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									                             Email Troubleshooting

Email Connections
Go to Email icon
Applications button, Options, General Options
Hide files, hide sent = yes
SMS (texting) and email = separate
Confirm delete = yes
Keep messages = 15 days
Applications button = save

Email Reconciliation
Delete on: Mailbox and handheld
Wireless Reconciliation:    On
On Conflicts: mailbox wins
Applications = save

Not receiving emails

Go to the applications tab
Choose manage connections
Mobile Network Options
Data Connection = On
Go back to Service Status under “Manage Connections” and all services should be
                                    Call Logging

Missed calls retrieved in Call Logging ONLY (vs. Call Logging AND Email)

Choose Phone Log Option
Applications button – Options
Call logging
Choose “none”

Deleting Two or More Messages (works for both the Curve and Pearl)

Highlight first message
Hold down the “caps lock” on your phones keyboard
Scroll to the last message you want deleted
Release caps button, use your mouse to choose the “delete messages”
Choose delete.

                                   Media Settings

When transferring data (pics, music, etc) from device to pc
Device “options”
Media Card
Mass Storage Media Support – On
Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode when connected – prompt
Enable USB Mass Storage
                                   Display Settings

As seen on the Blackberry display screen, bottom left figure, the Blackberry has the
capabilities to capture 5 of your favorite Blackberry settings. In this figure, from top to
bottom, Setup Wizard, Email, Call Log, Messenger and the Calendar. To set this up on
your display screen, simply choose the Applications button. Your screen will then appear
as seen in the bottom right figure. Choose the Applications button again, choose Move,
scroll to the position would like to see on your Homepage display screen and release by
clicking on the trackball. Hit the arrow key to return to the homepage. Continue until you
have the 5 desired icons in the order you wish to see on the homepage.

                                   Call Log
                             Blackberry Messenger

    Applications                                                             Arrow key

When in standby mode, pressing keys and trackball
clicks won’t wake up the device or the screen. This is a
great way to ensure that you don’t accidently make a
phone call or unnecessarily waste battery power when
you put your device in your pocket.

If you receive a phone call while in standby mode, your
device will still ring and/or vibrate to notify you, the
screen will turn on, and you can still answer the phone.

To turn on standby, push and hold the mute button as
seen in the figure to the right. A message will appear on
the screen to indicate that the standby mode is in effect.

To turn off standby, press the mute button once.

                                  Sending An Email
Click on the Email icon, applications menu, compose
email. You can manually insert the recipient’s full email
address or choose to type in the first couple of letters of the
recipient’s first name. For example to look up the email
address of Rhonda Gordon, type in only rh and choose “lookup”. The Blackberry Server
will give you 16 listings of email addresses that begin with “rh”. If there 20 or more
available listings, select the applications button then choose “Get More Results”.
                        Switch to another program

                        Hold the Alt key and press the Escape button. Continue to hold
                        the Alt key and select a program. Release the Alt key to switch to
                        that program.

                        Insert a period

                        Press the Space bar twice. The next letter is capitalized.

                        Insert the at sign (@) and periods in an email field

                        Press the Space bar.

Type an accent or special character

Hold the letter key and roll the track wheel or trackball.

Capitalize a letter

Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.

Select a line of text

Press the Shift key and roll the track wheel or trackball.

Move down a screen

Press the Space bar.

Move up a screen

Press the Shift key + the Space bar

Turning on Number/Character Lock

Press the      key then the         key

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