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					   Chick development lesson
L.O. 1) Be able to tell whether an egg is
2) Know how to care for freshly hatched

STARTER – Can you suggest a way in which
we could check whether an egg is
developing into a chick?
•We can check whether an egg is
developing through CANDLING. This is
holding an egg up to the light to see if a
‘shadow’ can be seen within the egg.
The offspring of two different
 species – but what are they?
     Hatching out –                  Hens do have teeth!!??

Answer the following questions on chick development and care
    (See pages 8, 9 and 10)
1)   Describe how and when the chick ‘escapes’ the egg.
2)   Which end of the egg does the chick come out of?
3)   What is at this end of the egg?
4)   Name the 2 ways the chicks may keep warm in the first few
     hours of life.
5)   Draw a labelled diagram of an artificial brooder, include details
     from the text on page 9.
6)   What might happen if the brooder is not kept clean?
7)   What effect does day length have on egg laying?
8)   How can we improve egg laying in the winter?
9)   What are the disadvantages of this method of improving egg
Try to think of as many things as possible
    a laying hen might need access to
• Fresh water
• Fresh food
• A perch
• A nest box
• Fresh bedding
• Grit for their gizzards
What is a gizzard and why
  do they need grit for it?

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