K-12 PE Scope and Sequence: Kindergarten by qlJJ5I


									K-12 PE Scope and Sequence: Kindergarten

    Standard            Priority Benchmark        Unit of Study           Unit of Study            Units of Study                   Cross Content
                                 (s)                 (team)               (individual)                 (body                         Integration
Standard 1:                   Demonstrate           Toss a variety of      Strikes slow           Discovers balance       Science: identify a variety of
                               progress towards       objects                 moving or               using variety of body   animals to travel in various
Demonstrates                   functional            Receives rolled         stationary              parts                   ways
competency in                  performance of         objects                 objects with           Responds to
motor skills and               locomotor, non-                                body parts              rhythmic beat
movement patterns              locomotor,                                                            Interprets music with
needed to perform a            manipulative                                                           creative movements
variety of physical            and creative
activities.                    movement skills

Standard 2:                   Establish a           Recognizes             Understands            Knows how to starts,
                               beginning              differences and         prepositional           stop and tag safely
Demonstrates                   movement               generalizations         language related       Understands
understanding of               vocabulary and         between dribbling       to locomotor,           personal and general
movement concepts,             identify               with hands and          non-locomotor,          space
principles,                    fundamental            feet as well as         and                    Understands
strategies, and                movement               fleeing and             manipulative            variations in speed
tactics as they apply          patterns and           chasing                 skills                  and level
to the learning and            body parts.
performance of
physical activities

Standard 3:                   Able to safely        Participates in a      Jumps a turned         Participates in
                               monitor personal       variety of low          rope                    climbing and
Participates                   exertion               organized/high         Participates in         tumbling skills
regularly in physical         Self selects a         activity games          stations
activity                       variety of

    Standard            Priority Benchmark        Unit of Study           Unit of Study            Units of Study                   Cross Content
                                 (s)                 (team)               (individual)                 (body                         Integration
Standard 4:               Sustain                Participates in a       Hop on 1 foot     Explain basic physical
                           Moderate to             variety of low           for 10 seconds    reactions to occur during
Achieves and               vigorous                organized/ high         Demonstrate       exercise
maintains a health-        physical activity       activity games           locomotion in
enhancing level of         (MVPA) for 1-3                                   time with music
physical fitness.          minutes
                          Identify how
                           body feels
                           during different
                           kinds of physical
                           activity (PA)

Standard 5:               With assistance        Demonstrates fair       Shares                    Moves safely during
                           apply classroom         play                     equipment                  exploratory activities
Exhibits responsible       rules
personal and social       Play with a
behavior that              variety of other
respects self and          students
others in physical
activity settings.

Standard 6:               Try new                Chooses a variety       Self initiates            Smiles during
                           activities              of partners              active play                movement
Values physical           Enjoy movement         Properly                Chooses a                 Responds positively
activity for health,                               tags/accepts tags        variety of                 when asked about
enjoyment,                                         from others              activities                 movement
challenge, self-
expression, and/or
social interaction.

K-12 PE Scope and Sequence: First Grade

       Standard               Priority              Units of Study (Team)               Units of Study             Units of Study (Body    Cross
                           Benchmarks(s)                                              (individual/dual)                control and        Content
                                                                                                                                    awareness)             Integration
Standard 1:                       Travel in                    Toss and catch a                Bounces and catches              Creates a variety of      
                                   relationship to               variety of objects with          ball alone                        shapes and forms
Demonstrates                       objects                       partner                         Strike stationary                 alone and with
competency in motor               Change directions            Locomotor and non-               objects with hands and            others
skills and movement                quickly in response           locomotor follow the             feet                             Performs simple
patterns needed to                 to signal                     leader                                                             folk dances
perform a variety of              Functional                                                                                      Interprets music
physical activities.               demonstration of                                                                                 with creative
                                   locomotor, non-                                                                                  movement
                                   locomotor and
                                   manipulative skills

Standard 2:                       Increase movement            Knows that muscles in           Knows that bones are             Recognizes that
                                   vocabulary                    the lower body help              the framework of the              focal points help in
Demonstrates                      Identify basic                with locomotion/                 body                              balance
understanding of                   functions of muscles          kicking and upper
movement concepts,                 and bones                     helps with throwing/
principles, strategies,           Apply basic                   pushing
and tactics as they apply          biomechanics to
to the learning and                movement
performance of physical

Standard 3:                       Physically engage in         Participates in low             Participates in jump             Participates in arm
                                   a variety of                  organized games                  rope activities                   support and basic
Participates regularly in          activities and               Encourages others to            Participates in station           fitness activities
physical activity.                 settings                      sustain MVPA                     fitness work                     Explains why blood
                                  Identify how body                                                                                flows faster during
                                   feels during PA                                                                                  exercise
                                  Sustain MVPA for
                                   3-5 minutes

Standard                    Priority Benchmarks(s)        Units of Study (Team)            Units of Study                   Units of Study (Body           Cross Content
                                                                                           (individual/dual)                control and awareness)         Integration
Standard 4:                       Recognize that there         Participates in “never-        Students will                   Uses stretching to
                                  are components of           ending” low organized           strengthen postural           increase flexibility
Achieves and maintains            fitness                     games                           muscles so they do not
a health-enhancing level         Students will                                               need to lean against
of physical fitness.              engage postural                                             walls, objects or
                                  muscles                                                     others
Standard 5:                      With teacher               Chooses spaces large           Jumps rope safely in         Moves safely during
                                  reinforcement,              enough to work safely           personal space                exploratory
Exhibits responsible              students will apply         with partners                  Freezes with control          activities
personal and social               classroom rules,           Engages in a variety of         on teacher cue               Participates with
behavior that respects            rituals, and routines       activities with different      Shows involvement in          effort
self and others in               Students will stop          partners                        everyday activities
physical activity settings.       and sit safely
                                  (without sliding)
                                 Positive interactions
                                  with others
Standard 6:                      Recognize                  Uses verbal and non-           Ready to participate at      Positively
                                  opportunities for PA        verbal skills to share          he start of class             encourages others to
Values physical activity         Associates positive         emotions with others                                          express themselves
for health, enjoyment,            feelings with PA                                                                          through movement
challenge, self-
expression, and/or social
K-12 PE Scope and Sequence : Second Grade

       Standard                 Priority               Units of Study              Units of Study           Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                (Team)                 (Individual/dual)           (control and             Integration
Standard 1:                      Demonstrate             Catch a bounced           Jumps a self-            Performs a
                                  chasing, dodging         or thrown ball             turned rope in a          number of
Demonstrates                      and progress             from a partner             variety of ways           tumbling skills
competency in motor               toward mature           Plays a variety of                                  Rhythmic folk
skills and movement               forms of                 tag games                                            dances such as
patterns needed to                locomotor, non-         Strikes a moving                                     lummi sticks,
perform a variety of              locomotor and            object                                               tinikling, etc.
physical activities.              manipulative            Dribbles objects
                                  skills                   with hands and
                                 Demonstrate a            feet
                                  variety of
Standard 2:                      Demonstrates            Understands               Understand the           Perform a simple
                                  motor skill              sequence of                concept of force          routine using
Demonstrates                      patterns in simple       activities                 generation                locomotor skills
understanding of                  combinations             (example: base            Corrects                  modified for
movement concepts,               5 components of          running=                   movement errors           aesthetic or
principles, strategies, and       fitness                  kick/strike/ throw         in response to            expressive value
tactics as they apply to                                   then run)                  teacher feedback
the learning and                                                                     Identify an
performance of physical                                                               activity associated
activities.                                                                           with each of the 5
                                                                                      components of
Standard 3:                      Students will           Works with others         Creates a jump           Demonstrate more
                                  identify and             on age appropriate         rope routine              advanced
Participates regularly in         participate in at        activities to              combining                 tumbling and
physical activity.                least one activity       prepare for fitness        multiple skills           balance skills in
                                  related to a             testing                   Explore racquet           isolation and in a
                                  component of            Takes turns fairly         skills with safety        routine
                                  fitness                  in a small group           and control              Work with others
                                 Students will                                                                 to create an
                                  express pleasure                                                              expressive
                                  from participating                                                            movement
                                  in a variety of                                                               sequence
       Standard                 Priority                Units of Study              Units of Study           Units of Study            Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                 (Team)                 (Individual/dual)           (control and              Integration
Standard 4:                      Sustained MVPA           Encourages                Understands              Able to support
                                  5-12 minutes              teammates to use           relationship of           one’s body on a
Achieves and maintains a         Participates in           aerobic activity           heart rate to             variety of body
health-enhancing level of         activities related        and dynamic                cardiovascular            parts
physical fitness.                 to components of          stretches as a             effort and fitness       Able to swim 1
                                  fitness to prepare        warm up for                                          lap***
                                  for fitness testing       activities
Standard 5:                      Apply rules,             Uses equipment            Able to identify         Completes
                                  procedures and            safely and                 emotional                 cooperative motor
Exhibits responsible              safe practices with       appropriately              reactions to              skill routine with
personal and social               few reminders            Encourages and             activity situations       partner or small
behavior that respects           Work                      praises successes         Begins to                 group
self and others in physical       cooperatively with        of others                  recognize
activity settings.                partners and             Generate solutions         personal strengths
                                  groups                    to interpersonal           and areas for
                                 Practice conflict         conflict with adult        development
                                  resolution skills         assistance
Standard 6:                      Try new                  Appreciate the            Self-engagement          Seeks out
                                  games/skills for          value of increased         in incremental            opportunities to
Values physical activity          challenge                 fluency with               challenges in             increase
for health, enjoyment,           Enjoy interaction         locomotor, non-            skills such as            complexity of
challenge, self-expression,       with others               locomotor and              jump rope,                balance and body
and/or social interaction.                                  manipulative               juggling and              control skills in a
                                                            skills                     others.                   variety of settings
K-12 PE Scope and Sequence : Third Grade

       Standard                 Priority                Units of Study             Units of Study           Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                 (Team)                (Individual/dual)           (control and             Integration
Standard 1:                      Demonstrate              Lead up games to         Modified versions        Performs mixer
                                  mature form of all        traditional team          of traditional            dances
Demonstrates                      locomotor                 sports (such as           individual sports        Balances in
competency in motor               patterns                  sideline soccer,          (such as                  inverted positions
skills and movement
                                 Use manipulative          etc.)                     pickleball, etc.)        Able to hear and
patterns needed to                                                                                              respond to a
                                  skills in game
perform a variety of                                                                                            variety of beats
physical activities.                                                                                            and tempos with
Standard 2:                      Demonstrate an           Aligns body with         Modifies                 Able to describe
                                  understanding of          pathway of ball           performance in            movement using
Demonstrates                      elements of dance         when receiving            response to self          appropriate
understanding of
                                 Use movement             Modifies                  assessment                vocabulary
movement concepts,
                                  cues to assess self       performance in           Describes basic          Uses principals of
principles, strategies, and                                                           principles of             biomechanics to
                                  and peers                 response to peer
tactics as they apply to                                                              biomechanics              improve
the learning and                 Identify major            assessment
                                                                                      related to                performance
performance of physical           muscle groups            Describe speed,           performance           
activities.                       and bones                 agility, power and
                                 Know the 5                balance as related
                                  primary                   to skill execution
                                  components of
                                  fitness and begin
                                  to understand
Standard 3:                      Learn to focus on        Participates in a        Participates in a        Participates in
                                  cues and adjust           variety of more           variety of lifetime       gymnastics or
Participates regularly in         performance               complex lead up           recreation                dance routine
physical activity.               Participate in a          games                     activities such as        production with a
                                  variety of                                          swimming and              partner or group
                                  activities                                          cycling
       Standard                 Priority               Units of Study              Units of Study          Units of Study             Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                (Team)                 (Individual/dual)          (control and               Integration
Standard 4:                      Sustained MVPA          Emphasis on a             Understanding of      Plan and execute
                                  for 8-15 minutes         ctive participation        the relationship         a number of
Achieves and maintains a         Identify the             in team and lead           between physical         activities to
health-enhancing level of         anatomy and              up activities              fitness and              improve areas of
physical fitness.                 physiology of the                                   individual success       fitness
                                  cardiovascular                                      in a variety of
                                  system                                              activities
                                 Related personal
                                  performance to
                                  grade level
                                  standards on
                                  fitness assessment
Standard 5:                      Applies rules,          Acknowledges              Corrects                Is able to
                                  procedures and           other student              inappropriate            celebrate personal
Exhibits responsible              safe practices           strengths                  actions/behaviors        successes while
personal and social               without reminders       Begins to identify         with minimal             respecting others
behavior that respects            from adults                                         teacher
self and others in
                                 Understand               conflict before it         intervention
physical activity settings.
                                  etiquette for            escalates                 Accepts losing and
                                  various activities                                  wining with grace
                                 Identify and
                                  describe negative
                                  feelings in self
                                  before conflict
Standard 6:                      Experience              Demonstrate               Chooses                 Reflects
                                  enjoyment while          patience by letting        games/activities         positively on
Values physical activity          participating in         all classmates             that capitalize on       participation in all
for health, enjoyment,            PA                       participate                personal strengths       activities or offers
challenge, self-                                                                                               alternatives when
expression, and/or social                                                                                      not enjoying an
interaction.                                                                                                   activity
K-12 PE Scope and Sequence : Fourth Grade

       Standard                 Priority                Units of Study             Units of Study          Units of Study            Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                 (Team)                (Individual/dual)          (control and              Integration
Standard 1:                      Adapt locomotor,         Introductory             Introductory            Create tinikling or
                                  non-locomotor             modified team             modified                 jump band routine
Demonstrates                      and manipulative          sports such as            individual/dual
competency in motor               skills to dynamic         soccer and                sports such as
skills and movement               and unpredictable         ultimate frisbee          tennis and track
patterns needed to                environments                                        and field
perform a variety of             Apply combined
physical activities.              skills in lead up
                                  game activities
Standard 2:                      Understand               Performs                 Performs                Performs
                                  biomechanics of           examples of and           examples of and          examples of and
Demonstrates                      skill performance         describes concepts        describes concepts       describes concepts
understanding of                  in order to provide       such as person-to-        such as                  such as balance in
movement concepts,                skill feedback to         person defense            opposition, point        terms of center of
principles, strategies, and       to others                                           of release,              mass and base of
tactics as they apply to                                                              propulsion and           support
the learning and                                                                      inertia
performance of physical
Standard 3:                      Analyze personal         Research and/or          Research and/or         Research and/or
                                  movement                  be exposed to             be exposed to            be exposed to
Participates regularly in         experience to             ways team                 ways                     ways body
physical activity.                begin to make             activities can be         individual/dual          control/expression
                                  conclusions about         accessed/participa        activities can be        activities can be
                                  activities that           ted in outside of         accessed/participa       accessed/participa
                                  students enjoy            physical education        ted in outside of        ted in outside of
                                                                                      physical education       physical education

Standard 4:                      Identify and             Investigates             Utilizes jump rope      Understands
                                  participate in            plyometrics to            to increase              relationship of
Achieves and maintains a          activities related        increase muscular         cardiovascular           energy in/energy
health-enhancing level of         to each 5 areas of        strength and              fitness                  out to body
physical fitness.                 fitness                   endurance                                          composition
       Standard                 Priority               Units of Study             Units of Study          Units of Study            Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                (Team)                (Individual/dual)          (control and              Integration
Standard 5:                      Students will           Participate in           Participate in          Independently
                                  work                     group lead up             small group lead         practice body
Exhibits responsible              independently for        games that include        up games that            control/expression
personal and social               short periods of         teams sport skills        include                  skills without
behavior that respects            time                     without direct            individual/dual          interfering wit the
self and others in physical                                adult intervention        sport skills             work of others
activity settings.                                                                   without direct
                                                                                     adult intervention
Standard 6:                      Identifies              Identifies               Identifies              Identifies
                                  strengths that the       strengths, skills,        strengths, skills,       strengths, skills,
Values physical activity          student brings to        appreciation and          appreciation and         appreciation and
for health, enjoyment,            movement                 understands in            understandings in        understands in
challenge, self-expression,       experiences              team activities           individual/dual          body
and/or social interaction.                                                           activities               control/expression
K-12 PE Scope and Sequence : Fifth Grade

       Standard                 Priority                Units of Study             Units of Study          Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                 (Team)                (Individual/dual)          (control and             Integration
Standard 1:                       Manipulate              Effectively serves       Directs a shot to       Performs a dance
                                   objects with             a ball and shoots         an undefended            or tumbling
Demonstrates                       speed and                at a goal as in           area of the court        routine with an
competency in motor                accuracy                 volleyball and           Juggles three            object(s)
skills and movement               Demonstrate              floor hockey              objects                 Perform
patterns needed to                 beginning                and/or team                                        beginning line
perform a variety of               strategies               handball                                           dances such as
physical activities.              Create movement          Moves to an                                       Cupid Shuffle,
                                   sequences in a           open space to                                      Electric Slide and
                                   variety of               receive a pass                                     Hustle
                                   contexts with a
                                   beginning, a
                                   middle and an
Standard 2:                      Describe                 Apply principals         Apply principals        Apply principals
                                  components of             of the five               of the five              of the five
Demonstrates                      fitness                   components of             components of            components of
understanding of                                            fitness to                fitness to               fitness to
movement concepts,                                          improvement of            improvement of           improvement of
principles, strategies, and                                 ability in team           ability in               ability in body
tactics as they apply to                                    sports                    individual/dual          control/expression
the learning and                                                                      sports                   activities
performance of physical
Standard 3:                      Select and               Identifies               Identifies              Identifies
                                  participates              community                 community                community
Participates regularly in         regularly in              resources to              resources to             resources to
physical activity.                physical activities       support team              support                  support body
                                  for the purposes          activities                individual/dual          control/
                                  of enjoyment and          Engages in team          activities               expressive
                                  improving                 activities in            Engages in               activities
                                  skills/fitness            physical                  individual/dual         Engages in body
                                                            education, at             activities in            control/expressive
                                                            recess and outside        physical                 activities in
                                                            of the school day         education, at            physical
                                                                                      recess and outside       education, at
                                                                                      of the school day        recess and outside
                                                                                                               of the school day
       Standard                 Priority               Units of Study              Units of Study           Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                (Team)                 (Individual/dual)           (control and             Integration
Standard 4:                      Understands             Participates in           Lists physical           Participates in
                                  relationship             fitness stations to        activities to             district-wide
Achieves and maintains a          between                  improve fitness            improve                   standardized
health-enhancing level of         training/experienc       assessments                components of             fitness assessment
physical fitness.                 e and results on                                    fitness
                                  fitness testing
Standard 5:                      Students will use       Accepts                   Self-selects a           Record fitness,
                                  time wisely when         individual                 variety of partners       skill and game
Exhibits responsible              given the                responsibility for         without adult             results accurately
personal and social               opportunity to           organizing diverse         direction and
behavior that respects            practice and             groups and                 works with novel
self and others in physical       improve                  accomplishing              partners to
activity settings.                performance              tasks                      accomplish
Standard 6:                      Celebrate personal      Offer valid and           Offer valid and          Works alone or
                                  and peer successes       relevant                   relevant                  with others to
Values physical activity         Design games,            encouragement              encouragement             design dances and
for health, enjoyment,            dances and               and praise to team         and praise to             gymnastic
challenge, self-expression,       gymnastic                members                    partners                  routines
and/or social interaction.        routines that are       Collectively              Work together to
                                  personally               design modified            design modified
                                  interesting              or novel games             or novel games
K-12 PE Scope and Sequence : Sixth Grade

       Standard                 Priority                Units of Study             Units of Study           Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                 (Team)                (Individual/dual)           (control and             Integration
Standard 1:                      Demonstrate              Pass and receive a       Rally over a net         Demonstrate the
                                  increasing                variety of objects        with forehand and         patterns of basic
Demonstrates                      competence in             including                 backhand shots in         partner social
competency in motor               more specialized          basketballs and           tennis/pickleball/        dances such as
skills and movement               skills                    footballs in a            badminton                 polka, salsa, etc.
patterns needed to                                          modified game
perform a variety of                                        setting.
physical activities.
Standard 2:                      Compare and              Describe skill           Identify parts of        Define and
                                  contrast skill            commonalities             skills and provide        participate in
Demonstrates                      performance               and differences           feedback to others        warm up and cool
understanding of                  elements in               between common           Receive multiple          down activities to
movement concepts,                fundamental and           team sports               types of                  improve
principles, strategies, and       specialized motor        Diagram where to          thrown/struck             performance of
tactics as they apply to          skills for optimal        play in zone and          objects while             skills
the learning and                  performance               person to person          traveling
performance of physical          Identify and apply        defenses
activities.                       basic offensive          Understand
                                  and defensive             aerobic/anaerobic
                                  strategies                exercise in team
                                 Identify principles       sports
                                  of practice and
                                  conditioning to
                                  including the
                                  F.I.T.T. principle
Standard 3:                      Begin to                 Access and               Access and               Use movement to
                                  document fitness          document                  document                  explore academic
Participates regularly in         goals, progress           participation in          participation in          content in
physical activity.                and activity              community                 team/individual           physical education
                                  participation in          opportunities to          and/or expressive         and throughout
                                  and outside of            participate in            activities                the school day
                                  physical education        team/individual           throughout the           Encourage one
                                 Willingly seek out        and/or expressive         school day,               another to
                                  a variety of              activities                including at recess       investigate and
                                  activities in                                       and as a way of           participate in
                                  physical education                                  expressing content        novel Physical
                                  classes                                             understanding             Education
                                                                                      outside of PE             activities
       Standard                 Priority                Units of Study             Units of Study           Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                 (Team)                (Individual/dual)           (control and             Integration
Standard 4:                      Begins to set            Explain each of          Set and document         Understands basic
                                  fitness goals based       the F.I.T.T.              progress toward           anatomy and
Achieves and maintains a          on fitness                principles and            fitness goals based       physiology related
health-enhancing level of         assessment results        how they relate to        on data from              to fitness
physical fitness.                                           individual                district-wide
                                                            assessment based          assessment
Standard 5:                      Demonstrate              Cooperates to            Work with others         Proactively seeks
                                  personal and              create or                 to create solutions       positive solutions
Exhibits responsible              social                    implement game            to movement               to potential
personal and social               responsibility            rules and scoring         challenges                conflict without
behavior that respects            throughout the            without adult             without adult             adult intervention
self and others in physical       community                 assistance in a           intervention
activity settings.                                          variety of lead up
                                                            team games
Standard 6:                      Recognize                Express                  Seek out                 Encourages others
                                  physical activity         appreciation about        opportunities for         to join them in
Values physical activity          as personally             participating in a        challenge and skill       physical activity
for health, enjoyment,            challenging and           variety of group          development               within and outside
challenge, self-expression,       socially enjoyable        activities                                          of physical
and/or social interaction.                                                                                      education and the
                                                                                                                school day
K-12 PE Scope and Sequence: Seventh Grade
Overarching Questions: How do I work with others to gain gross motor skills, knowledge of physical fitness/activity, an appreciation for
movement and improve my physical fitness?
    Guiding Questions:

       Standard                 Priority                 Units of Study              Units of Study           Units of Study           Cross Content
                              Benchmark(s)                  (Team)                 (Individual/dual)           (control and             Integration
Standard 1:                      Demonstrate               Execute skills            Execute skills           Execute skills
                                  increasing                 necessary for team         necessary for             necessary for
Demonstrates                      competence in              sports such as             individual/dual           expressive/body
competency in motor               modified versions          soccer, ultimate           sports such as            control activities
skills and movement               of a variety of            frisbee,                   track and field,          such in a variety
patterns needed to                skill development          basketball,                tennis, badminton,        of social dances
perform a variety of              opportunities              volleyball, floor          pickleball, and
physical activities.              related to team,           hockey, and flag           golf etc.
                                  individual/dual            football etc.
                                  and expressive
Standard 2:                      Understand how            Understands the           Understands the          Understands the
                                  to calculated              three-four cues            three-four cues           three-four cues
Demonstrates                      Target Heart Rate          associated with            associated with           associated with
understanding of                  and Heart Rate             team related skills        individual/dual           expressive/body
movement concepts,                Zone (60%- 80%            Generalize,                related skills            control activities
principles, strategies, and       of THR)                    compare and               Generalize,               in a variety of
tactics as they apply to
                                 Apply the F.I.T.T.         contrast team              compare and               social dances
the learning and
                                  principle to fitness       sports/activities          contrast individual      Master repeatedly
performance of physical                                                                 sports/activities         used patterns in
                                  goals setting and
activities.                                                                                                       social/fold dances
                                  program planning
                                                                                                                  and generalize
                                 Demonstrate                                                                     those to other
                                  understanding of                                                                dances
                                  offense and
                                  defense strategy
                                  models in and out
                                  of game contexts
                                 Utilize non-fiction
                                  writing strategies
                                  to process
                                  material and
                                  understanding of a
                                  variety of
                                  related topics
                                 Understand the
                                  importance of
                                  movement and
                                  dance as a tool for
                                  physical fitness
Standard 3:                      Students will
                                  participate in a
Participates regularly in         variety of new and
physical activity.                challenging
                                  lifelong and daily
                                  physical activities
Standard 4:                      Meet goals related
                                  to components of
Achieves and maintains a          fitness and
health-enhancing level of         assessments
physical fitness.
Standard 5:                      Choose to work
                                  with a variety of
Exhibits responsible              others in self-
personal and social               selected
behavior that respects            partner/groups
self and others in physical      Will display
activity settings.                socially
                                 Works to resolve
                                  conflicts without
                                  adult assistance
Standard 6:                      Show enjoyment
                                  with movement
Values physical activity         Celebrate cultures
for health, enjoyment,            and self
challenge, self-expression,       expression in
and/or social interaction.        movement and

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