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					                            Gordon Community Association
                               Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010

Present: Julie Reitzas, Kandy Powell, Susan Taylor, Donna Templeton, Liza McCahan,
Patti Holzworth, Lisa Sienkiewicz, Katie Nani, Eric Friedfeld, Kim Weiss, Pam Vogel,
Sarah Dobron, Gretchen DeMone, Kitty Douglas, Julie Springwater, Cindy Elder
Irene Pappas, Tom Cicatiello, Faith Landau, Tina Odessa, Heidi Buonanno, Susan
Brown, Lisa Bohner, Ginnie Goldstein, Syed Rizvi, Zehra Rizvi, Lauren Rust, Ralph
Wales, Ellie Field, Gil MacLean, Sally Craig, Eileen Sweeney Craddock, Nisha Mongia,
Kate Hamilton, Beth Fay, Kim Ridley, Pamela Dennen, Kerrie Donahue, Bridget Baird

The meeting opened at 8:15 with a welcome from co-presidents Heidi Buonanno, Susan
Taylor and Susan Brown.

Head of School Remarks
Ralph Wales noted the historic importance of the GCA to the Gordon community,
particularly as we enter the culminating months of Gordon’s centennial year. He
recognized the GCA’s valuable role in relationship building throughout our community.
He encouraged everyone to attend the events in our Centennial Weekend, as this will be a
time to strengthen and renew relationships with current and former families, alumni,
faculty and staff. He also noted that, despite a difficult economy, Gordon remains fully
enrolled at 404 students.

Centennial Weekend

Centennial Festival, Saturday, October 9, noon to 4 p.m.
Katie Nani and Lisa Sienkiewicz, co-chairs of the Centennial Festival, noted that this
event is sponsored by the GCA and is free to the Gordon community, past and present.
They anticipate attendance of about 500. Katie noted that this represents a significant
commitment to the Gordon community. Funding for this event has already been reserved
by the GCA from fundraising efforts in the prior two years.

The Centennial Festival is an outdoor family festival featuring old-fashioned games,
vintage baseball, music by DJ Ooch (who is also leading dancing and yo-yo games),
strolling entertainment by Troy Wunderle (head of Circus Smirkus), arts and crafts
activities, and a free cookout featuring burgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs and more.

Volunteers are needed to help with one-hour shifts in the old-fashioned games area.
Additional volunteers will be needed for other activities, such as set up and break down.
If you are able to volunteer, please contact Centennial Coordinator Cindy Elder at

Celebration of the Century: 10.10.10 – Sunday, October 10, 6 – 10 p.m.
Liza McCahan, Irene Pappas and Jamie Costello are co-chairs of the Celebration of the
Century, an adult celebration which officially marks the culmination of Gordon’s
centennial year. This major event will be held in an enormous “century tent” on
Gordon’s campus. The party features an 8-piece band, a fully catered dinner by Ross
Morin Fine Catering including free beer and wine, valet parking, dancing, and the
premier of the Gordon documentary. The cost is $50/person.

Liza asked that people make a particular effort to reach out to new families and to rsvp as
quickly as possible to help the planning effort. You can rsvp on line or by picking up an
rsvp form at the front desk.

Centennial Books & Bricks

Centennial history books have arrived. If you pre-ordered a book, please email Cindy
Elder at to arrange for pick up. If you would like to purchase a
book ($45/each or $40/each for more than one copy), please contact Cindy or order
online at

The Centennial Brick Walkway was installed over the summer by Mike Jodoin of MJ
Masonry of Bristol, who donated all of the labor for the walkway. He also secured a
donation of the blank bricks necessary to complete the walkway from J&J Materials of
Rehoboth, Mass. Many thanks to Mike for his generous donation and excellent work.
Due to public response, a second (and final) wave of the Brick Campaign has been
launched. The final deadline is Dec. 31. The location and design of the installation will
be determined when brick sales are complete, and installation will take place next
summer. You can order bricks online or get a form at the front desk.

Lisa S. suggested that GCA buy a brick.

Hot Lunch

Tom Cicatiello, Gordon’s Business Manager, noted that the GCA has been running the
lunch program at Gordon for many years, and this is the first year when the school
administration has taken over management of the food service portion of the program.
The GCA continues to manage the volunteer aspect of the program, which provides
volunteer servers for every lunch. He noted that the transition has been very smooth
because the GCA had redesigned the program in recent years. Sign-ups for the lunch
program are rolling in at a good clip.

Tom noted that the volunteer nature of the program remains an integral element as it
provides an opportunity for adults in the community to work together within the school
and strengthen relationships. Four servers are needed for each lunch; volunteers will be
requested through the class rep network.
You can sign up for lunch online or fill out the form which went out in the August
mailing. There are six lunches which will rotate on a regular basis. Parents can sign up
for Tuesday or Thursday or both days, rather than for specific meals.

Gordon is continuing to have lunch provided by More Than a Meal. Tom noted that the
program’s new business manager has been excellent to work with and very responsive to
our concerns.

The week of Sept. 13th will feature a “free tasting” of four of the six lunches in the
program (cookout and turkey dinner will not be sampled). Grades 1 – 8 will be treated to
free lunches Monday, Sept. 13th through Thursday, Sept. 16th. Nursery & Preschool will
receive free lunch on Tuesday, Sept. 14th, and Kindergarten will receive free lunch on
Thursday, Sept. 16th.

Photo Day

Photo Day is Wednesday, Sept. 15th, and is chaired by Ginnie Goldstein and Lauren Rust.
Ginnie noted that we have gone back to Coffee Pond, which did not do our photos last
year but had done them for many years prior to last year. Order forms were mailed
recently, and you can also order online at If you order on line,
please print a copy for your child’s teacher. Photo Day will occur regardless of weather,
as Coffee Pond will use “green screen” technology to facilitate an outdoor photo.

POSOC – Parents of Students of Color
Julie Springwater and Candida Monteiro are the new chairs of POSOC. They explained
that POSOC is an affinity group with a focus on building relationships. They encouraged
families with students of color to contact either one of them to find out more or get
involved. POSOC holds 5 formal meetings a year, in addition to informal gatherings.
The first gathering is a cookout on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 2. The first formal
meeting is Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 7 p.m. in the Creamer Science Lab.

Kim Ridley, Gordon’s Director of Diversity and Multicultural Practice, encouraged
POSOC members to get involved in the activities of the GCA and emphasized the
importance of building bridges between the two organizations. Lisa S. encouraged
everyone to communicate with each other – feelings as well as expectations – and to
make a conscious effort to make friends outside of our established circles.

GCA Volunteer Fair

The Volunteer Fair will take place Friday, Sept. 17th, at drop off and pick up. Susan
Taylor encouraged parents to attend to find out about the many opportunities to get
involved in the Gordon community.

Book Fair
Kitty Douglas and Marlee Gildehaus are chairing the 2010 Book Fair, which will take
place Wednesday, Nov. 3 – Friday, Nov. 5. Kitty noted that they will be using the same
vendor – Book Ends – which they used last year. They will also continue to feature
outside retailers, as they were well received last year. The fair will also feature used
books and the café. There are many opportunities to volunteer at the book fair.

GCA Cookbook

Pam Vogel is helping to coordinate the new GCA Cookbook. They have about 75 recipes
but would like to have over 300. They encourage every family to submit a recipe that
they enjoy cooking at home. Recipes which reflect cultural heritage are very much
appreciated. All recipes must be submitted online at You log in with the following info:
Then click on “add a recipe.”
If you have any trouble submitting a recipe, contact Pam and she’ll help you.

It was noted that class reps have not yet been confirmed, but they will be shortly.
Sue Brown noted that the GCA is trying to go increasingly paperless, and that parents
should get in the habit of checking the GCA section of Gordon’s website for updates and

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 7, 2010, 8:15 a.m.

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