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    decades of experience in aviation insurance. and we
are uniquely qualified to provide ABS members a little
"plane talk" about their individual Insurance requirements.

The ABS Program is one of the most comprehensive
insurance programs available in the industry today and
features expanded coverages, access to a variety of
underwriters and competitive rates. The professional
Falcon staff is dedicated to serving ABS members with an
insurance program that is setting the standard for the
industry. Call today for same day quotes and coverage.

 Falcon Insurance Agency is the Insurance Program Manager for the
               1-800-2S9-4ABS (4227)
                            Fax: 512-89 1-8483
                   P.O. Box 92409 • Austin. Texas 78735
  "When my wife and I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona,
 I had the good fortune to buy 7936R. This plane had
 been in the same hangar at San Carlos since new and
 only had 1,800 hours total time. It had been babied
 a long all those years and was in excellent condition:
                                                                         - Dr. Len Vinci

         y first attempt to become an          widow who had no use for the plane

M       aviator came when I decided to
        drop out of a predental program
        at the early age of 18 and join the
 Air Force. Much to my dismay, the Air
 Force advised me to finish college and
                                               after her husband died. This plane had
                                              been in the same hangar at San Carlos
                                              since new and only had 1.800 hours
                                              total time. I knew firsthand that it had
                                              been babied along aU those years and,
 then come back with a degree in hand.        other than the original panel, was in
    Though I did return to school. my         exceUent condition.
degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery did          I realized from the beginning that I      after my "interesting" flight home, I
 not lend itself weU to the ski U neces-      would need to upgrade the panel, but my       decided to immediately undertake a
sary for an Air Force pilot. I did spend      trip to bring the plane to Arizona made       panel renovation.
three years as a Navy dental officer and,     me realize how much needed to be done.           Ittook more than a year before I found
after setting up my practice in the San       I barely could communicate with ATC           two partners (Norm DeShon, a retired
Francisco area, r still had this yearning     on one of the COolS. eedless to say,          Northwest captain, and Robert (Bob)
to fly. In 1979 J decided to stan taking                                                    Kimmel, a retired attorney) that J felt fit
flying lessons at the San Carlos Airport.                                                   the comfort zone to which I was accus-
    I was a partner in a Cessna 172, a                                                      tomed. Together, we have about 30,000
Mooney Super 21 and then for 18 years                                                       hours of flying time. Norm, of course,
shared a beautiful 1979 A36 with two                                                        sports close to 24,000! Great partners!
close friends. Not until I retired in March                                                    In February 2000 we decided to
1998 did [ give up this wonderful pan-                                                      change the look of 36R. After drawing
nership as weU as an airplane I loved.                                                      several schematics and having both my
    When my wife and I moved to                                                             panners agree, we had the plane painted
Scottsdale, Arizona. I had the good for-      The new interior Included a custom-designed   (not your usual Bonanza scheme!) and
tune to buy 7936R from an old friend 's       upholstery treatment.                                          contillued 011 page 7047
                                                                      DECEM BE R 2001 • VOLUM E 01 ' NUM BER 12

MAG A Z                                         N E                     CO V E R
                     (lSSN \S24·S438)
   Published by A~1ER I CAN 80NAt'-'ZA SOCIETY                        7039          BONANZA OF THE MONTH: Dr. Len Vinci's 1969 V35A
               Ol-pnizedJanuuy 1967
                                                                                    Bonanza parked at the airport in Scottsdale, Arizona.


ABS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                7043           RECAP OF ABS MOBILE CONVENTION
Nancy Johnson
                                                                       7053          "IF YOU STILL NEED CONVINCING ... "
1922 Midfield Road                                                                   By Thomas Turner
P.O. Box 12888
Wichita, KS 67277
316·945-1700                                                           7087          WHAT ABS DID FOR ME
Fax 316-945-1710
ADS website:                                                   By Willis Hawkills
ASS e-mail:
Send articles/lel1ers to the                                           7089          MOBILE BAY TO HUDSON BAY
above address/lax/e-mail.                                                            By Bill Stovall
Betty Rowley
                                                                       7072          CONVENTION FLIGHTS
ART OIRECfOR                                                                         By Jolm Miller
Jim Simpson
Patrie Rowley                                                          7073          HOW TO REMOVE PAINT IMPERFECTIONS
DISPLAY ADVERTISING DIRECTOR                                                         By Sleven Oxman
John ShtXmaker
2779 Aero Park Drive, P.O. Box 968
Tra... ene City, MI 49684                                              7078          ABS LIFE MEMBERS
1-800-773-7798. eXi . 3317

Village Press. Traverse City. Michigan                                   DEPARTMENTS
AMERICAN 8O~A:-''ZA SOClETY MA(iAZL''E I~ pubh$hed
monthly by the American BonaDu SOCIC1~ at _he Wichita                   7041   PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS                   7081     FORUM                                    AD SECTION
\tlli-ConuDau Airpon. 1922 ~Udfield ROIId. \\ ichll... KS 67209.
The price of a )ur\)' subscripllon i5 Included in Ihe annlla! dacs             by Harold 8os1                                                                           7058A
($4S) of Sociel)' members. ~ ~ paid .. \\~1C1uta.                                                                     7063     AVIONICS
Karuas, and ldditiOl\llI mailing offitt"l.                              7048   TECH TIPS!                                      by Jim Hughes
1\0 pan ofml~ poblieatioQ 1JIIi~ bI: rqmnlcd «dop!i~t:d IUIb-                  COLVIN'S CORNER
OUIIIIe wnuen permi5S'Qn of,hc &lnor in Chref.                                                                                                                          SERVICE CLINIC
The Soaety add Publiwr eaRI)(lI .capt =POn§.ilntny for Ik
                                                                               by Frank £vonega, Neil Poban z         7074     REGIONAL NEWS                            SCHEDULE
cotte(:!ness or IICCUTlCV of !he m.auen .Printed herein or for any             alld Arky Foullc.                                                                        7068
opIIIIORS e.o;prffied. OPni~ of Ih£ £diu or COIIIII"butcn 1io DOt                                                     7075     INSURANCE
1leCeSSIIity ~~ the !'OSmOl! of'lhe Soc,ety. PIIbhsher rcSCr\IQ
!lie riahllO re,ect Illy matcnal wbJrwtkd for pvbUcIoon.
                                                                        7052   TECH NOTES                                      by John Allen, FalcollJnsurallce
Copy and pbOlO(lriphi SUbmitltd for publication sbalt ~                                                                                                                 BPPP SCHEDULE
eM ~ fII tilt Sodtt]. ud .... IIat be rtturDed.Arudcs                   7056   CURRENTS                               7077     GROUND CONTROL                           7068
sobmmed wnll ptCturtS ~oewt publication pn:fcrelltt.                           by Lew Gage                                     by Nancy JollnSOIl
CIIn.u- &. Muktl--SSO (US). Fllre1gn-S80 (US)
ufe membmttJp--.S1.W1.
                                                                        7059   ABS MEDICAL PANEL                      7078     CALENDAR
Coman ASS Headquaners for dttait~.                                             by 10/111 Hastings, M.D.
POSTMASTER Send addle~~ cha.nle~ 10 AMERICAN
BONANZA SOCfcrY MAGItZlNE, P.O. Box 121188, Wich,lI, KS
67V7·2883.                                      C~2001

Board 01 Directors                                            Term expires                                           Term expires                                               Term expires

HAROLD 8OST, Presidenl (Area J)                                      2003 JOHN D. HASTINGS, M.D. Secretary {AI. Large) 2002         CRA IG R. BAILEY (A... 4)                          2004
760 Birkdale Dri ... e. Fa)·ette\illc. GA 30215                           1432 S. Ne\\-pon A,·e. Tulsa, OK 74120                    2518 Colony Ave.. Lindenhursl. IL 60046
Phone 770-7 19·0638, fax 770-719-9826                                     Phone 918-747-7517. fax. 918-742-7947                     Phone 847-646-8866, fax 847-646-7768
e-mail HBostrnail                                                e-maiJ                                 e·mail
JAC K THREADGIL .... V        .r.(Area 5)                            2002 JAMES E. SOK (Arta I)                             2004    JACK CRONIN (AIU 6)                                2003
1602 Brook Hollow Drive, Bryan, TX 77802                                  9 Spruce Dr.• PO Box 1895. Lakc... ille, CT 06039         261 ViDe SUttt, Den\'er. CO 80206
Phone 979·779·7155. fax 979-775·7432                                      Phone 860-364·4010. fax 860-435·6114                      Phone 303-333-3000. rax 303-333-2000
e-mail threadgl@tca.nel                                                   email                                       e-mail
RON DAVIS, Treasurer (Area 8)                                        2003 STEVEN OXMAN (Area 2)                             2004    TiLDEN D. RICHARDS (Arta 7)                        2002
2522 Vista 8aya. Newport Beach. CA 92660-3636                             385 Westbury Dr.• Ri\'l, MD 21140                         PO Box 1047. Sutler Creek, CA 95685
PhoneIFax 949-548-2522                                                    Phone 410-266-1671. fax 410-266-6572                      Phone 209-267..Q6.W. fax 209-267-1546
e-mail rada                                        e-mail swQ49@hotmail.CQm                                  e·mail richards@...olcano.nct

     Page 7040                                                                                                                                             ABS Decem ber 2001
President's Comments                                         hole-in-one from the gold tee for the $40,000
                                                             Turbo Kit sponsored by Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.
                                                                Dottie Early made a hole-in-one from the
                                                             ladies tee that earned her the "closest-to-the-pin"
                                                             prize of a set of GAM ljectors for that hole.
                                                             Needless to say, Dottie was excited. She jumped
                                                             four feet in the air when she realized she had made

   f you were not able to join us at the Mobile              a hole-in-one! Congratulation, Dottie.
   Convention, you missed a real treat! The                     I am happy to report we cleared more than
   aesthetics, layout and size of the Convention             $6,500 for the Air Safety Foundation's Endow-
 Center were ideal for our large group of attend-            ment Fund from the tournament.
ees. And the eval uation forms indicated high                   A very special thanks goes to GAM I and
praise for the many educational                                                 Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. for
seminars and the much-Iarger-                                                    being our 52,500 Platinum
than-usual exhibi t area.                                                       Sponsor and sponso ring the
   Teledyne Continental Motors                                                  $40,000 Turbo Kit and three
personnel were pleasant ly sur-                                                                                     "The Teledyne
                                                                                other hole- in-one prizes plus a
prised with tbe interest shown by                                               set of GAMljectors for closest-
our members in its factory tours.                                               to-the-pin prize.                  Motors tours were
The tours were so well-recei ved                                                     And a big thank-you goes to   so well-received
that the gu ides could not keep                                                 ou r other sponsors-S uperior      that the guides
their schedule because ofthe many                                               Air Parts and Bendix/King who      could not keep
questions they were asked. Some-                                                were S I ,000 Gold sponso rs.      their schedule
times, in fact, tours took almost
                                         DoNie Early mode a hole-in-one
                                                                                Carolina Aircraft, Eagle Fuel      because of the
twice the time allotted!                that won her a set of GAMljeclors,      Cells and Travers Aviation         many questions
   The hangar party Friday night                                                Insurance were $500 Si lver        they were asked.
hosted by TCM was an unforgettable affair. There            sponsors. A number of other vendors were $100          Sometimes. in
was a spectacular spread of deliciou s foods                hole sponsors. Concorde Battery Corporation            fact. tours took
including bushels and bushel s of fried crab claws,         provided an aircraft battery for each golfer on the    almost twice the
along with all the wine, beer and nonaleoholic              top place team.
                                                                                                                   time allotted!"
beverages you cared to dri nk. TCM raised the
standard for future hangar parties.                         A fond farewell                                               -Harald Bost
                                                                When you serve on the ABS Board. you aren't
Golf tournament                                            just workmates, you become friends. So it's not
   The first-ever golf tournament in conjunction           easy when anyone leaves the group. This year,
with a national convention was such a big hit that         three directors departed the Board after six years.
we will be repeating it again next year in Wichita.        These men have helped us achieve financial
Ron Vickrey came within five feet of making a              strength and a remarkable level of member

                                   Samuel D. James (1933-2001)
                                      It is with deep sadness that I report tbe November 19th death of
                                   Sam James. known throughout the Society for his generous
                                   volunteerism and leadership in the BPPP, ABS annual conventions
                                   and our presence at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.
                                      Sam spent 40 years involved in general aviation amassing almost
                                   25,000 hours of flying time. More than half of his total air time was in
                                   Bonanzas, Barons and Travel Airs. Sam was instrumental in establish-
                                   ing the BPPP as the premier type club recurrent training program. and
                                   be was our ever-present greeter at the hospitality tent in Oshkosh.
                                      Condolences may be sent to Sam's father. Maurice James, 6921
                                   N. Elm Tree Rd .. Milwaukee. WI 53217. Donations may be made [0
                                   the Sam James Memorial Fund. clo The ABS/ASF Endowment Fund,
                                   PO Box 12888, Wichita, KS 67277.
                                                             -Nancy Johnson. ABS Executive Director

ABS December 2001                                                                                                       Page 7041
Outgoing board members: Mike Hoeffler. B Carter and Jon Roadfeldl,

services. We bid a fon d farewell to our Immediate Past
President Jon Roadfeldt , Past President Bill Carter and
Director Mike Hoeffl er. We owe each of them a debt of
gratitude for a job well done.

   We welcome new Directors James Sok of Lakev ille,
Connecti cut (Area I); Steve Oxman of Ri va , Mary land
(Area 2); and Craig Bailey of Lindenhurst, Illinois (Area 4).
I know each of these men will contribute greatly to the future
success of the American Bonanza Society.

New ASS officers
   The offi cers elected at the Board of Directors meeting in
Mobile were myself as President; Jack Threadgill , Vice Presi-
dent; Dr. Jack Hastings, Secretary; and Ron Davis, Treasurer.
   I am happy to report the Wichita staff remains rock solid.
Nancy Johnson, our executive director, who began assembling
our current office team in 1998, makes good personnel choices.
They continue to gain in profi ciency and work tirelessly to
provide the Society with the best service possible.

Future plans
   In thi s column last month, I stated my hopes of holding a
town hall -type meeting in every ABS region of the country
within the next year. The hope is a work-i n-prog ress. Be
looking for the kickoff announcement of this program in the
January 2002 edition of the ABS Magazine.
   I look forward to you becoming more involved with your
Society. Bel ieve me when I say, "The more you become
involved the more enjoyment and benefit you will receive."
                                                               - Harold

  Be Involved!                                       ~~~-
Page 7042
l   e
                                                                          Benl d 'S han non               Bob Laferriere.
                                                                          Alw;lillllm COlllrol Knobs      Tampa. Florida
                                   Grand Prize                            Lloyd Eichelberger,
                                                                                                          Bill Mossop,
                                   The Grand Pri ze , donated by
                                                                          Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
                                                                                                          Boulder City. Nevada
                                   Raytheon AircroH Company, was          Pilots Window
                                   won by Gene Keyt, Granbury.Texas.      Wayne LeClair,                  James Munier,
                                   The prize consists of full registra-   Francestown, ew Hampshire       Scottsdale, Arizona
                                   tion for a member and guest for
                                   the 2002 Convention in Wichita,        Polo Shirt                      Larry Olson,
                                   Kansas, and S1,000 convention          Fred Furgang MD. ,              Madeira Beach, Florida
                                   spending money.                        Miami , Florida                 Joe Salyer, Westerville, Ohio
                                                                          Carolina Aircraft               General Aviation
                                                                          Golf Shirl                      Modifications, Inc.
Door Prizes                                                               Carol Cook-Koenig,
                                                                          Burdett, New York
                                                                                                          Ruth Munier,
ABS·Annual Meeting               Anderson Fine Scale                                                      Scottsdale, Arizona
ABSCD                            Replicas                                 Virginia Johnston.
Lee Schear, Tampa, Florida       Custom Bmwn:a Model                      Daytona Beach, Florida
                                                                                                          Goodyear Tire
                                 Joe Campbell,                            DUATS                           & Rubber Company
ABS shirl                          orth Fort Myers, Florida               Stadium Jacket                  Willner S choice: A set of
Dean Edmonds Jr,
                                 Aviation Laboratories                    Arlene Hintz,                   auto or ligllllruck fires or
Naples, Florida
                                 Cleol1'ieU' Plastic Polish               New Orleans, Louisiana          set of aircraft tires alld wbes
Dorothy Schuene, Washington      Jim Blanchard,                                                           Joe Harr,
Township, New Jersey                                                      Eagle Fuel Cells· ETC, Inc.     Camp Verde, Arizona
                                 Rose Hill , North Carolina               Sraillless Steel
Compass jacket                   John Collins.                            Fliel Dra;1l Vah'e Kit          Ruth Munier,
Shirley Roberts,                 Charl otte, North Carolina               Charles Brickley,               Scottsdale, Arizona
Colleyville, Texas                                                        Lafayetle, Louisiana
                                 Domenic Della Valle,                                                     Hartzell Propeller
Petlra u'a/ell                   Kennett Square. Pennsylvania             Robert Luke,                    Flallnel Vest
Ronald Osbahr,                                                            Conyers, Georgia                Craig Bailey,
Caracus, Venezuela               Carol Olson,                                                             Lindenhurst. Illinoi s
                                 Madeira Beach, Florida                   Ru ssell Perpall,
ABS·Companion Luncheon                                                    Placerville, California         Icarus Instruments
Blallkerlole                     Betti Skiba,                                                             5400 Credil all MicroEFlS
Pauline McAbee,                  Fort Myers. Florida                      Engine Components, Inc.         Backup Allilllde Illdicator
Richmond , Illinois                                                       Hat (lnd Goody Bag              Richard Wheeler, Bloomfield
                                 William Wisner M.D.,                     Ellen onham,                    Hills. Michigan
Rotating worch                   Dallas, Texas                            Elmhurst, lIIinois
Jean Watts, Paradise, Texas                                                                               Namlert 2 remme CPS
                                 Mewl Check Oil Analysis Kil               Polo Shir,                     Display & Allilllde Almer
AlC Team, Inc.                   Wayne Collins,                            Wilbur Sensing.                Denise Kriegsman,
Case Pocker K/life               Mineola, Texas                            Brenrwood, Tennessee            Palm City, Florida
Susan Simpson,
Daytona Beach, Florida           Jim Getson.                               Falcon [nsuranceAgency, Inc.    Lightspeed Aviation
                                 Springfield. West Virginia                Customi:ed model of aircraft    20XLAl'ir Headset
Aero Insurance                                                             Ray Lewis,                      Warren Hoffner,
                                 Michael Hoeftler,                         Horseshoe Bay, Texas
Golf Shirt                                                                                                 Daytona Beach, Florida
Connie Bailey,
                                 Bolton, Massachusetls
Lindenhursl, JIlinois                                                      First World Flight              Michelin Aircraft
                                 Gene Keyt ,                               "FirSI World Flighl' The
                                 Granbury, Texas                                                           Tire Corporation
Fred Ramadan ,                                                             Odysse\' of Billy Milchell"     Gear Bag
Pascagoula, Mississippi          Janice Reimer,                            Nadine Funk,                    Lewis Gage,
                                 Omaha, Nebraska                           Bement, lIIinois                Reno. evada
James Sok,
Lakevi ll e. Connecticut         Jim Roclie.                               Floats & Fuel Cells             Roger Murray,
                                 Edgewater, Maryland                       Pelican Mity Light              Reno. Nevada
Aero Tow                                                                   Steve Brillaud,
$100 Gift CenificlIIe IOlI'ard    BendixKing                               Gennantown, Tennessee           Lunch Cooler
purcllllJe oj a machi1le         Leather Al'iator 's Jackel                                                Beverly Hudson,
Peter Cassidy,                   Rita Slayden,                             Frank Hai le, Dallas, Texas     Townsend, Georgia
Brent wood, Tennessee            White Bluff, Tennessee
                                                                           Philip Kell y,                  Denise Kriegsman,
                                                                           Fernandin a Beach, Florida      Palm City Florida

Page 7046                                                                                                     ABS December 2001
Ryan International
Corporatio n
                                    ASF Endowment Sweepstakes
Gall Shir,
Fred Davis. Energy. Illinois
Ron Vickrey,
Daytona Beach, Florida
Spruce Creek Fly.ln Realty
Surpr;\e Go/l ltems
Flavil Pollock, Piqua, Ohio
The lslands of the Bahamas
Th'O Sir,:11H Accommodafions.
Trcm/iH' ellr Hotel Resort &
.\laril1a. \lnlct}. BalulUwJ        Although lewis Porter, College Station, Texas. wasn't able to attend   Mike Hoeffler. Bolton, Massachusetts, won the one-
Sherry StuIlS.                      the convention, he won the Gormin GPS 295 provided by Plane &          of-0. kind custom-made Winchester Model 94 30-
Huntsville, Alabama                 Pifof wilh lucky lickel # 1002.                                        30 rifle.

                                Thanks to the 2001 ABS Convention Sponsors

                                                 Raytheon Aircraft                                         -
                                                                                               CONTINENTAL MOTORS


                                                                                   FALCON                                                ......."...... ..-..-

BONANZA OF THE MONTH. cO flliflu edjrolll page 7039
interior redone. I also covered the ugly             The 10·520 is still running smooth                    Phoenix where we are hangared.
mustard color that was on the panel with          with no major problem s since I pur-                        I fee l very fortunate to still be flying
simulated wood grain material. A lot of           chased it. We flight·p lan 162 knots on                  a beautiful Bonanza in my retirement
work. but it sure looks better. Practically       about 14 gph. My wife and I go back to                   year .
everywhere we fly, someone in the tower           the Bay area periodically, which is about                    - Dr. Len Vinci, Sco//sdale, Ari:ona
will comment on the "neat paint job."             3.5 hours from Deer Valley Airport in

ABS Decem ber 2001                                                                                                                         Page 7047
Rotating beacon                                        A: This is normal to all Bonanzas with the
Joe Anderson                                           single gear light. When you tum on the nav lights,
Bolivar. Tennessee                                     the airplane "thinks" it is nighttime, and dims the
Q : MYI972F33ASI CE-383haswingand                      landing gear and nap lights. Sometimes you can
tail strobe lights. I would like to remove my ro-      clean the inside of th e lens and the bulb by re-
tating beacon. What paperwork is necessary?            moving the control yoke's mounting ring with
                                                       three screws around the control column and reach-
A:     If it's on the fuselage top, a Form 337 and     ing through there. The bulbs mount by a spring
weight and balance change could let you remove         clip behind the lens. Sometimes the bulb is too
it as long as the strobes meet the requirements        far away from the lens.
of CFR 23.140 I. We advise keeping both. There
are situations where you may want one and not          Baron questions
the other, such as taxiing at night.                   Terry Rawlins
    The rotating beacon lets others see you with-      Lobarlhe. France
out the blinding nash of strobe lights. Some air-
ports have local operating ordinances that require
                                                       Q:     I currently own a Piper PA39, but am think-
                                                       ing of trading up to a Baron. (I did my twin train-
an anti-collision light system be on when the en-
                                                       ing on a D55 in 1968.) Is there a history pub-
gine is running but prohibit strobes prior to tak-
                                                       lished of the production of both the 55 and 58
ing the plane active. Beacons can be repaired and,
                                                       that details the various changes made to the spec
in some conditions, may show up better.
                                                       over the years - weight increases, fuel increases,
Grimes rotating beacon
Harry Wade                                             A: Yes. This information and much more is
Fishers, Indiana                                       featured in Larry Ball's book, From Travel Air to
Q:      I have a 1969 V35A and occasionally the
                                                       Baron ... HolV Beech Created a Classic. It's avai l-
                                                       able from the ABS Company Store (316-945-
top rotating beacon fails to rotate. The lights work
fine. If I remove the lens cover and mess with
the contact, it starts to rotate- for awhile. Can
you suggest someone who overhauls these units          Replacement vacuum gauge
                                                       Jeff Kloas
or is it time for a new one?
                                                       Austin. Texas
A: If it's a Grimes, Avlite Aviation (805-239- Q: I want to install an engine monitor. The
4037) makes repairs. Whelan has a replacement
                                                       panel is basically original except for an enlarged
nashing unit; contact Chief Aircraft at 800-447-       radio stack. The desired location for the engine
3408.                                                  monitor is on the right side in the vac uum gauge
                                                       hole. I would like to convert to a smaUer one-
Air scoop knob parts                                   inch vacuum gauge and relocate it to the left side,
Pete Dunn                                              where I have room above the radio stack. What
Kelso, Washington
                                                       vacuum gauge is approved? If none, what sort of
Q : The locking button on the handle of my             a~rova l process am I facing?
top air scoop is missing. This allows the scoop
10 open sometimes at high airspeed-rather star-
                                                       A:     It will take a 337 field approval. Placing it
                                                       more in the field of vision is desirable. While
tling to say the least. Do [ have to replace the
                                                       Chief has one-inch gauges, they are not TSO'd.
whole handle or is the locking mechanism avail-
                                                       They are used by the OEMs which then make
able for purchase and where?
                                                       them legal. You might check with your FSDO to
A:   Try Crossroads Aviation (972-239-0263),           see if it will help the approval process if you buy
                                                       it through Cessna or Mooney that use them.
White Industries (8oo-82 1-7733), Dodson (800-
255-oo34) or Dave Monte (775-782-5282).
                                                       Fuel pump rebuild
Dimming gear. flap lights                              Stephen Jones
Tom Auxter                                             Houston. Texas
Skiatook, Oklahoma
                                                       Q:       I'm lOOki ng for recomended overhaul fa-
Q : When I tum on my nav lights, the gear              cilities for my fuel pump, PIN 4020A2A from a
light and nap light go dim. The gear light during      '59 K35 . It's labeled The Weldon Tool Co. I.S.
the day is so dim it cannot be seen. At night it is    No. 14172, 1/30 HP, 12000 rpm 4 amp. I would
difficult to see green unless I turn off the nav       appreciate any help/advice on who to send it to
lights for a second. Is this normal or unique to       for overhaul.
my bird?

                                                                               ABS December 2001
  A:    Aircraft Systems (8 I 5-399-0225),        What is the next thing I should try to           avai lable and from where?
 Airc raft Accessories ofOkJahoma (800-
 255-9924) and B&S Accessory (3 I 6-
                                                  eliminate the water in the fuel? It always
                                                  appears from the most inboard drain next         A: You can get one from Select Air
 264-2397) are good sources.                      to the fuselage .                                Parts (800-318-00 10), Arrell (805-604-
                                                                                                   0439), Avstat (888-287-8283) or Cross-
  Water in the gas                                A:     A primary cause of water in the           roads (972-239-0263) . Don ' t forget
 Tom Gordon
                                                  tanks is condensation, not infiltration.         about the shear link.
 Titusville, Florida                              Keeping the tanks full of fuel will go a

 Q: I am starting to find water in my             long way in keeping water out of your
                                                  fuel. [n any case. water may be trapped
                                                                                                   Beech 278 prop
                                                                                                   Cy Peterson
 A36 fue l tanks at the sumps. [ wonder if        by wrinkl es in the bottom of the fuel           Northfield, Minnesota
 this could be from bad O-rings in the gas
 caps or fro m wrinkl es in th e fuel tank
                                                  cells. After draining to gas on ly (no
                                                  warer), shake the airplane altitude-wise
                                                                                                   Q:      Checking the wear on my N35 's
 bladders. [s there another type of gas cap                                                        278-seri es propeller blades by template
                                                  and ro ll-wise, then try draining again.
 approved for the Bonanza that will not                                                            shows daylight beyond overhaul limits.
                                                     If you suspect WaLer is creeping into
 [et water enter the tank?                                                                         Rebuilding with hard-to-find used blades
                                                  the tan ks through the fuel @ er caps, there
 A:     Try resealing th e gas caps. The ad-      are covers made to layover the gas caps
                                                  that prevent water influx and are easily
                                                                                                   is as costly as new. I see some used 278s
                                                                                                   for sa le . I hea r th e three-blades do
 vantage of resealing th e caps is that the                                                        noth ing for performance. Others have
 [ow pressure on the upper wing surface           stored in the luggage compartment:
                                                                                                   ADs of unknown complexity and incon-
 can cau se tank prob lem s, li ke the            Sporty's item #782 1A (5 I 3-735-9OOO}.
                                                                                                   venience. What are the real options?
 bottom bei ng pulled up in flight. Perfor-                                                        How bad are the ADs? Which are the
 man ce Aero (800-200-3 I 4 [) has new            Flux gate with tip tanks                         leoal replacements?
 seal s. Gitter Products (Fax : 5 I 7-546-
 9565) has cap covers to layover the caps
                                                  Jock Taylor
                                                  Pasadena, California
                                                                                                   A:    There are so me serviceable 278
 when outdoors as does Sporty's (513-
                                                  Q:      As part of Osborne tip tank in-         blades out there, but many are removed
                                                                                                  due to nea ring limits and rep laced by
                                                  stallation, the HS [ flux gate (for King
                                                  KCS 525A HS[ ) was relocated fro m left         either Hartzell or McCauley. This means
 Leaking tip tanks                                wingtip to left underwing access panel          you need to be cautious about purchasing
 Jeff Hoch                                       outboard of left main gear. On the grou nd       used 278s. Both companies' new props are
 Seottle, Washington
                                                 (he HSI reads correctl y. In the air, HSI        good and have no current AD notes,
 Q:    Recent[y after landing, I discov-         heading is off 10 - I 5 degrees from wet
                                                 compass (whic h is correct). Osborne
                                                                                                  although both had ADs on earlier models.
                                                                                                      For current options, contact Hartzell
ered fuel leaki ng from my D' Shannon
                                                 says it installs all flux gates in this loca-    (937-778-420[) or McCauley (937-890-
wing tip tank. There is a crack about two
                                                 tion on V35Bs. Other av ionics shops say         5246) with yo ur aircraft and engi ne
inches above the fuel drain. I'm not sure
                                                 the flux gate is too close to left gear strut!   model numbers. The three-blades typi-
if this crack in the paint is a sign of much
                                                 brake drum and should be relocated to            call y improve takeoff and climb but
more damage under the paint. Do you
                                                 tail cone. What do you thiok? Can the            reportedly detract sligh tly in cruise. The
know what would cause this to happen and
                                                 problem be solved withou t relocating            effect on your center of gravity of the
is it repairable without replacing the tank?
                                                 flux ga te to ta il cone?                        we ight change is how you should decide
A:      It 's probab ly repairable . You
                                                 A:     We ag ree that it's probably too
                                                                                                  what is best in many cases.
should get instructions from D' Shannon
(800-328-4629). Different types of fiber-        close to part of the gear that must be           Static wicks
g lass use different resins. An impact           magn etized. Probab ly in mos t of               Peter Cruz
from a lUg or ground support equipment           Osborne 's previous installations they           North Caldwell, New Jersey

cou ld cause the problem.                        were not magneti zed. I would move it to
                                                 the tail cone.                                   Q: I notice all newer Bonanzas are
                                                                                                  equipped w ith stati c wicks. I even see
Water in fuel cells                                  Sometim es you ca n demagnitize
                                                                                                  Cessna [ 72s with th em. My airplane
J. Y. Brame                                      components if they are degaussed by a
                                                                                                  does not. [ was always under the impres-
Bristol, Connecticut                             coil, which would be a simple process if
                                                                                                  sion that stat ic wicks we re helpful in
Q: [       have a ' 79 B55. The starboard
                                                 it's just the brake disc. Most magnaflux
                                                 shops have a portable indicator to tell if
                                                                                                  maintaining good radio reception at
fuel bladder produces one inch to a full                                                          speeds in excess of200 knots. Am [miss-
                                                 a part has a magnetic field and a coil to
cup of water depend ing on whether it has                                                         ina something?
                                                 demagnetize part after inspection.
rained. It is tied down outside in Con-
necticut. I replaced the O-ri ngs on both        Retract step
                                                                                                  A:     Static wicks are mainly to ensure
                                                                                                  good reception in times of heavy static
sides, large and small , knowing that th e       Ken Phi/cox                                      buildup, such as th understorms or heavy
small one is the most important. How-            Milton. Delaware                                 snow. We do not like static wicks on
ever, [ continue to get water in th e
starboard side. After a rainstorm, there         Q:     [have an F35 Bonanza that has a           ruddervators as they are enough to throw
                                                                                                  the balance ou t of limits and, ifnot prop-
is wa ter in the fuel ca p under the lift tab.   fraying cable from the retractable step
                                                 and the nose gear. Are these cables stili        erl y bonded, don·t help anyway.

ABS December 2001                                                                                                              Page 7049
   Static wick installation and good an-       all the parts to overhaul the mechanism.      line that goes to the oil pump. The Beech
tenna installation seem to be items that
are too casually approached. Even many
                                               A:    Try Select Air Parts (800-318-
                                                                                             parts book shows it to be PI 35-939082
                                                                                             and the number on the valve is 8-2946-
                                               0010), Avstat (8 18-780-6032), Arrell         75. I would like to know the purpose of
high -performance twins have improper
                                               (805-604-0439), or Crossroads (972-           this valve and if there has ever been a
bonding which is more important than
                                               239-0263).                                    Service Bulletin to remove it. The ABS
carelessly installed wicks. We would
classify this as something that, if you're                                                   CD does nOl show a Beech SB about that
not having trouble. don't fix it.
                                               Oxygen tank testing                           valve. Later E-series engine Bonanzas
                                               Patrick O 'Brien                              do not have the valve in question.
                                               Baltimore, Maryland
Front seat harnesses
Bil/Dey                                        Q: The steel tank for my oxygen sys- A: were to be removed. AD 55-22-01
                                                                                          We believe the insides of the
Lawrenceville, New Jersey                      tem is due for the hydrostatic testing.
                                                                                             and three SBs 35 (Nos. 18, 30 and 44)
Q: I know this topic has been cov-             Must this test be done at an approved
                                               Aviation Repair Station or can it be done
                                                                                             addressed this.
ered in the past, but we are having a dif-
                                               at a shop that can perform hydrostatic                                                       •
ficult time locating shoulder harnesses
                                               testing to the DOT standards? Do you
                                                                                             "Old airplane" odor
for a '75 V35. It see ms so me of the parts                                                  Doug Gardner
                                               have any recommendations for a facil-
are available from certain companies, but                                                    Q    Arizona
                                               iti. to do this test?
the brackets, etc. are not. Beech can pro-
vide all the parts, but at their price and a
90-day wait, I would rather find the har-
                                               A:    The DOT standards are what re-
                                               quire the test. We're sure your FBO has
                                                                                                   : My wife prefers not to fly for sev-
                                                                                             eral reasons, but one in particular is the
                                                                                             smell of an old airplane. I know the up-
nesses elsewhere. I have also called sev-      some local testing facility that can do it.   holstery has a lot to do with it, and I can
eral salvage yards, with no success. Can       AtianticAviation in Wilmington (302-322-      disguise it with air fresheners, but they
you recommend where to find "all" the          7350) has somewhere to get it done as well    can sometimes be worse. Do you have
parts for this installation?                   as Ronson in Tremon (609-771-9500).           any suggestions?
A: Hyou want attachment by Beech' s            10-520 oil leak                               A: Odors can be absorbed by open ex-
method, they may be best. Supposedly,                                                        posure to fresh coffee grounds. Place a
                                               Robert Blake
Wag Aero (800-558-6868) has PMA-               Bozemon. Montano                              pan of fresh uncooked grounds in the
approved brackets. If their applicabi Iity
li st includes your airplane, it's a simple    Q:     I have a 1973 V35B with a heavy-
                                                                                             airplane when not in lise. This gets rid
                                                                                             of existing odors rather than trying to
Form 337 major alteration to install the       case IO-520BA that has gone through
                                                                                             cover up with new odors.
brackets. Then anyone's TSO belts can          several prop seals (fro nt crankshaft).
be installed as a logbook entry.               Compression is good on all cylinders. It
                                               also has developed an oil leak at the rear
                                                                                              Electric prop ring gear
     If you try to approve belts and the                                                     Terry Quinn
bracket together, you will have to do pull     starter housing. My mechanic wonders          Redwood City. California
                                               if the case is not see ing high pressure,
tests and have some difficulty. Safety
Limited (630-584-9366) has a set that          possibly due to blow-by of the cylinders.      Q:    I need a new ring gear for the 215
requires a field approval that many            Is this a common problem? The engine          series electric prop in my F35. Where
 people use.                                   has about 1300 hours and has had all          can J gel one?
                                               c~ inders replaced.                            A:     For repairs or possibly a replace-
 Rewebbing seatbelts
 Frank Geib
                                                A:     You might also check the oil filler
                                                cap gasket and gasket under the filler
                                                                                              ment, try Aero Propeller (909-765-3178),
                                                                                              or Rocky Mountain Propellers (800-462-
 Portage. Michigan
                                                neck. Those are cheap and easy. There         7605).
 Q: Who can reweb seatbelts' I am               is a TCM Service Bulletin that uses an
 soon to have a new i_
                     olefior installed and      airspeed indicator to test the case pres-     Prop oil leak                                 •
 my shop says no one wants to reweb in-         sure. Most folks do this on the ground        Bob Vandegrift
 enial reel type belts/harnesses.               in a run-up which will show if the cylin-     Q:eSboro. Virginio

 A: Try Safety Limited (630-584-9366).          der blow-by is the cause. If it's OK on
                                                ground run-up and still bad in flight, it
                                                                                                    : We have an oil leak that has ev-
                                                                                              erybody at the airport puzzled. We are
                                                has to be upper deck pressure leaking in.     finding streaks of red-colored oil on the
 Seat latching parts                            If it's cyli nder blow-by, it should also
 Bob BeNs
                                                                                              right side only of the cowling, beginning
                                                show up in a compression check.               at the cooling air inlet and traveling back
 EI Paso. Texas

 Q:     Can you adv ise where I can order       Oil check valve
                                                                                              along the topside of the cowl door, more
                                                                                              on the inside than olltside.
 seat latching parts for my 1970 V35B?
 This is for the recliner part of the seat.
 The handle has broken off where the pin
                                                Ray Fehr                                          We have pulled the spinner several
                                                                                              times and found the inside and hub com-
                                                                                              pletely dry with no evidence of leakage
                                                      : There is some sort of a check
 goes through the rod. Further inspection                                                     around the prop seals. There is a small
                                                valve screwed into the bottom of the oi I
 reveals the cogs are worn down, so I need                                                    amoun t of red oil in the seam oflhe back
                                                tankloil cooler on the A35. It is in the

 Page 7050                                                                                                     ABS December 2001
plate and spinner, again no evidence on         area. One FBO at HWD said my F35 is            Moline, Illinois. it may even be used to
 the back plate or arou nd the crank seal.      so old they didn't even have a shop            prevent interfe rence between instru -
     There are very slight traces of oil on     manual. This did not inspire my confi-         ments. All of the larger avionics shops
 the back of both blades beyond the spin-       dence! Any ideas?                              should have it. Thanks for this handy tip.
 ner. The oil on ly shows up in flight , not
after a gro und run. The prop is a              A:      Woodland Aviation (530-662-
                                                963 I) is very good.
                                                                                               (I wonder if it will work for flu x gates?)

McCauley 2A36C23-JEG with about                                                                Ignition and mag switch
 l300 hrs SOH in 1990. (Yes. it is due                                                         Joson Morford
for overhau l, but all other indications are    High altitude takeoffs                         FlUShing, Michigan
                                                Mike Dixon
the prop is in good shape.) Any thoughts
on where to look next?
                                                Clancy. Montano                                Q:     Are you aware of any STCs,
    Also, we have an oil cooler leak. I         Q:       1 have an 10-550 with the auto-       PMAs or field approvals for replacement
                                                                                               of the old igni tion/battery magne to
have changed gaskets on both cooler and         leaning device. What is the proper pro-
                                                                                               swi tch and starter button wi th a new
adapter plate. The leak appears to be com-      cedure with the mixture for a high den-
ing from the cooler itself. It causes a brown                                                  single un it si mil ar to the units installed
                                                sity altitude takeoff on short field?
                                                                                               on other production aircraft?
oi l streaking that parallels the red oil
streaks. Could there be a connection?           A:       The aneroid sho uld lean ad-
                                                                                               A: Many airplanes have been changed
Would yo u recommend an overhauled              equately with the mixture control in the
                                                                                               this way, all as 337 fie ld approvals. The
cooler or new? We are currently still run-      rich position . Prior to takeoff, do a power
                                                                                               basis of the approval is newer configura-
ning mineral oil to break in new cylinders.     run-up to see if you're making rpm and
                                                                                               tion of some type certificale airplanes as
                                                check fuel flo w to see if it's in the
A:      The red oil is normally from the        desired range. See POH and the engine
                                                                                               well as a safety improvement (no spiking
                                                                                               of radios). If someone has a copy to share
McCauley hub which is fi lled with a red-       operators' manual to determi ne target
                                                                                               with members, please forward to ABS at
dyed oil. This was a previous AD for            fuel fl ow. If it's wrong, you can try lean-
                                                                                               PO Box 12888, Wichita, KS 67277.
crack detection. You shou ld have a prop        ing to obtain power, but that is one of
shop look at the prop.                          the reasons Raytheon asked TCM for the
    The cooler sounds like it has a leak.       non-aneroid version - pilots leaning           I0-470STC
                                                                                               Denny Green
Clean and dry it well , then spray dye          manually with the anero id can cause           Renton, Washington
check developer on the area. This may           too-lean conditions.
show the leak source after run up and/or           TCM SB SID 97-3 gives data to set           Q:       I am planning to install a factory
flight. Pacific Cooler (800-866-7335) is a      up the fuel pressures on all TCM fuel          new IO-470N with a McCauley three-
good source. Be sure to wash off the de-        injection systems and should be checked        bladed prop in my 135. Apparently, I will
veloper afterwards as it attracts moisture.     at installati on and at intervalsof not morc   need to submit a Form 337 for approval
                                                than 300 hours. We lean toward annual          to go from an 10-47OC to the N. Does ABS
Prop recommendations                            checks unless few hours are flow n.            have a copy of an STC for this change?
Gregg Goodalf                                                                                      Also, I have the BDS tip tanks and
Breckenridge, Texas                             Degaussing a firewall                          ha ve noti ced a sl ight vibrati on on
Q: I was informed that, after removal           Ken Ostrow
                                                Los Gatos, California
                                                                                               takeoff and climbout when the tanks are
                                                                                               fu ll. I have heard lhal this may be more
and teardown, one of the props on my
B55 was not serviceable. Should I go            Q:       I recently read a suggestion in the
                                                                                               noticeable with a three-bladed prop. Any
                                                                                               truth to this?
with a new Hartzell or McCau ley? Who           ABS Magazille by Robert Perler about
has the best price for a new one? My            the mag compass and degaussing the             A:    ABS does not have a copy of an
FBO is quoting S7,495 + shipping for a          firewall. Last summer. my alternator           STC for this and it would be illegal to
Hartzell Top Prop. Also, should r let the       blew the 100 amp fuses mounted on my           copy if we did. STCs are considered
overhauler (Jordan Propeller Service.           fi rewall and created similar prob lems        property and must be purchased. Beryl
San Antonio) keep the old prop in lieu          with the compass. I also tried a new com-      D' Shannon (800-328-4629) holds an
of a $400 teardown fee?                         pass with the same result.                     STC to do this.
A: We recommend against mixing                       I couldn't fi nd anyone to degauss,
                                                which was also suggested to me. Instead,
                                                                                                  Th e vibrat io n is supposed to be
                                                                                               suppressed wi lh the addition of aileron
brands and models of prop on your twin.         I got this special metal foil material from    gap seals. We have heard of instances
Both brands are good props and the              my avionics shop. I don't know the name        where it was worse with the three-blade.
FBO's price sounds in the ballpark. We          of it, but it cost about $ I0 per square
would let them have the old prop at the         inch. I applied thi s foil (0 the undersi de   12-volt power sources
fee value.                                      of the glareshield directly below the          Kent Schroeder
                                                compass. This did the trick. a lot cheaper     Kearney. Nebraska
Annual inspection
Mike Fletcher
                                                than degaussing if you can find it. I used
                                                about 12 square inches.
                                                                                               Q:      It seems like just about everything
Alameda, C a lifornia                                                                          that is not anached to the ai rcraft plugs
                                   A: "Nu Metar' i the name of the
Q: Can you suggest a person or FBO and, per Elliott Aviation Avionicsfoil                      into the cigarette lighter. e,g, Bose head-
                                                                                               set. Garmin 195, portable A/e. etc .. and
for an annual in the San Francisco Bay

ABS December 2001                                                                                                           Page 7051
there is only one power outlet. Is there       A:        We're not aware of a simple He' s got the STC
                                                                                              for Barons, but that could still be a basis
something equivalent to the compu ter           adapter, but over-the-highway trucks use
p<?wer strip for an airplane?                   a converter to accomplish lhis. As long       for 337 field approval on Travel Airs.

A: There are splitters available in au-         as it's portable equipment, you could use
                                                it. Some GPSs are multi-voltage range          Baron door locks
tomotive accessory shops. However, we           now. Ameriking (7 14-963-6977) makes           Eric Vaughn
would be concerned about how close you          an ACIDC converter that is TSO-ap-             Farmington. Minnesota
are to the current flow rate which would
blow the circuit protection required on the
                                                proved 28v to 14v (A K-550-1 ) a well
                                                as one 14v to 28v (A K550).
                                                                                               Q:      I am looking for a source for door
lighter receptacle. It is legal by 337 field                                                   lock inserts forthe cabin door on my B55
                                                    The performance question depends           Baron SIN TC-740. Seems that Beech
approval to properly install additional aux-    on accuracy of gauges and the TIT, and         doesn ' t stock them any longer, and Illi-
iliary power outlets (cigar plugs).             speeds you are getting. Without the 36TC       nois Lock company isn ' t interested in
                                                power chart handy, it sounds like fuel         selling any more. Do you know of any-
28-volt adapter                                 flow we've experienced in the past. And        one who might have some spares on
Lee Kuhlke                                      yes, it may not make book numbers for
Q:WOOd. Colorado                                                                               hand" Also need the lock/lock lever for
                                                a variety of reasons.                          the nose baggage door.
     : I. Where can I get a cigarette plug
adapter that will use the aircraft 28-volt      Battery vent STC                               A:   Try Crossroads Aviation (972-239-
system but step it down to the 12 or less       Bob Rendzio                                    0263).
volts for use in the Gamnin GPS or my           Daleville. Alaboma
   2. Why can ' t I get the fuel flow num-
                                                Q:      I read abou t a man who developed      Frank Evanega joined ABS in 2000 offer 27 years
                                                an STC' d replacement battery vent for         with 8eech/Raytheon.
bers in the performance data? Is it be-         the long/antenna vent/stanchion on older
cause it is much hotter above standard          Travel Airs. Can you direct me to a            Neil Pobanz is a retired U.S. A civilian pilot and
atmosphere? For example, at 12,000 feet         source? My aircraft is N343B, the first        maintenance manager. Neil has been an A&P and
and 15 C, 31 "/2400 , I can only get about                                                     IA far 40 years.
                                                Travel Air ever sold ! It is also the only
19.1-18.9 gph without going above the           first article Beech product flying.            Arky Foulk, whose business is Delta Strut, has been an
TIT max. This is co nsistent with the
other power settings, i.e. it takes more        A: We believe you mean Gitter Prod-            ABS technical consultant since 1968 and was an ABS
                                                                                               Service Clinic inspector.
fuel to fly than the book.                      uc ts (Fax 517-546-9565 or e-mai l

                                                            TECH NOTES
     AD note searches
        While the owner is responsible for keeping a record of          have no interest in supporting the product.
     compliance with AD notes, it's better to hire a professional           If you haven't kept drawings of th e kit or alteration
     who has access to the airplane and records and have him            that was previously installed on your aircraft, it may be
     provide you with the record (normally part of an annua l).         very difficult to make pans or even to do continuing mainte-
     The difficulty is in all the accessories-such as circ uit          nance on the modified equipment. This is why newer 337
     breakers, seat belts, pumps, filters , etc.-that are nOt listed    alterations required infomnation for continued maintenance.
     under the airframe or engine and mayor may not be in-                  PMAs are approvals to make an aftermarket part that is
     stalled. Sometimes these are fairly easy to do by records          for resale and can be substituted for the OEM's parts. These
     search and sometimes it takes some significam detective            should be identified and have an applicability li st with the
     work. In any event, it's worth a few hours labor charge.           log.
     !t's impossible to do remote from the airplane and records            TC holders can do slight changes on the production
     and be complete.                                                   line that are documented in their files, but not in the log-
                                                                        books, which then may not show in parts books either.
     Documentation dilemma                                                  The problem here is that during the course of annuals
        Many times we receive calls from dissatisfied owners            or maintenance down the road, there is no documentation
     who wonder why a group of owners doesn't buy an en-                to provide the IA assurance that this is airworthy. This
     gine, prop or airframe line and make the parts. It's appar-        also happens when repair stations have authority through
     ent that many people don't realize that buying a TC or             an operations specification in their procedures that allow
     STC doesn't allow yo u to make and sell a product without          a modification. This will normally not be noted in their
     additional authorizati on from the FAA.                            maintenance release and is hard to trace after the fact.
        If facilities. raw stocks, supply sources and personnel            A shop discovering these variances with no documen-
     are all obtained, it may be fairly easy. Otherwise, it cou ld      tation will many times have no choice but to change a part,
     take up to five years and possibly longer. One of our seri -       possibly unnecessarily. Any and all information provided
     ous problems is TCs and STCs that pass on to heirs who             should be retained for future mechanics.

Page 7052                                                                                                         ABS Decem ber 2 00 1
"If you•
        still need
convincing...                                                                                     BYTHOMASPTURNER

            or many months your Soci-         acc idents in VOlv ing piston engine,         accidents and incidents involving retract-
            ety has stressed the high         retractable gear Raytheon/Beech air-          ab le-gear, Ra yth eon/Beech pi ston
            number of landing gea r-          planes in 2000. Ninety-eight of those         airplanes. Of those, 90 were landing gear-
related accidents (LGRAs) and what you        repons, or about 44 percent, were land-       related accidents- about evenly split
can do to avoid "gear up" and "gear           ing gear-related accidents-53 incidents       between "gear collapses" on the runway
collapse" accidents in your Beechcraft.       of a "gear collapse on the ru nway" where     and the classic "gear-up landing" (48 and
We've seen how more than 40 percent of        the gear was down but for some reason         42, respectively). In five of the 48
all Raytheon/Beech accidents are land-        did not remain down; 36 of the stereo-        collapses, the pilot admitted to FAA
ing gear related, and we have mentioned       typical "gear up" landing, where the gear     investigators that he/she inadvertently
several techniques and procedures for         was completely up or in transit at the time   moved the gear handle to an "up" posi-
inspecting, operating and maintaining the     of touchdown ; and eight reportS where        tion while on the ground.
landing gear system.                          there was an identifiable mechanical prob-        Looking at it a different way, in 2000
    The premise of this emphasis is that      lem [hat prevented complete extension of      we averaged 1.9 LGRAs per week. So
most LGRA s are the result of pilot           one, two or all three landing gear legs.      far in 2001 the average has risen to 2.3
action or inaction, and correspondingly,                                                    LGRAs per week- and this counts most
we can modify our actions to make a                                                         of the time when all or a signi fi cant
sign ificant reduction in the total number                                                  percentage of the fleet was grounded
of accidents. Hopeful benefits of such a                                                    following the September 11 terrorist
reduction include increased safety,                                                         attacks!
reduced down-time and maintenance                                                               Clearly, there is risk of a gear up or a
 expenses. and long-term, potential favor-                                                  gear collapse. What factors might make
able impact (redu ction , or at least                                                       you more o r le ss likely to have an
reduced price inflation) on aircraft insur-                                                 LGRA?
ance premiums as a result of dramatically
lower insurance payouts to Beech owners.                                                    Pilot experience
    After all, a recent discussion on a                                                         A lot of people think "gear-ups"
Beech owners' di scussion group                                                             happen on ly to inexperienced pilots.
<>                                                        Although LGRAs often appear in the
yields that the typical repair costs of a                                                   FAA reports, they rarely are investigated
"minor" gear-up landing averages nearly                                                     thoroughly because they do not meet the
$40.000. A hundred or so of these each                                                      reporting requirements of the National
year really adds up fo r insurance under-         About 80 percent                          Transportation Safety Board. Hence, all
writers, and they have to pass these costs        of LGRAs happen                           we know about LGRAs is preliminary
on to their customers ... tls.                     with presumably                          and subject to adjustment if addi tional
   This premise, though, was based on a           experienced pilots                        facts are revealed.
single year's sampl ing of accidents as                                                         One limitation of this preliminary data
                                                      on board .
reported on the Federal Aviation                                                            is that it does not identify the pilot's level
Administration's website. Was the year                                                      of experience. Since it is fairly rare that
2000 record typical, or an anomaly? We           So how does 200 1 compare so far? In        Raytheon/Beech airplanes are flown by
don't know yet, but we call look at where     two words. "not good." In fact. since the     persons other than their owners (at least
we are today compared to the same point       year is not over yet (as of this writing),    when compared to other makes and mod-
in 2000. Maybe that'll show us if our         the comparison i even worse. Here's what      els of airplanes}-and the FAA reports do
premise is sound (at least over a two-year    we have as of the mid-October ABS              allow us to di scover the name of the
period), or if it's completely off base.      Convention in Mobile:                          airplane's registered owner-we ew, ac-
   To review, there were 20 I reported           There were 201 FAA-reported                 cess the registration database and find out

                                                                                                                          Page 7053
ABS December 2001
 how long the airplane has been registered          those with an instructor was registered for          In four instances, adverse willd COII-
 to its current owner. With this. we can            less than a year, while one was not: one         ditiolls were an LGRA factor. Unusually
 see how many of our LGRAs happened                 without an instructor was registered for less    strong or gusty surface winds can result
 to airplanes with registrations less than          than a year while the other was not. There       in low ground speeds and the illusion of
 a year old-making the leap of logic that           seems to be 110 con-elatioll betweell pilot      proper gear extension, when it's really
 in most of these cases the airplane was            experiel/ce alld touch-al/d-go accidellts,       the wind-and not drag from the
 being flown by the registered owner, and           whether or not the practice takes place with     extended landing gear-that'S causing
 that the owner had relatively little time          an instructor on board.                          the low ground speed.
 in type. You can shoot holes in that argu-                                                              In two cases, a door opell ill flight
 ment all day, but it gives us a lillie to go by.   Cistractions                                     contributed to a gear-up landing. Beech
     So how many of our LGRAs happened                  Logic suggests that all nonmechanical        pilots should be well aware of the need
 to airplanes registered to their present           LGRAs result from pilot distraction. Sev,        to properly secure and check the forward
 owner for less than one year? So far in            eral specific sources of distraction ap-         doo r before night, and the enormous
 2001, ollly 20 percellI. Twelve of these           peared in the list of200I-to-date LGRAs.         distraction it causes ifit should pop open.
 incidents were a gear collapse, six were the       In seven instances, electrical failures
 "oops, I forgot" gear up ... and four of the       were cited as a fac tor. In three of those      Gear handle
 wrecks happened with a certificated flight         instances, the pilot made no attempt to         on the u\Nrong" side
 instructor (CFl) on board'                         manually extend the landing gear.                   Much is made of the now "nonstand-
                                                    Apparently his/her introduction to the          ard" location of the landing gear switch
  Cual Instruction                                  airplane was so lacking that he/she didn' t     in most Beech piston airplanes. All
      It 's true that flight instruction puts us    even know there is a manual landing gear        Model 18. 33, 35, 50. 55, 56TC and 95
  at greater risk of an LORA , if only              extension procedure. Or maybe the gear          airplanes have the gear handle on the
  because we typically fly a lot of takeoffs        handcrank was covered by carpet or              right, "nonstandard" side of the instru-
  and landings per hour when working with           the spar cover when the airplane was            ment panel. Model 36s and 58s built
  an instructor pilot. So far in 2001, 16           last in the shop-an all -too-common             through 1983 also have "nonstandard"
  LGRAs (about 18 percent of the total)             mechanic's error.                               switch locations. The 24, post' 1983 36 and
  took place IVhile a CFI lVas all board                In the other four electrically related      58, 58TC and P, and 60 have gear switches
 providingj1igh, insTruction. Ten of those          LGRAs, the landing gear collapsed on            on the "standard" left side. Are right-side
  were gear-up landings while the other six         rollout-suggest ive of an incomplete            airplanes more likely than others to be
  were "gear collapses" on the landing roll.        manual landing gear extension, the pilot        involved in an LGRA?
 Two of the gear-collapse write-ups                 perhaps unfamiliar with the Beech-
 specifically mentioned "touch-and-go"              specific "tricks" (not specifically empha-              So far in 200 I, lhere are 90
 practice-which combines a lot of pilot             sized in the Pilot's Operatillg Hal/dbook)             LGRAs, broken down th usly:
 action and airplane reconfiguration in a           for confirming "gear down and locked"
 very short period of time. No wonder               using the manual extension procedure,
 student pilots of all experience levels            but explained in detail in earlier issues            Left of panel                    16
 sometimes "snatch up the gear" on a                of the ABS Maga ziue,                                Right of panel                  69
 touch-and-go!                                                                                           Tandem seat T-34s                 5
     IlIstrtlctors lIeed to be extremely vigi-
 lant when working with sllldellls in rhe                                                                At first, this seems to condemn those
traffic pallern. It's all too easy to get com-                                                       airplanes with the landi ng gear switch on
 placent after the fifth or eighth trip                                                              the right si de of the panel. If you
around the airport, but it 's when we let                                                            consider the percelltage of all piston
our guard down that we have problems.                                                                Beech airplanes wi th "standard" vs. "non-
Pilots receivil/g il/structioll should also                                                         standard" switch positions though, you' ll
remember the critical lIature of gear                                                               see that the LORA record is close to repre-
extension, confirmaJioll and post-land-
                                                                                                    sentative of the breakdown in the fleet. If
iug recollfiguratiol/.
                                                                                                    anything, there may be more standard
                                                                                                    location airplanes involved in LGRAs than
Touch and go LGRAs
                                                                                                    the fleet makeup would appears
   In addition to the two dual instruction,
                                                                                                    tlrat "1I0llSlalldanl" lallding gear switclr
touch-and-go LGRAs in 2001 so far,
                                                                                                    positioll is 1I0t afactor ill tire rare ofLGRAs
there were two with solo pilots. One of
                                                                                                    in piston-engine Beechcrafl.

Page 7054
                                                                                                                    ABS Dece mber 2001
Recommendations                                                                                    your mechanic allows. watch the gear
    Our record of landing gear-related ac-                                                         inspection and retraction tests during
cidents is worse so far in 200 I than it was                                                       the annual inspection, and learn what
at this point in 2000. Here's how you can                                                          to look for during your pre fli ght
help reverse this trend and avoid the haz-                                                         inspections. Take in an ABS Service
ard and expense of a landing gear mishap:                                                          Clinic and learn even more about your
                                                                                                   landing gear, as well as have yet an-
   .\1\\ a) s extend the landing gear at the
                                                                                                   other set of informed eyes take a look
   same point in ) our pattern or
                                                                                                   at this vital system.
   approach. This should help you avoid
   "forgetting" the gear when distracted.
2. Confirm the gear has extended by                                                                So far in 200 1, onl y two LGRA s
   u~mg the II1dicator~ in your airplane.                                                       showed evidence of a "true" mechanical
   as well as the lIoise and feel of gear                                                       cause, i.e. one where the landing gear was
   extension. I like to physically hold the                                                     jammed and unable to fully extend
   gear handle as a reminder until I've                                                         using either the electric or manual
   checked the indicating system.                                                               method. According to sources, perhaps
                                                                                                as many as seven additional Bonanzas
1. Compare expected performance to
                                                                                                experi enced a no segea r-up landing
   what you actually get after the gear is
                                                7. Don't skimp on inspections and gear-         related to binding of the concentric nose
   dO\, n. For instance, gear extension at
                                                    related maintenance . Check those           gear doo r and cowl flap extension tubes
   approach and pattern speeds usually
                                                    uplock springs, rollers and cables be-      (one is nested inside the other, and if they
   results in a roughly 500-fpm descent.
                                                   fore evel}' flight. Look for proper tire     corrode or bind,they may prevent nosegear
   If what you get is diffe rent, it's time
                                                   and strut inflation and any sign of un-      extension). At best, then, only about 10 per-
   to reconfirm proper gear extension.
                                                    usual gear-system wear. Follow the          cent of LGRAs can be blamed on an unre-
-l. Don't touch al1rlftil1g until you come          Beech recommendations for gear in-          coverable, mechanical cause. By far, it's
   to a stop at the end of your landing roll.      spection and overhaul unless velYcred-       pilot action or inaction that leads to this
   There's no need to reconfigure the air-          ible sources (such asABS) explain a dif-    cause of almost half of all Raytheon/Beech
   plane while it's still rolling down the          ferent course of action. Did you know       piston engine mishaps.
   runway, and history shows that many              Raytheon recommends a gear retraction           More than tWice e\er) wcck. some-
   LGRAs result from inadvertently re-              test following any tire change? At the      one "bellies in" a piston -engine
   tracting the landing gear on rollout.            very least, ifyou'vebloIVII a tire (which   Beechcraft, or the landing gear is down
                                                   has at least once damaged the gear sys-      blll doeslI't stay down whi Ie the airpl ane
S. A,oid "touch and go" practice. In my
                                                    tem slightly but enough to cause the gear   is on the ground. That's as much as a
   opinion touch-and-gos fail to rein-
                                                    to jam "up"), you should put the plane      total year's worth of airplane-on-ground
   force the habit patterns necessary for
                                                   on jacks and do a retraction test after      time, and 580,000+ payout by av iation
   a safe arrival. and actually train "bad"
                                                   installing a new tire.                       insurance comparties. created ",'ery week
   technique like reconfiguring the
   airplane during the landi ng roll.           8. Get to ~no" your gear system . lf you        by LGRAs. Flying is only gett ing more
   Certainly, the high workload of a               haven 't already, fly with a Beech-          expensive, and remaining shops less and
   touch-and-go, coupled with the need             knowledgeable instructor (such as in         less able to turn aro und repairs. Don't
   to reconfigure the airplane while roil-         BPPP, Inc.) and practice a manual            make a $40,000 mistake by having a
   ing down the run way, puts you at               landing gear extension ill YOllr air~        landing gear-related accident'
   added risk of an LGRA.                          plalle ill flight-so you' ll know what
                                                                                                Tom Turner writes, lectures and teaches about avia-
                                                   you're up against. and how to do it          tion sofety and flying high-performance airplanes.
6. Don't depend on the squat s\\ itches                                                         He flies a S8Te Baron. You can reach Tom at 423-

                                                   right, if you ever need to "for real." If
   to compensate for bad technique .                                                            336-2261, or
   Squat switches may be out of rig or
   otherwise fail to protect you from an
   inadvertent retraction on the ground.
   There's 110 reason you should be in so
   much of a hurry that you accidentally
                                                 Die..                                                     1
   move the gear handle on the ground.

ABS December 2001                                                                                                               Page 7055
     Unleaded auto fuel                                                able to use 80 octane fuel or, if an STC is purchased, un-
                                                                       leaded auto fue l. In spite of what some "experts" might

     and battery life                                                  tell you, unleaded auto fuel which conforms to the STC is
                                                                       a superior fuel when compared to leaded aviation fuel.
                                                                           These low-compression (7 to I) engines work as they
                                                                       were intended when using auto fuel and do not suffer the
                                                                       ill effects of leaded fuel-those effects being combustion
          'm sitting here inside my summer place in Wyoming

                                                                       chamber deposits, spark plug fowling, piston ri ng stick-
          looking out at the storm passing by and thinking I'm         ing, exhaust valve sticking, exhaust system erosion and
          glad I do n't need to fly today. The tallest peak in Wyo-    atmosphere pollution, and it's a dollar a gallon Jess cost'
     ming is only about 25 nm away, and there are high moun-               I've had unleaded auto fuel in my airplanes for more
     tains in all directions. I've never been in a cloud in Wyo-       than 17 years . One of the four fuel tanks has never been
     ming and not picked up ice-regardless of the time of year.        out of the airplane. The other three are the original tanks,
         Carmen and I just returned from the ABS Convention                     having been reconditioned by Continental Com-
     in Mobile. We went there in a sort of                                             pany in Spokane, Washington. One of those
     roundabout way via Baltimore by                                                      tanks required rework before auto fuel
     airline and drove to Mobile.                                                           came into the picture.
     We weOl to Kitt y Hawk ,                                                                      Certain areas- mostly cities that
     North Carolina, and saw the                                                               are plagued with smog due to auto
     First Right site - the place                                                               emissions-use oxygenated fuel
     where great events took                                                                    during the entire year or only dur-
     place almost 100 years ago.                                                                ing winter months when inversions
     Our John Miller is probably                                                               cause auto exhaust to be trapped on
     the only living eyewitness to                                                             the surface. Surrounding mountains
     that event. We visited a few                                                              add to lhe problem if a bowl-like
     Ci vii War places and a great                                                             condition results from those moun-
     railroad museum in North Caro-                                                              tains. Also, some states mandate
     lina, then on to Tennessee, Geor-                                                            fuel formulated with these oxygen-
     gia and Alabama.                                                                              ates all year round.
         Our stay in Baltimore was for                                                                    The most common oxy-
     a Pan American reu nion. Saw                                                                  genates used are MTBE or al-
     folks we had not seen in many                                                                 coho l derived from grain.
     moons and relived a few of the ad-                                                            MTBE is approved under the
     ventures of yesteryear.                                                                     EAA auto fuel STC but any form
         Those of you who have not at-                                                         of alcohol is forbidden. MTBE is
     tended an ABS Convention should do                                                      being phased ou t due to extreme
     so. The next one is in Wichita, and the                                              ground water contamination from leak-
     one after that (2003) will be in Reno, sched-                                    ing underground storage tanks.
     uled so people can stay for the National Air Races.                                  If alcohol-doped fuel is used in our air-
         While at the Mobile Convention, I did the usual four-         planes, bad things happen. Alcohol will run the engine just
     hour seminar on the H engine and the props, accessories
                               E"                                      fine. The problem is delivering it 10 the cylinder. Alcohol
     and other stuff surrounding these early V-tails. Beech built      will cause failure of the many rubber components used in
     about 10,000 V-tailed airplanes and half of those were pow-       the fuel system, and it will also dissolve magnesium which
     ered by that HE" engine.                                          is found in the induction manifold and wobble pump. Any
         Of course, some of the early airplanes are not fly ing        of those happenings are not good.
     due to many circumstances, and some have had other en-                Soooo - anyone using auto fuel and purchasing it at the
      gines installed. But I figure there are 3,500+/- of the origi-   auto filling station should know how to test the fuel for alco-
      nals still at it. Actually, those who install an 0-470 or 520    hol, which may be as much as 15% of the total fuel volume.
      engine in those G3S or earlier airplanes are making more             Although this simple test has been covered before in
      parts available for those who understand what a real Bo-         theABS Magazine, I spoke to several attendees at the con-
      nanza is made out of.                                            vention who had no idea about how to detect the presence
         One of the advantages of the "E" engine and the 10-           of alcohol in gasoline. So here it is one more time:
      470K used in the early straight-tailed airplanes is being            Buy a bottle of Snapple and drink it. Flavor? Your

Page 7056                                                                                                 ABS Decem ber 2001
choice. Apply a shan strip of masking tape on the boule so a pen         Additionally, the airplane should be instrumented so the pi-
mark may be made about 3/4 inch from the bottom of the bottle.       lot can see if the system voltage is correct. Over-voltage causes
Add water to the bottle to the pen mark. Add the fuel to be tested   excessive loss of battery fluid (sul furic acid) while under-volt-
so the bottle is about 80-90 percent fu ll.                          age does not let the battery obtain a full charge and results in
    Cap the bottle. The gaskets used to contain the Snapple don't    poor output, leading the pilot to thi/lk the battery is failing.
do a very good job with gasoline, so I cut a 1/ 16-inch thick            To charge a battery, current of 14 - 14.5 volts is required. I
neoprene gasket and stuff it into the cap. The standard cap gas-     think most battery manufacturers recommend 14.2 volts as
ket will work, but it leaks slightly.                                optimum ; 24-volt batteries require 28.5 volts. All of the fore-
    After capping the bottle, shake it vigorously for about three    going is caused by the internal resistance of the battery which
seconds and set it on top of the fuel pump or other level surface.   runs right at 4/10 volt per cell.
Within 10 seconds the fueJ and water will have separated, and if         A voltmeter may be connected to the aircraft buss or one in
the apparent water level has risen, there is alcohol in the fuel.    the plug-in cigarette lighter. Just make sure it is an accurate
    Using the above amounts of water and fuel, the apparent          one. The system readings should be taken after the voltage regu-
water level will raise about 3/16 to 1/4 inches. The entire test     lator warms up, after about 10 minutes or so of operation.
procedure-not counting drinking the Snapple-takes a minute               If a higher- or lower-than-desired voltage is recorded, the gen-
or less and is a surefire method to detect the presence of alco-     erator or alternator output may be adjusted at the voltage regula-
hol. The water line may rise less than noted above if the per-       tor. Some altemators have intemal voltage regulation and should
centage of alcohol is less than the usual 15 percent. Any in-        be adjusted by a technician on a test bench. Voltage regulators can
crease in the apparent water line says alcohol is present. Do        also be benCh-adjusted at any good auto electric shop with the
/lot lise that JlIel.                                                                       results of said adjustment signed off by an
                                                My battery is installed in a                A&P mechanic.
Batteries                                       cool place behind the                           A battery charge/discharge ammeter is
    Battery life seems to vary a great deal
                                                firewall of the airplane and also necessary to spot a possible problem.
from airplane to airplane. I am just ready                                                  A battery that shows a high charge rate for
                                                the box vent system is main-
to replace the battery in my G35. The                                                       more than 10-15 minutes after takeoff
present one was installed in November tained so there is a good flow should be inspected using a battery
1994 after the previous one had delivered of air through the box in hydrometer.
seven years of no-difficulty operation. I've flight. Although my observa-                       Aircraft batteries require a slightly
been using the Concorde CB-35 batteries tions are strictly anecdotal. it higher specific gravity (SG) of the acid than
since they came on the market.                  appears to me that batteries auto batteries. Optimum SG is 1.285 (mini-
   There are several factors I believe installed away from a heat mum of 1.275) and all the cells should test
contribute to long battery life and which source do much better.                            within .030 of any other cell. Most auto
the operator may help along. One impor-                                                     battery hydrometers will not work with air-
tant item is to use the battery on a regular basis. That is, fly     craft batteries since not enough acid can be drawn from the
the airplane often. I make every effon to do that once a week        smaller cells to float the pointer.
if possible. Occasionally, a longer time goes by, but not very           A small volume hydrometer is needed and may be purchased
often.                                                               from Aircraft Spruce (877-477-7823) for under $20. Order
    Another is to check the water level on a regular schedule. My    pan number FR-1. Spruce also has FAA-approved voltmeters
battery is installed in a cool place behind the ftrewaII of the air- which would require only a logbook entry to install.
plane and the box vent system is maintained so there is a good
flow of air through the box in flight.                               Fuel flow instrument system
    Although my observations are strictly anecdotal, it appears          Since I wrote about installing the fuel flow instrument sys-
to me that batteries installed away from a heat source do much       tem in my airplane, I've had many calis and conversations re-
better. My Bonanza, Luscombe and VW Bug all do about seven           garding just how useful this $1,200 system is. As with any-
to nine years between batteries. All of those installations have     thing else that has been added to the airplane since it left the
the battery out of the engine companment, whereas my auto-           factory, I could get along without it, but it is a nice feature in
mobiles with the battery installed in the engine companment          many ways.
go three to five years between battery changes.                          Electronics International was the first (that I know at) to
    For airplanes with the battery box in the engine compan-         offer a unit that would work with the PS-5C carburetor. This
ment, about the only thing to aid the temperature problem is to      system requires two-flow transducers and the fuel flow differ-
make sure the box lid fits tight and that the vent system is pro-    ential module to subtract out the return fuel that goes to the left
ducing good airflow in flight. A more frequent water level check     main tank.
is also required of these units.                                         The return fuel will be very close to three GPH, but what

ABS December 2001                                                                                                        Page 7057
you see on the instrument is the fuel the engine is actually burn-       A sam ple readi ng of fuel bum would be 8.2 gph at 11 ,500
ing. The accuracy after the operator calibrates the system, a         feet MSL, 2125 rpm, 19 inches MP producing 134 mph - lAS.
simple process, is within I percent +1 which is more than ad-
                                         -,                           That is better than 16 nautical miles per gallon of fuel. Al so, at
equate for our purposes. This uni t becomes another gadget to         that low power, due to high altitude, the airplane is soooo quiet.
help in managing the engine together with the GEM exhaust             I have no intercom system; none is needed. A Plantronics boom
gas system, digital CHT on each cylinder, oil temp and pres-          mike with the little pink thing in my left ear, and the cabin
sure gauges and the seat-of-your-pants receiver.                      speaker and Carmen in my right one.
   There are other things I would buy before this system, such as        That's li ving, boy! That's living!
Cleveland brakes, sloped windshield, a GPS and maybe a couple
                                                                      Lewis C. Gage, ASS member. ATP mulliengine fand with Boeing 70702017471
of other things. But I already had all those, so the die was cast.    Airbus-310 ratings. Commercial single engine land: flight instructor MEl/SEL air-
   There are other manufacturers who are sell ing fuel fl ow in-      planes and instruments: ground instructor advanced and instrument; flight navi-
                                                                      gator; flight engineer; mechanic-airplane Dnd engine: and FAA ports manufac-
struments for the pressure carbs (lPI , etc.), so one has a choice    turing authorization. Flight time: 15,OOO-plu5 hours. Lew may be contacted of
now. However, my E I system has given no problems and serves          Sunrise Fillers. Inc .. 2255 Sunrise. Reno. NV 89509. Phone/Fox: 775·826·7184.
me well.

   Research on older Bonanzas readily available on CD-ROM
            s you may have noticed, my          or earlier airplane, but it is so much         Store. Research your problem. Read all
            "Currents" column has               beller if one will research the subject        the words in all the articles pertaining
            become something less than a        via the ABS CD-ROM orthe hard copy             to it. Siudy any drawings involved and
    monthly item. At times. I just run out      of back issues. I have edited those ar-        Ihell call or fax or e-mail me. My new
    of ideas or nothing worth taking up         ticles to get them as accurate and logi·       e-mail      address        is   sunrisereno
    space in the magazine has occurred          cal as possible. Phone conversations, Please send
    recently. At least nothing I've    had a    however. lead to my misspeaking, your          only serious questions andlor informa-
    firsthand involvement in.                   mishearing. my omission of informa-            tion. Do not forward every joke and
        Over the years I' ve                                                                                   opinion piece you receive.
    wrillen about 160 articles                                                                                  I do not give advice on
    for ABS, most of them              I don 't mind spending time attempt-                                airplanes later than the
    about the 035 and earlier         ing to help someone with a problem                                    1956 G35. No V35 , no
    airplanes and most of those       on their G35 or earlier airplane, but it                             F33A. no Barons, etc.
    articles were things about                                                                                  Some folks have cop-
                                      is so much better if one will research
    the firewall forward. That's                                                                           ied my ASS articles and
    a lot of words about a small      the subject via the ABS CD-ROM or the                                put them in book or binder
    area. Some repeating of in-       hard copy of back issues. I have                                     form. I have considered
    formalion or a different          edited those articles to get them as                                 grouping all my articles by
    slant of the same subject         accurate and logical as possible.                                    subject matter and issuing
    was used, but [think those                                                                             a book with the net pro-
    things that I know some-                                                                               ceeds going to the ABS
    thing about have been                                                                                  Air Safety Foundation.
    fairly well covered.                                                                                       Before this would be
        Occasionally, I've been                                                                            done. I need for those who
    dumb enough to write a                                                                                 are really interested in
    "how-to-f1y" article and                                                                               such a publication to no-
    that is a big mistake to of-                                                                           tify ABS Headquarters to
    fer to a pilot group. The                    ----,._-
    maintenance stuff of most                      ---
                                                                                                           determine the feasibility
                                                                                                           of such a project.
    of my articles is usually
    new territory to those read·
    ing it for the first time, so I
    can get away with that all
                                                   --                                                          I plan to continue sub-
                                                                                                           mitting articles to ABS ,
                                                                                                           but not on a monthly ba-
                                                                                                           sis. I hope those already
    right.                                     tion, your omission of trouble symp-            printed and those that may follow are
       Usually the folks I talk to through     toms or conditions. and you don't have          helping keep old Bonanzas flying in a
    the year have questions that have been     the drawings that might have been part          safer and more efficient manner.
    covered in the ASS Maga zine. I don't      of the article covering your problem.                                 -Lewis C. Gage
    mind spending time attempting to belp          If you don't have the CD-ROM, by
    someone with a problem on their G35        all means get one from ASS Company

Page 7058                                                                                                            ABS December 200 1

                                                                          They Called Me Mr. Bonanza
                                                                                             By Larry Ball
         A continuation of Larry's book, Those Incomparable Bonanzas, that covers all the Bonanza models
       from 1972 through 1990. Learn how the Model 36 Bonanza came about; what caused the aerobatic
         Bonanza to be developed; more on the V-tail; how the vertical instrument program came to be; the
    name change from Debonair to Bonanza; what happened to the Beechcraft 38P Lightning ; why the G33
                         Bonanza? And much more! Hardcover, 321 pages, 280 photos. No. 4035 $39 .95

                                 Colvin's Clinic
                                 By Norm Colvin
                                 An invaluable resource guide for the Bonanza, Debonair, Baron or Travel Air owner. Become
                                 aware of maintenance problems that often are overlooked. Make routine maintenance less
                                 of a chore. Hardcover, 235 pages with many illustrations. No . 4005 $39 .95

                                                                              Flying The Beech Bonanza
                                                                                               By John Eckalbar
                                        The author guides you through detailed discussions of questions every
                                   Bonanza owner should ask: the aerodynamics of the V-tail; Bonanza handling
                                                qualities; the whys and wherefores of airspeed and g-Ioad limits;
                                         the efficiency of the Bonanza propeller; drag characteristics; the effect
                                        of flaps on takeoff performance; instrument flying ; weight and balance;
                                               idiosyncracies of loading for each model. Emergency procedures.
                                                                        Hardcover, 202 pages. No . 4015 $38 .50
     Flying                      Flying High Performance Singles and Twins
     Jli ~ h   I't,.'formalln'
     Singll'" and Tu in ,        By John Eckalbar
                                 A serious pilot cannot know too much about the atmosphere ; about the engine and
               At:               propeller; about the essential aerodynamics of performance, stability and control; about
                                 mUlti-engine flying in both theory and practice; about icing; and about advanced systems
                                 like radar, turbochargers , pressurization, autopilots and flight directors. Like most pilots,
                                 your serious study probably ended when you got your instrument rating. When you first
                                 began to study flying , you learned about simple airplanes with normally aspirated engines,
    4010                         fixed-pitch propellers, etc. Upgrade your knowledge base to match the equipment and the
                                 advanced type of flying you are doing now. Hardcover, 400 pages. No . 4010 $38.50

                                                  Phone: 316-945-1700 FAX: 316-945-1710
                                                  Web site: E-mail:
A serious payload problem

          t a recent Rotary meeting, I arrived. as     lots. I will drive straight to the heart of the matter.

A         usual, quite late. My wife says my real
          name is Charles "Tardy" Davidson, and
 she is probably correct. Anyway, I had to sit at
                                                           Many ABS pilots, like the rest of America, have
                                                       a serious payload problem. Our Rotary speaker
                                                       explained it in simple terms. We Americans are a
 one of the tables up front, right next to the         lot heavier today than we were 50 years ago. Yes,
 speaker. I put down my plate from the Western         we are eating more, but not that much more, but
 Sizzler buffet and tried to be inconspicuous.         we are exercisi ng much less than 1950.
     The speaker was impressi ve. He had a full            He also made the distinction between over-
 head of blond hair, parted neatly on the right side,  weight and overfat. Most Americans have the prob-
 a tan of just the correct tone, not too dark, not     lem with overfat. This is the problem with height!
 pale, perfect teeth, a colored dress shirt and tie    weight tables. The athlete who is 6 feet tall and
 with a symmetrical knot, creased trousers that        weighs 220 pounds but has 8 percent body fat is
 broke at just the proper height on his loafers and    overweight by old tables. Unfortunately, he is the
 a Rambo-like torso.                                   exceptio n. Most overweight persons in our
     He was already into a mesmerizing lecture         society are also overfat. The optimal body fat
 on fitness and health. r do not use the term mes-     percentage for men is 12 to 14 percent and more
 merizing facetiously. He had the                                         than 20 percent is obese. For
 audience of lunching North                                                    women 16 to 20 percent is
 Carolina Rotarians to-                                                              opti mal; over 30 percent
 tally immersed in his                                                                  is obese.
 message. He was                                                                               The main point
 from California                                                                            of his lecture was
 (the perfect tan                                                                           that for the typical
 should have                                                                                 American, diets
 been a clue). He                                                                            alone are not the
 had a company                                                                               answer. A combi-
 that teaches                                                                                nation of diet and
                                 "Well. the engine misses some
other companies how to on takeoff, but when it quits. exercise are necessary for
 help their employees avoid then I'll have the IA look it over long-term stabilization of
 injury and be more healthy and fix it.' How many of you toke weight and ongoing health.
with proper exercise, diet that attitude with your precious Exercise shou ld be both
and stretching.                 Bonanzas and Barons?                            aerobic (wa lking, jogging,
     Being a family physi-                                                      biking) to condition the heart
cian, r preach often about these issues, but it        and lungs and resistance training to build muscle
seems nobody ever listens to me. My patients con-      mass. Muscle is more metabolically active, that
tinue to feed at the "super-size-it" drive-through     is, it uses more energy than fat.
window. sit at their sedentary jobs and exert vi-          I like to see the pilots r examine continue to
cariously through TV wrestling.                       fly. But hypertension, diabetes, heart disease,
     A few courageous ones have purchased             arthritis and other medical disorders are more
machines that were demonstrated by scu lpted          common with overfat individuals.
persons with I percent body fat during the wres-           These conditions do not necessari ly disqualify
tling commercials. These machines with their          a pilot medically, but I find a lot of pilots taking
pulleys, slides, stretch bands and ab rollers sit     the "I'll fix it when it breaks" attitude. How many
dust-covered until they are given to Goodwill         of you take that attitude with your precious
along with old polyesler jogging pants.               Bonanzas and Barons? "Well , the engi ne misses
    By now you are wonderin g where Dr.               some on takeoff, but when it quits, then I'll have
Davidson is wandering in his attempt to wrile         the IA look it over and fix it."
something about medical issues for Bonanza pi-            Sure you can get away with lots of takeoffs over

                                                                                  ABS December 2001

gross, but some day it may create a big emergency. I guess if           humans get more than their fair share of health problems. We
everybody takes off over gross, then you feel bener about do-           have an epidemic of diabetes, high blood pressure, back
ing it, too. When you look around the dining room and find              problems, joint problems, etc. These are not exclusive to over-
several pilots more overweight than you are, perhaps the ra-            weight persons. but they are more common in these folks.
tion-alization is: "I'm not so bad ... look at that guy."                  Exercise comes in different forms. There is aerobic exer-
    Treat yourself as well as you do your airplane. Be honest           cise. which increases your heart rate and rate of breathing. It is
with yourself: The mirror and the bathroom scale will tell you          good for your heart and lungs. There is isometric and isotonic
the truth. See your family physician or Airman Medical Exam-            exercise to increase muscle mass and help your body burn
iner and discuss how your weight is affecting your present and          calories. Muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat. Increased
future health. Continuing to ignore this issue is like Skipping         muscle tone helps prevent injuries.
the preflight. There may be no problems for many flights, but              Most of my patients who have lost weight and maintained the
eventually it will bite you!                                            loss have combined a prudent, well-balanced diet with exercise.
    If you bave not already moved on to Lew Gage's column               The key is to continue the exercise and proper eating habits.
about proper washers for the rare "E" series engine with                     ot possible, you say? Come on! You ' re pilots! othing is
bi-fringed overbaffied belt-driven alternating starters, stay with      impossible for ABS pilots. I have seen you change piloting
me. I'm not going to preacb at you about eating Melba toast             habits of many years after experiencing ways to fl y that are
and cottage cheese.                                                     better and safer.
    Teledyne Continental tells us the best way to ensure long
                                                                        Charles S. Davidson, M.D. holds board certification in fam-
life for its engines is to run them frequently and not just at idle     ily medicine and emergency medicine. He has been an
power settings. The same is true for our bodies. We need to run         aviation medical examiner since 1978 and serves as a
                                                                        sen ior AME. He holds a private pilof license with
our engmes.                                                             multigengine Dnd instrument rating. He is an active pilot
  Humans were not designed to sit at a desk all day long. As            using general aviation tor business and pleasure for 23
                                                                        years. He is a member of ABS. AOPA fAA Dnd (fies a
we all know, engines that sit require early overhauls, and              BonanozQ A36.

Q: I have a condition called "restless          used to treat this condition. is not aJJowed         letter saying that your migraines are only
legs syndrome." When I tl) to fall asleep      because of possible sedation.-JH                      about twice a year. Most importantly,
at night. I have this irresistible need to                                                           you have said they are entirely predict-
keep repositioning my legs. It interferes       Q:   I answered "yes" 10 the question                able, occurring in very specific circum-
with my ability to fall asleep and both-       about frequent or severe headaches on                 stances (a long hard week, wine with
ers my wife', ,Ieep also. My doctor            my FAA medical application. I have                    dinner, sleeping in the next morning).
put me on a drug called Mirapex. a             migraine. I only get them about twice a                   Patients with migraine are commonly
Parkinson's di,c"se drug. [t docs a won-       year. and always under these certain                  hard-driving , self-demanding and con-
derful job, and I have no side effects, but    circumstances: I have been pushing hard               scientious. At times when they have com-
my AME says it is not allowed by the           at work all week. lrying to cover too                 pleted the hard work and "let down;' the
FAA. I am getting restful sleep for the        many bases. and I am exhausted by                     headache comes. This has given rise to the
first time in a long time. Wbat can I do?      Friday evening. My wife and [ have                    term "Saturday morning headache:'
                                               dinner, often with one or two glasses of                  You should si mply have to write a
A:   Mirapex is in a class of drugs called     wine. I sleep late the next day. and wake             letter, reporting your situalionjust as you
"dopamine agonists." These agents are          up at 10:30 with a terrible left-sided                did to me. You have told me that your
widely used as initial treatment in            throbbing headache with nausea, vomit-                headaches are entirely predictable. If you
Parkinson's di ease. They were initially       ing and sensitivity to light and sound.               awakened with a migraine, you just would
allowed in certain circumstances, but             All my migraines ha\'c been in a                   not fly that day (does not sound like you
recent reports in the medical literature                                                             would be tempted anyway).
                                               setting like this. My AME deferred my
have warned of excessive daytime sleepi-       certificate due to migraine. The FAA sent                 Since there is essentially no risk of
ness during activities of daily living.        me a letter asking for more information.              you abruptly developing an incapacitat-
including falling asleep while driving.        What can I do to get my medical                       ing migraine in the air, the FAA should
    These drugs now have a "black label"        certificate'!                                        clear you.
warning in the Physiciall's Desk Refer-
ellce (PDR) for medications. This has           A:    You have done a fine job of answer-
                                                                                                         You might get your doctor's advice on
                                                                                                     taking some medication when these
caused the FAA to disallow these agents.        ing your own question. Migraine is com-              circumstances arise, and perhaps you can
Sinemet, a levodopa drug also used for to       mon. occurring in about 10 percent of
                                                                                                     stop the headaches from occurring at all.
treat Parkinson 's disea e, is allowed for      men and up 10 17 percent of women.                                                         - JH
treatment of restless leg syndrome.             Certainly all patients with migraine need
Klonopin, a drug in the Valium family also      nm be grounded. You need to write a

ABS Decem b er 2001                                                                                                                   Page 7060
               Re: ELGE article                                        them-or tell them-you're PIC and you lIeed a
                     I would like to follow up on the excellent        climb and a holding pattern with IO-minute legs
                article by Ron Vickrey on "Emergency Landing           while you work out the "non-normal" problem.
                Gear Extension" in the October 2001 ABS                They will certainly oblige with this and any other
                Magazille with a few comments/suggestions from         assistance you might need.
                my own operational experience and from                     Then, and only when you are comfortably
                observations while instructing in the BPPP.            established at a safe altitude and distance from
                     Ron does implore pilots to "become com-           any known traffic or established in a holding
ASS IDEA AND                                                           pattern under the watchful eyes of ATC, should
INFORMATION     pletely familiar with ELGE system procedures"
                set forth in the POH. What I have found , how-         you consider extending the gear manually.
                ever, is that in times of stress (failure of systems       But before reaching for the gear handle, pull out
                and mher "emergencies"), many pi lots do not           the POH (which everyone has in easy reach) and
                have perfect recall of what they surely had known      open to the appropriate section. If you have a
                well enough to recite perfectly when asked             copilot, have him or her read to you in checklist
                during a preflight review.                             fashion. If not, hopefully you have an autopilot that
                     Perhaps it is helpful to categorize system fail-  will allow you a minute of straight and level flight
                ures into two categories. Large transport category     while you review the published procedure.
                aircraft classify system failures and other prob-          Now you are ready to begin the procedure, but
                lems as either true "emergencies" or as "non-          only when the aircraft is established straight and
                normal" events. In actuality, relatively few events    level at a reduced power setting and slower airspeed.
                would be classified as "emergencies" and require           This is the time to remember the PAC (power-
                absolute immediate response by memory of               attitude-configuration) numbers that are taught
                certain procedures.                                    so well in the BPPP that give you approach
                     Into this category would fall such things as      maneuvering setup. 1strongly encourage the "tum
                engine fire or fai lure, smoke in the cockpit, de-     10, add I" that Ron discusses in his article. This
                compression of a pressurized cabin, etc. These         forces pilots to stop every 10 turns, add an inch of
                "emergencies" must initially be dealt with strictly    manifold pressure and, most importantly, confirm
                from memory-at least                                                                straight and level flight.
                initially until a proce- Too many times, in our haste to                                 Remember to add
                dures manual can subse-         rectify a problem, we inadvert-                     that one inch of MP ev-
                quently be consulted.           ently make it worse. A classic ery 10 turns, especially
                    The vast majority of                                                            if you have the autopi-
                other malfunctions can example is a door that pops lot engaged. If you
                be classified as "non- open right at rotation on take- don 't, the autopilot will
                normals." Into this cat-        off. Slow down, compose yourself progressively add nose-
               egory would fall all other and remember: Most malfunc- up trim to maintain a
               events that, while poten-                                                            constant altitude,leading
                tially serious, do not have
                                                tions are not "emergencies:                         you into a potential stall.
               to be made more serious by improperly follow-          If the autopilot is not engaged. you will begin
                ing procedures from memory that may not serve         descending as the trim system tries to maintain the
               well under duress.                                     trimmed airspeed with a resulting descent (hence
                    In the case of fai lure of the landing gear sys-  the need for a nice altitude buffer-just in case).
               tem, I strollgly ellcourage all pilots to "don't just      Too many times, in our haste to rectify a prob-
               do something, sit there" for a few moments. Take       lem. we inadvertemly make it worse. A classic
               a few moments to evaluate the problem, consider        example is a door that pops open right at rotation
               the flight conditions and come up with a plan that     on take-off. Slow down, compose yourself and
               will allow them to slowly and properly address         remember: Most malfunctions are not "emergen-
               the malfunction.                                       cies," but rather are to be considered "non-normals"
                    A landing gear extension failure will usuaUy      that allow plenty of time for slow. deliberate appli-
               be noticed (hopefully) when selecting the gear         cation of procedures by reference to the POH.
               for extension during initial approach for landing.         1 actually wish the POH wou ld li st two
               When in VFR conditions, the matter is a little         sections: one with a yellow tab for "non-normals"
               easier to handle than when in IFR conditions, but      and one with a red tab for true "emergency"
               the same basic admonitions apply.                      procedures. This "emergency" section would be
                    If VFR, simply exit the traffic pattern, climb    very brief for our aircraft (you'd be surprised how
               to a comfortable altitude, away from the vicinity      brief it is-even for Boeings) and contains only
               of other airport traffic. If under actual instrument   those items that absolutely /IIust be committed to
               conditions, execute the missed approach proce-         memory. All t.he others are suitable for a "cook-
               dure (you do have enough fuel per FARs for this,       book" approach by reference to the POH.
               right?), then inform ATC of the problem and ask                         -Gory S. Jacobs. CFII. MEl, AGI. 8-737
                                                                                                   Greensboro, North Carolina

                                                                                                  ASS December 2001
                                                 PRAISEWORTHY PERFORMANCE

Holbrook, Arizona                                 offered for Ed Sullivan (which I agree                I talked to Bruce Davis, Director of
   I would like to brag about a wonder-           with), I also found Mary Anderson and            Majntenance, and he made me fee l a
ful nying vacation my wife and I took.            Paul Swenson to share the same passion           little better when he agreed to start on
We drive Debonair 285 , 1966 C33A                 for professionaHsm and customer service.         the job right away. The assignment was
CE40. This night started at Woodlake,                 I would recommend Iowa Trust to all          turned over to Michael Lee, a mechanic
California (Oscar 42), and included land-         of my Bonanza colleagues. and I gi ve            I soon learned was a seasoned, thoro ugh
ings at Twin Falls. Idaho; Jackson Hole,          them an A+!                                      old-timer who knew exactly how to go
Wyoming: Rapid City. South Dakota;                                   -Jeff Jones, Plano. Texas     about the repair. Quickly, without wast-
Salina, Kansas: Ash Flat, Beman and Hot                                                            ing any time, he removed the exhaust
Springs, Arkansas; Amarillo, Texas;               F&M Enterprises                                  manifold and looked to see if he could
Holbrook, Arizona; and Barstow, Cali-                I just wanted to mention what a plea-         get a drill in straight enough to drill for
fornia. Total tachometer time was 25              sure it was dealing with Bob Knoll from          the heli coil repair. Two and a half hours
hours. This VFR flight was wonderful              F&M Enterprises. Bob sells the oil filter        later, it was done for $120 and we were
and all of the controllers with night fol-        conversions that mount in place of the           on our way.
lowing, approach, towers and ground               existing oil screens.                                This shop stopped work on prior com-
were courteous and very professional.                                             -Perry Sporn     mitments to help us out and we greatl y
                                                                          Ballston Spa. New York
   A special mention of Holbrook,                                                                  appreciated their effort. It is hard to tind
Arizona (PI4). The only weather we                                                                 such dedication. I know this because I
encountered was in Arizona. Holbrook              Poor service/good service                        do automotive repair in my shop, and get-
was our planned fuel stop on our return              Give your readers a cho ice: At               ting good techs is difficult-to-impossible.
trip. But as we approached, it was a man-         Westchester County Airport in New York           Ijust want all ABS members to know about
datory stop, being VFR and surrounded by          at Signature Flight there were no                the good shop in Fanllington.
thunderstorms, lightning, rain and hail.          tiedowns and they were unable to ren-                The trip to Rockford was mechani-
Alan Rocs. engineer technician, greeted us        der a jump-start on my Bonan za,                 call y uneventful , and we enjoyed the
on final with, "Welcome to Holbrook '"            N7992D. Yet they charged S80 per night           B20sh and Oshkosh more than could be
    After filling my plane with fuel that         times five for a total of $400, and then         told here.
was 20 cents a gallon cheaper than the            80 cents more per gallon.                                                 -Heino A. Moeller

rest of the trip, he offered an overnight            The good news is that in the very next                             Costa Mesa, California

cabin for my airplane away from the               hangar, home-owned Panorama FBO
weather. He then threw me a set of keys           folks fixed my dead starter at a fair fee.       Piedmont Hawthorne
to a courtesy car and sem me on my way            Gas was 50 cents less and they onl y                This letter is to compliment one
with directions to the Painted Desert,            charged $15 per night and even waived            mechanic in particular and the mainte-
Petrified Forest and the local museums of         that charge because they did mainte-             nance crew in general at Piedmont
the area. This turned out to be an additional     nance on my airplane.                            Hawthorne in Knoxville, Tennessee.
two-day, two-night unscheduled adven-                              -James C. Smith, DDS.MS            On Monday, August 27, I experienced
                                                                   L'.ICol USAFR (F-86 driver)     a rough engine in my Bon anza
ture. Thank you, Alan and Holbrook.                                                 e
                                                                         Memphis, T nnessee
    If you are in the area, just fl yi ng by,                                                      (N723 I Y) on my way to Canada from
need some fuel or just a friendly wel-                                                             Atl anta and diverted to the Piedmont
                                                  Great FBO service in Illinois                    Hawthorne facility. In my opinion. they
come, Holbrook will hit the spot!                     On our trip to Rockford, lIiinois, to
                              - Chris Crumly                                                       are extremely fortunate to have Tom
                        Woodlake, California
                                                  participate in the B20sh formation               Atchley as an employee. He and his crew
                                                  night, my wife Hildegard (also a private         were most professional, knowledgeable
                                                  pilot) and I stopped in Farmington, New
Iowa Trust and Savings Bank                                                                        and helpful in trying to get us on our way.
                                                  Mexico, to stay the night. The FBO,              However, we elected to leave the plane
    I would like to echo Lee Kuhlke' s com-
                                                  Seven Bar Four Comers. fueled our tanks          and go commercial. The rest of the staff.
mems in the August ABS Magazine. My
                                                  and on request put 63HM, a 1965 C33,             from the front desk to the flight school.
panners and I recent! y refinanced a 1977
                                                  in the hangar for us.                            was more than helpful.
F33A-new paint and new GPS-with
                                                      Early the next morning I did my                  If I am ever in the Knoxville area
Iowa Trust and Savings Bank and found
                                                  preflight, which always entails running          again, I will certainly make it a point to
the experience to be very positive.
                                                  my fingers by the intake and exhaust port        stop. I would like all ABS members to
    The transaction was handled in a very
                                                  at the cylinder heads. My tingers came           know of the excellent service they can
professional manner, the personal cus-
                                                  out black after checking #2 cylinder. I          expect at this location.
tomer service was outstanding, and they
                                                  had an exhaust leak. I tried tightening                                       -Bud Kamman
worked well ahead of all deadlines. Best
                                                  the manifold nuts. One of them, port #2,                                     Atlanta, Georgia
of all, there were no surprises and they lived
                                                  just spun throu gh. I knew it was a
up to every verbal promise.
                                                  stripped stud in the head that needed to
    In addition to the accolades that Lee
                                                  be repaired before any further night.

ABS December 2001                                                                                                              Page 7062
                                                                        in theirT-28 and put it into Pensacola Bay. Whew! (It wasn' t
     Safety first                                                       their fau lt; at the last engine overhaul the shop had put the
                                                                        wrong short-skirted pistons in the engine, and it lasted 79
                                                                        hours until it failed.)
                                                                            My next safety officer billet was wi th a newly formed
                                                                        helicopter squadron in California, getting it ready to ship
                                                                        out to Vietnam. We trained arduously day and night until
               ormall y, I program the December issue for               time to fly the helos aboard a helicopter carrier for depar-

     N        holiday hints for gift givi ng, with emphasis on the
               latest in avionics, headsets, handhelds, palmtop
     programs and various geegaws. Unfortunately, this year I
                                                                        lUre westward . The day the ship sailed I was promoted and
                                                                        reass igned to be the sq uadron Ai rcraft Maintenance
                                                                        Officer. Three days later, one of our helos, approaching
     had the nu during the ABS Convention in Mobile and was             the side of the ship in a driving rainstorm, misjudged its
     unable to attend. Therefore, I don't know what you saw             altitude and crashed into the side of the ship. All aboard
     there that sparked your desires for "PILOT STUFF."                 were saved, but the helicopter was lost, along with our
         What I want is the new AirCell Guardian 1000 Datalink          up-until-then spotless safety record.
     system. (Wendy, are you reading this?) Too expensive for               Upon returning to the United States from that tour, I
     Santa to bear thi s year? OK. then I'd sett le for the             was assigned to a Marine Air Group of F4 Phantoms and
     Datacomm 500 at about $1,995 with a Compaq IPAQ to                 A4 Skyhawks. (The jet ki nd, not the Cessna kind.) I agreed
     play it on. And don 't forget the Datamap subscription to          to take the Group Aviation Safety Officer slot until the next
     go with it, and the GPS sensor to plug into it. I kllolV all       opening in a "Gun" squadron came up.
     that will come pretty close to $4,000, but what the heck,              I kept that job for about six months, constantly exhorting
     I'm worth it, right?                                               the squadron safety officers to hang posters, correct observed
         Then you' ll need some sort of digital color display to        safety defects and remind their peers to be vigilant and care-
     view the data, so the other half of the infomlation package        ful at all times. Finally, my tum to be a squadron fighter pilot
     will be new multifunction displays. These will include a couple    arrived, and I passed the safety officer reins to my relief. You
     of handheld color units, plus several moving map displays          guessed it, one week later, "Black Friday" occurred.
     that can also accept NEXRAD data. Then you' ll need a                  One squadron had a pilot fly through the pine trees on a
     subscription service to access the data in flight, which will be   low pullout from a bomb run and safel y eject. Another
     priced from relatively inexpensive to outrageous. More on          squadron had a fire inside their hangar which heavily dam-
     this technology next year.                                         aged one fighter and soaked three more in salt water from
           ow that I' ve exhausted my gift shopping list with one       the automatic sprinkler system. Another squadron had an
     item, I should mention one other more conservative sug-            inadvertent rocket firing while on the ground in the arm-
     gestion. In last month 's article, I had a photo of Sporty's       ing area that new off the base across a busy highway and
     Super Lap Tray. Boy, that sure sounds like something I             between two buildings before setting the woods afire!
     could use! I wonder if the Super Lap Tray has a built-in               The word went out throughout Marine Corps aviation:
     "Your necktie is in your soup" alert? How about a "Turbu-              li
                                                                        DO 'I be Ihe avialioll safelY officer after Jim Hughes' Luck-
     lence Ahead" warning? At any rate. the Super Lap Tray              ily for both the taxpayers and the Marine Corps, I was never
     (item #9424A) is priced at S5.95, or three or more at $5.25        in line to be an aviation safety officer again. (Just think what
     each, which means you can outfit your V-tail for under             might have happened if I had gone on to be the Air Wing
     $25. (Is that better, Wendy?)                                      Safety Officer that contained 3,000 airplanes and 30,000 men!)
                                                                            Now that I've explained my lifelong commitment to avia-
     Aviation safety                                                    tion safety, are you slIre you want me to write about it for the
          I will see if I can relate this ubject to avionics a little   ABS? Just don 't be the nexl person to address the subject, or
     later in this article, but for now, I'm responding to several      risk having Bonanzas and Barons raining from the sky !
     requests for an article on aviation safety. As for my quali-
     fi cations to speak on the subject, l was once a school-trained    An imaginary flight in our Bonanza .. .
     aviation safety officer in the Naval Aviation Training Com-           Let's approach Bonanza/Baron flying safety the way we
     mand in Pensacola, Florida. I was given that billet in a           approach the airplane when we intend to fly it. As we flJ'St
     squadron that had amassed around 183,000 accident-free             view the airplane, there is no way it can burt us. If it is tied
     fl ying hours. I pas sed that record on to the next guy at         down or hangared, it can't run over us. Since none of us smoke
     about 195.000 hours.                                               anymore, there is virtually nothing that can cause it to blow
         About a month after I left, a pair of instructors on an        up in our faces. So far, the airplane is safe and so are we.
     an nual instrument proficiency check ride, lost an engine             As we climb up on the wing to unlock the airplane, we

Page 7063                                                                                                  ABS December 2001
begin to assume a vel}· slight risk of slipping off the wing and          OK. Now we've gotten a weather update and have performed
falling four or so feet to the ground. If the wi ng is dry, if the    a good preflight. While we got our weather update, we filed
non-skid is properly painted on, and if we are wearing nonslip        our flight plan. What? You didll 't fi le a fl ight plan? Why not? If
shoes, the risk i (so far) negligible.                                it is so severe c1earthat you do not need the services of the Air
    Then we begin our preflight. There is a sl ight risk that we      Traffic Control system, then why didn 't you fi le VFR ?
can bump our head or cut our scalp on things that protrude                One of the good deals our benevolent government gives us
under the airplane. (That's why I always wear myoid baseball-         is a free insurance policy when we fl y. Insurance? You bet. When
style "preflight hat." A phrenologist, or one who reads bumps         we depan and open our VFR flight plan. the FAA (the good
and scars on our heads to predict our future, would have a great      one, the hel(Jful one, not the traffic cop one) watches our progress
time reading my preflight bump and scars.)                            until we tell them "It's OK, Mother FAA, we're safe now, we're
    When we drain fuel from our fuel tank sumps, there is a           landing and will remember to mind our manners. brush our
slight but real possibility that we can get fuel in our eyes oron our teeth, change our socks and watch our language until we're ready
skin, causing a skin rash, or even a cut in our ski n that could                                to return to whence we came. Thank you
induce lead poisoning. These                                                                        for watching out for us on our trip and
risks are easily manageable if       Would ya be hav'n any                                             don't call us, we' II call you when we
we are careful and don't get        cor ned beef with yur rll-..-I                                      stan back," Why on earth would we
in too big a hurry.                 cabbage, J immy boy?                                                not avail ourselves of that service?
    Twenty-four to 48 hours                                                                                      ow we've climbed into
before our flight, we have                                                                               our trusty Bonanza and have run
been watching the overall                                                                                  our "before start check li st."
area weather. We know the                                                                                     (OK. So we've do ne this so
location of the lows and                                                                                        many times that we don 't
highs. the direction of                                                                                           lIeed to read and do the
;olhe steering winds" and                                                                                          checklist.) We' re ready
the possibility of rai n,                                                                                          to start.
snow, fog, ice, clouds and                                                                                                Someone once char-
turbulence. Our call to                                                                                   acterized starting a fighter as
the weather briefer ei-                                                                                   hanging a lot of high explosives
ther at home. at the                                                                                             on an airplane and then
airpo rt, or on the way                                                                                              building a fire in the
in between only brings us                                                                                               middle of it! Starting a
up to date on what specifi-                                                                                             Bonanza isn't quite
cally will affect our pro-                                                                                            that silly. but be aware
posed route of flight.            I once tried to impress on the pilots and the flight that we are inducing avgas
    What if we didn't kllolV      line personnel what a T-28 propeller could do by into a machine that bums
we were going to fly to-          throwing a head of cabbage into a spinning it (an engine) that in turn
day, 24 to 48 hours ago?          prop. Cabbage flew in every direction, includ- swings two or three sharp
OK. They have the                 ing into the engine recesses. For the next three blades around in the air.
weather channel on every                                                                                                I once tried to im-
                                  weeks that T-28 smelled like burning cabbage!
planet [know of that pilots                                                                                       press on the pilots and the
live on, and I don't know                                                                                         fli ght line personnel what
a single pilot I consider to be a good one that does not keep a       a T-28 propeller could do by throwing a head of cabbage into a
more or less constant watch on the weather. Most of us are            spinning prop. Cabbage flew in every direction , including into
considered "the neighborhood weatherman" by our nonflying             the engine recesses. For the next three weeks that T-28 smelled
neighbors.                                                            like burning cabbage! A squadron joker suggested that next
    Since weather is "an uncontrolled variable" in our flying,        time 1also throw in corned beef! At any rate, be aware that the
there is no way we can live to be "an old pilot" without becom-       front of your airplane is lethal to persons and objects in its path.
ing a lifelong student of weather. If you are tempted to line the            ow you've successfully made it to the end of the departure
bottom of the birdcage with this anicle at this point, then please    runway. That's not as easy as it sounds at some airports. The
remember these two thoughts: First, weather has never lost an         traffic cop portion of the FAA takes a dim view these days of
argument to a Bonanza and second, those pilots who think they         runway incursions. [f you are in any doubt of your position.
can "beat" an adverse weather situation are always buried on a        stop right there and ask or sort it out. [f you are due for a Bien-
clear day!                                                            nial Flight Review soon. expect to have to cover runway and

ABS December 2001                                                                                                               Page 7064
taxiway markings. That is a mOllda/DlY subject of BFR cover-        plane, but if you get that "chirp-chirp" on the runway at the
age right now. You've covered your before wkeoff checklist down     end, you ' re considered a "good pi lot."
to run way items.                                                       Between cruising altitude and the "chirp-chirp:' comes a
    At this point, I don't care how late you are, or how mad at     well-controlled descent- and perhaps an approach to minimums.
ATC Clearance delays you are, now is not the time to try to         One of my favorite questions to instrument competency pilots is:
make up time or get in a hurry. You are about to go 70 miles an     "When does the FAA let you come to within 200 feet of an im-
bour on a short highway with a vehicle that has little wheels,      movable object or objects without being able to see them?" The
thin tires and relati vely poor brakes! Would you let your teen-    answer, of course. is "minimums on an ILS approach."
age son or daughter drive something like that? When's the last          Now you 've successfully executed an ILS approach to mini-
time you tried to abort a well-developed takeoff roll? Did it scare mums, made the "chirp-chirp" sound that passengers love and
you? Did you blow or skin a tire? Did you run off the end or the    cleared the runway. It ain't over yet. Remember that part about
side? When you are ready to go, are you also ready to stoP?         runway incursions and looking for the FBO at an unfamiliar
    Aborted takeoffs are hard to practice because they are dan-     airport? The same rule applies as on the departure. When in
gerous and hard on the brakes, tires-and maybe even the air-        doubt, stop right there and ask. Better yet, ask for progressive
plane. A good rule of thumb is to think, as you take the runway,    taxi instructions as soon as you get on ground control. and let
that it will take twice as 1 to stop as you think it will.
                            0llg                                    the tower "hand deliver" you to the FBO ramp.
    Now you are a few hundred reet above the ground. The gear           Once on the ramp, remember those swinging prop blades
is up and you are climbing at 100 to                                                                  that eat linemen and fire extinguish-
 120 knots. The miracle of flight has          Finally, once you are parked                           ers, and the Bonanza low wingtips that
taken over. Part of the miracle is that        and shut down, do not exit the                         love fence s. Finally, once you are
to most of us nothing has ever hap-            cockpit-no matter how bad                              parked and shut down, do not exit the
pened in those first few seconds. Just         you need to go to the                                  cockpit- no matter how bad you need
in case, have you seriously thought                                                                   to go to the restroom- until you care-
                                               restroom-until you carefully
about what you will do if the unthink-                                                                fully go over the switches in the cock-
able does happen?
                                               go over the switches in the pit and make sure everything is off.
    At what indicated altitude would
                                               cockpit and make sure every-                           Then , once again , don ' t fall off the
you even think about reversing course          thing is off. Then, once again,                         wing; it's bad for our image as pilots.
and returning to the airport? Did you          don 't fall off the wing: it's bad                           Now comes the most dangerous
factor in the ohmygosh time? Allow at          for our image as pilots.                               part of the trip: the drive horne from
least three to five seconds to have your                                                              the airport. Once again, "watchful
brain communicate to you that the engine really has quit and        vigilance" can keep us alive until the next time we fly. Most of
you' re a glider' (If personal experience is any indicator, by that us know maybe one or two pilots who have gone from the earth
time, you'll be down to about 70 knots airspeed, sinking about      as a result of an airplane mishap. But how many people do we
800 feet a minute!)                                                 know- including relatives, friends, parents and children-who
    Now you' re 500 feet above ground, and you can relax a little.  are no longer with us as a result of auto accidents?
This is the time when most truly professional pilots shine, and         There have been several articles in other aviation publica-
when most of what they do for the next few hours is lost on         tions, including FLYING and AOPA PILOT assessing the real
those uninitiated in aviation. There is navigation to do, ATC to    risks involved in flying . The consensus of opinions is the same
talk to, weather to contend with, and "watchful awareness" to       as it has always been: Flying is not in itself dangerous, although
be maintained.                                                      it is not totally risk-free.
    I once investigated an accident where a Bonanza pilot was           I once read a saying painted on the inside of some airport
on a night from Long Island, New York, to Florida. He was           hangar that said, "Flying is not dangerous. It is, however, very
alone in the airplane with the autopilot engaged and he fell        unforgiving,"
asleep. He awoke to the sounds of the engine sputtering, 30             Oh, yes, I said I'd mention avionics. Well , don 't forget to
miles east of Charleston, South Carolina, in the dark, over the     tum off your radios before you start the airplane-and again
ocean. He managed to glide almost to the mouth of Charleston        when you shut it down .
Harbor, where he successfull y ditched the airplane. It sank and        See you next month .
was lost. The Coast Guard retrieved the pilot. Like I said,
"watchful awareness."                                               ABS member Jim Hughes, Sanford, Florida, is the chief pitot, Corporate Aviation
                                                                    at Embry-Riddle A  eronauticol University, flying a Citation II. Jim also headsMor-
      ow comes the part pilots are most graded on by nonflyers:     keting and Professional Services, a consulting firm specializing in flight fest ond
the descent and the landing. With a non-aviator aboard, you                                                                 P
                                                                    avionics integration. His ratings include both an AT and on A&P mechanics
                                                                    license, with a long list of type ratings from Boeings to Sikorsky helicopters. He
can spend 90 percent of the flight lost, bust restricted airspace,  has more than 21, 000 hours, including over 3,000 hours in B        onanzas, Barons,
chase the airspeed all over the dial, and mismanage the air-        Dukes and King Airs.

Page 7065,                                                                                                               ABS December 2001
There is no substitute                                                         In short, older pilots were making foolish decisions such
                                                                          as not prefli ghti ng aircraft and faulty flight planning that
                                                                          were leading to accidents. Complacency and boredom with
for experience!                                                           details may playa factor in these situations.
                                                                               It takes a great deal of work to stay in shape both men-
                                                                          tally and physically to meet the demands on pilots in to-
                                                                          day. Tests indicate that mental and physical ski lls can be
        ach experience we have in aviation builds a broader                maintained until late in life if used regularly. Further, stud-

E       base to draw upon. This foundation gives us the
        ability to use good judgment and make sound deci-
sions. A seasoned pilot should have greater ability and be
                                                                          ies have shown that mental reaction time was similar in
                                                                          older and you nger athletes. It is not known whether start-
                                                                           ing a new ski ll late in life will be developed at the same
able to demonstrate more proficiency than a less experi-                   level as those learned at a younger age. Similarly, long
enced and possibly younger pilot. This                                                             periods of inactivity can create serious
comes from years of training, safe fly-         Consider the followinfl in                         problems in regaining unused skill s.
ing, having been placed in difficult the selection of your aVIation                                     A number of studies show the same
                                                    insurance company:
situations and overconning adversity.                                                              results with regard 10 aging pilots. Their
    On the other hand , there are                  • L tor a company thaI has token a
                                                      ook                                          response to complex situations becomes
changes that all of our bodies undergo           professional approach 10 the ag ing issue,        slower and they make fewer correct de-
that can directly impact our ability to        • Continue to renew with the some company           cisions in fast-paced extended tasks. The
fly an aircraft. This article is intended          as long as the coverage and premium             facts seem to show that as persons age
                                                             remain reasonable.                    they become somewhat less efficient at
10 point out some of the concerns that
the insurance industry has on this sub-        • Toke onnuallroining 01 a recognized facility      perceptual and motor tasks. This seems
ject and to make our membership                 approved by your insurance cerrier.lf 01 all       to grow more pronounced when the task
                                              possible. select a school that uses simulators
aware of things to look for as the years            to enhance this training experience.
                                                                                                   complexity increases.
pass by. Most of us wi ll agree the                                                                     As pilots age, they must have an
greatest battle for safe fligh t is won         • Toke an annual physica l and stay in good        awareness that certain ski lls needed to
                                                         physical and menlol health,
when we know our limitations and                                                                   fly safely are being affected and make
make adjustments for them.                          • Slay current in your aircraft and log        adjustments for these changes .
    The FAA "Age 60 Rule ," which                         as much time as possi ble.                    The aviation insurance industry
was promulgated in 1959, requires air-        • Know your limitations and modify your flying       has adopted varied responses to the
line pilots to SlOp flying at age 60. The              when required by your abilities.            aging pi lot through the years. Most
courts ruled several years ago that pro-                                                           companies seem to have become more
fessiona l pilots flying for the airlines who were removed                enlightened and reasonable in this regard. Companies that
from the left seat when they were 60 could downgrade to                    have been insuring pilots when they are in their early 60s
the flight engineer position.                                              will continue to do so as long as they meet their medical
    There has been dramatic progress in the last 36 years in               and proficiency requirements.
medicine, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of                       Depending on the type of aircraft flown , certain com-
cardiac and cerebrovascu lar illness, which many feel should               panies will requ ire annual night physicals along with an-
allow modification of the "Age 60 Rule." Some in the pro-                  nual training. Many companies will not accept new risk
fess ion feel thi s justifies modifying or removing the age                when the pilot is in hislher late 60s.
barrier altogether. They propose that the FAA adopt a type                     As a pilol ages, he/she should II} to find a company thaI
of performance-based testing that wi ll deternnine when it                 will provide coverage limit he or she is ready to stop flying
is time to stop flying.                                                   and Ihen try to sloy lVilh Ihat companyfor Ihe long haul.
    There is a good deal of research that suggests certain                     As the body ages, it takes more time and effort to stay
pilot skills do begin to slide around middle age. Also, there             physically and mentally sharp. In flying- as with other
is evidence that increased experience can offset decreased                endeavors-there is a lot of truth in the saying, "Use it or
mental and motor skills.                                                   lose it."
    A stud y performed by the U.S. Navy indicated that                         It will continue to be up to us mature, experienced pi-
younger pilots' accidents had 10 do with improper use of                   lots to show the industry tbat we are able to stay sharp and
flight controls, fai lure to maintain flying speed, poor land-             set the standards for aviation safety.
ings and loss of control. Older pilots had more problems                   Falcon Insurance is the agency for the official ABS insurance program.
coping with procedures and attention to details rather than               John AI/en moy be reached 01 /·800-259-4ABS (4227). Falcon s websi/e
                                                                           is <>.
motor ski ll s.

ABS December 2001                                                                                                                         Page 7066
  Hawkins was the recipient of the Society's pres-
  tigious M.D. Cashion Award for Technical Ex-
  cellence. In presenting the award. ABS President
  Jon Roadfeldt explained Willis's selection:
      'Willis has had a remarkable life in aviation.
  playing a major role in tbe design and development
  of airplanes, missile systems and space vehicles.
      "He began tlying in 1935. and we are all sad-
  dened that he recently had to hang up his wings.
  But during his time in the air, he owned or part-
  ner-owned a Fairchild 24. Cessna 120, 170, 172
  and C-3, Culver Cadet, Aeronca 6-3, Bellanca
   14-13-3, and two A35 Bonanzas-tbe most
  recent built in 1948.
      "During his illustrious career, Willis held
  many high-level positions with Locklteed and has
                                                         Whallhe ABS did for me
                                                         BY WILLIS HAWKINS
  been well known in government circles for many
  decades. In 1961 , he received the U.S. Navy Dis-

                                                              irst, a linle history. I've been in the airplane business seriously for
  tinguished Public Service Medal for his contri-
                                                              at least 65 years-learning to be a deSIgner and then domg my
  butions to the Polaris missile program.
                                                              best to be one. Along the way I learned to fly and kept at it as [
      "Willis served as Assistant Secretary of the
                                                         could afford it. I've owned 10 airplanes, the last two of which were
  Army for Research and Development under
                                                         well-kept A35 Bonanzas. En route, ['ve been hand-in-hand with the
  President Lyndon Johnson. He also received Dis-
                                                         FAA, been a member of tlying and glider clubs and I' ve learned about
  tinguished Civilian Service Awards in 1965 and '66
                                                         how airplanes fulfill their needs and how the military operates and
  for his contributions to theAnny's research and de-
                                                         defines its aircraft.
  velopment programs, and his direction of the US!           I hope this preamble underlines my opinion, experience and gratitude
  Gennan main battle tank development.                   for the American Bonanza Society. The ABS seeks out how to help those
      "We in ABS were fonunate to have him serve
                                                         of us who own Bonanzas, Barons and the closely related airplanes from
  on the ABS Board from 1995 to 2000, and as             the early Beech company and now Raytheon. The ABS is unique, [
  president from 1997-98. Hi s contributions dur-        believe, in the extent of its activities, the skill and dedication of its mem-
  ing those years are extensive, both as a leader in     bers and staff, and its dedication to make flying a continuing joy under-
  general and in the technical arena.                    lined by a sound knowledge of what makes flying safe.
      'This gentleman is more than a valuable asset          I was introduced toABS by a fonnerpresident, Ray Leadabrand, who
  to ABS-he is a national treasure. It is with humil-
                                                         invited me to address a banquet at one of the annual conventions. I was
  ity and honor, that I present the M.D. Cashion Award
                                                         most impressed with the people I met and the extent and quality of the
  for Technical Excellence to Willis Hawkins."           educational offerings of the convention exhibits and the seminars that
                                                         were scheduled daily on maintenance and flying.
                                                             The direct impact on me was that I sold my airplane, an older
                                                         Bellanca, and bought Ray Leadabrand's beautifully equipped A35-
                                                         and I joined the ABS. That was nearly 15 years ago. Ultimately, I was
                                                         asked to join your board of directors and later became your president.
                                                             [ served on the ABS Board for the maximum two-tenn, six-year
                                                         period, with even more fond memories generated by that experience.
                                                             With the recent honor bestowed on me at the ABS Convention-
                                                         the M.D. Cashion Award for Technical Excellence- I share these notes
                                                         to focus my appreciation of the SOCiety before I let time erase my
                                                            The importance of the ABS, and the reason it has prospered, is
                                                         that its leading members truly lead. They enjoy flying. they respect
                                                         the necessity of doing it well and they know they must still listen and

Page 7067                                                                                                ABS December 2001
learn-forever.                                                         strength hasn't yet been fully recognized and patterned to funher
     The ABS Board is not a coasting board. It wants to learn and help ABS members.
seeks those who can share and contribute to this constant intelli-         Our records are good-{)Uf maintenance and pilot continued
gent teaching of the members. This is the foundation for our superb training would be nearly impossible to surpass-but we must not
consultant maintenance tearn. Everyone on this team knew the late lose the attitude of safe and enjoyable flight that we now enjoy.
Norm Colvin himself, who was such a magnificent pillar of ABS              Where else can we contribute? I know our present board
knowledge and strength.                                                would enjoy your sllggestions. As for me. I' m old and watching
     During my tenure on your board. I was involved in trying to with just plain joy. Thanks for my ABS experience which will go
so rt out a tougb problem on ri gg in g and balance for on and on. Keep enjoying flight like you all know how to do. Keep
early-mode l V-tails. Raytheon had had no real historic knowl- telling us what you learn just like our senior expen, John Miller.
edge of these over-50-year-old airplanes.                                                                                          -@-
     They decided to start over by doing a
 modern vibration test program on a
 borrowed Model 35. When the airplane
 arrived, the shop had no data or experience.
The shop folks went straight to Ollr ABS
 advisors for hel(}-a true measure of the
 re spect in which they are held by
                                                                      Initial/Recurrent Phose at all locations.
 Raytheon and the FAA. TheABS "Colvin's                 Bonanzas/Barons/Travel Airs at all locations. Subject to change.
 Corner" experts and their hi story of
 experience can't be equaled.
     Your ABS continu ing inspection pro-           January 18-20             Phoenix, Arizona                      Initial/Recurrent
 gram, tbe Service Clinics, and the BPPP            February 8-10             Orlando, Florida                      Initial/Recurrent
 pilot evaluation programs are equally              March 1-3                 Son Antonio, Texas                    Initial/Recurrent
 essential. Your ABS Board recognizes their
                                                    March 22-24               Greensboro, North Carolina            Initial/Recurrent
 importance and unique presence within a
 "membership" organization. I've now had            April 12-14               Fresno, California                    Initial/Recurrent
 two "ancient" A35 Bonanzas through both            April 26-28               Columbus, Ohio                        Initial/Recurrent
 programs several times.                            May 17-19                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin                  Initial/Recurrent
     The efficiency of inspection and night
                                                    June 14-16                Colorado Springs, Colorado            Mountain Flying
 training, the quality and knowledge of those
 doing the teaching couldn 't be surpassed.         June 28-30                Spokane, Washington                   Initial/Recurrent
 It's a miracle that a volunteer association
 cou ld make such services effective and                                CALL THE BPPP.INC. REGISTRATION OFFICE
 conveniently available.                                       to make arrongements: 97().377-1877 or fax 97().377-1512.
     We're still expanding with articles on the
 details of your aircraft and the sound
 response to your medical problems by Dr.                             2002 SERVICE CLINIC SCHEDULE
 Jack Hastings and the AMEs he has pulled          DATES               LOCATION                    FBO                       AIRPORT
 together. The Society'S leadership is
                                                   January 24-27 Fairhope, Alabama                 Gulf Coast                41'14
 always seeking ways to expand and                                                                 Aircraft Service
 improve its services to you.                      February 21-24 Lantana Beach,                   Windward Aviation         LNA
     My board ex per ience was one of                                  Florida
concentrated education on how much a               March 14-17         Gainesville, Texas          Borrell Aircraft          GlE
 collection of intelligent dedicated volunteers                                                    Maintenance
 could get done and done well for a mass of        April 11-14         Springdale, Arkansas Air America Aviation ASG
equally intelligent and dedicatedABS mem-          June 20-23          Rockford, Illinois          Raytheon Aircraft         RFD
 bers-each enjoying. with their families,
 some remarkably flOe flying machines.                     THE ABS SERVICE CLINICS RUN THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY.
     Not yet fully supponed or truly in focus       Coli ABS Headquorters (316-945-1700) to make arrangements to attend, or sign
 is the Air Safety Foundation. It is the nOirti-     up VIC the ASS webSite: <www.bonanza,org>. Costof these excellent one-hour
                                                      visual inspections is $160 for Bonanzas and $200 for Barons and Trovel Airs.
 nal home for our aircraft inspection activi-                     Time slots are limited to 28 during each four-day clinic.
 ties and the BPPP, but the ABS "Safety"

ABS De c e m ber 200 1                                                                                                   Pa ge 7068
                                                               and my scheduling left us with only three days to cover the
                                                               1,700 nm to Churchill. There was no margin for weather, to
                                                               say nothing about the obvious wardrobe problems I had
                                                               created for Phyllis with an average temperature spread of 65 F
                                                               between the two cities!
                                                                  Churchill is at 59N and my initial research indicated that
                                                                                 most of Canada north of 52N is designated as
                                                                                a "Sparsely Settled Area" and requires

                                                                                special night considerations. My Web searcb
                                                                                engine, when queried about Canadian aviation,
                                                                                 led me to a marvelous site sponsored jointly
                                                                                by the AOPA and C(anadian)OPA entitled

                                                                                           10 cIVS~~~;~~;~~::~,~~~~~::~~:;i:~
  0 Hl~ d on                                                     ~ d~

t        g
Or... what we did aifter the ABS Convention
                                                                                                     navigational aids, unpredict-
                                                                                                     able and widely scattered
                                                                                                     weather information , limited
                                                                                                     fuel availabi lity and food and
                                                                                                     lodging scarcity, all of which
                                                                                                     are addressed. The guide can
                                                                                                     be ordered for a nominal fee
                                                               but I just printed it in its 100+ page entirety fro m the website.
        everal years ago, my wife Phyllis and 1watched            Survival equipment requirements (a great guide for frequent
                                                               mountain niers), preflight planning and preparation, Canadian
        a National Geographic special called "Polar            Flight Rules, Canadian and U.S. Customs requirements are all
        Bear Alert" about a journey to Churchill,              covered along with guidance as to navigation chart require-
        Manitoba. where residents have learned to live         ments. There is even a checkli t at the end to ensu re prepara-
                                                               tions are complete.
with a unique wildlife problem. In October                        J already carry a fairly inclusive survival kit, but began im-
and November each year. the largest and                                    mediately to acquire the additional items required.
                                                                                        For good measure, J added two goose
most deadly carnivore in the Arctic migrate
                                                                                                      down sleeping bags, a nare
through this isolated Canadian village on                                                              gun, a tent and a 30-06. Ifwe
its annual trek to the ice of Hudson Bay.                                                              went down on some frozen
                                                                                                      lake, we were prepared to sur-
Phyllis and I agreed that at a suitable                                                              vive in comfort until rescued.
time in the future we would make that                                                                    In late August we ordered
journey in a Bonanza. In July, we                                                                  "En route Low Altitude" and
                                                                                                  appropriate YFR na vigation
decided this would be the year.                                                                  charts, the "Canadian Air Pilot 3
   To our amazement, the resourceful                                                            and 4 Instrument Procedures" and
people of Churchill have made a boom-                                                          the "Canada Flight Supplement."
ing tourist business out of their "prob-                                                          Ideally, with good weather we
lem." There are no roads to the town                                                        would leave Mobile Downtown for Lake
but it does have a railroad and com-                                                       in the Hills northwest of Chicago to visit
muter airline service, and for two                                                        family on October 14. We would fly on to
months tourists come in droves to see                                                   Thunder Bay, Ontario, to clear Canadian
the wildlife. I was lucky to finally find a                                            Customs and spend the night of the 15th and
hotel that had a cancellation so we had a room for three                              ny the last 640 nm to Churchill with a fuel
days staning on October 16.                                                          stop at Gillam on Tuesday, the 16th.
   A month later as I made reservations for the ABS Conven-        I made numerous phone calls to verify fue l availabi lity along
tion I realized that Mobile ended on the morning of the 14th   the way and to be sure Churchill had de-ice, engine heat and/or

Page 7069                                                                                               ABS December 2001
hangar space ($75 US/night). We reviewed charts and                   the 100-mile scale. Tracking 349 degrees out of Thunder Bay,
approaches and made frequent checks of the Canadian weather           there is only one and not for long. With excellent ground visibility
to gain some idea of what to expect. Icing was going to be our        we could see a settlement here and a road or railroad there and
major consideration, no doubt about it. Satisfied with our prepa-     Highway 599 was within gliding distance for another 100 nm as it
rations, we departed Colorado excited about the plan.                 diagonals northeast to Pickle lake. And then nothing.
    Arrival at Mobile Downtown at noon on the lOth was routine            It is truly beautiful, virgin land with water everywhere. Yes,
until we opened the two side doors. Sleeping bags and tents are       water! Not a single frozen lake all the way to Churchill! So much
not what most people bring to an Alabama convention in early          for the plentitude of emergency landing sites. In all fairness, there
October- and I was the only guy on the bus with a 30-06!              are emergency landing strips spaced randomly at intervals and-
    TheABS Convention is always fun and many people stopped           short of a sudden engine failure- it could be possible to radio
by the Rocky Mountain Bonanza Society booth to see the pic-           your intentions and land safely at one to await rescue.
ture boards of our fly-in s and talk about going to Mexico in             We had the sense that the Canadians take rescue responsibil-
February and the Grand Canyon next April.                             ity very seriOUSly and expect those using their airspace to do like-
    Departing Mobile                                                              wise. Flight plans are mandatory, whether fFR or VFR.
Downtown on the 14th                                                              Forgetting or omitting a required report will result in a
we had a littl e head-                                                            very expensive search. We flew 1FR at 12,000 feet and
wind to the Chicago                                                               had fair radio contact with Winnipeg Center or a desig-
suburbs but great                                                                 nated FSS most of the time.
weather, and the morn-                                                                 We could easily have made Churchill with a
ing of the 15th was no
different as we enjoyed
beautiful faU foliage over
the length of Wisconsin

                                                                                                                 45-minute reserve and
                                                                                                                 it was VFR and fore-
                                                                                                                casted to remain that
                                                                                                                way, but why stretch a
                                                                                                                point. From Gillam to
and Isle Royale. Flying at 14,000 feet                                                                          Churchill , "Sparsely
over the icy water of lake Superior                                                                             Settled Areas" is an
ensured sufficient glide to reach the                                                                           overstatement. There
shore even from the middle. Thunder                                                                             is nothing except a
Bay had a few rain showers and gusty                                                                            railroad track built on
winds but a balmy 50 degrees.                                                                                   the heaving tundra; no
    After the events of September II , we expected a difficult        emergency strips for 145 nm and the lakes were still liquid.
time with Canadian Customs. They had closed numerous air-                 We landed on the gravel at Gillam and taxied to the fuel
ports of entry and done away with the convenience of Can Pass         island. Nothing but jet fuel! How can that be? I called and they
(phone clearance), but our inspection was cursory. Other than         have IOOlL. Phyllis went inside the nice terminal and a young
filling out a form for a $35 firearm permit, we breezed through.      man explained that certainly they have 100LL, it just has to be
    We then enjoyed a wonderful stay and dinner at Valhalla Inn       trucked in a 50-gallon drum from town and you have to buy the
before setting out for the last 640 nm. The weather forecast          entire barrel! OOOK! We wi ll take one barrel! At $329 Cana-
was ideal except for the same north wind at altitude that we          dian that works out to $4.28/gal US, but we were delighted to get
had since Mobile. A fuel stop would be required.                      it. A young lady drove up in a pickup, muscled the barrel around
     We take for granted the density of airports in the U.S. If you   and hand-pumped the entire 50 gailions in 10 minutes while Phyllis
have a GPS with a moving map, they are everywhere--even on            directed the nozzle into both wing tanks. I took pictures.

ABS December 2001                                                                                                          Page 7070
    The entire process took a little                                                                old juvenile males fight with
more than an hour and we were                                                                       mock ferocity. anticipating the
on our way, able to pick up our                                                                     day at about six years old when
IFR clearance-whi le taxiing-                                                                       it will be for real. It was a photo-
from Winnipeg Radio. Into a                                                                         graphic delight. With very little
cloudless sky we climbed to our                                                                     snow, they were visible for miles
filed altitude of only 6,000 feet                                                                   and ptarmigan, arctic foxes and
to better see the sub-arctic ter-                                                                   the arctic hare, already in winter
rain. The "approximate limit of                                                                     color, were easy to spot.
trees" is clearly marked on the                                                                           Friday, October 19, was to
YFR Navigation Chart about 50                                                                       be departure day but a quick
miles north of Gillam, but it is                                                                    check of weather showed a large
not as di stinct as it is here in                                                                   system in central Manitoba, with
Colorado at 11 ,000 feet. We were                                                                   icing forecast up to 30,000 feet,
still seeing trees all the way to                                                                   effectively blocking our return to
Churchill.                                                                                          Colorado. In addition, snow was
    The tundra is wet with rocks                                                                     predicted for Churchill. We
and many lakes. [ was wishing for                                                                   rented a truck and went
more altitude, but it would have                                                                    sightseeing, enjoying sunshine
done little good. A reliable [0-520                                                                 all day. So much for the snow.
US was the only real answer to any                                                                        On Saturday en route con-
insecurity we might have felt. A                                                                    ditions were no better and it was
                                       The polar bears have understood the dynam-
1,500-foot broken layer extended                                                                     now snowing locally. Another
inland from Hudson Bay for a
                                      ics of Hudson Bay for thousands of years. A big system further west would be
mile, but dUCking under that we counterclockwise current sweeps ice forma- threatening our route in a few
made a visual landing at Churchill. tions 600 miles southward, piling up near days. This was really getting se-
    We refueled and taxied the Churchill. As the days get shorter and rious, but we were determined
plane to the Keewatin Airlines han- temperatures fall, the bears move to the we would not do anything stupid
gar, an arrangement I had made shoreline waiting for the Bay to freeze so they even if it took weeks.
weeks earlier. There was not an- can spend the next six months on the ice                                 On Sunday I was dismayed
other general aviation aircraft on feeding on seals.                                                to open the curtains and see hori-
the entire airport and never was                                                                    zontal snow. But a peek at
while we were there. After a I O   -minute cab ride, we were at the weather on 'avCanada's excellent website and a phone call to
Polar Inn in time to witness a spectacular sunset illuminating the  North Bay FSS indicated satisfactory conditions everywhere
clouds we had just flown under.                                     else in Manitoba.
    The polar bears have understood the dynamics of Hudson              Hoping for the best, I filed a flight plan. Local temperature
Bay for thousands of years. There is a counterclockwise cur-        was minus 5 C. We desperately needed a P[REP, so we piled all
rent that results in the cold water and initial ice formation to be our belongings in our rental truck and headed for the airport.
swept southward for 600 miles and pile up in the southwest          We had face-to-face conversations with three airline crews for
corner where Churchill is located.                                  more than two hours. All told us there was no icing on the
    The bears spend the summer inland in a state of semi-hiber-     approach and the tops were at 3,000 feet with blue sky above.
nation, not in a den like black bears but with a greatly reduced    Aircraft sitting on the ramp were not accumulating snow either.
pulse rate that enables them to go without food for months. As          I made a quick phone call to get our 836 out of the hangar
the days get shorter and temperatures fall, they instinctively      and we loaded up. It took 45 minutes to get a release because of
move to the shoreline to await the Bay to freeze which enables      other IFR traffic. We carefully watched our wings for any accu-
them to spend the next six months on the ice and feed on the        mulation but in the 25-knot northwest wind, there was none.
ringed seals, thereby regaining 400-800 pounds of body weight.         The field was well above minimums if we had to return, so
    The Tundra Buggy is the vehicle used to safely transport        a few minutes till noon, into the snow we rolled. A couple of
those desiring to see the bears, as close as 4-5 feet. The wheels   minutes dragged by but as reports indicated, there was no icing
are 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and the spectator is enclosed and   and then we were on top looking into the low Arctic sun as we
well above the reach of the curious animals. The bears literally    turned south-Minot, North Dakota, in our GPS forecasting
stand on their hind legs and place forepaws against the buggy.      clear skies and temps in the mid-50 . It felt like Miami!
    The cub's antics are comic as they play and 3- and 4-year-                                                                   --@.-

Page 7071                                                                                                   ABS Decem ber 2001
                                                                         forehand but he was not believed. The Japanese apparently
                                                                         followed'his forecast! I remember the entire fight he put up for
BY JOHN M. MILLER. POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK                                aviation and how he was squelched by the old ground-force
                                                                         oenerals and sacrificed via a court martial. The only time I could
      he 2001 ABS Convention at Mobile, Alabama, had an extra
                                                                         ° reading it was while fl'
                                                                         StOP                         ymg.
      attraction to me because I had not landed there since the win
      ter of 1929-30. At that time, I had a rather wild adventure
that I described in the June 2001 ABS Magazine, page 1608, titled            After Mobile I flew to Ocala, Florida, to visit Ralph and
"Search in a Storm."                                                     Betty Haesloop, both pilots. He was a founder and the first
    The flight from POU to MOB was on lFR flight plan of almost          Executive Director of ABS. Then I flew on to SI. PetersburgJ
exactly 1.000 nm. Flying at 6,000 feel. I was ordered to take            Clearwater Airport where I visited my granddaughter and an-
vectors around the (infamous) three-mile atomic energy plant 10          other old friend for several days.
Pennsylvania, adding about 30 miles to my route. After 4:29                  A hiohlight of that visit was drivi ng over to the Alfred
flying, only :30 in the clouds, I saw an attracllve airport at           WhittedoAirport where I had quite an adventure in 1929, which
Winnsboro, South Carolina (FDW), so I landed for a little extra          I told about in the May 2001 issue of ABS Magazine.
fuel in case there would be a delay landing at Mobile.                       Only a mile from that airport is the Flight I Museum. a spe-
    FDW is an excellent refueling airport with efficient service and     cial building to house a replica of the first airplane in the w~rld
no obstructions or traffic delays. From there to Mobile at 6.000         to fly an airline schedule. The original was built to SI. LoUIS to
feet, it took 2:46 and I was on instruments for only I: 15. Mobile       1913 and flew on a regular schedule in 1914 across the bay
was clear with little traffic after aU, so a visual approach was made.   between Tampa and St. Petersburg, savi ng hours of land travel,
    At the convention numerous ABS members, whose names I                without accident-a remarkable record. It was a biplane flying
cannot possibly remember, "accosted" me to say that they en-             boat and the replica on display is beautifully crafted in its
joy my narrations in theABS Magazine. I certainly do appreci-            special museum.
 ate those words of appreciation for they are the stimuli that               For those of you who are interested in aviation history, the
 move me to write instead of wasting time not writing. Such              exhibit is well worth a landing at Alfred Whitted Airport. I was
conversations often bring to mind some interesting incident in           thrilled by the beautiful museum and display and plan to make
 my past life that would be good material. If I don't record it in       another visil.
 my notebook, I may not be able to recall later what it was. I
 treasure all the letters I receive from members and eventually
 get them answered.                                                          The flight home to POU was rFR at 5,000 feet to Greens-
                                                                         boro for extra fuel. then 11,000 feet to POU. However, there
  r   y'>
                                                                         was a very deep low-pressure area to the northwest with a fast-
    One of the many new avionics items at the convention                 moving, dry cold front.
tradeshow was a newly developed portable, nine-volt battery-                 About halfway to GSO while passing through the dry front.
powered attitude indicator that can be carried aboard any air-           I encountered extremely rough air due to the fast-moving cold
plane and used to control the airplane if aircraft power, instru-        air penetrating the warmer air. From GSO to PO on instru-
ments or vacuum/pressure should fail. This is a new develop-             ments, the air was actually violent. I gOt on tOP of the clouds
ment in solid-state electronics with no moving parts. It has an          and out of it at 11,000 feet.
attitude indicator shown on a screen, plus GPS navigation num-               The temperature was onl y 13 F, and the cabin-air gate
bers shown from an installed or hand-held GPS receiver. It can           refused to open. I was so thoroughly cold-soaked by the time I
be powered from the lighter socket also but-since it does nOt            arrived at POU that my whole body was trembling and shaking
have any direct connection with the aircraft electrical system-          severely and uncontrollably after three hours of that cold. A
it does not need an STC.                                                 good drink of hot water ended that problem.
    h can be used in any airplane, even in the cabin, and even in            The controller had again vectored me around that three-mile
a submarine under the Arctic ice cap if you expect to go there.          atomic power plant that I could not even see from 11 ,000 feet
h senses motion without connection to any outside reference,             above the clouds (how silly!). Then, again ahead of the front in
similar to an inertial navigation system. It is made by Icarus. I        clear smooth air, the controller would not accept my cancellation
was so greatly impressed by its performance when demonstrated            of fFR with the home field in sight 20 miles ahead, but vectored
that I ordered one on the SpOI.                                          me directly over Stewart Airport to the JLS course at POU, then
    Another item I could not resist buying was a book directly           allowed me to cancel. Maybe he just wanted to practice.
from its author, Spencer Lane, The First World Flight, The                   The entire tour of 17:36 was cruised on lean of EGT peak.
Odyssey oj Billy Mitchell. I remember that flight so well in the         Y'know what? I'm having such fun I refuse to grow older!
 1920s. This book tells the story of the hardships and risks the         Anybody need myoid rocking chair?
crews experienced and the story of the remarkable General Bill
Mitchell and hi s fight to prove the military value of aviation.         During the past 76 years. ABS member John M. Miller ~as fI~wn just
    Gen. Mitchell forecast the attack on Pearl Harbor years be-          about everything from Jennys 10 jets. John we/comes comments. Wflle to him at 20 I
                                                                         Kingwood Pork. Poughkeepsie, NY 1260 I.

 ABS December 2001                                                                                                                      Page 7072
                                                                                            Step one
                                                                                               Wet-sand the area you wish to fix
                                                                                            (photo I). Adrian recommends you con-
                                                                                            centrate on small areas at a time, i.e. a
                                                                                            maximum of 2 feet by 2 feet. If the prob-
                                                                                            lem you are fixing involves peaks and val-
                                                                                            leys in the paint (heavy orange peel) or
                                                                                            some high points in the paint (paint lines
                                                                                            between colors), you should use a sanding
                                                                                            block. If not, either use the sanding block
                                                                                            or hold the sandpaper in your hands.
                                                                                               It is important to use a lot of
                                                                                            water. Water keeps the sanding tempera-
                                                                                            ture down and helps prevent the sandpa-
                                                                                            per from becoming clogged.
                                                                                            Step two
                                                                                               Apply Fine Cut 3M Perfect IT Rub-
                                                                                            bing Compound by hand (Photo 2) and
How to remove paint                                                                         then machine buff (Photo 3) with a buff-
                                                                                            ing pad. Use a speed of about 1200 rpm.
                                                                                               Once you have the area reasonably
imperfections                                        BY STEVEN W. OXMAN
                                                     RIVA, MARYLAND
                                                                                            smooth with this step, use a clean 100
                                                                                            percent cotton cloth to clean up.
                                                                                            Step three

       he information for this article        beJore YOII atlelllpllO fix il. And he also
                                                                                                Remove swirls and similar markings
       comes from BPPP in structor            wants readers to be aware that when you
                                                                                            in the fini sh. For this step, ap ply the
       Adrian Eichhorn, of Washington,        use this procedure, there is stili a chance   Swirl Mark Remover by hand (Photo 4)
D.C. Adrian owns a beautiful P35 that         you might remove too much paint and           and work it in with a machine rubbing
he has been restoring for a number of         have to repaint the areas.                    pad (Photo 5). Continue this step until
years. After he fini shed a project, he          With that said, here is what Adrian        the markings are gone from the finish.
often had to paint some parts or areas        recommends ...                                    Use a clean 100 percent cOllon cloth
invol ved in the restoration process.                                                       to clean up the work area when the mark-
                                                  Although there are several choices of     ings have been removed.
    To perfect his paint finishing jobs. he
                                              tools and materials for this type of work,
assembled a paint booth in his hangar
                                              the ones he found most effective for use
with the requisite walls and ceiling, as
                                              in this procedure are:
well as effective ventilation and air fil-
tering. He purchased some of the finest          1200 Grit sandpaper (3M N32022
painting devices and studied how to paint        Microfine)
properly. Even so, he sometimes still had        Water
painting results that were less than per-        Sanding block
fect. One of the sources of his problems        Perfect It Fine Cut Rubbing Com-
included the ambient temperature and            pound (3M 39502 - dark and light)
humidity typical of the D.C. area.            • Perfect It Swirl Remover (3M 39009)         Photo 2-Applying fine Cut 3M Perfect IT Rubbing
    So Adrian came up with an effective                                                     Compound by hand.
procedure for removing painting imper-          Super Buff Rubbing Pad
fections after the paint is completely dry.   • Imperial Hand Glaze (3M 39007)
Paint flaws that are candidates for his          Super Buff III Buffing Compound
procedure are orange peel, areas with an         (3M 05704)
extra-heavy application of paint, paint          Super Buff Polishing Pad
drips and paint lines between colors, such       (3M 5 I 144-05705)
as those that occur on the N numbers.            A high quality variable speed buffer
   Adrian wants to stress an important           (I 000- 3000 rpm)
point: Regardless of what ki nd of paint         100% cotton rags
flaw you are trying to remove, yOI/ IIIl/sl
                                                 High quality car wax (NuFini sh)
be SlIre Ihe painl is cOlllplelely dry                                                      Photo 3-Mochine buffing the area.

Page 7073                                                                                                    ABS Decem ber 2001
                                                       REGIONAL NEWS
                                                       Midwest Bonanza Society
                                                           For many of us. our fly-in on
                                                       Septernber 28-30 to Shangri-La
                                                       Re so rt. Okl ahoma, was our first
                                                       cross-country flight since general
                                                       aviation was either grounded or
Photo 4-Applying Swirl Mark Remover by hand to
remove markings from the finish.                       restricted on September II. What had
                                                       previously been taken for granted was
                                                       now a precious freedom. This fly-in
                                                       personified that freedom.                  As Ihe sun sel an Friday night.the buffelline opened.
                                                           Mild fall weather welcomed every-
                                                       one as we met at the home of Paul and
                                                       Barbara Staten for our Friday evening
                                                       social hour and dinner. This is a beau-
                                                       tiful, custom-built home located on the
                                                       lake's edge, right next to the runway
                                                       threshold. Paul and Barbara operate the
Photo 5-Work in the Swirl Mark Remover with a          airport that serves the resort. They
machine rubbing pod                                    graciously opened their home to our
                                                       group for what turned out to be a
Step four                                              first -class di ning experience. The New MBS president Craig Bailey and vice president
                                                                                                  Don Lambert.
   Apply the hand glaze with a clean 100               weather, scene ry, friendShips and
percent cotton cloth. Apply and hand-rub               hospitality all came together to make it a very special evening.
the glaze into the paint fini sh.                          By Saturday. 25 airplanes had arrived to join in the fun. Some members took
Step five                                              a morning shopping trip into nearby Afton, Oklahoma. Other members attended
   Wax the area. A high quality automo-                an engine management seminar conducted by George Braly, chief engineer for
live wax produci like uFinish should                   General Aviation Modifications Inc. We really appreciate the fact that George
be applied wilh a clean 100 percenl cot-               took the time to join us.
ton cloth.                                                 Saturday afternoon saw members launching out in pontoon boats for a fall
   Some olher painling experts switch                  colors lake tour. It is always fun to see the majestic lakeside homes and day-
steps three and four and recommend do-                 dream about owni ng one.
ing the hand-glazing before the swirl                      It seems we never have a lake cruise without incident. Before launching, cruise
mark remover application.                              director Larry Olson managed to over rotate his captain's chair right out of the
   By followi ng the steps in this article,            mounting and onto the floor. The ultimate cause was determined to be pilot error.
you will be able to rectify most painting              After regrouping. Larry and his passengers launched only to have the motor fail a
errors and problems. Once you are com-                 while later. The good news is that the second MBS pontoon boat waS nearby and
fortable with this procedure, an added                 provided a tow back to the marina.
benefit is that you will never again fear                  At that point, the second "wave" (pun intended) of fun-seekers launched for
spray painting '                                       their turn at enjoying the sights. Just as the boat was returning to the marina. a
                                                       rather large wake from a passing high speed boat Came over the bow and drenched
    A special thanks to Adrian Eichhorn
                                                       everyone. Some fingers pointed to our own boat captain as having committed pilot
of Alpi ne Aviation for sharing this
                                                       error for not avoiding the wake. Since [ know the boat captain very personally, I feel
procedure with us all.
                                                       cenain it was unavoidable.
Steven W. Oxmon received his so/a certificate on his       Saturday evening, members met in a private lodge room for happy hour and
161h birthday in 1965. He has since added Multi·       dinner. Since the fall fl y-in is used as our annual organizational meeting, new
Land, Commercial, IFR and Hot Air Balloon ratings.
He is the owner of a computer systems development      officers were inducted. Effective January I , Craig Bailey will be MBS president and
company in Annapolis, Maryland, is an ABS director     Don Lambert becomes vice president. Congratulations (or condolences depending
and is president of the North East Bonanza Group,
He can be contacted 01 410-956-3080 or e-mail
                                                       on one's point of view) to both men. The evening was capped off with the drawing                                     for door prizes.                                             colli ill lied 0 11 lIexl page

ABS De c e mber 2001                                                                                                                 Page 7074
    Sunday brought excellent weather for the return flights home.       boat. We piled into one of the 20-person boats with Don, our
I lhink everyone left with a renewed appreciation for our pre-          guide, who shared the geological and historical background of
cious freedom of flight. Visit the Midwest Bonanza Society's            the cave as well as the Indian legend.
website <www,>.                                          We were also treated to a great display of stalactites, stalag-
                                              - John Whitehead          mites, columns and other named formation s, large and smal!.
                                                                        After about 30 minutes, the boat emerged into the light and
North East Bonanza Group                                                cruised around the lake before re-entering the cave for the re-
    What a dynamic world we live in! Our September IS fly-in to         turn ride. The Beddel boys also tried their luck panning for
 Penn's Cave had a forced postponement when world events took           gold and found several treasures to take home as souvenirs of
 over. When the FAA finally relented and allowed VFR flights to         their trip.
 resume with s ome restrictions, most of us were getling itchy to get      Penn 's Cave also features a Wild Animal Park where visitors
 back into the air.                                                     ride buses w ough the 1,000 acres of woods and meadows to see a
    The sun was shining and clouds were scattered over north-           variety of animals, but most of us decided to save that for next
ern Pennsylvania at Penn's Cave Airport (N74) on Saturday               time. - Richard Campbell
 September 22, when six planes and 15 people flew in to tour
 the only all-water cave in the United States.                              Australian Bonanza SOCiety
    In addition to hosts Jeannine and Rich Campbell , other                    Twelve months of intense planning went into the organisation
 NEBG members and guests were Stan Leifer, Bernie and Lillian               of the ABS Kimberley Safari 2001-the ultimate Kimberley
 Asher; Rob and Marj Mortara; Rob                                                                  experience! Organisers David Peel and
 Mark and Theresa Russell; Bill, Teresa,                                                           Helen Watt did a most superb job of
 Derek, William, Russell and Douglas                                                               planning and managing this major
 Bedde!.                                                                                           Safari held August 4 to 18. David was
    It wa s great to hear everyone's                                                               ably ass isted by Lucy Kingston-
stories of what hurdles they had to                                                                 Kerr. To enjoy a detailed day-by-day
overcome to make the trip. These                                                                   account of this exceedingly interesting
 ranged from 45 minutes of holding                                                                 adventure, log on to our website at
pattern practice over Penn State Uni-                                                              <>.
versity to being held "capti ve" by a                                                                  A great bush weekend will be held
sadistic New York ATC who had not                                                                  May 3-5 in the Warrumbungles at
gotten the word that VFR was allowed                                                               Coonabarabran, NSW, the Astronomy
and that one could indeed legally land Penn's Cave is on all-water cave, touring is done by boat.  Capital of Australia. Organisers for this
at Penn 's Cave, although it has no We were treated to a great display of stalactites, stalag-     event are David and Jill Knight who
                                             mites, columns and other nomed formations.
instrument approaches.                                                                             may be reached by phone/fax at
    Others flew far off their direct                                                               02 6842 1994.
courses to circumvent the NYC area                                                                     Olher coming evenls next year for
and other Class B enhanced airspace.                                                               our group include a Bonanza Pilot
Another plane, based at Gaithersburg,                                                              Proficiency Program and Service Clinic
had been in the Midwest so escaped                                                                 at Coffs Harbour, NSW July 27-30.
being trapped in the DC area the week                                                              This will be both initial and recurrent
before and was now being kept on the                                                               BPPP wi lh John Eckalbar and our
family farm on Maryland 's Eastern                                                                 Australian Instructors. Also, there will
Shore.                                                                                             be a Technical Forum with Thomas P.
    Others were not so lucky and were                                                              Turner and a Service Clinic at Yungur
unable to join us when they were not                                                               Aviation Services with a full socia l
allowed to free their planes from places NEBG members in the tour boat as it emerges from the      program for both aviators and their
like Annapoli s and other airports cave, into the light. and cruised around the lake.              partners.
within 25 miles of NYC and Washing-                                                                    Make your plans way in advance for
ton, D.C. Lots of new rules and restricted areas for all of us to          the Warbirds Over Wanaka Internalional Airshow at Easter
learn in order to operate.                                                 2004! Following the success of the 200 I New Zealand Safari,
    The Visitor Center at Penn 's Cave is an easy I O-minute walk          we are seeking expressions of interest from our members in
from the runway. After having lunch and meeting Princess, the              visiting Wan aka 2004 via Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands and
resident mountain lion, we descended to the huge mouth of the              the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Check the website
cool cave. Since this is an all-water cave, touring is done by             for more info. - Peter Gordoll

Page 7075                                                                                                      ABS December 2001
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      David Alklnson           Susan Chose                                                                                               JeffO'Btock                  Archie P. Stocke brand
                                                              mamtam a lifelong commitment to the ABS
      Woller 8. Atkinson       Howard Chilton                                                                                            Kevm O'Halloran             Josef Stone
      James F Atwood
                                                              through a one-time dues payment of $1 ,000.                                Mark N Osterkamp
                               BG Neal R.                                                                                                                                      .
                                                                                                                                                                     lorry R Strimple
      W. Kenneth Austin        Christensen                                                                                               Douglas Owen                Lorry Struck
     Joseph Avellino           John F. ChUrch                 ' The Society also awards an Honorary Life                                 Steven Oxman                Richard Swenson
     lonme Ayers               Edword V. Clisby               M embership to members w ho have given                                     William M. Pocker                       .
                                                                                                                                                                     William PTassic
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                                                                                                                Tom Ughlsey
   Rex Beach                 Robert T. Dickson             Tim Grissom                John F Hutto er                                   Klous Pohlschroder          Charles Vasilius
                                                                                                                Robert D. lovelace
   lorry Becker              Todd OobOOn                  Arnold M. Guido             H AJ. Hughes                                      Sydney W Poland            Ronald K. Vickrey •
                                                                                                                Robert lowell
   Borry Beckett             JohnV. Dora                  Helmut Hoagmann             Dudley Humphrey                                   lorry Pomeroy              ScoItWagner
                                                                                                                Jahn F.lubben
   Fred Seem                 Joseph R. Oorchok            Dlelmor A Habeck            Charles Hunler                                    John A. Porter             Steve Walenz
                                                                                                                Thomas L Mainland
   William E. Beitner        Fred A. Driscoll •           RUssell W Hackler
                                                                     .                John M Hunter                                     Richard l Porler           Jim Walker
                                                                                                                Chel Malinowski
   Jim Berger               Charles T. Dye                Harry G, Hadler'            Douglas M. James                                  Ernest Pribula             Bud Walling
   Robert P Berryman        Calvin B. Eorly •             Ralph Haesloop *            Samuel D. James'         Marchbanks               Keith Proctor              William S. Warren Jr.
   David W, Besl            Dean S. Edmonds              William L Hale               Elgar Allen Janzen       Gordon A. Marker         Todd A. Pulis                          .
                                                                                                                                                                   George PWaters
  Tom J. Blrd               George P Edmonds             David M. Hollman             Charles Jinks            Houston J. Marks         Douglas p, Rearick         Charles R. Watson
  Terry F. Blodgell         Kenneth F. Edwords           D.E . Hansen                Gerald Johnson            Thomas A. Mortin        John Reed                  Cliff Watson
  James F. Blule JII        Joseph P Eger
                                      .                  linda T. Hansen             Roy Johnson               David Mottos                      .
                                                                                                                                       Tilden D Richards·         lsoac Weathers
  Roy Boatner               Clifford Ehorn              R  ichard E. Hanson          David Johnston            Joseph A. McClain'      John S Riley               Murray W Weiss
  Jimmy l. Borger           Donald E Emch               Phil Hordberger             John J. Kore l             BJ. McClanahan·         Bob Roach                  lane WeItzman
  Ken Bortner              David Engle                  H.A. Harlow                             .
                                                                                     Robert W Keene           John McComas             Jon Roodfetdt •            Kenneth R. West
 Harald C. Bost            James Erdman                 Poul J. Harris              Brod Kendall              John McConnell          Hans Roebbelen              John Whitehead
 Brent Bostwick            Robert H. Ericksen           Stanley E. Harris           John H. Kilboume •        Russell A. McDonald     Dixie l. Roethlisberger    Gene l. Whitington
 Theodore J. Bowman        Donald W Fitton              Hager S. Harrison           William R K   incold      Drew M. McEwen          Charles B. Roland          Carl M. Williams
 Barry Brannon             Don Fordice                  Hermon A. Hassinger         l yle K ing               Richard H. McFarland    Froncisco Rosol            Charles H. Williams
 Donald 1. Branning        Richard Fortier              Rudy Houg                   Jeff Kitchel              John 1. McFarlane       Fronk G, Ross              Dennis Williams
 Elbert Bressie            Stanley Fortier              Ernstl. H oupt              FE Knopp                  Jeffrey D. McKeever     C.G. Rudolph               Jack J. Williams
 Robert C. Briggs          Gayle Gorman                Harold E. Hawkins            Keith Knowlton            Byron J. Meade          R .o.Rupert                John I. Williams
                           Freeman                                                                                                    Bennie Ryburn
 Harvey Brill                                          Willis M Hawkins •           CralgW Knox                     .
                                                                                                              Tim D Meokem                                       R. Scott Williams
                           lloyd frye                                                                                                 Fronk Sanderson
 Gory B. Broadnax                                      Bill Hegmann                 Edward C Kole            Jeffery O. Meek                                     Ken Wilson
                           Ab Fuoss                                                                                                             .
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leroy B Brown                                          Ron Heisey                  Gerold J. Kuchera                     .
                                                                                                             William C MeIer                                     Glenn Wlmblsh
                           Steve Fushelberger                                                                                         Dwayne L Sorgent
lionel G Brown                                         Jeffrey A. Henshaw          Kuper Enterprises         David J. MerzoOls                                   Peter Woelfel
                           Ronald Goble                                                                                              Mark P Schafer
Poul J. Brown                                          Peler Herr                  lombrechl Properties      lorin E. Meyer                                     Elias Worts man
                           lewis Goge                                                                                                Steve Schauer
Joe Brumleve                                           Dennis S. Heusser           James H landers           Eugene J. Micek                                    I\ttWynne
                           lawrence Gotizl                                                                                           Stuart Schechter
James 0 Brunner                                       William E. Hicks            H Handry Jr •              Harry Michaelwicz                                  G. Mark Yarbrough
                           Alan H. Gardiner                                                                                          Henry Schlossberg *
C Bryont                                              Barrie C. Hiern •           Dr. Marc lapinel           Gerald E. Milburn                                  Frederick E Young
                           David Garrison                                                                                                     .
                                                                                                                                     Fred W Scoll
Reinhard 6ucholy                                      Richard M. Hilliker         ChriS larson               Oon Miller                                         James E. Young
                           Fronk A Geib                                                                                              Kevin T. Scully
Michael Burdge                                        Mork Hindman                Jim larson                 Maurice H Miller                                   Joseph M. Zoninavich
                           Charles R. Gibbs ~                                                                                        Terry Seeno
Peter H Burgher                                       Thomas J. Hinkley           lee Lorson"                Phil Mitchell                                      R.J. Skip Z,ccardi
                           Dean K. Gibson                                                                                            kel SeHger
                                                      John Hinshaw                                           Donald l. Mondoy "

ASS December 2001
                                                                                                                                                                  Page 7076
                                                                                    especially to talk to exhibitors about our 2002 convention
      OUf AOPA experience                                                           in Wichita. We also talked to other type clubs to get their
                                                                                    impressions of Expo for membership recruitment. They
                                                                                    all said it's an excellent place for that purpose, and the
                                                                                    Cessna and Piper owners' societies said they recruit more
                                                                                    new members at AOPA than at EAA AirVenture.
          n the September ABS Maga zine I wrote aboUl gaining                           Since ABS gets 30 to 50 new members each year at

     I    broader perspecti ve on conventions by attending one
          as a participant rather than as the organizer. I'm suffer-
     ing a bit of an identity cri sis because another recent
                                                                                    Oshkosh, that seemed like a convincing argument for us
                                                                                    to exhibit at future Expos. But you have to be careful about
                                                                                    basing decisions on someone else's experience: The
     convention thrust me into a third role - that of exhibitor.                    aforementioned Cessna association only has a 10 percent
         I' m writing this shortly afterretuming from AOPA Expo                     market share while ABS has about 70 percent.
     in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where Events Coordinator Peggy                         It's important to explore all recruitment possibilities,
     Fuksa and I manned an ABS display next to the AOPA                             since the larger the market share we represent the more
     Sweepstakes Bonanza. It was great fun , but a lot of work:                     challengi ng it is to grow. Although this year gave us an
     Trade-show hours were 10 to 5 the first two days, and 10                       incomplete picture for judging AOPA as a membership
     to 2 the fi nal day with no breaks. So with only two of us,                    recruitment tool, every ABS member who stopped by was
     we were pretty beat by the end of the day.                                     delighted that we were there. I lost count of the number of
        To my knowledge ABS has never before had an official                        times I heard, "It's about time ABS came to AOPA!"
     presence at Expo, mainly because booth space is quite                              One of the high lights of our time at Expo was a very
     expensive. Since AOPA comped us the space next to their                        funny brainstorming session with long-time members
      1966 V35 this year, it gave us a less expensive opportu-                      AI Spencer and Jim Duncan, both of Florida. We got to
     nity to test whether being there is worthwhile.                                            talking about bringing in new members, and that
         My assessment is a mixed reaction. It was                                                    generated a hilarious search for a "member-
     a good experience, but it could be a lot                                                              get-a-member" theme.
     better. Frankly, the location of our                                                                     The gist of their remarks was that
     display was n't as advantageous as I                                                               ABS has an awful lot of old members,
     expected. Although just about every-                                                               and they-I think the word "codgers"
     body came by to admire the Sweep-                                                                  was mentioned-each need to bring in
     stakes plane, that didn 't translate into                                                         at lea t one new member. ow, I assure
     very much ABS recruitment traffic.                                                              you, it was AI and Jim who came up with
         Most people thought we were the AOPA                                                    the jingle, "Don't let ABS go broke. Replace
     booth for the Bonanza drawing. Eventually we                                            yourself before you croak."
     adjusted our sales pitch and picked up a few new members in                      We told them we wou ld consider naming the program,
     [he process. If we try it again, we'll get a regular booth.                    "The AI Spencer and Jim Duncan Memorial Membership
        Peggy and I made several turns around the exhibit hall,                     Campaign.'· A fitting tribute to such wi ld and crazy guys.

     ABS convention goors in Mobile, Alabama, were asked 10 turn in their eva luation forms by ~flyi ng · them into miniature "hangars· -0 new ideo this year.

Page 7077                                                                                                                    ABS Dece mber 2001
                                                                                                                            TBA· Midwest Bonanza Society
                                                                                                                            Spring Fly-in. Rough R State Park.
18·20 · BPPP, Inc. Phoenix, Arizono.                                                                                        Falls of Rough, Kentucky.
Contoct BPPP Inc., 970-377·1877.

24·27 • A.BS Service Clinic. Gulf COost
                                                             "     -,                                               /       JUNE
                                                                                                                            6·9· Southeastern Bonanza Society
Aircraft Service. (4R4). Fairhope.
Alabama .Call ABS HQ 316·94S·1700,                                                                       /'                 Fly-in . lexington, Kentucky. COntact:
                                                                                                                            Rodney Parsons, 859-255·3410.
or sign up via the website
<WWW.bonanzoorg>.                                                                                                           14·16 · BPPP, Inc.
FEBRUARY                                                                                                                    Colorado Springs, Colorado.
                                                                                                                            Contact 8PPP, Inc .. 970·377·1877.
7,'0 - Southeast Bonanza Society
Fly-in. Miami. Florida Conlacl:                                                                                             14-16· Pacific Bonanza Society
Troy Brannmg 305-378-8669                                                                                                   Fly-in. Sutter Creek, Colifornia (070),
                                                                                                                            Contoct: Phil Hitchings e-moil
8-' 0 - BPPP. Inc. Orlando, Florida .
                                                                                                                            <hitchingsphil@storstream .nel>.
COntact BPPP.lnc .. 970·377·1877.                        AMERICAN BONANZA SOCIETY HEADQUARTERS                              More into 01 www.pocilicbononzo .org
                                                      1922 Midfield Rd ./P.O. Box 12888/Wichita. KS 67277
21-24 - Southeastem Bonanzo
                                                               Phone: 316-945-1700 - Fox: 316-945-1710                      20-23 · ABS Service Clinic.
Society Fly-in. Miami. f lorida . Deering
                                                Website: - e-moil: bononzo2@          Raytheon Aircraft Services (RfD).
Estate. Miami Seaquorium, Parro!
                                                                                                                            Rockford, illinois. Coli ABS HQ,
Jungle. Contact Troy Branning, 305-
                                                                                                                            316-945-1700, or sign up via the
                                                                                                                            website <'NWW.bonanza .org>
21-24 - ABS Service Clinic. Windward        15-17 • Pacific Bonanzo Society        12·14 - BPPP, Inc. Fresno. Colifarnia
Aviation Inc. (lNA). lonlono Beach.         Fly·in. Son Diego. California (MYF).                                            28·30 - BPPP, lnc. Spokane. Washing-
                                                                                   COntact BPPP, Inc .. 970·377·1877.
FlOrida . COli ASS HQ 316-945-1700, or      Confact: Ed MIXon e-mail                                                        ton.COntoct BPPP. lnc .. 970·377·1877.
sign up via lhe website                     <edmixon@   pocbell .net>.             26-28 . Rocky Mountain 80nonza
                                                                                   Society Fly·in. Grand Canyon, Arizona.   JULY
<www.bononza ,org>.                         More info at
                                                                                   EI Tovar Hotel Conloct Ron Schmidt,      23·29 · EAA AirVenture
21 -24 - Rocky Mountain Bonanzo             22·24 · BPPP, lnc.                     308-284-6090; e-moil                     Oshkosh. Wisconsin.
Society Fly-in . Mulege. Mexico. Holel      Greensbofo. North Corolina .           <>or
Serenidod. Conlacl Ron Schmidt.             COntact BPPP, Inc.. 970·377-1877 .                                              AUGUST
                                                                                   Bill Stovoll ,303·670·2244,
30B·284·6090; e·moil                                                                                                        2·4 - Pacific Bonanza Society Fly-in .
<schmidt@lok.emac.nebor                     APRIL                                  26-28 · BPPP, Inc. Columbus. Ohio.       TrucJcee/Tohoe, Colifamia (TRK)
Bill Stovoll,303·670-2244 ,                 4-7 - Southeastern Bonanza Society     COntact BPPP.lnc , 970-377·1877.         Contact : Dean Eldridge e-mail
                                            Fly-in. Dothan, Alabama, Ft. Rucker                                             <iinondean@   juno,com>.
MARCH                                       Army Air Museum. Eufala Pilgrimage.    MAY                                      More info at www.pacificbonanzo .org
'-3 -BPPP, lnc. Son Antonia. Texas.         COntact Mitch Waldren,                 10· 12 - Joint Fly·ln: North East
COntact BPPP.lnc., 970-377·1877 .           334·983·5706                           Bonanza Group and Southeastern           22·25 - Southeastern Bonanza
                                                                                   Bonanza Society.Toiahomo.Tennesee.       SOCiety Fly-in .Ashvi lie. North
14-17 . ASS Service Clinic . Barrett        7·13 ·Sun 'nFun                        Contacl:Con!acl :Troy Branning,          Corolina . Contact: Bill Coleburn,
Aircraft Maintenance (GlE). Gainesville.    lakeland, Florida.                     30S·378·8669.                            828·456-7279.
Texas. COli ABS HQ. 316·94S·17OO, or
sign up via the webSite                     11 ·14 - ASS Service Clin ic. Air      17·19 · BPPP, Inc.                       NOVEMBER
<'>                          America Aviation (ASG). Spnngdale.     Milwaukee, WisconSin .                   TBA - Southeastern Bonanza Society
                                            Arkonsos. COli ABS HQ, 316-945-1700,   COntact BPPP, Inc , 970·377·1877.        Fly·;n. Pensacola, Florida . Blue Angels
                                            or sign up via the website                                                      Homecoming. Cootact: Gootact:
                                            <>                                                                Norm Bresky, 386-760-7644 .
              great                               Hang on 10 your own magazines
                                                  and give your pilollriend an
            ift idea!
                                                  ABS GIFT MEMBERSHIP
                                                   SEND A GIFT MEMBERSHIP TO:

                                                        (Please list the gift in a person's name, not a com pany.)
                                             Street or P Box _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State                       Zip _ _ _ _ _ Country _ _ _ _ __
Phone                                               ax
                                                   F _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
US, Canada, Mexico - $50      All other countries - $50 plus $38 for postage
_I Enclosed is my check payable to the American Bonanza Society for $ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ __
                                                                                 (u.s. dollars only)
Charge to VISA     MasterCard ~
Card No.                                                 Exp. date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

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Signature _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ABS No. _ __ __ __ __ __
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