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									Abba Triana - 4 Star Hotel in Seville Spain - Changes Its Name

Sevilla, Spain, January 10, 2013 --( In December of 2012, the Abba Triana Hotel (Seville),
located over the banks of the Guadalquivir River, changed its name to Hotel Ribera de Triana. With this
new brand name, the hotel is no longer part of the Abba Hotel chain.

Since the beginning of December this boutique hotel in Seville started its new era with the brand name
"Ribera de Triana." The ownership regains the full control of the hotel located in the famous Sevillian
neighbourhood from which the name derives.

The building, a former residential edifice near the bridge of Cristo de la Expiración, on the banks of the
Guadalquivir, was turned into the exquisite 4 star Seville boutique hotel with modern design, which all
their guests know, thanks to a careful job of expansion and restructuring. The hotel has been opened
during the last seven years as Hotel Abba Triana.

Director Amador Recio had the following statements: "Contracts with suppliers, staff and customers
remain unchanged, although we had much work to establish our new brand image. We redesigned more
than 2,000 logos. From staff uniforms to the napkins, sugar, crockery or brochures and even the logo of
the door, everything had to be replaced.”

“In these days we gave birth to our boutique hotel in Seville, Spain. We hope you will enjoy an
unforgettable stay at the Hotel Ribera de Triana as well as in the city of Sevillle.”

Hotel Ribera de Triana

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