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									Why Auto Repair Manuals Save So Much
By Wikrama Yudha

Here are quick tips save fuel and save the environment for those of you who have a BMW type vehicle.
But not just for BMW only, these tips can also be applied to other cars but the difference lies only in the
technology in cars.

There are two tricks to save fuel, namely:

1. Is to perform regular service in accordance with usage guide. Do check the tire pressure regularly, at
least once a month. Adjust the load or weight to be transported. And reduce the burden and tools that
are not needed in the cabin and trunk. Because there is a habit that sometimes the car owner to let the
goods which is rarely required to remain in his car. for example, drink boxes, tool boxes or personal
equipment. When all is removed, then the fuel can be saved up to 3 percent.

2. Do not use electronic features or car accessories that are not needed. For example, in tropical
countries like Indonesia, heated seats clearly is a waste so you can reduce this sort of thing unless it is
required as in European countries. Cabin Conditioning (AC) if it is not necessary to reduce the burden of
a car engine, or select the cooling mode the most lightweight, this can be found in car accessories shops.

So if you can really take advantage of the contents of your vehicle, then you can save more on your own
finances further. Take away the things that are not needed in your car so much you can get from saving
fuel, saving space and also saves you money in the purchase of motor fuel.

If you have a BMW or want to buy, bmw owners manual is what you may need.

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