Two Options to Watch PowerPoint on HTC Droid DNA

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					Two Options to Watch PowerPoint on HTC Droid DNA

Mainly because of weak market plan, 2012 was in fact not a great

time for HTC Company. With regards to market share, HTC had

dropped over 70% gains in cell phone marketplace. Even so, HTC

remains out to be amongst the most influential mobile phone

makers in the planet. In actual fact, from One X mobile to Droid

DNA, the mobile manufacturer could always surprise purchasers

using its innovative industry hits. Among all the HTC mobile phones

available in 2012, Droid DNA turns out to be the most eye-catching

one. Seeing as the newest HTC smartphone, Droid DNA gets a

big-dimension IPS monitor, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2020mAh

electric battery and also amazing back digital camera. Driven by

Jelly Bean, Droid DNA turns out to be supportive to most Android

apps; employing Beats Audio, Droid DNA is a powerhouse music

center. In reality utilizing 1080p dependent screen, Droid DNA

sports more impressive pixel density than iPhone 5.

However, seeing as a born media player and even amusing tool,

Droid DNA can't be utilized like an office product. For one thing,

customers seem to be not granted to play PowerPoint on Droid DNA

straightly; the other point is, Office Mobile turns out to be
inaccessible to Android products. Hence, for end users who want to

enjoy PowerPoint on Droid DNA, they have to figure out several

other techniques. In general two techniques happen to be most

loved by Android users as answers to watch PowerPoint file on

Droid DNA. One way turns out to be to set up PowerPoint choices

like Quickoffice and also another is to change PowerPoint

presentation to Droid DNA film. Consequently, such two methods

will be coated here to assist consumers watch PowerPoint on Droid

DNA effortlessly.

Method One: Set up Quickoffice on Droid DNA

Seeing as an effective PowerPoint substitute for Android based cell

phone, Quickoffice allows buyers to play PPT on Droid DNA

immediately. Nonetheless, because of its personal disadvantages,

Quickoffice fails to allow consumers play PPT File on Droid DNA

smoothly. Needless to say, a better alternative for consumers to

watch PowerPoint on Droid DNA happens to be to convert the PPT

file to Google Docs data file, save the converted document on

Google Drive and then wide open the Google Docs document with

Quickoffice. Nevertheless, because of the inperfectation of the

transformation technologies, the practice from PPT file to Google
Docs may lead to the missing of initial computer animated effects.

The Second Method: Alter PPT file to Droid DNA

It appears that the ideal option that permits consumers to watch

PowerPoint presentation on Droid DNA is actually to turn

PowerPoint to Droid DNA film. Even so, the strategy is only an

available one in the event that consumers are able to get an

amazing PowerPoint to Droid DNA convsersion program. Therefore,

end users may turn to Moyea PPT to Video Converter to take care of

the transformation approach from PowerPoint to Droid DNA film.

Step One: Download and launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter

which operates as an amazing PowerPoint to Droid DNA convsersion

program. Wide open it and choose "Add" button to add the

PowerPoint file for further transformation.

Step 2: Since MP4 film turns out to be compatible with Droid DNA,

the transformation approach from the PPT file to MP4 film will offer

a good option to help buyers play PowerPoint on Droid DNA.

The Third Step: Click "Settings" button to enter into "Profile" section
where rests different video parameters. And then turn the

PowerPoint file to a good Droid DNA film by specifying the video

dimension of the MP4 film as "1920x1080" and video codec as


Step Four: Soon after all the tips, click "Start" button to carry out

the transformation practice from PPT to Droid DNA film. When the

transformation terminates, end users are allowed to watch

PowerPoint on Droid DNA.

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Description: Methods to play PowerPoint on Droid DNA by converting PowerPiont to HTC Droid DNA video with PPT to Droid DNA converter.