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					                                             E1808                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                 September 16, 2008
                                             AMAVEX, a group of Venezuelan exiles who                represented New York in the House of Rep-              privilege of representing, dairy is an integral
                                             work, along with more than thirty non-profit or-        resentatives, now in the 21st District. For            component of the economy, as there are ap-
                                             ganizations, in support of the ‘‘Bring Chavez to        nearly 40 years, MIKE has served in public of-         proximately 2,000 dairy farms with some
                                             Justice’’ campaign. This campaign aims to               fice at the local, state, and national level. This     190,000 milk cows dispersed across the 11
                                             highlight the troubling associations between            Congress, MIKE announced that he would not             counties that comprise the District. Likewise,
                                             Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the                 seek an 11th term in the House.                        in 2007, national retail sales of sheep products
                                             Marxist-terrorist group known as the Revolu-               MIKE has had an impressive career. He first         were nearly $768 million. These retail receipts
                                             tionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC.                 served as Town Supervisor of Green Island,             supported an additional $1.4 billion in eco-
                                                The FARC has been listed as a Foreign                New York at only 22 years old. He was subse-           nomic activity for a total economic impact of
                                             Terrorist Organization by the United States             quently elected Mayor of Green Island and              $2.2 billion.
                                             government since 2001. Between 1996 and                 then to the New York State Assembly. Mike                 For all of its importance, the dairy industry
                                             January 2008, the FARC kidnapped 6,877                  was elected to Congress in 1988 and has                simply cannot continue to operate at its cur-
                                             people including three U.S. citizens who were           been known for his honesty and integrity. He           rent capacity, let alone expand, without immi-
                                             recently liberated by the valiant efforts of Co-        has served on a number of important commit-            grant workers. Increasingly, the U.S. dairy
                                             lombia’s government. Mark Gonsalves, an                 tees, including the Armed Services Com-                workforce is relying upon those born outside
                                             American contractor kidnapped and held by               mittee, the Executive Committee of the Con-            of the United States, with some estimates indi-
                                             the FARC for more than five years, described            gressional Human Rights Caucus, and the                cating that at least 50 percent of all current
                                             his ordeal at the hands of his captors and de-          Ways and Means Committee, where he is the              labor is now foreign-born. Without access to a
                                             clared that the FARC are ‘‘terrorists with a            Chairman of the Subcommittee on Social Se-             stable workforce, many American farms could
                                             capital ‘T’.’’                                          curity. He has traveled to all seven continents.       well go out of business. According to an anal-
                                                Chavez supports the FARC unashamedly                    While MIKE’S service to his community and           ysis completed by the Farm Credit Associa-
                                             proclaims his admiration for this violent ter-          nation has been meritorious and incredibly val-        tions of New York, over 445 New York dairy
                                             rorist group. He described the FARC in Janu-            uable, what I have always admired most about           farms are highly vulnerable to this situation. In
                                             ary 2008 as ‘‘a real army.’’ While his praise is        him it the way he has gone about doing his             recent years, I have seen this vulnerability first
                                             sometimes peppered with halfhearted criti-              job here in Congress. Among his colleagues,            hand as dozens of constituent dairy farmers
                                             cisms of the FARC’s narco-trafficking,                  MIKE has often been referred to as ‘‘the Quiet         have repeatedly shared with me the toll that
                                             kidnappings, and violence, his actions betray           Gentleman’’ due to the manner in which he              the uncertainty associated with the status quo
                                             his true intentions. He welcomes the FARC to            does business. MIKE has managed to be an               is extracting from them.
                                             conduct operations along Venezuela’s border             effective and fair legislator while treating peo-         There is a similar need for year-round
                                             with Colombia and does nothing to cooperate             ple with respect and acting with dignity, which        sheepherders. Given that the U.S. sheep in-
                                             with Colombia and the U.S. to combat the ter-           is no small feat in Washington. MIKE has al-           dustry was unable to secure suffIcient domes-
                                             rorist group’s drug trafficking within its borders.     ways stayed above the fray and shunned the             tic labor to herd range livestock beginning
                                                The computers and evidence that came                 kind of partisan bickering that is far too often       decades ago, a regulatory provision was cre-
                                             from the raid that killed the FARC’s second in          associated with the work of Congress.                  ated allowing the industry to utilize the H–2A
                                             command, Raul Reyes, also resulted in the                  MIKE is universally admired by his col-             program to employ foreign sheepherders. This
                                             discovery of evidence showing FARC-Chavez               leagues on both sides of the aisle and has             measure has proven to be extremely success-
                                             associations. Seized computer files reveal              served this body with distinction and I know           ful. For more than 60 years, more than one-
                                             high level connections between the FARC and             that I speak for all Members the U.S. House            fourth of the nation’s entire sheep flock has
                                             senior officials in the Chavez administration.          of Representatives when I say that we are              been produced by ranchers utilizing sheep-
                                             These files, authenticated by INTERPOL, re-             honored to have served with him.                       herders born outside of the United States.
                                             veal hundreds of millions of dollars in pay-               I want to join MIKE’s wife Nancy, his family,          Unfortunately, due largely to its ‘‘temporary
                                             ments from the Venezuelan government to the             friends, and colleagues in congratulating him          or seasonal in nature’’ employment require-
                                             FARC. And, as recently as June of this year,            today on his impressive career and wishing             ment, dairy farmers are currently unable to uti-
                                             Colombian officials captured four men, one              him well. The United States of America owes            lize the H–2A visa program. Thus, it is impera-
                                             who was a sergeant in Venezuela’s national              a debt of gratitude to MICHAEL MCNULTY for             tive that Congress act now to provide Amer-
                                             guard, for transporting 40,000 rounds of AK-47          the public service he provided. We will miss           ican dairy farmers access to this program
                                             ammunition to the FARC in Colombia.                     him from the New York delegation and from              through enacting the Dairy and Sheep H–2A
                                                It is often said that one can judge a person         the Congress as a whole. We wish him good              Visa Enhancement Act of 2008. This measure
                                             by the company he keeps. In this context, we            luck in his retirement.                                would codify existing regulatory practices and
                                             should all take note that just last Thursday,                             f                                    allow American sheep ranchers to legally hire
                                             while Americans observed the anniversary of                                                                    foreign workers for an initial period of three
                                             the September 11 attacks, Chavez rejected all           INTRODUCTION OF THE DAIRY                              years and additional terms of three years with-
                                             semblance of solidarity with the U.S. and our             AND SHEEP H–2A VISA ENHANCE-                         out requiring intervening periods of absence. It
                                             battle against terrorism by expelling the U.S.            MENT ACT OF 2008 (H.R. 6885)                         would also allow dairy farmers to hire foreign
                                             ambassador from Caracas. Chavez chooses                                                                        workers on a similar basis.
                                             the company of terrorists, drug traffickers, kid-                 HON. JOHN M. McHUGH                             Put simply, American dairy farmers need
                                             nappers and murderers, and severs diplomatic                               OF NEW YORK                         workers now. They can ill afford to wait for
                                             ties with the U.S. Chavez is a dictator who                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Congress to complete its long delayed at-
                                             harbors terrorists.                                              Tuesday, September 16, 2008                   tempts to enact legislation accomplishing com-
                                                Madam Speaker, I rise in support of                                                                         prehensive immigration reform. Accordingly, I
                                             AMAVEX and the efforts of all Venezuelans to               Mr. MCHUGH. Madam Speaker, on Sep-                  urge my colleagues to work with me to help
                                             bring the terrorist associations of dictator Hugo       tember 11, 2008, I introduced legislation, the         American dairy farmers and bolster our na-
                                             Chavez to the world’s attention.                        Dairy and Sheep H–2A Visa Enhancement Act              tion’s economy by enacting the Dairy and
                                                                                                     of 2008 (H.R. 6885), which is designed to en-          Sheep H–2A Visa Enhancement Act of 2008.
                                                                                                     sure that American dairy farmers and sheep                               f
                                                  TRIBUTE TO CONGRESSMAN                             ranchers can legally hire the employees they
                                                      MICHAEL MCNULTY                                need. Very simply, it would provide dairy farm-        REMEMBERING LEONARD B. ‘‘BUD’’
                                                                                                     ers with access to the H–2A visa program and                  DOGGETT, JR.
                                                     HON. CAROLYN McCARTHY                           codify longstanding regulatory practices that
                                                                OF NEW YORK                          currently allow sheepherders such access.                         HON. FRANK R. WOLF
                                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                        As I have previously mentioned, one cannot                            OF VIRGINIA
                                                                                                     overstate the importance of the dairy industry
rfrederick on PROD1PC67 with REMARKS

                                                     Tuesday, September 16, 2008                                                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                     to the United States economy. In 2007 alone,
                                               Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York. Madam                      nearly 60,000 commercial dairy farmers pro-                    Tuesday, September 16, 2008
                                             Speaker, I rise today to recognize Congress-            duced 185 billion pounds of milk worth $35.5             Mr. WOLF. Madam Speaker, on August 13,
                                             man MICHAEL MCNULTY on the occasion of his              billion. This generated more than $140 billion         when the Congress was in recess, the Wash-
                                             retirement from Congress and also to wish               in economic activity and 1.2 million jobs. In          ington, DC, region lost one of its great civic
                                             him a happy birthday. For 20 years, MIKE has            New York’s 23rd District, which I have the             leaders when Leonard B. ‘‘Bud’’ Doggett, Jr.,

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                                             September 16, 2008                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1809
                                             passed away at the age of 87. Bud will be re-             He took over his family’s parking business           tion he founded in 1964 that supports families
                                             membered by all for his steadfast dedication            in the 1950s and began a large push into real          of law enforcement officers and firefighters
                                             to community, especially through ‘‘Heroes,’’            estate. He bought old rowhouses, which he              killed on the job. ‘‘As a police officer with
                                                                                                     rented as rooming houses before razing them            four kids of my own, I can’t even put into
                                             the non-profit organization he founded to sup-
                                                                                                     for parking lots.                                      words how important this program is,’’ Pat-
                                             port the families of law enforcement officers             He also won federal parking concessions,             rick Burke, D.C. assistant police chief, told
                                             and firefighters killed on the job. His legacy of       including lots for the State Department and            us. Heroes has given millions of dollars to
                                             civic involvement should be an inspiration to           the Environmental Protection Agency. He                the families of slain public servants and has
                                             all of us. I ask that an editorial in the Wash-         later focused on major hotel chains, such as           helped put hundreds of children through col-
                                             ington Post about Bud’s life, as well as the            Sheraton and Hilton.                                   lege. Not bad, for a self-described shanty
                                             obituary about him from the same paper, be                With other parking barons, such as                   Irishman from Swamppoodle.
                                             inserted in the RECORD. We offer our sym-               Dominic F. Antonelli Jr. of Parking Manage-                              f
                                                                                                     ment, he forged important business ties to
                                             pathies to his family.                                  Capitol Hill. They made campaign donations             THE DAILY 45: CHICAGO POLICE
                                               L.B. DOGGETT JR.; PARKING TYCOON, CIVIC               to legislators including Rep. John L. McMil-
                                                                                                                                                             OFFICER KILLS HIMSELF AND
                                                                                                     lan (D–S.C.), the longtime chairman of the              DAUGHTER
                                                           (By Adam Bernstein)                       House District Committee, to prevent the
                                               L.B. ‘‘Bud’’ Doggett Jr., 87, a publicity-            creation of a municipal parking authority.
                                             averse D.C. commercial parking magnate                    He also was board chairman of several                           HON. BOBBY L. RUSH
                                             who emerged in the 1960s as a major civic               Washington banks and a director of Pepsi-                                OF ILLINOIS
                                             leader and a central backstage figure in poli-          Cola Bottling.
                                                                                                                                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                             tics and community development, died Aug.                 Ockershausen said Mr. Doggett prohibited
                                             13 at his home in Washington after a heart              publicity for his extensive charitable work.                    Tuesday, September 16, 2008
                                             attack.                                                   In 1964, Mr. Doggett founded a nonprofit
                                                                                                                                                               Mr. RUSH. Madam Speaker, the Depart-
                                               Mr. Doggett was president and chief execu-            organization, Heroes, that dispenses finan-
                                             tive of Doggett Enterprises, the parent cor-            cial aid to families of law enforcement offi-          ment of Justice tells us that, everyday, 45
                                             poration of Doggett’s Parking, which was                cers and firefighters killed in the line of            people, on average, are fatally shot in the
                                             founded by his parents in 1926.                         duty.                                                  United States. It is with a heavy heart that,
                                               It was the city’s first private parking com-            John Tydings, a former Board of Trade                today, I offer my condolences to the people of
                                             pany, and the younger Mr. Doggett guided it             president who is involved with Heroes, said            my community as I mourn the senseless loss
                                             quietly to greater prominence after taking              Mr. Doggett gave millions of dollars out of            of life of Chicago Police Officer Dannie
                                             over in the 1950s. For decades, he was a force          his pocket to help 225 law enforcement fami-           Marchan, 29, and his daughter, seven-year-old
                                             in preventing the District from building mu-            lies in the Washington area.
                                             nicipally owned parking garages and chal-                 ‘‘He set the bar high for civic leaders,’’
                                                                                                                                                            Alizay. Police report these gun-related deaths
                                             lenging private firms, a rarity for a large             Tydings said.                                          as a murder suicide with Officer Marchan al-
                                             U.S. city.                                                His wife of 57 years, Gladys Denton                  leged to have taken his own life after shooting
                                               Mr. Doggett, who also amassed a large                 Doggett, died in 1999. A son from that mar-            his two children.
                                             portfolio of real estate interests, was a domi-         riage, Leonard Doggett Ill, died last year.               This incident happened yesterday morning
                                             nant business figure in the city under the old            Survivors include his wife of eight years,           and, as of this time, Marchan’s 9-year-old son,
                                             federally appointed District Commissioners              Cherrie Wanner Doggett of Washington; a                whose name has not been released, is still
                                             system and during the emergence of elected              daughter from his first marriage, Frances
                                                                                                                                                            fighting for his life with his mother, Officer
                                             leaders in the mid-1970s.                               Foster of Boca Raton, Fla.; a stepdaughter,
                                               He liked to joke privately that he was                Kristine Harrington of Arlington County; a             Marchan’s ex-wife, at his side.
                                             ‘‘Shanty Irish,’’ but he was an effective fund-         sister, Rose Marie Melby of Gaithersburg;                 This senseless loss of life should not hap-
                                             raiser for politicians on Capitol Hill and in           and three grandchildren.                               pen to anyone. In an instant that can’t be
                                             what was then known as the District Build-                                                                     taken back, Officer Marchan handled his
                                             ing as well as a trusted power broker be-                 [From the Washington Post, Aug. 16, 2008]            stresses with a loaded weapon leaving dev-
                                             tween the political elite in the city and the                            BUD DOGGETT                           astating loss in its wake.
                                             federal government.                                                                                               Americans of conscience must come to-
                                               His support was considered crucial to the               Leonard B. ‘‘Bud’’ Doggett Jr., the parking
                                             completion of large ventures, including the             lot tycoon and D.C. power broker who always            gether to stop the senseless death of ‘‘The
                                             John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing               had the best interests of the city at heart,           Daily 45.’’ When will we say ‘‘enough is
                                             Arts and the old Washington Convention                  probably wouldn’t have liked us writing                enough, stop the killing!’’
                                                                                                     about him in this space—he shunned pub-
                                             Center, heralded as the country’s fourth                                                                                         f
                                             largest after it was built in 1982. It was de-          licity. But Mr. Doggett, who died Wednesday
                                             molished in 2005.                                       at the age of 87, exerted a powerful, mostly           INTRODUCTION OF THE BRUCE
                                               A key legacy was Mr. Doggett’s belief in              unseen and highly beneficial influence on the            VENTO BAN ASBESTOS AND PRE-
                                             keeping business in the, city despite the dev-          District during more than half a century.
                                                                                                     When he became president of what is now the
                                                                                                                                                              VENT MESOTHELIOMA ACT OF
                                             astating riots of 1968 and later tax increases.                                                                  2008
                                             He held high offices with what is now the               Greater Washington Board of Trade in 1967,
                                             Greater Washington Board of Trade—he                    most businesses discriminated against mi-
                                             served a term as president in 1967—and led              norities; Mr. Doggett urged his colleagues to                       HON. GENE GREEN
                                             many efforts to rejuvenate downtown.                    accept diversity. He spearheaded projects
                                                                                                                                                                              OF TEXAS
                                               While leading the board, he helped donate             that helped rejuvenate the city’s downtown
                                                                                                     slums. City leaders advancing a worthy                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                             thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment for
                                             training courses in typing and hairdressing             cause knew that they could count on Mr.                         Tuesday, September 16, 2008
                                             as well as sports uniforms and toys for resi-           Doggett. He would ask, ‘‘Are you sure that’s
                                                                                                     all you need?’’ and end the conversation by              Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Madam
                                             dents of the Valley Green housing complex
                                             in Southeast.                                           saying, ‘‘The check is in the mail.’’ Most re-         Speaker, today marks a milestone for the U.S.
                                               Longtime broadcasting executive Andy                  cently, Mr. Doggett was a driving force be-            House of Representatives in the fight against
                                             Ockershausen said Mr. Doggett was ‘‘a good              hind the District’s impressive Hurricane               asbestos-related disease. The Bruce Vento
                                             negotiator and believed in downtown Wash-               Katrina relief efforts.                                Act is strong and comprehensive legislation to
                                             ington. He always felt if downtown was                    Mr. Doggett’s friends say that his concern           prohibit asbestos-containing products in com-
                                             thriving, the whole metropolitan area would             for the city stemmed from his humble roots.
                                             thrive. He kept his business here, refused to           He was born in 1920 and grew up in an Irish
                                                                                                     tenement in an area near Union Station that              As chairman of the Subcommittee on the
                                             move it out of city.’’
                                               Leonard Brent Doggett Jr. was born Aug.               immigrants affectionately called ‘‘Swamp-              Environment and Hazardous Materials Sub-
                                             25, 1920, in the District and attended George-          poodle.’’ After serving in World War II, he            committee, I believe action to eliminate asbes-
                                             town Preparatory School.                                went to work for his parents, who owned a              tos-containing products from the U.S. econ-
                                               He entered World War II as an Army Air                small number of parking lots downtown. Mr.             omy and prevent asbestos-related disease is
                                             Forces pilot, then transferred to the Army              Doggett started out working as a valet, often          long overdue.
rfrederick on PROD1PC67 with REMARKS

                                             infantry after he was reprimanded for flying            babysitting jalopies filled with children                We are proud to have the support of the As-
                                             under a bridge during training in Texas.                while their parents took in a show. He even-
                                                                                                                                                            bestos Disease Awareness Organization, the
                                               As an infantryman, he received decora-                tually took over the parking lot business
                                             tions for heroism. They included the Bronze             from his father and expanded aggressively,             Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation,
                                             Star for organizing a defense unit as others            amassing a lucrative portfolio of real estate.         the AFL–CIO, the American Public Health As-
                                             evacuated wounded soldiers from a besieged                But Mr. Doggett’s most lasting legacy will           sociation, the Environmental Working Group,
                                             French village.                                         undoubtedly be Heroes, a nonprofit organiza-           and other asbestos organizations.

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