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									                      Email archiving solution
Cloud computing is the future. It is started to be more and more popular because it is saving your time,
money and it helps big companies to be better organized with their data. Jatheon Technologies is
offering email archiving solution for small and big companies. Email archiving will help with storing
emails, indexing email messages for faster search and security. With email archiving, security is on high
level and there is no risk from attacks and overtaking email messages. Companies with large amount of
email messages per day and month must have Jatheon’s email archiving system . Why wasting your
precious time searching for specific email message, it can take hours of your time, visit and read about our email archiving solution for big and small companies.

Jatheon’s exchange email archiving involves the use of an email archiving appliance which has been
specifically designed to perform this function and which indexes each email for easy retrieval at a later
date.In the past, organizations regularly depended on end-users to maintain their own individual email

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