi Susan,
I’m an on-line kind of girl, .....
You have a very interesting magazine,
I love it~
                                              Nita, Nita J. Maihle, Tyngsboro, MA
                                                                                                           A PPLAUD
Maribeth Under the Veil, 135 Hooksett         ANSWER- Hi Nita,
Road, Manchester NH 03104
603.494.5200,           Thank you so much for your email.
                                              The magazine is now only on-line at                          We want this to be a website
Hi Susan,                            There is also                            to celebrate women in NH
                                              a lot of resource information -                                & n. MA - to promote your
I just rec’d a postcard regarding your        listings of restaurants, female doctors,
new internet publication - and                weddings, beauty service businesses.
                                                                                                          businesses if you have one - to
look forward to reading these volumes         The listings are for NH and MA.                               share your stories, photos,
as they come out. Is there a                                                                                events & news and find the
way to receive an internet update re-         Are you on Facebook or Twitter. That’s
                                                                                                             information that you need.
garding the availability of new               the quickest way to keep up
issues?                                       with what is going on. There is also a
                                                                                                             We will help you promote
                                              sign up for Constant Contact                                yourself when you share your
Also, last summer (2008) I responded          and I do send out an email when each                           photos, stories, events and
to a request for ‘letters’ -                  issue becomes available. It’s on
                                                                                                            news. Just e-mail us and we
which was supposed to allow me to             the homepage on the right side under
receive a ‘one year subscription’ -           the banner.
                                                                                                           will post these things on the
Will there still be a print version of this                                                               appropriate page throughout
magazine, and if so, am I still eligible      I’m so glad you’re glad we are still                                          the year.
for receipt?                                  here. Believe me so am I. Susan
                                                                                                              (T) (603) 895-4699
In any event, just glad to know you’re        RESPONSE - excellent Susan - thanks                             (F) (603) 895-4360
‘still around’ - and I look                   again for the update, and good luck
forward to reading future editions.           w/it all - I think this magazine is an
                                              inspired idea...!!! -njW                           
Thanks again, and best wishes –
                                                                                               Winter 2010  9
             the applaud women advisory board

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of our Advisory Board for taking the time to assist us in our
mission to provide information to the women of NH and MA. We have invited women from different ages, areas and in
different relationship statuses so that we can we have an understanding of the information that will be helpful, interesting,
entertaining and relevant.

                               Maureen Campaiola is a Business Coach and Founder of DARE To Be Phenomenal. Known
                               as “The Dare Coach” by her clients, she coaches women entrepreneurs, and business owners
                               to move beyond dollars for hours and develop systems so that they can have the freedom
                               they crave! Go to her website at and sign up for your FREE
                               Report “7 Quick and Simple Tips To Move You Towards a Phenomenal Life” or call her at
                               978-794-4991. Visit her website at

                               Melissa Lesniak is your local Realtor on the Seacoast of NH & Maine with Keller Williams
                               Coastal Realty The Melissa Lesniak Group. With over 15 years in sales and customer
                               service experience, Melissa has learned the importance of building your business through
                               relationships and referrals. Her focus is on working with 1st Time Home Buyers, Seniors
                               looking to Downsize, Residential & Commercial Rentals, and helping homeowners
                               through the Short Sale process during times of hardship. Visit her website at

                               Susan Miccile is the Founder of Present Moment Coaching and Mindful Matters. Susan is a
                               Transformational Presence Coach. Susan received her certification from the Institute of Pro-
                               fessional Empowerment Coaching, a training program accredited by the International Coach
                               Federation, of which she is also a member. She is also a licensed pharmacist. Susan is on the
                               Board of Directors and a volunteer for Resolve (The National Infertility Association) of the
                               Bay State, and with her dog Jamie, a volunteer of Therapy Dogs International. Susan’s passion
                               is to awaken people to the beauty of living in the present moment. Ph. 508-529-6711. Visit her
                               website at

                               Rhiannon Fenstermaker is a Personal Chef working in the Greater Seacoast Area, provid-
                               ing Heat and Eat, Supper Solutions. Her service is an in home cooking service that works
                               with each client to help customize a menu that suits their needs. She brings all her own
                               equipment, containers, shops for all the groceries and will cook meals for a week to be
                               heated when you’re ready! No more having to worry about what’s for dinner. Reach her at
                               603-679-2412 or Visit

                               Caroline Arakelian - Regional Vice President ndependent Consultant of Arbonne uses the
                               earth’s natural resources to create pure Swiss skin care and beauty products with high-
                               quality, effective ingredients. Using timeless botanicals, Arbonne creates products that help
                               protect skin against aging and enhance natural beauty; we pride ourselves in never testing
                               on animals or creating products that contain animal by-products. Services include business
                               opportunity, skincare, makeover, and detox spa presentations. Reach her at 603-498-9407 or
                      Visit her at

10 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
Layne Case is the owner of AMITY Publications, a small publishing company in Barrington,
NH. Layne has published her two children books, “Charlie” and “Charlie and His New
Friend”; as well as her poetry book, “Inspirations from My Family & Friends”. She devel-
oped a literacy program called Read UP! Write ON! Literacy RULES!, where she offers story-
telling and teaches children how to write and publish books. Layne also speaks to groups,
sharing her poetry through her message “The Journey Traveled”. Layne can be reached at For more information visit

Debbie Raymond-Pinet is a Medium, spiritual teacher, author and business owner. Debbie
has touched hundreds of people with her abilities and helps with private criminal cases and
readings. She’s had several ‘meet and greets’ and has been on RCTV and MCAM to promote
her work from 2007-2009. You may log onto or reach her at debpi- for more info.

Amanda Walley is the Owner and Instructor of Dance Because, a ballroom studio in Manches-
ter, NH. Amanda has choreographed and danced numerous solos and team performances in
a variety of venues across the state. Amanda specializes in Wedding Dances and works with
kids and teens. Contact Amanda at Check Out Amanda’s website

 Ginny Williams is a professional life coach based out of Plum Island, MA. She has helped her
clients start and manage their own successful businesses, transition into rewarding careers,
and make positive changes towards more fulfilling lives. Ginny can be reached at
(978) 462-2334, or e-mail Visit her on-line

Deb Daigle was an award-winning radio & TV broadcaster for more than 20 yrs before mak-
ing the transition to PR in July of 2007. She is now the media relations specialist for Montagne
Communications, one of NH’s leading PR firms. As such, she handles media relations for a
wide range of clients, including the NH Div. of Travel & Tourism, Irving Oil, Waste Manage-
ment and Laconia Harley Davidson. Debra graduated with a BA in English from Connecticut
College in New London, Connecticut, with the honor of “Distinction in Major Field;” she went
on to receive a Master’s in Mass Communications from Emerson College in Boston, where she
graduated Summa Cum Laude. Reach her at: 603-391-7040;

Ana McKenna is the Owner of the McKenna Dance Center in Penacook. She has over 15
years of experience in dance and is thrilled to share her love of learning, teaching and per-
forming with the community. Ana is an Army Captain, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom,
and serves as the family remains one of her top priorities, as well as educating others on New
Hampshire’s veterans and the challenges they face upon return home.
Visit her website
                                                 Winter 2010 11
         advisory board - continued

                    Susan Kanoff is a Wardrobe Stylist with a passion for fashion and a flair for style. She has an
                    innate ability to create fabulous outfits for women of all shapes and sizes. Her warmth, sensi-
                    tivity, and positive energy make her the perfect partner for a wardrobe make-over. In addition
                    to working with private clients, Susan’s styling can also be seen on television and in catalogs.

                    For more information visit Susan’s website at or call (978) 807-0577.

                    Nancy Blake, Dover, NH, is currently Education and Membership Manager for the Women’s
                    Business Center in Portsmouth. The WBC helps women entrepreneurs flourish. Nancy has a
                    customer service background in both retail and manufacturing, is former Director of Volunteer
                    Services for the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra, and former Board Member of New
                    Generation in Greenland, NH. She enjoys gardening, playing piano, machine embroidery,
                    spending time with her two daughters, three grand-
                    children and Pixie the dachshund. Vist her at

                    CC Carole is an internationally renowned paranormal specialist and host of her own weekly
                    paranormal TV show “CC The Huntress’ on PTN Paranormal Television Network a brand
                    new network by CBS. CC is a Registered Usui & licensed Karuna Reiki Master. She has had
                    advanced multimedia, video production training at ATT Broadband Studios. CC’s is a co-pro-
                    ducer of “Ghost Stories of New England” her work has been seen on FOX, WNDS, Comcast,
                    Adelphia, Metrocast and cable outlets nationally and internationally. For more information
                    visit her at.

                      Debra LeClair Psy.D. is a life/executive coach, corporate trainer and psychologist
                    who partners with organizations and individuals around making positive and sus-
                    tainable change. Debra helps those seeking career satisfaction, enhanced communica-
                    tion skills and improved team/individual performance. She owns Full Spectrum Well-
                    ness LLC, a holistic health and learning center and co-owns Platinum Principle Training &
                    Development, a company that specializes in interpersonal effectiveness training for
                    organizations. Visit her on-line at either

                     Helen Donington. is the Chair and Co-Founder of Catapult Seacoast. In addition to her
                    work with the young professionals’ organization, Donington is full-time member of the mar-
                    keting team at alternative investment firm, Lincoln Vale. Helen is an alumna of Leadership
                    Seacoast and served on Governor Lynch’s Task Force for the Retention and Recruitment of
                    Young Workforce. Currently, she serves on the Board of Stay, Work, Play NH. Helen has great
                    appreciation for community, the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of social capital.
                    For more information visit

                      Leslie Sturgeon founded Office Options & Association Solutions over 20 years ago in the
                    Lakes Region. She has collaborated extensively with small business owners, organizations and
                    associations to achieve greater success while providing office support and association man-
                    agement services. With a mission of bringing women together for personal and professional
                    development, networking, education and fun, Leslie created Women Inspiring Women in 2007
                    and has since grown the organization rapidly. Leslie’s passion is to inspire other women to live
                    their best life. E-mail: here to visit her website at
12 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
                        LETTING GO,                                    Real Stories & Photos
                        By layne case

                                         Psalm 23:4

 Even when walking through the dark valley of death I will not be afraid, for you are
                 close beside me, guarding, guiding all the way.

To my daughter, trying to deal with having lost a friend to suicide…

           How can we let go of something so painful?                                                   Layne Case
                          The sadness…
                Knowing the difficulties she faced.                                     Layne Case is the owner of AMITY
                       The helplessness…                                                Publications, and author of “Inspira-
             Thinking you tried, but may have failed.                                   tions from My Family & Friends”, a
                           The anger…                                                   collection of poems and Bible verses
       Knowing there is help and you did try, but she didn’t.                           written during times of crisis or cel-
                           The guilt…                                                   ebration to help comfort and bring a
        Thinking you should have, could have done more.                                 sense of peace to the recipient. For
                        The frustration…                                                more information, visit www.amity-
      Wishing you had said something to change the outcome.                                   A

                          To let go…will you forget?
                         To let go…are you uncaring?
                           To let go…is that selfish?                                    Share your Real Stories
                                                                                         and Photos with Applaud.
                               No, you need
                          To feel all the feelings,                                      Applaud is looking for anacdotal stories
                             To cry the tears,                                           about children, dating, pets, weddings and
                                                                                                    adorable photos of kids or pets.
                   To make amends with the “what ifs”.
                    For there is nothing more difficult                                                    E-mail:
                          Than feeling helpless                                                  
                    When those around us are in need.
                                                                                                                    Send your stories
                                                                                                                       and photos to
                        And, then, say your prayers                                               

                        That all is peaceful and calm
                                                                                          Do you have a story to share, we’d
                       And, she is well taken care of
                                                                                          love to hear it. We are also looking
                     By Him who will never forsake us.
                                                                                          for adorable children or pet pho-
                                                                                          tos. We are looking for the most
                                                                                          adorable to feature in the maga-
                     Faith is believing in something
                                                                                          zine or on the Real Photo webpage.
                         That you cannot touch.
                                                                                          So if you think yours will make the
                            Have faith in God,
                                                                                          cut, please e-mail them to applaud@
               For while you may not be able to touch Him
                                                                                 with Real Photos in the
                         HE is holding you both.
                                                                                          subject line.

                                                                               Winter 2010 13
Real Stories & Photos

       Spyderman.                This is our pug Spyderman.
                                 This was him posing for the
photographer on the day of our wedding (this past August),                       Puppy from Tara.
while I was getting my make-up done.
“Follow this face on Twitter if you too like to work hard and
play hard on the NH Seacoast! @JamilaCCoast”

                                                         Furry Kids
                                                           + One.

Furry kids: My cat Luna and my Pitbull Paris (very misunderstood breed as you can see!) Christmas with the Eliots: My son
Keagen and my sisters dog Puff Christmas 09: My cat Luna keeping an eye on everything Jennnifer Mathieson, Co-owner/
Studio Director/ Certified Yoga Instructor Dover Yoga and Pilates.

14 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
               irene’s WINTER recipe                                                                  lifestyles/
 Lasagna with

By irene clothier

This lasagna may taste like you           In a greased
slaved in the kitchen for hours, but      rectangular
it will be done and delicious in about    casserole dish
45 minutes!                               (13x9” is ide-
                                          al), layer using
1 lb lasagna noodles                      the following
1 small onion, finely chopped             method: 4 to 5
1 lb ground beef                          pieces (overlapping lengthwise) lasa-
1 lb sweet Italian sausage                gna noodles, 1/3 jar marinara spread
7 oz can mushroom pieces, drained         out evenly across pasta, ½ the cooked
2 lbs whole milk ricotta cheese           meat, 8 spoonfuls of ricotta mixture.
¼ cup grated parmesan cheese              Repeat these steps, pressing down
2 eggs                                    on the pasta gently to distribute the
2 tsp garlic powder                       ricotta underneath. Lay the third and
Generous handful Italian parsley,         final layer of noodles; spread last 1/3
chopped (about 1/3 cup)                   of marinara and top with mozzarella
Salt and pepper                           and herbs. Add a touch more parme-
1 jar marinara sauce                      san if desired. Bake for 20-25 min-
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese          utes on the oven’s middle rack, until
1 tbsp each dried parsley and             cheese is brown and bubbly. Makes 12
oregano                                   servings…or 8 HUGE servings. Serve
                                          with garlic bread and salad. Enjoy!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cook                                                                     Specialty Teas
pasta in a large pot according to pack-   *Tip: to prevent cooked noodles from                         Tea Lectures
age instructions (about 10 minutes).      sticking and breaking, gently hang                           Tea Tastings
Drain.*                                   them around edge of pot while still                         Tea Functions
                                          warm. Careful, they’ll be hot!
While pasta cooks, prepare the re-
maining lasagna layers. Heat a large
                                                                                                 Danielle Beaudette,
                                          Irene Clothier is a freelance food writer,             Owner/Certified Tea Specialist
skillet over medium high heat. Add                                                               40 Mountain Road,
                                          personal chef and owner of Bright Eyes
a light drizzle of olive oil and diced                                                           Brookline, NH 03033
                                          Catering. BEC which specializes in ca-                 603-249-9111
onions. As onions begin to soften,        tering parties and home cooked pre-made      
add ground beef, sausage and mush-        meals With more than a decade of restau-
rooms. Cook until meat is completely      rant industry experience, Irene combines
                                          her knowledge of food and drink with        
browned, about 8-10 minutes. Drain
mixture.                                  creative writing. A UNH honors gradu-
                                          ate, Irene enjoys food writing and has
                                          created and published more than a dozen
As meat cooks, combine ricotta and        original recipes; she hopes to eventu-            Don’t Forget to Vote for your Favorite
parmesan cheeses with eggs, garlic        ally write a cookbook. She currently lives         NH and MA Restaurant & Enter to
powder, parsley, salt and pepper in a     in Dover,NH. Irene can be reached at              Win a $50 Visa Card. Instructions at
large bowl. Mix well.                            A

                                                                                  Winter 2010 15
Food        Oonagh’s fall Recipes

plus gluten free instructions

By Oonagh williams                        1. In large saucepan heat oil and fry      lergen ingredients on labels. Barley
                                          onions over medium heat until soft-        contains gluten, is used as the sweet-
                                          ening and turning golden brown.            ener in many products but is not
Adapted to smaller domestic quan-
                                          2. Add sausage meat and garlic and         listed as an allergen by the FDA so
tities from Chef Robinson’s recipe,
                                          cook for about 5 minutes, breaking         would not be quoted on allergen in-
Culinary Arts Department, Milford
                                          the meat into small pieces with the        gredient list. Hershey’s web site lists
High School.
                                          back of a spoon.                           nutritional info but not content info.
- Windows on West Street public res-
                                          3. Add cubed eggplant and cook for         Yet again a case of having to phone
taurant. Freezes well.
                                          about 5 minutes until becoming ten-        manufacturer to check safety for glu-
                                          der.                                       ten free and then make your own de-
2-4 tbsp olive oil
                                          4. Add crushed, canned tomatoes            cision as to whether you trust if they
1 small to medium eggplant, un-
                                          with their juice, chicken stock, toma-     care enough to be careful. Nestle Toll-
peeled, cut into ½ inch cubes. I have
                                          to puree, Italian seasoning, bay leaf,     house semi-sweet chocolate morsels
also done this with 3 large zucchini,
                                          sugar and black pepper. Add pinch          were gluten free when I phoned to
                                          of salt. More salt can be added later if   check.)
1 large onion, peeled and finely
                                          needed. Different brands of sausages       1/2 c    heavy cream or whipping
                                          and tomatoes have different levels of      cream
1 lb Sweet Italian Sausage (hot sau-
                                          salt.                                      ¼ cup liqueur such as Grand Mar-
sage if you prefer). Market Basket’s
                                          5. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer       nier, brandy, rum, amaretto, kirsch,
raw Italian sausage, Al Fresco brand
                                          for about 30 minutes. Taste and ad-        and kahlua. For gluten free, use what
of raw and cooked sausages, and
                                          just seasoning, remove bay leaf, add       alcohol is safe for you.
Jones Sausage roll are all gluten free.
                                          more chicken stock if soup is too
2 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely
                                          thick. At University, my son used to       1. Put heavy cream in a 4 cup micro-
                                          make this for parties, (before he be-      wave safe bowl or small non stick pan.
28 oz tomatoes in tomato juice, coarse-
                                          came gluten and lactose intolerant); it    Heat cream in microwave or stove top
ly crushed.
                                          became his signature dish. Very easy       until bubbles are showing around the
6 oz tomato puree
                                          and wonderful.                             edges. Add chocolate, stirring well
2 tsp dried Italian seasoning                                                        (on gentle heat on stove) until melted
1 bay leaf
                                          Quite evil, but very popular at par-       and well blended.
4 cups chicken stock. McCormick
                                          ties, winter and summer, and great         2. Stir in liqueur. Note alcohol will not
Chicken base at Costco is gluten free,
                                          for Valentines:                            have evaporated. I also say children
Trader Joes and Herb Ox stocks are                                                   will get more hyper from the choco-
gf. Swanson and Pacific brands are
                                          CHOCOLATE FONDUE                           late than from the alcohol.
meant to be gf. College Inn is not gf.                                               3. Serve in fondue pot or other ceram-
½ tsp sugar
                                          4 bars x 3.52 oz Toblerone milk            ic pot over night light for dipping.
freshly ground black pepper to taste
                                          chocolate (white or bittersweet are
                                          also available.) OR                        Use for dipping angel food cake,
(Chef Robinson also adds about 2
                                          4 x 3+1/2 oz bars of Hershey’s sym-        strawberries, melon, pineapple, or-
thick slices of fresh fennel cut into
                                          phony milk chocolate with toffee and       ange slices or cherries. I find chocolate
small diced pieces and fennel seeds. I
                                          almonds.                                   falls off banana slices and pound cake
don’t add fresh fennel for this small a
                                          (Unfortunately, it is very difficult to    is too dense. You can also put fruit on
quantity and I don’t like fennel seeds.
                                          tell from labels whether these choco-      individual serving plates, spoon on
Use Italian sausage with fennel seeds
                                          lates are gluten free. Kraft (maker of     chocolate sauce and eat with spoon,
if you prefer.)
                                          Toblerone) states they will tell you al-   fork, and toothpick.                  A
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                                            tasty travels

           Hidden Gems - Fine Dining at Diner Prices

                                            By Oonagh williams

Behind those boring school doors,           ing and some high schools are now            Recent offerings at Windows on West
down the long, often draughty, cor-         offering a culinary arts program to          Street (all include salad, rolls, starch,
ridors, just follow the delicious scents    give a more than basic grounding for         and a vegetable):
wafting through the air to an unex-         those who want to enter culinary arts.
pected pleasure.                            This is not the same as Home Ec/Food         NY Sirloin Steak $8.25 - An 8oz cen-
                                            and Consumer Sciences, known as              ter-cut New York sirloin steak, tender
At my Culinary Arts School in Lon-          domestic science in the UK. Some stu-        and juicy, grilled to your liking and
don, England we (the students) had          dents do culinary arts in high school        served with a delicious Bordelaise
to be responsible for planning the          just to be able to eat the finished prod-    Sauce.
menu, ordering, cooking, and serv-          uct — it’s certainly better food than
ing the meal to the faculty in the staff    the ordinary high school cafeteria and       Haddock Mornay $6.50 - Fresh North
dining room as well as to the public        free. What more could they ask?              Atlantic Haddock filet, baked, served
in the public restaurant. We were al-                                                    on a bed of freshly sautéed spinach, &
ways told that we would only find           We are lucky in New Hampshire to             topped with a delicious cheese sauce.
similar standards in hotels like the        have quite a number of schools whose         Chicken Cordon Bleu $6.25 - Boneless
Ritz or Waldorf. Half the class was         culinary arts students run public res-       chicken wrapped around sliced Vir-
in the kitchen, prepping and cook-          taurants that offer excellent food at        ginia Ham & Imported Swiss Cheese,
ing the food to order while the other       unbelievable prices. I will take you         breaded and sautéed in butter till
half would set up the restaurant and        on a quick tour. (And, as they say in        golden brown. Served over a mush-
serve the meal. The menus had to            the interests of full disclosure, I am       room cream sauce. .
be written entirely in either English       program chair for the Culinary Arts
or French, no half measures, so our         program at Milford High School and           Another high school restaurant: Al-
restaurant French had to be good as         I’m on the committee for the new cu-         virne High School in Hudson, www.
well, and French was one of the lan-        linary arts department to be built as, click on Checker’s Res-
guages we were able to study. Some          part of the new building, commenc-           taurant in main menu, open during
of the translations that were made of       ing Spring 2010 at Pinkerton Acad-           the school year. Offering soup, sand-
traditional British dishes were down-       emy.)                                        wiches, salad and entrées, beverages
right strange. How would you trans-                                                      and dessert of course. I ate there with
late ‘spotted dick, spotted dog’ which      I have eaten at Milford High School’s        friends, it is a bit of an adventure to
is a light fluffy steamed cake-like des-    Windows on West Street many times            find your way to the restaurant, once
sert with raisins dotted throughout,        Wednesday-Friday, 11:15 am to 12.15          you arrive at Alvirne.
or ‘toad in the hole’, sausages cooked      pm. (go to
in Yorkshire pudding (popover) bat-         Milford High School, click on MHS            Southern New Hampshire Universi-
ter, ‘cock a leekie’, a Scottish leek and   and Applied Technology Center and            ty, in Manchester 5 miles down from
chicken soup, or a dessert called ‘a        link to Windows on West Street for           WMUR and Commercial Street. Go
fool’, a chilled custard with pureed        menu). The restaurant is literally on        to, click on About SNHU,
fruit. And I kid you not, these are the     West Street, straight off the side walk.     then ‘SNHU facilities’ to get to the
actual names of these dishes.               You can even buy pastries and breads         page about Culinary Arts. They have
                                            to go, of far better quality than found      a public restaurant open for lunch
With the popularity of the Food Net-        in supermarkets, comparable to the           on Tuesday and Thursday, seatings
work and Celebrity Chefs, more and          best area bakeries, and at very reason-      are at 11:15 am, 11:30 am and 11:50
more people are taking culinary train-      able prices.                                 am and dinner on Thursday. Lunch
                                                                                   Winter 2010 17
                                          Thursdays for lunch and for several       nhn/index.asp and click on North Star
                                          evening meals during the school year.     Café. At Nashua you have to check in
                                          Recent Offerings:                         with the main office and go through
                                          Soups: Pasta in Brodo, La Ribollita,      the building to inner corridor public
is $10 for a three-course meal, $14 for   Minestrone Alla Genovese,                 restaurant.
four-course meal. My husband and I        Breads: Grissini, Crostini with Tap-
ate a 5 Course dinner there with an       enade, Country-Style Bread                I am sure there are other schools out
Iberian theme (Spanish islands off        Salads: Char-Grilled Vegetables, In-      there offering equally excellent pro-
the east coast of Spain). The price was   salata, Caprese Panzanella                grams for the students that result in
$25 with gratuities going to a student    Entrees: Pollo Alla Diavola, Stuffed      good public restaurants for us. I have
fund. Lovely, leisurely dinner, gener-    Mussels, Roast Florentine Pork            based my details on my own knowl-
ous portions, allow time to digest the    Sides:    Grilled Asparagus, Suppli       edge of what’s out there and replies
food in the European way with no          (fried Rissoto balls), Spaghettini Aglo   from schools requested through the
rush. They encourage guests to order      E Olio                                    State Department of Education in
different dishes so that the students     Desserts: Hazelnut and Chocolate          Concord. Things are changing all the
can get an accurate feel of a commer-     Cake, Coffee Gelato, Tiramisu             time and I encourage you to contact
cial kitchen. Lunch and Dinner Menus                                                your local schools and Voc-tech’s to
are posted on the web site, ‘Quills’ is   The regional school district covered      ask about culinary arts. Many schools
open until April. Reservations are re-    by the Governor Wentworth School          offer Adult Education classes, which
quired, 603.629.4608.                     District in the Lakes Region covers       are fun, reasonably priced and a ‘san-
                                          Brookfield, Effingham, New Durham,        ity break’ as I used to describe them.
There are technical schools attached      Ossipee, Tuftonboro and Wolfeboro.        I taught Adult Ed classes in Interna-
to quite a few high schools where stu-,       click   tional Cooking Made Easy at Mer-
dents wishing more of a technical ca-     to schools, then region 9 Vocational,     rimack High School for many years.
reer can get a good grounding in that     click to culinary. They mention a res-    I co-teach regular flour and gluten
specialty, at the same time as pursu-     taurant but no details are given. The     free baking classes at Milford High
ing their high school diploma in their    school office should be able to help.     School’s Culinary Arts Department
regular high school. This is quite a                                                on Saturdays.
common idea in England and Europe         And lest we forget the mountains          Chef Oonagh Williams is an award win-
where it is accepted that not everyone    – Mount Washington Valley Career          ning British Chef/Instructor based in
is academic but still wants a career.     and Technical Center covers nine area     Merrimack, NH with a gluten and lactose
Where would we be without chefs?          schools and has a brand new culinary      intolerant adult son. Chef Oonagh has
                                          arts center.   always cooked from scratch with all real
                                                                                    ingredients so cooking gluten free meals
The Seacoast School of Technology         htm, then click on Mineral Springs
                                                                                    is not a problem. Chef Oonagh focuses on
in Exeter serves as a regional school     Café. 603 356.4372                        gluten free baked goods that have to rep-
for Epping, Exeter, Newmarket, Ray-       Recent offerings: Baked Macaroni          licate the taste of her regular flour baked
mond, Sanborn and Winnacunnet.            & Cheese w/Buffalo Shrimp: Home-          goods, since muffins, bread, pizza, cakes, click on Culi-      made cheese sauce with buffalo spicy      etc made from wheat are what people miss
                                          sauté Shrimp baked with crumb top-        the most.
nary arts Icon at top of page and click
on ‘Julia’s ‘ restaurant, Julia’s opens   ping and served w/demi salad. $6.50
                                                                                    Visit Chef Oonagh’s web site www.Roy-
at 12:15 pm for lunches. Service be-      Veal Piccata: Sautéd breaded veal for recent gluten free
gins at 12:25. ‘For our NITE meals we     with lemon butter caper sauce over        recipes and watch for her appearances
will open the doors at 5:45 pm. Res-      fettuccini served with garlic toast and   on WMUR’s Cooks Corner, with links
ervations can be made by sending an       a demi salad. $7.00                       to YouTube. Chef Oonagh teaches gluten
                                                                                    free baking classes, offers months worth
email to or by calling
                                                                                    of baked goods, gives presentations, and
775-8473. They can’t accept walk-in       Nashua High School also has a culi-
                                                                                    provides a consultancy service to help
guests. The restaurant is open most       nary arts program.        ease the transition to gluten free living.

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                                    Quick & Easy recipes
                                                                                    sides on medium-high heat. Place ribs

  GUAVA BRAISED SHORT RIBS                                                          into a roasting pan and pour guava mix-
                                                                                    ture on top.

By RHIANNON FENSTERMAKER                                                            Cover pan with foil and braise for 3
                                                                                    hours. Remove pan from oven and check
                                                                                    for tenderness until meat starts to fall off
                                                                                    the bone.

                                                                                                Rhiannon Fenstermaker

                                                                                    Rhiannon Fenstermaker is a Personal Chef
                                                                                    working in the Greater Seacoast Area, pro-

                                                                                    viding ;Heat and Eat, Supper Solutions. Her
                                                                                    service is an in home cooking service that
                                                                                    works with each client to help customize a
                                                                                    menu that suits their needs. She brings all her
                                                                                    own equipment, containers, shops for all the
                                                                                    groceries and will cook meals for a week to be
                                                                                    heated when you’re ready! No more having to
Are you looking for something ab-       GUAVA BRAISED SHORT RIBS
                                                                                    worry about what’s for dinner. Reach her at
solutely scrumptious for dinner to-
                                                                                    603-679-2412          or       chefrhiannon@
night? It seems like short ribs have    Serves 4
                                                                                Visit     her     at
been a new trend these days and it’s    4 beef short ribs, bone-in, preferably
no wonder!                              12 oz. guava nectar
                                        1/2 cup soy sauce
Once you’ve let these meaty chunks      1/4 cup water
cook low and slow and the fat starts
to become velvety and buttery, the
                                        1/8 cup sugar
                                        1/4 cup lime juice
                                                                                        A PPLAUD
sauce starts to permeate the meat and   1/8 cup honey
it becomes a sinful dinner that you     3 cloves garlic-minced
are sure to enjoy.                      1 tsp. fresh grated ginger
                                        1 cup flour                                       Vote for Your Favorite NH
These beef short ribs are bursting      Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees.                     or MA Restaurant, Hotel,
with flavor with every bite!                                                                   Female doctor,
You’ll want to savor every morsel       In a bowl, combine all ingredients ex-              Wedding Professional
and let the tender meat melt on your    cept ribs and flour. In another bowl,                   and/or Beauty
tongue.                                 mix flour with a pinch of salt and                     Professional at
                                        pepper.                                   and
This is one of my favorite recipes to                                                     Enter to Win $50. Dead-
cozy up to on a cold winter’s night!    Dredge ribs in flour and pan-sear all                   line Feb. 18th
Enjoy!                                                                           Winter 2010 19
Food        Tea - health benefits

                                             By danielle beaudette

January is National Hot Tea Month,           They are present in all teas made
and a time when eating and drinking          from Camellia sisensis. The major cat-
healthy is on everyone’s mind. With          echin in tea is EGCG and is the most
cold and flu season upon us, it is even      potent anti-oxidant. The antioxidant
more important to know what we are           properties in tea help cells replicate
                                                                                                Danielle Beaudette
putting into our bodies. So why fo-          their DNA accurately by combining
cus on tea? Tea’s history dates back         with free radicals and then neutral-
over 5,000 years. It was first used as a     izing them. Free radicals are oxygen      Aids in blocking beta-amaloid pro-
medicinal beverage, and grew into a          chains that attach to cells, mutate       tein that causes the nerve damage
beverage of choice.                          the DNA, and alter the replication of     and memory loss associated with Al-
                                             the cell. This may lead to the devel-     zheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
Tea is all-natural and free of calories      opment of cancer causing cells and
and preservatives. It contains B, C,         many chronic diseases. Free radicals      Could help lower cholesterol in the
and E vitamins, and the minerals folic       occur naturally in our environment in     blood stream by inhibiting the ab-
acid, magnesium, potassium, calci-           the form of ultra-violet rays, and also   sorption of cholesterol in the diges-
um, zinc, fluoride, and carotene. The        occur synthetically in artificial dyes    tive tract.
health benefits found in each of these       and processed foods.
vitamins and minerals contribute to                                                    May improve fluid balance. Research-
the overall health benefits in tea. The      Recent studies have shown that TEA:       ers suggest water and tea should pro-
most important substances in loose tea                                                 vide the majority of our daily liquid
are the caffeine, essential oils and poly-   May contribute to heart and circula-      consumption (4 cups of each/day).
phenols (found in flavonoids in tea).        tory system health by strengthening
                                             and keeping the blood vessel walls        In addition to its health benefits, the
All tea contains caffeine. Caffeine          soft and decreasing blood thickness.      few moments it takes to prepare and
aids in digestion by stimulating the         This prevents blood from clotting,        enjoy a cup of loose tea can provide
digestive track and promoting blood          which could lead to strokes.              a calm respite to an otherwise hectic
circulation. The L-theanine in tea                                                     day. All high-quality loose leaf teas
counteracts with the caffeine and aids       Appears to reduce the risk of certain     are rich in antioxidants and health-
in relaxing you while also helping to        cancers such as skin cancer, stomach      promoting properties. Each type of
boost your concentration and increase        cancer, digestive and urinary tract       tea contains different levels of anti-
your stamina. The essential oils are         cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and     oxidants. Your diet should contain
important to the aroma of the tea and        eye disease.                              a variety of whole foods and quality
also aids in digestion.                                                                loose leaf teas to provide you with a
                                             Helps to strengthen the immune            range of health benefits.
Tea is one of the largest sources of         system. The theaflavins in tea aid in
flavonoids in our diet. Flavonoids           increasing white blood cells, which       Danielle Beaudette is the owner of The
are found in plants and offer many           fight infection in the body. (Theafla-    Cozy Tea Cart in Brookline, NH. One of
health benefits to humans. The fla-          vins are additional catechins only        23 Certified Tea Specialists in the coun-
vonoids in tea contain approximately         found in oxidized teas.)                  try, she continues to broaden her knowl-
30 polyphenolic compounds. These                                                       edge on tea through on-going studies with
compounds are studied extensively            May contribute to oral health. The fla-   the Specialty Tea Institute, the World Tea
for the benefits they contribute to tea.     vonoids in tea contain anti-bacterial     Expo, and her travels to tea countries
Polyphenols contain catechin mol-            agents that attack plaque and help        around the world. For more information
ecules which are the antioxidants.           prevent gum disease.                      call 603-249-9111 or visit her website at
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                                                             Dating - The Single Scene

                                   do you know guy?
                                           By EMILY PIETRO
As we do on most Sundays, my               Type 1: The Party Boy                       uncomfortable by making a spectacle
friends and I gathered for our recap                                                   out of you. His nose is turned up so
of events that had transpired over the     This guy might as well legally change       far in the air that if the lighting hits
weekend. Usually our talks consist of      his name to Jack Daniels; only has a        just right, you can see his brain.
an exchange of funny things that we        personality while under the influence       Type 6: The Child at Heart
had overheard, terrible dancers we         of alcohol and has a tendency to            You decided to stop by for a surprise
saw at the local bars, or (of course)      abstain from contact with other             visit one day and you caught him
catching up on gossip; however, these      humans Sunday through Thursday.             sitting on the couch eating Fruity
usual topics took a backseat this time                                                 Pebbles in Superman pajamas. To
to instead talking about Stephanie’s       Type 2: The Commitment-Phobe                add insult to injury, he was watching
love interest, or rather, flavor of the                                                Spongebob Squarepants… and en-
week.                                      He likes you – really, he does – but        joying it.
                                           he’s just not looking for anything
Steph had been playing ‘the game’          serious right now, he just got out of       Type 7: Mr. Overscheduled
with this guy Rob for a few weeks          a really bad relationship…but please,
now – they would meet up on the            don’t let that stop you from getting        You’re his number one girl, but…
weekends, he would send her a text         naked. Please.                              he’s a little busy right now. He can,
message if he felt like it – basically,                                                however, schedule you in for a date
things were going pretty well by           Type 3: Mr. Intensity                       next year. He’s got his BlackBerry
college standards. The main problem                                                    glued to his hand at all times, so he’ll
that Steph encountered was that Rob        A typical conversation is as follows:       BBM you if something comes up, and
was almost a phantom: we never saw         “Hi. My name is Will. I love you.           something probably will.
him during the week. In fact, the only     Will you marry me? Wait, why are
time we saw him on weekends was            you running away? YOU ARE MY                Now this is by no means a
when he was out partying with his          DESTINY! Don’t deny our love!”              comprehensive representation of
friends.                                                                               the types of men available for our
                                           Type 4: (High) Maintenance Man              selection – there are definitely some
After a lot of laughs over her                                                         great ones out there – but these are
interactions with this certain man,        This guy uses more hair product in          the ones that should not stay in your
further reflection upon the subject led    one week than you do in a year. He          life past the point of introduction.
me to think about the different kinds      most likely owns a tanning bed, gets        There is one great thing about these
of guys that we had met over the years     his eyebrows waxed, and only wears          types, though: they make for a hell of
and how they were all so predictable.      designer duds. Let’s be honest, it’s        a story.                            A
I realized that this particular guy fell   a little weird when the guy you’re
into a certain category of man, and
yes, there are categories. Rob was
                                           dating sometimes looks better than
                                           you do.
                                                                                         The Single Scene
what I like to call a Party Boy. Like
all other types of guys we have met,       Type 5: High Roller                         Keep up with the Single
the Party Boy is volatile and needs                                                    Scene in between issues by
to be dealt with accordingly. Single       Usually comes from money (or at             visiting the Dating page. We’ll
ladies, beware of these unfortunate        least he thinks he does). He believes       have more updates there.
types of young men and avoid them          it’s his duty to expose you to ‘culture’    Just click http://www.applaud-
if possible.                               and has no problem making you     

                                                                                 Winter 2010 21
Dating - Sadie’s Dating Adventures

                                      being alone?
                                      By Cheri Valentine
These past weeks have been such           once again seeps in as I wonder if I
a struggle between loneliness and         will live in it by myself. Then I perk
wanting to be alone. How does that        up as I affirm how joyful it is that I
make sense? One moment I am enjoy-        could build a home totally to my own
ing my freedom, the space to be just      specifications without having to con-
me. I turn up the music very loudly       sider another’s opinion. In another
and dance around the room as if no        moment, I want someone else’s ideas
one is watching me. Then it occurs to     to flow with mine.
me that no one is watching me since I
am all alone. Oh the sadness of it all!   Oh the bother of it all! Why can’t I just
                                          enjoy being alone? I am told this is a
Another day, I revel in how much I        wonderful time for me to really enjoy
am enjoying plastering posters on all     my life. I can spend time with friends,
the walls as I sketch out new designs     do whatever I want, and discover my
for my dream house, adding details as     true essence. Although, I am not sure
inspiration strikes me. Then sadness      I really want to know what that is. I

                                                                                                       Illustration courtesy of
                                                                                                             Lenore Garnhum,

                                                                                      am afraid I may like that Sadie even
                                                                                      less than I am liking this one.

                                                                                      Of course, Lindy tells me that I may
                                                                                      like that Sadie even more, and that
                                                                                      I am terrified of that possibility. I
                                                                                      laugh at the absurdity of that. Yet,
                                                                                      when I am in the throes of despair,
                                                                                      as I often seem to be, I wonder, could
                                                                                      she be right?
                                                                                      Sadie Jackson, a fictional heroine, is back
                                                                                      on the dating scene for the third time.
                                                                                      After two trial marriages, she is bound
                                                                                      and determined to get it right. She can
                                                                                      be nauseatingly optimistic and enjoys re-
                                                                                      counting her dating experiences with hu-
                                                                                      mor and compassion. Follow her dating
                                                                                      escapades in this work of fiction that will
                                                                                      be updated on a regular basis.
                                                                                      son/ (link dating escapades to the link, ple
                                                                                      ase)                                 A

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                                                                                  Dating - Mr. Right

                 happiness attracts happiness
                                            By Cheri Valentine
It is nearly impossible to escape           relationship with yourself and you will
hearing the words “Law of Attraction,”      easily develop happy relationships
especially with the explosion of “The       with others, and naturally enjoy a
Secret.” While it is great that this        happy relationship with a perfect
book and movie have helped more             mate.
people become aware of the power of
this law, there is so much more to it       So how do you start feeling happy if
than simply just wanting something          you don’t? Begin by being grateful for
and hoping it shows up. Energy and          each and every thing that you have.                    Cheri Valentine
action must feed your desire. Energy        Be aware of how much you have,
in the form of beliefs, thoughts,           no matter how hopeless things may
emotions, attitude, and action must         seem. There is always a reason to feel      5.  Make time for the 3 F’s: Faith,
be engaged.                                 grateful, to smile. Emotional energy            Family & Friends.
                                            generates the momentum of attracting        6. Create a list of all the things you
Let’s focus on the emotion and attitude     what you want. So if you are feeling            are thankful for or that make you
of happiness. Happiness is a choice         sad, angry, cheated – guess what you            happy.
that you make. Happiness is not             will continue to see in your life? Yes,     7. Create a list of all the things that
when, but now. It is not a destination      experiences will continue to show up            make you unhappy and find a
that you reach. It is a continual journey   over and over again that reflect back           solution or ways to eliminate
in which you participate. It is not         that energy.                                    them.
about being happy when something                                                        8. Learn to manage your time and
occurs — it is choosing to be happy         So, wouldn’t you prefer to experience           your money.
now, regardless of what is happening.       joyful people and situations? Edwin         9. Be active and make healthy
How many of you believe that you            Edebiri, MBA, creator of the “I Am              choices.
will be happy when you find a mate?         Happy Project” says that “happy             10. Create a goal or dream list and
I challenge you to be happy in spite        people produce happy results.”                  work diligently towards them.
of finding him, and he will show up         He was intrigued by how so many
more easily than you can imagine.           people were able to remain happy            This is a new year, a new day and a
                                            in challenging times while others           perfect time to make changes. Start
With the start of this new year, I          became bitter. He developed a list          small. It is better to choose one thing
invite you to check in with your            of 10 ways to be happy as a result of       to change and when that becomes
happy meter. Take some time to see          interviewing 700 people about their         habit, add another. Decide that this is
if you do feel happy, and if not, make      own personal happiness.                     the year and the day that you practice
the decision to change that. The only                                                   happiness and attract your perfect
thing you have to do is choose to be        I would like to share Edwin’s list with     happy mate.
happy now. Smile. Look in the mirror        you:                                        Cheri Valentine is an expert in Relating,
and declare, “Today I choose to be          1. Decide to be happy and make it           Dating & Mating. Her company, Inspired
happy!” Also declare that, “Today, I            your top priority.                      Connections, specializes in helping people
shift my be-ing into one of happiness       2. Smile more and learn to laugh at         achieve successful personal and business
and attracting Mr. Right.”                                                              relationships with confidence, clarity, and
                                                                                        choice. Her coaching programs reflect her
                                            3. Volunteer your time one-on-one           belief that who you are, is more important
How wonderful it would be to live in            or to a group.                          than what you do. You can reach Cheri at
happiness with your perfect partner.        4. Donate your money according to           603.918.8265 or
It begins with you. Develop a happy             your pocket, even if it is a dime.      visit            A

                                                                                  Winter 2010 23

                 children and etiquette
                                      By Angela Hughes

Some may argue that children and           going from victim to bully and back
etiquette no longer exist together.        again.

{Etiquette} defined as a code of be-       Texting: Sure, you have had to tell
havior that delineates expectations        your teenager a half a dozen times
according to society is something that     to put the phone down, but common
needs to continue to be taught against     courtesy still rules. Contrary to popu-
all odds, especially with the technical    lar belief, composing a text to some-
gadgets and electronics which don’t        one while you’re in a face-to-face con-               Angela Hughes.
come with a written rule book.             versation with someone else is just
                                           about as rude as taking a voice call.
The following is a list of new etiquette   Remember that texting is informal.          No matter how quietly you speak,
to fit in with the modern youth of         Texting shouldn’t be used for for-          if standing too close to others they
today.                                     mal invitations or for serious issues,      are forced to overhear your personal
                                           such as dumping your girlfriend or          business. Phones should be turned off
Social Media:      Facebook, Twitter,      boyfriend. Remember the tone that           in movie theaters, playhouses, obser-
MySpace – you might not even use           you use in texting sends a message          vatories or any other public place that
it as parents, but you might want to       in itself. Be conscientious of others’      creates an atmosphere to transport the
become informed of things to watch         schedules. Don’t assume that because        imagination of the audience. Intimate
for to protect your children and teach     you are awake, working, not busy, or        public settings such as restaurants,
them respect for others.                   sober that the person you’re texting is     public restrooms, waiting rooms, hall-
                                           as well.                                    ways, buses, subways or anywhere a
Most serious threat - “Cyberbully-                                                     private conversation is not possible is
ing” is when a child, preteen or teen,     Finally, don’t text and drive. It is dan-   a bad place for a cell phone conver-
is tormented, threatened, harassed,        gerous and in New Hampshire it is           sation. To practice good cell phone
humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise       against the law.                            etiquette, put the ringer on vibrate or
targeted by another child, preteen or                                                  silent mode and let the call roll over
teen using the Internet, interactive       Email: Be polite! Unlike the usual          to voice mail. If it’s an important call,
and digital technologies or mobile         format of a handwritten letter, people      step outside or to a secluded area to
phones. It has to have a minor on both     feel inclined to get right to the point     return the call. If that’s not possible
sides, or at least have been instigated    without considering the general feel-       and you must take the call, keep your
by a minor against another minor.          ing of the recipient. Use proper Eng-       voice low and the conversation brief.
                                           lish. “Can U plz send info on careers?”     Let the caller know you’ll get back to
Cyberbulling is becoming a major is-       This may be appropriate for commu-          them when you’re able.
sue as frustrated youth let their emo-     nicating with your buddies through
tions go wild in chatrooms and social      instant messaging, but not for writ-        Angela Hughes, while meeting the demands
networking sites.                          ing to someone you’ve never met. As         of her four children has orked as an adjunct
                                           always, check for glaring errors, such      professor at Brigham Young University and
The methods used are limited only by       as misspellings and poor grammar.           New Hampshire Technical Institute. She is
the child’s imagination and access to      Write well and use your best English.       the founder and chairman of Color My World:
                                                                                       Kids Who Care, a non-profit humanitarian
technology. And the cyberbully one
                                                                                       organization. (
moment may become the victim the           Cell Phone: Maintain a distance of at       Angela is the co-owner of Trips Inc. Travel
next. The kids often change roles,         least 10 feet (3 meters) from the nearest   Agency specializing in cruises and tours.
                                           person when talking on a cell phone.        Contact her at A
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          PLANNING INC.                                                 your
                           Save time, money and energy by
                                              hiring a
                                              professional              Professional coaching...
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                                                                              you can be!
                                            •    Your Home,
                                            •    Your Office,           “You are the real gift, a gentle
                                                                     co-creator of the flimsy bridge that
                                            •    Help You
                                                                       goes from where we are to the
                                                                         place where my dreams are
 Robin Young                                                          realized.” ~ Kevin M., Chicago, IL
                          Karen L. Kenney
                          “Your Professional Organizer”
  BUILDING WEALTH         Organizing Classes, Public Speaking
         and                                                                         Helen Dutton
    (603) 216-9226        33 Evergreen Ave., Bedford, MA 01730
Londonderry, NH 03053          Call for a free 30-minute consultation.

                                                                        MAKE THIS YOUR LAST
                                                                       VALENTINE’S DAY ALONE!
                                                                      90 Days 2 Love™ Relationship
                                                                         Attraction Collaborative

                                                                        Whether you are looking for a
                                                                       soul mate or a steady date, this
                                                                        program is designed especially
                                                                                   for you.

                                                                      Sessions starting February 15

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lifestyles/                                 self awareness
The Self
                                            By Crista Ryan

The unexamined life is not worth
living. Socrates ~ From Dialogs

I was able to arrive at self-awareness at
the age of 45, when my life exploded
before my eyes. The marriage of
23 years was no longer working, I
                                            willing to confide and share my first
                                            accurate self-survey. When I was
                                            able to release the years of dammed-
                                            up emotions and break out of my
                                            avoidance of emotions that I held
                                            in solitary confinement, I was able
                                            to actually feel the pain diminish,
                                            watch the power they held over me                    Crista Ryan
couldn’t make head or tails out of          subside, and be a witness to having
what my 6 digit income to cover             a healing tranquility come over my
my 7 digit overhead was all about. I        being. Serenity seeped into the chaos
would fleetingly spend time with my         of my life when I accepted that what
children after many pleas of ‘when          I was going through was life, and
are you going to be done working and        that God would help me through my
why are you so stressed out?’ I was         difficulties – and much more. It had
becoming a liability to my own life.        been my tendency to recoil from taking
                                            responsibility for anything: I would      fear of others’ opinions; fear of harm,
To resolve most of what I was beginning     deny, ignore, blame and finally avoid.    and a multitude of other harmful,
to see as ambivalent feelings, I needed     Then it seemed one day I was able to      fearful thoughts. There can be no
to feel a strong and helpful sense of       honestly look, admit and accept. Here     serenity when I’m captivated with the
myself. Such an awareness doesn’t           started the new-found freedom in the      future, or regretting the past. My self-
happen overnight, and no one’s self-        healing and the recovery that lead to     awareness of the moment and what is
awareness is permanent. Everyone            enlarging my self-awareness through       happening in the moment goes down
has the capacity for growth, and for        the experience of looking, admitting      the toilet. For me, it has been a full-
self-awareness, through an honest           and accepting. Taking responsibility      time job to be in the mindful moment
encounter with reality. That was the        and ownership for what is my part         of what is actually transpiring with
problem.....I was Dying in My Denial        in this was the beginning of being        what I’m feeling.
of how I faced my problems. When I          released from — life-long bondage
stopped avoiding the issues and met         of self.                                  So much of my growth in self-
them directly, always trying to resolve                                               awareness has been being able to abort
them, they started to lose the power        Peace is only possible for me when        all feelings that are no longer serving
that they held over me. Avoidance           I let go of expectations. When I’m        my serenity and peace of mind. All of
had always been my sidekick. It has         trapped in thoughts about what I          my life had been dependant on other
always been shown to me that my             want and what I should be coming to       people for my emotional needs and
perpetual state of avoidance was            me, I’m in a state of fear or anxious     security, but today I choose not to live
because of my inability to accept           anticipation and this is not conducive    that way. I have given up believing that
my life or my situation. I was a fixer,     to furthering my self-awareness.          any human power can relieve of that
enabler, codependent-compliant.             When I’m in one of these states I look    empty feeling or feelings of validation
                                            for fear. Fear is always the corroding    that I can only attend to with God’s
The real test came when I was               thread of my distress: Fear of failure,   love. When I am in this state of self-

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                                                                                                                  A PPLAUD
                                                                                                                  We want this to be a website
                                                                                                                    to celebrate women in NH
                                                                                                                    & n. MA - to promote your
awareness, I can achieve a greater         Silent Screams and play production,                                   businesses if you have one - to
potential for myself by developing an      which she hopes to make a musical.
                                                                                                                    share your stories, photos,
ever-increasing willingness to avail
myself of the guidance and direction                                                                               events & news and find the
of God and what He has called me to        Christa can be found at www.                                             information that you need.
do and be a part of.                 and/or    www.                                     We will help you promote
                                                                                                                 yourself when you share your
From; Silent Screams from the                                                                                       photos, stories, events and
Hamptons Chapter 19 Calling All                                                                                    news. Just e-mail us and we
Angels Page 180
                                                                                                                  will post these things on the

In the grips of my alcoholism, I was
                                                                                                                  appropriate page throughout
close to spiritual death. I began                                                                                                  the year.
attending a church for the first time in
                                                                                                                     (T) (603) 895-4699
thirty-five years in search of spiritual
direction. I had heard good things                                                                                   (F) (603) 895-4360
about a new Pastor and his wife, just                                                                        
arrived missionaries from Equador.
Through them I learned about a God
of second chances. This stirred a sense
of divine spirit that filled the empty
void in my life with a power of love.                                                                            Make sure that you don’t miss
I started to become quieter in my
                                                                                                                out on a single issue of Applaud
thinking and move from my heart.
                                                                                                               by becoming a Fan on Facebook.
                                                                                                                     You will be notified as
Christa Jan Ryan was born into a
                                                                                                                 each issue is available. Go to
chaotic family enduring alcoholism,                                                                                 
drug overdoses, and violence. The
youngest of six children, three of
her sisters are triplets, all born
with Cerebral Palsy. She has been a
professional landscape designer and                           Hampshire Family Dental
consultant to the rich and famous of                                 Prov i d i n g Qu a l i t y De n t a l Ca re f o r A d u l t s a n d C h i l d re n
the Hamptons for the last thirty years.
                                               * New Patients Welcome                                                    * Gentle Ultrasonic Cleaning
Following her heartwarming first
                                               * Evening Hours                                                           * General and Cosmetic Dentistry
book, From the Depths of a Woman’s             * Emergencies Promptly Seen                                               * Teeth Whitening
Soul, Ryan is writing her third and            * Provider for NE Delta Dental                                            * Financing Available
fourth books with a renewed sense                                            Dr. Michele Morrow Dr. Kimberly Brown
of purpose. She now lives in the                                              Treating Patients in Southern NH Since 1995
                                                  Cozy Corner Plaza
Berkshires of Western Massachusetts,               Raymond, NH               ZOOM! Single Visit Teeth Whitening                 603-895-5600
while pursuing her film adaptation of               Conveniently Located One Mile off Route 101 (Exit 5) at the Junction of Route 27 & Route 156
                                                                                           Winter 2010   27
lifestyles/                                Three Simple Steps to
Life                                       Transform Your Worries

                                           By Ginny Williams

                                             feres with your ability to enjoy what       3.       Replace the worry with a bet-
                                             should be enjoyable.                        ter thought. Make a list of people,
                                                                                         places and things that consistently
                                             Simply saying, “Don’t worry, be hap-        make you feel good and keep pho-
                                             py” is not the solution. Because wor-       tos of them nearby. Your response
                                             rying is a habit it requires you to learn   when you see the images should be
                                             a new way of thinking. If you’d like        a genuine and automatic smile. Then
                                             to reclaim ownership of your mind           consult your list when your worry-
                                             and thoughts, try these three steps to      ing begins to consume you. Just like

         Ginny Williams                      retrain your brain:                         breaking any other habit, you need to
                                                                                         be ready to retrain your brain when a
                                             1.       Recognize when you’re wor-         repetitive worry creeps in.
                                             rying.    Begin by observing your
                                             thoughts and questioning the ones           Finally, remember that worries are liv-
They show up before you even open            that seem like worries. Periodically        ing rent-free in your mind. The goal
your eyes in the morning, a non-stop         throughout your day ask yourself,           is to evict the ones you don’t want
stream of tangled worries about work,        “What am I thinking about? Oh, I’m          and open up the space for a quieter
relationships, health, and finances.         thinking about overdue bills. I’m           tenant to move in. If a worry begs for
Worries can stay with you through-           worrying about my elderly mother.           your attention but right now you’d
out your day, interrupting your focus        I’m stressing over my work.” Then           just like to relax, remember the phi-
whether you’re trying to work or re-         ask yourself, “Is this the right time       losophy that Scarlett O’Hara‘s made
lax. Worrying can become so auto-            to be thinking about this situation?        famous in Gone with the Wind: “I’ll
matic that you may not even question         Is there anything I can do about this       think about that tomorrow.”
where your thoughts come from, or            situation right now?” Put your Inner
how to stop them.                            Worrier on notice that you are now
                                             paying attention.
Worrying is a learned behavior that
can become an unconscious habit              2.       Release the worrying thought.
                                                                                           “Worry never robs tomor-
over time. Having concerns about the         Once you become aware of your pat-
future or regrets about the past is nor-     tern of worrying, it’s time to let go          row of its sorrow. It only
mal, and it serves an important pur-         of the ones causing you unnecessary            saps today of its joy.” ~
pose in human survival. But there’s          anxiety. If you tend to think in imag-         Leo Buscaglia
a big difference between working             es, visualize the worry as vividly as
through a problem or challenge, ver-         you can, then see it evaporating. If it’s
sus being held hostage by your own           easier to use words to describe your
thoughts.                                    concern, write your worry on a men-
                                             tal blackboard, then mentally erase it.
Worrying stifles spontaneity and cre-        Or picture yourself putting your wor-       Ginny Williams is a professional life
ativity, the very skills we all need to      ries into a container, and then lock the    coach based in Plum Island, MA. She is
                                                                                         a coach, writer and speaker specializing
learn, grow and succeed. Worrying            container and throw away the key.
                                                                                         in life transitions. Coach Ginny can be
not only robs you of peace of mind,          The idea is to push your troubling          reached at (978) 462-2334, email Ginny@
it prevents you from being fully pres-       thoughts aside so you can welcome in or at
ent no matter who you’re with or             thoughts that are more positive and                   A
what you’re doing. Worrying inter-           productive.

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                    Positive Change in 2010? Yes!

                                                                                            will fly, your smile will be brighter
                                          by Debbie Raymond-Pinet                           and life will unfold with opportunities
                                                                                            that will hold you to your promise of
                                                                                            self discovery. You have to remember
As the year 2009 ends and a new               but it will create a world of a difference.   that we are all on this walk of life for
year approaches, we continue to face          If the sense of discouragement seems to       a reason. You are meant to fall in order
seemingly insurmountable issues in so         be never-ending and you can’t get out         to get back up and learn the lesson that
many areas of our lives – the economy,        of the funk you’re in, it may be wise to      has been taught. If you don’t learn the
unemployment, emotional instability,          seek professional help. It’s okay to ask      lesson, you take the risk of the lesson
relationship issues, and risky or fatal       for help every now and then, especially       being manifested again. Why not put a
health issues, sometimes with insurance       if you’re not getting the results you’re      stop to it and take yourself to another
complications. For some of us this            yearning for.                                 level of consciousness, understanding
results in a lack of faith in a positive                                                    that only you can change your life.
outcome because it’s taking a long time       How do you get started with the
for us to get where we truly want to be       renewing process of faith in your             How do I stop the destructive day-to-
in our lives. The negative headlines on       capability to succeed? Well, first you        day behaviors and thoughts from the
TV and the Internet make it even harder       need to face what is wrong in your life       past? My answer is to do something
to make positive changes. What we so          and start making a list of what needs         you wouldn’t normally do. Get out of
rightly deserve is financial stability,       to be changed. Second, admit that most        your comfort zone. Wear an outfit you
love, acceptance, professionalism, and        of the issues that need to be resolved        wouldn’t normally wear. Sing a song
most of all, the understanding that with      were most likely your responsibility,         out of your range and put your heart
faith in ourselves we have the ability to     and take charge of cleaning it up.            into it! It’s time to believe in yourself,
endure in difficult times — Because           Determine if there is a person, place or      believe in the world you live in and
we cannot be undone by anyone else            thing impeding your growth and make           start to share the wonderful qualities
but ourselves. We need to tap into an         the tough choices necessary to move           that are YOU. If, after reading this
energy of positive enlightenment, an          onward without it or them. If you need        article, you are still not sure where to
understanding that we are who we are          to do research, then start digging. Use       begin, talk to the people you trust the
from what we believe we are to be at          affirmations and prepare yourself for         most and listen intently to what you’re
this moment in time. So how do we get         what will be a bumpy, but surprising,         being told. Make yourself available to
there from here?                              ride. Then finally get the job you’ve         every opportunity, and hear every word
                                              always wanted or lose those pesky 20          being used, as you unfold to a new
You can begin by rephrasing your              pounds, whatever it is that will get you      you. Focus your attention on positive,
words with passion, and change your           to the life you want.                         reputable people who can guide you on
thoughts to positive affirmations. You                                                      your new path. As the New Year comes
will slowly begin to manifest what it         Once you’ve determined what you               steadily onward, prepare your list of
is you want. Be creative in this process      need to work on, use every available          goals and get started on them right
and pay attention to all that is around       resource:    including libraries, book        away. Don’t procrastinate and do what
you. You will begin to see opportunities      stores, TV and the Internet. If you don’t     it is you were meant to do – that is, to be
arise and people to help you reach your       see what you’re searching for, don’t          a happier, and luckier YOU.
goals. Becoming positive and believing        hesitate to ask. Many of us are quick to
in positive outcomes takes time. Things       walk away if we don’t find exactly what      Debbie Raymond-Pinet is a wife and
just don’t fall in your lap, especially if    we want in a short amount of time.           mother to two children. She’s an author
                                                                                           of three books, small business owner,
you’ve been living a life of negativity       Your journey begins with the mind.
                                                                                           Reiki II therapist, a spiritual teacher of
and feeling a sense of loss day after day.    Begin with positive thoughts, words,
                                                                                           several classes, including the Law of
You’ll need to research what you’d like       and expressions. Tackle your goals one-      Attraction (similar to the ‘The Secret’),
to have changed in this lifetime, whether     by-one as you look for the resources         and Medium Clairvoyant. You may
it’s health, a job, or simply that you need   you need to live the life you want.          reach her at or
to find a new hobby. It does take work        Don’t settle for what is, rather go out      603-244-2668. You may also visit her at
to provide yourself with new choices,         and find what is to be! Your confidence
                                                                                     Winter 2010 29
lifestyles/                         Get a cosmetic LIFT and FIGHT
Beauty                                    the aging process!
                                            By Kriss Soterion

                                                 ENHANCE YOUR SKIN                         blush will soften as you blend toward the
                                                                                           apple and from the side view you create a
                                            Formula is key. Minerals shimmer, re-          3D effect that chisels and lifts your look.
                                            flecting light and creating a special effect
                                            that diminishes the appearance of fine                  OPEN YOUR EYES
                                            lines, creating a luminescent glow on the

                                            skin that speaks “radiance and youth.”         Four tricks that lift the eye area and fight
                                            The finer milled the formula the more          gravity: make sure your brows are shaped
      Kriss Soterion                        of a ‘no makeup’, look you will get, so        and defined, wear black mascara on top
                                            choosing loose formula powders are your        and bottom lashes to pop eyes, keep light-
                                            best choice.. The minerals work to refine      er eye shadow on the lid to open eyes, and
                                            the look of your skin, making it appear        wear more liner on the top lash line than
                                            smooth in texture. Pure formulas that are      on the bottom to lift eyes. Choose classic
Reverse the signs of aging with makeup
                                            talc free will never rob moisture from the     colors in eye shadows only, but feel free to
by discovering non invasive tricks that
                                            skin like traditional powders, so you will     add color with your eyeliner.
work for celebrities and now for you. In
                                            never have the look of dry wrinkly skin.
today’s high technology world, chemists
                                            Minerals blend onto the skin with a sheer              MAKE LIPS FULLER
are mixing miracles in cosmetic formulas.
                                            perfection and when blended correctly                    AND DEWY
Nature is meeting us more than half way
                                            can look almost airbrushed. Your mineral
to give these miraculous results through
                                            foundations will drastically improve the       Stay away from darker lip colors, as dark
light reflective minerals. With the right
                                            way the skin appears in every light, day or    lipsticks make the mouth look thinner.
formulas and the “Kriss signature tech-
                                            night. Under the flash of a camera it is in-   Use lip color with pigment and a touch
nique” you can become your own mas-
                                            credible, under TV lights it is miraculous.    of frost in shades of rose, plum, peachy
ter artist and fight the aging process
                                            The more light that reflects onto your face,   bronze, and subtle reds. Keep lips look-
                                            the more smooth, ironed out the skin will      ing moist by staying away from matte
                                            appear. It is a true optical illusion.         lipsticks. Use liner to enhance a faded lip
                                                                                           line. Use plumper gloss in the middle of
                                            The biggest mistake women make in              your lips to add shine, moisture and the

                                            working with this new style formula is         look of fullness. Try painting lipstick on
                                            that they use too much product and get         with a brush – when you use less product

                                            frustrated with the results. It is highly      there is less chance of it bleeding.

 W                                          concentrated so a little goes a long way.
                                            Mineral foundations must be applied            Makeup has the power to create a more
                                            with a full headed soft brush. Loading the     youthful look and enhance your beauty
                                            brush with just a haze of powder, apply        naturally!
                                            in downward strokes using a firm mas-
     Vote for Your                          saging motion. Use a little, blend a lot but   Kriss Soterion is a Master Makeup Artist,
    Favorite NH or                          layer until you get the desired coverage.      owner of Kriss Cosmetics and Chief Makeup
                                                                                           Artist for CNN Special Events. Her artistry
      MA Beauty                             Apply over a light reflective primer for
                                            miraculous skin results!                       and makeup line has been featured on Access
    Professional at                                                                        Hollywood, Inside Edition, Allure Magazine, and                   SCULPT AND LIFT YOUR                        LA Times, NY Times for her specialty work
        Enter to Win $50.                          CHEEKBONES                              as an artist for television, news and politics.
       Deadline Feb. 18th                                                                  Kriss’s studio is located in Manchester at
                                            Feel for the top of the cheekbone and          819 Second St. She can be reached at 603-
                                            blend brighter, more uplifting color softly    624-2333 or at
                                            onto the bone working your way from the
                                            hairline to the middle of your apples. The
30 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
                                                                                                   A Memorial for all of us who
win the winter skin battle                                                                        have lost friends and family to

                                                                                                      devastating diseases.

                                            By emily pietro

As New Englanders, we all know                 pick an oil-based lotion, because the
how brutal the winter weather can              oil creates a protective layer on the
be, especially when it comes to our            skin that helps lock in the moisture.      
skin. The whipping wind mixed with
freezing temperatures is our skin’s            It’s also smart to use a thicker facial
worst enemy. With the proper knowl-            moisturizer, but make sure to choose
edge and products, however, the bat-           one that won’t clog your pores. A great            Share your Real Stories
tle against winter skin can be won.            one that hydrates and keeps your                   and Photos with Applaud.
                                               face looking radiant is Dove Deep
                                                                                                  Applaud is looking for anacdotal stories
Our hands are often the biggest                Moisture facial lotion. For a special              about children, dating, pets, weddings and
victims to winter weather. With so             treat, pamper your face with a great                          adorable photos of kids or pets.
much exposure to the cold, dry air,            homemade oatmeal mask. Combine
the skin can crack and suddenly ev-            equal parts of raw oatmeal flakes,                         
ery movement becomes very pain-                egg yolk, and honey. Mix well, spread
ful. There are simple steps to avoid           all over your face, and relax for 20                                          Send your stories
this. First, make sure to wear gloves          minutes. When time is up, wash the                                               and photos to
EVERY time you go outside. If your             mask off with lukewarm water and
gloves (or any other article of cloth-         your face will feel smooth, refreshed,
ing) become wet, change into dry               and most important, pampered.
clothes immediately. Wet fabric can
cause both chafing and irritation, es-         Keeping up a moisturizing rou-
pecially to sensitive skin. Applying a         tine will help you avoid the pain of
thick hand cream before bedtime and            crackly winter skin. We all know
wearing gloves while sleeping to seal          how quickly spring comes, so why
in the moisture is a great way to pam-         not have your skin ready to soak
per yourself. Try it on your feet as           up those first few warm days? A
well – they will be sure to thank you.

It is important to have an army of
skincare products specifically for the
winter months, and they should all                                                                         Specialty Teas
be loaded with moisturizing ingre-                                                                          Tea Lectures
dients. For example, instead of using                                                                       Tea Tastings
bar soap in the shower, try switching                                                                      Tea Functions
to a body wash with moisturizers like
Olay Body Quench. Also, as great as                                                                Danielle Beaudette,
a steaming hot shower may feel on a                                                                Owner/Certified Tea Specialist
cold winter’s night, it’s better to stick                                                          40 Mountain Road,
with simply warm water. The extra                                                                  Brookline, NH 03033
hot water breaks down lipid barriers                                                     
in the skin, causing it to become dryer.
Always remember to moisturize your                                                      
whole body after a shower. When
choosing body lotion, make sure to

                                                                                    Winter 2010 31
lifestyles/                                                the results -
WE TRIED IT!                                           THE WEIGHTLOSS BATTLE

                                                   By Emily Pietro

In our last issue, we continued to fol-
low Susan on her weight loss journey
with Physician’s Healthy Weight Center
(PHWC) and Dr. Warren. Since the last
update, Susan has made it through the
toughest time of year for anyone trying
to get or stay in shape – the holiday sea-
son. Even though she encountered some
bumps along the way, Susan was still able
to stick to her goals and continue to lose

“If you’re like me, whether you were on a
diet before the holidays or not, you over
indulged,” says Susan. “My husband got
a HUGE container full of Godiva and Ghi-
rardelli chocolates, nuts, cookies, all kinds
of temptations, so obviously I dove into
that a little. Christmas Eve came with all
kinds of hors d’oeuvres, and of course we
had a big Christmas dinner, and then New
Years rolled around. I told myself that
                                                    Susan’s comment upon seeing her before photos was, “OMG! I can’t believe I
was my last day of bad eating habits, so I
                                                  looked so bad. And, what do those letters mean anyway? What was I thinking?”
thought I might as well indulge, because if
I didn’t, I knew I would feel deprived. My
eating was offset by some intense activ-         I take the Diethylproprion, the feeling is
ity around my house. I completely redid          totally gone.”                                 “One thing I learned when I restarted
my bedroom, and ripping up old carpet                                                           at PHWC was that my Vitamin D count
is hard work, about three days worth. So         “Another plus is speaking with Beth, their     was exceedingly low: it was at 14 instead
even though I didn’t eat the way I should        nutritionist, for meal and snack ideas,” Su-   of what should be a minimum of 50. I
have, I got my daily activity in, and I was      san continues. “She takes the time to find     would never even have had this checked
still able to lose two pounds!”                  something that works for the long haul.        if it wasn’t suggested to me by Dr. War-
                                                 I love going through her grocery bags of       ren and her team,” Susan explains. “After
When it came time to check in at PHWC,           ideas. My recent favorite is Lean Pockets.     being out of control for well over a year,
Susan reflected on her journey. “I am so         They taste great, are low in calories, and     I wondered, was the weight really going
grateful to be working with PHWC again           high in protein.”                              to come off? Well, as you can see from the
because their program is the only one that                                                      before and after photos, yes, it did.”
has ever consistently worked. There are          Each appointment at PHWC begins with
so many positives here, one of which be-         a questionnaire about recent problems,         “My journey still has quite a ways to go,
ing that I was able to get a prescription for    eating habits, or change in medication,        but I’m really excited to look and feel bet-
Diethylproprion, which helps control my          and this helps to address possible health      ter and I’m already down a whole pants
cravings. Dr. Warren specializes in weight       concerns that could affect weight loss and     size all thanks to hard work, commitment,
loss, so she knows what works and what           to keep the patient on track. Appoint-         and Physicians Healthy Weight Center.
is safe to take, medically speaking. I’ve        ments also always include handouts with        The measurements reinforce what I’m
noticed on days when I’m off and basi-           current information, a review of the last      seeing in the mirror. My weight is down
cally stress free that if I don’t take my pre-   month’s progress, and the weigh-in, BMI        almost 13 lbs and my BMI and Body Fat
scription, I have a low level of anxiety and     and Body Fat measurements, and the             measurements are down 2 points,” adds
almost compulsion to grab a snack. When          stethoscope.                                   Susan.

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A common resolu-                                                                                  little grazing here and there. I don’t know
tion for any new year                                                                             why I’m gaining weight.” Studies have
is to lose weight. To                                                                             shown that when people “graze”, without
help you achieve                                                                                  any planning or formally keeping track of
your goals, here are                                                                              what they are eating, they end up eating
some helpful hints for                                                                            a LOT more calories than they realize.
your weight loss jour-                                                                            Other studies have suggested that people
ney from Dr. Jennifer                                                                             actually burn more calories when they eat
Warren, co-founder                                                                                on a regular scheduled basis, rather than
and medical director                                                                              randomly snacking. The best way to avoid
of PHWC.                                                                                          “overgrazing” – plan ahead what you’re
                                                                                                  going to eat for the day, then keep track of
A new study in the                                                                                it in a journal.
New England Journal
of Medicine confirms                                                                              5. “I want to lose weight quickly now by
that calories are key                                                                             eating less than 800 calories per day, and
to weight loss. “But I                                                                            then I can just maintain my weight loss
don’t eat many calo-                                                                              later by eating my usual calories.” Um,
ries,” you might think                                                                            can we say Oprah’s 1980’s diet? Starv-
to yourself.                                                                                      ing your way to rapid weight loss might
                                                                                                  sound great to some (not to me!), but this
But     calories  are                                                                             approach is FULL of PROBLEMS. For one
                        “The biggest difference that I see from these photos is the
sneaky little devils.                                                                             thing, your body ends up burning up its
                        body shape definition. Basically there is none in the before
They can crop up in                                                                               nice, lean muscle, not just fat, if you starve
the most unexpected
                         photo and definitely is there with the after., “ says Susan.             yourself. Secondly, starving yourself just
places. And trying to                                                                             plain doesn’t work very well for long term
                                             actually eat MORE calories! Always check
balance them can be a bit confusing.                                                              success. Cutting your calories to the “Very
                                             the calories in your portion size.
                                                                                                  Low Calorie” level will slow your metab-
Here are a few common mistakes, and                                                               olism down – so when you go back to a
                                                3. “If calories are the only thing that mat-
how you can avoid them:                                                                           more normal calorie level, your weight
                                                ters, I’ll just starve myself all day to save
                                                                                                  will yo-yo through the roof! A much bet-
                                                up the calories for a really big dinner.”
1. “All natural, healthy food is low in calo-                                                     ter, kinder, and more successful approach
                                                NO! Don’t make this mistake. Studies
ries.” Don’t make this mistake. As I men-                                                         is to find out your current daily calorie
                                                have shown that starving yourself all day
tioned in my last post, “healthy foods” like                                                      needs, and then cut calories and increase
                                                will INCREASE your hunger hormones at
granola and olive oil can be FULL of calo-                                                        exercise to end up with a “deficit” of
                                                night, leading to overeating. Furthermore,
ries. It is easy to quickly consume large                                                         about 500-1000 calories per day.
                                                this practice may actually slow your me-
numbers of calories unconsciously if you
                                                tabolism during the day.
do not pay attention. Fat and processed                                                           This will result in a one to two pound
                                                One more problem with this approach
carbohydrates may not immediately lead                                                            weight loss per week (you lose one pound
                                                – overeating a huge dinner at night can
you to feel full, and you may accidentally                                                        of fat for every 3500 extra calories burned
                                                leave you too full to eat breakfast the next
take in more calories than you need.                                                              – do the math. Cutting 500 calories per
                                                morning, so you end up setting yourself
                                                                                                  day, times 7 days, equals 3500 calories, or
                                                up for the same vicious cycle. Start your
2. “If I eat sugar-free or low-fat foods, I                                                       one pound lost.)
                                                morning off with a healthy breakfast
don’t need to count calories.” Don’t make
                                                – you may have to force yourself at first,
this mistake either! Studies have shown                                                           Doesn’t sound like a fast enough weight
                                                to break the cycle. Your body will thank
that people actually tend to OVEREAT                                                              loss? That adds up to between 50 and 100
these foods precisely BECAUSE they                                                                pounds lost in a year. There, that’s a little
think they can get away with it. They may                                                         better, isn’t it? continued on next page.
                                                4. “I don’t really eat that much – just a
                                                                                            Winter 2010 33
                       the results -
             THE WEIGHTLOSS BATTLE - Continued
If you really want to lose more than 1-2     studies of successful people. But it doesn’t     in periodically, just to keep themselves on
pounds per week, it is possible, depend-     mean that you can become completely              track!
ing on your weight, health, and medical      oblivious to calories, and exercise. The
factors, under the supervision of a physi-   reality is that you CAN eat more calories        Jennifer Warren, M.D. co-founder and
cian and nutritionist.                       at maintenance, but you can’t forget about       medical director of PHWC is a nationally
                                             calories completely, or you risk excess          recognized expert in medical weight man-
6. “Once I reach my goal weight, I can go    “calorie creep.” You also need to maintain       agement and is the only physician in New
back to my old habits, and the weight will   regular exercise. Maintenance is an art it-      Hampshire certified by the American
just magically stay off.” Sounds ridicu-     self, but it is an art that you get better at,   Board of Bariatric Medicine. Since found-
lous when we say it that way, doesn’t it?    as you practice. Long term success is also       ing Physicians Healthy Weight Center
Yet so many people end up acting as if       tied to long term support, and account-          in 2004, she has helped her patients lose
this was true!                               ability.                                         more than 40,000 pounds.

The reality is that long term weight loss    The reality is that our society does not         Physicians Healthy Weight Center has of-
and maintenance requires some ongoing        make it easy, or “automatic” to continue         fices in N. Hampton (64 Lafayette Rd., Ste.
work. Simple as that. That said, the real-   healthy habits. You’ll need support from         2), Dover (RW Bldg. 3 Webb Pl. #4) and
ity ALSO is that it is actually EASIER TO    somewhere, to “fight back” against all the       will soon be located in Salem, NH as well.
MAINTAIN, THAN IT IS TO LOSE. That           unhealthy influences in our society. Most        Reach PHWC by phoning 603-379-6500
is good news, backed up by long term         of our long term successful patients check       or visit their website at www.physician-

                         hot hair trends for winter
                                                By emily pietro

Picture yourself waking up on a cold            they can work on almost any length.           you are a brunette, try going one or
winter morning. You lazily open your            Long, flowing hair, of course, has the        two shades deeper than your natural
eyes, so comfortable in your warm               most options, but even if your hair is        shade, or add some highlights to ac-
sheets, and then you realize you have           chin-length, you can easily achieve           centuate your natural color. Blondes
to style your hair. The good feeling            most of these looks with a little inspi-      are adding shades of light honey to
is gone now, right? Not necessarily.            ration.                                       their tresses to create more depth,
Luckily, hair trends for this winter are                                                      and adding some platinum highlights
easier and require less maintenance             If you want to add a bit of flair to these    can create further contrast. No matter
than ever, which means more time to             styles, adding a headband, a few dec-         what shade your hair is, this winter is
relax and less time to fight with your          orative bobby pins, or barrettes is an        all about creating deep and sophisti-
hair.                                           easy way to increase the glamour fac-         cated tones to go along with the loose,
                                                tor. Some fun styles of headbands to          Romantic styles.
Romantic styles are the biggest cur-            try are ones with feathers, big satin
rent trend. Not only are they easy to           bows, flowers, lace, or other decora-         As always, the best advice to keep in
create, they are absolutely gorgeous.           tive elements. Tortoise shell barrettes       mind is to not fight what you natu-
The idea is to look as if the style is          compliment almost every hair color,           rally have, but rather embrace it and
easy and nearly effortless, and for             and bobby pins with little details,           find a way to work with your natu-
once, it is. Think waves, big curls,            such as a few rhinestones glued on,           ral color or texture. A few enhance-
thick braids, loose chignon buns, all           add a hint of shimmer.                        ments here and there are always a
with lots and lots of volume.                                                                 safe bet. Be true to yourself and love
                                                As for winter hair color, the way to          your hair!                          A
The best part about these styles is that        go is to make small adjustments. If
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                                Is Laser Hair Removal                                           lifestyles/
                                Right For You?                                                      Beauty
                                By Christina Haag, ARNP

You pluck, shave and wax but your
hair keeps growing back. Why not
consider Laser Hair Removal? More
than 800,000 people annually are now
undergoing this highly successful and
popular cosmetic procedure.

Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive,
in-office procedure. Treatment times
                                        age, skin tone, hair location, stage
                                        of hair growth, and laser type. The
                                        procedure only works while hair
                                        is actively growing, so multiple
                                        treatment sessions are required and
                                        are typically spaced approximately 8
                                        to 12 weeks apart. Once the primary
                                        treatments are completed, some
                                        people may require “touch-up”
range from 15 minutes to several        treatments once every 6 to 12 months.
hours, depending on the size of the                                                  Christina Haag, ARNP
area(s) being treated. Low energy       After the treatment, clients may
laser is directed at the skin and is    experience some temporary redness
absorbed by the pigment in the hair     and soreness similar to a mild
follicles. This process heats up the                                             being treated, ranging from $150 to
                                        sunburn, lasting from a few minutes
hair shaft and permanently disables                                              $500+ per treatment. According to the
                                        to a few days after the procedure,
hair follicles from reproducing.                                                 American Society of Plastic Surgeons,
                                        but can expect to return to normal
Most people experience more                                                      the average cost for a laser treatment
                                         activities immediately.
than an 80% reduction in                                                         session is $429.
hair growth after three                     Although it is highly effective
treatments to an area.                                                           Schedule a consultation with a qual-
                                              for reducing unwanted hair,
                                                                                 ified Laser Hair Removal provider in
                                              Laser Hair Removal may not
Success      rates                                                               your area to see if Laser Hair Removal
                                             be for everyone. Individual
for Laser Hair                             consultation sessions should          is right for you!
Removal vary                              be made prior to receiving any
depending on                                                                     Christina Haag is a nurse practitioner
                                           treatment. The cost of treatment
                                                                                 at Bedford Commons OB-GYN. She
                                             varies depending upon the area      provides obstetrical and gynecological
                                                                                 services, and is the Program and Clinical
                                                                                 Coordinator for the cosmetic laser services
                                                                                 department which offers hair removal,
                                                                                 vein treatments, and photorejuvenation.
                                                                                 For more information, call 603-668-4646
                                                                                 or go to                   A

                                                                           Winter 2010 35
lifestyles/                                2010: Trends to Toss,
Stylin                                     Trends to Keep

                                           By Alana Finnie

It’s easy to get sucked into the world     Thigh-high boots
of trendiness regardless of whether or
not the looks are actually flattering.     I’m all for boots with
Hey, if celebs are wearing it, it has to   eye-catching detail.
be fab — right? Wrong! Let’s make          But thigh-high boots
2010 the most stylish year ever by         aren’t helping anyone.
ridding ourselves of ugly trends and       Most of them look
embracing those that are pretty.           like they might be
                                           part of a dominatrix                                  Alana Finnie
What to lose:                              costume. Rather than
                                           lengthening legs, they
Harem Pants                                actually make gams                        Shoulder pads
                                           look stumpy. Not a look
                                           I’d particularly encourage.               Looking like a
                                                                                     linebacker is
                                                                                     not something
                                           Sack dresses                              we should strive
                                                                                     for. Shoulder
                                                                                     pads weren’t
                                                                                     flattering in the
                                                                                     ‘80s, and they’re
                                                                                     certainly not
                                                                                     flattering now.
                                                                                     As a side note,
                                                                                     my grandmother has a closet full
                                                                                     of shoulder-padded blazers. Much
                                                                                     as I love her, that should be proof
                                                                                     enough that the trend is a no-go.

                                                                                     Open-toe booties
These are the least flattering pants I                                               Why, why, why would anyone wear
have ever set my eyes on. Ultimately,      For some reason, the sack dress has       boots with a peep-toe? When I wear
they make every woman (even stick-         been seen all over the place. Much like   boots, it is because my feet are cold. If
thin models) look like they’ve got         an actual sack, the cut does nothing      they are not cold, I opt for sandals or
huge hips and a ridiculously low           for a woman’s body. You end up            open-toed pumps, perhaps. But there
crotch. Pair this look with a shiny        looking like Humpty Dumpty. And           is just no point to a pair of gorgeous
metallic fabric, and you’re looking at     really, who wants that?!                          boots that don’t even keep your
a fashion faux pas that simply looks                                                          tootsies warm! Not only do
like a joke. For these pants, it may be                                                       open-toe booties undermine
best to take MC Hammer’s advice —                                                                 the purpose of a boot, they
you can’t and shouldn’t touch them.                                                                  just look silly.

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What to keep:                             Metallic fabric                             There you have it. Let’s make our New
                                                                                      Year’s resolution to dress fabulously,
                                          A little shimmer                            sans any fashion disasters.
High-waisted dresses                      does a body
                                          good. Often                                 Alana Finnie is the owner and writer of
2009 marked the return high-
                                          times, a                                    Sassy Fashionista (www.sassy-fashionis-
waisted, feminine dresses. The                                               Visit her blog for more beauty
                                          metallic fabric
cut of these dresses make us look                                                     and fashion insight.                 A
                                          can come off
                 slimmer because
                                          looking like
                        they actually
                                          a neutral so it
                         nip in at the
                                          can be worn
                         natural waist
                                          with virtually
                     (the tiniest part                                                                      FINANCIAL
                                          any color.                                                        PLANNING INC.
                    on most women).
                                          Personally,                                          FEE-ONLY FINANCIAL
                    The result is
                                          I’m a fan                                             LIFE PLANNING &
                   looking quite chic                                                          WEALTH MANAGEMENT
                                          of metallic
                    while appearing
                    to have lost about
                    5 pounds. After
                     stuffing my face
                                          for evenings
                     over the holidays,
                                          out. Not
                     that’s definitely
                                          ready for full-
                     something that’ll
                                          body metallic? Start with a shirt that
                    come in handy.
                                          peeks out just below your jacket or a
                                          pretty pair of pumps.
                                                                                                Robin Young
Big scarves
                                          Plaid flannel                                         BUILDING WEALTH
The easiest way                                                                                        and
to change up                                                                                   ACHIEVING DREAMS
                                          Brought back from the days of
 an outfit is with
                                          grunge, plaid tops are now cut
a pretty scarf.                                                                                  (603) 216-9226
                                                            delicately enough
Even the                                                                                     Londonderry, NH 03053
                                                                to appear
simplest of                                                                         
                                                                   feminine and
outfits can
look dazzling

                                                                                           A PPLAUD
when paired

with a brightly-

colored doodad
                                                                       look great
draped around
                                                                       on a top,
your neck.
                                                                         or even          Vote for Your Favorite NH
Scarves are
                                                                         a scarf if        or MA Restaurant, Hotel,
the ultimate
                                                                        you’re so              Female doctor,
                                                                  inclined. It’s            Wedding Professional
accessory. They
                                          easy to go             overboard with                 and/or Beauty
aren’t just a winter necessity but a
                                          this trend, though. The key is to keep               Professional at
fun year-round fashion statement.
                                          colors traditional and subdued.         and
                                                                                           Enter to Win $50. Dead-
                                                                                                line Feb. 18th
                                                                               Winter 2010 37
Stylin                                   Closet Clean-Out Tips

                                         By Susan Kanoff

Do you have a closet full of clothes     •	 Is it worn, pilled, stained or
but nothing to wear? Chances are it         ripped beyond repair?
isn’t because you’re lacking clothes,    •	 Does it go with other pieces in my
but that you have way too many of           closet?
them! A clean closet will help you       •	 Does the color warm my skin tone
to coordinate outfits more easily,          or wash me out?
maximize space and better organize
your clothes. Here are some tips to      3. Put only the clothes back in your
help you with your closet make-over:     closet that you LOVE and look
                                         GREAT on you. Find a home for
1. Have the right supplies on-hand       everything else. If there are some
including the most important,            pieces of clothing that you just can’t               Susan Kanoff
good hangers. My favorite type is        part with, put them in a clear plastic
the slim-line hanger—a thin velvet       container and store them outside of
covered hanger that keeps clothes        your closet (attic, basement, etc),.
from slipping off. The slim-line can     then re-visit them in 6 months. If you    you wear your clothes, hang them the
be found in most stores or on-line       haven’t missed them, chances are it’s     right way when you put them back
at     time to part ways.                        into the closet. After several months,
105/Slim-Line_Hangers.htm.     Never                                               look at the hangers that are facing the
use the metal drycleaner hangers         4. Other Tips:                            wrong way---these are the pieces you
as they can stretch and ruin clothes.                                              are not wearing.
Other supplies include boxes and/or      •	 Keep handbags stuffed with
                                                                                   Susan Kanoff is a Wardrobe Stylist with
trash bags for sorting clothes (label       paper to keep their shape
                                                                                   a passion for fashion and a flair for style.
them toss, alter, donate and consign),   •	 Store shoes on shoe racks or in        She has an innate ability to create fabu-
plastic shoes boxes, and organizers         clear plastic shoe boxes (so you       lous outfits for women of all shapes and
for belts and scarves.                      can see what’s inside). Clear boxes    sizes. Her warmth, sensitivity, and posi-
                                            can also be used to store scarves      tive energy make her the perfect partner
2. Start by getting rid of everything       and hair accessories.                  for a wardrobe make-over. In addition to
                                                                                   working with private clients, Susan’s
that you know you don’t like or won’t    •	 Weed out your closet every month
                                                                                   styling can also be seen on television and
wear. Next pull everything out of           using the hanger trick* and do a       in catalogs. For more information visit
your closet that you are unsure of.         major closet cleaning seasonally.      Susan’s website at www.agreatnewlook.
Try each piece on and ask yourself the   •	 After you’ve cleaned your closet,      com or call (978) 807-0577.              A
following questions:                        take inventory and make a list of
                                            the pieces you’re missing or need
•	 Do I love it?                            to replace.                               Vote for Your Favorite NH
•	 Have I worn it in the last year?                                                   or MA Restaurant, Hotel,
•	 Does it flatter my shape and look                                                       Female doctor,
   great on me?                          *The Hanger Trick:                             Wedding Professional
•	 Am I saving this piece for when I                                                        and/or Beauty
   lose weight?                          If you’re unsure of what you’re not               Professional at
•	 Does it fit me well or need           wearing, try this trick. Take all of and
   tailoring?                            your clothes out of your closet and          Enter to Win $50. Dead-
•	 Is it comfortable?                    hang them up with the hook facing                  line Feb. 18th
•	 Is it in style?                       you (instead of facing the wall). After

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   fashion Trends for spring


For those who can afford to buy &
the rest of us who dare to dream.
                    Winter 2010 39
more fromBergdorf

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Winter 2010 41
fromNeiman Marcus

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Winter 2010 43
more from Neimans

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Winter 2010 45
from Saks Fifth Ave.

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Winter 2010 47
more from Saks

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Winter 2010 49
lifestyles/                                when cuts & scratches
Health                                     don’t heal quickly

                                           By dr. walter kwass

                                             largely due to an aging population        any underlying causes to help stop a
                                             and an increase in diabetes: 18.5 mil-    recurrence.
                                             lion Americans have diabetes and
                                             about 1.8 million of them will suffer     But treatment options also include
                                             from a problem wound.                     state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen
                                                                                       Therapy, which is prescribed for
                                             To help these patients, many hospitals    about 20 percent of patients. Patients
                                             are adding wound care to their list       breathe 100 percent oxygen while re-
                                             of services. Wound care centers are       laxing in a pressurized chamber. The
                                             outpatient, hospital-based programs       high concentration of oxygen goes
                                             that employ highly skilled teams of       into the blood stream and the wound
                                             wound care specialists, including a       bed to rapidly accelerate healing. It ef-
                                             case manager who will oversee every       fectively fights certain types of infec-
                                             aspect of each case; thorough training    tions, stimulates the growth of new
                                             for patients and families on caring for   blood vessels and improves circula-
            Dr. Walter Kwass                 a wound at home; educational ma-          tion. It is also used to treat crush in-
                                             terials and resources related to pre-     juries, osteomyelitis (bone infection),

                                             vention, nutrition and hygiene; and       skin grafts and flaps, brown recluse
                                             ongoing communication so primary          spider bites, and diabetic wounds of
                                             care doctors receive frequent prog-       the lower extremity.
                                             ress reports.
                                                                                       Walter Kwass, MD is Medical Director
For most people, cuts and scratches
                                                                                       of the Center for Wound Care and Hyper-
heal within days or weeks. But for           As skin ulceration and non-healing        baric Medicine at Merrimack Valley Hos-
those whose natural healing process is       wounds are common symptoms of             pital, 140 Lincoln Ave. in Haverhill, MA.
hampered, a simple sore can become           both artery and vein disease, it of-      He is a Diplomate of the American Board
a complex medical problem. Without           ten falls to the vascular surgeon in      of Surgery and the Vascular Board of The
proper treatment, these wounds can           a community to manage these dif-          American Board of Surgery. He received
                                                                                       board certification in Vascular Surgery in
cause severe health risks and may re-        ficult problems as part of the overall
                                                                                       1987 and recertification in 1997 and in
sult in life-threatening infections, de-     care of vascular, diabetic, and elderly   2007. His interest in the management of
bilitating health problems, and even         patients.                                 difficult wounds began with his vascular
amputation.                                                                            surgical career as a fellow at the New Eng-
                                             Special vascular testing can help pin-    land Medical Center in Boston. He helped
Chronic and non-healing wounds               point the cause of a wound and may        develop a prototype wound clinic at The
                                                                                       Hospital of St. Raphael in Connecticut
can result from a number of factors,         explain the reasons it has failed to
                                                                                       in the early 1990’s under the direction of
including diabetes, poor circulation,        heal with conventional treatment.         his vascular team. Dr. Kwass is known
trauma, vascular disease, and im-                                                      for his expertise in vascular ultrasound
mobility, which can cause pressure           Wound care centers employ the most        and the vascular laboratory for non-inva-
ulcers, more commonly known as               technologically advanced therapies        sive diagnosis. He has had experience in
bed sores.                                   in infectious disease management,         ultrasound scanning since 1985, includ-
                                                                                       ing both performance and interpretation
                                             physical and occupational therapy,
                                                                                       of procedures. He has been director of
If you have a wound that won’t heal,         laboratory evaluation, nutritional        vascular laboratories in a number of set-
you’re not alone. About 7 million            and pain management, diabetic edu-        tings and will continue this role as part
Americans experience this problem.           cation, nuclear medicine, radiology       of his responsibility as Medical Director.
Non-healing wounds are on the rise           and debridement. They also address        Dr. Kwass and his staff can be reached at
                                                                                       978-420-1405.                        A
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    What Mothers Don’t Tell You:
    The Secret Conspiracy of Motherhood

                      By Alison Palmer, RN, MS, WHNP-BC

It all starts in childhood when we         Many women (over 80%) experience
played “dress up” and pretended            the “baby blues;” which is a normal
to be “mommy.” As young girls we           period of high and low emotions
learn that “mom” plays a significant       during the first several weeks
role in the family. But the transition     following birth. The extreme is
from playing with dolls to nursing our     postpartum psychosis, which is rare
own bundle of joy is not something         (0.1%), and may result in paranoia
that we are fully prepared for.            or    hallucinations   commanding
                                           mom to hurt herself or others. But,
Who knew that getting out of the           the most common complication                          Alison Palmer
house to do one simple errand would        of    childbirth    is  postpartum
take more planning than a weekend          anxiety and depression (PPD).
away at camp! And those baby                                                           what you are experiencing is a
yoga moms, look like they have it          Twenty percent of mothers may               normal transition to motherhood, or
all together, right? No one told us        experience PPD anytime in the               something more serious. It’s also
how exhausting motherhood would            first year after birth. Risk factors        important to seek referrals to mental
be. Have you asked yourself: what’s        may include a family history of             health specialists who have clinical
wrong with me?                             depression, difficult pregnancy, and        knowledge of perinatal mood
                                           personal history of a mood disorder,        disorders and a comfort level in
The answer is: Nothing. It’s all part of   relationship stress, or unplanned           prescribing medications, as necessary
the conspiracy. The secret conspiracy      pregnancy. A constant, intense feeling      during pregnancy and lactation.
of motherhood is that women do not         of sadness worry, nervousness, and          Lastly, social support is essential
want to admit they are having a hard       emptiness that last 2 weeks or more,        to help prevent isolation. Inquire if
time after having a baby. Playing          and affect sleep and eating habits, is      your local hospital offers a support
mom when we were kids should have          an illness requiring medical attention.     group for PPD. Do not suffer in
prepped us for being a mom, right?         New mothers often feel tired and            silence. Postpartum mood disorders
Wrong. It takes awhile for us to adjust    overwhelmed. However, the feelings          are treatable, and are more common
to the most difficult and important        associated with PPD are stronger and        that you think. There are resources
job there is, motherhood. Think back       longer lasting. Effective treatment is      available to help you feel more like
to when you started a new job, you         available. Treatment may include;           yourself again and give you the ability
probably had an orientation period.        medication to treat brain chemistry         to truly enjoy this exciting journey of
There’s no orientation for motherhood.     imbalance, talk therapy to discuss          motherhood.
It’s all hands on experience because       psychological struggles, and support
babies don’t come with instructions.       groups where moms can share feelings        Alison Palmer, RN, MS, WHNP-BC
                                           with others in similar situations.          is certified as a women’s health nurse
                                                                                       practitioner. She is a maternal-newborn
No instructions, sleepless nights
                                                                                       clinical nurse specialist and perinatal
and a dramatic drop in pregnancy           If you or someone you love is feeling
                                                                                       mental health nurse coordinator at Elliot
hormones can cause a shift in the brain    overwhelmed with their new role, be         Hospital, Manchester, NH where she de-
chemistry, which may contribute, to        a savvy consumer. Find healthcare           veloped the Elliot Postpartum Emotional
mood swings, anxiety, or depression.       providers who will take the time            Support Program. Alison received her
Normal life stressors, adapting to a       to discuss your emotional well-             undergraduate and master’s degrees from
                                           being. Obstetric, family practice, and      Boston College. She is also a mother to
new role and learning to care for a
                                                                                       two young and active boys. For more in-
newborn or balance a baby amidst           pediatric providers should screen
                                                                                       formation contact her at (603) 663-8927
meeting the needs of older children,       for PPD, and can assess whether             or             A
can be overwhelming.
                                                                                 Winter 2010 51
lifestyles/                                  lawyer with a mission –

                                                  sandy kuhn
                                             By Emily Pietro

 It is no secret that in this day and age,   to do. They also stressed that my ca-       already existing humiliation.”
 lawyers are not always portrayed in         reer is just as important as my family.
 the most positive way. Many people          They really inspired me to pursue my        Sandy has recognized a change in the
 have fueled the stereotype that law-        dreams and their support kept me on         climate of the legal profession as well.
 yers are sneaky, conniving, and will        the right track.”                           “People are not as civil as they were
 do anything to win a case and earn                                                      before, even in bankruptcies. Credi-
 a large sum. It is also no secret that      After passing the bar exam, Sandy           tor harassment has gotten a lot worse
 in most cases, this stereotype is the       worked for Pancoast Professional As-        than it has been in the past and people
 furthest from the truth – many law-         sociation, but ended up parting ways        are much more litigious.”
 yers make it their mission to help          with them to start her own law firm
 people the best they can, and many          in 1995. During this time she became        With the economy in its current
 simply aspire to make a difference in       friendly with other lawyers, including      downturn, one would assume that
 their clients’ lives. One of these law-     Jeff Runge. So when in 2004, Sandy          Sandy’s practice has picked up rap-
 yers is Sandy Kuhn, Vice President of       found herself at a turning point with       idly over the past year, but the in-
 FAMILYLEGAL, a law firm with Ten            her own practice, Jeff suggested that       crease in business actually began in
 (10) offices servicing clients in New       Sandy join Family Legal.                    2003 and reached a whole new level
 Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts,
 and Rhode Island.
                                             “I’d have to say that the most rewarding element of be-
 Sandy first realized her interest in        ing a lawyer is just helping out my clients. When I do a
 practicing law in high school, when         good job and they are appreciative of what I’ve done for
 she discovered her talents in argu-         them, like solving a difficult financial problem, that is
 ing and debate. This interest was
 reaffirmed during her undergradu-
                                             what is rewarding for me,” Sandy explains.
 ate years at the University of New
 Hampshire, when she joined the
 debate team. While she was in law           “I’d have to say that the most reward-      in 2005 with legal changes. “When
 school, Sandy initially thought that        ing element of being a lawyer is just       the laws on declaring bankruptcy
 she would pursue a career as a di-          helping out my clients. When I do a         changed in 2005, we started filing a
 vorce lawyer but after doing some           good job and they are appreciative of       lot of cases. Before, you didn’t have
 work for the bankruptcy court she           what I’ve done for them, like solving a     to do credit counseling before filing
 changed her mind. “I was hired by           difficult financial problem, that is what   for bankruptcy, but now you have
 a bankruptcy court, and although it         is rewarding for me,” Sandy explains.       to do that; after you file you have to
 had never even crossed my mind to           “There are of course the challenges,        take a financial management course,
 look into this area, I ended up loving      though. Lawyers cannot always meet          and you even have to pass a test to
 it,” recalls Sandy. When asked if her       all their client’s needs – people have      see if you qualify for filing. We defi-
 parents were supportive of her career       a certain perception of things that         nitely do have a higher volume now
 decisions and if they inspired her to       we can do when somebody wrongs              because of the economic downturn”
 realize her goals, she emphatically         them, which many times they have            Sandy explains.
 responded with a yes: “My parents           gotten from media. You feel badly for
 were extremely supportive of me             the person, but there are certain areas     There are many common mistakes
 throughout my years in school. In           that our training doesn’t provide for.      that people make in order to avoid
 my upbringing, they stressed that I         For example, ex-spouses who are bit-        filing for bankruptcy. Sandy says that
 shouldn’t have to rely on anyone and        ter and make difficult financial times      the biggest and most common mis-
 that I could do anything that I wanted      harder for a client by aggravating an       take that people make is living off of
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 52 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
                    writer & Entrepreneurial wife
                       Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

                                            By Emily Pietro
Freelance writer Meg Cadoux Hirsh-          on deck at all times. The farm had a      Although she didn’t get much of a
berg has always had a passion for           19th century building, an 18th century    break from the work, Meg transi-
writing, but she wasn’t always able to      barn and neither had been updated to      tioned from yogurt maker to mother.
pursue it as actively as she liked, par-    current living standards. Meg remem-      After becoming pregnant, Meg real-
ticularly during the first several years    bers that the farmhouse was always        ized that the stress was becoming too
of her marriage. Interestingly enough,      cold, and recounts her experience in      much for her, and removed herself
while she put her love of writing           the basement. “The floor was entirely     from some of the hands-on work. She
aside to help her husband Gary pur-         made of dirt, and every time I went       kept involved by writing a few yogurt
sue his dream of creating what is now       into the basement, some furry crea-       cookbooks, the first published in 1990.
the yogurt empire of Stonyfield Farm,       ture would scuttle across my feet…I
it’s through this very experience that      would get so creeped out, and it was      “I knew living on the farm wasn’t go-
she now draws the inspiration for her       never fun going down there!”              ing to be glamorous because I had
writing. Her escapades on the farm                                                    been raised on a farm. So I knew not
not only have inspired her writing,         To escape from the stresses of manag-     to look for the white picket fence, but I
but now inspire others who relate to        ing an organic yogurt farm, particu-      wasn’t expecting the smell of manure.
her experiences of owning a small                                                     The combination of being assaulted
family business. Meg’s story is hon-
est, gratifying, and most importantly,

Meg met her husband Gary at an or-
                                                                            “In the end, it’s such a gift to
ganic farming conference in 1984. Af-                                       be able to have a passion, to do
ter they decided to get married, Meg                                        something that you believe in
and Gary moved to a very isolated
                                                                            and you love. People who find
spot in Wilton, NH to what would be-
come their home and their business,                                         a way to incorporate their pas-
Stonyfield Farm. “I moved to Stony-                                         sion into their work really do
field on an icy January day. When we                                        live happier .....” says Meg.
had almost reached our destination,
our U-Haul truck just happened to
slip into a ditch at the bottom of the
road – all I could do was think that        larly in the early stages, Meg found      by the smell of the yogurt (since our
hopefully this wasn’t a metaphor for        that one of the best ways to relax was    bedroom was right next to the leech
the years to come! It actually did turn     with a bath. However, this was not        field) and the smell of the manure was
out to be one, for the first years of our   an easily obtained luxury, mainly be-     revolting. I would cover my nose and
business experience. We were con-           cause the only bathtub was in the em-     mouth at night just to filter the smell,
stantly falling into ditches and having     ployee bathroom in the barn. “Living      and I knew that this couldn’t be my
to get ourselves out; it took nine years    at the farm could be such a stressful     baby’s first breath and we absolutely
for our company to reach profitabil-        experience. It was often physically       had to do something.”
ity. The early years were a very stress-    uncomfortable; there was no privacy,
ful time,” Meg remembers.                   since I was physically living with the    In 1989, Meg and Gary were finally
                                            business. I would sneak in there (the     able to fund a factory, despite having
They soon became completely im-             employee bathroom) late at night to       been pessimistic about the future of
mersed in their yogurt production           take baths to relax. The lines between    Stonyfield Farm. The cost of
business, since it required all hands       work and home didn’t exist – the two      production soon went down, they
                                            had completely blended together.”             Continued on page 52
                                                                                Winter 2010 53
                             Women of reinvention -
                                  kim gobbi

                                          By Emily pietro

It is not uncommon for a person to        see why you wouldn’t. I am incred-         to highlight and market what a fan-
want to become involved with the          ibly proud to live here and be part        tastic place this is not only to visit but
community they live in, but the de-       of this community. Newburyport is          to live in full time,” she enthuses.
gree of involvement varies greatly        great, not only aesthetically, but the
among individuals. Some people keep       people here are, too.”                     Luckily, the transition from working
to themselves and only talk with their                                               in her shop to perusing the online
neighbors, some show up to commu-         Although her talent and passion for        world was not too difficult for Kim,
nity events, and others know every        her business are immediately obvi-         and she credits this ease to her expe-
detail of everything that goes on in      ous upon viewing the website, Kim          rience in marketing. She finds fulfill-
their greater community. Kim Gobbi,       has not always been involved in web        ment within this job because it is dif-
creator of Newburyport Today, is def-     design. She originally owned an eco-       ferent every day, which keeps things
initely one of the most involved mem-
bers of her community.

Kim began work on her website with                                     “If you have a good idea, if it’s what
a bang in March 2009, and the site has                                 you want to do and you love it, and
received positive attention and praise
                                                                       if enough people love it and want it
from locals and tourists alike. New-
buryport Today is a lifestyle website                                  too, it’s definitely a good idea and
dedicated to informing its viewers                                     people will benefit from it. You just
all about events, news, and ‘town-                                     have to follow your heart!”, says
ies,’ who are people that have lived
in Newburyport their whole lives.
The site is driven by the basic need
that people have to take advantage
of the beautiful and exciting city that   friendly boutique called The Studio,       interesting for her. “I still miss having
they live in. “There was a definite       which carried handcrafted, one-of-a-       the store and seeing all of the people
need for such a site, and I wanted        kind items, such as clothing from in-      I would interact with; my interactions
to be extremely careful that it wasn’t    dependent and emerging designers,          are definitely different than they used
just for tourists,” explains Kim. “We     and even Kim’s own line of jewelry.        to be, but I get to interact with people
provide tons of information and we        The store was a hit, earning a cov-        in a different way now. It’s great be-
update the site daily with highlights     eted ‘Best of Boston’ award in 2008 for    cause I get more time with people,
that residents want to read and take      women’s clothing, but unfortunately,       and I can be creative about what I
advantage of.”                            the shop closed in March 2009. But as      want to feature on the site. I can also
                                          the saying goes, when one door closes      think about long term goals.”
Although not a native of Newbury-         – her shop; another opens – her New-
port herself, she has lived there for     buryport Today website.                    Kim attributes a lot of the success of
ten years and has become attached                                                    Newburyport Today to what she calls
to the community. Kim’s rationale for     “I started the website almost immedi-      her ‘local cheerleaders’ in the may-
wanting to start this business is easy    ately after closing The Studio. It had     or’s office and in the Newburyport
to grasp and inspiring. “Every city       always been an idea of mine that I         Chamber. “They were with me very
has something wonderful – there is        kept in the back of my head, especially    early on and were as enthusiastic as
a reason people live there. If you can    since I had been noticing a consistent     I was about the site. They endorsed it
highlight it in a way that’s compelling   lack of marketing within Newburypo-        and helped promote it.” Kim’s main
and will engage people, then I don’t      rt – there just wasn’t enough traffic or   concern upon launching the site was
                                          knowledge about the town. I wanted
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                            Women of reinvention -
                              Maureen Campaiola

                                         By Chelsey Shuman

There’s something to be said for the     In no way did Maureen fall into her        importantly, she wants her clients to
courage to pursue one’s dreams or        career as a coach and the thriving         see that they can get what they want
goals in a time of economic strife and   business she has built. It took time       out of their business, including per-
overall uncertainty. To be a woman       and faith in her passion to help others    sonal time, money and a big boost in
and display such courage in what         succeed, and to others just starting out   self confidence.
is still very much a man’s world de-     she says, “I struggled for a long time
serves even further recognition.         and it wasn’t until I hired my own         You can contact Maureen directly on
                                         coach did things really take off. The      the website (
Maureen Campaiola runs a life coach      reality is most successful people have     and choose one of the service op-
business for women called “Dare to       coaches; someone who can show you          tions offered: Business Consulting,
be Phenomenal” where she proves          all your choices and options so you        Individual, and Group Program. The
every day that your dreams and goals     can give yourself the best start possi-    Business Consulting service is where
are legitimate and within reach with
the right mindset and tools. With an
undergrad degree in business man-
                                                                               “I struggled for a long time and
agement, a bachelors degree from
Coach University and a masters in                                              it wasn’t until I hired my own
systems management from Ana Ma-                                                coach did things really take
ria College, she is extremely well ed-                                         off. The reality is most success-
ucated in the realm of business. She
has always felt connected to coach-
                                                                               ful people have coaches; some-
ing people, and while trying other                                             one who can show you all your
things, such as running a cleaning                                             choices ......” says Maureen.
company and various other business-
es, Maureen found that her happiest
moments were helping people make         ble.” With the support from both her       Maureen will work with your whole
their dreams a reality. “When I was a    wonderful daughter Carrie (27), her        team to turn your business around.
child my mother said I was going to      mother (83), and an amazing group of       In the process she will work with
be a nurse because I always had it in    friends with whom she could always         each individual, encouraging the tal-
me to help. Growing up in the 1960’s     get feedback, she was able to get back     ent each person can bring to the table
there were two options for women:        to what she loves and do so from a         and increase the positive energy in
become a teacher or a nurse, and I       successful standpoint.                     the group. Furthermore, the commu-
knew I could never be a teacher. So                                                 nication between clientele and staff
I went to nursing school, worked my      At “Dare to be Phenomenal” Mau-            as well as among the staff members
way through as an aid to the elderly     reen helps people really connect with      themselves will be taken to a whole
and loved every minute of my job.”       their clients, balance all the demands     new level where the only result will
Taking advantage of the opportunity,     of being a business owner, interpret       be a more successful and well round-
Maureen listened and learned from        and understand marketing strategies,       ed business that everyone enjoys.
the elderly as they told of their life   as well as find what specific things       With the Individual and Group Pro-
experiences and lessons learned over     work best for an individual’s busi-        gram, you are assigned to a group
the years. Although she stepped away     ness and location. In addition, she        of other entrepreneurs or business
from nursing, this experience was at     stresses the importance of connecting      owners and have constant feedback
the root of future business decisions    with the business community around         and listen to different perspectives
and endeavors and further instilled      you, not only to develop strong work-      which enable you to take a new look
the want to help others in any capac-    ing relationships but to get an idea of    at how you are going about operating
ity possible.                            what works and what does not. Most              Continued on page 53
                                                                              Winter 2010 55
inspirational women - Continued
Continued from pages 48-51                 friendly, realistic, keeps the client’s     anything. Everyone is taking a risk,
                                           best interest in mind, AND gets great       whether they want and understand it
                                           results? Sandy Kuhn is one woman            or not.”
Sandy Kuhn, Lawyer                         that we can all be inspired by.
with a mission                                                                         Even though she experienced initial
                                           For more information about Sandy            hardship with the business and ad-
retirement funds which eliminates
                                           you can reach her through the Con-          mittedly “was not the best cheerlead-
their safety net. Another is paying
                                           cord office at 603-225-1114 or visit the    er,” Meg sees the light in her family’s
credit card bills instead of mortgage
                                           website at         situation. “In the end, it’s such a gift
payments, and running up credit card
                                           FAMILYLEGAL also has offices in: Do-        to be able to have a passion, to do
bills before filing for bankruptcy.
                                           ver, NH; Methuen, MA; Malden, MA;           something that you believe in and
                                           Marlborough, MA; Springfield, MA;           you love. People who find a way to
“These are all huge mistakes. People
                                           Braintree, MA, and; Providence, RI. A       incorporate their passion into their
make them when they think that they
                                                                                       work really do live happier and more
don’t qualify for filing for bankruptcy.
                                                                                       successful lives, but this happiness is
They are not familiar with the laws,
                                               Meg Hirshberg -                         often met emotionally rather than fi-
they don’t get legal advice, and they
                                               Writer                                  nancially.”
generally make many large blunders
before coming in and working with
                                                                                       Meg finally was able to take a breath
us. There are a lot of situations where
                                                                                       and focus on what she wanted to do,
people have the best of intentions                                turned a
                                                                                       which was writing. Even with all the
but they are not making the best de-                              slight corner
                                                                                       madness going on, she was able to
cisions, necessarily. The most impor-                             and became
                                                                                       secure a few smaller jobs over time,
tant piece of advice I would give is                              75% profit-
                                                                                       writing for law firms, doing grant
to make mortgage payments. People                                 able, and
                                                                                       proposals and research. After taking
think that if they file for bankruptcy                            in 1991, the
                                                                                       a seminar course at Boston Univer-
they can keep their house and get rid      Hirshbergs finally moved off the farm
                                                                                       sity for mid-career writers, Meg says
of the mortgage, and unfortunately, it     and to Concord, NH.
                                                                                       that her writing narrative nonfiction
just does not work that way – there is
                                                                                       skills greatly improved, and thus she
no such thing as a free house. If you      When thinking about her experiences
                                                                                       launched her freelance writing career.
keep up with your payments, there is       in the early years, Meg is extremely
                                                                                       The first personal writing she had
a much greater chance that you can         realistic. “I don’t romanticize any-
                                                                                       ever done was a short piece for the
keep your house or car.”                   thing that happened – I look back and
                                                                                       Boston Globe about her experiences
                                           shudder. Despite all this, it never even
                                                                                       as the spouse of a business owner.
When asked about how lawyers re-           dawned on me to leave. I loved Gary
                                                                                       Inc.® magazine noticed her piece and
main friendly with colleagues that         with all my heart, I believed in what
                                                                                       wanted her to write a feature for them
they argue with on opposite sides in       he was doing, and I was very support-
                                                                                       in September 2008. Inc.® received so
court she replied that, “When you          ive of the mission. What is common
                                                                                       much mail about the article that they
have cases against people that you         for everyone in any entrepreneurial
                                                                                       asked her to become a columnist.
like, it’s awful to fight and argue,       situation is that it’s never just about
but at the end of the day, you respect     the entrepreneur: the family is always
                                                                                       On her life in journalism, Meg says,
the person that fights with you and        affected and involved. It’s so different
                                                                                       “It has been such a great experience. I
you are actually able to form friend-      from a regular 9-to-5 job, since in those
ships. It’s much easier to be friendly                                                 didn’t even know that I had so much
                                           situations you can leave work, you
with someone you respect; if some-                                                     to say about my experiences on the
                                           get paid vacations, and you can think
one doesn’t do a good job, you don’t                                                   farm, but there are a lot of different
                                           about life and plan, you can even get
respect them or want to spend time                                                     aspects that I am able to bite off and
                                           a mortgage and have a reasonable ex-
with them. Good lawyers hang out to-                                                   chew. I have lots of devoted readers,
                                           pectation that you’ll be able to pay it.
gether because we respect each other                                                   and I feel like I have been helpful to
                                           When you start a business and you’re
both as people and as professionals.”                                                  others by sharing my own experienc-
                                           not making money, all of that is out the
A lawyer who is accomplished,                                                          es.” She also recalls Gary’s reaction to
                                           window. You literally can’t bank on
                                                                                       seeing her in the spotlight. “He told
                                                                                       me that he had been talking to some-
56 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
one and they said, ‘Hey, aren’t you the     you want to do and you love it, and if        great time, perhaps getting even
guy that Meg writes about?’ It was so       enough people love it and want it too,        more out of it than was expected.”
funny.”                                     it’s definitely a good idea and people        Soon it was decided to hold a meet-
                                            will benefit from it. You just have to        ing one night every month and at
Meg’s story is truly inspirational. She     follow your heart!”                           the next meeting, thirty-two women
is grateful that reflecting on and shar-                                                  attended, while the following meet-
ing her experiences with her readers        For more information about Kim or             ing had over seventy attend Today,
has forced her and her husband to           Newburyport, MA, visit her website            the women meet twice a month with
look back, review their experiences         at A                one ‘lunch-in’ and one evening pro-
and discover the meanings that these                                                      gram and there are four hundred and
experiences held for them. Meg shares                                                     sixty members. The evening program
her story with her own genuine,                                                           includes a short twenty-minute pre-
                                           Woman of reinven-
straightforward style, and while she                                                      sentation in which a pressing issue is
                                           tion -   maureen
is candid about her negative feelings                                                     discussed or helpful hints are shared
while going through some of her ex-                                                       and demonstrated. In December the
periences she also presents them with                                                     first extravaganza was held in which
a positive outlook. She says, “Even                            your business.             three hundred and ninety tickets
when it was terrible, it certainly was                         In addition, you           were sold. This offered exposure for
never boring.”                                                 receive support            all the members and their businesses
                                                               from a whole               as well as a visual representation of
To get more information about Meg                              network of busi-           all the hard work they had been do-
and read her articles visit her at www.    ness owners who will not only keep             ing, proving to everyone involved                  A       you on track with your goals but en-           that this program works. “Women
                                           able you to get word out at the same           come and have an amazing experi-
                                           time as to what kind of business you           ence, life changing, and they go and
                                           are running. The group involvement             tell their friends and they theirs and
  Woman of reinven-
                                           is a two hour conference call every            so on. You are guaranteed to walk out
  tion - kim gobbi
                                           month and then a personal call with            with something of value that you can
                                           Maureen for thirty minutes every               put into action right away.” A web-
                                           month. Furthermore, there is al-               site is currently being created for this
             making sure that people       ways email support available where             program and will be up and running
             who lived in Newbury-         Maureen will readily respond to all            soon. Until then, feel free to contact
             port not only read the site   questions and concerns as well as              Maureen through the other site if you
             for updates about their       phone contact by calling the office at         have any questions or would like to
             community, but found it       978-794-4991.                                  get involved.
informative and actually liked it. As
the site took off, so did the commu-       In addition to the services offered via        Don’t wait another minute! If you are
nity’s involvement with the site. Kim      the website, Maureen began a net-              dying to start your own business and
explains, “It’s so important for people    working program in which women                 don’t know where to begin, or you
who live here to have a place where        can get together and have “unique              feel you are struggling within a busi-
they can find out what’s going on in       partnerships” sharing their experi-            ness and want to improve things, then
town, see profiles of a friend or neigh-   ences and giving advice in a safe en-          take advantage of these wonderful re-
bor, or even learn about local artists.    vironment. This idea of networking             sources and begin today. Check out
The connections that we’ve made            had been in the works for a long time,         the website or give the number listed
with nonprofit organizations have          says Maureen – she had “always                 above a call and change your life for the
been very helpful, and this furthers       wanted to run a women’s only group”            better, making your dreams a reality
our local involvement.”                    but it wasn’t until March of 2009 that         and your stressors a thing of the past.
                                           she “woke up and decided to make
It is clear that Kim loves what she        it a reality.” After getting the word          For more information call Maureen
does, and her community does as            out, in April of 2009 the first meet-          at 978-794-4991 or visit her website at
well. She offers a final word of advice:   ing was held and fourteen women       A
“If you have a good idea, if it’s what     attended where “everyone had a
                                                                                     Winter 2010 57
lifestyles/                             inspiration woman of wine –

                                                 Pam Walden
                                              By Emily Pietro

 A native of England, Pam Walden              name, the myth if you will, because        joy having the flexibility of my job.
 moved to Oregon with husband Aron            we see in it what we think Joyce saw:      I love being out in the vineyard, it’s
 Hess in 1997 to pursue a dream — to          the freedom that can be gained in cre-     a great antidote to being on the road
 own and operate their own vineyard.          ative pursuit, and the cost at which it    and selling wine. There’s a balance
 Their dream became a reality in 2000         can come, especially if you don’t re-      I strike between being sociable and
 when they produced their first four          main humble.”                              being immersed in the vineyard.”
 barrels of Pinot Noir, the first harvest                                                Having Pam’s ability to be flexible is
 from Daedalus Cellars.                       Many people do not initially think of      extremely important, especially con-
                                              Oregon as a state that produces fine       sidering that aside from herself and
 Becoming a vintner was not on Pam’s          wine, but according to Pam, Oregon         Aron, Daedalus only has one other
 original list of career goals. She was       wine is better than California’s wine.     full time employee.
 living in England producing televi-          “The standards in Oregon are higher.
 sion commercials when she first be-
 came interested in wine, shortly after
 meeting Aron. Eventually his love
 and knowledge for wine found its
 way into her life, and now she can’t                                      “Being in control of your own desti-
 imagine turning back. “I have been                                        ny is a great way to go, and having a
 working full-time with our cellar                                         great partner, like Aron, only makes
 since the summer of 2003, after I had
 our first child. It’s been ten years since
                                                                           it better,” says Pam.
 we started, and the company has de-
 veloped and changed significantly.
 We have grown from producing 97
 cases our first year to around 3500          For us to produce Pinot Noir here,         Pam also credits a lot of the company’s
 cases per year.”                             the barrel has to contain 100% Pinot       success to Aron. “Being in control of
                                              Noir, as opposed to a minimum 25%          your own destiny is a great way to go,
 Daedalus Cellars has an interesting          elsewhere.”                                and having a great partner like Aron
 name, and great reasoning behind it.                                                    only makes it better. He definitely al-
 Aron’s favorite writer, James Joyce,         As a mom with small children, Pam          leviates some of the stress. Being self-
 created a character named Stephen            finds that working at Daedalus has         employed is also a great way for a
 Daedalus in A Portrait of the Artist         been challenging. “It’s difficult to       mother, such as me, to have a career.”
 as a Young Man and in Ulysses, but           have small children and to grow a
 the name Daedalus originally comes           business as well. I think it’s a genera-   “I think that everyone should learn
 from Greek mythology. As explained           tional thing – my generation is tran-      more about wine,” says Pam. “Wine
 on their website, “In the myth, Dae-         sitional. My mother stayed at home         enhances everything, and knowing
 dalus was an inventor, most famous-          and worked part time, but like most        the reasons behind your choices only
 ly as the creator of the Labyrinth at        women my age, I have a full time job.      makes it better.” Living on the vine-
 Knossos, a stylized version of which         It helps to be self-employed, since I      yard, Pam has undoubtedly acquired
 is represented in our logo. Unfortu-         can be in control of my own sched-         much of this knowledge, and her and
 nately, he was also later imprisoned         ule.”                                      Aron’s passion is reflected in every
 in his Labyrinth, along with his son                                                    bottle of Daedalus Cellars wine.
 Icarus. They both managed to escape,         Pam works in all aspects of the com-
 but only Daedalus survived as Icarus         pany, from working directly in the         For more information about Dae-
 succumbed to hubris. We chose the            vineyard to sales. “I very much en-        dalus Cellars visit their website at
 58 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
                  inspiration woman of wine –
                      margo van staaveren

                                          By Emily Pietro

For most of us, being around wine         siasm along the way; rather, it has         extremely busy at harvest for two to
all day is simply a fantasy, or a great   flourished. “Everything about pro-          three months per year, so it’s especial-
way to spend a relaxing weekend, but      ducing a great wine is a challenge,         ly challenging during this time. But in
for Margo Van Staaveren of Sonoma         especially since it’s mostly based in       contrast, it’s so great and exciting to
Valley’s Chateau St. Jean, this fantasy   agriculture and we can’t completely         be able to walk through the vineyard
is a reality.                             control the crops. People forget that       and taste the grapes and get a sense
                                          wine doesn’t just come out of a box,        of what might turn out in the barrels,
Originally from San Rafael, Margo         it comes from a field. The wine we          to see the whole process. I love watch-
now lives in Glen Ellen. She has been     produce is based on the growing and         ing people enjoy what we create and
working with Chateau St. Jean for
25 years, her entire career except for
one harvest. Amazingly enough, she
did not always think that she would
work in the wine industry. “My jour-                                             “No matter what career you
ney first started when I ended up at
                                                                                choose, you have to make sure
the University of California at Davis.
I was intending to go into special                                              that you enjoy what you make
education but unfortunately when I                                              or do.... There has to be a driv-
arrived I realized there was no such                                            ing passion behind your career
department at UC Davis,” Margo
laughs. “So I started taking psychol-
                                                                                choice - find your passion and
ogy courses, then I took calculus and                                           pursue it...,” says Margo.
organic chemistry. I really liked those
topics, so naturally I gravitated to-
wards them. I briefly thought about
the winemaking department because         harvest season, and we always try our       knowing that I helped influence the
I was aware of the industry. I started    hardest to maximize the potential of        final product by making harvesting
taking courses that were more appli-      the harvest.”                               decisions,” she explains.
cable towards a degree in fermenta-
tion science.” Margo says that once       Looking at her thirty years with the        As someone who has built her career
she decided to pursue this discipline,    company, Margo has seen immense             around wine, Margo has more infor-
the evidence of her passion was im-       growth within it. “I have been able to      mation on tap than the average wine
mediate.                                  help develop new programs, I have           enthusiast. “The best thing I can tell
                                          seen new wines introduced, and I            anyone,” she says, “is when you’re
Margo has grown along with the com-       have helped maintain and manage a           trying to choose a wine, choose what
pany. In her 30 years with Chateau St.    site of thirty-five employees. It’s been    you like, despite what anyone tells
Jean, she has held every position from    a hurdle at times, but extremely satis-     you. If you know you like a certain
lab technician, to lab manager, to as-    fying. I even met my husband here!”         type, just get it and don’t worry too
sistant and associate winemaker, and                                                  much about matching your wine with
now, she is head winemaker. “It was       Like all mothers with jobs, Margo           your occasion. Things can get way too
probably one of the slowest progres-      has had her fair share of struggles be-     complicated. Enjoy your wine.” Mar-
sions within Chateau St. Jean, but for    tween working full time and raising a       go lives by a lighthearted sentiment:
me, it was totally worth it.”             family. “Working in the wine indus-         “Never waste a wine calorie!” She
                                          try is an amazing job, but it’s not the     also wanted to dispell the myth that
Despite her slow climb to the top,        greatest ‘mom job’. You’re away and        Continued to page 57
Margo has not lost any of her enthu-
                                                                                Winter 2010 59
lifestyles/                                    A “new” New Year’s
Senior Finance                                 Resolution

                                               By Robin Young

A fresh, new year is as good a reason as
any to revisit timeless concepts when it       family, work, community, inner growth,
comes to your life and your wealth.            learning, home, and finances.

How are you using the resources in your        How can you use the resources in your
life: time, energy, relationships, talents     life to increase your life’s wealth? Begin
and money to fulfill your life’s aspira-       by asking yourself how satisfied you are
tions? By revisiting these essentials in       in the various aspects of your life. Take
auld lang syne style, you can reinvigorate     the time to really appreciate the areas in
yourself for the year — hopefully years        which you feel fully satisfied. Giving back
— ahead!                                       at your local charity may provide you                   Robin Young
                                               with energy and fulfillment, while need-
Wealth is derived from wele & weal             ing to more fully understand your finan-
“well-being” on analogy of health. True        cial position could prove stressful. If you
                                                                                             Focusing your resources on things that
wealth connotes financial riches but it is     are not satisfied with your finances, then
                                                                                             are truly important is a both satisfying
also true to mean health. Wealth by ALL        think about what resources you can com-
                                                                                             and richly rewarding way to spend the
definitions is happiness. You may link         mit to helping you achieve that goal, such
                                                                                             New Year!
the word “wealth” with “money.” TRUE           as spending some time creating a budget
wealth is not; repeat NOT, the accumula-       or using some of your money to hire an        Robin Young CFP®, Registered Life Planner
tion of money. Part of wealth is financial     advisor to help. If having better relation-   and owner of Northstar Financial Planning,
abundance but true wealth is much more.        ships with your family is important to        Inc. in Londonderry, NH, a Fee-only Finan-
Research has shown that people are gen-        you, then you may want to consider host-      cial Life Planning and Wealth Management
erally happier when they have abundance        ing Sunday dinners, planning a family         firm. Visit or contact
in all areas of their life including health,   vacation or nurturing a common interest.      Robin at 603.216.9226.                A

    Networking Organizations
                                                                                                        Contact us at
 American Business Women’s Association, 1-800-228-0007,, (NH)
 Business & Professional Women/NH,, (NH, USA)                                              applaud
 Seacoast Women’s Network,, MA, ME)                                      
 Women’s Business Center, (603) 430-2892,, (NH)                                    to list your classes,
 Women Supporting Women Center, (603) 772-0799,,                                   events & news. If
 (NH, MA, ME)
 Southern NH Women's Business Network,,
                                                                                                    you own a restau-,                                                                                      rant or wedding
 The New England Seacoast Holistic Health Association (NESHHA) -                                   business we will list
 Contact Pauline M. Derby at 603-964-7471;                                         your name and con-
 Women Inspiring Women - Leslie Sturgeon, President, 603-744-0400;
                                                                                                    tact info for FREE.
 The Commonwealth Institute, Lisa Christine Summerville, 617.803.0447                                To add a web link                                                                    and description the
 One More Referral, Melissa Lesniak,                                           charge is only
 Northshore Women in Business, Peabody, MA,
                                                                                                       $149 per year.
 Dare to be Phenomenal, Maureen Campaiola, 978-794-4991 or
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woman of wine                                                                                 OrganizingWORKS!
van staaveren                                    Teaching Ballroom & Latin Dance               Save time, money and energy by
Continued from page 55                           to kids, teens, college students, &                              hiring a
                                                adult beginners and social dancers.                               professional
                                                                                                                  to organize:
                                                   Specializing in Wedding Dance
                                                preparation for the bride & groom,                               •   Your Home,
                                                 basic knowledge or full routines,                               •   Your Office,
                                                 to create their ideal & memorable
                                                  first dance as husband and wife.
                                                                                                                 •   Help You
                                                   Event routines & performances                                     Relocate
                                                      Father/daughter dances
                                                        Mother/son dances                      Karen L. Kenney
                                                    Wedding party choreography                 “Your Professional Organizer”
                                                           Group classes                       Organizing Classes, Public Speaking
                                                        Performance teams

                                                   53 Hanover Street, 3rd Floor
                                                                                              33 Evergreen Ave., Bedford, MA 01730
                                                        Manchester, NH
   aged wine always means better wine.
   “Some wines are meant to be enjoyed
   young, such as Riesling. Wine contin-
   ues to age in the bottle, not just in the
   barrel, so choose wisely!”

   As for her advice for women, Margo
   shares: “No matter what career you
   choose, you have to make sure that
   you enjoy what you make or do. Like
   for wine, you really have to enjoy it to
   really want to make it. There has to be
   a driving passion behind your career
   choice – find your passion and pur-
   sue it. We all have to realize that our

                                                                                                A PPLAUD
   careers are about making it work for
   us. Too many people think that it’s up

   to their employers to make their jobs
   wonderful, but it really has to come
   from within you.” It is evident that
                                               Share your Real Stories
                                               and Photos with Applaud.                        W
   Margo takes her own advice, since                                                             Vote for Your Favorite NH
                                               Applaud is looking for anacdotal stories
   she has not only met great success,         about children, dating, pets, weddings and        or MA Restaurant, Hotel,
   but she also enjoys what she does to                   adorable photos of kids or pets.            Female doctor,
   the fullest.                                                                                    Wedding Professional
                                                                          and/or Beauty
   For more information about Chateau                                                                 Professional at
   St. Jean, check out their website at                                   Send your stories and        A                                           and photos to       Enter to Win $50. Dead-
                                                                                                       line Feb. 18th
                                                                             Winter 2010 61
business/                                        Making good credit card
Finance-Advice                                     purchase decisions.

                                                 By Helen Dutton

                                                 bit. Now go through the list and narrow          she was “supposed” to do to give to her-
                                                 the list to 3 or 4. If you are having trouble    self. When we did the values exercise, she
                                                 narrowing	it	down	(and	most	of	us	do	),	        learned that a better gift would have been
                                                 ask yourself what would be the last thing        a cup of tea, a good book, and some quiet.
                                                 you would give up if you had to?
                                                                                                  Increase the value in your life, and your
                                                 These true values are what we will contin-       financial worth. Spend in line with your
                                                 uously strive to achieve in our lives and        true personal values. Chances are, the val-
                                                 will feel discontent until we do. When our       ue you place on your SELF will increase
                                                 values are not adequately expressed in           as well.
                                                 our lives, it feels as though something is
                                                 missing. The same is true with our pur-          Helen Dutton, is a Business Coach and owner
          Helen Dutton                           chases: if our purchases are not in line

                                                                                                  of A Vision Of Your Own. She has over 16 years
                                                 with our true values they will not satisfy       of financial, operational and managerial expe-
                                                 us. Let me give you a couple of examples:        rience in the Corporate arena. She is a graduate
                                                 years ago, when I was in the corporate           of Coach U and a member of the International
                 My credit card bills are ar-    world, I would walk to a local garden cen-       Coach Federation. For more information call
                 riving from the holiday         ter and pick a bouquet of flowers for my         (603) 529-2345 or visit her website at:
            .    splurge. It all seemed like
                 a good idea at the time
                                                 desk. There were many times when I had
                                                 to choose between having lunch or buy-

                 of purchase, but now I’m        ing flowers for my desk; I always chose
                 wondering what on earth I       flowers. So guess what one of my values
                 spent my money on! What’s       is? Beauty. Those flowers filled me up and
                going on?                        kept me going through some tough days.

                                                 I know of a woman who will spend her
                                                 last dime, and every minute that she can,
                                                 travelling to new and interesting places. If
              Ah…the January credit card         she doesn’t experience a novel geography
              bill blues! I’m wondering if       or culture at least once a year, she feels out
              you have similar thoughts          of sorts. One of her values is adventure.
        .     every month when you get
              your credit card statement;        Now let’s look at what you spend mon-
chances are, there are many months when          ey on (and the same goes for your time).
you look at your list of purchases and won-      Think back to the last seven times you
der “what on earth did I buy?” The answer        went shopping. For each experience,
of your discontent lies in your values.          write down what you bought, where you
                                                 had been prior to shopping, and what you
Personal values are those attributes that        were feeling. Now ask yourself, “What
we hold most near and dear to our hearts.        was I really looking for? What would
They may include qualities like integrity        have felt like a true gift to myself? What
and honesty, but they will often include         would have caused my entire being to say
elements such as nature, excitement,             ‘Ahhh…’? ”When was the last time your
knowledge, and family. Look on-line for a        values had been expressed?
comprehensive list of values – 100 or more
– or you can contact me and I will send you      I knew a woman who spent a fair amount
a list. Take a first pass through the list and   of money on personal care – manicures,
choose no more than 10. Let that sit for a       facials, and pedicures. Come to find out,
                                                 those purchases were what she believes
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                                        Social Networking.                                                     business/
                                        Is It Worth It?                                                        Marketing

Many of you are probably connected to
Facebook to keep up with friends and
family, may have a profile on LinkedIn
to stay in touch with colleagues, and
may even have ventured into the
Twitter space. However, you also
may be wondering where the payoff
                                                By Melissa Albano

                                                  will link you directly to an online
                                                  application, and you can save the
                                                  search for easy updating.
                                                      b) Post a resume on your LinkedIn
                                                  profile for employers to find you
                                                  easily, and search the job listing
                                                  directory in your field.
is? Is your time being invested wisely,            2. Involved in a nonprofit?
and will your voice be heard through                   a) Build a Facebook group page,
all the clutter? So,, to answer those             or contribute to the organization’s                         Melissa Albano
questions, here are a few reasons why             existing group if they have one by
you should stay in the online game,               posting wall messages and sharing the
and tips on how to make the most of               page with your network of friends.
your time.                                             b) Start a LinkedIn group for              Tips for Making It Work
                                                  supporters, and invite your network
Supporting Evidence                               of colleagues to join. Share blog posts,        1. Start with a blog. You’ll be able to
                                                  articles, and requests for fundraising          create content here, and push it out
1) There are currently 350 million                through the discussion page.                    to your networks through automated
people on Facebook, including 65                       c) Setup a profile on Twitter for          systems. I prefer for
million accessing the site on mobile              the organization, and use it to reach           blog templates, they offer hundreds
phones. (Source                     out to the community. Search for                of tools to automate your posts.
2)      The average Facebook user                 followers based on keywords related             2. Use directories like
spends 55 minutes per day on the                  to your cause, and invite them to               and to determine who
site, and becomes a fan of 2 pages                help spread the word. Post links to             to follow on Twitter.
(political, nonprofit, and/or business)           published articles, blog posts, photo           3. Use a system such as
per month. (Source                  galleries, videos, and fundraising              or to manage your profiles.
3) There are currently 22 million                 pages.                                          You will be able to reuse the same
active members on Twitter, posting 3               3. Organizing an Event?                        content in many places without extra
million messages per day.                               a)     Setup an event listing on          effort and manage all of your accounts
4) Time spent on social networks                  Facebook, and invite friends &                  easily from one location.
represents more than 10% of all                   colleagues from your network. This
Internet time. (Source: Forrester: The Growth     can easily be shared by attendees,              Overall, the best advice for beginning a
of Social Technology, 2008)                       who can also post comments, RSVP                social media campaign is to determine
5) Activity on social networks                    online, and share with others.                  your strategy, create the content you
continues to grow at a rapid pace,                     b) If it’s a work event, you can also      want to share, and start putting it out
and is expanding rapidly into more                set up an event listing on LinkedIn             there. Whether your use is personal,
mature markets.                                   to invite colleagues, clients, and              professional, or charitable, you will see
                                                  partners. Attendees can RSVP online             a return for your investment of time.
Getting the Most out of Social                    and help spread the word through
Networking                                        their own networks.                             Melissa Albano is the owner of Grape-
                                                                                                  vine Consulting, a strategic market-
                                                       c) On Twitter, create a hashtag (‘#’
                                                                                                  ing firm based in Manchester, NH. For
 1. Looking for a job?                            followed by keyword) to share with              more information, visit their website
    a) Search “jobs” on Twitter, and              your network. By posting regular                at or call
connect to hundreds of firms in your              messages, you’ll generate interest and          978-912-0477.                          A
industry that may be hiring. Many                 excitement.
                                                                                            Winter 2010 63
home/                                         Organizing During A Diffi-
Organizing                                    cult Time - Bereavement
                                              By Karen Kenney

The trauma associated with the loss of a
loved one can be overwhelming. Many
things must be done when a death occurs.
Many people must be contacted. Arrange-
ments must be made. Paperwork must
be completed. Insurance claims must be
filed. The list seems endless.

When these tasks are completed, spouses

                                                   Be kind and understanding.
                                                   Listen to the person who is grieving.
                                                   Do not try to make decisions
                                                   for them.
                                                   Offer them encouragement if they
                                                   seem unable to make any decisions.
                                                   Perhaps suggest that they keep
                                                   something that will make them laugh
                                                   – something from a happy time.
and other family members must then deal       •	   Suggest that they keep something
with making decisions about what to do             that gives them comfort.
with the possessions of the loved one.        •	   Suggest that they save some
Often they have no idea where to begin.            pictures.
They are at a loss as to how best to help     •	   Encourage them to offer something
the grieving spouse, parent or child.              meaningful to others who are also
                                                   grieving. If possible, let the other per-              Karen Kenney
Some of the things to keep                         son select something.
in mind:                                      •	   Suggest that they take only those
                                                   things that will be needed in their
•	   People handle grief differently.              new home, if they are downsizing,
•	   Family members and friends want               and those special items they have
     to help. They want to do the right            chosen to remember their loved one.              someone else would love to have.
     thing, but they are not sure what that                                                    •	   •Help	 make	 decisions	 about	 which	
     might be.                                                                                      things should be kept as a reminder
•	   People often do not know what to         Oftentimes during bereavement, fam-                   of the loved one. Perhaps just taking
     keep, give away or throw away.           ily members become overwhelmed while                  a photo or a small object is all that
•	   Some people want to keep every-          trying to help. Here are some of the things           is needed.
     thing. Other people want to give ev-     that a professional organizer can do
     erything away or throw it all away.      to help:                                         Karen Kenney has operated Organizing-
•	   Adult children often want some-                                                           WORKS since May 2000, and believes she
     thing that will help them remember       Act as a buffer between family members           has been organizing since birth. She loves to
     Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.            who are struggling with this loss and their      help people to get organized, feel less stressed
     They take items and later realize        need to “do the right thing” for their loved     and more at peace. Taking a space that is out
     that they do not want or cannot use      one. Many times family members are at            of control and making sense of it is the most
     these things.                            odds about what each person should be            rewarding. Karen has residential customers
•	   Adult children, or other family mem-     doing. A professional organizer can help         as well as corporate clients. She works with
     bers, will often take unwanted items     guide family members toward achieving            seniors, children, people who have ADD, and
     because they believe that refusing       solutions that are good for everyone.            other issues. For more information about Kar-
     them would cause hurt feelings.                                                           en and her business, visit her websites: www.
                                              •	   Help make decisions about what will and www.theorga-
Suggestions for people wanting                     be needed in the new home.                                A
to help:                                      •	   Help find a place to donate items no
                                                   longer needed or wanted, but that

64 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010
    wedding trends for 2010.                                                                       Wedding
                                 By janie haas

                    The hottest trend of 2010 is…that there
                    is no trend! Unlike the days of tradi-
                    tional planning, we are now finding
                    that weddings are more about brand-
                    ing the event with the couple’s personal
                                                                banquet hall or coun-
                    touches in lieu of a standard, cookie-                                           Janie Haas
                                                                try club. Couples are
                    cutter formula. These days, in the world
                                                                thinking more “out
                    of wedding planning, anything goes!
                                                                of the box” when it
Everything from lighting and party favors to entertainment
                                                                comes to venue choices and are using their ceremony lo-
and food options can contribute to the creation of a trade-
                                                                cation to speak to who they are as individuals as well as
mark for the wedding that speaks to the bride and groom’s
                                                                a couple. If they have a favorite vacation setting, a family
specific preferences and interests.
                                                                home or a spot where they first met, they may use that as an
                                                                alternative to the more traditional ballroom — for instance,
No longer is it necessary for the ceremony to take place in a
                                                                planning a wedding for two Red Sox fans at Fenway Park!
                                                                With all this being said, a ballroom still offers great space,
                                                                amenities and a security blanket with regard to weather
                                                                should the couple choose to go a more traditional route.

                                                                In addition to meaningful locations, couples are opting
                                                                to use homespun touches when it comes to their special
                                                                day. With modern technology, people have the capability
                                                                of designing their own invitations, save-the-date cards,
                                                                place cards, and more! They might also make homemade
                                                                party favors that speak to their interests by creating a CD
                                                                with their favorite songs, custom-making their own wine
                                                                bottle labels or even donating to a charity that’s important
                                                                to them.

                                                                Brides are no longer doing what’s expected of them with
                                                                regard to attire, but doing what they choose. Comfort is
                                                                overpowering fashion these days. Some brides have worn
                                                                ballet slippers, bedazzled white sneakers and even cowboy
                                                                boots! Brides often opt to purchase two dresses for the big day;
                                                                a more traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and a fun
                                                                party dress for the reception. As for the men, no longer are
                                                                they tied down to the traditional tuxedo, but some are
                                                                keeping things casual with khakis, button down shirts and
                                                                sandals. Weddings are becoming more playful with even
                                                                the smallest details like the use of color. Vibrant colors are
                                                                now popping up, not only in the bridal party’s dresses, but

                                                                               Winter 2010 65
 also in the décor elements of the wedding (linens, floral         venue, some
 arrangements, etc). Gone are the days of only creams and          couples are
                                                beige!             opting to
                                                                   keep things
                                                   Décor is        simple and
                                                   a great         whimsical
                                                   focus for       with less
                                                   couples         expensive
                                                   looking         alternatives
                                                   to brand        like hang-
                                                   their           ing lanterns,
                                                   wedding.        candles,
                                                   The use of      and battery
                                                   a mono-         operated
                                                   gram or a       lights.
                                                   fun logo
                                                   through-        Couples are
                                                   out the         “shaking
                                                   ceremony        things up” when it comes to food and beverage as well.
                                                   is a terrific   While a sit down dinner is still classic, brides and grooms
                                                   way to          often keep things casual with buffet stations or small tast-
                                                   accom-          ing plates and hors d’oeuvres. This leaves more time for
                                                   plish this.     partying and dancing while allowing the food to be more
                                                   Couples         mobile. Couples may also work with bartenders to create
                                                   may begin       their own specialty cocktails to serve at the event which
                                                   by print-       further brands their celebration.
                                                   ing it on
                                                   their in-       The choice of food can also showcase the bride’s and groom’s
                                                   vitations       likes, tastes, and even heritage. For example, if the bride’s
 and then use it on their place cards, linens and center-          family is from Martha’s Vineyard, it might be fun to incor-
 pieces. They may also use flowers that are indigenous to          porate a beach clam bake or if the groom is from Texas, a
 where they are from. For example, if they grew up on the          Southern BBQ would be an enjoyable menu selection.
 Cape, they’ll make bouquets out of hydrangeas. In lieu of
 expensive lighting packages to enhance the look of a              Above all, brides and grooms should stay true to their own
                                                                   style and budget, irrespective of trends. While trends can
                                                                   be thought-provoking and allow couples to think outside

               A PPLAUD
                                                                   the box, the best weddings are those which are warm, inti-
                                                                   mate, and are inspired by the bride and groom’s personal

              W   omen                                             touches!

                                                                   Janie Haas is the owner of Janie Haas Event Consulting. With
                                                                   over 33 years in the industry, Janie has worked with all types
        Vote for Your Favorite NH or MA                            of brides and grooms and planned countless weddings, each
           Wedding Professional at                                 one tailored to the specific interests and preferences of the cou-
        and                          ple getting married. She helped plan it all; from the fun eccen-
                                                                   tric parties to the beautiful traditional ceremonies! The choice
                      Enter to Win $50.
                                                                   is entirely up to the couple! For more information she can
                     Deadline Feb. 18th                            be reached by phoning 978-725-5956 or visit her website at
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                        once in a blue moon -
                            a personal wedding story

                                 By laurie-beth robbins

                                                    It’s said that two halves of one
                                                    soul do unite and come to-
                                                    gether, on rare occasions, and
                                                    become “one.” As for how
                                                    seldom or often that is, who
                                                    really knows?

                                  But a couple things I do know for sure are that
                                  on New Year’s Eve 2009, there was an exquisite
                                  Blue Moon in the sky, a Siberian-esque white-
                                  out of snow pelting down on the coast of New
                                  Hampshire, and two people about to unite as a
                                  “whole,” and with heart!                                       Wedding Bubbly

                                   My lover and I were bedecked in glitzy gold
                                   and white attire, my Champagne saber was
                                   ready (and the bottle of Cristal 2002, a tin of
                                   caviar, and the appropriate accoutrements,
           The Happy Couple        were nearby too). It was
                                   our wedding day after
                                   all. And even though
                                  we were taking vows
                                  which we’d written, in
                                  a very private ceremony
                                  – just ourselves, a JP, our
                                  sweet puppy dogs, and
                                  God – we still deemed
                                  it worth making quite
                                  special and indicative of
                                  our style.

                                  Our snowy nuptials
                                  were marked by deep
                                  warmth; from my fox
                                  fur wrap, and my hus-
                                  band to be stepping on a
                                  Riedel Champagne glass
                                  (the tradition being a
                                  talisman of good luck
                                  in Jewish faith), and our
              The Flowers         poignant words to one                                Cheers!
                                  another, helped blend

Photos by Tammy Byron                                            Winter 2010 67
                               our interfaith marriage quite

                               Certainly too, in the name of
                               supporting local and state-
                               wide businesses, we were
                               very proud to have New
                               Hampshire Justice of The
                               Peace, Diane Foley, officiat-
                               ing over our ceremony, and
                               The Flower Kiosk of Ports-
                               mouth, creating the floral
                               arrangements for our day,
                               and the talented seacoast
                               photographer Tammy By-
                               ron, capturing the pictures
                               just before we wed. And
                               my ring? That’s a Siberian
                               diamond, cut in Israel, and
                               assembled into a “one of a
                               kind” piece, created by Da-
        The Groom              vid Bellman of Bellman’s                      The Bride
                               Jewelers in Manchester. The
                               ring is exquisite of course,
                               and yet my husband is more so! And for such how very
                               lucky am I.

                               And as an old year, decade, and script, was returned to
                               the earth, and a new time began, my sweetheart and I
                               were very grateful - for
                               much. Our “Siberian-
                               esque Snowy Wedding”
                               was very meaningful
                               to us. It was romantic,
                               sexy, beautiful, tear pro-
                               voking, and classy from
                               its start to its finish. We
                               couldn’t have asked for
                               anything more.

                               Yes, perhaps once in a
                               blue moon, the moon
                               and the stars and all the
                               vast cosmic forces which
                               “be,” DO help link two
                               souls together, and in a                      The Family
                               beautiful way. And our
       Bride Closeup

                                                           Photos by Tammy Byron
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                 The Happy Couple

wish is that every person may meet their authentic oth-
er half, and know what that caliber of happiness and
unity is all about.

Cheers and a very happy Twenty Ten to all! Warm
wishes, Chris & Laurie-Beth Robbins.          A


                                                                    125 Coachmans Lane, North Andover, MA 01845
                     The Kiss                                                  ph 978-725-5956 fax 978-725-5535
                                                                      BY: DAN DOKE, 69
                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY Winter 2010 KENNETH BERMAN, ROBERT CASTAGNA
Wedding Checklist - Page 1
T     he key to having the wedding of your dreams instead of the wedding from hell is in the details or rather keeping
      those details well organized. Whether you are planning a large wedding or a small intimate affair you still need to
keep track of what is going on; who is doing what and most especially knowing what needs to be done each step of the
way. You’ll find those steps in the following pages. Keep things simple, give everyone or yourself a deadline so that things
get done in a timely manner and you can check them off your list. The first column is for the initials of the person who is
assigned to this task, next is their due date and once you’ve confirmed that the task is done you can check it off as Done.
You may want to be the person who keeps track of when tasks are done, you might want to assign that to someone else or
you might want to hire a wedding planner for the job. Either way it is important that someone checks to see that each task
is complete.

Make sure that each person has a separate listing of what is required and their due dates.

As the wedding gets nearer, you will need to assign someone to make sure that things come together correctly on your
wedding day. Having someone else do this for you will make things easier and will allow you to just enjoy
your day.


       ASSIGNED                   DATE                   DONE
          TO                      DUE

                                                                         Make announcement to your families.

                                                                         Have engagement ring fitted.

                                                                         Organize engagement party.

                                                                         Make a formal announcement.

                                                                         Send announcement to all appropriate newspapers.

                                                                         Arrange for families to meet each other.

                                                                         Anything special that you would like to add here.

                Use this space to keep track of things that you don’t want to forget. Engagement party ideas. Family sched-
  NOTES:        ules so you know when everyone is available to meet, etc.



                                                    To Access the Full Checklist Click Below

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   Wedding Professional

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                                                      Winter 2010 71
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                                                                Winter 2010 75
Wedding                                 destination weddings

                                                                By Emily Pietro

                           When planning a wedding, the           Wedding is to save money. Properly planned, a Destina-
                           happy couple usually has con-          tion Wedding can save a couple upwards of $20,000 off
                           crete ideas in mind, whether           the cost of a traditional wedding, because it often involves
                           the bride has been planning            fewer guests.
                           this day since childhood, or if
                           the couple has a special tie to        In northern New Hampshire, The Balsams Grand Hotel
                           a local venue that they would          and Resort is host to numerous weddings annually and has
                           like to hold the ceremony at. A        witnessed the trend in destination weddings first hand.
 surprising new trend, however, is rising in the wedding in-
 dustry – destination weddings.                                   “We have experienced a significant increase in couples seek-
                                                                                  ing destination weddings in recent years,”
                                                                                  said The Balsams wedding specialist,
                                                                                  Karen Ahrens. “We’ve had people from
                                                                                  as far as California in this country; and we
                                                                                  recently hosted a bride and groom, their
                                                                                  wedding party and all their guests from
                                                                                  the United Kingdom.” Ahrens added that
                                                                                  couples are looking for activities as well
                                                                                  as amenities; the food and rooms are im-
                                                                                  portant, but they also want golf, tennis,
                                                                                  swimming, skiing, and more depending
                                                                                  on the season.

                                                                                   Ahrens continued, “Some of our destina-
                                                                                   tion weddings have indeed been smaller
                                                                                   than other types of ceremonies, usually
                                                                                   involving close family and friends. Des-
                                                                                   tination weddings can vary in size from
                                                                                   intimate weddings with only close family
                                                                                   and friends to larger weddings with guests
                                                                  flying across county to attend.” The Balsams is among the
 According to a wedding planning          properties that offer special package deals for wedding
 site, which arranges more than 1,000 destination weddings        parties – an approach that also helps manage costs.
 per year, one out of every six couples getting married for
 the first time chooses a destination 200 miles or more from      The same holds true for Mountain View Grand Resort &
 their home. That number rises to 61% for couples getting         Spa, located in Whitefield, NH.
 remarried. The site also states that destination weddings
 have, in recent years, become more accessible to couples         “Mountain View Grand has also noticed an increased inter-
 looking to add spice to their special ceremony; and in fact,     est in winter weddings, and this month will begin offering
 one of the most common reasons to choose a Destination           winter wedding packages that include discounted rental
                                                                  fees, complimentary activities and other value added ben-
 76 APPLAUD Women Winter 2010                                     efits,” said Rick McCarten, director of sales & marketing.
According to The Knot Magazine, Destination Weddings
                                                               Deb Pepka, director of sales for The Inn and Spas at Mill
– which are at least 200 miles from where the bride and
                                                               Falls in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire noted, “We’ve
groom live – definitely are on the rise. McCarten has also
                                                               seen an increase in their winter weddings as more brides
noticed a big surge. “We’re experiencing our busiest year
                                                               and grooms look to take advantage of cost savings during
ever for weddings, with many couples coming from areas
                                                               off-peak times.”
outside of New England seeking more unique experiences
for their friends and family,” he said. “We’ve even started
                                                               DeSouza added that grand ballrooms, historic churches and
offering scenic helicopter rides.”
                                                               country clubs are classic sites, however there are so many
                                                               other unique and stunning settings including country inns
Glen Gardner, director of sales and marketing for M/S Mt.
                                                               with on-site spas, a Victorian steamship to take couples to
Washington Cruises, added “We have seen a doubling of
                                                               the mysterious Star Island of the Isles of Shoals and out-
weddings on the M/S Mount Washington in 2009 and 2010,
                                                               door chapels such as the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge.
more than half of which are from out of state. The natural
beauty of the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire have
                                                                “Combining weddings and honeymoons also are becom-
drawn couples from as far as Edinburgh and Bangkok to
                                                               ing increasingly popular in New Hampshire,” said DeSou-
the unique setting of Lake Winnipesaukee.”
                                                               za. “Instead of hurrying off to catch a plane after the wed-
                                                               ding, newlyweds are opting to relax, linger and explore the
According to Alice DeSouza, Director of The NH Division
                                                               varied regions of the state.”
of Travel & Tourism Development (NH
DTTD).a destination wedding does not
mean that couples have to go to far off
places like Tahiti, Aruba or Europe to find
a magical experience.

“New Hampshire’s varied natural and
historic treasures can be discovered and
enjoyed and become part of a romantic
remembrance, “said DeSouza. “Wedding
photographs can be taken near the ocean
at one of our historic lighthouses; in the
rustic setting of a covered bridge; or a fall
panorama of yellows, oranges, and reds
painting the mountains. The charm and
authenticity of the New Hampshire expe-
rience will resonate with couples and their
guests for years to come.”

Chandra Carson, a young newlywed from
the Washington, D.C. area discovered The Inns and Spas at
Mill Falls, located in the heart of New Hampshire’s historic
                                                               A destination wedding is a great way to add a unique
Lakes Region, while dating her then-boyfriend Kyle, who
                                                               whimsical quality to your big day, and it’s no surprise that
is originally from Henniker, New Hampshire. “I just fell in
                                                               there are some wonderful hidden treasures here in New
love with Church Landing,” says Carson. “The destination
                                                               England. The stress of coordination and transportation is
had everything we wanted – from a charming village set-
                                                               easily reduced, so guests and the happy couple can fully
ting to beautiful surrounding scenery to fabulous, afford-
                                                               focus on what the day is all about: a lifetime of love and
able accommodations for our wedding party and guests.
                                                               having a great time.                                      A
And the hospitality was just superb.”
                                                                             Winter 2010 77
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