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					                 Car Insurance, Essential Information About Excess

An overpayment is the fixed contribution you must pay each time when your
car is repaired through your car insurance. Normally, the payment

directly to the accident repair, when you pick up the car. If your car is
declared a rejection will deduct your insurance

Deductible agreed compensation to you.

If the accident was the fault of the other driver, which is adopted by

Insurer of the others, you will be able to receive payments through the
insurance of the other person. But what if the other driver is


All drivers know that there is a legal obligation (under Article 143 of
the 1988 Act) have insurance for damages,

to cause others. But many unit without insurance. An estimate of the
incidence of uninsured driving in the UK is difficult to achieve and

For obvious reasons, these drivers to break the law involved in every
reason to keep quiet about it.

Calculations Department

To transport suspect that in the UK around 5% of the vehicles are driven
without valid insurance. This group of people not only impose costs on

Motorists in the form of higher premiums, but their presence on our roads
also represents a serious danger to other road users. Therefore,

Driving is increasingly seen as a major social problem.

But driving without insurance is not a victimless crime. If you have an

with an uninsured driver and the accident was not your fault, the repair
cost of the national insurance office ", which is funded paid

fully by the industry or by your insurer. Therefore, if you are involved
in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, you are eventually

Car repaired, but you still have to pay the excess, and that nobody
recover its excess.
What is a compulsory excess?

A mandatory

Excess of the minimum excess of your insurance your insurance company
will accept. Minimum excess depends on your personal data

and driving record and insurance. Today the average excess is about 100
€, but younger drivers could be faced with excesses of up to € 500

- Could accommodate older drivers and more experience with good driving a
surplus of only $ 50 will be offered.

So, what is deductible?

Reduce your insurance premium, you can have more excess compulsory excess
demanded by your insurance company to pay. Their volunteer

Excess of the additional amount above the compulsory excess in case of a
claim that you agree to pay on the policy. How large excess

reduces the financial risk carried by your insurer, the insurer I can
offer you a significantly lower premium.

The garage has repaired my car

but it will not release the car too, until I pay the excess policy. Is
that true?

Yes, it is common practice. But ensure that the insight

Car if he collects. Make sure that the repair is perfect. Then make sure
you keep your receipt for the overpayment as you need,

this. If you ask an insurance against third And just in case there is a
dispute, it's a good idea to ensure that the repair

is a repair program. This shows a list of all repairs made to your car.

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