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Law Enforcement and Pain Management by mentorhealth


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    Live Webinar           on
      Law Enforcement and Pain Management

    Date & Time:                                                                                                                    

     Tuesday, February 12, 2013         10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
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     Duration: 60 Minutes               Instructor: Carlos M. Aquino

     Location: Online                   Price : $195.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                        Instructor Profile:
                                                                                                    Carlos M. Aquino
     Overview:                                                                                    President and principal
    Class participants will familiarize themselves with the federal laws and                    consultant, Safdoc Systems,
    regulations enforced by DEA pertaining to Schedules II though V                                        L.L.C.

    controlled substances that are dispensed, or prescribed by a physician              brings 36 years of experience of
    as part of a pain treatment plan. Also they will be familiarized with the           handling illicit and pharmaceutical
                                                                                        controlled substances and regulated
    necessary documentation that should be noted in the patient chart and
                                                                                        chemicals. His testimonial ability,
    step to prevent diversion of the dispensed or prescribed drugs.
                                                                                        both in federal and state courts, is
                                                                                        proof of his investigative experience
                                                                                        and skills. Carlos has 12 years of
     Areas Covered in the Session:                                                      experience working for Philadelphia
                                                                                        DEA Diversion Group, which is
                                                                                        responsible for initiating prosecutions
        l   Describe the types of actions that can be imposed by a federal
                                                                                        of those DEA registrants who violate
            prosecutor's office on a pain management clinic or a physician              the federal Controlled Substances
            treating pain. This includes the type of fines that can be imposed          Act or DEA regulations pertaining to
            through a criminal or civil action utilizing the federal laws and           handling these substances. This has
            regulations pertaining to the administering, dispensing, and                included eight years as a Diversion
            prescribing of controlled substances as part of a pain                      Investigator and four years as a
            management treatment plan.                                                  Group Supervisor. During his time at
                                                                                        the DEA, he performed numerous
        l   Identify the steps taken by the DEA in enforcing federal laws and
                                                                                        regulatory inspections of
            regulations through their Office of Diversion Control who is
                                                                                        manufacturers, distributors,
            responsible for all investigation and regulatory actions for                importers/exporters, physicians,
            Schedules II through V controlled substance especially those                researchers, and pharmacies in
            dispensed or prescribed as part of a pain management treatment              order to determine their compliance
            plan.                                                                       with the federal laws and DEA
        l   Discuss the importance of a good patient chart that contains all            regulations pertaining to controlled
            documentation beginning when the patient was initially accepted             substances in Schedules II through V
                                                                                        and regulated chemicals. In addition
            as a patient to the most recent visit to the clinic or seen by the
                                                                                        to the above, Carlos has over 20
            physician. This includes the patient agreement, the treatment
                                                                                        years of experience working for
            plan, and any controlled substance administered, dispensed or               various law enforcement agencies
            prescribed for the patient.                                                 including the Philadelphia Police.
        l   Review all the requirements pertaining to administering,                    Carlos has a BA in Criminal Justice
            dispensing and prescribing of controlled substance prescription by          and has taught numerous courses
            a physician as part of a pain management treatment plan. The                during his time at the DEA. ....more
            subjects covered will also include electronic prescriptions, the DEA
            regulation pertaining to a 90-day supply of a Schedule II drug,
            and prescriptions written for opioid dependency patients.                  Suggest a Topic        More Webinars

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     Who Will Benefit:

        l   All pain management clinics or physicians treating a patient with                              
            controlled substances as part of a pain management treatment

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