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How to Design a Clinical Trial in the Target Therapies era: New Endpoints


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    Live Webinar           on

      How to Design a Clinical Trial in the Target Therapies era: New

    Date & Time:                                                                                                                  

     Wednesday, February 6,
                                        10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST                          Register Now                         

     Duration: 60 Minutes               Instructor: Rossana Berardi

     Location: Online                   Price : $195.00   (for one participant)
                                                                                        Instructor Profile:
                                                                                                  Rossana Berardi,MD
                                                                                               Consultant Medical Oncologist
     Overview:                                                                                   and Lecturer , University
    This webinar will help you understand the significant differences                                    Hospital
    between the two words and even multiple meanings of the term                        is a Consultant Medical Oncologist
    'Verification'.                                                                     and Lecturer at University Hospital.
    The introduction of new drugs and the ongoing researches on therapies               She is also the Responsible of the
                                                                                        Trial Unit at Dept of Oncology -
    directed at critical molecular targets have caused several difficulties
                                                                                        Università Politecnicadelle Marche -
    among Medical Oncologists and patients as well as among Companies
                                                                                        Italy. Dr Berardi usually deals with
                                                                                        about 35 GCP trials/year with new
                                                                                        drugs, with a special focus on early
     Areas Covered in the Session:                                                      phase trials. Dr Berardi is Assistant
                                                                                        Professor in Medical Oncology and in
                                                                                        Semiotics at Università Politecnica 
        l   We will begin by reviewing the traditional statistical design of
                                                                                        Marche in Ancona and at the
            clinical trials in Oncology                                                 Doctorate in Osteoncology,
        l   We will look over the introduction of targeted therapies in the             Università "Campus Bio-Medico" in
            Oncology field and the related different needs . Examples will be           Rome. She is Member and national
            provided about the most important types of tumors , as well as              representative of the Lecturers in
            the more rare diseases.                                                     Medical Oncology of the Academic
        l   We will also review the requirements of the regulatory authorities          Medical Oncology Committee,
                                                                                        Member of the "Post-Lauream
            (FDA, EMEA).
                                                                                        Education" Working Group of the
        l   Finally, an analysis of the new endpoints related to the different
                                                                                        Italian Association of Medical
            mechanism of action of the new therapies will be provided.                  Oncology and Member of the "Core
                                                                                        Curriculum" task force of the
    Click here to register for this webinar                                             European Society of Medical
                                                                                        Oncology. ....more

     Who Will Benefit:

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        l   Production Managers
        l   Monitors                                                                     Your Necessity is our Priority
        l   CROs
        l   Medical Oncologists
        l   Companies involved in the development of new anti-cancer drugs
        l   Professionals involved in the design of clinical trials in Oncology
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