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									      This is
  Staines Parish

Together, Building Communities for Christ!

                                                                                                                             APCM Report 2009-2010                                 3

                                                                 C            ontents
Minutes of the Annual Vestry & APCM Meeting 29th March 2009......................................................................4

Report from the Vicar......................................................................................................................................................7

St. Mary’s Churchwardens’ Report..............................................................................................................................11

St Peter’s Church Wardens’ Report...........................................................................................................................13

Christ Church Churchwardens` Report....................................................................................................................15

Parochial Church Council Secretary’s Report..........................................................................................................17

Spelthorne Deanery Synod...........................................................................................................................................17


Christ Church Community Outreach .......................................................................................................................19

St Peter’s Church Choir................................................................................................................................................22

Christ Church Singing Group.......................................................................................................................................24

St Mary’s Sunday School................................................................................................................................................25

Christ Church Sunday School.......................................................................................................................................25

4th Staines Rainbows/Brownies...................................................................................................................................25

SPAN Carer and Toddler Group................................................................................................................................26

Mens Dinners...................................................................................................................................................................27

The Parish Dinng Club...................................................................................................................................................27

Messy Church..................................................................................................................................................................28

Chris Church Istanbul....................................................................................................................................................29

St Peter’s Bellringers.......................................................................................................................................................31

St Mary’s Bellringers.......................................................................................................................................................31

St Peter’s Mothers’ Union.............................................................................................................................................32

Christ Church Mother’s Union....................................................................................................................................32

St Mary’s Flower Arrangers..........................................................................................................................................33

Finance reports...............................................................................................................................................................34

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4      This is Staines’ Parish

            St. Mary, St. Peter & Christ
                  Church Staines
            Minutes of the Annual Vestry & APCM Meeting
                           Held at St Mary’s
                          on 29th March 2009
Chairman:     Rev’d Rod Cosh

1.   Election of Churchwardens
     The following were nominated and duly elected:
     Christ Church: Stuart Young and Chrissie Parsons
     St Mary’s: Beth Scott and Betty Sanders
     St Peter’s: Michael Moulton and Jane Bental

2.   Election of Deputy Churchwardens
     The following were nominated and duly elected:
     Christ Church: Richard Staples and David Woodruff
     St Mary’s: David Espley
     St Peter’s: Murray Ransom

3.    Any other business
      Two Churchwarden’s, Mike Bannister and David Espley have come to the end of their term of office
this year and decided to stand down. Fr Rod publicly thanked them for their commitment, hard work and
support. A presentation was made to them.

Our Churchwardens Emeritus are Alan Tucker, George Shorey and Roy Holloway. They are wise buzzards
and a source of great knowledge. They were also publicly thanked for their quiet work carried out in the

Chairman:     Rev’d Rod Cosh

1.   The meeting opened with prayer led by Fr Rod

2.   Apologies for absence
     Apologies were received from: Pam Cosh, Maureen Burton, Richard Staples, Sue Stroud, Eileen
     and George Potts, Vera Varndell, Doreen Brewer, David and Jenny Jennings

3.   Minutes of the Last Meetings
     The minutes of the 2008 APCM meeting, were approved unanimously.

4.   Electoral Roll
     Viv Talkington, the Electoral roll officer reported that the electoral roll has increased slightly this
     year to 361; the current figures are as follows:

     Christ Church - 115
      St Mary      - 61
     St Peter      - 185

No untoward comments have been made this year about displaying the Electoral roll in church. Legally
it does need to be displayed in a public pace but we can restrict how much information goes on display.
                                                                          APCM Report 2009-2010             5

       Fr Rod thanked Viv Talkington for all her hard work in coordinating the              electoral roll. .

5.     Reports on the Year:

i.     PCC Secretary’s Report.
       There was nothing to report in addition to the account contained in the APCM booklet. There
       were no questions from the floor.

 ii.   Finance
       Jessica reported that the statement of accounts has been produced and makes quite interesting
       viewing. Costs were covered last year but there is very little money in reserve at the moment;
       day to day costs are covered OK – it’s the extraordinary items that cause problems. Stuart Young
       and Michael Moulton proposed and seconded acceptance of the accounts. Everyone was in favour
       and the accounts were publicly signed. Fr Rod thanked Jessica and the whole of the finance team
       for all their input and for keeping us in the picture as to our finances.

iii.   Church Wardens’ Reports
       All 3 sets of reports were included in the APCM report booklet. There were no further questions.
       Fr Rod expressed his immense gratitude to the churchwardens for all their hard work, especially
       for everything that they do “behind the scenes”.

iv.    Deanery Synod.
       The report of the Deanery Synod was included in the APCM booklet. There were no further

v.     Clergy Report
       The clergy report was contained in the APCM booklet.
       Fr Rod just wanted to reiterate a very big thank you to everyone for all their commitment behind
       the scenes. – all the untold jobs in the parish. Two people he particularly wanted to thank publicly
       were the “unsung heroes of caretaking at CC hall” – Betty Mitchell and Pauline Newman. They
       have now given up this task after many years service and he wanted to thank them on behalf of the
       Parish. They were presented with a little gift to show our gratitude.
       Beth Scott asked would the vicar recommend more people to attend the diary meeting in
       October? He certainly would; people cannot complain about clashing dates if they cannot be
       bothered to input at the diary meeting.
       Mike Bannister proposed a vote of thanks for the vicar, ministry team and lay readers for guiding,
       inspiring us and stimulating us. They were probably the best ministry team the Parish has ever

vi.    Churches Together in Staines and Laleham
       The CTISL report was included in the APCM booklet.
       Beth appealed for donations of hot cross buns for the Walk of Witness on Good Friday and for
       volunteers to dish them out.

6.     Christ Church Community Audit
       This will be continuing throughout the year. Further details of planned timescales and events will

7.     Elections to the PCC.

       CC – Caroline Grieveson and Alan Dinsdale were re-elected for a 3 year term.
       Richard Staples for a 2 year term and David Woodruff for a 1 year term.
       SM – Colin Verge and Colin Davis were re-elected for a 3 year term
       SP – There were 3 nominations for 2 vacancies – Geraldine Forster, Tracy Luck and Mike
       The meeting agreed to co-opt all of them for a 3 year term.

8.     Ratification of Leadership teams.
       The Leadership teams were presented as follows:

       Christ Church: Incumbent or representative, Churchwardens, Andy Parsons, Rikki Rance,
       Pauline Newman, Betty Mitchell, Alan Dinsdale, Caroline Grieveson, Alan Tucker, Alsan Baird,
       David Woodruff and Richard Staples.
6        This is Staines’ Parish

St Mary’s: Incumbent or representative, Churchwardens, Ellen Davis, Betty Sanders, Christine Topple,
Colin Verge, Nola Masters, Anna Leach, Sue Stroud, Ross Leach.

St Peter’s: Incumbent or representative, Churchwardens, Antonio Andrade, Geraldine Forster, Murray
Ransom, Barry Purdon, Peter Mence, Hugh Thomas.

All the teams were ratified by the meeting.

9.   Election of Sidesmen
From Christ Church the following nominations were received:
Yvonne Tillier, Rikki Rance, Diana Brown, Comfort Oshikaya, Pauline Newman, Betty Mitchell, Joy Hardy,
Richard Harrington, Rocky Richards, Sarah Rough, Jo Wood, Diane and David McLaughlin, David and Jean
Woodruff, Ellen Wakhani and Pam Wheatly.

From St Mary’s the following nominations were received:
Colin Davis, Christine Topple, Christine Verge, Susan Doherty, Nola Masters, Ross Leach, Hannes Kleineke,
Colin Verge, Jill McElwine, Nan Clark and Jessica Espley.

Nominations for St Peter’s were as follows:
Amy Bannister, Christine Bannister, Geoff and Jean Huggins, Tony Harman, David and Jenny Jennings, Roy
Holloway, Janet and Philip Cambray, Mike Bannister, Chris and Sue Miles, Doreen Bryant and Barry and
Kathy Purdon.

All were duly elected.

10.    Appointment of Auditors to the Council

It was proposed by Jessica Espley and seconded by Ellen Davis that Fulwells be reappointed as our auditors.
All were in favour.

11. Any Other Business
1.Chris Parsons pointed out that the awarding of the Mellitus medal to Bob Langley was not mentioned in
any of the yearly reports. This was an oversight as nobody had realised there was not a separate article
about it. Fr Rod also wanted a picture of Bob with his medal to put in but nobody took one that was good
enough to be used electronically. Does anybody have a photo of reasonable quality?
2. Chris Parsons asked what happened at Messy Church. Rachma gave a brief resume including that it is
intended for those between the ages of 4-8 including those on the edge of the parish family. Participants
can take part at whatever level they want to. More volunteers would be good – then more children can
be invited.
3.Band are going strong. They play at Heaven@11 each week, and at CC once a month; sometimes at
St Mary’s as well. However some of the current band members are going/have gone to university – need
some new blood. Any willing musicians would be most welcome regardless of instrument.. They rehearse
on a Friday evening at 7pm for about an hour.
4.    Website – is now up and running and being completed by Anna and Alan – hand over was a week
ago. They are trying to develop the technology. Weekly news sheet and the parish diary are now online
– further info will be going on as and when it becomes available. There are a few minor glitches. But it will
be a very interesting website.
5.    DayBreak – up and running. They have a waiting list of 30 people and have 20 regular attendes.
Volunteers are very enthusiastic. The Official opening will be on 21st April by the Bishop of Kensington
and the High Sherrif of Surrey, Sally Varah. Fr Rod wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who has
helped out. The Trustees would like to expand the number of days but we would need to spend some
money adapting the hal.l
6.    Confirmation date – Sunday 12th July at St Peter’s – 4 churches from the Deanery will be taking part.
Junior confirmation weekend is 3-5th July. Adult confirmation course will start straight after Easter.

       Meeting closed at 1.20pm with blessing.

Signed:                                                         Date:
      --------------------------------------                                ..................................................
                                                                            APCM Report 2009-2010            7

                      Report from the Vicar
Time does fly; particularly when you
are enjoying yourself. It was on the
Feast of the Epiphany 2000 that Pam
and I arrived in the Parish of St Mary
and St Peter. Much has happened in
that time both in the parish and in our
own lives. We have seen the parish
grow and deepen, DayBreak has
become a thriving out reach to the
whole community and, perhaps most
importantly, we have become unified
with Christ Church becoming one
parish. At the same time, in January,
we officially became ‘empty nesters’
a state that we are taking a little time
to get used to.

We were very touched, at the
Epiphany Service at St Mary’s when a
surprise cake appeared in celebration
of this anniversary. Craftily planned
by some of the Churchwardens and beautifully executed by our resident cake artist, Rocky, it was a
wonderful and yummy surprise.

Ministry Team
Staines Parish has been blessed with a wonderful and dedicated Ministry Team. Rachma came to us from
the East End some two and a half years ago. In the short time she has been with us she has made a massive
impact on the ministry and mission of the parish. I know how much support and Christian love many of
us have received from her ministry.

                             In her time with us she has established strong links with many of the local
                             schools, helped with the development of Messy Church and in so many other
                             areas of parish mission Rachma has been a keen motivator. As much as she
                             will be missed, particularly at Christ Church, I know that what she is going to
                             do in the Diocese of Bath and Wells is in response to God’s call. We offer
                             to the parishioners of Westfield, St Peter and the Students of the College in
                             Radstock, where she will be chaplain, our profound prayers. Rachma goes in
                             the knowledge that she will be missed greatly here but all clergy know that once
                             they have set their hand to the plough they cannot look back but only forwards
                             to the source of their calling - Christ.

                             John has been with us working faithfully and effectively across the parish for
                             some time now. It was an honour for me that he wanted to return to the parish
                             after his Curacy. Now comes the time for Sylvia and him to move closer to
                             their family in Devon. His prayerful commitment to ministry and his insightful
                             development of liturgy, particularly at St. Mary’s has undoubtedly enriched the
                             whole parish in the way it worships Almighty God. He has been a great torch
                             bearer for Ecumenism and has kept the parish at the centre of all that is going
                             on between the churches in Staines and Laleham.

                             Both these good people will be greatly missed by us all and it means that we
                             are now entering a new era with the formation of a new ministry team. At
                             Petertide, Sue Wood, who is at present a Reader at St Nicholas’, Shepperton,
                             will be ordained Deacon and begin her Curacy with us in Staines. Sue comes
                             with immense experience both as a Reader and also as a Primary School Teacher.
                             She is married to Michael who is an organist (although I have promised not to
                             do the cheap thing and filch him from St Nick’s and the other places he plays
                             regularly - immediately). It is important that we keep them both in our prayers
                             as Sue completes her training and prepares for Ordination.

                             Sue is going to be a SSM (self-supporting minister) and will be training part-time
8           This is Staines’ Parish

                                                                                    with us. As you will know from past experience,
                         Diocese of London                                          during her time with us there will be a great need for
                                                                                    support as she trains. From past experience I know
                         Associate Vicar                                            that the more love and support that we as a parish
          Parish of Staines, Kensington Area                                        put into a person’s training the more confident a
                               charity no.1132534                                   Deacon (and ultimately Priest) the person becomes.
    We are seeking a full time stipendiary priest to work as part of the Ministry
    Team serving the three churches in the Parish of Staines who will be:
                                                                                    As much as this is Sue’s vocation to be a minister in
                                                                                    Christ’s church it is our calling to help her grow into
    Committed to Christ through prayer and action; collaborative, highly
    motivated and innovative; a person who is keen to work as part of a team.       what God wants.
    Enthusiastic about bringing their own skills and strengths to help drive
    forward our mission and ministry.                                               We have already advertised in the Church Times for a
    Passionate with a pastoral heart and a love of God and his people.              new Associate Vicar for the parish. The closing date
    Supportive in developing lay ministry throughout the parish.                    for these applications is 15th of this month. Then, due
    Comfortable with a range of formal and informal Services and                    to Easter being upon us, we will be interviewing in the
    liturgical styles. The balance of word and sacrament means that the
    person appointed will want to share in a strong preaching, teaching, and        middle of March. Hopefully we can have someone in
    sacramental ministry.                                                           post over the Summer.
    For further information: www.stainesparish.org
    or contact:            The Vicar, Rod Cosh, St Peter’s Vicarage,
                           14 Thames Side, Staines TW18 2HA                         Area Dean
                                                      I have now been Area Dean of Spelthorne for nearly
                           E-mail: rod@stainesparish.org
                                                      6 years. It is a role that I have very much enjoyed. It
    Closing date for applications: Monday 15th March 2010
    Interviews week commencing: 19th April 2010
                                                      has given me the opportunity to be part of a wider
     Together, Building Communities for Christ!       team supporting the Mission of the Kensington
                                                      Area through working closely with the Bishop, the
                                                      Archdeacon and the clergy of our Deanery. It is not
                                                      always the easiest of roles and sometimes I have felt
that I am between a rock and a hard place. What I have tried to do, with mixed success, is to encourage
all the parishes to see their neighbours as opportunities for mutual support and to begin to dissolve the
boundaries, geographical and spiritual that are so often there across the Deanery.

One of the great successes, I believe, has been ‘Breathe’, the youth confirmation programme which we
have developed in conjunction with three of the other parishes. It means that young people, who often
go to the same schools, can prepare to confirm their Baptismal faith together. Going to church no longer
becomes a lonely thing because they know that many others do the same as they do. Faith in Christ
becomes ‘normal’ and not as so much of current culture sees it.

Now my time as Area Dean draws to a close I want to thank the parish for allowing me to do this important
piece of work for the wider Church. I believe it has helped us to see our faith in the wider context and
that is essential if we are to make any sense of our beliefs. For too long the Church has seen itself in a
parochial context rather than as part of something Universal.

Last year Debbie Davison and Pamela Barrie were selected for training for ministry. Debbie is on a part-
time course at Ripon College Cuddesdon and Pamela is on the STETS course in Salisbury, again, part-time.
They both seem to be doing well an it is important that we continue to support them in their training.

Sadly (and to my mind rather surprisingly) Janet Franck was not successful at her Selection Conference. I
want to say that I have been humbled by the way in which Janet has dealt with this difficult situation and I
am committed to continuing to help her as we explore what God really has in mind for her. Please keep
them all in your prayers.

As you know, last Autumn I was given the opportunity to take a Sabbatical. After some holiday I spent a
month researching and writing and then went down to Oxford for a further month to continue my research
staying at my old Theological College, St Stephen’s House.

What I was looking at was our understanding of Sacramental theology. So often, particularly in a Church
as broad as the CofE the diversity of attitudes towards the Eucharist can mean that we think we ‘know’
where the others are wrong and we are right in our thinking. The question I was asking is, “What do
others truly believe about the Eucharist and how does that compare with my own understandings?”

To this end, I developed a Questionnaire for clergy about the whole area of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
I sent it out to all the clergy in the Kensington Area and to my surprise got a 60% response rate. Now I
am trying, with the help of various people, to crunch the numbers so that I can present the results in a
meaningful way. So watch this space!
                                                                          APCM Report 2009-2010           9

With so many changes of Ministers from among the Churches in Staines I feel that the Ecumenical scene also
is changing. There are, however, two exciting developments: First, we have been having some discussions
with John Izzard, the Methodist Minister, about the Anglican-Methodist Unity talks which are taking place
nationally at the moment. We have agreed to explore ways in which we can help and support each other
in the work that each Church does in the community. I am hoping that this will lead to a deepening of our
spiritual links with an even greater commitment to praying with and for each other. It will also mean that
we exchange pulpits on a regular basis.

Last April saw one of the most satisfying days in
the recent history of our parish with the opening
of DyBreak by the Bishop of Kensington and the
then High Sheriff of Surrey, Mrs Sally Varah. It
was a great day and the culmination of a large
amount of prayer, dedication and hard work
by the parish, the Trustees, Simon Bhadye our
centre manager and all the wonderful volunteers
we have recruited.

Since then DayBreak has gone from strength
to strength and is rapidly becoming a valued
community outreach. We hope that by the end
of this year we will be able to open a second day
concentrating on people who have dementia.
This will offer more carers the respite they so
badly need.

As I have already said, Sylvia Teed will be moving soon which means that we will be looking for a new
Clerk to the Trustees. If you think that this is a role that you could take on then do ask me for the job

Worshipping Together
One of the few things that saddens me about worshipping here in Staines - yes I too am a worshipper like
everyone else who comes to church - is our lack of commitment to worshipping together. I do understand
that when one has worshipped in a particular building for many years it may be difficult to do so somewhere
else. However, there are dangers in this and these are that we either end up only being able to worship
God in a particular place or we end up worshipping the building and not God.

One of the most joyful times we have had worshipping together in recent months was Rachma’s leaving
Service. Christ Church was positively bulging with people all wanting to engage with Jesus Christ who
is, after all, at the centre of our Eucharist. At the end I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could
worship like this more frequently?’ Separately we are four or five moderately sized congregations together
we make a really joyful and vibrant family of God in Staines.

Changes in Services
There will come a time, soon, when we will have to worship more together. Once John has left and before
the establishment of a new Ministry Team we will have to change our patterns of worship if for no other
reason than I simply do not have the gifts to bi-locate. At the recent PCC we discussed how we should
do this. One of the things that became obvious very quickly is that the Heaven@11 congregation believes
that it will be happy to move around the parish. If you look at the draft plan on the next page you will see
what is proposed.

What it means is that for each church there will be at least one Eucharist each Sunday apart form the 5th
when we will all worship together. Further if there is not a Eucharist there will be a Heaven@11 service
in either Christ Church or St Peter’s. I hope that it will encourage us to either worship in other churches
or to experience a different style of worship. One thing that I want everyone to be aware of though is
that ‘To stay at home’ on the Sundays that your Service is not available in your building at ‘your’ time is
NOT and option that should even be contemplated. If that were the general response then I think that
things would have to change even more drastically.
10     This is Staines’ Parish

                         in the       8.00am          SP           CC           SM

                           1st          SP          H@11         9.30am       11.15am

                          2nd           CC         9.30am        H@11         11.15am

                          3rd           SM                       9.30am      No service

                          4th           CC         9.30am        H@11         11.15am

                          5th           SP                        Joint

So what are we really here for? Yes, to worship God and to be a community of believers centred in Jesus
Christ, but above all we are called to go out and share the Good News with the people of Staines. I am
only one compared with nearly 400 who, through there presence on our electoral roll, are members of
the parish. You are the most important Mission tool that God has at his disposal and He wants you to
be his witnesses in the world.

What we need is to build up each others’ confidence in our faith and embolden each other to share that
Good News. We could have great Missions with wonderful evangelists broadcasting aloud the love of
God but at the end of the day what is going to get others to follow us into a relationship with Our Lord is
the personal, one to one contact that each of us has with non-churchgoers. Inviting them to social events
or to special Services, making them welcome when they do that most difficult thing of stepping over the
threshold of the church. These are some of the things that make people want to explore faith.

All of us need to commit to this. It is not only the way to see the parish grow but it is more importantly
the way in which we will see other people enter into a living relationship the Saviour of the world.

Drawing Together
So where do we go from here? Over the next year it is imperative that we as a parish draw together. We
need to begin to see ourselves as a whole parish. St Paul in his 1st letter ot the Corinithians says:
        Now I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you should
     be in agreement and that there should be no divisions among you, but that you should be united in
     the same mind and the same purpose. 12What I mean is that each of you says, ‘I belong to Paul’, or ‘I
     belong to Apollos’, or ‘I belong to Cephas’, or ‘I belong to Christ.’ 13Has Christ been divided? Was Paul
     crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?
        For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being
     saved it is the power of God.       1 Cor.1.10,12-13,18

For none of us should see ourselves as ‘Christ Church’ or ‘St Peter’s’, or ‘St Mary’s’ we should simply see
ourselves as Christians saved by His blood. If we can truly begin to be as Christ wants us to be then we
will not only grow but we will deepen becoming a mutually supportive, joyful, community of God’s people
shining as a light in a darkened world.

Thank You
There are so many people who I need to thank that I am sure to miss someone out: in particular I would
thank Chrissie, Beth, Jane, Betty, Stuart and Michael our wonderful churchwardens also the members of
the Standing Committee, the PCC all the Leadership Teams and other groups which help to make this
parish run so smoothly. Also I would like to thank the musicians; Peter, Tom, Alan and Caroline and the
choirs and music groups who enrich our worship. Further, I want to thank Domanie, Carole, Viv, Rita,
Sheila and Betty in the Office without whom the day to day running of the parish would so easily fall apart.
                                                                                                     Fr Rod
                                                                          APCM Report 2009-2010            11

                        St. Mary’s
                   Churchwardens’ Report
This has been a very busy year. We think we’ve achieved a lot though there is so much more to be done.
We are a small congregation and need more willing to volunteer for various tasks but we have welcomed
new members to our Sunday worship, including children joining Kirsty in Sunday school.

Our dear Jean Howard died unexpectedly while she was on holiday. Many of us attended her funeral at
Hanworth. Myra Davidson, a stalwart of St Mary’s choir for many years, is now happily settled in Sunrise
at Virginia Water.
Esther and Marjorie, Elizabeth and Maurice Jones’ daughters, have kindly given us their parents’ piano. We
are very grateful for this generous memorial gift. Maurice’s ashes are now with Elizabeth’s in our churchyard.
The piano made its church debut at the Donald McLeod Memorial Concert held on 13th February, the
anniversary of Donald’s death with Ben Woodley putting it through its paces. Despite his injured arm Tom
Theakston showed that St Mary’s organ could also be coaxed into musical highs. We are very grateful to
Ben and Tom for a delightful evening, which also raised necessary funds for the organ’s repair.

Nan Clarke reached her 90th birthday recently. Sadly, she was ill, but we celebrated as soon as she
returned to church. She was delighted to have received many cards
and presents from her church family.

Christine Verge has continued to administer communion at Moor
House, even when Nan was poorly. We are grateful to Colin for
supporting Christine.

Pamela Barrie’s training is going well. We are very proud of her.

We are rather short of representatives for a variety of posts, but we
hope the problem will be solved by the APCM.

The Home Group continues to meet at Daphne’s home on alternate
Tuesdays. We shall be sharing in the CTISL Lent Groups.

The lightning conductor was checked. The guttering and hoppers have been cleared, and two small roof
repairs made. After the electrical survey we have had a primary main switch installed. The boiler was
repaired. We have a new vestry water heater. The loop is working, the sound system was checked and we
have a new hand held mike. Artemis repaired broken glass in the church and tower. We now have a prayer
board and prayer corner at the back of church. The Lady Chapel’s renovation is underway and we are
ready to apply for a faculty. We have a new altar cloth and an altar cover. We await a second opinion on
the repair of the organ. Various light bulbs are being replaced. The real coffee machine is much appreciated.
We are participating in the diocese’s initiative “Generic Building Solutions”. Hopefully, we shall become
even greener and not spend so much.
The clock was serviced in June but we still need to raise £628 to clear the restoration costs. A few willing
volunteers have been trained to raise the flag once the flagpole has been repaired.
We have another new notice board ready to face the Wraysbury Road but haven’t found anyone to put
it up.
The ‘Cemeteries’ department of Spelthorne Borough Council have repaired the road from the church gate
to the island. This is much appreciated. They also removed various bundles of wood that were making the
grounds look untidy. We hope to have further discussions about encouraging wild area pockets.
The insurance premium rose, as did our consumption of fuel. We try to encourage hall users to be more
economical and we try to watch our own weekly use. There has been a small increase in hall hire. We
took part in the Spelthorne Borough Council litter pick, which was good for our grounds, the locality and
we raised £60.
12     This is Staines’ Parish

The rent from China Star, the Chinese restaurant, is a significant part of our income so when we heard
that the restaurant had to be closed; we had some serious issues to consider. We were grateful to the
anonymous donor who enabled necessary repairs to be carried out. The restaurant is now fully open.
The Community Pay back workers have transformed the interior, making it brighter and obviously cared
for. The workers returned in January to clear the church path of snow for ‘our special wedding’, Rebecca
Sanders and Jeremy. That was a very happy occasion although there were problems getting to the church
on time. Sadly, a neighbour complained of the bell ringing, not for the first time (!)

Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity to celebrate Rogation Sunday while we adjusted to Rod’s
sabbatical leave. We promise to embrace the event enthusiastically in 2010.
Church Bells were rung on St George’s Day, to the dismay of a certain neighbour.
We were delighted to host the celebration of Rod’s 10th year in Staines on Epiphany this year. Very
solemn, then jolly!
The Papa India Memorial Service was held in June, though we need to consider the date of future
Our Open Day was a great success. Many locals enjoyed the tour, the bell ringing, the bar and the barbeque.
It inspires us to try and open the church on Saturday afternoons. We were delighted to welcome members
of the parish to our Patronal Festival. It was also good to see friends from St Peter’s and Christ Church
at other joint services held during the year.
We had a ‘joint Christmas Card’ board for those willing to donate towards church funds, having sent only
one card to the congregation. In true St Mary’s style, we also had our usual pile of cards to distribute.
It was good to welcome those occasional worshippers who enjoy our Christmas Services: Advent, Crib
service and Midnight mass

Where we are
We were conscious of a drop in numbers during August, when stewardship was in our minds. Several
families had returned to Europe or moved. However, numbers have been increasing recently; we are
overhauling our electoral roll and as a result, have encouraged several newcomers to join the stewardship
campaign. We are about to relaunch our welcome pack, which Betty has been revising.
The rota of people assisting at Sunday worship has been revised and we have more of the congregation
taking an active role. However, we still need more Eucharistic ministers, servers and intercessors.
We had a huge discussion about the hymns sung at St Mary’s and how they reflected our ‘peculiar’ style
of worship. Out of the 234 hymns sung in the year, (some suggested by the congregation), only 49 were
within copyright i.e. written within the last 75 years.
We have amended our M.A.P again this year and look forward to a possible Parish Away Day to discuss
our parish’s ambitions.
The growth of St Mary’s is only possible with the dedicated help of so many volunteers. We thank them
all. 2010 will be a challenging one. We shall miss the tremendous support and encouragement from Fr
John and Rachma. We wish them well in their new lives. We shall try to give Fr Rod the support and
flexibility that he will need now.

                                                                                 Beth Scott & Betty Sanders
                                                                         APCM Report 2009-2010            13

                       St Peter’s
                Church Wardens’ Report
The Fabric of the Church.
The general fabric of the Church is in sound condition. Small but desirable improvements are being carried
out, eg. Clearly marking steps, improving wheel-chair access via the Bell Tower entrance, and lighting this
otherwise dark corner.
The only urgent work identified in the 2009 Quinquennial Report still outstanding was the earthing and
re-wiring of the choir lights and the main supply to the boiler. All of this work has now been completed,
and the necessary certificates issued. Some further work, identified at a later date, to improve the earthing
for the lightening conductor, will hopefully be completed shortly.
The organ and the boiler continue to perform according to their own respective moods. Both are old and
at some time will need replacing. Whilst some consideration has already been given regarding a replacement
organ, little time or thought has been spent on how and when we need to replace the boiler. Heating the
Church during this last winter has been a major challenge and frequently it seemed warmer outside than
inside, due to the boiler failing to ignite according to the planned programme.
Whilst the numbers of weddings at St Peter’s has dropped, those seeking baptism continue to grow. Our
main Sunday services are well supported with around 50-60 attending the 9.30 Eucharist, and Heaven @
11 averaging about 60 and occasionally attracting over 100 people.
We were rather disappointed that the Festival of Carols and the Mid night mass experienced a drop in
numbers, however this was more than made up for by the Family Service on Christmas morning.
We missed Father Rod when he disappeared on a long Sabbatical during the latter part of the year. Rather
to our surprise everything continued as usual, and we are grateful to the remainder of the Ministry Team
and to the visiting clergy who looked after us during this period.
We are still hoping to get some moveable screens to separate the coffee area from the main body of the
Church and we would like to improve the appearance and atmosphere of the coffee/serving area.

Music in the Church.
During the year we have had several concerts in the Church, most of which have attracted large and
appreciative audiences. Music has ranged from Brass Bands , to Solo performers, the annual Proms and
several choral groups.
 St Peter’s Band, although diminishing in numbers, provides the majority of the music for Heaven @ 11,
as well as being occasionally asked to help out at St Mary’s and Christ Church. They would extend a warm
welcome to anyone, regardless of expertise, who would like to join them.

The Fabric of the Church Hall.
During the year we managed to complete the painting of the small hall, and by taking advantage of a special
offer, and the generosity of the congregation we quickly raised sufficient funds to insulate the roof of the
main hall. This work was carried out one Saturday morning, much to the concern of the antique sale taking
place in the hall below. However, favourable comments from hall users afterwards re-assured us that we
had done a good job. We wait to find out if the heating bills are any lower.
 White lines have also been painted on all steps around the hall. These have proved of great value to guests
with restricted vision attending Daybreak.
The Hall continues to attract unwanted rubbish. So, for the second time the Council provided us with a
large industrial skip, which over a week-end we filled, with amongst other things two surplus pianos. And
now we have yet another piano one that nobody wants.
Our main concern followed an inspection of the whole electrical system in the Hall. Much of this dates
from 1968, and is now starting to deteriorate and show its age. Ideally it all should be replaced but we will
need to try and schedule this in among other urgent work in the Parish. Some of the new wiring put in to
meet DayBreak’s needs for invalid toilets had been found to be unsatisfactory, this has just been replaced.
The flat roof continues to leak, though we like to think that by re-directing much of the rainwater we have
managed to considerably reduce this problem.
Our Caretaker, David Matthews, continues to do an excellent job, setting high standards for maintenance and
cleanliness throughout the building, whilst at the same time meeting the varying demand of our customers.
Hire rates have increased slightly this year. We are very conscious that we are in a competitive market but
we need to build up a reserve to meet major costs, like re-wiring the whole building, whilst at the same
time maintaining the high standards that our customers require.
During term time both halls are in fairly constant use. However during school holidays there is far less
demand. This is a challenge, which, so far we have not yet been able to meet. This year we agreed to
14     This is Staines’ Parish

hire out the halls on a Sunday afternoon. This was to meet a fairly strong request for somewhere to hold
Children’s parties. This has brought in extra revenue and so far has not caused any management problems.
Two major projects face us in 2010. Firstly, to purchase some new curtains for the main hall. We are
already well on the way to raising sufficient funds to cover this work and hopefully the new curtains will
be up shortly.
The second project is to re-paint the exterior of the building. With some willing helpers and a few fine
days this should not be a problem, and by using our own people we will be able to keep the costs down.
At the same time we need to attend to several of the small windows which are in need of repair.

Jane and I are very aware of, and grateful for, the support of everyone who helps plan, organise and
participate in the many events held in the Church and Church Hall throughout the year. Finally, to the
members of the Leadership Team, our special thanks for all for their help, guidance and support.

                                                                          Michael Moulton and Jane Bental

                                                        Fun and Games
                                                         at the Heaven
                                                        @ 11 New Year
                                                                         APCM Report 2009-2010            15

                      Christ Church
                  Churchwardens` Report
The Goods and Ornaments

There have been no changes over the past year.

The Church

Visitors to the church are now welcomed to Christ Church with a new ‘Welcome board’ which has been
installed within the lobby/font area of the church.

                                                                   This has been designed to give newcomers
                                                                   an overview of the ‘Parish of Staines’ and
                                                                   show the type of services and community
                                                                   events which are held at Christ Church.

                                                                   The ‘Welcome board’ also has a photo
                                                                   of each member of the congregation;
                                                                   ministry and leadership teams which has
                                                                   helped everyone feel part of the family of
                                                                   ‘Christ Church’.

                                                                   Our refurbished organ is in regular use,
                                                                   and has been tuned during the year. We
                                                                   have now purchased a new digital piano
                                                                   which has added a new dimension to our
                                                                   music at Christ Church; this has been
                                                                   funded by bequests from the estate of
                                                                   the late Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pitman. Ken was
                                                                   our organist for number of years.

Replacement amplifier; microphones and a hearing loop system have now been installed in order that we
                     can comply with the current DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) legislation.

                      The toilets facilities within the church have now been modernised
                      and we now have facilities for both disabled users and those
                      with babies. We have also installed new hot water heaters in
                      both the toilets and the vestry. The money to complete this
                      refurbishment has come from legacies received.

                      The annual maintenance inspections on the oil fired boiler
                      system, the gas appliances and electrical systems have been
                      carried out in the Church and Church Hall.

                   A new oil pump and a new radiator have been installed. The money to complete this
work has mainly come from generous donations from the congregation.

Painting of the church inside has started with the radiators thanks to George Potts but further works
need to be done on the internal woodwork. External painting has not started although matters are being
organised for a start to be made when better weather arrives in the spring.

Over the past year we have experienced a number of leaks, which we have now found was due to the
theft of lead seals around the outside of the lantern and incomplete repairs to the Lady Chapel roof.

The main area of the church which has been affected by these leaks has been the Lady Chapel. Unfortunately,
following the collapse of part of the ceiling area, it became too dangerous to continue using this as an area
for worship so the leadership team had to take the decision to decommission the chapel until the roof
16     This is Staines’ Parish

and ceiling has been repaired.

Repairs to the ceiling of the Lady Chapel are now expected to
be completed in March 2010, and it is hoped to re-commission
the chapel soon after.

Other areas affected by the leaks which will need attention
once the lantern seals have been repaired are the ceiling above
the font area, ceiling above the storage area next to the Lady
Chapel, entrance to the vestry and altar area below the lantern.

There are many more people to thank who help keep Christ
Church running and although we cannot possibly mention
everyone, we also would like to mention Doreen Brewer
and her team of flower ladies for their delightful flower displays, our three Sacristans, Comfort, Carol
and Clare and the army of volunteers, in particular Eileen, Ruth and Aisan, for helping to keep the church
clean and organised.

The Church Grounds
Once again we have had two successful clear up events where a large party of volunteers have made a
tremendous job of tidying up around the outside of the Church and Church Hall, cutting back trees and
hedges, weeding and disposing of many unwanted items.

Special thanks go to Jan Frost, Dave Upton and Dave Woodruff for their continued work with maintaining
the flower beds and grassed areas of the grounds.

Incidents of vandalism have continued to decrease over the past year. This is due in part to the installation
of the CCTV monitoring system acting as an effective deterrent. Although this did not prevent visits from
the lead stealers on the Church Hall Roof, remedial works to the church hall roof that were started in
2008 have now been completed, along with some remedial work to flat roof areas of the Church.

We still suffer with litter problems whether this is blown in or deposited on site is not certain but our
thanks to Rikki and Gerry Rance who continue to clear up behind the litter louts!

The edges of the patio area have now been re-painted to assist our elderly and short-sighted parishioners.

The signage on the front wall of the church has now been replaced. The new signage is now in a simplified
format to enable passers-by to clearly see that Christ Church is part of both the ‘Church of England’ and
within the ‘Parish of Staines’.

                                                A new notice board has been installed by the main entrance of
                                                the Church to enable walkers-by to see forthcoming services
                                                and events. The notice board also shows contact details of
                                                both the Parish Office and the ministry team. We hope that
                                                if sufficient funds can be found, an additional similar notice
                                                board will be installed outside the entrance to the Church

                                                Thanks also go to the many volunteers who provide cakes
                                                and other refreshments after our special services..
                                                                             Chris Parsons and Stuart Young
                                                                          APCM Report 2009-2010            17

               Parochial Church Council
                  Secretary’s Report
There were 7 meetings of the PCC held in 2009; 6 were scheduled bi monthly meetings and there was an
extraordinary meeting called in October to discuss the China Star restaurant. Meetings have been well
attended this year and all meetings were quorate.

Much of my time this year was spent urging people to complete paperwork so that we could register the
PCC with the Charity Commission, a new requirement for all PCC’s with an annual turnover in excess of
£250,000. After completion of the paperwork, all member’s details had to be completed on line as part
of the application process, no small task for a PCC with a total membership of 35. Our application was
suucessfully submitted and in November 2009, the Parish of Staines became a registered charity.
Other issues discussed in some length during the year were the Generic Building Solutions project currently
being run by the Diocese of London, a Stewardship Campaign and Fundraising issues to try and generate
some much needed income.. We look forward this year to a PCC weekend away to discuss mission and
strategy for the next decade whilst reviewing our Mission Action Plan.
                                                                                             Carole George

                      Spelthorne Deanery Synod
There were three meetings of the Synod in 2009.

The first was on 4th June, at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton. The newly appointed Bishop of
Kensington celebrated the Eucharist and spoke of his background and previous ministry. Speaking of
Barnabas’s ministry in Antioch and of how he encouraged people, the Bishop stressed that we too should
encourage one another.
Revd. Cosh spoke of the need for growth in the Deanery and asked that parish regularly consider 2
questions -“What does our parish have to offer? and “What does it need to make it grow?”

The second meeting was on 30th September in St. Mary’s Church, Staines. Following a celebration of the
Eucharist, parishes gave reports of what they had discovered needed to improve their growth and what
they had to offer.
The was also a report on the Breathe Confirmation Course for young people, which invites young people
to come together with other prospective confirmation candidates in the Deanery, for instruction
and social activities.

The third meeting was held in St. Mary’s Church, Sunbury. Following a celebration of the Eucharist, discussion
was held on “Embracing the Covenant.” The Bishop’s Council asked for discussion at Deanery level on
a prospective Anglican-Methodist Covenant. The lengthy details of the covenant, had been précised by
Revd. Waters and forward to all Deanery Synod members prior to the meeting.”
After a lively discussion, it was agreed that as the proposal had been in the pipeline for a number of years,
it should be acted upon as soon as possible.
                                                                     Barbara Giles (Deanery Synod Secretary)
18     This is Staines’ Parish

At DayBreak, we now have a ‘core’ of 27 Guests, not all of whom attend every Tuesday for a host of
reasons—including a 3-month stint in Barbados avoiding the tag-end of winter! An average day sees us
caring for about 19. During 2009 we added some 22 to the list, but we also lost some 7 for a variety of
reasons., so we will soon have to be thinking about opening a second day, and this will mean a need for
more volunteers as well.
Our volunteers come from far and wide. When we made a list of the places with contact other than the
UK, it ranged from a tiny island in the West Indies (Barbados) to a slightly larger island on the other side
of the world—Mauritius.
It is really amazing also the different work backgrounds that they come from as well. Yes, there are former
nurses but we also have former teachers as well as airline employees like Lesley who plays the piano for
us when her T5 shift pattern allows her.
We would like to open another day, because numbers keep increasing; this means we shall need more
Entertainment comes in many ways. Our Guests have been able to join in when Steve Poole—with and
without his son—plays the guitar for us. Jon Bental has also done similar for us, but alas no longer. Thank
you, Jon, and all the best in your new job.
Lesley Barnes has already been mentioned—her gentle piano playing is always delightful.
A very lively, toe-tapping session was provided by Robin Sider, and Ab’s saxophone playing is truly lovely.
The highlight of the year was the RAF Association President’s Band concert on 21 November, which many
of our Guests and volunteers attended. We hope we can persuade them to return.
The U3A had us all singing Christmas Carols, St Peter’s Nursery sang for us as well as Knowle Park Primary
DayBreak finally became a registered charity in October: our number is 1131827. This can only be good
news, as we can claim tax on any donations accompanied by a signed Gift Aid Declaration.
In November and December DayBreak benefited from a number of activities, and we are thankful to Rotary,
Staines for organizing the RAF Association President’s Band concert on 21 November.
In December, the Rotary again were extremely generous. On 12 December, ‘Father Christmas’ drove the
Rotary Float and all donations collected on his round were DayBreak’s.
Our most recent fundraising event was on 20 February, when we were treated to some wonderful
entertainment by Soirée: folk songs, guitar and harmonica accompaniment. We shared proceeds with the
Parish of Staines, whose Main Hall provides our weekly base for our Guests, as well as our very special
cooks whose meals continue to be absolutely superb.
Finally, here are some comments about DayBreak:
•        They provide wonderful lunches and entertainment and my mother loves singing along with the
         lovely, friendly volunteers.
•        I am very fond of all the helpers of DayBreak. I love coming here every Tuesday.
•        DayBreak is marvellous in giving us carers a break..
•        Just brilliant! Nothing but praise for DayBreak … loves coming here.
•        DayBreak is a friendly and welcoming day centre. They are thoughtful, kind and very loving
         towards my mum.
                                                                                                Betty Sanders
                                                                           APCM Report 2009-2010            19

                                 Christ Church
                              Community Outreach Report 2009
Over the past year a number of initiatives have been completed to improve our community outreach:

In 2008 we carried out a Community Audit of our immediate neighbours including the regular and irregular
users of our Church Hall facilities and congregation members who worship at Christ Church. In February,
we held a meeting with the local community to present the results of our questionnaire. This meeting
had a tremendous turnout and a number of residents were able to express their views on the future
development of the Christ Church land.

A number of the attendees expressed a preference to be included on all future communications related
to the events and developments at Christ Church so we have now created a comprehensive database of
all contacts and parishioners which we regularly use for e-shots, etc.

One initiative which has proved very successful this year has been our leaflet drops. We have now identified
all the homes within the Christ Church area of the ‘Parish of Staines’ and have organised groups of volunteers
within the congregation to deliver flyers. We are very grateful to the local organisations which have offered
to produce our leaflets free-of-charge to enable us to improve our community outreach as these have
proved worth while due to the increased interest in Christ Church we have seen in the past year.

Christ Church has now hosted three ‘Messy Church’ events during 2009. This continues to
be very popular activity within the parish and has attracted a number of new parishioners
to Christ Church and the ‘Parish of Staines’.

Throughout the year our congregation has donated numerous items for the British troops
abroad and we, to date, have managed to send in excess of 150 boxes to the troops in
Afghanistan and other overseas operations.

                                 In September we held our ‘Harvest Festival’ service. We used another
                                 leaflet drop to advertise this event and to inform the local community of
                                 the national ‘BackToChurchSunday’ event within the ‘Church Of England’.

                                 At Christ Church we decided not to ask for donations of produce as
                                 this has proved difficult to distribute within
                                 the community, therefore monetary donations
                                 were collected by the whole parish and was
                                 split between our three charities: Farm Africa;
                                 Heathrow Farm and Scouts

                                 At the start of Advent, we delivered a ‘Seasons
                                 Greetings’ card to all the residents of the Christ
                                 Church area of the parish.

                               The card included a letter of welcome from Rev
                               Rachma Bush and a list of all the services and
events during December. We received great feedback from a number of local
residents who said it prompted them to attend one of our Christmas services.

Members of the Christ Church singing group helped to bring some ‘Christmas
Cheer’ to members of Age Concern by serenading them with carols at the Renaissance Hotel.

Our ‘Crib Service’ on Christmas Eve was well attended with in excess of 100 members of the local
community. A collection was taken after the service and all funds raised were donated to the Spelthorne
Young Carers.

We continue to regularly take communion to the residents of both Arcacia Lodge and Meadowside
Residential homes and include them in our weekly prayers.

Close links are still maintained with all the schools within the Christ Church area of the parish in particular
Matthew Arnold Secondary School where Rachma has attended a number of school assemblies.
                                                                                               Richard Staples
                                                                                        Deputy Churchwarden
20      This is Staines’ Parish

Fund Raising Report 2009
Christ Church organised a number of key fund raising events during 2009, raising funds for both parish
funds and special projects.

The Rubber Bridge Tea Drives organised by Nita Morley continue to be very well supported providing
additional funds.

Once again our thanks go to Pauline Newman who continues to mastermind our regular Fair
Trade stalls both at Sunday services and organised Fund Raising events.

During our refurbishment of the Church Halls a number of items were identified which were
no longer required by the church, but were too valuable to just dispose of. We therefore decided to use
these items to help raise additional funds by selling them on E-bay and at local car boot sales. Our thanks
go the Carol Bartlett for volunteering to arrange this.

Christ Church Quiz Night

In February, we were full to the rafters with teams taking part in our
annual quiz night. There was lots of laughter and banter exchanged
between the teams.

Special thanks go to Maureen Burton and Rikki Rance for organising this
great event.

Community Coffee Morning
In June, we held a coffee morning for the local community to enable
them to view some of the feedback we received from our ‘Community
Audit’ questionnaires.

The Big Event
                                       During Bank Holiday weekend in
                                       August we held our first ‘Big Event’
                                       which proved a great success and raised
                                       approximately £1000 for parish funds.

                                       The event was an opportunity for the local community and the
                                       organisations that use the facilities at Christ Church to come together
                                       in a community fete.

Within the church, there were
displays from organisations
including the Jubilee Sailing Trust,
Scout Association and Thames
Valley Horticultural Society and
an Art Exhibition by one of our
parishioners, Yvonne Tillier.
Outside the church, we organised a number of stalls; provided
refreshments and were entertained by the Christ Church Drama
Society and the ‘Five Foot Something’ band.
                                                                           APCM Report 2009-2010             21

Sponsored Knit
One of the big surprises last year was the amount of funds we managed to raise from our Sponsored Knit
event. This came from an idea from one of our parishioners, Ellen Wakhani.

A number of parishioners took up a challenge to take £10 and multiply it however they wished.

A number of varied ideas were tried: one bet the money on a golf game; others used the money towards
car boot sale entrance fees; others used the money to pay for ingredients and equipment to fill jars of jams,
chutneys and relishes for sale. at the ‘Big Event’.

100 Club
Our thanks go to Jo-Anne Lander for organising this for many years. Debbie Bredo has now taken up the
challenge and will be promoting and expanding the club to other parishioners at St. Peters and St. Marys.

Other fund raising events
A Book stall; a fund raising table; teas and coffees after the Sunday services; Patronal and Christmas hampers
have also contributed to additional funds raised at Christ Church during the year.
                                                                                                 Richard Staples
                                                                                           Deputy Churchwarden
22     This is Staines’ Parish

                  St Peter’s Church Choir
We have maintained our choir numbers and sung the calendar of eucharists and choral evensongs with
an anthem or motet most Sunday mornings. This is due very much to the loyalty of the choir members
who give so generously of their skills and time. We are also very grateful for the support of guest singers
who help us to maintain our special services and feast days. Thanks are owed to Lindsay Bridgwater who
accompanies our choral evensongs and special events and to Ben Woodley who plays the piano once a
month during the communion.

Recently we welcomed Mimi Adrade to the choir, our first junior member for many years. She is already
making a useful contribution.

For the first time the choirs of St. Peters and St. Matthews, Ashford will combine to sing choral evensong.
This will enable the performance of music composed for double choir and requiring larger numbers.

The choir learned part of a new congregational setting of the communion service by Margaret Rizza (the
Mass of the Bread of Life). This will be useful when choir and congregation are smaller in numbers.

The choir urgently needs new singers to support the congregational singing. If you would like to sing, or
know of someone who might, please contact me. There are always choir members and usually myself at
coffee after the 9.30 service.

The organ wiring continues to give problems but one serious fault, thought to be beyond repair, has recently
been repaired which restores the instrument to its previous condition. However, until the wiring is fully
replaced further problems will present themselves. This shows how vital is the support of those who
perform and come and listen to the Peoples’ Prom. Once again the net profit for the very successful 2010
concert was in the region of £2500. We are much indebted to Jo Gardner who trained and conducted
the singers and to John and Sue Hobart and those who helped them who so effectively organised and
promoted this event
                                                                                               Peter Mence
                                                                                           Director of Music
            APCM Report 2009-2010   23

The Proms
24     This is Staines’ Parish

          Christ Church Singing Group
 Things have certainly changed a lot over the last year at Christ Church in terms of our musical worship.
 Jerry Pope, who has been staunch in his support for the church over the last few years, decided early
 last year that he was finding it increasingly difficult to continue to play the organ for us on Sundays and
 attain the high standards that he had set for himself. Time problems were also making it impossible
 for Caroline and me to run the singing group as frequently as expected from our congregation. We
 urgently needed a new organist and musical director.

 At the same time we received a substantial legacy from Ken and Irene Pitman (Ken was organist at
 Christ Church a few years back), who wished to enhance the musical resources available to us at
 Christ Church, and so we decided to replace our ageing and, frankly out of tune, piano with a new
 electronic Yamaha Clavinova. Not only does this provide us with a first rate piano, it also comes with
 the capability to simulate a variety of other instruments eg organ, harpsichord, guitar. It also has a very
 useful feature of playing midi files created previously on a computer. This has meant that on the odd
 occasions that we don’t have an organist, we can “record” the music for the service in advance, saving
 the parish quite a bit of money at the same time !

 Although we were unsuccessful in response to our adverts for a new musical director we did manage to
 persuade Tom Theakston to extend his commitment to play at the 11:15 service at St Mary’s to playing
 for us at Christ Church at 9:30am. His flare, brilliance and good humour have been much appreciated
 by all of us Christ Church.

 We do believe that we have, at Christ Church, a distinctive informal style of worship and are generally
 at home with a variety of musical styles from the traditional hymns accompanied by the organ to the
 more modern songs suitable for guitar or piano accompaniment. It is always a pleasure for us when
 the band from Heaven@11 are able join us once a month to lead our worship.

 We still do have an enthusiastic singing group and although we don’t sing as a group as often as
 before, we are always ready to get together for special occasions. One example was part of our parish
 outreach when Tom Theakston and the singing group led our annual singing of Christmas Carols at the
 Renaissance Hotel near Heathrow. The occasion was so successful this last Christmas that we made
 the local paper ! The picture below tells the tale.
                                                                                         Alan Dinsdale
                                                                       APCM Report 2009-2010           25

                St Mary’s Sunday School
We are very pleased to announce that Jo and Lucy have kindly agreed to help run our rapidly expanding
Sunday School. We welcome children of any age, and parents are welcome to come and join in the fun.
Of course we are still looking for volunteer’s to help when we have a large attendance, or perhaps help
with the much younger children. This year we intend to focus on the Church seasons and celebrate
certain events or occasions. We intend to help the Children understand what is happening in the Church
and the different aspects of the service. We warmly welcome any and all children and parents, just come
along or ring Kirsty on 01784 440703

                                                                                           Kirsty Burgoyne

         Christ Church Sunday School
Just a short note to let you all know that Christ Church Sunday School reopened in September 2009. We
meet every Sunday, we focus on similar topics to the sermon in church most weeks and we always do a
craft related to the topic/story we have been discussing. We also do a pray and memory verse each week
and there are biscuits before we go back into church. We have regularly had 4-8 Children but some weeks
as many as 20, from ages 2-11.

                              4th Staines,
                             St Peter’s
St Peter’s Church Hall       Tuesday 4.45 - 5.45pm Rainbows        Tuesday 6.00 - 7.50pm Brownies

Rainbows (5 to 7 years)
We meet in the small Church Hall every Tuesday from 4.45 p.m. to 5.45 p.m.

Over the last year we have had several theme evenings, including Rainy Day, Teddy Bear Picnic, Colour
Evening, Music & Dance and making iced biscuits. We also had a “Bring & Tell” evening whereby the Rainbows
brought in a favourite toy or collection of small items and told the rest of the group all about them.

Most evenings also involve an element of playing games and making things. There have also been joint
evenings with the Brownies such as a Campfire Evening and the Christmas party, as well as joining in with
various District events.
Brownies (7 to 10 years)
We meet in the main Church Hall on Tuesdays from 6.00 p.m. to 7.50 p.m. During 2009/10 the Guide
Movement is celebrating its centenary and a number of District and Divisional events have been organised
to celebrate the occasion. The girls have been working towards their “Adventure 100 Centenary Challenge”.

There are ten separate sections to this challenge and once they have all been completed, they will be
awarded their special “Adventure 100” badge. The girls also enjoy all sorts of games and craft activities
most weeks as well as singing both new and traditional campfire songs. A number of District events have
been attended as well as pack holidays.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us run the pack and if you feel you would be able to assist
in whatever manner, please contact me on 01784 253124. Janet Cambray - Brown Owl
                                                                                         Janet Cambray
26     This is Staines’ Parish

              Carer and Toddler Group
                                   or Span Carer and Under 5s Group
                                         (as we should be called)
St Mary’s Church Hall Wednesday 10 a.m. – 12 noon
(Every week except the Wednesday before New Year)
Cost £1.50 per family
11.45 a.m. Family friendly Eucharist

Our numbers continue to grow, especially during the holidays when older children return to say ‘Hello’.
We now have a table with material that is more suitable for these older ones.
Thanks to all the volunteers who make it a successful group. Beryl is the friendly face that dispenses
the drinks, while her daughter Ellen plays the guitar at Singing Time. Birdy and Viv ensure that hygiene
standards are high, that the room is prepared and welcoming. Well done to those parents who are able
to help set up and clear away.
We enjoy a variety of craft activities that replace the earlier painting fun.
The Children’s Celebration of Christmas went well, thanks to Sian and her musical friends and Jonathan,
Aidan and the younger children brave enough to read the story. We remembered to hold another riotous
‘Wimmin’s Night Out’, which raised £35 for Cancer Breakthrough. We also raised money for Farm Africa
and the Children’s Society.

                                                                                              Beth Scott
                                                                         APCM Report 2009-2010            27

                               Men’s Dinners.
The original suggestion was that there should be a men’s Breakfast before the Sunday service. A good idea,
but very few men were interested in getting up and doing the cooking. So instead it was rapidly agreed that
a dinner would be more appropriate.

This would give us the opportunity to get to know the men in the other Churches as well as an opportunity
to invite interested friends to join us, to enjoy good food and indulge in a glass or two of wine, or even
the odd pint of special bitter. We are very grateful to Father Rod for taking on the job of selecting the
speakers. He is very aware that our ideal speaker would be entertaining and rewarding, but someone
who understands that men do not always concentrate for long, especially after a few drinks and late on a
Thursday night. All our speakers have passed this test, with distinction.

One of the biggest challenges has been in selecting a suitable venue. It seemed so simple, a private room
for about 30 guests, good food and a relaxing atmosphere. Our first venture was in February, so playing
safe we went to the China Star Restaurant. Our speaker, who had to sing for his supper was Rob Gillion,
the Area Dean of Chelsea. The China Star prepared and served a set menu dinner that was enjoyed by all.

Our next venture in May was to the Parish Inn, The Bells. Our speaker was Gary Piper, the Area Dean of
Fulham, who told us all about his experiences as Chaplain to Fulham Football Club. Finding a few supporters
amongst the diners spurred him on to tell us about the problems footballers encounter as they either
make the first team or see themselves gradually slipping further away from stardom. Our guests enjoyed
the generous helpings and readily attacked with gusto the wide range of bitters on offer.

For our third dinner we moved out of the Parish to visit the Three Horseshoes in Laleham. After a rather
slow start we settled down to enjoy a substantial dinner and afterward sat back and relaxed to welcome
Will Gibbs back among us as our speaker

Our latest do has been planned for 25th March; Indian, by special request. At this meeting we welcome
Simon Shutt as our speaker. Simon is the founder of FACT,(Faith Awareness in Children’s Trust) who uses
puppets to explain religion to children and men.
                                                                         David Espley & Michael Moulton.

                   The Parish Dining Club
The Dining Club held its third meeting in October 2009 in
the Small Hall at St. Peter’s. Numbers are limited to 24 and
we have had a full house on every occasion. To whet your
appetite, the menu last time consisted of canapés and other
nibbles before sitting down, followed by egg and smoked
salmon mousse as a starter course, braised lamb shanks with
vegetables, a panacotta with raspberry coulis and a selection
of English cheeses. A selection of fine wines were available
to supplement the food.

Our thanks must go to Murray Ransom and family who, with
the aid of backcloths and sympathetic lighting, managed to
convert the Small Hall into an atmospheric venue for the
dinner. Our very grateful thanks are also due to Janet and
                                             Andrew Matthews who helped enormously with the food
                                             preparation, to say nothing of the kitchen staff (Rachma).

                                             This has turned out to be a very worthwhile fundraising event
                                             for the church and we have managed to raise over £700 now
                                             on each of the three dinners so far. The next one is scheduled
                                             for Saturday April 24th 2010, so mark your diaries now!
                                             Invitations will be issued shortly, but reservations can\be made
                                             now to Janet Cambray on 01784 253124 or Jean Huggins on
                                             01784 454367.

                                                                Philip & Janet Cambray Geoff & Jean Huggins
28     This is Staines’ Parish

Our first Messy Church was on Ash Wednesday last year following months
of discussion and prayer. It started as a Parish initiative drawing
on Lucy Moore’s books and Messy Churches elsewhere `www.       ww.
messychurch.org.uk and it has been great to see members        bers
of all 3 congregations becoming involved and showing           g
enthusiasm and commitment, sharing their artistic skills,
and providing friendly practical support before during and
after the sessions. All of this has been very important to the e
success of the mission.

 We began with meetings on a Wednesday or Thursday after
school, as these were days when the hall was available, although
the last few have been on a Saturday and this seems to have
worked better for more people. In all we have had 6 very varied Acts of Worship which
have been the heart of afternoons of fun activity, craft and sharing of food. Numbers have been increasing
slowly and new families have come each time.

 So why have Messy Church? Well, it is an opportunity for us to offer a sense of belonging to those in our
community who stand on the messy edge unsure about or unable through circumstance to commit to
regular Sunday worship. It’s a chance for people of all age groups to come together and express themselves
creatively using God’s gifts, as they explore the scripture stories and offer thanks and praise for those gifts.
And also it is an opportunity to cement friendships and talk over the theme of the day over a common
meal shared by all who attend.

Those people already involved will agree that helping people to see that Church can be fun is very rewarding.
Introducing people to Jesus through friendship and God centred activity is worthwhile and an opportunity to
grow in faith and help others to do the same. Volunteers to help have been sufficient on each occasion but
if we want to increase our capacity to serve the community by involving more children and their parents/
carers then more people able to contribute are always welcome.

Hopefully we will be able to announce the dates of more Messy church events soon. We also have plans
for a Messy Mum’s Evening and another night for the dad’s a bit later on in the year. So keep a look out in
the weekly sheets for more news on Messy Church.
                                                                       APCM Report 2009-2010          29

                   Christ Church Istanbul
Fabric Report for Istanbul Chaplaincy Council 2010

The Parsonage and Sextonry:
The Roof Tiles have been comprehensively replaced in

Guttering on the north and west sides to be repaired in

Interior and exterior painting were completed by the end
of September 2009.

Major repairs to internal doors warped over a century, and
repairs to old warped windows completed.

Restoration of various 19th century door locks were also

The planned repairs to two sets of 19th century window
shutters will also be undertaken when appropriate tools
can be procured.

Christ Church The Crimean Memorial
and St George’s Hostel
Roofs extensively repaired - February.

Guttering repaired in many places - end of December.

Electrical wiring checked and changed in places.

Hostel water-heater replaced.

Repairs to plumbing in hostel kitchen and bathroom.

Central heating was installed in the hostel thanks to St Mary’s Holmbury - early 2009.

The organ tuner is on stand-by to tune and repair the organ. This will cost 2,000 pounds - to be raised!

New ideas for the stonework need to be discussed with the wardens. A limited appeal is being made by
the Victorian Society to boost our fabric fund for the on-going stonework Christ Church.

St Helena’s Chapel British Consulate-General
Estimate of 15,000 TL for organ rebuilding made in February. So far some small financial offers have been
made. (We hope to use St Helena’s as the concert venue for the next few seasons to help with this
important task!)

FCO to complete drainage of churchyard which still causes serious structural damage to the chapel. This
was very badly finished by the Consulate’s contractor. In the meantime we must do what we can to seal
pavements and drain water from the area leading to the consulate garden gate. Abdullah from Consulate
Security is helping with this project.
30     This is Staines’ Parish

 Very serious leaking from the plumbing in the walls of the utility room will be repaired by the works dept
 in the consulate starting on Monday 22 Feb - WE HOPE!

 Birol and Victoria have procured a stylish iron handle for the street gate to facilitate pulling it to lock it
 safely - Consulate Works Dept will weld this handle on - 22 Feb.

 All Saints Moda
 The nave and sanctuary have been beautifully maintained over the year.

 The churchyard has been attractively planted and maintained. Last year the broken old cement paving
 was removed and the space was planted with attractive shrubs.
 A tea room has been built sensitively sited at the east-end of the building and not interfering with the
 architectural integrity of the building. (Many thanks to Turgay Ucal and all his team)

 Much of this past year’s labour has been done by using our chaplaincy fund week-by-week as “charitable
 work grants” to benefit the most marginalised in Turkish society - people that have no other source of
 living. The constant round of maintenance of our historical heritage is an everyday-task and a sure outward
 sign of our presence, identity, charity, and witness to the Holy Gospel in a city where maintenance of
 Christian churches is now made almost impossible by the authorities. Thank you to all who faithfully
 donated these funds - both in Istanbul and in the UK. And not least many thanks to our Auditor Ros
 Marshall, Nick Wraight the Diocesan Finance Officer who is custodian of our account in the diocese, and
 Adrian Mumford the Diocesan Secretary who manages our small trust funds in London.
                                                                                      Ian Sherwood : Chaplain
                                                                                    Birol Cengizoglu : Warden
                                                                               Denis Thuranayagam : Warden
                                                                         APCM Report 2009-2010             31

                      St Peter’s Bellringers
Bell ringing at St.Peter’s continues to thrive with Tuesday practices well attended and all eight bells rung
on most Sundays. We rang for all services where bells were requested, including one or two midweek
weddings. In April we also rang to celebrate the official opening of the Daybreak day respite centre.
Eight quarter peals were rung during the year, all but one by the local ringers. A quarter peal consists of
at least 1250 continuous changes, taking about 45 minutes to complete. Congratulations to Alex Jackson,
Paul Jackson and Peter Whisker who all achieved ‘first in method’ quarter peals.
Our annual outing was held in September when we visited four churches in central London – Christ Church,
Spitalfields, St.Olave,Hart Street, St. Magnus the Martyr and St. Clement Danes. The bells at St. Magnus are
a brand new peal of twelve, the first in London for many years, so it was a privilege to ring there.
In January we enjoyed our annual dinner at The Bells and we thank Alex Jackson and Paul Ruston for
organising everything.
The current officers are: Roger Forster (Ringing Master), Paul Ruston (Deputy Ringing Master and Treasurer),
Val Ruston (Secretary), Paul Jackson (Steeple-keeper). We always welcome new ringers and will train
children from age 11 upwards, with no upper age limit for adults! To find out more please come along to
one of our Tuesday evening practices (7.30 to 9.15) or contact Roger Forster on 01784 459964.

                                                                                               Roger Forster
                                                                          Ringing Master, St Peter’s , Staines

                       St Mary’s Bellringers
We have made good progress throughout the past year, and continue to run a successful learners’ practice
before the main practice on a Friday evening. We currently have four learners who are improving steadily.
We also continue to ring for Sunday services and weddings.

We are always on the lookout for new recruits so if you are interested in learning to ring or would like
to find out more, please contact me on 07970 724026 or via email (stm@stainesbells.org.uk).

                                                                                                Anna Leach
                                                                           Ringing Master, St Mary’s, Staines
32     This is Staines’ Parish

                St Peter’s Mothers’ Union
Mothers Union provides members with enjoyable monthly meetings. We had a Christmas party that
included Ben Woodley on the piano and Delinne Isaacs who sang so beautifully and who has so recently
died and we all miss her.

At the beginning of 2009 Beryl Rickson and the youth group from St. Hilda’s entertained us one evening with
a playlet and songs, and one evening, Tom Frank talked to us about his career as an actor and playwrite.
We also meet for lunch once a month, in each other’s houses, to chat about different subjects.

Messy Church, and also the Mothers Union Deanery supper at Christchurch kept us busy and also with
our cake stalls at Christmas and after church on Sundays.
We try to give to those that need help.
                                                                                       Jenny Churn
                                                                                     Branch Leader

         Christ Church Mothers’ Union
We have sent off 75 plus troop boxes in conjunction with St Peters M.U. and the congregation of all 3
churches. We have had quizzes, a strawberry supper picnic and chat evening with communion joined by St
Peters M.U. A carol evening followed by a general knowledge quiz, which Rachma was very good at. We,
along with St Peters hosted the Deanery supper. We attended St Pauls banner service in June.

                                                                                                     Betty Mitchell.

Below are extracts from letters received from recipients of the troop boxes mentioned in the above report.

To the members of the Mothers Union and the congregation of Christ Church:

We are just writing to thank you for your “gift box” and letter you sent to us. Your thoughts and acknowledgements
are received fondly. Yours thankfully A B 22

“We used to wonder where war lived, what made it so vile. And now that we know where it lives, that it is inside
ourselves.” Albert Camus
Thank you to all who contrbuted to the parcel received. Above is a quote from the book inside the parcel. Things
out here are ok - I have been in worse conditions during my Army career. It is good to know we have good people
like yourselves providing morale and comfort to soldiers like me on the frontline. Without you our lives would be so
much more difficult especially when coming home. I thank you again and best wishes. P O’B
                                                                       APCM Report 2009-2010          33

                 St Mary’s Flower Arrangers
A few of us struggled through the snow and ice to arrange the flowers for Rebecca Sanders wedding on
January 9th. We were greatly helped by a mother and her 2 little girls whose school was closed due to
the weather.

We love doing flowers for all weddings, but it is a special pleasure to do them for our own church family
members and this year our first 3 weddings are for members of the congregation..

Recently two new younger ladies have joined us, bringing new ideas which we welcome. If you would
like to have a go at flower arranging, do contact us. No experience is needed as we give lots of help and
encouragement. The three things you need are a pair of secateurs, a black sack - for the rubbish and a
pint of milk - for the coffee. - as it is a very social time.
                                                                                            Daphne Pyke
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