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									 FOUNDATION                                 LEGACIES
                                             Central Oregon Community College Foundation
                                                                                                                                                              Winter 2005
Gift grows by $1 million                                                                               The Hard Work of
                            Planned giving provides win-win situation
Ray Shumway and Jacquie Bushong                    Ray: We are publicly announcing this                Changing Careers
recently sold the remainder of their               gift to the Foundation to let everyone                                                              Marsha Noone
ranch in Powell Butte and added $1                 know about this financial ‘win-win’                “I never thought I’d be doing this,”
                                                                                                      reflects Marsha Noone of her career
million to the $600,000 Charitable                 situation. We were able to eliminate               switch. Once a
Remainder Unitrust they established                the capital gains tax on the sale of this          model in Italy and
in 1999, which names the COCC                      property, save on income taxes by us-              Germany and later
Foundation as the future beneficiary               ing the charitable contribution deduc-             a partner in several
                                                   tion and have greatly increased our                modeling agen-
of the trust. They explain their rea-
                                                                                                      cies in Capetown,
sons for setting up this planned                   retirement income from the property.               South Africa, and
giving scenario:                                                                                      Miami Beach, Mar-
                                                   Additionally, our parents valued edu-              sha now cleanses
Jacquie: We are creating a future gift             cation. My mother moved to Alfalfa                 wounds and ad-
                                                                                                      ministers EKGs.        Marsha Noone
to the scholarship program adminis-                when she was about school age. There                                      COCC nursing student
tered by the COCC Foundation that                  was no money for her to continue her               “Miami Beach
we hope will have a positive impact on             education so she deliberately flunked              was superficial and stressful and not a
                                                                                                      good place to raise kids,” she explains.
the lives of many Central Oregonians.              her 8th grade exam so that she could               “I wanted to work with people who
                                                                           (continued on page 2)      really needed my help.”

Grants Aid Basic Math Skills
                                                                                                      In 2001 she returned to her home-
                                                                                                      town of Bend where her mother lives
                                                                                                      and after two years of course work was
           US Bank and PacificCorp fund online math classes                                           accepted into the COCC nursing pro-
                                                                                                      gram. “I didn’t want to take a chance
                  Through the support of two grants, Central Oregon Commu-                            on the lottery, so I worked very hard
                    nity College has funded a program offering online develop-                        to maintain a 4.0 average.”
                     mental math classes.                                                             “It’s much more scientific than I
                                                                            “The program              thought,” she says. “It takes
                                                                                                      critical thinking to put all the pieces
                                                                             benefits all stu-
                                                                             dents, but will                                                (continued on page 6)
                                                                             be particularly
                                                                             helpful to low-
                                                                           income students
                                                                                                                          What’s Inside
                                                                                                   Message from Dr. Middleton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                           and those return-       Madras Campus Progress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                           ing to college after    Ways to Give . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                             photo by Andy Tullis         a long absence,”         The Learning Equation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                                   Crown Pacific Scholars. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Ryan Killgore, region president, U.S. Bank, presents Eileen           said Carol Moorehead,        COCC Forestry Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
McLellan, COCC Foundation board chair, with a large                 associate dean of the          Donors and Memorials. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–11
donation to benefit online developmental math classes.                     (continued on page 5)   Coming Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                    Central Oregon Community College Foundation

Foundation Marks 50 Years of Helping
                                                                                           from the President
This will be an exciting year for Cen-               and is a tremendously successful fund         exhibited by
tral Oregon Community College and                    raiser for the Foundation.                    this year’s
especially for the COCC Foundation.                                                                Foundation
While we are challenged by the finan-                Beginning in 1955 with a $500 gift to         Board of
cial realities of the state budget, I am             make loans available to needy students,       Directors, I am
excited by the new directions we are                 the COCC Foundation has provided              confident we     Dr. James Middleton
exploring, the enhanced partnerships                 support to the College and our student        are — and will COCC President
we are developing and all the promise                body throughout its history. Never has        continue to be
the new year holds.                                  that support been as important as it          — a great college.
                                                     is today. As we face decreased revenue
For the Foundation, 2005 marks the                   from the state, we increasingly rely on       I have spent much of my time during
50th anniversary. We are pleased to                  the Foundation to help our students           the last six months meeting and
acknowledge the long-standing his-                   achieve their goals and to help the           talking with many of you. I have
tory of the oldest community college                 College fund programs and services.           been impressed by the strong support
foundation in the state of Oregon, as                                                              for the College. I am challenged by
well as one of the oldest in the coun-               As I said when I began my duties here         the desire to make more programs
try. Also, in March we will celebrate                last summer, the difference between           and services available throughout the
the 30th anniversary of an exceptional               a good college and a great college can        District. I look forward to working
event – the Meal of the Year. I under-               be leveraged by a committed college           with you in this new year as we strive
stand that this is one of the premier                foundation. With such a strong his-           to fulfill our commitment as this
gatherings in all of Central Oregon                  tory, and with the commitment                 community’s college.

(continued from front page)

Trust Gift a Fitting Tribute to Parents’ Values
                                              Central Oregonians tell of family’s quest for educational opportunities
attend school for one more year. She                 certificate, then a bachelor’s degree and     ing part time and raising two children.
was determined that her children                     finally a master’s degree from the Uni-       Then I earned a law degree and a
would continue their schooling.                      versity of Oregon. She expected that          certificate in gerontology.
                                                     all her children would go to college.
My father was the eldest of 10 children                                                            Ray: We both advocate education
and the family lived south of Juntura.               Ray: I earned a bachelor’s degree in          because it gives you options. Without
He attended the Intermountain Insti-                 business from Oregon State—with               options, you have little control over
tute, which turned out to be a “school”              a hiatus while I served in the Army           your life.
that utilized students for farm labor.               during the Korean conflict—and then
After WWI he settled in Powell Butte                 returned to Powell Butte and started          Jacquie: And we are both advocates of
and worked as a sheep rancher.                       a beef cattle operation. My sister also       community colleges. They are a good
                                                     graduated from OSU and my foster              transition for many students.
Jacquie: My mother married during                    brother attended for one year.
her sophomore year at Linfield College                                                             Ray: We feel that through this trust,
and had to quit because married stu-                 Jacquie: Like my mother, I dropped            everyone wins. And it is also a fitting
dents were not allowed. Years later she              out of college to get married. After a        tribute to our parents’ values.
earned a two-year provisional teaching               divorce, I attended UO while work-

Page 2 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
New Madras Campus Possible with                                                             Madras Campus
Land Donated by Bean Foundation                                                             Update
    Bean Foundation has improved quality of life for area youth since 1981                            Pres. Bush approves funding
Although Louis                                                                              President George W. Bush has signed
‘Al’ Bean and his                                                                           the 2005 Veterans, Housing and
wife, Velva, didn’t                                                                         Urban Development Appropriations
have children, they                                                                         bill legislation that – among other
were troubled by                                                                            projects – allocates $200,000 toward
the lack of recre-                                                                          construction of the COCC Madras
                                                                                            Campus. The money will be given
ational and educa-
                                                                                            to the Bean Foundation of Madras,
tional opportuni-
                                                                                            a nonprofit organization that has
ties for the young                                                                          donated 47 acres for the development
people of Madras.                                                                           of the new campus.
To help allevi-
ate the problem,        The proposed Madras Campus will serve students and the work force   “The development of a campus in
                        in the northern part of the COCC District, a top priority of the
they established                                                                            Madras to serve students and the
                        COCC Board of Directors.
a foundation in                                                                             work force in the northern part of
1981 that was charged with a mission to work with public partners to develop                the COCC District is one of the top
the quality of life for area youth.                                                         priorities of our board of directors,”
                                                                                            says COCC President James Middle-
                                                                                            ton. “This brings us one step closer
The foundation has donated land to city and county parks, an early childhood
                                                                                            to that goal.”
center, Jefferson County Middle School, Central Oregon Community College
and the recently approved aquatic center. The foundation has also donated funds             George Neilson, chair of the Bean
to youth-oriented projects; recently the skateboard park fund received $20,000              Foundation Board of Directors, com-
from the foundation.                                                                        mented: “We believe the branch cam-
                                                                                            pus will strengthen the communities
                                            “Al was a staunch Republican,” says Don         in the northern part of the COCC
                                            Reeder, counsel for the foundation. “He         District by offering educational op-
                                            wanted to see private enterprise forming        portunities to its citizens and youth
         “Al Bean passionately                                                              that have been previously unavailable.
                                            partnerships with public entities to get
        believed in the spirit of                                                           This campus will provide a gateway
                                            things done.”
                                                                                            to healthier communities.”
          cooperation, and the
        foundation works hard               “He had strong views and expressed              The Bean Foundation donated the
        to further the dreams of            them candidly,” remembers George                land to COCC three years ago with
                                            Neilson, chair of the Bean Foundation.          the condition that the college con-
         a very generous man.”
                                            “He passionately believed in the spirit of      struct the first building by 2006.
                                            cooperation, and the foundation works
                                            hard to further the dreams of a very            COCC officials are working with
                                            generous man.”                                  federal, state and local individuals
                                                                                            and organizations to secure funding
                                                                                            for construction of the facility. The
Bean acquired about 500 acres in the Madras area, some of which he purchased
                                                                                            award is part of the FY 2005 Veter-
in the 1940s for $5 to $10 per acre. He served with the Navy Seabees dur-                   ans, Housing and Urban Develop-
ing World War II and sustained serious injuries. After the war, he worked as a              ment Appropriations bill and among
farmer, justice of the peace, insurance agent and real estate developer. He died in         several projects in Oregon.
1988 at age 77.
                                                                                             Page 3 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
                    Central Oregon Community College Foundation

Fifty Years of Giving to COCC
                                                         The generosity of Central Oregonians today will effect generations yet to come
This year marks the 50th anniversary                Visiting Scholar Program increased              school. All of
of the Central Oregon Community                     dramatically. In total, gifts to the            my siblings have
College Foundation, and so it is ap-                Foundation rose by 32 percent.                  successful careers,
propriate to celebrate the historical                                                               including one of
and continuing generosity of Central                As I reflect on this impressive generos-        my brothers who
Oregonians toward COCC.                             ity from our community, I think of              teaches here in
                                                    William James who said, “The best               Central Oregon
The endowments at the Foundation                    use of life is to spend it for something        and two brothers
                                                                                                                         Jim Weaver
are growing. In addition to the recent              that outlasts life.” These gifts outlast        who practice
                                                                                                                         Executive Director
$100,000 nursing scholarship en-                    life because the results of education           medicine (one        COCC Foundation
dowment which was highlighted in a                  are never-ending. Through education,            as a physician
previous “Legacies” newsletter, three               one’s ability to reason and problem             and one as a
couples have added $10,000 to their                 solve becomes broader and deeper;               nurse practitioner).
endowments, and another endowment                   one’s view of the world becomes more
received a new $50,000 investment.                  expansive; and one’s participation in           Gifts to education outlast life. Be it a
Also, we have news of an estate plan                society becomes more significant.               scholarship, endowments to support
that calls for a $350,000 endowment.                                                                the COCC library, an endowed chair
                                                    Gifts to education outlast life in the          or gifts to other important programs
Meal of the Year support increased                  same way that the scholarship my                on campus, your gift outlasts life.
last year by 54 percent, to a total of              father received outlasted the giver’s life.     Thank you to all who gave. Thank you
$185,000; our annual scholarship gifts              Because of that scholarship, my father          to all who are taking the time to learn
exceeded $230,000; and the financial                was able to go to college. Later the            more about the college.
support of the Nancy R. Chandler                    GI bill allowed him to go to medical

Planning the Gifts that Outlast Life
                                              Create your own win-win situation with these ideas
The new year is a wonderful time to cele-           A gift of real estate that has been held for    Gifts that Generate Income for You
brate family, celebrate values and celebrate        more than a year also has the advantage         The benefits of planning compound when
what we care about. One way of doing so,            of providing you with a charitable deduc-       you utilize one of a number of strategies
when it comes to those charities we care            tion based on the current fair market           that generate income as well as provide a
about, is to consider the various types of gifts    value, as well as bypassing capital gains tax   number of other attractive benefits.
one can give. Here are a variety of options:        on the appreciation.
                                                                                                    The Gift Annuity is a great example of
Current Gifts                                       Planned Gifts                                   how a gift generates income for the donor.
The most common way to make an imme-                Sometimes called deferred gifts, the term       This is actually a contract between a donor
diate gift is by writing a check. This type         planned gifts refers to specific strategies     and a charity that is part gift and part an-
of cash gift provides immediate liquid-             that (in most cases) benefit charity at some    nuity. In addition to the annuity payment,
ity for charity and generates a charitable          point in the future while offering immedi-      the donor receives a charitable income tax
income tax deduction for the donor in the           ate benefits to the donor.                      deduction and a portion of each annuity
year of the gift.                                                                                   payment may be tax free.
                                                    The gift of a paid-up life insurance policy
Giving stocks or bonds may provide greater          is a good example. By designating a quali-      The Deferred Payment Gift Annuity, in
tax benefits. If you have owned securities          fied charity as owner and beneficiary of        which annuity payments are delayed for a
for more than one year and the fair market          such a policy, you will receive a charitable    number of years, offers rates that make it an
value has increased since you purchased             income tax deduction that, in most cases,       attractive supplement to retirement income.
them, you can avoid capital gains tax and           is equal to your cost basis in the policy.
receive a charitable income tax deduction                                                           The Charitable Remainder Trust is per-
equal to the fair market value.                                                                     haps the most versatile charitable giving
                                                                                                                           (continued on page 6)
Page 4 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
Online Math Students Sum It Up
                              For many COCC students, one-on-one tutoring leads to success in math

                                                         Bruce Stephens: “Mainly I liked the ability to work at my own pace—to
                                                         be able to go back and go over items I didn’t understand. One of the
                                                         biggest reasons I was successful was the tutoring here in Redmond.”

                                                         Norma Leistiko: “This is my third online class. I focus and learn better
                                                         when no one is paying attention to me. That is the big appeal to online
                                                         learning for me. I just feel I get so much more by puzzling it out myself.
                                                         Of course I have lots of help in person if I want it—tutors in the CAP
                                                         Center or my teacher will send me an e-mail if I am really lost.”

Student April Wilson enjoys her online math class        Lance Queen: “I recently re-entered college after a 15-year gap. The
with the tutoring of Patricia Hammer, a COCC             advantage I have found with online math is the convenience of studying
online assistant.
                                                         at your own pace. My goal is to earn an associate’s degree in computer
                                                         and information systems.”

(continued from front page)

Grants Provide for Developmental Math Program Online
                                                       Online classes help students bring math skills up to college level
Redmond Campus and Continuing                   Currently nearly 93 percent of pro-           training in a computer lab setting or
Education, who initiated the project.           spective students who take the re-            at home. Each lesson has six compo-
“It has the potential to save students          quired math placement test find that          nents that end with an assessment,
both time and money as they refresh             they need remedial math instruction           and the program e-mails the scores
their math skills and qualify for col-          before they are prepared to enter a           to the instructors. Students can get
lege-level course work.”                        college-level math class. Taking the          help through the Redmond Campus
                                                five developmental math classes can           tutoring lab, Bend Campus tutoring
With grants of $25,000 from US                  take up to two years, delaying progress       lab, phone calls, e-mail, Naffziger and
Bank and $2,500 from PacifiCorp,                through college-level course work and         Nelson’s office hours and the program’s
two COCC associate professors of                costing hundreds of dollars in tuition        online tutoring component. Before
mathematics—Charlie Naffziger and               and fees. The online program gives            any student is allowed to register for an
Doug Nelson—worked with an online               these students some flexibility in when       online math course, they must com-
program called The Learning Equa-               and where they take these classes.            plete a mandatory orientation to make
tion, TLE, to develop course work that                                                        sure each student is realistic about the
aligns with COCC’s existing math cur-           The goal is to eventually operate the         high level of self-motivation required
riculum. The grants help to reduce the          program without the constraints of            to be successful in this format.
costs of the texts as well as pay for the       COCC’s term schedules. “In theory,
online tutors that COCC has hired.              a student could complete Math 20 in           Initially, enrollment in the online
                                                a couple weeks, and then move on to           math courses was limited to 30
“TLE’s instruction is robust and                Math 60,” said Nelson. “This would            students. During the next two terms,
thorough,” said Naffziger. “The les-            allow the greatest efficiency of stu-         85 to 90 students were enrolled. The
sons plant the seeds of more advanced           dents’ time and money.”                       success rate so far has been closely
concepts and if students interact with                                                        aligned with the traditional classroom
all the material, they will know the            Using TLE software, student’s ac-             math courses.
concepts very well.”                            cess self-paced developmental math
                                                                                                  Page 5 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
                    Central Oregon Community College Foundation

  (continued from front page)
                                                  Crown Pacific Scholarship Recipients
  Nursing Student                                 Kristy Knoke
                                                  Kristy Knoke grew up in Bend taking full advantage of the
            Still manages to volunteer            outdoor recreation opportunities. After graduating from
  of information together. I think people         Mountain View High School in 1991, she started taking
  take for granted how knowledgeable              general education classes at the college, unsure of her career
  nurses are.”                                    path. While taking a dendrology class (identifying plants), the
                                                  instructor encouraged Kristy to try other forestry classes.
  Marsha’s grueling schedule continues
  with 12-hour night shifts as an emer-
                                                                             “I like being outside,” she says, “so
  gency room technician several days
                                                   “I like being outside,    this kind of career appealed to me.”
  per week while carrying a full load of
                                                       so this kind of                                              Kristy Knoke
  classes and time-intensive clinical class
                                                                             A summer working as a member of a
  work at the hospital. She also volun-               career appealed
                                                                             timber-marking crew solidified her plans.
  teers at her children’s school and tutors                to me.”
  other COCC students.
                                                                            “The classes are pretty tough,” she says of her courses, “but
  Scholarships from COCC Foundation               since there are only seven students in two of my classes, there’s lots of opportunity for
  and the Daughters of the American               one-on-one instruction.”
  Revolution defray tuition costs and
  her mother helps with supervising her           After earning her associate’s degree in forest resource technology next spring, she plans to
  two children.                                   enroll at the University of Idaho or Oregon State University in the fall.

  “Working nights was the best solution                                       Jim Holmly
  to spending more time with my kids,”                                        North Dakota born and grown, Jim Holmly went looking for
  says Marsha. “My mother has been                                            a good forestry program and found
  super supportive. I couldn’t be doing                                       what he was looking for at COCC.
  this without her.”                                                                                              “It’s very challenging,
                                                                              “The faculty is easy to work with,”     and I find that
  Marsha passed her licensed practical                                        says Jim. “Ron (Boldenow) is al-     I like school now.”
  nursing exams last summer and will                                          ways willing to help and encourages
  earn her associate’s degree in nursing                                      us. And he knows so much.”
  this spring. Then it’s on to Oregon
  Health Sciences University.                     Jim Holmly
                                                                            Originally, Jim set his sights on a two-year degree in forest
                                                  resources technology. But his experience at COCC has changed his mind; he now plans
  “My goals for the moment are clear: to          to earn a four-year degree in natural resources.
  earn a four-year nursing degree and to
  be an awesome mom for my children.”             “When I started the program, I thought I knew what it was about,” he says. “There’s so
                                                  much to learn about logging regulations and long-term management of the forests. It’s
                                                  very challenging, and I find that I like school now.”

(continued from page 4)

The Many Ways of Giving the Gift of Education
tool. With the CRT, it is possible to bypass      Charitable Bequests                               establish a testamentary trust providing
capital gains tax on the sale of highly ap-       Next to writing a check, perhaps the best         heirs with income before the trust corpus
preciated assets, generate an increase in         known vehicle for philanthropy is the be-         passes to charity.
income, receive an attractive charitable in-      quest. A bequest makes it possible for you
come tax deduction, and fulfill your phil-        to make your wishes known today without           If you would like more information on
anthropic objectives. The CRT is a legal          relinquishing needed assets during your           the strategies discussed here, or any other
trust that can be constructed to produce a        lifetime. Bequests can articulate the trans-      planning option, please contact
predictable annuity payment each year or          fer of a specific asset. A piece of property,     Jim Weaver at 541-383-7212 or
take advantage of investment growth op-           for example, can designate a percentage of        jweaver@cocc.edu.
portunities with income payments based            residual estate value after all costs and taxes
on growing trust principal.                       go to charity and can even be designed to
Page 6 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
Ron Boldenow: “What Is a UTM grid?” * COCC’s Forestry
                       Professor makes learning a game
                                          To help his students review at the end of
                                          each course, Ron Boldenow plays a Jeop-                         Reputation for quality students
                                          ardy-style game with likely exam questions            “We get great feedback from employers
                                          in a variety of categories.                           and universities,” says Ron Boldenow,
                                                                                                assistant professor and department chair
                                                                                                of COCC’s forest resources technology
                                          “Every student pays close attention to the            program. “We have a excellent reputa-
                                          questions and answers, and they claim it is           tion for turning out a quality student.”
                                          a great review strategy,” explains Boldenow,
                                          assistant professor and department chair of           Students completing the two-year asso-
                                                                                                ciate’s degree in forest resources technol-
                                          Central Oregon Community College’s forest
                                                                                                ogy are qualified for jobs as field techni-
                                          resources technology program.                         cians and firefighting with contractors,
                                                                                                consultants, private companies as well as
                                          Forest technology, an applied science, re-            county, state and federal agencies.
                                          quires students to spend a good deal of time
                                                                                                The average hourly wage for a forest
                                          in labs developing skills.                            technician in Oregon is about $19;
Field experience brings together the
                                                                                                wages range from about $12 to $26 per
understanding of math and science
                                     “Often students tell us that after completing              hour. Most students start working sea-
skills and concepts.
                                     a lab they now understand the importance                   sonally and then transition to full-time,
and application of a mathematical or scientific concept,” says Boldenow. Observ-                year-around jobs. About a quarter of the
                                                                                                students pursue a four-year degree.
ing these “light-bulb moments”—when students understand the importance and
application of a mathematical or scientific concept in the field or lab—is the best             The program, one of the College’s
part of teaching for him.                                                                       oldest, dates to the late 1950s. There is
                                                                                                no enrollment limit. When classes fill,
                                                                                                classroom locations are changed and lab
Boldenow taught at Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods
                                                                                                sections are added. In the last 10 years,
before joining the faculty of COCC in 1999. He earned a bachelor’s degree                       74 students have earned associate’s de-
in biology, a master’s degree in forestry and a doctorate degree in wildland                    grees in forest resources technology. The
resource science.                                                                               program is recognized and approved by
                                                                                                the Society of American Foresters.
* Universal Transverse Mercator grid divides the world into 60 north-south zones.

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  Community College Foundation:
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    personal visit. The best time to
    call me is:                                  Address:
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    Oregon Community College
    Foundation in my will or other
    estate-planning document.
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    opportunities with the                       Central Oregon Community College Foundation
    COCC Foundation.                             2600 NW College Way, Bend, Oregon 97701
                                                                                                  Page 7 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES

Donors Investing in Community
                                                                           A listing of those who make education accessible
The individuals and organizations listed in this report have made a sound investment in their community. Each name rep-
resents a contribution to the Central Oregon Community College Foundation, received from July 1, 2003, through June
30, 2004. We have strived to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you notice any omissions or inaccuracies, please bring them
to our attention by calling the Foundation at (541) 383-7225.
A Bandon Inn                     Margaret Bassett and Jon          Boomtown Records & Tapes       Cascade Gardens                      Compass Commercial
A Clean Impression                  Anderson                       Mac and Nancy Bosch            Cascade Office Equipment, Inc.       The Compleat Bed & Breakfast
Abby’s Legendary Pizza           Troy Batchelor                    Dave and Deborah Bourke        Cascades Academy                     Marigale Compton and Doug
Patricia Abrahams                Don and Shannon Bauhofer          Michael Bourke                 John and Joan Casey                      Keeler
Betsy Acarregui                  Beauty From the Inside Out        Robert and Marjorie Bourke     Peter and Liz Casey                  Bud and Shirley Conard
Chris Adams                      Mary Becker                       Janice Bowers                  Jodi L. Cashman                      Conklin’s Guest House
Mike Addington                   Bedouin                           Matthew and Annette Bowler     Leigh and William Casler             Kellie Cook
Jeffrey and Beverly Adler        Gary and Rhonda Bell              Rebecca Bozarth                Terry and Ann Cedar                  Bob and Beverly Cooper
Cora Agatucci                    Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop          BP Matching Funds Programs     Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.   Scott and Laura Cooper
Mike and Tara Ahern              Bend Brewing Company              Dana and Nancy Bratton         Central Oregon Classic Chevy         Stan and Mary Cope
Akasha Massage                   Bend Cabinet and Fixtures, Inc.   Renee Brazeau-Asher and            Club                             Jerry and Michelle Cordova
Alder Creek Ranch                Bend Chamber of Commerce              Michael Asher              Central Oregon Outdoors              Cork
John and Janice Allen            Bend Education Association        Bob and Joyce Breadon          Central Oregon Radiology             Shane and Jodi Correa
Alpenglow Cafe                   Bend Fire Department              Bill and Jennifer Brewer           Associates                       Costco Wholesale
Alpine Glass                     Bend Garbage and Recycling        The Broadside                  Central Oregon Retired               Country to Class Floral Design
Amalfi’s                         Bend Golf & Country Club          Marta Brockman                     Educators                            & Gift Baskets
An Affair to Remember            Bend Memorial Clinic              Celeste Brody and John         Century Cycles                       Coyote Creek Cafe & Lounge
Chuck and Sandy Anderson         Bend Pet Express                      Holmberg                   Century Insurance Group, LLC         Creative Beginnings
Lynn Anderson                    Bend Research                     Rob and Kristin Brooks         CertTracker, Inc.                    Crooked River Ranch Club
Sydne Anderson                   Bend Wireless                     Brooks Resources Corporation   Chuck and Kathy Chackel              T.W. and Cindy Crowder
Bill and Tina Anderson           BendBroadband                     Dan and Mary Brown             Fred Chaimson and Carole             Jim and Judi Crowell
Sharla and Todd Andresen         Bendistillery, Inc.               Mary and Neil Bryant               Nuckton                          Greg and Peggy Cushman
Erik Andrews                     Steve and Kitty Bennett           Ron and Wilda Bryant           Robert and Jeanette                  Matt and Lisa Cutter
Paul Andrews                     John and Patricia Bentley         Bill and Paula Buchanan            Chamberlain                      D. A. Davidson and Co.
Steve and Linda Andrus           Francie Berezo                    Bill Buck                      Bob and Yvette Chandler              Nigel Dabby
Anglin Custom Portraits          Jim and Joanne Bergmann           Eric and Kathy Buckles         David and Debbie Chaney              David Evans & Associates
Apollo Tanning                   Ed and Sandy Bigler               Knute and Pat Buehler          Chavez Clayworks                     Jon Davidson and Ruth Herbert
Appetite Deli                    Marian Biscay                     The Bulletin                   Chefs to Go                          Deborah Davies
The Ark Animal Clinic            Bruce and Jodie Bischof           The Bungalow Company           Cheryl Parton Photography            Bill and Judy Davis
Art Passions                     Alice Bishop                      Roxanne Burger-Wilson          China Wok                            Jim and Dee Davis
Aspen Lakes Golf Course          Bits and Pieces                   Ruth Burleigh                  Megan Ching                          Richard and Sheila Dawson
At The Beach                     Black and White Couture           Margot Bushong                 Gina Chylak                          Matt and Lesley Day
Athletic Club of Bend            Black Butte Ranch                 Steve and Kari Byrd            CIDA                                 James and Lisa Dehart
Ken Atwell and Sandi Mootry      Gordon and Roz Black              Cafe Brasil                    Bill and Cindy Claridge              Jay and Mary Lou DeLaney
Avenida Art & Frame              Jennifer and Mike Blair           Cafe Rosemary                  Noreen Clark                         Mike and Barbara Delvin
Avion Water Co. Inc.             Marc Blank and Cezanne            Cafe Sintra                    Sandra Clarke                        Demetri’s Greek American
Awbrey Dental Group                 Hitchcock                      Tim and Cara Caine             James and Nancy Claypool                 Cusina
Awbrey Glen Golf Course          Wendy Bliesner                    The Cake Lady                  Norma Cleveland                      Denfeld Paints of Bend
Baby Phases                      Lisa and Daniel Bloyer            Cakes by Marcia                Clint Brooks General                 Deschutes Brewery
Babysitters on Call              Blue Spruce Pottery, Inc.         Stephen and Johnita Callan         Contractor                       Deschutes Co Sheriff’s Posse
Margaret Bailey                  The Blue Teal Clothing Co.        Lyle and Patricia Calvert      COCC Continuing Education            Deschutes County Ballroom
Larry and Rachel Baker           Bob Thomas Chev/Cad/              Frank and Jane Cammack         COCC Delta Epsilon Chi                   Dance Club
Ball Janik LLC                      Honda/                         Can Chasers Classic            COCC Faculty Forum                   Deschutes County Public Library
Balloons R Us                    Bob’s Jobs                        Judy Candee                    Cog Wild                             Deschutes Mortgage Group
John and Cherry Bancroft         Jeannette Bobst                   Candelight Dinner Cabaret      Bob and Wanda Coil                   Deschutes River Trouthouse
Baney Corporation                The Body Shop                     Peter and Patti Carlson        Paul and Carrie Coil                 Deschutes Window & Door Co.
Curt and Robin Baney             Jeff Boggess                      Dick and Mary Carlson          Coleman Vineyard                     Desert Country Nannies
Kevin and Tammy Baney            Andrew Boller                     Kit and Sandi Carmiencke       College Housing Northwest            Desert Valley Realty
Bank of the Cascades             Beth Bolles                       Lonna and Jim Carnahan         Columbia River Bank                  Design of the Times
Joe Bankofier and Robin White    Bon Macy’s                        Carrera Motors, Inc.           Combined Communications              DeWilde Art Glass & Design
Bob Barber and Wendy Howard      Emily Bonavia                     Cascade Cleaners               Community Foundation of the          Di Lusso Baking
Bare Elegance                    The Book Barn                     Cascade Festival of Music          Great River Bend                 Dieci Soli
Page 8 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
Judy Diliberto                 Curtis and Nancy Faulkner         Caryl Gunson                      Neal and Linda Huston           Kitchen Complements
Dimensions Consulting LLC      Lena Fava                         Bud and Peg Gunterman             Impressive Events               Tim Knopp
The Dolores Furtado Martin     Ron and Sandra Federspiel         Michael and Michelle Gwinup       INCLIMB Rock Gym                Len and Kay Knott
    Foundation                 Ted and Nancy Fehrenbacher        Gypsy Rose Manor                  Integrated Eyecare              Jeff Knox
Domino’s Pizza                 Craig Fettig                      Marie and Glen Hackbarth          Inviting Designs Inc.           Rachel Knox
Mike and Tara Donaca           John and Mimi Fettig              Viki Haertel                      Loren and Sally Irving          Thomas and Bonnie Koenig
Scott and Danielle Donnell     Figaro’s Pizza                    Robert and Caro Hakala            Sara Iverson                    Gary Kontich
Donner Flower Shop             Bud and Jean Fincham              Holly Hamilton                    Izzy’s Pizza Restaurant         Kit and Marjo Korish
Ed and Mary Donohue            Fingers ‘n Toes                   Michele Hammerquist               J Bar J Boys Ranch, Inc.        Marla Koslin
Stacey Donohue and Michael     Cath Finney and Judy Jordet       Barbara and Sam Handelman         Jackalope Grill                 Mike and Alison Kozak
    Van Meter                  Karen Finney                      Christy and Clint Handschuch      Bill and Esther Jackson         Dave and Jennifer Kremers
Double F Nursery               Fireside Spa & Patio              Pat and Cheri Hanna               Jamba Juice                     Jim and Jane Kress
Bob Douglass                   First Presbyterian Church of      Hans Restaurant                   Dinah James                     Richard and Loretta Kriege
Bill Douglass                     Bend                           Deanna and Darrel Hansen          John and Nancy James            Dianne and Nils Kristiansen
Barbara Doust                  First Response Medical Training   Gunnar and Lori Hansen            Jay and Alyce Jantzen           Mary Jeanne Kuhar
Beverly Downer                    & Sales                        Mary Hansen                       Japanese Garden Society of OR   KVC Mechanical
Doug and Amy Downer            Ed Fischer                        Todd and Marie Hansen             Jazzercize, Dendree Middleton   La Paw Animal Hospital PC
Julie and John Downing         Ron and Molly Foerster            Hardwood Industries of Bend       Jeld-Wen Foundation             La Pine Ace Hardware &
Dr. Carl Ryan and Associates   Food Services of America          James and Evonne Hargis           Jill’s Wild Tasteful Women &         Building Supply
Jerry and Connie Druliner      David and Kitri Ford              Bambi Hargreaves                       Friends                    Amy Lafferty
Barney and Rosanna Duberow     Stephen and Marsha Ford           Mike and Deb Harris               Joe’s Trailers                  Alicia Laffler
Bill DuBois                    Neal and Clarice Forester         Pat and Bill Hassey               Suzanne and Gregory             Lowell and Ruth Lamberton
Duck Pond Cellars              Steve and Kim Forrester           Bob and Deanne Hatch                   Johannsen                  Travis Langley and Susan
Paul and Lydia Dudley          Tom and Sally Foster              ShanRae Hawkins                   Kirk and Judi Johansen               Loomis
Ronni and Bill Duff            Charles and Amy Fraley            Heartstone Family Chiropractic    Eddie Johnson                   Lark Gardens
Mike Dugan and Judy Stiegler   Frame Design & Sunbird            Franz and Cheri Lee Helfenstein   Becky Johnson                   Larson Carpet Care
Bruce and Kristi Dunlap           Gallery                        Dan and Mary Heller               Ken and Marj Johnson            Laser Medical Skin Center
Earl Clausen & Friends         The Fresh Pallet                  Phil Henderson                    George and Carolyn Jolokai      Monzell Lauke
Sara Easley                    Chris and Yvonne Fuller           Ron and Annette Henderson         Jim and Laurel Jones            Gary and Sherry Laursen
East Cascade Emergency         John and Laura Furgurson          Hen’s Tooth                       Casey and Kim Jones             Paul and Gail Laursen
    Medical Services           Pat Gainsforth                    Lydia Hernandez                   Judge CC Chavelle Foundation    Dale and Margaret Lawrence
Eastlake Picture Framing       Gregory and Jane Garrick          Stuart and Christy Hicks          Frank and Julie Jungers         Bill and Nancy Laws
Eberhard Dairy Products        Bob Garza                         Carol and David Higginbotham      Juniper Golf Club               La-z-boy Furniture Galleries
Mark and Brenda Eberle         Gas Transmission Northwest        High Desert Acupunture Clinic     Just Used Cars                  Jim and Carol Leach
Paul and Kathie Eckman            Corporation                    High Desert Beverage Dist Inc.    Kah-Nee-Ta Resort               Connie Lee and Kirt
Eco-Scapes                     GCC Bend LLC                      The High Desert Museum            Cynthia Kane                         McAlexander
Eddie’s Canton                 Beth Gebstadt                     High Desert Porsche Club          Marilyn and Dennis Karnopp      Dorothy Leman and Rebecca
Lynn Edwards                   Georgia-Pacific Corp.             Tim and Judy Hill                 Karnopp, Petersen, LLP               Plassmann
Tim and Jennifer Edwards       GI Ranch Corporation              Alan Hilles                       Ka’va                           Leslie A. Sundet, CPA
Garth Eliason                  Sybil Gibson                      Joan and Jim Hinds                Keck, W. M. Foundation          LibertyBank
Mark and Pam Elmore            Benjie and Dede Gilchrist         Richard and Carolyn Hofstetter    Greer and Janice Kelly          Linens N’ Things
Embarcadero Resort Hotel       Diana and Warren Glenn            Katherine and Ken Holden          Jeremy Kelly                    Lilli Ann Linford-Foreman and
Bruce and Dawn Emerson         Goody’s Ice Cream Store &         Mike and Sue Hollern              Kemco Truck & Trailer Inc.           Terry Foreman
Steve Emery and Michele           Soda Fountain                  Sue Holter                        Mrs. Bruce Kemp                 Ralph and Janet Litchfield
    Emery                      Julie Goulart                     Michael and Sarah Holtzclaw       Caryl Kempfer                   The Lodge at Suttle Lake
David Erickson and Maren       Dick and Merrily Graber           Margaret Honeyman                 Kelvin Kempfer                  Susan Logan-Weathers
    Roach                      Donald and Marlene Grant          Dave and Julie Hood               Ken’s Ice                       Linda Louk
Erickson’s Sentry Market       Grayhawk Grill                    William Hoppe                     Jerry and Ann Kerr              Kathleen and Doug Lowe
Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant   The Great Frame Up                Tina and Nathan Hovekamp          John Keusterer                  Katherine Lucas
Wayne and Shirley Eshelman     Jenny and Tim Green               Howard Cross Foundation           Kevin W. Clore Education        Greg Lyons
Gary Everett and Joan          Greenery Accents                  Emily Howard                           Foundation                 M C Smith Sign Company
    Steelhammer                Bob and Fran Greenlee             Kake and Wilbur Huck              Jacelyn Keys                    Anne MacDonald
Express Personnel Service      Steve and Stephanie Greer         Neal and Jodie Hueske             Reginald Keys                   Brian MacDonald
Extreme Business Consultants   Steve and Cindy Greer             Humane Society of Central         Kialoa Canoe Paddles            Denise and Jim Mahoney
Extreme Stretch Limousines     Greg Ginsburg, DMD                   Oregon                         Ryan and Chris Killgore         Mail Boxes Etc.
Eye of the Needle              John Gregory                      Lorie Hunter                      Daphne Killian                  Barb Malcom
Fabulous Hair                  Margie Gregory                    Robert Hurst                      Ray and Lita Kilpatrick         The Mandala Agency
Jay Fain and Christine         Jeff and Marna Griffin            Yvonne Huson-Boni and Hank        Kirby Nagelhout Construction    Mangia! Pasta!
    Schroeder-Fain             Bob and Kathy Grim                   Boni                           Diane Kirk                      Steve and Melanie Mangin
                                                                                                                  Page 9 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
                    Central Oregon Community College Foundation

Chris Mansfield                 Patti and Greg Moss                Paper Jazz                    Kurt and Holly Reynolds          Shilo Inn Suites Hotel
Doug Maragas                    JD Moulds                          The Paper Place               Paul and Ann Reynolds            The Shops at the Old Mill
Maragas Winery                  Mount Bachelor Village             Ron and Judy Paradis          John Rhetts                      Phyllis Short
Virginia Mason                  Mountain View Winery               David Pardo                   Jon and Pauline Rhoads           William Shotton and Diane
Ken and Jacque Mays             Mt. Bachelor, Inc.                 Glenn Parker                  Charlie Rice                         Reed
Mazama Capital Management,      Gregg and Barbara Munster          Parr Lumber                   Barbara Rich                     Ray Shumway and Jacquie
     Inc.                       Jackie and Glenn Murphy            Rich and Sharon Parr          William and Beverly Riddle           Bushong
Troy and Merrilee McCabe        Robbin Murray                      Paulina Hoo Hoo Club 220      Mahea and Robert Riley           Will and Gerry Silva
Crystal McCage                  Charlie and Cindy Naffziger        Sara Paulson                  Tom and Laury Riley              Dennis Simenson
Susan and William               Herb and Laura Nash                Ed and Maryanne Payne         Raymond and Gale Rivera          Madeline Simmons
     McCampbell                 Natural Rock & Landscape           Woody and Fran Peeples        The Riverhouse                   Kiri and Pat Simning
Judy and Jay McCaul                Supply                          Pelican Bay Forest Products   River’s Edge Golf Course         Paula Simone
McCauley’s Truck Repair         Laurie Neil                        Mark and Sheri Pendergraft    RK Advertising & Promotions      Bill Simpkins
Gregory and Carter McClarren    Nelsen Tire Factory                Sarah Pengilly                Stanley and Janice Roach         Sisters Rodeo Association
Dorothy McCool                  Doug Nelson                        PEO-AI Sisterhood             Robberson Ford Sales, Inc.       Betsy and Jordy Skovborg
Fran McCormick                  Scott Nelson                       Pepsi Bottling Co.            Janine and Gordy Robberson       Slow Food High Desert Oregon
Jill and Daniel McCormick       New York Life Foundation           Performance Insights          Jeff and Margi Robberson         Smith Barney
Jack and Barbara McCown         Newport Avenue Market              Margaret Peterson             Robby J’s Bistro at Mill Point   Bill and Trish Smith
Matt and Renee McCoy            Niblick & Greene’s                 Don Petrbok                   Roberto’s Taco Shop              Dan Smith
Marcia McCullough               Peggy Nideffer                     Pfundamentals                 Judy Roberts                     Gloria Smith
Tim and Martha McGinnis         James Northrop                     Mona Phillips                 Robert’s on Wall Street          Katherine Smith
McGrath’s Fish House            Keena and Robert Northrop          Phoenix Inn                   Taylor Robertson                 Marney Smith
Patricia McGuinnis              Norwalk - The Furniture Idea       Brynn and Ben Pierce          Rohr Fitness & Safety, Inc       Mike Smith and Amanda
Betty and Mike McKee            Nosler, Inc.                       Laura and John Pinckney       Romantique                           Blockley
Jeff and Theresa McKinney       Carole Nuckton and Fred            Pine Mountain Sports          Roseman Clinic for Chinese       Todd and Julie Smith
Eileen and Bruce McLellan          Chaimson                        The Pine Tavern               Pat and Darlene Ross             Ron Smyth
McMenamins Pubs and             Oasis Spa                          Pizza Hut                     Whit Ross                        Specialty Cigars International
     Breweries                  Steve O’Brien                      Pizza Mondo                   Round Butte Seed Growers Inc     Mike and Peggy Spedick
Mike and Bobbie McNeil          Oil Can Henry’s                    Rebecca Plassmann and         Round Table Pizza                Riki Sperr-Strong and Rob
Gary Meddaugh                   Olde Towne Pizza Company              Dorothy Leman              Bonnie and Ronald Ruby               Sperr-Strong
Angela Melton                   Virginia Olea and Ronald           Carolyn Platt                 Marilyn Russell                  Spirit of Pilates
Mercury Diner                      Torres                          Bruce and Julie Plummer       Vicki and Vic Russell            Oscar and Barbara Spliid
Merenda Restaurant &            Michael and Gloria Olin            Prairie Chic                  Wendy and Hugh Saffel            Ray Spreier
     Wine Bar                   Dave and Ilene Olsen               Deak and Barbara Preble       Vernon and Loy Sampels           Nikki Squire
Barb and Terry Mero             Bob and Gail Olsen                 PRG Property Management,      Barbara Sanguinetti              St. Charles Medical Auxiliary
Aimee and Tate Metcalf          Patricia O’Neill and Dick Koning      Inc.                       The Sather House                 St. Charles Medical Center
DeAnna Metcalf                  Oregon Coast Aquarium              Pronghorn                     Saxon’s Fine Jewelers            Stahancyk, Gearing, Rackner
Peter Meyer                     The Oregon Community               Helen and Maurice Pruitt      Scandinavian Designworks             & Kent
Mid Oregon Federal                 Foundation                      Mary Lou Purcell              Lawrence and Wendy               Marvin and Sharon Starer
     Credit Union               Oregon Museum of Science           Rich and Kristen Pyzik            Schechter                    Sterling Transportation, Inc.
Kate and Andrew Miles              and Industry                    Quail Run Golf Course         Tyna Schroeder Kirchner          Steve Scott & Co. Realtors
Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast      Oregon Public Broadcasting         Quality Clean                 Kirk and Rochelle Schueler       Steven Apfelbaum, DDS
Charlie and Laurie Miller       Oregon State Society               Ron and Loretta Quant         Erich and Paige Schultz          Steven M. Rogers, DDS
Connie Miller                      Daughters of the American       Margaret Quintong             Christian and Paula Schuster     Janet Stevens
Miller Lumber Company              Revolution                      Justen Rainey                 Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt,     Frances Stevenson
Mingle                          Oregon Symphony                    Shirley Ray                       PC                           Rebecca Stewart
Mini Pet Mart                   Oregon Turf & Tree Farms           Dan and Terry Re              Rodney and Jennifer Scinto       The Stitchin’ Post
Mission Uniform &               Orion Greens                       Marlene and Garry Ream        Keith and Doreen Seaber          David and Marda Stoliar
     Linen Services             Harry and Ietje Orr                Red Carpet Car Wash           Second Street Theater            Peter and Julie Stott
Mongolian BBQ                   Lori and Joseph Ortiz              Red Robin of Bend             Security Pros, Inc.              Thomas and Melissa Strange
Alicia and Bob Moore            OSU Cascades Campus                Curtis and Larissa Ree        Bill Seiden                      John and Molly Straw
Craig and Linda Moore           Christine Ott-Hopkins              Jeff and Sheila Reed          Mike Sequeira                    Jeff and Amanda Stuermer
James and Shawna Moore          Overbay Development                Don and Cindy Reeder          Lewis and Susan Sharp            Subway Sandwich Shop
Carol and Rod Moorehead         John and Yvonne Overbay            Kris Rees                     Richard and Robyn Sharp          Eleanor Sumpter-Latham and
Peter and Virginia Morbeck      Pacific Rim Bancorp, Inc.          Regal Cinemas                 Jim and Barbara Shaw                 Jim Latham
Morgan Stanley                  PacifiCorp Foundation              John and Betty Reid           Shear Illusions                  Sun Country Tours
John Morrissey                  Painted Pony Trading Company       Mark Reinecke                 John and Linda Shelk             Sun Mountain Sports Center
Jane Morrow                     Nathaniel and Lucinda Palmer       Jane Reynolds                     Foundation                   Sun Publishing
Julie Mosier                    Papa’s Pizza                       Kim Reynolds                  Pauline Shelk                    Sunrise Lions Club
Page 10 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
Sunriver Music Festival                 Richard and Shari Thompson           Joyce Vincik                        Tom and Dawn Ware                      Willametta K. Day Foundation
Sunriver Nature Center                  Ambers and Bonnie Thornburgh         Vino Mercato                        Betsy Warriner                         William Smith Properties, Inc.
Sunriver Resort                         TLC Catering                         James and Robin Virgin              Waterworks                             Linda and Buzz Williams
Sunriver Women’s Club                   The Trading Post                     Visuality                           Jack and Marilyn Watts                 D. Joe Willis
Suzie’s Shop on the Corner              Norma and Carl Tucker                Roger Vlach                         Jim and Tamara Weaver                  Barbara Wilson
Bill and Lynda Swarts                   Cassie Tuft                          Dan and Shirley Vogt                Nola Weber                             Chris Wilson
Linda and Glenn Swearingen              Tumalo Feed Company                  Voila                               Mary Weinberg                          Wings of the Cascades
Jim and Ardyce Swift                    Lolly Tweed and Brad Mulvahill       Janis Volz                          William and Margery Weir               Lezlie Winsor
Don and Carolyn Swisher                 Tykeson Foundation                   John and Fran von Schlegell         Pete and Pat Welk                      William and Margaret Wise
Greg and Diane Syverson                 Kristin Udvari                       Daniel Wadosky                      Thomas and Katie Wendel                Mark and Susan Wolfkeil
Table 28, Inc.                          Unicel                               Gil Waggoner                        West Shore Forest Products             Wood Awakening
Katherine Tank                          Union Pacific Corporation            Mary and Michael Wagner             West Side Bakery                       Betty Young
Jonathon and Anouk Tapper               University of Oregon Foundation      Greg and Mylene Walden              Ben and Libby Westlund                 James and Kelly Ann Young
Dan and Joyce Taylor                    Jerry and Robin Upham                Thomas and Georgie Walker           Ellyce and Dave Whalen                 Youngberg Hill Inn
Sandy Taylor                            US Bank                              Rebecca Walker-Sands and            Gene and Josie Whisnant                Nancy Zavacki
Janey and Oran Teater                   Todd and Susan Vallie                   James Sands                      Jeremy and Regan White                 Gene and Sue Zinkgraf
Terpsichorean Dance Studio              Tom and Jean Ann Van                 Kathleen Walsh                      Chris and Jan Wick                     Doug and Vivian Zirker
Joe and Ruth Thalhofer                     Hemelryck                         Margaret and Loyd Walsh             Widgi Creek Golf Course                Roger Zollman
Karen Theodore                          Verizon Foundation                   Wanderlust Tours                    Wild Oats Market                       Lyle Zurflu
Gregory Thoma                           Vickery Viles and John Millslagle    Jan and Jody Ward                   Wildflowers of Oregon

     IN MEMORY OF Margaret Backstrom                    Ron Federspiel                          IN MEMORY OF ETHEL HOFSTETTER                IN MEMORY OF RAYMOND MCNAIR
       Paul H. Dudley                                   Yvonne Huson-Boni                         RICHA RD HOFSTE TTE R                         CONNIE MILLE R
                                                        Neal Huston
     IN MEMORY OF JEANETTE BERGER                       Kirk Johansen                           IN MEMORY OF MARIE KENNEDY                   IN MEMORY OF JEAN OGDAHL
       WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.              Leslie A. Sundet, CPA                     WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.           WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.
                                                        Mazama Capital Management, Inc.
                                                        Patricia Moss
     IN MEMORY OF LEO BISHOP                            Michael W. Olin                         IN MEMORY OF JACK LEVIN                      IN MEMORY OF BRA D PE A SE
       ALICE BISHOP                                     Jon Rhoads                                DA VID L. BOURKE                              WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.
                                                        Janine Robberson
     IN MEMORY OF MIKE BORDEN                           John and Linda Shelk Foundation         IN MEMORY OF NEVA MCCALLUM                   IN MEMORY OF DON PETERS
       WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.              William T. Swarts                         MA RGA RE T W. HONE YM A N                    WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.
                                                        William Smith Properties, Inc.
     IN MEMORY OF IRENE BOSTELMAN                                                               IN MEMORY OF WILLY MCCOOL                    IN MEMORY OF BOB RHOADS
       FRA NK CA M M A CK                            In Memory of Pam Goldsmith                   ELIZA B E TH R. ACA RRE GUI                   JUDY A. CA NDE E
       DONA LD SWISHE R                                 William Smith Properties, Inc.            FRA NCIE BE RE ZO                             SHIRLE Y RA Y
                                                                                                  NIGE L DA B B Y                               WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.
                                                                                                  JA M E S DE HA RT
     IN MEMORY OF ED DENNISTON                       In Memory of Robert Graves                   ROB E RT M. HA KA LA
       WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.              William Smith Properties, Inc.                                                       IN MEMORY OF YSIDRO SE RRA NO
                                                                                                  KA THE RINE S. HOLDE N                        WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.
                                                                                                  DOROTHY MCCOOL
     IN MEMORY OF LESLEY EASTWOOD                    In Memory of Ray Haertel                     JE FF MCKINNE Y
       WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.              Nola S. Weber                             MILLE R LUM B E R COM P A NY               IN MEMORY OF SUSA N SHORT
                                                                                                  JA M E S R. MOORE                             PHYLLIS E. SHORT
                                                     In Memory of Bert Hagen                      JA M E S B. NORTHROP
                                                        Peter L. Morbeck                          PA CIFIC RIM BA NCORP , INC.               IN MEMORY OF JA CK VOOS
                                                        Janine Robberson                          PA RR LUM B E R                               WILLIA M SM ITH PROP E RTIE S, INC.
                                                        William Smith Properties, Inc.            SA RA H I. PE NGILLY
     IN MEMORY OF JOE FREEDMAN                                                                    CHA RLIE RICE                              IN MEMORY OF BA RB A RA WILSON
       DA VID L. BOURKE                                                                           LE WIS I. SHA RP                              BA RB A RA J. WILSON
       MA RY BRYA NT                                 In Memory of Ron Hagerman                    JA NE T STE VE NS
       CIDA                                             Nola S. Weber                             JA M E S D. VIRGIN
       DE SIGN OF THE TIM E S                                                                     MA RY A. WE INB E RG

                                                                                                                                    Page 11 • Winter 2005 • COCC Foundation LEGACIES
                    Central Oregon Community College Foundation

    Coming Events
    Nancy R. Chandler Visiting Scholar
    Helen Lessick • “The Human Condition” Installation Piece • Feb. 3 through 28
    Reception opening 4 to 6:30 p.m., Feb. 3

    Thirtieth Anniversary of Meal of the Year
    Get your tickets early as it will be a sell-out event.
    One of the oldest charity galas in the area, the Meal of the Year and Taste of the Town
    are held on the campus of Central Oregon Community College. Both evenings benefit
    COCC Foundation scholarships and other Foundation programs.

    Meal of the Year • March 5, 2005
    Tickets $110 • Corporate tables $1250
    Fabulous dinner prepared by High Desert Chapter of the American Culinary Federation
    plus silent and limited live auctions. Live auction items limited to 18 to allow dancing.

    Taste of the Town • March 4, 2005
    $30 tickets in advance • $40 at the door.
    Twenty-five of the best Restaurants in town, Sunriver Resort, Ernesto’s, Hans and many
    more are returning. Tickets will be available at Boomtown and the COCC Bookstore.

    President’s Scholarship Lunch • May 18, 2005

BOARD OF                                                                                        Nonprofit Org
TRUSTEES                                                                                         US Postage
DANA BRATTON                                                                                        PAID
PATTI CARLSON                                                                                     Bend OR
                                        Central Oregon Community College Foundation
                                        2600 NW College Way                                     Permit No. 87
PAT HANNA              FOUNDATION       Bend, Oregon 97701


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