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									                                                    TA 4106 –IND: Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project
                                                                                            Project Preparation

Outline terms of reference for the consulting services are provided in Appendix 10 with costs detailed
in Volume 7 - Urban Management and Institution Development.

11.3.4          Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Components
At the city-level it is recommended to constitute a Civil Society Organization (CSO). The CSO
members shall comprise MC, Kudumbashree, CDS, NGO, Private/Public sector undertakings,
research and academic institutions, media representatives and any other member who the MC feels is
of significance for undertaking/involving in poverty alleviation initiatives. The representative of the
MC will chair CSO meetings. The implementation arrangement is detailed below and in Figure 11-3.

Project Identification. Project Components for accessing funds through the CIF or the PSF will be
designed by the Community Development Societies (CDS) in consultation with the Kudumbashree
DMC and with assistance from the Social and Community Development Officer at the city’s Project
Implementation Unit (PIU). The project identification process will draw from the social capital
available in the Project cities and through the NHGs, ADS and CDS structures established. Where the
proposal involves detailed designs for slum infrastructure components, the PIU may assign the
responsibility to the concerned DSC; implementation arrangements for other components will be
discussed by the CSO. The CSO’s involvement in identification of poverty alleviation components is
to ensure that there is a citywide consensus on assistance to the poor and vulnerable; the CSO will
facilitate the process of accepting the poverty alleviation proposal. Based on the components
identified, the CSO shall make recommendations to the City-level Steering Committee for support
under KSUDP. The proposals approved by the Steering Committee would be forwarded to
Empowered Committee for sanctioning. The Kudumbashree head office at Thiruvananthapuram and
the District Monitoring Cells will be informed about components undertaken in each city, to ensure
that there is no duplication of works through Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

Project Implementation. Based on the approved components, the CDS will appoint Consultants,
Contractors or procure goods. Components involving detailed engineering designs, will require the
technical sanction of the Project Manager at the PIU. The PIU will monitor the physical and financial
progress of the works and certify all invoices raised by the contractors subject to compliance with the
quality. The certification will be handed to the DMC at the Project city and a copy will be forwarded
to the PMO.

Fund Flows. The PMO shall release advances to Kudumbashree for mobilization and work
commencement; further payments will be based on the Work Plan prepared by the CDS. Based on the
PIU certification, the PMO will release funds to Kudumbashree, which in turn will release funds to
the concerned municipal corporation. The MC will open a separate project account to manage funds
and payments towards poverty alleviation works undertaken through Kudumbashree. Payments will
be based on certification by the SCDO and the PIU’s Project Manager; the Secretary, MC, will be
authorized to make payments on behalf of the MC. The CSO will be kept informed regarding all
physical and financial matters related to poverty alleviation works.

FR Volume 1 – Main Report                                                                             PAGE 104
                                                                                                                    TA 4106 –IND: Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project
                                                                                                                                                            Project Preparation

                                                        Figure 11-1: KSUDP – Proposed Implementation Arrangement

                                                                                      Govt. of Kerala LSG
                                                                                       Govt. of Kerala LSG
                                                                                      (Urban) Department
                                                                                       (Urban) Department

                                                  Project                               Kerala Local Govt.
                                                                                         Kerala Local Govt.                         Kerala Local Govt.
                                                                                                                                    Kerala Local Govt.
                                                                          Reporting                             Fund Mgmt
                                               Management                                Infrastructure and
                                                                                          Infrastructure and                          Development
                                                   Unit                                Financial Service Ltd.
                                                                                       Financial Service Ltd.                             Fund

                                       Overall Project Coordination

        Capacity                  Training                   Poverty              Project Dev. &                Infrastructure                               Project Dev. &
        Building                 Programs                   Alleviation          Implementation                    Projects                                 Implementation

                     5 Municipal
                      5 Municipal                                Project Implementation
                                                                 Project Implementation                                           5 Municipal Corporations,
                                                                                                                                   5 Municipal Corporations,
                  Corporations and
                  Corporations and                               Unit (PIU) within the 5
                                                                  Unit (PIU) within the 5                                        53 Municipalities and other
                                                                                                                                  53 Municipalities and other
                  53 Municipalities
                   53 Municipalities                             Municipal Corporations
                                                                 Municipal Corporations                                            Local Self Governments
                                                                                                                                    Local Self Governments

  a) Corporations will access KLGDF for projects other than those identified for supervision through PMO
  b) PIU staff will consist of staff sourced from State Line Depts and/or experts from the field

FR Volume 1 – Main Report                                                                                                                                            PAGE 105
                                                                                                      TA 4106 –IND: Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project
                                                                                                                                              Project Preparation
                                                Figure 11-2: KSUDP – Proposed Project Management Structure

        Asian Development
        Asian Development                                            Government
               Bank                                                    of India

                                                                 Govt. of Kerala
                                                            Empowered Committee (EC)

              Project                                                 Project
              Project                                                                                                       City-level Steering
           Management                                               Management
            Management                                                                                                     Committee (each city)
         Consultants (PMC)                                            Office
         Consultants (PMC)

                                   Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation
                                   Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation               Community Awareness and Public
                                                                                   Community Awareness and Public
                                         Consultants (BMEC)
                                          Consultants (BMEC)                          Participation Consultants
                                                                                      Participation Consultants

        Project Imp. Unit,                   Project Imp.
                                             Project Imp.            Project Imp.
                                                                     Project Imp.              Project Imp.
                                                                                                Project Imp.                  Project Imp. Unit,
                                                                                                                              Project Imp. Unit,
         Project Imp. Unit,
       Thiruvananthapuram                    Unit, Kollam
                                             Unit, Kollam            Unit, Kochi
                                                                      Unit, Kochi              Unit, Thrissur
                                                                                               Unit, Thrissur                    Kozhikode

                            Design and Supervision
                            Design and Supervision                                       Design and Supervision
                                                                                         Design and Supervision
                              Consultants (DSC)
                              Consultants (DSC)                                            Consultants (DSC)
                                                                                           Consultants (DSC)
                                TVM and KLM
                                 TVM and KLM                                              KCH, TSR and KZD
                                                                                           KCH, TSR and KZD

FR Volume 1 – Main Report                                                                                                                              PAGE 106
                                                                                                                                     TA 4106 –IND: Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project
                                                                                                                                                                             Project Preparation
                                        Figure 11-3: KSUDP – Proposed Implementation Arrangements for Poverty alleviation Programs

                                       State Poverty
                                        State Poverty                                   Informs SPEM about                                 Project
                                    Eradication Mission
                                    Eradication Mission                                 schemes undertaken                               Management
                                      (Kudumbashree)                                    through KSUDP                                      Office

                                                                                                                                                    Releases funds to MC
                                                                                                                                                    based on PIU

                      Submits report to SPEM                                                              Makes payment to
                      on Work Progress and                                                                Suppliers, Contractors
                      Certification                                                                       and Consultants

                                       SPEM District                                         Poverty Alleviation                                                               Project
                                       SPEM District           Receives                      Poverty Alleviation                       Review project                           Project
                                    Mission Coordinator                                       Investment Plan                                                              Implementation
                                    Mission Coordinator        certification from              Investment Plan                         progress and ensure                  Implementation
                                          (DMC)                                                (PAIP) Projects                                                                   Unit
                                           (DMC)               PIU                              (PAIP) Projects                        fund utilization b/                       Unit
                            Reporting                                                                    Approves project                                                             Development
                            Fund Flow                                                                    proposal a/                                                                  Officer

Note:                                                                                       City-Level Steering
                                                                                            City-Level Steering                 Assists the City-level    Civil Society
                                                                                                                                                           Civil Society
                                                                                                 Committee                      Steering Committee in     Organization
a/ Proposal will be approved by the
                                                                                                                                Finalizing the PAIP
  City-level Steering Committee and
  the Empowered Committee will
  approve the budget
b/ The PIU will certify invoices and
  payment with a copy to the DMC.                                                   Community Development Society,
                                                                                    Community Development Society,                         Provides technical
                                                      Provides technical
  The PIU may use the DSC’s                                                         Area Development Societies and
                                                                                     Area Development Societies and                        assistance to CDS
                                                      assistance to CDS
  services for any proof-checking of                                                    Neighbourhood Groups
                                                                                         Neighbourhood Groups
  designs and drawings
                                                                                    Identifies, Plans and Implements Projects
                                                                                           with Community Participation

FR Volume 1 – Main Report                                                                                                                                                             PAGE 107

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