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					            Chance Cards
         Piracy                      Poor sales

   Each year digital music        Owning to financial
    piracy costs the music      difficulties sales of your
industry millions of pounds    latest release have been
 in lost revenue. You have       lower than expected
  just been hit by a leak of despite massive investment.
   your new album online.
                                  Lose £500,000
    Lose £1million

   Tabloid Scandal                Poor Media
 One of your artists have
been caught up in a tabloid   A major magazine has done
  scandal affecting their      a negative review of your
   media campaign and         new album which will have
 alienating your audience      a negative effect on your
                                      unit sales.
    Lose £250,000
                                  Lose £500,000
Synergy Opportunity           Getting to Number 1

Some of your competitors
have signed a synergy deal    Your new single has topped
 with you which will allow       the charts in the UK
you to gain a bigger cut of   providing an opportunity to
        the market.              promote your artist.

                                  Gain £1 Million
    Gain £1 Million

    Appearance at               Song appears on a
     Glastonbury                 popular TV show

Your artist has been chosen
    to play at this years    One of your artist's songs is
 Glastonbury festival which chosen to be the theme to a
has opened up your artist to new TV show providing an
     a wider audience.         excellent promotional
    Gain £1 Million
                                  Gain £500,000
 Song used for Film             Radio boycotts song
    soundtrack                     for language

 A major film studio wants      Your artist has released a
 your song for a new major       song with controversial
film providing new revenue      language which has led a
      for your album.             major radio station to
                                   boycott your song
   Gain £1 Million
                                   Lose £250,000

 Itunes profiles your           Distributor error in
        artist                   CD manufacture

   Itunes has decided to          Your CD manufacturing
  profile your artist on the   company has made an error
 itunes website giving you      in production of your new
increased market visibility.      CD meaning a product
    Gain £500,000
                                   Lose £250,000
Merchandising sales             Your band has been
  in your favour               invited to perform on
                                  a charity single
Your annual report is in and
   you have sold more            Performing on a charity
   merchandising than          single will raise your artist's
        expected!               profile and is tax exempt!

    Gain £1 Million                 Gain £500,000

   You're Christmas
      number 1!                   Unfrozen Assets

 The biggest sales week of       The bank has decided to
the year and your artist has       unfreeze your assets
  topped the charts! Well      allowing you to trade again.
           done!               You can move on your next
    Gain £1 million
       Demo Card                       Celebrity
    Your A&R staff have             A top celebrity has
 received a brilliant demo       endorsed your artist in a
  from an unsigned artist.        recent magazine article
   Take the next available         which has raised your
   artist from your genre.      profile and increased sales.

                                    Gain £750,000

     Frozen Assets                Tax Investigation

 The bank has frozen your        The bank has decided to
assets after an investigation    investigate and fine you
into your end of year sales.    over your tax contributions
Go directly to frozen assets

                                    Lose £250,000
      Commission               Your artist is in rehab
                               One of your artists has been
                                submitted to rehab after a
     The monopolies
                               hedonistic weekend this will
commission investigation
                                  negatively affect your
 has decided to break up
                                      artist's profile
part of your company. You
 must give up one of your
      industry cards                Lose £500,000

     Drug Scandal

Your artist has been caught
up in a drug scandal which
 is going to involve high of
          legal fees

    Lose £500,000

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