Bunnicula CHAPTER 3 Questions by MM8kqf8


CHAPTER Three                                        Name: ____________________
 Vocabulary:                                            Room Code_______

Match the words on the left with their meaning on the right. Write the letter of the
meaning in the blank by the word it defines.

1. energetic _____                        a. senselessly foolish, stupid
2. indulgent _____                        b. important, consequential
3. wafted _____                            c. yielding to someone's wishes,
4. idiotic _____                           d. vigorous, active
5. significant _____                       e. blown lightly

Write the word from the vocabulary above that would complete each sentence
below. Write the page from chapter 3 where you find the sentence.

1. Bunnicula did not make the most ____________________ playmate. It took him
   quite awhile to wake up each night and then when he did awaken, he didn't do
   much except hop around the living room.

  Found on page _____

2. "Oh, Chester," I said with a(n) ____________________ smile, "I think your
   reading had gone to your head."

   Found on page _____

3. "Then....guess who came bouncing our all by himself, and with that

  ____________________ grin plastered all over his face?"

  Found on page _____

4. "A white tomato. Very ____________________, " Chester murmured. "So it's a
   white tomato." I said...."What does that have to do with Bunnicula?"

  Found on page _____

5. "How fascinating," I said, as the aroma of frying bacon ____________________
   across my nostrils.

  Found on page _____
Questions: Answer must be in complete sentences.

1. What "unusual goings-on" happened in Chapter Three?

2. What book was Chester going to read at the end of the chapter?

3. Why do you think Chester was going to reread that book?

4. How do Harold's feelings about Bunnicula compare to Chester's feelings?

5. Do you think the Monroes had any idea of how Chester felt about Bunnicula?

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