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									Newsletter Assignment
Directions: This is a multi-day project! Do not try to finish in one day. Choose one of the geographic regions of Texas. You will develop a newsletter that includes the following:  History of the area  Geographic features of the area/region  The economic issues i.e., tourism, industry, agriculture  Social issues, i.e. Ethnicity, transitory population, etc..  A map of your region  Photos
1. Use a header to get the banner headline How ... A) Go to Insert – Header B) Type the name of your newsletter in the Header Section at the top of the page. C) Press enter to get a new line D) Enter your name so I know who created the project 2. Change the margins to one inch. How … A) Go to Page Layout - margins B) Change the top, bottom, left, and right margins to 1” (normal) C) Click OK 3. Must be 3 columns How ... A) Go to Page Layout -Columns B) Enter the number of columns you want - 3 C) Click OK 4. You can use clip art, but all of the clip art can take up no more than 1/4 of the page (so keep it small!!) remember to text wrap any pictures you use (format, text wrapping, in front of text) 5. Must fill the entire page 6. Use a readable font (the font for the body of the newsletter should be no larger than size 12) 7. Pay attention to grammar and spelling. PROOFREAD AND SPELL-CHECK before you hand it in!

You must include the following:  3 columns  Line in between columns must be used  Minimum of 2 graphics  Use page borders and shading  Bullets or numbering must be used Include your name as the author!!!

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