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					                                          What is business?
W : how do you do?

F : how do you do? I’m faizal

W : I’m widyan and study in STMI

F : I also study here, do you know about business?

W : I think it’s about production, distribution and marketing

F : could you make presentation?

W : I’ll try

F : do you know about production?

W : yes I know, production is a activity to make a product or service. Example for service like a hospital

l    service, campus. Why campus? Because in the campus give a collage service. Faizal do you know

     example for production product in the business?

F : yes, I know! Some example, like a software, bycycle, motorcycle and many more. Do you know

    about management in the production widyan?

W : yes, theres have 3 item, first a planning, controlling system and getting information system for our

     customer. Oh ya, I don’t know what is a distribution transportation, can you tell me whats is a

     distribution transportation?

F : oh distruibution transportation is a activity to send our product to modern market and traditional

     market, distribution transportation usually take a truck, motorcycle and car. Do you know market

     place widyan?

W : yes, I know, is a place where you get a product, in the marketing place we have 2 place, first is

     modern market and second is a traditional market. Faizal whats a market place you like?

F : hm I like a modern place, cause in the modern market we can feel comfort cause they have air

     conditioner, clean and good service. And what do you do?

W : I like modern place too, cause in the traditional market some crime, makes me not fell comfort. Can
you give me example for modern market and traditional market?
F : okay, example for modern market is a ITC, giant and Carrefour. And example for traditional market

    is a pasar uler, pasar rebo and pasar rumput.

W : oh thanks now I know, I think management in the modern market is a good service, customer feel

    Comfort, if customer like with our management, we get a profit, and if customer don’t like with a

    our management service we get a lost product.

F : oh yeah youre great, aren’t you

W : thank you

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