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                        ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
                        Boston Chapter, Region 1                                                          

XXXXVI No. 88                                                                April 2010                      Editor: Stacie Suh TEL: 781-258-1002

    2009 - 2010 Officers

                                                      The Boston Chapter of ASHRAE
                  Bryan Hermanny             American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers

                                                                      Cordially invites you to the
                  Bill Garvey
                  President-Elect &

                  Pat Duffy

                  Stephen Nicholas                        Seminars 3:00 PM-6:30 PM
                                                       Product Show 3:00PM -8:30 PM
        Table of Contents                          Free buffet style dinner 6:00 PM-8 :00PM
Monthly Meeting                     1
President’s Message
Editor’s Note
                                                                             The Lantana
Employment Ad
Product Show
                                    3                                      43 Scanlon Drive
CTTC - TEGA                         4
ASHRAE Webcast
Student Activities
                                                                            Randolph, MA
Upcoming Meetings
Research Promotion
Meeting Recap                       8
ASHRAE Boston 100th Gala Event
                                    8                       Kindly RSVP via email to
Membership Promotion                9
Webmaster’s Note                  9&10                                 by March 31st, 2008
Scholarship Information            10
BOG Meeting Minutes                11
PAOE                               11
Historian’s Column               12&13                                   Free Parking
History Trivia Q & A               12
Project of the Month               12                        We will be giving away Great Prizes.
Roster & Product Guide             12                           Free to Attend, Free to Learn
Installation Dinner Info.          14
Summer Region 1 Dinner             15                              No PDH certificate fee!
Boston Chapter Golf Outing       16-18
ASHRAE Region I News               19
Society News                     19~20
ASHRAE Learning Inst.              21
                                                             See page 3 for list of Exhibitors and seminar schedule.
Meeting Schedule                   22
Officer & Committee List           23    Statements made in this publication are not expressions of the Society or of the Chapter and may not be repro-
Contributor Listing                24
ASHRAE Research                    24
                                         duced without special permission of the Chapter.
                                                                           PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                            By Bryan Hermanny

April is here, and that means it's time for our Biennial Product Show. Jeff Schultz has done an excellent job in putting together our
biggest show yet and we're all excited to bring this event to the members! There are still a couple of booths left and there are still
trailer spots available too, so if you're interested in grabbing one of these, please get in touch with Jeff.

In addition to the show itself, we are proud to present eight (8) educational seminars that the Chapter will pursue for PDH credit. We
have some great topics and excellent speakers looking forward to sharing their information with you. Please refer to our website - - for seminar information and sign up soon!

The Cheryl Rossini Future Engineers Scholarship Fund will be advertised on the website, via postcard, and via email. So be on the
lookout for the info and pass it along to students looking to pursue an education in Engineering. The deadline for the application is
April 30th, 2010! Please spread the word.

Our March 9th meeting had Daniel Nall from WSP Flack + Kurtz in NYC give his presentation on "CFD Analysis for Building
Comfort Systems Design". The 71 attendees, all were looking forward to hearing what the Director of Sustainability for WSP Flack
+ Kurtz had to say. One of the items Daniel pointed out with how the use of CFD analysis can assist in maximizing the design of the
air distribution for many spaces, whether it is within an under-floor air system for an office or a large sports arena trying to keep the
ice cold during hockey games. The meeting went over very well!

Thank you to all of the applicants for The Boston Chapter Hall of Fame. We will announce the winners of the award at our May
Installation of Officers, and in a change of plan, we will present the winners with their plaques at our October 2010 meeting, giving
the recipients their proper due.

See you at the Product Show!

Bryan Hermanny, President

                                                               PDH CREDITS                    ASHRAE Boston Chapter –
                                                                REMINDER                         Employment Ads
                           Editor’s Note                       Effective September            The NorthEastAire is published
                                                               2009, there will be a        monthly, September through June. It
                           By Stacie Suh                          $15 fee for each          is posted on the Chapter website at
                                                               PDH certificate pro- A link is
                                                               vided at our Chapter          sent each month to all members of
                                                                 meetings for non-
                  HAPPY Easter !                                                              the Chapter, currently over 900.
                                                                Chapter members.
  Materials for the May newsletter are due on April               PDH credits will                     Newsletter Rate:
  16.                                                            continue to be of-                    $200 for 1/4 page
  Please submit employment / want ads in Word for-             fered to our Chapter                    $400 for 1/2 page
                                                               members at no cost.                     $800 for full page
  mat. A company logo (in .gif or .jpg format) can be          Please note that this
  included. Please refer to page 10 for rates and go to         fee will be in addi-                   Website Rate:
  Boston Chapter website for deadlines for each issue.           tion to the regular                $300 per calendar month
                                                                   meeting dues.                            Format:
  For more information, please call or e-mail me at                                           Word format, company logos in .jpg
                                                                Note: PDH certifi-
  781-258-1002 or                                                                 or .gif
                                                                 cate fee will be
                                                                 waived for April                            Email:
  You can also visit the Boston Chapter website at                Product show.             Stacie Suh at                                                      Deadline for May Newsletter:
  northeastaire.html                                                Sincerely,                           April 16,2010
                                                                  Boston Chapter

                                            Exhibitors as March 18, 2010
  Abco Refrigeration Supply Corp.               Emerson Swan                               Northeast Air Solutions, Inc.
    Air Distribution Corporation              ENE Systems, Inc.                                  Nucleus6D, LLC.
            Air Industries               Equipment Direct Sales, Inc.                 Process & Energy Measurements, Corp.
        Alfieri Proctor Assoc.                  ETA Associates                                    R.T. Forbes Co.
   Atlantic Climate Control, Inc.                  FIA Inc.                                        RST Thermal
  Atlantic Air Products Mfg.,LLC          Filter Sales & Service, Inc.                         Regan Marjollet, Inc.
          Belimo Americas                Fluid Transfer Products, Inc.                      S.J. Ginns Associates, Inc.
  Bioclimatic Air Systems, LLC.             FMC Technologies, Inc.                               Schneider Electric
     Boston Air Products, LLC              Frank I. Rounds Company                            Skinner Associates, Inc.
           Buckley Assoc.                     Gourley, Company                                   Spirax Sarco, Inc.
         Carrier Corporation          Green Technology Associates, Inc.                        Stebbins Duffy, Inc.
                                               HTS Engineering                                 Sweeney Rogers Corp.
CGC Group Hybrid Heat Pump System
                                      J.S. Fleming Assoc. / Liebert Corp.                              Trane
 Conservation Solutions Corporation  Kasten & Co., Inc./ RenewAire LLC                  Trumbull Campbell Associates, Inc.
     Control Technologies. Inc.             Kenyon - Barstow, Co.                              Tunstall Corporation
             DAC Sales                     Kirschner Associates, Inc.                                Urell, Inc.
        David Gooding, Inc.                Leonhardt Company, Inc.                                 Vaisala, Inc.
 Distributor Corp. of New England        M.A. Selmon Company, Inc.                                   Victaulic
   Earthwise Energy Technologies    New England Combustion Products Inc.                    W.A. O'Leary & Sons, Inc.
                                                    Seminar Schedule

 Room/ Time                  3:00 - 4:30 PM                                          5:00 - 6:30 PM
                      Hot To: Introduction to Retro-                 Application of UVGI & Standard Filtration in
                             Commissioning                            Healthcare HVAC as an Additional Infection
 Mediterranean                      ( TBD P D H )                                   Prevention Tool
                         Bill Schlageter (Parsons Brinkerhoff)                            ( TBD P D H )
                                                                                Tim Leach (VIGILAIR Systems, Inc.)

                      Net-Zero Energy and Daylight                   Keys to Achieving High Building Performance
                          & Energy Modeling                                               ( TBD P D H )
  Cailey Room                     ( TBD P D H )                                 David Allen (Allen Engineering)
                        Aaron Desatnik (The Green Roundtable)

                    BIM Tools for Green Building and                      High Pressure Water Humidification
  Essex Room
                         Sustainable Design                                                ( TBD P D H )
                                   ( TBD P D H )                                        Jim Shiminski (DAC)
                        Scott Burke (IMAGINiT Technologies)

                         Hybrid Heat Pump System                                 Building Energy Modeling
                                  ( TBD P D H )                                           ( TBD P D H )
   Regis Room
                            Raoul Gautreau (CGC Group)                 Michael Andelman (Andelman and Lelek Engineering, Inc.)

      PDHs noted above are estimated and pending final approval, the chapter is currently awaiting approval to grant
                       CEU/PDH by The Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. (N.Y State)
                              Visit for more information on Product show.

                                                             CTTC - TEGA Article
                                                             Submitted by Paul Hanbury

A Miles-Per-Gallon Rating for Your Home? Get Ready!
The Energy Performance Score Lets Home Buyers Compare Home
                    Energy Consumption
PORTLAND, OR, March 5, 2010 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- The last time you bought a car, especially in the current economy, you
probably paid close attention to the fuel efficiency by looking at the mile-per-gallon ratings and comparing similar vehicles. Now
home buyers in certain states may soon be able to do the same with homes, and it looks like the trend will go national.

Earth Advantage Institute, a leading nonprofit green building resource that has certified more than 11,000 homes, has played a key
role in the conceptualization, promotion, and adoption of the Energy Performance Score (EPS), currently the only residential energy
labeling system that enables buyers to directly compare home energy consumption. The tool provides homeowners with both an en-
ergy consumption score and an associated carbon emission score. The number is based on in-home measurements and diagnostics
data, as well as your utility’s energy source, which are entered into online software for calculation.
The EPS has proven popular enough in the Northwest that it has been rolled out on a voluntary basis for new homes in Oregon and in
a large 5,000-home pilot for existing residences in Seattle. Both Oregon and Washington state legislatures have created task forces to
explore the potential of mandatory energy labeling at time of listing. Lawmakers see energy labeling as a key tool in motivating
homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements. Homeowner surveys indicate the public is heavily in favor of having a rating
system that can help them obtain information on energy performance, where to make improvements, and how to add to the value of
their home.

“We use EPS information as a marketing tool to help sell our homes,” said Aaron Fairchild, president of G2B Ventures, a Seattle-
based real estate investment firm. “The EPS is an amazingly innovative tool that will help us transform the Seattle real estate mar-

Now the federal government has turned its eyes toward energy labeling. The Department of Energy has targeted the month of Octo-
ber as the deadline for developing a voluntary national rating standard that may serve as a tool for banks and other institutions to
provide preferred finance products for energy efficient, healthy homes.

“We pointed to energy labeling as one of the top 10 green building trends for 2010,” said Sean Penrith, executive director, Earth Ad-
vantage Institute. “The federal government has taken up the flag, and has asked for additional data on the EPS program to inform its
efforts in creating a voluntary standard this year.”

Last month the Energy Performance Score won first place in the energy category at’s “Ideas for Change in America” and
has now moved on to the final round of internet voting. If the idea is voted into the top ten, the Oregon-conceived EPS will be pre-
sented to key White House administration officials. You can vote for the EPS at by scrolling down to the
energy category and clicking on “A Miles-Per-Gallon Rating for Your Home.”

About Earth Advantage Institute and EPS
Earth Advantage Institute works with the building and design industry to help implement sustainable building practices. Its nonprofit
mission is to create an immediate, practical and cost-effective path to sustainability and carbon reduction in the built environment.
The organization achieves its objectives through a range of innovative certification, education and technical services programs. More
information is available at, and more EPS information can be found at

For more information contact:
Tom Breunig
Earth Advantage Institute
(503) 968-7160 x36

                   ASHRAE Webcast - "Right from the Start -
                  Commissioning for High Performing Buildings"

                                              Submitted by Paul Hanbury

                                               April 21, 2010
                                           1:00 – 4:00 P.M. EDT
This webcast will provide tools to help you overcome the hurdles of Commissioning, learn the “What, Why, When and
Who” of the process, and how you can make it “business as usual.” The panel of experts will outline how Commission-
ing supports a smoother construction process, maximizes the quality and persistence of energy and cost reductions, and
provides a facility that operates as it was intended.
This free webcast is sponsored by the ASHRAE Chapter Technology Transfer Committee with support from ASHRAE’s
High Performing Buildings Magazine. For complete details, visit our website at

How to Participate
You may host a webcast site for your colleagues. You may register to view the Webcast on your PC.
PDH Credits
Three (3) Professional Development Hours or three (3) AIA Learning Units may be awarded to viewers who complete
the “Participant Reaction Form” following the broadcast. The Participant Reaction Form will be posted following the
webcast at and must be completed by April 30, 2010 to allow ASHRAE to comply
with reporting requirements.

You may also earn PDHs/LUs by purchasing and viewing the webcast DVD. The “Participant Reaction Form” will be
included on the DVD with instructions for completion and submittal to ASHRAE. With the exception of viewers re-
questing PDH/LU credits from State of New York/Practicing Institute of Engineers, Inc. (PIE) and the American Insti-
tute of Architects (AIA), purchasers of the webcast DVD may receive three (3) continuing education credits. Policies for
the State of New York PIE and AIA prohibit the issuance of continuing education credit for DVD viewers. DVDs will be
available in June via the ASHRAE Bookstore. If you have questions, call (678) 539-1200 or email ashrae-

About the Presenters
        Ronald Wilkinson, P.E., LEED™ AP, Senior Commissioning Project Manager, AKF Group LLC, New York, NY
        “Myth Busters”

        Rick Casault, P.E., CCP, CDT, President, Casault Engineering, Seattle, WA
        “A Solid Foundation for Commissioning – Two Proactive Steps to Greater Benefits”

        H. Jay Enck, CxAP, HBDP, LEED™ AP, CPMP, Founder/Principal/Senior Commissioning Agent, Commissioning &
        Green Building Solutions, Inc., Buford, GA
        “Transition from Construction to Operation – Maximizing Performance for Life”

There is no fee for registration. Online registration will begin March 2,2010, at If you
have any questions, call 678-539-1200 or email

                  Upcoming Events:                                                     Student Activities
Boston Chapter Product Show
When: April 13, 2010                                                                   By Joshua Benoist
Where: The Lantana, Randolph, MA
Existing Buildings in Urban Areas: Dramatically Cutting the
                                                                   Our student chapters will be presenting a project that they are
Energy Waste                                                       working on at our Product Show in April. Please welcome them
When: April 19~20, 2010                                            when you see them there. We will be giving prize (s) away for the
Where: Grand Hyatt, New York, NY                                   student presentation competition. We look forward to seeing our
FMI:                     students there.
Boston Chapter Installation Dinner                                 We will be forming a local YEA group. YEA stands for Young
When: May 11, 2010                                                 Engineers in ASHRAE. Our goal is to enable engineers age 35
Where: M/V Seaport Belle (Mass Bay Cruise Line)                    and under to network with each other and with the older members
FMI:                     in our society. ASHRAE is an aging society and we aim to engage
                                                                   our younger engineers, allow them to integrate and get to know the
ASHRAE 2010 Annual Conference                                      chapter at large, and to enable them to become involved in the
When: June 26~30, 2010                                             society at all levels. The YEA group picks up where our Student
Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico                                     Chapters leave off. So as a Student graduates and becomes an
FMI:                      engineer, we hope they stay involved in ASHRAE and YEA is a
Chapter Regional Conference 2010                                   resource there to help them in that transition. We are currently
When: August 19 ~ 21, 2010                                         looking to plan some social activities to bring Students, YEA
Where: Watkins Glen, NY                                            members and older members together and can use your help.
FMI:                 The Boston Chapter is looking to expand the student activities
                                                                   committee. We would like to increase the student attendance at our
                                                                   Boston Chapter meetings and our student chapter membership.
                                                                   We need volunteers to visit student chapters and share our knowl-
        The Green Roundtable/ NEXUS                                edge. Anyone with children active in grade school, high school,
          UPCOMING TRAINING                                        boy scouts or girl scouts can educate our students, or help scouts
                                                                   earn badges by teaching our children about engineering, energy
                                                                   and/or our environment. If an opportunity comes along, even an
                                                                   opportunity to slip in a fifteen minute speach with QnA time in
                                                                   front of a class, please let us know and go for it. This activity also
                                                                   helps us to advance our student chapter goals of being active in the
Visit for more information.             student community. We need more champions and our children
                                                                   really are our future!!!
NZE 422: High Performance Building Envelope Design                 We are looking for volunteers to speak at our existing student
         Strategies & Emerging Technologies                        chapters.
When:    April 1, 2010 (1:30PM to 5:30PM)
Where: 38 Chauncy St, 7th FL. Boston, MA 02111                     Please feel free to contact me at
                                                          /(603) 206-9122
NZE 521: Modeling Building Envelope & Internal Loads
When:    April 14, 2010 (8:30AM to 5:30PM)
Where: 38 Chauncy St, 7th FL. Boston, MA 02111
LEED 521: LEED EAc1: Energy Modeling & Optimizing

          Energy Performance: Session 1 &2
          April 20~21, 2010 (8:30AM to 5:30PM)
                                                                         MEETING ATTENDANCE
Where:    38 Chauncy St, 7th FL. Boston, MA 02111
NZE 431: HVAC Systems Concepts & Analysis (LEED CMP)                               TOTAL: 71
When:    May 4, 2010 (8:30AM to 5:30PM)
Where: 38 Chauncy St, 7th FL. Boston, MA 02111                                   60 MEMBERS
NZE 432: High Performance HVAC System Design                                   11 NON-MEMBERS
         Strategies & Emerging Technologies
         May 20, 2010 (1:30PM to 5:30PM)                                          4 STUDENT
Where: 38 Chauncy St, 7th FL. Boston, MA 02111                                    5 WALK-INS
NZE 621: Building Envelope & Internal Loads Optimization
When:    May 25~16,2010 (8:30AM to 5:30PM)
Where: 38 Chauncy St, 7th FL. Boston, MA 02111

                                                                       Research Promotion
                                                                       By Jeff Schultz

Below, please find a list of currently active or recently completed research projects and grants. The list was
taken from These projects and grants were awarded within Region 1 during the summer of
2009. The Boston chapter is a member chapter of Region 1. Last year, we as an individual members, non-
members and companies contributed $15,793.00. This amount represents a shortage of our goal which was
$19,280.00 which had been assigned to the Boston chapter by Region 1. The grand total of Boston along with
the other fourteen chapters in our region was $143,489.00. If you look at the $696,873.00 given to researchers
and students in Region 1 alone, it is a no brainer that New England gets back almost five times the money it
contributes. Over $200,000.00 comes back to the Boston area alone. Let's continue to stimulate research!
Please contribute to Research/ Promotion.

        Cost                       Research Title or Subject                                Contractor                             Notes

                       Development of an ASHRAE Design Manual for
$       199,186.00          District Heating and Cooling Systems
                                                                                GWA RESEARCH - LYME, NH

                       Develop a Radiant System Module for the Simu- WRIGHTSOFT CORP -LEXINGTON, MA
$       147,687.00       lation and Analysis of Spaces and Systems
                 Energy Efficiency and Cost Assessment of Hu-
$     160,000.00 midity Control Options for residential Buildings               BLDG SCIENCE CORP - SOMERVILLE, MA

                         Measuring Air-tightness of Mid- and High-rise
$     150,000.00                  Non-residential Buildings
                                                                                WISS, JANNEY, ELSTNER ASSOCIATES, INC.              New

                        Experimental Evaluation and Modeling of Sor-
$       10,000.00            bent-Based Gas-Phase Air Cleaners
                                                                                SYRACUSE UNIV. - Lingjing Pei            Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

                  Emission Characteristics of Office Furniture and
$       10,000.00   Modeling of Multi-Layer Assembly in Office                  SYRACUSE UNIV. - Jing Xu                 Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                              Workstation Systems
                  Development of a Simulation and Knowledge-
                   based Expert System for Integrated Building
$       10,000.00 Environmental System Design, Analysis and Op-                 SYRACUSE UNIV-Wei Feng                   Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

                   Integrated Testing and Modeling Approach for
$       10,000.00 Evaluation of Performance of Building Enclosure SYRACUSE UNIV.-Thomas Thorsell                         Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                     in Specified Climate and Service Conditions

 $ 696,873.00
Did you know that 100% of your tax deductible contribution given for research goes directly to research? All administrative costs that are incurred
come from other ASHRAE funding. So what are you waiting for? Research money doesn’t grow on trees, BUT, trees will continue to grow from
research. Please log on to and click on "Quick Links". Then, click on " Research Promotion" where you will learn where your
dollar goes. This will tell you more than I can. Please don’t be shy! Donate a little or as much as you can. Thank you! Your contribution is greatly

Please fill out the form in this newsletter and mail it to me with whatever contribution you can make or please go to the ASHRAE Boston website at Click on the Donation Form under Research & Promotion, or go there directly with this link: http:// Html
Credit card payments can also be made when you’re on the ASHRAE website. Use this link:

Thank you!

                   MARCH 2010 MEETING RECAP
                                                By Bryan Hermanny                         PDH Certificates will be given to
                                                                                          members and guests who signed
                                                                                              the PIE sign-in sheet.
                                                                                             Approved for 2 PDHs.

                                                 Our March 9th meeting went over very well, with Daniel Nall from
                                                 WSP Flack + Kurtz coming up from their New York City office to
                                                 give his presentation on "CFD Analysis for Building Comfort Sys-
                                                 tems Design".
                                                 Our meeting consisted of 71 attendees, all were looking forward to
                                                 hearing what the Director of Sustainability for WSP Flack + Kurtz
                                                 had to say. One of the items Daniel pointed out with how the use of
                                                 CFD analysis can assist in maximizing the design of the air distribu-
                                                 tion for many spaces, whether it is within an under-floor air system
                                                 for an office or a large sports arena trying to keep the ice cold during
                                                 hockey games. He kept the meeting very informative and educa-

    Speaker Daniel Nall and Boston Chapter
          President Bryan Hermanny

                                                                             L to R (top): Steven Tafone, Todd Mason
                                                                             L to R (bottom) : Pat Duffy, Steve Rosen, Jim
                                                                             Liston, Teri Shannon, Joshua Benoist, Daniel
                                                                             Diorio, Steve Nicholas, Bryan Hermanny

                                                                                          All photos by Stacie Suh.

            ASHRAE Boston 100th Year Gala Event
                                             By Darcy Carbone & Bob Persechini

Preparations are under way to celebrate the Boston Chapter’s 100th year birthday in 2012. As part of the event
we need to gather the following:
 Photographs of projects.
 Photographs of individuals.
Please provide information such as name of project and individuals and send along to either Darcy at dcar- or Bob at
                 Membership Promotion                                             Webmaster’s Notes
                  By Teri Shannon                                                 By Steve Rosen

Renewing Membership
There are still many members in our Chapter whose dues            The award winning website for the ASHRAE Boston Chap-
have lapsed and need to be renewed. As the reminder no-           ter can be found at
tice from Society may have been missed, I would like to
encourage members to go online and verify their personal          We will be keeping the site current with information; check
information is current as well as to make sure their mem-         back often!
bership dues are up to date. A reminder that members who
                                                                  On the Employment page (under the Chapter Updates sec-
are more than 6 months delinquent on their Society dues
will be cancelled.                                                tion) not only will you see job opportunities, but we are
                                                                  now accepting resumes to post for free from any ASHRAE
You may renew online by visiting and
                                                                  member in good standing looking for work!
clicking on the Renew Membership button on the left after
you have logged in. You will need your e-mail address             Let employers find you on the ASHRAE Boston website!
and password to log in. Once you renew and pay your
dues, a new member card and certificate will be mailed to         We will continue this year to post past meeting presenta-
you. You can also receive a discount for paying your Soci-        tions for our members to review, and our Chapter is con-
ety dues for multiple years and pay your chapter dues for         tinuing our efforts to reduce waste by eliminating printed
those same years, all online.                                     handouts at our meetings.
The benefits of staying involved with ASHRAE are nu-
merous, including:                                                As always you will also be able to link to following:
    Access to the latest & best technical information in         Chapter officers and committee chairs contact informa-
       the HVAC&R industry, including the latest ASH-                 tion (who's who)
       RAE Standards, Codes and Guidelines                         Chapter monthly meeting info (when, what, where)
    Professional development and certification pro-              Region I website, and view the Chapter history
       grams                                                       Sign up for the e-mailed newsletter
    Networking opportunities with peers
                                                                   Confirm attendance at the monthly meeting
    Chapter benefits include free PDH credits for tech-
       nical presentations and reduced meeting/dinner fee          ASHRAE membership information

Chapter Dues                                                      And also view the following:
A note to new members this year… As a new member to                Current chapter newsletter, past newsletters, upcoming
ASHRAE, you will need to pay your Chapter dues direct to             events and future meetings
the Boston Chapter for the first year. Upon renewal the
                                                                   Other functional Chapter committee pages; Member-
next year, the dues are added in with the Society bill when
                                                                     ship, RP, SA, Programs, CTT.
you renew online. For the Chapter dues, please provide a
check for $40, written to “ASHRAE Boston Chapter”, ei-             Most recent and past BOG/Meeting minutes
ther at the first meeting you attend, or you can mail it to
my attention at:
                 ASHRAE Boston Chapter
                     c/o Teri Shannon
                        DAC Sales
                        PO Box 576
                West Kennebunk, ME 04094
If anyone has any questions or needs assistance with their
membership renewals or Chapter dues, please do not hesi-
tate to contact me at

                                                                Webmaster’s Notes
                                                                By Steve Rosen

                          There is still time to reserve your booth for our Product Show.
  From the homepage (, click the Product Show link and download a reservation form.
  Select the Exhibitors link and then click on the image. You’ll now see the updated active exhibit floor layout.
                                 Pick your spot and reserve it soon!

The 2010 Future Engineers Scholarship Application is available for downloading at the Boston Chapter
website: Through the generosity of the Boston Chapter and its membership, the
ASHRAE Boston Chapter Future Engineers Scholarship Committee administrates the selection of recipients
and distribution of five $500 scholarships.

Eligible recipients are High school seniors interested in studying engineering in college or first or second year
engineering students; students must live, or attend school in the state of Massachusetts. The scholarship was
established in 2006 and has distributed over $76,000 since it's inception. Please encourage students you know
to pursue and engineering curriculum and tell them about the Future Engineers Scholarship 2010. Please pass
this information.
                                Applications are due by April 30,2010.
Please contact Pat Duffy at PJD@BRPLUSA.COM for more information.

                       What’s New in our Chapter                                     Meeting Minutes of the Board of Governor’s
                                                                                               March 9, 2010 Planning Meeting
                       By Stephen Nicholas

Each and every month the Board of Governors have a meeting before the technical meeting to discuss the inner-workings of our Chapter. Many
members wonder what’s new, what’s being discussed, and what’s being done to make our chapter better.
Below is a quick summary of what was discussed:

Chairperson & Committee Member Openings                                      Membership
We arranged for a Sustainability Committee conference call and               Our Membership Promotion Chair wants to remind all members
had several individuals participate and expressed an interest in             to make sure their dues are paid up in full. Unsure as to whether
serving on this Committee. However we are still looking for                  you are up-to-date or not? Please be sure to check Society’s web-
someone to Chair this Committee. If interested please contact                site or contact our Membership Promotion
Fran Boucher or Jim Shiminski for more detailed information.                 Chairperson Teri Shannon for more membership information.

April Meeting                                                                ASHRAE Research Promotion
Next month will be the Biennial Boston Chapter Product Show                  The Boston Chapter of ASHRAE is proud to announce that we
& Technical Seminar at Lantana’s. PDH’s will be provided for                 will once again receive the “Full Circle Award”. This award is
the eight (8) Technical Seminars. Trailers will also be located in           given to a Chapter when each Chapter Officer donates $100 or
the parking lot to display the latest technology for HVAC/R                  more towards ASHRAE Research Promotion.
products as well as the traditional table top displays inside the            We need your help! Each year Research & Promotion has a
main ballroom. Please mark your calendar for April 13, 2010                  goal to meet and this year our goal is $19,280.00. We are cur-
and consider attending to support your Chapter Vendor mem-                   rently behind our goal and need to pick up the pace for year’s
bers.                                                                        end. If you’d like to show your support for the Chapter and for
                                                                             ASHRAE’s research, please contact Jeff Schultz for more infor-
PDH Credit                                                                   mation on how to help.
We will now be requiring a business card for all attendees re-
questing PDH credit. This helps eliminate confusion and limits               Summer Meeting June 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
errors in the application process that we have been facing.                  The Boston Chapter of ASHRAE will have number of officers
Please be prepared to provide a card upon filling out the paper-             and Chapter members attend the National meeting. The next
work. Future meetings that will issue PDH credit will be at a                winter meeting is slated for January 2011 in Las Vegas, NV for
cost to all non-members that request the credit. Each certificate            the very first time. If you have never attended an ASHRAE Na-
will cost $15 for each non-member per meeting. Members will                  tional meeting this is certainly one not to miss.
be given credit at no additional cost.
                                                                             Hall of Fame
Scholarship                                                                  The Boston ASHRAE Chapter will institute a Chapter Hall of
The BOG voted and approved $2,500.00 for the student scholar-                Fame there will be three (3) candidates considered for the award.
ship fund in 2010. There will be a Softball Tournament to be
held in September, 2010 to help raise money for this worthy
cause. More details to follow as to date and location.

                                                     Presidential Award of Excellence
                                                       Boston Chapter - 2009-2010

                  Membership                      Student      Research                Chapter
                                                                           History                Technology
   Chapter Members Promotion                      Activities   Promotion             Organization            Chapter PAOE Point Totals
                                                                           Points                  Transfer
                     Points                        Points        Points                 Points

             952                   780              805          385        160          1755          675                 4560

                        Historian Column                                     HISTORY TRIVIA
                        By Eric Edman                                      QUESTIONS/ANSWERS
We are still looking for any volunteers to help with our li-                              By Eric Edman
brary. Please let me know if you want to help the chapter.
Thanks to several members for some recent donations to add              Stay tuned for history trivia questions and answers.
to our collection of “old stuff”. It is amazing what “treasures”
have come forth
I will simply say it is people like you that have made ASH-
RAE Boston such a great group. See you all at the next
monthly meeting.
If any of you have something of a historical interest, please
feel free to contact me on that old fashioned telephone or the
new fashioned email system.
You can bet I’ll be in contact with you if I can get my rotary
telephone to work again..
Eric Edman, Historian

                         PROJECT OF THE MONTH
Project of the Month section will be utilized to highlight unique or groundbreaking projects that showcase the
talents of the HVAC Engineers in the Boston Chapter. Boston Chapter firms, we encourage you to submit your
projects for inclusion as Project of the Month. ASHRAE Boston Chapter can submit your projects to society
for honors/awards. We look forward to your submission of projects. Please email the project information to

                      ROSTER & PRODUCT GUIDE
        Production of the 2010-2011 Roster and Product Guide is underway.
Dear ASHRAE Boston Chapter,

We encourage every Boston Chapter member to take a few minutes to update your data with ASHRAE. You
can update your personal information (your address, employer, membership grade, professional registration,
etc) by going to, type in your email and password and then click on My Profile
(BIO) to update your info. This is very important since the data we publish comes directly from the Society
*Please note: Each member will appear in the Roster at the address listed with Society as ‘preferred’ mailing address.

Dear Advertiser,

We have decided to go paperless therefore the 2010-2011 Roster and Product guide will be available online
for ASHRAE members. Please stay tuned for more information on 2010-2011 Roster and Product Guide.

                                                                                       By Stacie Suh /

               Historian Column
                    By Eric Edman

        "Here's little Boston Chapter History,
an issue of the NortheastAire from November of 1971."

                          Boarding Time: 5:00 PM
                         Departure Time: 5:30 PM
                      Cruise Time: 5:30 PM ~8:30 PM
               M/V Seaport Belle will be docked at Rowes Wharf
                          (Mass Bay Cruise Lines)
      Boston Harbor Clambake
 Classic New England clam chowder
        1lb Lobsters w/ butter
             BBQ Chicken
            Corn on the cob
             Baked Potato
              Cole Slaw
            Rolls & Butter
    Chilled Watermelon Wedges
           Coffee & Tea
         Assorted Cookies
Make your own Strawberry Shortcake
                                                      $45 for Members & Non-Member
                                                  (No walk-in allowed, must have an RSVP)
                                                               “Cash Bar”

          Garry Meyers will be installing
      the officers & BOG members this year.

                     The M/V Seaport Belle will be docked @ Rowes Wharf
            (Parking available @ Rowes Wharf Garage for $7 anytime after 4:30PM).

          Please visit for more information.
         RSVP via email at and contact Bill Garvey for any questions.

    Please be at the Tram Lift ($13 - included in the $50 cost!) by 5:30pm. The Tram holds up to 50
    and it runs about every 20 minutes. If you wish to carpool to The Peak via a shared taxi or with
    your rental car, please let me know in your RSVP and I'll put people together. Please RSVP by June
    22, 2010, via email or via Region I webpage at

    More info on the restaurant is available here:
                                           Thanks! Steve Rosen

                   FROM I-40                                                FROM I-25
Exit 167: Tramway Blvd., take Tramway Blvd.                     EXIT 234: EXIT 234 Tramway Road.
North approximately 9 miles to Tramway Rd.                             Follow Tramway Road,
Take Tram to The Peak where High Finance is lo-                  East to the Sandia Peak Tramway.
cated.                                                  Take Tram to The Peak where High Finance is located.

                   Annual Golf Outing

              WHEN:               MONDAY JUNE 7, 2010
              WHERE:              COUNTRY CLUB AT HALIFAX
                                  HALIFAX, MA

   We are appealing to your                                       A donation of fifty dollars
   continued generosity for                                      would be most welcome and
 monetary contributions for                                     more would be great appreci-
  the purpose of purchasing                                      ated! All donations will be
  gifts to be awarded as golf                                   publicly acknowledged by be-
 and door prizes. In order to                                    ing published in the North-
give the Prize Committee am-                                          EastAire bulletin.
  ple time to purchase these
gifts, we would appreciate re-                                   We also welcome Hole Spon-
  ceiving your donations by                                     sorship. If you are interested
         May 21, 2010.                                          in participating, please return
                                                                the completed form (found on
                                                                  page 16 of the newsletter)
                                                                    with your contribution.

                                       Very truly yours,
                                 ASHRAE Golf Outing Committee
                                    Bill Garvey, Chairman

                       A.S.H.R.A.E. Golf Outing Committee
                        c/o Bill Garvey, WSP Flack + Kurtz
                          88 Black Falcon Ave., Suite 210
                                 Boston, MA 02210

                           45th ANNUAL ASHRAE
                       BOSTON CHAPTER GOLF OUTING
Date:            MONDAY, June 7, 2010

Place:           COUNTRY CLUB OF HALIFAX, Halifax, Massachusetts
                 POQUOY BROOK GOLF COURSE, Lakeville, Massachusetts

Who:             ASHRAE members and guests, by reservation only. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all
                 reservations MUST BE MADE BY MAY 21, 2010.

Price:           $150.00—NO TICKET SALES AT THE DOOR
                 This includes greens fees, electric carts, cheese table for cocktail hour, and five course dinner. Prizes for everyone
                 plus golf prizes.

Halifax          We will have a shot gun start. Two foursomes (total of 8) will drive their carts out to their pre-assigned tee (on
Tee Time:        Par 3 tees, only one foursome will tee off). Eighteen foursomes will tee off at the same time, 1:00 PM sharp. It is
1:00 PM          important that you be there ahead of time. The format this year has been changed to a Bramble Format. A
                 Bramble starts off like a Scramble where each team member tees off and the best drive is selected. How
                 ever, in a Bramble, after the best drive is selected, all team members from that point on will play their own
                 ball, stroke-play style, until each team member has holed out. Each team member must use (2) of the drives
                 during course play.

Poquoy Brook:    Because we sell out every year, any overflow will play at Poquoy Brook in Lakeville. This will be either shot gun
                 or tee times, depending on how many foursomes are registered by May 6th. If tee times, they would be 9:30 AM
                 to 12:45 PM.

                 We need to know the foursomes as soon as possible and recommend that you call immediately for reservations,
                 even if you do not have all the names of those in your group. Contact Bill Garvey (Phone: 617-210-1711 or
                 Fax: 617-210-1800). IMPORTANT: Need the sizes of those in your foursome.

Dinner Only:     A separate meal ticket may be purchased for those who do not play golf. Cost is $35.00.

Note:            All courses require that we follow course rules: Proper dress code—No jeans, tank tops, bathing suits. No metal
                 spikes. You are responsible for the golf carts you drive.

Lunch:           Dutch treat from regular luncheon menu. ARRIVE EARLY.

Happy Hour:      6:30 PM to 7:00 PM—Dutch treat in Club House.

Dinner:          7:00 PM - Complete roast beef dinner, beverage and dessert.

Prizes:          Prizes will be given out at check-in time for each foursome, and we want everyone to have a good time! Please
                 support our need for donations.

Make checks payable to A.S.H.R.A.E. Boston Chapter                      Mail to: Bill Garvey @ WSP Flack + Kurtz
                                                                                 88 Black Falcon Ave., Suite 210
                                                                                 Boston, MA 02210

Enclosed is check for $_________ for _______ Golf Outing, reservations, including dinner @ $150.00 each.

                                      _______ Dinner only reservations @ $35.00 each

Name: ____________________________________________                      Address: _________________________________________

Phone: ________________________          Fax: __________________________           E-Mail: _________________________________

Shirt sizes: Men/Quantity: S ____ M ____ L ____ XL _____ XXL ____ XXXL ____

          Women/Quantity: S ____ M ____ L ____ XL _____ XXL ____ XXXL ____

                          ($200 EACH)

                               CONTEST HOLES:
                                 ($500 EACH)

                       CONTEST HOLE SPONSORSHIPS:
                             1. LONGEST DRIVE
                          2. CLOSEST TO THE PIN
                          3. STRAIGHTEST DRIVE

HOLE SPONSORSHIP _________________________________________________________________

CONTEST HOLE SPONSORSHIP _______________________________________________________

INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIP __________________________________________________________


                   Mail to:     Bill Garvey @ WSP Flack + Kurtz
                                88 Black Falcon Ave., Suite 210
                                Boston, MA 02210

NAME: __________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________


PHONE: ____________________________________

E-MAIL: __________________________________________________________________

                                            SOCIETY NEWS
                   First Changes Proposed to New Green Standard:
                               Daylighting Addressed
                                            Members Sought for Committee
 ATLANTA—Members are being sought and changes proposed for the new standard for the design of high-performance green
buildings published in January.
ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1, Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise
Residential Buildings, is the first code-intended commercial green building standard in the United States. The standard provides a
long-needed green building foundation for those who strive to design, build and operate green buildings. It covers key topic areas of
site sustainability, water use efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and the building’s impact on the atmos-
phere, materials and resources.
Under ASHRAE’s continuous maintenance procedure, which allows requests for change to any part of the standard to be made at
any time, changes have already been proposed.
“Given the high amount of interest in this standard, using continuous maintenance allows us to incorporate current technical infor-
mation on a timely basis,” Kent Peterson, chair of the committee said. “These changes are then put out for public review and com-
ment, which results in an industry consensus standard.”
Open for public comment are addenda a and b. Addendum a makes the daylighting definitions and criteria consistent with changes
recently proposed to Standard 90.1, which sets requirements for energy efficient buildings. Addendum b reduces the space limitation
for daylighting requirements. Rather than requiring daylighting in space larger than 1,000 square feet, the proposal would require it
in spaces larger than 250 square feet.
Members also are being sought for the committee developing the standard with slots opening July 1. The deadline to apply is March
31. For more information on membership, contact
For more information on the proposed addenda, visit For complete information on the standard, visit
                              For Release: March 5,2010 Contact: Jodi Scott& Amanda Dean/ Public Relations

                               ASHRAE REGION 1 NEWS
                                                    Steve Nicholas LePorisz
    President Elect of the Bi-State chapter was tragically killed in an ATV accident on Monday, March 15, 2010.

                   Steve was only 27 years old - a young energetic engineer whose youth, energy and leadership was inspiring to all who knew
                   Steve in the Bi-State chapter. Mr. LePorisz was born March 6, 1983 in Yonkers, NY the son of Stephen R. and the late Jeanne
                   (Pirozzo) LePorisz. Stephen attended St. Paul's grammar school in Yonkers, was a graduate of Fordham Prep in the Bronx and
                   received his Engineering degree from Manhattan College in Riverdale. He was employed as a Mechanical Engineer and was
                   president of the NY Chapter of the Engineers Society. Loving son of Stephen R. and the late Jeanne LePorisz. Dear grandson
                   of Mary and the late Nicholas Pirozzo. To light a candle, offer condolences or send flowers, please visit

                                            SOCIETY NEWS
     ICC, ASHRAE, USGBC and IES Announce Nation’s First Set of
       Model Codes and Standards for Green Building in the U.S.
ATLANTA – What do organizations representing building safety professionals, energy and lighting engineers, green building practitioners,
architects and technical standards developers have in common? They have all come together to green the nation’s built environment by es-
tablishing a comprehensive model green building code designed to rapidly advance green building practice across the U.S.
The International Code Council (ICC), the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) today announce the launch of the
International Green Construction Code (IGCC), representing the merger of two national efforts to develop adoptable and enforceable green
building codes. The IGCC provides the building industry with language that both broadens and strengthens building codes in a way that will
accelerate the construction of high performance green buildings across the U.S.
For decades, ICC and ASHRAE have worked to develop codes and standards that become the industry standard of care for the design, con-
struction, operations and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. and internationally. In coordination with the ef-
forts of ICC and ASHRAE, USGBC has been leading a nationwide green building movement centered on the LEED Green Building Rating
System since LEED was launched in 2000. The convergence of these efforts in the IGCC is perhaps the most significant development in the
buildings industry in the past 10 years.
Leveraging ICC’s unrivaled delivery infrastructure to reach all 50 states and more than 22,000 local jurisdictions and ASHRAE, USGBC
and IES’s technical strengths, this partnership will accelerate the proliferation of green building codes and standards developed jointly by
ICC, ASHRAE and USGBC and IES, across the country and around the globe. The newly launched International Green Construction Code
(IGCC) establishes a previously unimaginable regulatory framework for the construction of high performance commercial buildings that are
safe, sustainable and by the book.
A landmark addition to the technical content of the IGCC is the inclusion of ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1, Standard for the
Design of High Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, as an alternate path of compliance. Standard 189.1 is
a set of technically rigorous requirements, which like the IGCC, covers criteria including water use efficiency, indoor environmental qual-
ity, energy efficiency, materials and resource use, and the building’s impact on its site and its community. Standard 189.1 was written by
experts representing all areas of the building industry, who contributed tens of thousands of man hours. Developed in a little over three
years, the standard underwent four public reviews in which some 2,500 comments were received.
“The emergence of green building codes and standards is an important next step for the green building movement, establishing a much-
needed set of baseline regulations for green buildings that is adoptable, usable and enforceable by jurisdictions,” said ICC Chief Executive
Officer Richard P. Weiland. “The IGCC provides a vehicle for jurisdictions to regulate green for the design and performance of new and
renovated buildings in a manner that is integrated with existing codes as an overlay, allowing all new buildings to reap the rewards of im-
proved design and construction practices.”
“Bringing together the code expertise of ICC with technical expertise of ASHRAE to create a comprehensive green building code will ac-
celerate our transformation to more sustainable building practices,” Gordon Holness, ASHRAE president, said. “ASHRAE is committed to
providing the design guidance building designers and engineers need to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.”
“The U.S. Green Building Council’s mission is market transformation and we’ve long recognized the need to reach beyond the market lead-
ers served by LEED to accomplish this goal,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chairman of the U.S. Green Building
Council. “Broadening the scope of the codes and establishing a higher floor allows us to continue to raise the ceiling, a critical factor in
how the building industry is working to mitigate climate change. We are thrilled to see this set of complementary green building codes and
standards; our organizations working collaboratively will advance green building nationwide in a way that was never before possible. ”
"IES is pleased to support the collaborative efforts of the organizations which demonstrate expertise in code and technical standards devel-
opment in this comprehensive green building code,” said Rita Harrold, IES Director of Technology. “IES looks forward to ongoing guid-
ance for sustainable building practices."

On Monday, March 15, ASHRAE, IES and USGBC will join ICC at its Washington, DC headquarters as they and their co-authors (the
American Institute of Architects and the American Society for Testing Materials) launch the IGCC. On Monday, Standard 189 .1 and the
IGCC will be available for wide distribution, providing much-needed content, code language, and vision for more safe and sustainable fu-
ture. The organizations are also working together to advance related education and advocacy efforts to promote adoption, enforcement and
compliance with the IGCC codes that will pave the way for green buildings and neighborhoods, while creating jobs and strengthening the
economy. For more information on IGCC: and on Standard 189.1:

Please visit following websites for each association. for ICC, for USGBC for IES
and for ASHRAE.

  For Release: March 11, 2010 Contact: Jodi Scott & Amanda Dean / Public Relations /678-539-1140 / /

                                 ASHRAE Learning Institute
                              Spring 2010 Online Course Series

Phone:       Call toll-free at 1-800-527-4723 (US and Canada) or 404-636-8400 (worldwide)
Note:        You may register up to 24 hours prior to an online seminar. Courses are in US Eastern Standard Time.

Introduction to Thermal Energy Storage Systems for A/C                           Using Standard 90.1 to Meet LEED Requirement
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT                        Monday, April 26, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT

Complying with Standard 90.1-2007: HVAC/Mechanical                                               Introduction to Cleanroom Design
Monday, April 12, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT                       Wednesday, April 28, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT

Energy Management in New & Existing Buildings: A Sustainable Activity          District Cooling & Heating Systems: Central Plants
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT                         Monday, May 3, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT

Complying with Standard 90.1-2007: Envelope/Lighting                 Complying with Requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007
Monday, April 19, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT                        Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT

                                                              Understanding & Designing Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS)
                                                                             Monday, May 10, 2010 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT

            Hot Products from ASHRAE
 A leader in HVAC&R technology, ASHRAE publications cover topics that impact
              every facet of the environment, both indoors and out.

                            Latest Publications from ASHRAE!
       Standard 189.1-2009, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings
         (A Jurisdictional Compliance Option of the IGCC)
       ASHRAE Handbook Online – Web-Based access to all 4 volumes
       ASHRAE Pocket Guide – Useful information that fits in a shirt pocket
       IAQ Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning                              Renew
       Load Calculation Applications Manual
                              Other Products from ASHRAE!                                                Membership
       Energy Efficiency Guide for Existing Commercial Buildings                                         Online!
       Dampers and Airflow Control
       Building Information Modeling Guide
       Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
       Principles of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning – Textbook based on the 2009           Visit ash-
         ASHRAE Handbook - Fundamentals
            Visit to learn more about these
               and other outstanding ASHRAE publications!
                                                                                                        Manage Your
                   Order Today From ASHRAE Customer Service
             1-800-527-4723 (US/Canada) or (404) 636-8400 (Worldwide)
                         or visit:

                                         Boston ASHRAE
                                  2009 - 2010 Meeting Schedule
      Date              Main Program                       Speaker              PDH Credits         Meeting Manager                  Location

   September           Gillette Stadium Tour                                         NA                Steve Nicholas              Gillette Stadium
                                                           Plant Tour
   Wednesday,            AFE joint Meeting                                                
September 30, 2009

                     Case Studies in High Perform-        Ray Sinclair                                                              Doubletree -
     October         ance Ventilation and Cooling
                                                                                     1.75             Bryan Hermanny
                                                            RWDI                                                                     Waltham

    Tuesday,             Student Meeting/                                                   
 October 13, 2009        Membership Night

                     Are High Performance Build-                                                                                    Doubletree -
    November           ings Really Performing?
                                                      Drury Crawley, Ph.d            2.00                Dan Diorio

   Wednesday,         History Night / Research &
                      Promotion Night / Donors            DL Speaker
November 18, 2009                                                                           
                     Recognition Night/ AEE Joint

                     UL Listings for Fire Rated                                                                                     Doubletree -
    December                                              Gerry Saieva               2.00                Bill Garvey
                            Assemblies                                                                                               Waltham

    Tuesday,            ASPE Joint Meeting                                              
December 8, 2009

                                                                                                                                    Doubletree -
     January          Don’t Do Stupid Things             Joe Listiburek              2.00              Steve Nicholas

                      Membership Night/YEA                                                
 January 12, 2010

                     Integrating Energy Conserva-         Allan Ames                                                                Doubletree -
    February         tion Strategies into Academic        Steve Mahler               2.00                 Pat Duffy                  Waltham
                          Laboratory Projects             Walter Henry
     Tuesday          BSA Joint Meeting/ Past
 February 9, 2010     President’s Night/YEA

    February                                                                                                                    National Grid Offices
                      How to Introduction on                                                        Enrique De los Reyes
                                                     William J. Schlagetar,Jr        2.00                                      @ Reservoir Woods East
February 17, 2010                                                                                                                     Waltham

                     CFD Analysis for Building                                                                                      Doubletree -
     March                                                 Daniel Nall               2.00              Joshua Benoist
                      Comfort Systems Design                                                                                         Waltham

                       Research & Promotion
  March 9, 2010                                                                        

                                                                                 See page3 for
      April             2010 Product Show                                        information.            Jeff Schultz               The Lantana

  April 13, 2010

      May                                                                            N/A                                       M/V Seaport Belle (Mass
                       Installation of Officers                                                           Bill Garvey            Bay Cruise Lines)
   Tuesday                                                                                       Rowes Wharf
  May 11, 2010

      June                  Golf Outing                       N/A                    N/A                 Bill Garvey            Halifax Country Clubs

   June 7, 2010
                           2009 - 2010

           OFFICERS                                                              BOARD OF GOVERNORS
             President                                 2009 - 2012                           2008 - 2011                     2007 - 2010
       Bryan Hermanny, BR+A
           617-928-8295                              Daniel Diorio                        Darcy Carbone                Dan Denisi (2009-2010)                            Boston College                         Stebbins-Duffy                     BR+A
                                             Capital Projects Management                   781-246-0840                 617-254-0016 (395)
  William Garvey, WSP Flack+Kurtz
             617-210-1711                                                                       Jim Liston                Stephen Nicholas                                                                William Berry                 Air Industries
                                                    Jeffrey H. Schultz
           Vice President                                 BR+A                               978-774-1057                  978-682-9993
         Patrick Duffy, BR+A                          617-925-8242                
                                                                                            Todd Mason                    Joshua Benoist

                                                     Teri Shannon                        MTE Engineering                     Autodesk
             Secretary                                DAC Sales                           (781) 329-7700                   603-206-9122
   Stephen Nicholas, Air Industries                  207-985-0873         
               Treasurer                          Steven Rosen, EYP
  William Garvey, WSP Flack+Kurtz                    617-305-9865


           Attendance                          Greeting                         Product Show - April 2010                 Sustainability
       Daniel Denisi, BR+A            Steven Tafone, William Berry                Jeffrey Schultz, BR+A             Jim Shiminski, DAC Sales
         (617) 254-0016                      978-774-1057                             617-925-8242                        207-985-0873                               
         Chapter Program                        Historian                       Professional Development           Fran Boucher, National Grid
       Jeffrey Schultz, BR+A               Eric Edman, BR+A                        Steve Bosland, EYP                     508-421-7299
           617-925-8242                      617-925-8325                             617-305-9831                            
  Chapter Technology Transfer              Honors & Awards                                 Publicity                   Steven Rosen, EYP
Paul Hanbury, UMass Medical School    Darcy Carbone, Stebbins Duffy           William Garvey, WSP Flack+Kurtz             617-305-9865
           781-246-0840                      617-957-2567                                617-210-1711                
                                                                                                                        CRC 2012 Chair
          CRC Delegate                  Membership Promotion                           Refrigeration              Darcy Carbone, Stebbins Duffy
      Bryan Hermanny, BR+A                 Teri Shannon, DAC                    Steven Tafone, William Berry             617-957-2567
          617-925-8295                       207-985-0873                              978-774-1057                         
                                                                                                                      CRC 2012 CO-Chair
            CRC Alternate                      Nominating                          Research Promotion                   Bob Persechini
 William Garvey, WSP Flack+Kurtz       Bob Persechini, RDK Boston                 Jeffrey H. Schultz, BR+A              (617) 438-6319
            617-210-1711                      617-345-9885                              617-925-8242            

             Golf Outing                      NorthEastAire                          Student Activities
 William Garvey, WSP Flack+Kurtz        Stacie Suh, Stebbins Duffy                Joshua Benoist, Autodesk
            617-210-1711                      781-258-1002                             603-206-9122      

                     ASHRAE RESEARCH                                                                     Investors
                                                                                                         Who Care

ASHRAE Chapter Contributors

Air Industries Incorporated             Richard M. Dirienzo                       Max Levi
Alfieri Proctor Associates, Inc         Patrick Duffy                             Joseph F Mannarino
James E Armstrong                       David M Elovitz, PE                       Alfred E Muccini
Robert J Barstow                        Energy Management Assoc. Inc              Stephen Nicholas
Dr James M.Becker, PhD                  Engineered Solutions Inc                  Paul F Padua
Dr Arthur E. Bergles, PE                Frank I. Rounds Company                   Victor G Pesek
Steven C. Bosland, PE                   William J Garvey                          Regan Marjollet Inc.
Henry P. Breen, Jr, PE                  Ralph S Gifford                           Steve L. Rosen
Thomas D. Bryte                         Robert A Hamilton                         Jeff Schultz
Darcy Carbone                           Bryan M Hermanny                          Parker Symmes
Carrier Corporation– UTC                William J. Howenstein, PE                 Steven J Tafone
Robert A. Clark                         Paul Kevin Kennedy                        William K Thomas
DAC Sales                               David P. Kirschner                        Walsh Mechanical Contractors
David A DeMoura                         Gene F Koons, Jr                          Jane Wolf
                                        Kirschner Associates, Inc                 John A Wright

CALL Jeff Schultz NOW! AT 617-925-8242 , OR: JHS@BRPLUSA.COM

  Mail Check (Payable to “ASHRAE Research) to:                  Your contribution puts us closer to achieving our
  ASHRAE RESEARCH                                               goal. Please send what you can today!
  c/o Jeff Schultz                                              Individual contributions of $100 or more and Corporate
  BR+A Consulting Engineers                                     contributions of $150 or more receive this year’s
  311 Arsenal St                                                Commemorative Coin and Honor Roll Contribution status.
  Watertown, MA 02472


  Company: __________________________________________________________________________________________

  Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

  TEL: _____________________________________________________

       INDIVIDUAL             $25.00    $50.00      $100.00        $200.00         Other: ____________
       CORPORATE              $250.00   $500.00     $1,000.00      $2,000.00       Other: ____________

                   ASHRAE - BOSTON CHAPTER                       FIRST CLASS MAIL
  Stebbins Duffy, INC                                                                             SALEM, MA
  545 Salem St                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 12
  Wakefield, MA 01880



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