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									  CT scan south Delhi offers some of the best and affordable heart scans in the country. Patients above the age
of 35 years should get a scan done since there are so many changes in the lifestyle and food habit. The cardiac
                                       CT in Delhi offers the patients a thorough check for any heart conditions.
       If you are someone who has a desk job and does not watch the type of food you intake then getting a ct
 angiography in south Delhi is the best option. While the cost is not much, the benefits can be enormous, since
     a scan will reveal any kind of problem at the early stages. Any cardiologist will tell you that diagnosing the
                                                             condition at the earliest is the key to quick recovery.
   Cardiology is the branch of medical science that deals with the
    study, diagnosis and treatment of all heart diseases and condition.
    While the cardiologist usually works with the various conditions that
    affect the heart he or she also keeps a thorough record on the
    patients’ blood pressure, diabetes and even obesity level because
    they all contribute to cardiac disease.
   There are different tests cardiologists apply to determine the
    condition of the heart, some of them are the cardiac catherization,
    echocardiography, electrocardiography. All these facilities are
    offered at an affordable cost at CT scan south Delhi centers.
   A few people may also be under the impression that ct angiography
    is needed only after a cardiac arrest but that is not the case. Getting
    a cardiac ct done as soon as possible is in fact a wise decision. Since
    cardiac ct in Delhi has so many facilities and the best cardiologists
    this should not be a tough job either.
   With advance in the medical field, cardiac arrests is not a fatal
    condition, people can easily recover and live a normal life if proper
    medication and diet is followed. While these are performed for,
    various conditions like coronary artery vascular and cardiomyopathy
    conditions of the heart. Cardiologists also perform a Heart Scan to
    check for calcified plague on the heart muscles. When a heart scan is
    done to check the arteries that bring blood to the heart, this
    procedure is known as the ct angiography.
   CT angiography is quite a simple procedure and should not take
    more than ten minutes. It is almost like getting the X-ray done, only
    it involves the taking of multiple images of the heart. The
    cardiologist then studies the images that are fed to a computer
    monitor for any changes in the heart muscles, arteries and blood

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