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									KKR Capstone
What is it and what does it do?
What does KKR Capstone do?
• KKR Capstone works to deliver management expertise in
  functional areas like sales force effectiveness,
  organizational design, pricing, force, and operational
  efficiency. Why are they so effective? This is due to that fact
  that they are one of the largest and most experienced
  teams in this area.
Who Started KKR Capstone?
• Dean B Nelson is the creator and founder of KKR Capstone.
  Dean started KKR Capstone in 2000 and has continued to work
  closely with it while still working on KKR's North America
  Portfolio Management Committee
Cross-Portfolio Services
•   Indirect sourcing
•   Corporate insurance and risk management
•   Metrics management
•   Centralized IT contracting
•   Environmental sustainability
KKR Capstone’s Approach
• Dean B Nelson and KKR Capstone partners with managers in
  order to actually create results, not just give suggestions. In
  order to do this, KKR focuses on the companies biggest issues
  and figures out a strategy. The teams work anywhere from 12-
  24 months on the same project.
• On their website they stated that their goal is: “building
  stronger businesses and creating value for all stakeholders.”
• The KKR Capstone team is involved with investments the
  entire time, not just at the beginning or the end. This starts
  with identifying key value-creation initiatives, figuring out a
  plan to accomplish this, and then actually implementing this
KKR Capstone Press
• Akhil Puri Joins KKR Capstone in Asia as India Director
• KKR and EDF Partnership Helps Companies Save Over $16
  Million While Reducing Emissions and Waste
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