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Renovations Designed
to Inspire Learning
“Space impacts the way people feel and how they approach life               Some watching the renovations wonder why bond-funding goes
and work,” SFCC Vice President of Finance and Administration                into improving physical surroundings while other priorities,
Meridee Walters said. “This is not about decorating. This is                such as employee wages, seem to be stuck. But by law, bond
about creating a space where learning excellence happens.”                  funds can only be used on tangible items, not salaries. The
                                                                            renovations carry other kinds of employee benefits, however:
Through campus renovations, SFCC is exploring ways to create
                                                                            water-based paints, energy efficient light fixtures, even the glues
an environment that the community will want to bond to as they
                                                                            used to fasten down new carpet are environmentally friendly,
strive for success. Beyond clubs and academic support programs,
                                                                            making for a healthier, greener environment.
research, intuition and experience pointed in a direction
recognized by Frank Lloyd Wright: Build it, and they will come.
                                                                            “ I t s ays t o e ve r y b o d y, ‘ Th i s i s a p l a ce
This philosophy is one that Walters has pondered for some time.
“How can physical plant and student facilities contribute to                where something great is going to
student retention? What does that look like?”                               h a p p e n a n d i f yo u’r e h e r e, yo u c a n d o
Most students and visitors have an answer to that question:                 s o m e t h i n g g r e a t .’”
“It looks fantastic!” The campus transformation includes new                                                          ~ Meridee Walters
floors, furniture and fashionable wall colors that draw people                            Vice President of Finance and Administration
into spaces to study, talk or relax between classes. The facelift is
funded by a bond issue approved by local voters in 2010.                    Maintenance costs were reduced by replacing old carpet with
                                                                            tiles that are tougher and easier to clean. The same number of
Interior designer Ronnie DiCappo, AAHID, ASID, of Hartman
                                                                            custodians can keep the floors clean, even with the addition of two
+ Majewski Design Group, developed color and fabric schemes.
                                                                            new buildings. New boilers, chillers and roofs that were funded by
She described the look as Contemporary Santa Fe, with patinaed
                                                                            the bond will operate more efficiently, reducing costs. A planned
colors that reflect the New Mexico landscape. “I got the idea
                                                                            solar array could save the college $350,000 in electricity costs.
right away that it was going to be forward thinking,” she said.
                                                                            These savings eventually can be applied to salaries, Walters said,
The standard-issue colors of institutional learning – boring                noting, however, “It is going to take a little time.”
beiges and hospital greens – were not in contention. “Those
                                                                            Meanwhile, the new roundabout entrance to the campus has cut
days are over,” Walters said. “It says to everybody, ‘This is a place
                                                                            traffic backup, helping to reduce the carbon footprint created by
where something great is going to happen and if you’re here, you
                                                                            commuting. Also contributing to cleaner air is a new paved path
can do something great.’ We want people who walk in here to
                                                                            connecting trails to Rancho Viejo that provide a safer, greener
think, ‘I have arrived.’ Because they have.”
                                                                            route for walking or biking to campus.
                                                                            The work is far from finished. The Enrollment and Student
                                                                            Services Center is undergoing remodeling to make it more
                                                                            inviting and useful to students. Plans are at the drawing-board
                                                                            stage for a community garden that will use compost created by
                                                                            the Sustainable Technologies Center. It will also train Culinary
                                                                            Arts students to grow their own produce.

                                                                             Fu n Fa c t s
                                                                             3.4 tons of carpeting removed
                                                                             1.8 tons of new carpeting installed
                                                                             16 tons of new tile laid
                                                                             The new 20-by-20-inch tile laid end to end would reach
The new information desk will be modeled after a concierge desk at a         from SFCC to Santa Fe Place (3.76 miles)
five-star hotel. Maps will guide visitors to their location and concierge    The new baseboard tiles would stretch from SFCC to
staff will assure that visitors have the best information available.
                                                                             beyond the I-25 underpass (1.7 miles)
For more images of the renovations on campus, visit
taste this good?
Who thought education could
The new East Wing Eatery, located in         McCann’s steel-cut oatmeal. Lunch              All the breads will be baked on campus
what was formerly the Instructional          includes Ruebens and roast beef                by Kelly or her initiates. Also look for
Technology Center, is now serving            sandwiches, and updated takes on ham           campus-made hot chocolate and chai,
takeout breakfasts and lunches that          and cheese (with apple chutney) and            pickles, sauerkraut, salad dressing,
compete with the top casual dining           mac and cheese (with green chile).             sandwich fillings and spreads, soups,
restaurants in Santa Fe.                                                                    cookies and desserts.
                                             The welcoming, brightly tiled and
“I’m not just going for the best food        painted café was designed by SFCC              “It is ambitious,” Cohen admits.
on campus; I want to be the best food        Arts and Design students. Cohen and
                                                                                            Because many students will work in the
in the area,” Eatery Chef-Manager            sous chef Nick Griffin, a culinary arts
                                                                                            Eatery, Cohen chose to use a partially
Danny Cohen said. “People are going to       student, developed the menu. Griffin
                                                                                            automatic coffee maker that will assure
compare us to the best places in town.”      has restaurants in his blood; his family
                                                                                            the coffee quality remains consistent.
Cohen has taught in SFCC’s Culinary          owns Bella Notte, an Italian restaurant in
                                                                                            The café also features an oven that uses
Arts Program since 2008 and worked as        Estancia. Kosta Becker, who graduated
                                                                                            radiant heat, convection and microwaves
a chef since 1997.                           from the Culinary Arts Program but
                                                                                            to heat sandwiches and toast bagels.
                                             continues to fine tune his skills by taking
Culinary Arts Lead Instructor Michelle
                                             classes, will serve as pastry chef and         “We can make a ham and cheese panini
Roetzer created the idea of the café as
                                             daytime manager.                               in 45 seconds,” Cohen said.
an outlet for students’ work. “The East
Wing Eatery provides students with           The Commercial Baking class will               Speed and ambition aside, the true test
the experience they need to help them        prepare the butter block – the fine layers     of the Eatery will be the bottom line. It is
become valuable employees,” she said.        of dough and butter that create flaky          expected ultimately to support itself.
                                             croissants. Culinary arts student Leslie
Students are placed with local
                                             Kelly will bake bread and desserts. Leslie
restaurants to earn required externship
                                             has worked in restaurants since she was
hours, but “in many cases, we were
                                             12, but this is the first time she’s helped
putting them in a situation where they
                                             plan menus and test recipes, she said.
couldn’t succeed” because they lacked
first-hand experience and training,          Once the foundations of a quality
Roetzer said. Students working in            restaurant are established, student chefs
the Eatery will learn to organize a          will prep food and work the register.
workstation, prioritize orders and
                                             “This is a perfect way for them to get
develop the tools necessary to work at a
                                             job experience,” said Cohen. Core staff
busy restaurant.                                                                                      7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
                                             members are paid, while others gain job
                                                                                                   Monday through Friday
East Wing Eatery’s breakfast menu            experience or earn externship hours.
features smoothies, pastries and                                                     

In MeMorIaM                                                                             Also famous for his big smile, Isaac Garcia
SFCC mourns the loss of two of its own.                                                 combined his love of the outdoors with
                                                                                        a desire to help. Born in Calcutta, India,
                     Arthur (Artie) Ortiz was a beloved member
                                                                                        and orphaned, he was adopted when he
                     of the SFCC community since the college’s
                                                                                        was three months old and brought to
                     founding in 1983. During his 29 years
                                                                                        the U.S. An accomplished student, Isaac
                     at SFCC, he worked in various positions,
                                                                                        was homeschooled, obtained a GED and
                     including Account Tech I, Shipping &
                                                                                        earned an associate degree in leadership
                     Receiving, Receiving Technician, Purchasing
                                                                    and outdoor education at SFCC. He worked as a lifeguard and
                     Specialist, Purchasing Supervisor and
                                                                    facilities manager at the Witter Fitness Education Center. Most
                     Material Processing Coordinator. He made
                                                                    recently, he was a county firefighter and a member of the
a lasting and positive contribution to each one. Artie will be
                                                                    Atalaya Search and Rescue team. Isaac passed away on
remembered for his smile and generosity, especially when he
                                                                    March 16 of aortic dissection. He was 25.
visited each office doing his mail runs in
the afternoons.                                                     Both men will be missed.
Profile                                                                                         Kudos
Cesar Perez                                                                                   Students Receive Scholarships from
                                                                                              Local Organizations. Five students –
Athlete. Student. Coach.
                                                                                              all the first in their families to attend
Although only a few years older than                                                          college – have received scholarships
the players on the league soccer team he                                                      to support their academic efforts.
coaches, Cesar Perez, 20, is a commanding                                                     The scholarships are awarded by the
leader. Over the past four years, he has
                                                                                              Kiwanis Club and Santa Fe Professional
taken his team, los Aguilas (the Eagles),
                                                                                              Business Women. Each of these
from a middling team to one that made it
to the state tournament last year.                                                            TRiO students was awarded a
                                                                                              scholarship for $500 a semester:
Born in Parril, Chihuahua, Perez moved                                                        Yvette Medina, Brigina Valencia,
to Albuquerque with his mother and                                                            Jacqueline Herrera, Sainie Atencio
an older sister when he was 7. His
                                                                                              and Margaretmary Woodd.
mother always dreamed he would go
into medicine, and that’s exactly where                                                       SFCC’s Contract for a Better
he headed when he enrolled in the                                                             Tomorrow scholarship recipients
respiratory therapy program at SFCC.                                                          were celebrated for their good
But when Perez started his clinical practice at a hospital in Albuquerque, doubts             grades and their commitment to
about his career choice started surfacing. Instead of the model he dreamed of, where          completing their studies April 5 by
he spent time getting to know his patients and talking to them, he found the process          their underwriters, the Domanica
of treating people too rushed and impersonal. For him, there was something missing            Foundation and the GROW
in the day-to-day routine.                                                                    SFCC Foundation. Hooray, CBT
The young soccer coach knows when a team needs to change strategy in order to                 Students! (See photo below right
win. Perez realized he needed to change his personal strategy to find a career he             and more at
would really love.                                                                            ContractforABetterTomorrow. )
He remembered a particularly difficult time during his junior year in high school,            Winner! SFCC Director of Marketing
when he ruptured his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in a game. The injury had also          Communications Jeff Atwell was
ruptured any chances of a university scholarship or a life as a competitive soccer player.    awarded the Silver Paragon Award from
One of his teachers who noticed he was depressed pulled him out of class to talk. Perez       the National Council for Marketing
recalled how the teacher made a difference in that period of his life.                        and Public Relations for his design
Perez also began thinking about his coaching as a form of teaching. His relationship          of the invitation to the Trades and
with the los Aguilas team is personal – he gets to know the players, figuring out how they    Advanced Technologies grand opening,
work together, what motivates them. He is included in birthday celebrations and invited       held in May 2011. The national award
to other events in players’ lives.                                                            recognizes outstanding achievement
It occurred to Perez he could stay at SFCC, but instead of the health and sciences field,     in two-year college marketing and
he could study to be the kind of teacher who inspired him back in high school when he         public relations.
needed it most.
Now Cesar is in his second year at SFCC, but headed in a new direction in the Teacher
Education Program. He knows the science courses he took to prepare for a medical
career will not go to waste, because he plans to earn endorsements in science and math.
“A teacher has to know his stuff very, very well,” Perez said. “It’s a blessing to know all
these things.”
And his mother – who had hoped he would land in the medical field – is on board with
the new plan. “She respects my decision. She told me, ‘You’re going to learn what you
need so you can get a profession that you want to get up every morning to do.’”
There’s no question the soccer player/coach/teacher who knows his science is now on
track to be a leader in one of Santa Fe’s classrooms.
ECDC = Kids Campus. The name is new,       dual-credit statistics. Dual credit allows   Owl Released After Recovery.
but the same great teachers and staff      students to earn both high school and        After five weeks of care and a passing
continue providing quality education       college credit. It’s working: all 17 TMP     grade from “mouse school,” a great
and child care. The program underwent      2011 graduates are enrolled in college.      horned owl that was wounded on
an extensive process to select a new       Of those, eight are at SFCC. The average     campus was released back into its
name and logo to better reflect its        student earned 23 credits from SFCC          habitat. Witnesses say the owl was
mission. Kids Campus serves children       while in high school. WTG, TMP!              fleeing a flock of ravens when it flew
8 weeks to 5 years old. Parents or                                                      into a window. Assistant Professor of
                                           Candidates for President Named. The
guardians do not need to be associated                                                  Biology Janie Milner said one of the
                                           SFCC Governing Board has announced
with SFCC to enroll their children.                                                     owl’s eyes was injured.
                                           six candidates to interview for the
“We provide quality service in a           position of President of the college.        The owl was taken to the Wildlife Center
wonderful facility,” Assistant Vice        Co-chairs Carole Brito and Linda Siegle      outside of Española. Upon its recovery,
President for Business Services and        led the selection process, working with      the owl was brought to campus and
Purchasing Bob McWilliams said. “We        a 19-member committee to narrow the          released near where it was found.
want everyone to know about it and         application field. The candidates are:
                                                                                        “He just fluttered off and didn’t look
feel welcome at Kids Campus.”              • Pamela Anglin, C.P.A., Ed.D., President,   back,” Milner said. Campus security
Kids Campus is open Monday-Friday            Paris Junior College, Paris, Tex.          guards report hearing the owl call at
8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.                     • Dorothy Duran, Ph.D., Vice President       night – with its mate responding
                                             for Academic Affairs, Iowa Western         in turn.
Student Wins National Competition.
                                             Community College, Council
Kitchen Design student Karen Klavuhn                                                    Bowls for Kids’ Sake. SFCC’s Clay
                                             Bluffs, Iowa.
was one of 10 students to win a                                                         Club raised $455 to benefit Adelante,
scholarship after she designed a safe,     • Richard Eugene Durán, Ed.D., President,    a Santa Fe Public Schools program
functional kitchen for a family of three     Oxnard College, Oxnard, Calif.             that supports homeless students. Club
in under three hours. She was among        • Ana Guzman, Ed.D., President, Palo         members donated about 30 clay bowls
400 students from 31 colleges who            Alto College, San Antonio, Tex.            that were displayed for sale on a table
competed in the National Kitchen &         • Margie C. Huerta, Ph.D., President,        marked to benefit the organization
Bath Association and GE Appliances           Doña Ana Community College,                during the club’s holiday sale.
Charette Competition. Her design             New Mexico State University,               Same Program. New Time. SFCC’s
received an honorable mention, which         Las Cruces, NM.                            Campus Connection on KSFR 101.1 FM
came with a $1,000 scholarship.
                                           • Leslie Anne Navarro, Ph.D., President,     now airs Saturdays from 1:30 to 2 p.m.
Mastering Masters. Founded in 2010,          Morton College, Cicero, Ill.               The bi-weekly public affairs talk show,
The MASTERS Program (TMP), an early                                                     hosted by SFCC’s Meg Lenzer, focuses
college charter school on the SFCC                                                      on news and newsmakers from SFCC.
campus, has released its first year of
                                                                                                         US Postage
                                                                                                         Santa Fe
           6401 Richards Ave.                                                                            Community
           Santa Fe, NM 87508-4887

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