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Restoration Professionals and Consultants


									Restoration Professionals and Consultants
                                    The Art of Restoration • Office (541) 704-0067 • Fax (541) 791-7148

                                                                   We Specialize in:
                                                           Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup
                                                           Biohazard and Hoarding Cleanup
                                                         Blood, Suicide and Homicide Cleanup
                                                 Uninttended Death Cleanup and BioRecovery Services

                                                        Xactimate Trained - For Insurance Industry
                                                           DEQ Asbestos Abatement Certified
                                                   IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician
                                                           Certified Fire Restoration Specialist
                                               DHS Clandestine Drug-lab cleanup Certified (Meth/All Drugs)
                                                      HAZMAT Certified (Hazardous Materials Cleanup)
                                                 IICRC Certified Stone, Masonry & Ceramic Tile Cleaning
                                                               NEHA RADON RNCW Certified

                                                                    Flagger Certified
                                                              Bio-Hazard Cleanup Certified
                                                          Tanker Truck Spill Response Certified

                                                              Photo & Fine Art Restoration
                                                                Toxicology & Exposure
                                                                   Risk Assessment
                                                                  Certified Mold Tech

                                                                  Lead RR&P Trained
                                                              CONFINED SPACE TRAINED
                                                              Lead Safe Practices Certified
                                                                 C-Stop Safety Trained

                                               DHS#10461 / Asbestos DEQ#FSC 729 / CCB License #182767

                                                        Serving Your Needs
                                                       in Multiple Locations:
                                                          Corporate Headquarters
                                                           Silver Star Group, LLC
                                                              Corvallis / Albany
                                                      2908 Pine St. SE, Albany, OR 97322
                                                     PO Box 2587, Clackamas, OR 97015
                                                      PO Box 7053, Springfield, OR 97475
                                                              Klamath Falls
                                                3333 Anderson #18, Klamath Falls, OR 97603
         Adam Blagg: (541) 936-0033
     Cameron A. Blagg III: (503) 932-2324
         Mike O. Blagg: (541) 936-0165                            Sal Perez: (541) 730-0593
   Allstar (Re-Build) Office: (541) 924-1841                     Justin Wirth: (541) 967-7882
          Casey Hugo: (541) 868-6671                            Kevin Beasley: (541) 633-6700
         Dave Baldwin: (541) 936-4761                           Josh Thomson: (971) 570-0069
           Scott Hall: (541) 401-1458                           Cortnee Britton: (541) 401-8796
           Joe Steele: (541) 220-0961                           Shawna Onge: (541) 928-9618
        Cary Garinger: (541) 730-5644             RPC - YOUR WHOLE HOME HEALTH SPECIALISTS
                    MEET THE CREW
                                           It is our mission to enrich the lives of our
                                            customers, clients, sub-contractors and
                                           business associates. We do this through
                                           superior quality work, legendary custom-
                                            er service, cost controls, constant train-
                                            ing, state-of-the-art business practices,
                                             good work ethic and treating everyone
                                                 like we would like to be treated.

 Our customers and clients are our most
important resource (word of mouth is how
we are garnering market share daily) and
 our success depends upon creating and
     retaining long-term relationships.

                                             It is our intention to deliver exceptional
                                               service to every client and customer,
                                            every time - this is the building block that
                                           is helping us become the best restoration
                                             company in the mid Willamette Valley.

          The high road to Service is traveled
  with integrity, compassion and understanding...
       People don’t care how much we know
        Until they know how much we care
                                      If you need help with construction defects, water intrusion,
                                              mold abatement & remediation, fire damage
                                              or demolition we offer certified professionals
                                       to give you peace of mind during the restoration process.

                                            Our highly trained and experienced crew can
                                        clean up your Hazmat spill, do emergency board-ups
                                                   and confined space work also.

              We offer free onsite assessment and building wellness examinations.

               Expert witness and documentation for mediation is complimentary
               when RPC repairs your home or business for construction defects.

        We understand the industry and combine that with our desire to keep costs low
           for our customers (who are our best advertising here in the Mid-Valley)
                        while balancing safety and health concerns.

     Other services of our experienced crew:

          GC Projects To Keep On Schedule
          Building Wellness Exam • Painting
       Custom Cabinetry • Emergency Board-Up
                 Flooring Installation
         Temporary Heat for Sheetrock Drying
               Lessen Cosmetic Issues
  Moisture Management (during construction process)
Emergency Services and Repair for Property Managers
                                                                 We believe everyone we deal
We use real-time, live photo uplinks for all insurance jobs.
                                                                   with deserves respect.
                 Daily records available
               Call for an estimate today.
                                                     NEW SERVICES OFFERED
                                                       Blood Clean-Up • BioHazard Cleanup
                                                      Suicide Clean-Up • Homicide Clean-Up
                                                           Unattended Death Clean-Up
                                                    Hoarding Clean-Up • BioRecovery Services

                                                               Specialists in Crime Scene
                                                                 and Trauma Clean-up

                                                         We can add Earthquake Protection
                                                                  to your home!
    If your new home or business show signs of “wet construction,” the windows leak, has visible mold
growth or the caulk is failing these may be signs of construction defects.
    You can call on us at any time for a consultation - we excel at understanding the situation and
many times can find other potential hazards hidden underneath the siding or trim.
    Lack of ventilation in an attic crawlspace can cause microbiological growth, combined with a
“stack effect” (when the home heats up air can come down from the attic into the living areas, it can
come in from the crawl space when cooler also) from normal changes in temperature this has the
potential for health issues. Those mainly at risk are usually people will low immune systems, children
and the elderly.
    We have simple fixes for this problem. First we remediate and mitigate the mold growth stopping
its spread. Then we install vents and fan (solar panel or 110 direct) that kicks on at a set tempera-
ture. Others will use this idea, but Adam Blagg came up with it and he doesn’t mind sharing it in an
effort to solve one huge mold issue in new construction.
    There are many reasons for attic mold in new construction. A lack of venting is just one cause.
Each case is unique and our crew will attack the problem like a crime scene. Is it a fan ducted too far
(to reach the end of the house and prevent cutting into the roof by the installer)? Are the tenants not
turning on their bathroom fans because of the noise? (in this case a fan that comes on automatically
when humidity levels reach a set point is called for) Many homes are built to prevent energy loss,
thus they are “tightly” built, not allowing for air exchanges. This is great for your heat bill, but can cre-
ate other issues.
    As industry leaders we pride ourselves on diagnosis, FAST service calls and getting the job done
right the first time.
If you need a home, industrial site or business demolished we can help stretch your
       budget using previous experience and the right equipment for the job.
                       We service all of the state of Oregon.

                   Count on RPC when quality really counts.
                 Remember, exceptional service is our standard.
                 MOLD REMEDIATION
                                                      Onsite Assessment of contaminated areas will be
                                                  done by our Certified Mold Technician (CMT) who can
                                                  recognize mold emergencies and write the protocol for
                                                  performing abatement and remediation. Our first priority
                                                  is to examine the problem
                                                  and solve the “water in”
                                                  factor (is this from a leak
                                                  in the building envelope,
                                                  a flood, capillary action or
                                                  condensation). Once we
                                                  find the source (which can
                                                  include building during the
                                                  wet part of the year here in
Oregon) we remove standing water and all dangerous elements.
    Building wet (during the rainy season), building too tight, leaky win-
dows, inadequate ventilation - there are many causes for mold growth.
We can help diagnose the problem, mitigate the damage and do the re-
pairs. A few years of leaky windows can even cause structural damage.
                                Our team can look at all aspects of your
                                building envelope and find a solution. It might be as simple as adding
                                a few vents to the roof system, or a direct-wired fan and new ductwork.
                                RPC has a great track record of helping people in need.
                                    In an emergency there is a limited time frame to determine the class
                                category of the damage and a knowledgeable, trained supervisor will
                                offer you peace of mind during the initial discovery. Our CMT will evalu-
                                ate the condition (1, 2 or 3), co-ordinate with the Indoor Environmental
                                Professional (IEP) to formulate an initial hypothesis about the origin,
                                identity, location and extent of amplification of mold contamination.
                                    We are so confident in our ability to serve you that our insurance
                                coverage is twice the state-mandated coverage and includes specialty
                                coverage for mold abatement and remediation (the mold issue in new
                                construction is a fairly new phenomenon and many companies aren’t
                                aware of the coverage required).
    We always use a third-party IEP to evaluate the data obtained from a building history and inspec-
tion. A sampling plan will be developed and samples are collected and sent to a qualified laboratory
for analysis. The IEP will interpret the data and a remediation plan will
be developed.
                                   All employees and sub-contractors
                               display proper behavior and have attitudes
                               that are conducive to a productive work-
                                   Using industry standards RPC’s Profes-
                               sional “MoldBusters” team can help bring
                               your indoor air quality back to normal.
                                   Contact us today for a free building
                               wellness exam.
                      TRAUMA CLEANUP

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, two things matter most: response time and level of experience.
It takes a high level of experience. It takes a high level of dedication and professionalism to handle
the rigors of violent crime and accident scenes. RPC offers specialized, trauma cleanup services - to
provide a partner you can trust with restoration when it's needed most.

                                                                         Proven Processes To Clean:
                                                             Crime scenes • Homicides • Suicides • Natural death
                                                                   •Trauma accidents • Industrial accidents
                                                               Tear gas cleaning • Meth labs • Fingerprint dust
                                                                           Uninhabitable residences
                                                             Disinfecting/odor removal • Vehicle mishap cleaning
                                                                           Hoarding and gross filth

                                                                    What if my insurance adjuster doesn’t give me enough
                                                                    money to cover my repairs after my home is damaged from a
                                                                    fire, flood or storm damage?
                                                                    I would use a restoration company that does not work for an insurance
                                                                    company as a “preferred contractor,” or “preferred vendor.” Call a
                                                                    contractor that works for you. A “preferred” restoration company may let
                                               Mike Blagg           the adjuster write the scope of work for your home; sometimes the adjuster
                                                                    is thinking about his place in the company or his next bonus and those
                                                                    thoughts might not line up with the scope of work on your home.
                                                                    If you have a specific question about the claims process you can call Adam,
                                                                    Mike or Cameron anytime: (541) 704-0067. We have helped many, many
                                                                    people through the insurance claims process usually getting our clients
                                                                    fully covered to pre-loss condition. We have helped other contractors
                                                                    when dealing with insurance companies also, using our Xactimate program

                                                                    (direct insurance billing software) - we will help anyone in trying to make
                                        Fire and Water

     One of only a handful of                                       the claim’s process smoother.
companies who have taken the state
                                                                                                          Adam Blagg (541) 936-0033
mandated testing, have the required                       Restoration                                    Cameron Blagg (503) 932-2324
insurance and taken the courses to be                     Professionals &                         
certified, you can rest easy knowing                      Consultants        “The Art of Restoration’’
                                                                                                             Re-build by AllStar Construction
RPC will be doing your job.
                  ALBANY METH SITE
Former Albany meth site gets clean bill of health
March 28, 2010
By AnneMarie Knepper - The Democrat Herald and Corvallis Gazette Times
    Daffodils spring from a site once so toxic no one was allowed on it without permission and special
    This plot on Spicer Drive once housed a meth lab.
    The lab was busted in October 1996 by the now disbanded Valley Interagency Narcotics Team,
better known as VALIANT.
    It took the owner quite some time to come up with the cash to pay for the extensive cleanup.
    The land is inherited, and at the time of the bust a relative was using the property.
    Now, more than a decade later, the site has been decontaminated by a trio of businesses: All-
star Construction and Restoration Professionals & Consultants of Albany and Northwest Hazmat of
    Allstar Construction, a licensed drug lab decontamination contractor, is serving as the general con-
tractor, Northwest Hazmat has special certification in meth chemicals, and Restoration Professionals
& Consultants is certified to handle asbestos.
    The presence of asbestos and drug companies to work with both the Oregon Department of Envi-
ronmental Quality and the Oregon Department of Human Services, as well as other agencies.
    “There are a lot of hoops to jump through - but the end result is that people are kept safe with
DEQ and DHS rules,” said Cameron Blagg of Restoration Professionals & Consultants.
    The end result will be a certificate of fitness, a DHS document certifying that a drug lab property
was decontaminated and is fit for living or another use.
    The cost for the decontamination and required testing for this property totaled more than $13,300.
    “DHS fees alone can total $1,400,” Blagg explained. “DEQ, $900.”
    Special equipment such as respirators, gloves and booties are required by the federal Occupa-
tional Safety and Health Administration, he added.
    Also, landfills charge more for asbestos, which requires special packaging before being accepted.
    “The (Environmental Protection Agency) has labeling requirements - you must have a locked-up
site, locked-up Dumpster,” Blagg said.
    Two trailers on the site were “filled with asbestos,” according to Blagg.
    A barn once stood on the site, but it burned down a few years ago.
    “To work here you need hazmat and meth training and (must) have specialized supervisors,”
Blagg said. “You have to suit up just to get stuff out.”
    Crews filled 10 dumpsters and that didn’t include the asbestos-ridden pieces, which were stored
    During the current cleanup a small chemical spill was detected at the site, and Northwest Hazmat
was charged with decontaminating it.
    “They must have been hoarders or something,” Blagg said. “The trailers were full.” Items left be-
hind included vinyl records, household goods and toys.
    Blagg said it looked like the former tenants were “cooking” in one trailer and living in the other.
    Law enforcement seized most of the meth-related chemicals at the time of the bust.
    “It was definitely an active meth lab,” Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller said.
    Now Blagg says the site is almost ready for occupancy, if that’s what the owners
decide to do with it.
    “Somebody could build a beautiful home here,” Blagg said. “Look at this view.”
                  FIRE RESTORATION
                                                                        From board-ups to demo and
                                                                    rebuilding RPC is on call to help
                                                                        We offer 24-hour emergency
                                                                    services (call Adam at 936-0033
                                                                    or Cameron at 503-932-2324) for
                                                                    our reasonably priced, emergency
                                                                    board-ups. Experienced, qualified
                                                                    professionals will put you (or your
                                                                    clients) at ease during this trying
                                                                        If you need ultra-sonic
                                                                    cleaning, dry ice blasting (very
                                                                    safe - used in many situations),
                                                                    pack-out, storage or de-ionized
                                                                    water cleaning give us a call.
                                                                        Contents inventory retrieval
                                                                    and control is an ever changing
                                                                    environment. With new
                                                                    technologies and advancements,
RPC gives cost effective solutions to the challenges of restoring your home or business.
    We have staff that can deal with Hazmat issues, smoke damage, odor damage, blood and
pathogens. One of the most important steps to protecting your property is quick water removal and
drying (to prevent toxic mold and structural damage). RPC’s insights and caring can help solve
issues before problems arise.
                                                Emergencies present difficult challenges in the field of
                                            traffic control: the car & pole accident at 2:00 AM, the gas
                                            leak presenting an explosion hazard or the lane closed
                                            from an overturned truck. For you, the customer, one call
                                            to our Central Dispatch Center is all it takes to deploy safe
                                            and reliable help to your traffic control emergency, always
                                            in One hour or less. The true value of any service provider
                                            is how they perform when it matters most. You can count
                                            on RPC to be there for you whenever and wherever you
                                            need us. Call any of our dispatch numbers at (541) 936-
                                            0033, (503) 932-2324 or (541) 936-0165.

   We offer a full variety of services to assist in your facility management. Any issue you have we
can usually help, if we can’t we probably know a reputable outfit that can.
   For references from owners of HUD sites and property management companies please contact
us. For us there is no substitute for hard work and ensuring the job is done correctly.

   We do not make mountains out of mole-hills.
   We do not bill out for unnecessary dehumidifiers and we don’t cut out excess amounts of sheet-
rock when doing a flood cut.
   It is in our best interest to keep the bill as low as possible while doing an exemplary job. Residual
work is the cornerstone of our business.
   Honesty and integrity is what has built our company; there is no substitute for hard work and
ensuring it’s done the correct way - WE ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.
   We do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for franchise fees, nor do we have to
mark things up to pay royalties; that savings is passed on to you.
                                 PROPERTY CLEAN-UP
                            6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal
                                   6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal

                                                                                                                          From Meth Labs
                                                                                                                          and Grow Operations
                                                                                                                          to Bad Tenants
                                                                                                                          and Messy Hoarders
                                                                                                                          - RPC is here to help! 6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal

                                                                                                                                                         6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal

                                                                                                                                6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal

                                                                                                                          The basement is far worse than the rest of the house. Here we will need to remove loose asbestos floor
                                                                                                                            tiles, mold infested drywall, controlled substances, garbage and human waste. There is marijuana all
                                                                                                                                                over the floors as well as chemical residue and misc. garbage.

           Their lab equipment and grow lights are what probably caught the antiquated electrical panel on fire.
           This fire loosened floor tiles and ceiling tiles that are possibly asbestos containing. We will have these
         items tested before we clean them up and if asbestos is found our state licensed in-house asbestos team
                                               will do this portion of the cleanup.

We will clean up all debris on the outside of the property and disinfect the ground. We will also remove
                          loose fence boards and other possible safety hazards.

                                                                                                                         Our state licensed hazardous materials workers will dispose of the many buckets of human
                                                                                                                                are buckets of human waste in the bathrooms and some of the other rooms in the
                                                                                                        Our state licensed hazardous materials workers will dispose of the many buckets of human waste. There
                                                                                                               are buckets of human waste in the bathrooms and some of the other rooms in the home.
                                                                                                                                                         Restoration Professionals & Consultants
                                                                                                                                                                - The Art of Restoration –

                                  6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal

                                           Restoration Professionals & Consultants
                                                  - The Art of Restoration –

                                                                                                                                                  6830 SE Woodstock, Cleanup and remediation Proposal

                                                                                                                                         Restoration Professionals & Consultants
                                                        RPC                                                                                                    Restoration
                                                                                                                                                - The Art of Restoration – Professionals & Consultants
                                                                                                                                                                       - The
                                                                                                                                    Art of Restoration –
                                      Restoration Professionals & Consultants                                                                                  
                                             - The Art of Restoration –

          Their lab equipment and grow lights are what probably caught the antiquated electrical panel on fire.
                                                                                                                              We will clean out the garage and disinfect it. Then we will start on the interior of the home.
          This fire loosened floor tiles and ceiling tiles that are possibly asbestos containing. We will have these
                                               Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure
                                               Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer almost exclu-
                                               sively caused by asbestos exposure. The most com-
                                               mon form of the cancer is pleural mesothelioma, which
                                               develops in the lining of the lungs. Other areas where
                                               mesothelioma can develop include the lining of the
                                               abdomen (peritoneal mesothelioma) and heart (peri-
                                               cardial mesothelioma), but these types are less likely
                                               to develop.
                                              Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that was in-
                                              corporated into more than 5,000 products, was largely
                                              utilized for its insulating and fireproofing characteris-
                                              tics. Industries that have felt the largest impact from
mesothelioma cancer include the construction, automotive, power plant, chemical plant, manufactur-
ing, electrical and shipyard industry.
Mesothelioma Symptoms and Prognosis
Symptoms of mesothelioma can often be confused with other, less serious conditions. Some of the
most common symptoms associated with the cancer include coughing, difficulty breathing, fatigue,
night sweats, chest or abdominal pain and shortness of breath. Due to the severe latency period of
symptoms, which may take as long as 50 years to arise from the time of someone’s initial exposure to
asbestos, patients are often diagnosed during the latest stages of development.
A mesothelioma patient’s prognosis is influenced by numerous factors. Since a mesothelioma diagno-
sis often occurs after the cancer has progressed to later stages of development, prognosis is typically
poor. However, if a patient is diagnosed before the cancer has spread, their prognosis may improve.
The average mesothelioma life span ranges between four and 18 months following diagnosis.
Factors that may influence prognosis include the stage of a patient’s mesothelioma at the time of
diagnosis, type of mesothelioma, size of the tumor, location of the tumor and whether it may be surgi-
cally removed, and the age and overall health of the patient.
Where You May Find Asbestos

Because asbestos provides insulating and fireproofing capabilities, products that often contained
asbestos included insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, roofing materials, pipe covering, drywall and ce-
ments. Products that contain asbestos are not easy to identify on sight and it is generally understood
that if your home was built prior to 1980, you should assume that it contains asbestos building materi-
als to some degree. Other locations where asbestos exposure has frequently occurred include ship-
yards, power plants, construction sites and manufacturing facilities.
If you are concerned that your home contains asbestos building materials, you can hire an experi-
enced licensed asbestos removal contractor or home inspector for an assessment. Depending on
the material, they may be able to tell by visual inspection whether a building product contains as-
bestos. This, however, is not a foolproof method. The only sure way to know if your home contains
asbestos is to have professionals collect samples of the building materials. The samples are sent to a
laboratory where testing will verify asbestos contamination.
By John Janis
    Our Entire Crew is Lead-Safe Practices Trained! Small amounts of lead-contaminated dust can
be poisonous. You can’t see it, it is hard to sweep and it travels. Children are at a greater risk than
adults because of frequent hand-to-mouth activity. There are direct links with lead concentrations in a
childs blood and I.Q loss!

                                           Facts about lead
            •Lead exposure can harm young children and babies even before they are born.
              •Even children who seem healthy can have high levels of lead in their bodies.
                  •You can get lead in your body by breathing or swallowing lead dust,
                           or by eating soil or paint chips containing lead.
                   •You have many options for reducing lead hazards. In most cases,
                      lead-based paint that is in good condition is not a hazard.
             •Removing lead-based paint improperly can increase the danger to your family.

                                        Where lead is found
                      •Paint. Many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint.
               The federal government banned lead-based paint from housing in 1978.
                               Some states stopped its use even earlier.
                •In apartments, single-family homes, and both private and public housing.
                                     •Inside and outside of the house.

                               Where lead is likely to be a hazard
                          Lead from paint chips, which you can see, and lead dust,
                           which you can’t always see, can be serious hazards.
                    •Peeling, chipping, chalking, or cracking lead-based paint is a hazard
                                     and needs immediate attention.
       •Lead-based paint may also be a hazard when found on surfaces that children can chew on
  or that get a lot of wear-and-tear. These areas include: windows and window sills, doors and door
                          frames, stairs, railings, banisters, porches and fences.
            •Lead dust can form when lead-based paint is dry scraped, dry sanded, or heated.
          Dust also forms when painted surfaces bump or rub together. Lead chips and dust
           can get on surfaces and objects that people touch. Settled lead dust can re-enter
                         the air when people vacuum, sweep or walk through it.

   We have test kits to test for lead - we also provide whole-home-health surveys.
                     How to check your family and home for lead
                  To reduce your child’s exposure to lead, get your child checked,
           have your home tested (especially if your home has paint in poor condition
                 and was built before 1978), and fix any hazards you may have.
                                              Your family
         •Children’s blood lead levels tend to increase rapidly from 6 to 12 months of age,
                            and tend to peak at 18 to 24 months of age.
•Consult your doctor for advice on testing your children. A simple blood test can detect high levels
                               of lead. Blood tests are important for:
                                     •Children at ages one and two.
        •Children and other family members who have been exposed to high levels of lead.
          •Children who should be tested under your state or local health screening plan.
      •Your doctor can explain what the test results mean and if more testing will be needed.
                                               Your home
                    •You can get your home checked in one of two ways, or both
   •A paint inspection tells you the lead content of every different type of painted surface in your
      home. It won’t tell you whether the paint is a hazard or how you should deal with it.
 •A risk assessment tells you if there are any sources of serious lead exposure (such as peeling
      paint and lead dust). It also tells you what actions to take to address these hazards.
  •Have our qualified professionals do the work. There are standards in place for certifying lead-
      based paint professionals to ensure the work is done safely, reliably, and effectively.
     •Our Trained professionals use a range of methods when checking your home, including:
                           •Visual inspection of paint condition and location.
                            •A portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) machine.
                                      •Lab tests of paint samples.
                                           •Surface dust tests.
                                                                             Health effects of lead
                                                                           Childhood lead poisoning
                                                                      remains a major environmental
                                                                    health problem in the United States.

                                                                                People can get lead
                                                                             in their body if they:
                                                                            •Put their hands or other
                                                                      objects covered with lead dust in
                                                                                 their mouths.
                                                                              •Eat paint chips or soil
                                                                               that contain lead.
                                                                              •Breathe in lead dust,
                                                                       especially during renovations
                                                                       that disturb painted surfaces.

                              Lead is more dangerous to children because:
           •Babies and young children often put their hands and other objects in their mouths.
                             These objects can have lead dust on them.
                              •Children’s growing bodies absorb more lead.
       •Children’s brains and nervous systems are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead.

           If not detected early, children with high levels of lead in their bodies can suffer from:
                                 •Damage to the brain and nervous system
                           •Behavior and learning problems, such as hyperactivity
                                               •Slowed growth
                                              •Hearing problems
                 •A link has been established between lead in a child’s blood and I.Q. loss!

                                         Adults can suffer from:
                            •Reproductive problems (in both men and women)
                                 •High blood pressure and hypertension
                                            •Nerve disorders
                                  •Memory and concentration problems
                                          •Muscle and joint pain

    We are qualified to give you a risk assessment on this contaminate. If you are pregnant there
can be a 50% absorption rate - it is advisable to use lead-safe-practices when remodeling. We are
trained in containment (to prevent lead dust from traveling to uncontaminated areas of the site), per-
sonal protective equipment and disposal. We use state of the art work practices.
                        PREPARING FOR EPA LAW
                            The following story was printed in The Albany Democrat Herald on April 5, 2010

Businesses prepare for new EPA law
By Steve Lathrop
    On April 22, new Environmental Protection Agency laws will take effect concerning lead-based
paint. Before working on any child-occupied home or building built prior to 1978, certification and ac-
creditation must be attained.
    The law calls for restorers to test prior to beginning work, follow lead-safe work practices and pro-
vide clearance testing upon completion. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines.
    Earning certification is an expensive process for contractors, assessors and inspectors.
    “Companies going through it will probably benefit when some contractors need to get rid of walls
or siding that may have lead paint.” said Cameron Blagg III, who with his brother Adam heads Res-
toration Professionals & Consultants (RPC) in Albany. “If they haven’t been certified we could get a
    Blagg said costs are keeping many contractors from getting licensed. He and his brother com-
pleted three tests through the EPA and the state Department of Human Services to gain assessor and
inspector certifications. Three other crew members will go through the process.
    Blagg said the total cost for training neared $4,000. He believes the cost is warranted because of
the issue.
    “Acute lead poisioning can kill,” he said. “It can affect people, especially children in all sorts of
ways. Doing the work properly is important to workers and to people who are buying homes.”

                                 PUBLIC ADJUSTER?
    What is a Public Adjuster and do I need one?
    Public Adjusters are experts on property loss estimating and are hired by the policy holder to as-
sist in documenting, negotiating and settling insurance claims. Public Adjusters handle every aspect
of your claim, working closely with the insurance company to provide you with the most equitable and
prompt settlement.
                                                                                                                        Public Adjusters charge a per-
                   What are the McKinsey Files and how do they relate to my home-
                   owner’s insurance?
                                                                                                                    centage of the net settlement of the
                   When you google “McKinsey Report” or “McKinsey File” and include your insurance company          claim, which is established at the
                   in the search you will find many, many sites. If you put “McKinsey slides and homeowner
                   insurance” you can read about how insurance companies profits have doubled or have                very begining of the claims process.
                   multiplied by 10 in just the last 15 years. It is not all insurance companies - we think that
                   the ones who take advantage of their insured have to advertise a lot to get new unsuspecting     Then, they are paid after the claim is
                   clients. These tactics make it almost necessary to have a Public Adjuster involved if you have
 Cameron Blagg     to file a claim for damage to your home or property. There are websites that say insurance        settled, upon you receiving payment
                   companies were told to pay elderly people slowly, since a portion of them will die during the
                   process, others say insurance companies were told to pay very slowly to basically put the        of your entitled proceeds. If a Public
                   insured in a bad position financially and “Expect 90% of policyholders to succumb with in
                   six months due to economic pressures and give up without a fight.”                                Adjuster does not succeed in collect-
                   If you have a large loss it is not a bad idea to hire a Public Adjuster. A Public Adjuster works
                   for YOU - the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company.                                ing a fair settlement for you, then they
                   At RPC we work with three Attorney’s and three Public Adjusters to make sure you
                   get a square deal.                                                                               do not receive any money!
                   Next month: “If my insurance company sends one of their preferred service providers to my
Fire & Water

                                                                                                                        Get Help With My Claim

                   home does that mean that the PSP has to keep them happy or us happy?”

         Restoration                                              Adam Blagg (541) 936-0033                   

                                                               Cameron Blagg (503) 932-2324
         Professionals &                                   
         Consultants “The Art of Restoration’’                         Re-build by AllStar Construction             uations-claims-service.html
                   WATER INTRUSION
                                                          Our IICRC (The Institute of Inspection,
                                                     Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Certi-
                                                     fied Water Damage Restoration Technician
                                                     can assess your situation quickly; this is a
                                                     situation when time really does matter. Our
                                                     team is designed to hit the site running with
                                                     trailers that are outfitted for numerous types of
                                                     classes (size) and categories (type of water) of
                                                     water intrusion.
                                                          Our initial inspection will determine the
                                                     cause (and fix it first), extent and the category
                                                     of your damage. Then we will mitigate the
                                                     spread of contaminants and apply proven
                                                     moisture control techniques.
                                                          Drying comes next, removing excess
                                                     water, enhancing evaporation with the latest
equipment, remove water vapor and controlling the temperature to speed up the process. Then we
can clean and repair your property.
                CUSTOMER LETTERS
         We were in shambles from our storm on July 26th and from the “professionals” who first came to our
home. Then our insurance adjuster gave us Adam’s number and I barely put down the phone when Adam
called. He was so kind, so reassuring and said he would come to assess our damages. He did come as
promptly as he promised. What a marvelous face he put on RPC! That was on August 14th.
         On August 25, we had the pleasure to meet Mike who was to be our supervisor. On the 29th, Adam,
Cameron, Mike, Scott, Joe, and Dave, came and they were just as advertised...ALL-STARS! It had been pour-
ing down rain, inside the house, too. Mike and Scott got right up on the roof of our dome home, which is not
for the faint-hearted, and started to tarp. Adam and Cameron assessed the job in more detail as Dave and Joe
began to work on our soaked home.
         Here it is now November 13th. Each Sunday evening Mike and the crew arrive to prepare for work
early the following day. Thursday evening, after their long day’s work, they return home. We live and work
very close with these guys and find them to be very fine men. Mike is very special to us; he is fun to be around
and is never too busy to answer a question, give a nice compliment, or help us accomplish a task.
         RPC Restoration Professionals & Consultants ~ Reliable, Personable, and Capable
Two very happy clients who feel richly blessed,
Shirley and Marty Berg
 Hi Adam. I was blown away by the work Scott and Joe had done today...because they did exactly what
 I was suggesting....took off the dry rot behind both walls, replaced it and said they’ll be able to finish the
 kitchens now without getting into the roof. Seriously, I can’t get used to how fantastic you all are!! You just
 keep giving and giving and going and going and doing everything you can to make my life easier and to
 calm my troubled mind! If you liked flowers, I’d send each of you a big bouquet! I simply don’t have words
 to express my gratitude. If you will let me make payments on the work you have to do that isn’t covered,
 when all is said and done, I might not even have to take out the loan right now. I don’t imagine that the rot
 in the roof will cause it to collapse within the next year and by next year I would be in a better position to ad-
 dress that problem by taking out the equity loan. Everything is looking alot better today, thanks to you guys.
 Thanks Pam:-)
RPC and crew,
        I have no problem what so ever vouching for you guys, you guys did such a wonderful job for me and I
have nothing but good things to say about you guys.
        When Country first came to my house the adjuster said they wouldn’t cover my sump pump backing up,
just the sewer pump.
        After this big shocker they didn’t want to pay for the proper procedure of taking the right measures to
abate my floors and carpeting. Can you imagine having a sewer spill in your floor and all that gross contami-
nated water is all over your floor, carpet, bottom of the doors and walls and all the insurance adjuster says is
they will pay to clean it?
        Luckily I called RPC and they fought for me to get new floor sub sheathing, new carpet, new hardwood,
new sheetrock, new trim, new doors, new paint, and a new cabinet vanity in my bathroom and all I had to do
was what RPC suggested i do.
        They told me step by step on how I should deal with the incompetent adjuster that was only looking out
for his best interests and not mine.
        Country came to me with a price of $10,000.00 to fix my house and that wasn’t nearly enough to fix
everything, that would give me new carpet and floors at best!
        Once RPC came on board they tore out all the damaged sub floor, made a flood cut on the walls and
basically got it down to bear studs, then they cleaned every little nook and cranny, put dehumidifiers in the
whole house and let it dry COMPLETELY making sure no mold would ever grow back.
        My house is now put back together like nothing ever happened and I have RPC to thank.
So thanks guys. Trofim Matveev I & E Construction, Inc.

                           MORE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
                CUSTOMER LETTERS
RPC Dorm Project in Africa                              Cameron:
Dear Cameron,
        Warm greetings and many loving thoughts to      This letter is for your courtesy and generosity to-
you all! The town/city Buea where the dormitory will    wards my mother. I have to THANK YOU for tak-
be built is in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, the    ing the time and thoughtfulness as for the way you
second English-speaking region. The students will be    have talked & treated my mother with the respect
coming from many villages mostly from the Northwest     and courtesy I know she deserves. My mom has
Region, where I did my Peace Corps service. I taught    gone through a lot of crap these last 20 years, and
in Tatum but the students at my former school were      to be able to see a stranger, now friend, take a stand
from many surrounding villages such as Kishong,         for her is a wonderful feeling for myself and fam-
Memfu, Mah, Nseh, Mbam, Ngondzen, Ngendzen,             ily. It brings light to this world knowing that their are
Takija and many more. Any more specific questions       people still out there looking out for one another, and
Mr. Sunjo will be better qualified to answer.           not just for themselves. You can not know how much
        Thank you, your brothers and your families so   I appreciate what you and your company have done
much on behalf of the students in Cameroon for your     for my mother and my family.
love and generosity! Over time thousands of them will
benefit from your tremendous gift.                      You have been wonderful, and still bring a smile to
With much love, joy, peace and gratitude,               my mothers face.
Pavla Zakova-Laney,                                     Sincerely,
Founder, President, Executive Director &                Scott Wray
Full-time volunteer of Educare-Africa

                                                        Judge Locke Williams, Corvallis, Oregon
                                                        Water Damage Restoration and Personal Job

                                                        Marty and Shirley Berg, Lakeview, Oregon
                                                        Retired Scientist from Lockheed
  RPC is the only restoration company that was able     (before it was Lockheed Martin)
  to tell us WHY we had a mold issue. They also         Water Damage Restoration and personal roof, sky-
  diagnosed our sick dog when four different veteri-    light jobs on a three story geodesic dome
  narians were unable (again, the mold issue). They
  were fantastic to work with - helped us every step
  of the way from navigating through the insurance      Many Blessings sent your way this christmas -
  claim, advising us on the best way to fix our home,   Thank you for all your care and professionalism.
  and providing the occassional marriage counseling
  when the stress was too much. We would highly         Ken and Carol Ball
  recommend RPC to our friends and family, and of
  course to the rest of the world as well. They did a
  good and thorough job, were easy to work with and
  waited payment while we battled with insurance.       To Adam and Crew,
  We think that RPC is da bomb!                         Thank you for everything!
  Shawn & Firiel Severns, Sweet Home, Oregon            Mike Delasio

                          MORE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
               RPC TO THE RESCUE!!
                The following story was printed in The News Register on August 13, 2011
Asbestos finds its way to landfill - Demolition of an old
meat plant in Newberg sent asbestos to the landfill,
DEQ says.
By Hannah Hoffman
     NEWBERG -- A demolition last week in Newberg
violated state abatement regulations designed to protect
members of work crews and the public from asbestos, as
both its walls and roof contained the cancer-causing mate-
rial, according to the state Department of Environmental
     Demolition of the vintage-1947 Buckley’s Locker build-
ing produced an estimated 144 tons of contaminated con-
struction debris. The debris was hauled first to the Newberg Transfer Station, then on to the Riverbend Landfill
in McMinnville — a further violation, the DEQ noted.
     Both the transfer station and landfill are operated by Waste Management Inc., which said project excavator
David Whitmore signed an Aug. 3 service agreement barring submission of asbestos-contaminated demolition
materials for disposal. Whitmore could not be reached for comment.
     The DEQ said Restoration Professional & Consultants, a licensed asbestos-abatement contractor, subse-
quently was hired to clean up the demolition site in Newberg. The agency said no cleanup was necessary at
Riverbend, as burial is an approved method of eliminating an asbestos hazard, but it was launching an investi-
gation that could lead to fines or other sanctions.
     The family that owned the building and the excavator it hired apparently never considered the possibility
the wallboard, insulation and roofing in the old building might contain asbestos. And workers at the transfer sta-
tion and landfill didn’t identify a problem despite undergoing annual training on what to look for.
     The family began processing meat at the site, 112 S. Blaine Street, almost 65 years ago. The building was
erected by brothers Charles and Ray Buckley, the latter now deceased.
     Effectively at the end of its useful life, the building was razed Aug. 3-5 to clear the way for future redevelop-
ment of the site. Crews filled 16 dropboxes, each capable of holding 30 cubic yards of debris, without employ-
ing any kind of containment program.
     Charles Buckley said he had no idea the building contained asbestos. As far as he knew, he said, it con-
sisted of nothing but “timber, block tile, cement and tarpaper on the roof.”
     He said his daughter-in-law, Lisa, obtained the demolition permit required by the city. Asbestos never came
up, he said.
     Newberg City Manager Dan Danicic took note of the pending demolition at an Aug. 1 council meeting. He
did not mention anything about asbestos either.
     However, lead DEQ investigator Dottie Boyd said some Newberg residents suspected the building was
contaminated and sounded the alarm when the walls started coming down. She said the DEQ ordered tests
that turned up asbestos in both wallboard and roof shingles.
     Neither Whitmore nor Buckley hired an inspector prior to the demolition.
     DEQ official Claudia Davis said that was a step that needed to be taken, given the building’s age. “The
owner and/or the contractor should have had the building surveyed,” she said.
     However, she said Waste Management did nothing wrong in accepting the debris, as it had been certified
     Waste Management spokeswoman Jackie Lang said Whitmore’s signature legally confirmed the debris
didn’t contain asbestos, and that should have been enough.
     However, she said workers at both the transfer station and landfill visually inspected the debris anyway.
She said they undergo annual training in asbestos identification, as the landfill tries to maintain as much vigi-
lance as possible, but spotted nothing amiss.
     Even though the DEQ has already exonerated the company, she said it planned to conduct its own investi-
gation and provide the DEQ with a written summary.
     Davis said it appeared to be a case where the parties involved in the demolition simply didn’t know the
rules. She said the agency tends to be more lenient in that kind of situation.
    Editor's Note: As noted in the story, including a small wording change to make it clear, Restoration Profes-
sional & Consultants was hired to clear up the site after the demolition problem surfaced.
                      HELPING SENIORS
T. Brunker: the original check that the insurance adjuster cut to her for $2500 was 5.6% of the actual cost of
the job ($44,615 for her kitchen - water loss).

B. Chase: the original check was for $2900 for a $14K job.

R. Lavine offered $16K - we got them $520K

G. Redfield offered $77 for a $400K job

D. Bothwell - Denied - we got her over $40K (widow)

L. Howell - Denied - we got her over $8000

Anderson’s family - Denied - we got them covered - $20K+ job

K. Young - offered $6 for a $36K job - we got her covered and paid

“Denied - then RPC got covered” clients we are talking about in 2010
1) All seniors, 100%
2) 2 out of 3 Widows
(Adam, Cameron, or Justin, our General Counsel, got different clients covered - we are learning FAST on how
to deal with a dishonest or inept adjusters)

“Low-Balled vs RPC Actual Payment” clients in 2010
1) All seniors except one couple 85.7%
2) 42.9% are either a Widow or single, Elderly woman

        This is all from just 2010. This does not include many $5000 to $10,000 “discrepancies” we catch on a
routine basis. Those can be on anyone’s estimate - “missed” flood cuts, faux paint, etc. or “accidentally” using
the wrong price list.

        If anyone you know is a Senior and they get that “funny feeling” that their adjuster is a cheat, thief, or
inept (just moved up from Auto claims, for instance) Adam or I will make a call on their behalf, for no charge, to
let the adjuster know that in Oregon we have special laws to protect Seniors and the disabled.

       Routinely estimates are written for a percentage of a job.

         Of these low-ball estimates some company adjusters are overworked and need to get in an estimate
fast to satisfy State of Oregon requirements that the money is set aside for the job, some are inept, some are
new to home losses and some are more focused on moving up in the company. If it is an Independent adjuster
they may want the insurance company to send them more jobs - so an estimate “accidentally / not-on-purpose”
is missing many items. Sometimes 95% of the job. We are not kidding.

                               RPC covers your deductible
                              if you are a Senior or Veteran
                                 Up to $500 on Water Loss
                                    and $1000 on a fire
Dear Mr. Hering,

I am interested in creating a law in Oregon similar to what Washington and California have for Senior
Citizens who have been low-balled or denied by an insurance company adjuster. If anyone would like
to help with research or writing our elected officials I would love the help. I’m thinking in Oregon if an
insurance company adjuster is found to have “missed” an item or intentionally denied a Senior Citizen
then the company should pay 10 times the damages. There are good adjusters in every company
and our Seniors deserve only the best to be sent to their homes. Keep in mind the following facts
regarding insurance (which most of us are required to have):
• The U.S. insurance industry takes in over $1 trillion in premiums annually. It has $3.8 trillion in as-
sets, more than the GDPs of all but two countries in the world (United States and Japan).

• Over the last 10 years, the property/casualty insurance industry has enjoyed average profits of over
$30 billion a year. The life and health side of the insurance industry has averaged another $30 billion.

• The CEOs of the top 10 property/casualty firms earned an average $8.9 million in 2007.

And yet every year we help Seniors (and others) get their claims covered because some dishonest or
inept adjuster is focused on his bonus or moving up in the company and does not really care about
his insured. For more information on the worst insurance companies in America e-mail me or google
“American Association for Justice, how they raise premiums, deny claims and refuse coverage to
those who need it most,” to find a great web site.

If an adjuster “forgets” to tell a client she has ALE coverage for lodging, food and laundry while her
bedroom is being torn up and her bath is out of commission he should be held accountable also.
Additional Living Expense coverage is a basic right under the policy and in Oregon if an adjuster
“forgets” he can use whatever excuse he wants (I have seen this happen). A minimum $10,000 fine
would solve that and in the process it would keep some of our Greatest Generation from sleeping on
an air mattress in the living room.

Currently in Washington State anyone who is found to have been treated with bad faith can get treble
damages - anyone. In Oregon we have no law and one is desperately needed for Seniors at the very
least, if for no other reason than to keep some of them from sleeping on the floor.

Thanks - Cameron A. Blagg III, Member, RPC (Silver Star Group, LLC)

                             RPC covers your deductible
                            if you are a Senior or Veteran
                               Up to $500 on Water Loss
                                  and $1000 on a fire
       Beneficiaries of our community service projects (nearly $130,000 raised and counting):

 YWCA of Vancouver • Linn-Benton Food Share • Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon • Meals on Wheels
  St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen • FISH of Albany • EDUCARE AFRICA • Safe Haven Humane Society
         Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center • The CTW Duchenne MD Association
                                 The Albany Boys & Girls Club

         The following story was printed in The Albany Democrat Herald on October 9, 2009
Auction to aid food share
    Now in it’s seventh year, a silent auction of arts and crafts is under way at the Heritage Mall in
Albany. The auction is held in conjunction with the mall’s annual Fall Arts & Crafts Show and benefits
the Linn Benton Food Share.
    Works by artists from throughout the Northwest are displayed and each artist donated a selected
piece for the fundraising auction. They also give a percentage of their overall sales from the event to
the food share.
    Sponsored by Heritage Mall and also backed by Restoration Professionals & Consultants and
AllStar Construction, the auction and show began Thursday and will run through Sunday, October 11.
    Auction winners will be notified on Sunday so they can pick up their items at the mall before it
closes at 6 pm.

                   The following letter was sent to the Albany Democrat Herald 2011
“In Appreciation”
    RPC / Allstar Mother’s Day Art Event at Heritage Mall
    This year’s Mother’s Day Art Show raised nearly $1600 for the animals at SafeHaven Humane
Society. Safe-Haven would like to thank everyone for helping promote the Art Benefit and Silent Auc-
tion hosted by the Heritage Mall last weekend: Restoration Professionals & Consultants and Allstar
Construction put this event together each year for us
    This event could not happen without the generous support and time that RPC, Allstar and the
Blagg Brothers put in. They coordinate the artist line-up and pay for the insurance for the show every
year which is amazing.
    Melody, Marsha, Dave, Dawn, Gordon, Bonnie, and everyone else at the mall - your generous
donation of space, tables, security and time is invaluable for this event - we couldn’t do it without your
help. All of the artists and fine craftspeople in the mall who donated their items to the auction and
gave 5% of their sales from the weekend to SafeHaven, you are simply the best. Also a big thank
you to Susan Miera at Rhodes Warden for her time coordinating coverage, and, finally, the Democrat
Herald, for helping to get the word out about this annual event.
    We look forward to this event every year. Thanks again from the animals and staff at SafeHaven
Humane Society.
    Jackie Saling, Development Director
          The following story was printed in The Albany Democrat Herald on August 6, 2011

                                                    Trip paves way for community center
                                                                Pavla Zakova-Laney, president of Educare-
                                                       Africa, is back from her 12th trip to Cameroon, and
                                                       calls it “one of the best.”
                                                                She was there from May 5 to June 29, and
                                                       went to numerous schools to provide services and
                                                       deliver donated items. She was joined by Cameron
                                                       Blagg of Albany for a portion of the trip in Tatum.
                                                                She says that in the past a former Peace
                                                       Corps worker has let her stay at his house in Tatum
                                                       at no cost. But this year he was renovating and she
                                                       had to find lodging elsewhere.
                                                                Zakova-Laney ended up renting a house and
                                                       spending funds on repairs, but the house lacked
                                                       space for storage. She concluded that a permanent
site must be built and came up with an estimate so she could begin fundraising. Once parents and stu-
dents became aware of the need, some readily donated, she said.
        The Tatum Council pledged to give 30 percent support for the building project, which will start
with a two-apartment building. A smaller apartment would be for a housekeeper’s family, and the other,
larger unit would have an office with a conference room and library, guest rooms and a kitchen. The
goal will be to use local materials.
        Here are some highlights of her trip:
        • Held public viewings of several DVDs, featuring Elsa’s Legacy, the Planet Earth series and the
Dog Whisperer TV show.
        • Two schools received short wave radios from the Ears to Our World nonprofit group.
        • 75 best students from six schools received basic school supplies as prizes.
        • Distributed donated toothbrushes, toothpaste and other items to 24 students. Twelve students
received financial assistance for immediate school needs.
        • More than 100 students received pens and pencils.
        • 160 staff members from six schools received pens for encouragement. Each school also re-
ceived four boxes of chalk.
        • New science lab equipment was purchased for GHS Ntumbaw and some new essential text-
books were purchased for students from two schools.
        • Quality reference textbooks were donated to the teachers at GSS Mbu-Warr.
        • Two Wellesley College Book Awards were given to the best female science students from
GBHS Kumbo and GBHS Ndu.
        • Donated new soccer balls were given to three schools.
        • Traveled to Sabongari to visit a former student, Kongnso Clotilde Afoni, who is now managing a
solar charging station there, as there is no electricity.
        As a side project, she helped organized the handing over of donations from the Reid Veterinary
Hospital, Periwinkle Pet Clinic in Albany and Hopes Haven Rescue group in Salem.
        Her goal for 2011-12 is to assist 125 secondary/high school students and about 25 university
students. She is hoping to raise about $10,000 by mid-September.
        For more information or to donate, contact Zakova-Laney at (541) 924-9290 or pavlazl@com- or write to: Educare-Africa, P.O. Box 3278, Albany, OR 97321.
        For photographs and video clips from the trip, go to
                                                                             Who are the top five rated insurance companies, and which one is
                                                                             the best for recovery after a loss?
                                                                             At RPC we have seen many adjusters “in action” and where their focus is during a
                                                                             client’s fire or water loss and we have noticed a correlation with what an insurance
                                                                             company is spending on marketing and how detailed their adjuster’s estimates are. If
                                                                             a company is spending millions on advertising they might be trying to get NEW clients
                                                                             to sign up with them to replace insured’s they lost by treating them badly.
                                        Adam Blagg                           To find better-than-average coverage you might visit an Insurance Broker to write the
                                                                             policy on what, to many, is their biggest investment: The Family Home.
                                                                             Insurance Brokers sell insurance by carriers that don’t need to advertise; they rely on
                                                                             word of mouth. The State of Oregon rates the service of insurance companies and you
                                                                             might want to check that list out also (no hits or fines from the State equates to “caring
                                                                             adjusters,” we have seen). If your home is your biggest investment it makes sense to
                                                                             choose a company that has the best reputation helping their insured’s (maybe paying
                                                                             an extra $30/year for great coverage is a good idea).
                                                                             Another great resource is to do an Internet search for “American Association for
                                                                             Justice’s TOP TEN LIST OF WORST INSURANCE COMPANIES” for more information
                                    Fire & Water

                                                                             on companies to stay away from - you might be surprised at what you find.

                                                                Restoration                                          Adam Blagg (541) 936-0033

                                                                                                                    Cameron Blagg (503) 932-2324
                                                                Professionals &                                
                                                                Consultants “The Art of Restoration’’                       Re-build by AllStar Construction

                             How do I know if I am fully covered in case of a fire or water

                             There are many types of coverage and the cost for the best coverage
                             is relatively a great buy. Some policies change from year to year (the
                             fine print), removing code upgrade or asbestos coverage on a rental
                             (we have seen this within the last few months). The difference between
 Cameron Blagg               ACV and RCV cost is nominal, the difference when you have a loss is
                             If you have an older home talk to your agent and make sure you have
                             coverage (even if you need a rider) for code upgrades, sewage spills,
                             pipe breaks, asbestos (10% of drywall comes back positive for being
                             ACM - Asbestos Containing Material). It is worth paying an extra $90
                             a year to have $40k worth of coverage! Your agent is your best source
                             and can help with the details.
Fire & Water

                                                                         Adam Blagg (541) 936-0033
               Restoration                                              Cameron Blagg (503) 932-2324
               Professionals &                                    
               Consultants “The Art of Restoration’’                         Re-build by AllStar Construction
                       The Blagg Brothers, Cameron, Mike and Adam, grew up
                  in a “green” environment - a self-sufficient cabin - located
                  20 miles North of Washougal, Washington. Their family
                  produced their own power with a water-wheel, solar panels
                  and a wind-mill before the term “being green” was coined.
                       From 1974 until the early 1990’s this independant life,
                  living by a mountain stream six miles beyond the end of
                  electric lines, helped shape their outlook on preserving
                  resources, promoting healthy choices and satisfaction in
                  a job well-done. This is the foundation they use in their
                  business practices: “We are all in this together, let’s solve
the issue at hand,” similar to how people lived in the 1800’s (and to how they
grew up, with kerosene lamps and a wood cook-stove), helping when it is
needed most.
   It is our mission to enrich the lives of our customers, clients, sub-
contractors and business associates. We do this through superior quality
work, legendary customer service, cost controls, constant training, state-of-
the-art business practices, a good work ethic and treating everyone like we
would like to be treated.
   We believe everyone we deal with deserves respect.
   Our customers and clients are our most important resource (word of
mouth is how we are garnering market share daily) and our success depends
upon creating and retaining long-term relationships.
   It is our intention to deliver exceptional service to every client and
customer, every time - this is the building block that is helping us become the
best restoration company in the mid Willamette Valley.
A little about the Blagg Brothers • By Art Cornforth April 8, 2011
           The Blagg Brother’s family, on their Mother, Merna Baker’s side (Orville “Red” & Grace [Ballagh] Baker) came around
the Horn & across the Oregon Trail in the 1870’s & settled in what is now Montesano, Wa. eventually moving to Albany, Or.
where Red worked at the paper mill & Grace was an elementary school cook.
           Adam, Mike & Cameron’s Great Grandfather, Edison Ballagh, was an Oregon State Legislator & Mayor of St. Helens,
Or. & was instrumental in getting fish ladders installed on Columbia River Dams. In addition, was in charge of the non-military
guard to protect Oregon in case of an attack during WWII. Edison worked for Columbia River Packers Association & ran a boat
called the Grace (named in honor of his Daughter). The Columbia River Packers later became Bumble Bee Tuna. He was a Fish
and Game Warden for many, many years.
           Another Great Grandfather of the Blagg Brother’s was Floyd Baker. He & his wife Maude, settled in Saint Helens, mov-
ing from Michigan in 1905. Floyd helped build the 1st World Forestry Ctr., which was built of old-growth timber & burned down
in ‘64. Cameron A. Blagg Sr. & Margaret Jannie (Cornforth) Blagg both came from Oklahoma. Margaret’s family was in the 3rd
& final Oklahoma land rush; her family built their home after the land rush, the home is still in the family to this day. During the
dust-bowl years both the Blagg’s & Cornforth’s managed to stay in Guthrie & El Reno. Margaret’s father managed the workers at
the prison in McAlister before settling in Guthrie.
           Margaret ended up marrying Estel Bolman year’s later & lived in Albany raising her 7 children, many of whom still live in
the area, Franka Elwood, of Tangent, Dan Gustafson & John Branson, both of Lebanon, Mariann Leemaster, of Shedd & Janie
Ramsby of Albany. Blanche (Ridenour) Blagg, Cameron Sr.’s Mother, built homes in Pueblo, Colorado & named 3 streets after
each of her boys, Cameron, Raymond & Glenn after she built the homes on those streets. After Harrison Blagg became disabled
Blanche had to support her family of 3 boys & 1 adopted Indian boy - she worked in the steel mill in Pueblo & built homes on the
side during WWII.
           Adam & Mike worked with or for their home-building uncle Larry Baker, of Jefferson, their cousin Kelly Baker, of Albany
& cousin Rick Baker of Kodiak, Alaska. Mike & Adam both gained experience in Alaska - a great place to learn weatherproofing
& study building envelopes. Their years on “The Rock” have paid off in many ways. Larry Baker learned how to build a house
from his Father, Red.
           While growing up, all 3 Blagg Brother’s built additions & pole buildings, sheds & horse stalls while growing up in Ska-
mania County Wa. Their home was a hand-built cabin on a creek located over 6 miles from their mailbox & bus stop. Silver
Star Mountain was one canyon over & could be seen from the top of the hill where one of the Xmas tree farms the Blagg family
planted in the late ‘80’s.
           Adam continued his building education under Brent Gourley, of Albany; working his way up to Supervisor before starting
Allstar Construction in 1998. Adam has been the General Contractor for large sites throughout Or. & he specializes in building
envelopes. He has worked on probably every type of building, high-rise offices in Portland to chicken-house-turned-houses. The
one thing you will notice when you meet him, is that he will put you at ease. Having never received 1 fine from DHS, DEQ, EPA,
OSHA or the CCB since 1998 you know he means what he says & he has a great list of references, from all walks of life.
           Mike built custom homes on Orcas Island & in Lake Chelan with Frank Gaswendt, of Lakeside, Or. until he joined Adam
& became a Supervisor for Allstar. Before that Mike had worked in Colorado, Alaska, Nebraska & Wash. learning many trades:
roofing, framing, finish work, concrete, drywall, cabinetry, & many more. In the last few years Mike has taken the lead in training
and is now certified for Hazmat response, Asbestos Abatement, & Meth-Lab Clean-up. Mike oversees the crews & safety - he is
always learning & teaching new generations the art of building & why components are assembled the way they are.
           Cameron ran “Cameron’s Gallery & Gifts” in the Heritage Mall in Albany, for 16 years, has published 2 coffee table
books on artwork & did minor stand-up comedy for a very short period of time. He has traveled to 18 States, Mexico, Canada,
England, Wales, Washington D.C. & the Cayman Islands while promoting artists from Canada & America. He created many art
benefits in Washington & Or., some go on to this day. He has been an art judge for the Springfield’s “Emerald Empire’s Mayor’s
Invitational Art Show” & twice has chosen the winners for the Local Youth Scholarship Art Contest for the Veteran’s of Foreign
Wars Young Patriotic Art Competition.
           Adam, Mike & Cameron now all work together & have anywhere from 12 to 40 sites running at one time. When RPC
began it focused on water & fire damage leading to Asbestos work, Meth Clean-Up’s, Mold Remediation & Hazardous Spill
Response. The Blagg Brother’s, their friends & cohorts will continue to be on the cutting edge of training & keeping the focus
on healthy homes. Cameron recently returned from NEHA Radon training & Mike is scheduled to be certified for remediation in
May of 2011.
           The Blagg Brother’s have created art benefits throughout the northwest and they have donated their time and materials
to many good causes. As of this writing (2011) around $150,000 has been raised or donated thanks to their efforts. They are
currently saving for their latest project, a dorm in Cameroon for village girls who will be attending school in the big city. This will
give girls a chance to work & live at a “home away from home,” while these same girls will provide a safe & free lodging option
for other girls who will be visiting from the same village to see what University is like. A place to feel comfortable when dealing
with the experience of living away from home for the first time. If you would like to make a labor or material donation to the RPC
dormitory project please contact Merna Blagg at or 2908 Pine St., Albany, OR 97322.
               The following story was originally printed in The Columbian, Jan. 5, 1976
                                       Couple Choose ‘Boondocks’
                                       Lifestyle Near Camas
                                       By Ted Olsen, News Staff Writer
                                           About six miles beyond the outermost limits of the boondocks, live
                                       the Cameron Blaggs.
                                           They have selected a pioneer-type exsistence with few amenities.
                                           The Blagg’s daily life consists of doing many time consuming
                                       chores, those generally considered unnecessary in a more traditional,
                                       modern lifestyle.
                                           Cutting and splitting wood is one - several cords for a winter
                                           Drying fruits and meats is another task.
                                           “Dried food provides the simplest form of convenience foods,
                                       Blagg’s wife, Merna said.
                                           Flour and canned goods are purchased to augment the edible
                                       provisions, primarily in case the Blaggs become snowed in.
                                           Each school day morning and afternoon either Cameron or
                                       his wife drives their two sons six miles to and from the end of the
                                       Washnougal School District bus line. The boys - Cameron III, 6, and
                                       Michael, 5, attend Cape Horn-Skye School.
                                           Blagg plans to build a flume and install a water wheel to generate
    Blagg’s bartering ability apparently has been honed by the experience. He traded a lawnmower for a
50-gallon tub in which the family laundry is done and baths are taken. He also traded a painting for a small
    After hauling in top soil, the Blaggs plan to plant fruit trees, berries and a vegetable garden.
    The Blaggs have a few chickens and plan to raise goats.
    “At first our parents were against the move because it was too far out,” Blagg said. “Now they visit
overnight and help out.”
    The Blaggs have a civilian band radio in case of an emergency.
    “We’ve found what we want, a place on a creek instead of a street.” Blagg said. “Out here we don’t have
to worry about our animals being run over,” Blagg said.
    Pets include an Afghan hound, Labrador Retriever and a cat.
    Also, Blagg can concentrate on painting which provides the income for their “few needs and desires.”
Some household treasures, such as genuine Indian rugs, were sold, however, to help with financial rough
spots, Blagg said.
    Family entertainment comes in simpler forms. Activities include listening to the radio, baking cookies,
exploring nearby copper mines and playing in the snow.
    “Sometimes, it takes 10 minutes to refill a coffee cup because when I look out the window I become
entranced with the view,” Blagg said.
    Construction of the one-room cabin took about six weeks last June with the help of two friends, one a
carpenter. It is situated in a wooded ravine at 1600-feet elevation.
    The nearest neighbor is about six miles away, over generally unimproved Skamania Mines Road.
    The Blaggs have no electricity, no telephone, no inside toilet. Candles and kerosene lanterns provide light
during the long winter evenings.
    “We are trying to strike a balance between a natural and more modern lifestyle without withdrawing from
society,” Blagg said.
              The excerpt below was originally printed in The Columbian, Jan. 24, 1979

                                     Artist quits welding to wield painting
                                     By Pat Moser, Staff Writer
                                            The Blaggs are living many persons’ dream of leaving the rat
                                        race and heading for the hills.
                                            With their sons, Cameron, 10, Mike, 9, and Adam, 2, they live
                                        in a cabin at the end of Skamania Mines Road, 16 miles north-
                                        east of Washougal.
                                            Instead of tussling with a
                                        mortgage payment every month
                                        and the bills associated with city
living, the Blaggs stoke the fire on their wood range and compete over
the radio dial. She likes music of the 1940s and 1950s; he prefers
     Instead of buying electricity, they run their lights and television set
by storage batteries, which are recharged by their vehicles on drives
into town, usually a once-a-week event.
     Their biggest recurring household expenses are kerosene for the
lamps and gasoline for the van, a four-wheel drive Bronco and a Volk-
swagen Beetle.

                  CHALLENGING LIFE
                      The following excerpt was printed in The Columbian, 1975

Artist has challenging life
By Ted Olsen, News Staff Writer
    The Blaggs live in a one-room cabin with two sleeping lofts. They built the cabin in about six
weeks last June after moving from Albany, Oregon to the 30-acre site they are purchasing. The land
is on Skamania Mines Road about eight miles north of here.
    The Blaggs’s lifestyle is challenging. They have few of the amenities of a modern household. Ker-
osene lanterns and candles provide light; they have no telephone or inside toilet. Running hot water
is available through a gravity fed line from a year-round creek which passes through the wood heating
and cooking stove and into an insulated storage tank.
    Splitting wood and preparing foods are major, time-consuming
                         household projects. Mrs. Blagg dries most
                         fruits and meats.
                             It is about six miles to the nearest
                         neighbor where the Blaggs transport their
                         children to catch the bus.
                             Entertainment is simple - listening to
                         the radio, baking cookies and exploring the
                  CHILDHOOD SEEDS
          The following story was printed in Skamania County Pioneer, September 5, 2005

Book Idea Grew From Seeds In Childhood
By Joanna Grammon, News Editor
      Cameron Blagg III grew up in a cabin in Skamania county. He was five years old when his parents
built a 16’ by 32’ home east of Silver Star Mountain in 1974.
      They lived on a creek, almost six and one-half miles from the nearest neighbor. He and his broth-
ers, Michael, spent hours looking at picture books and learned to read at a young age. There were no
neighborhood children to play with.
      Cameron’s father, Cameron Blagg Jr., grew up in Oklahoma near several Indian reservations. His
first set of oil paints was a gift when he was 12. When he built the cabin in Skamania County, it was
for many reasons, but his main goal was to make a living as an artist. He was 24 years old at the time
and self-taught, so he knew the going would be rough the first few years.
      For the first five years of their mountain experience, the Blagg family’s only lighting was by kero-
sene lantern. Their water was heated in a water jacket in the wood stove that Cameron’s mother also
cooked on. Giving up the necessities of civilatization allowed Cameron Jr. to focus on his work.
      Growing up, Cameron III and Michael had many chores. The cabin was heated by 12 cords of
wood a year. They had chickens, horses, goats, dogs and cats. The school bus stop was near their
mail box, a half-hour drive from the cabin.
      In early evening, they could just as easily be found reading a favorite author as playing outside.
      “This was the experience of a lifetime.” said Cameron III. “we lived the life of early
made us a very close family.”
      After five years, Cameron Jr. hooked up a water wheel to produce 12-volt power. Then they had
a small TV and an early radio phone. One year, they even had 12-volt Christmas lights on the tree.”
Cameron’s father and mother eventually hooked up solar panels for an electric fence and a windmill
to generate electricity when the creek got low in the summer.
      The county road crew would have to plow them out each winter, “Our neighbors relied on us
during hard times and we relied on them.” Remembers Blagg, “There were tough winters where we
needed help and times when we took kids in, it always went both ways.”
      “People would drive for hours to come see our place. We had TV crews and, writers for newspa-
pers and magazines. The place had a feeling of rugged peacefulness, of life lived to the fullest, even
if it was very basic.” says Cameron III.
      “It wasn’t unusual for my mom to say, ‘Let’s go for a walk,’ and everyone would head out for a two-
hour hike up in the woods. There were always books everywhere. They were in the rafters beneath
the lofts; history reference books were stacked in my dad’s studio.”
      This love of art, history and books made Cameron Blagg III begin a two-year project, putting to-
gether a volume displaying the work of more than 150 artists. “This book has changed people’s lives
already and it has only been out for three months,” says Cameron III.
      His father now lives in Montana. Two of his murals are on display in Toppensih in the lower Yakima
Valley. He and his son attend 35 to 40 art events every year, primarily in the Northwest.
      Meanwhile, Cameron III also represents his father’s work, which is shown in many western-
themed galleries. His work is also on permanent display aboard “The Queen of the West” sternwheel-
er on the Columbia River. His first bronze scultpure was of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, one of his

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