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									Marriage Certificate Attestation For UAE

In some areas a Marriage Certificate is the formal history that two people have performed a big
event. In some other areas, a wedding certificate provides a double objective of allowing
authorization for a wedding to take place and then producing the point that it has done so.

Marriage Certificate Attestation needed for getting a family Visa in Gulf countries. Attestation in
Marriage Certificate to be completed first from the home Country, where the Certificates
released, then the foreign Nation. HRD attestation not needed for marriage certificates. Marriage
Certificate Attestation concept appropriate for almost all the Nations on the globe to get a family
visa from the Gulf Countries. Job category or status of employment also is a main consideration
to get a spouse visa in the Gulf.

Marriage Certificate Attestation services are available through Help line Group of Companies.
We can do Marriage Certificate Attestation without Your Presence from Native Indian. We are
the pioneer Attestation Company in India and Gulf countries. You can contact us for all of Your
Marriage Certificate Attestation or Attestation related procedures from anywhere in the Globe.
We have own offices in UAE, Kuwait and more. Attestation through the Help Line Group of
Companies available for Marriage Certificate released from all States & Partnership Areas of
Native Indian. Marriage Certificate from other than Domain registrar of marriage like -
Cathedral, Masjid, Forehead, Gurudwara, Mohalla, etc.… also can be attested from the Embassy
or Consulates in Native Indian. We can do GAD / House Ministry / House Department
Attestation and Notary public Attestation also for all Marriage Certificates from the State
Government’s Depts

Documents required.

   1) A copy of the passport for both ( other id’s to confirm birth date)
   2) Marriage Certficates

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