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					iPhone 5: When technology expires
        As the near-hysteria around Apple’s unveiling of its latest iPhone ably illustrated, digital
culture’s hunger for the future remains as ravenous as ever.As the announcement progressed, the
technology press went into overdrive, poring over the tiniest details of the new phone. In contrast
to previous launches, opinion was divided. For some, its larger screen, faster processor and
fourth generation network capabilities were not the transformation that they had wanted or
expected. For others, it was the perfect evolution: the promise of an ever-more instantaneous
ease of usage that is the epitome of contemporary technological aspiration.

         Despite the split response, analysts predict the phone will be a hit and could become the
fastest selling iPhone yet.In part, I suspect, this is because of a peculiar phenomenon that exists
in the world of technology, where the concept of “legacy” has become a dirty word. Older
systems and machines are at once an embarrassment and a hindrance, and servicing so-called
“technical debt” is an ever-increasing burden.It’s an attitude that comes hitched, appropriately
enough, to an ever-more seamless emphasis on constant upgrading and updates . You barely
need to blink before you’re up and running on the latest model. Buy a new iPhone, and all your
old apps, music and books will sync onto your shiny new hardware, effortlessly shunting that
antiquated iPhone 4S out of sight and mind. What’s on offer is a perpetual present: bright, fast,
and constantly renewed. A new body for your phone’s soul.

       The very word “upgrade” embodies an assumption of certain good – and this is often the
case. Yet within this process there also lies a form of self-deception. As your digital assets are
sucked from your old phone and transplanted into your new one, there is a sense that these assets
are yours. Like moving a book between shelves, you are allowed to think that they are your
property to do with as you please. But, as a tabloid rumour that flickered and died earlier this
month showed neatly, this could not be further from the truth.

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