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60thanniversaryrecap                                                                                                      workshopsat
The recent 60 anniversary celebration of
                                                     Our keynote speaker, Jun Kaneko, captivated                          thebray2012
the Archie Bray Foundation was as much               the audience by sharing his experiences
about community as it was about ceramic              and growth as an artist over his lifetime.
art. The community of Helena, the Montana            His presentation reflected a respect for the
arts community, the community of past and            past and an excitement for the future of
present Bray resident artists and the ceramics       ceramic art.
community as a whole came together in a
spirit of generosity and goodwill that made          T h e eve nt d rew a p p rox i m ate l y 4 5 0
this event much larger than a three-day              attendees—67% from out of state, 24%
celebration of ceramic art.                          from Montana and 9% from other countries
                                                     including China, England, Ireland, Italy
Throughout the weekend, visitors were                and Canada. Visitors were dazzled by the
delighted by artist demonstrations, talks            hospitality and the support for the arts that                           Christa Assad, Transformer Teapot

and panel discussions. Twenty-seven visiting         came from the Helena community.                                               Walter Keeler
artists contributed to these various events,                                                                                       March 16–17
each one bringing his or her passion for             Over 400
ceramics and a willingness to share. Special         pieces of                                                                    Nicholas Bivins
demonstrations of a ceramic 3D printer by            artwork                                                                         June 1–3
John Balistreri and his technology team,             were sold                                                         Matt Metz and Liz Quackenbush
Greg Pugh and Mark Hall, and a tornado               d u r i n g                                                                June 11–22
machine (which uses the velocity of a tornado        our silent
to pulverize any item into a dust that can           and live                                                           Brad Schwieger and Matt Long
be used to make clays or glazes) by Andy             auctions—a                                                                  July 9–13
Brayman took place on the grounds as well.           resounding
                                                                                                                                   Christa Assad
                                                     success that                                                                  August 24–26
There was amazing support from local                 grossed over
and statewide galleries and museums.                 half a million                                                   Andrea Gill, 2012 Voulkos Fellow
                                                                          Live auction artwork on display
Ceramic exhibitions filled galleries around          dollars. With                                                            October 19–20
Helena, including the Holter Museum of               pieces from such luminaries as Peter Voulkos,
                                                                                                                     Registration begins January 11, 2012.
Art and ExplorationWorks, and there were             Jun Kaneko, Patti Warashina and Don Reitz,                   For more information, go to our web site at
nine statewide exhibitions taking place              the quality of work was outstanding and the                  
in Bozeman, Billings, Dillon, Great Falls,           bidding was lively. David Shaner’s iconic                            Sorry, no early registration.
Missoula and Whitefish. During the three-            work, “Four-Square,” sold for $22,000, which
day event, 27 downtown businesses opened             was more than $10,000 above the retail price.               Jakob Hasslacher. The auction proceeds help
their doors to showcase over 30 artists during       At the end of the night almost $24,000 was                  support the Bray’s mission to provide the
the Ceramic Stroll, and on Saturday afternoon        raised for the Archie Bray during the call for              best environment, opportunities and facilities
more than 30 local artists invited the public        cash, including a $10,000 donation from past                for ceramic artists. Through the success of
into their studios.                                  resident Chris Antemann and her husband                     the annual and anniversary auctions and
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                                    Sandy Simon and Robert Brady demonstration in the Clay Business warehouse.
    president’smessage                                   director’smessage
                           It’s hard to believe it                                      There is almost                  It is hard to thank all of the people who helped
                           is fall already. 2011                                        no greater joy                   make this year such a memorable one for
                           was filled with lots of                                      than fishing in                  the Bray, because the involvement was so
                           activity and action for                                      Montana. The                     widespread and deeply generous. I can say that
                           the Bray community.                                          Missouri River is                without all of your support, the Bray would not
                           At the top of the list                                       the longest river in             be the magical place that it is. It flourishes on
                           was the amazing 60 th                                        the United States                the strength and dedication of everyone who
    anniversary celebration—“2011: From the                                             a n d , b et we e n              is involved, whether you are a past resident
    Center to the Edge,” which took place in                                            Helena and Great                 artist, a community class student, a collector
    late June. The energy, financial support and         Falls, it offers some of the best trout fishing                 of ceramics or a first-time visitor. I am proud to
    sense of community generated by this event           imaginable. Dedicated anglers plan vacations,                   be a part of it and hope you are too.
    exceeded anything I have ever seen and by            hire guides, rent boats and fly from all around
    all reports it was a great success.                  the world for a chance to maybe catch a 25-                     Now, as the days get shorter, announcing
                                                         inch rainbow trout—and it is right here in my                   the arrival of fall and some focused time
    As fall begins, we welcome a new group of            backyard. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am                     in the studio over the winter, we will carry
    residents working in the Shaner studios.             to have such an amazing resource nearby, that                   with us the memories from this summer and
    While it is always exciting to meet new artists,     is, until I have the good fortune of holding one                continue to move Archie’s vision forward.
    it is also a little sad to let go of those who are   of these beautiful creatures in my hands while                  And maybe, if time allows, find a few more
    leaving. We draw comfort from knowing they           surrounded by mountains with bald eagles flying                 days on the river.
    are going on to other exciting adventures            overhead. It’s almost too romantic to write                     —Steven Young Lee
    and opportunities and know they will stay in         about. However, in that moment, it’s hard not to
    touch. As the 60th anniversary event showed,         appreciate how remarkable Montana is.
    once you are part of the Bray, you will always
    be a part of the Bray, forever.                      This past June, I had a similar realization                     2011meloystevensonaward
                                                         d u r i n g t h e B ray ’s 6 0 t h a n n i v e rs a r y
    In addition to our departing Bray artists, this      celebration. Many of us had been working
    fall we are also saying goodbye to two of our        for the past two years to prepare for the
    board members. Dick Baiter and John Green            event. Staff, residents, board, participating
    concluded their third terms and we cannot            artists, steering committee members and
    thank them enough for their service. Both            volunteers all worked tirelessly to ready the
    men have been key to the success of the              Bray in anticipation of the many friends and
    Bray during their tenure and it is reassuring        supporters who would be joining us for this
    to know we can still count on them for               important milestone. As the week came to
    future support. John, in fact, is continuing         a close—after the demos had finished, the
    his service on the finance committee and             lectures and panels complete, the final bids
    has also joined the facilities committee. It         for the auction recorded and the exhibitions
    is impossible to overstate how important             closed for the night—there I was watching the                   The Meloy Stevenson Award of Distinction
    their work on the board has been and their           amazing Beth Lo playing stand-up bass with                      acknowledges outstanding service to the Archie
    wise counsel will be missed at future board          the Big Sky Mudflaps and everyone dancing                       Bray Foundation and is granted to individuals
    meetings. We are, though, fortunate to have          into the night. There were expressions of                       whose commitment has helped to sustain the
    added Aidan Myhre, of Helena, to the board           pure joy on people’s faces as the conga                         Bray as “a fine place to work.” Resident Artist
    for a three-year term, and her enthusiasm            line started circling the stage, and laughter                   Director Steven Young Lee presented the
    and knowledge will be a great addition to            flooded the cool night air. In that moment I                    2011 award to Josh DeWeese and Mary Jane
    board deliberations.                                 was reminded of how remarkable the Bray is,                     Davidson at the opening ceremonies during the
                                                         that I am fortunate enough to experience it                     Bray’s 60th anniversary celebration. The ceramic
    Plans for next year’s classes, workshops and         every day and, for a week in June, we were                      plaques were made by Kelly Garrett Rathbone
    exhibitions are progressing well and 2012 is         all able to savor it together.                                  and framed by Al Swanson.
    shaping up to be an exciting year. With seven
    workshops, a dozen or more visiting artists
    and new artwork and exhibitions, we are in
    anticipation for great things to come.

    Thanks to all of you who support and love
    the Bray. We are here only because of your
    commitment to Archie’s mission—to create
    for those interested in ceramics “a fine place
    to work.” Thank you and I hope you can
    make it to Helena to visit us sometime this
    coming year.
    —Jon Satre                                                                                                     The Brickyard Bash during the 60th anniversary celebration weekend.
archiebrayfoundation                                                                        THE ARCHIE BRAY FOUNDATION
                                                                                  thanks the many volunteers, resident and visiting artists,
The Archie Bray Foundation was founded                                    collectors, staff and board of directors, ceramic lovers and supporters
in 1951 by Archie Bray, Peter Meloy and                                         for helping the Bray celebrate this extraordinary milestone.
Branson Stevenson “to make available for all
who are seriously and sincerely interested in
any of the branches of the ceramic arts, a fine
place to work.”

Steven Young Lee, Resident Artist Director
Teresa Amsbaugh, Development Officer
Chuck Aydlett, Clay Business Manager
Chip Clawson, Maintenance Manager                                         Because of your support and dedication it was a resounding success.
Marcia Eidel, Development Director                                                      We couldn’t have done it without you.
Emily Free Wilson, Gallery Director
Rachel Hicks, Director of Programs                       thankyouvolunteers!
                                                                  Special thanks to our sponsors:
                                                                                                                        Rock Hand Hardware
   and Communications                                                       Windgate Charitable Foundation              American Federal Savings Bank
Noreen Lehfeldt, Accounts and Office Manager                                National Endowment community
                                                         Nearly 200 people from thisfor the Arts                          Windgate Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                                        Bergum Drug
                                                                            Paul G. Allen Family Foundation             Best Western Helena Great Northern Hotel
Peter Rudd, Clay Business Assistant                      and beyond volunteeredShield ofthe 60 thfor Montana
Joshua Rysted, Clay Business Retail Manager
                                                                            Blue Cross & Blue
                                                         anniversary event. They weeded and mowed,
                                                                            Mountain Meadow Inn
                                                                                                                          National Endowment for the Arts
                                                                                                                        Montana Conservation Corps
                                                                                                                        Payne Financial Group Inc./
                                                                            Allegra Marketing, Print and Web
                                                         registered guests, guarded art, & Co., P.C with                  Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
                                                                                                                          Montana International Insurance
                                                                            Anderson ZurMuehlen helped                  Wingate by Wyndam
Board of Directors                                       demonstrations, erected tents and even
                                                                            Tim and Shawna Ballweber                    Appleton Furniture and Design Center
Jon Satre, President                                                        Blackfoot River Brewing Co.                   Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Montana
                                                                                                                        Benny’s Bistro
                                                                            and they did
                                                         directed traffic, George’s Distributing it all with a            Mountain Meadow Inn
                                                                                                                        Birds & Beasleys
Norma Tirrell, Vice President                                                                                           Clark’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Margaret Woo, Treasurer
                                                                            J. A. A special thanks goes
                                                         smile on their face.BalistreriFoundation
                                                                            Jerry Metcalf                               Lehrkind’s Helena Coca Cola
Wally Bivins, Secretary                                  to the steeringJorgenson’s Restaurant board and
                                                                               committee, and Lounge                       Allegra Marketing
                                                                                                                        Linda M. Deola, Esq, Morrison, and Web
John Balistreri                                                             Mosaic Architecture
                                                         resident artists for allCeramic Products work and                 Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co.,
                                                                                                                          Motl and Sherwood                           P.C
                                                                            Skutt of their hard                         Miller’s Crossing
Sally Brogden                                            dedication.        Bailey Pottery Equipment                       Tim Rentals and Sales
                                                                                                                        Party Plusand Shawna Ballweber
Mike Casey                                                                  Big Sky Commerce
                                                                                                                           Blackfoot River Brewing Co.
                                                                                                                        Sole Sisters
                                                                            Great Northern Town Center                  St. Peter’s Hospital
Lin Deola                                                                                                                  George’s Distributing
Julia Galloway                                                              event West Bank
                                                         In addition to the Mountainvolunteers, we would                Trimac Group, LLC Real Estate Professionals

Ayumi Horie                                              like to acknowledge our regular year-round                                    J. A. Balistreri Vineyards
Beth Lo                                                  volunteers who have dedicated many hours                                      Jerry Metcalf Foundation
Aidan Myhre                                                                                                                            Jorgenson’s Restaurant and Lounge
                                                         Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts 2915 Country Club Avenue, Helena, MT 59602 406-443-3502
                                                         and talents to the Bray on a day-to-day basis.
                                                                                                                                 •           •

Alan Nicholson                                           Without them the Bray would not be what                                       Mosaic Architecture
Susan Ricklefs                                           it is today.                                                                  Severson Productions
Ann Shaner                                                                                                                Skutt Ceramic Products
Bobby Silverman
Rebecca Sive                                                                                                              Bailey Pottery Equipment
Patti Warashina                                                                                                           Big Sky Commerce
Former Resident Directors
                                                         volunteerhighlight                                               Great Northern Town Center
Rudy Autio                                               maryannparvinen                                                  Mountain West Bank
Lilian Boschen                                                                                                            Rock Hand Hardware
Gene Bunker                                              & joekansier
Dave Cornell                                                                                                              American Federal Savings Bank
Josh DeWeese                                                                                                              Bergum Drug
Ken Ferguson                                                                                                              Best Western Helena Great Northern Hotel
Carol Roorbach                                                                                                            Montana Conservation Corps
David Shaner
Peter Voulkos                                                                                                             Payne Financial Group Inc./Montana
Kurt Weiser                                                                                                                 International Insurance
                                                                                                                          Wingate by Wyndam
The Archie Bray Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.
Contributions are tax deductible. Tax ID # 81-0284022.                                                                    Appleton Furniture and Design Center
For information about membership, the resident                                                                            Benny’s Bistro
artist program, community ceramic classes or any
aspect of the Bray’s operations, call or write:
                                                                                                                          Birds & Beasleys
                                                         Mary Ann and Joe have been groundskeeping                        Clark’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
                                                         for the Bray all spring and summer. They                         Lehrkind’s Helena Coca Cola
                                                         have done an amazing job of keeping the                          Linda M. Deola, Esq, Morrison, Motl
Archie Bray Foundation                                   flowers blooming and the grounds beautiful,                         and Sherwood
2915 Country Club Avenue                                 especially in Archie’s garden.                                   Miller’s Crossing
Helena, Montana 59602-9929
tel: 406/443-3502 fax: 406/443-0934                      Thank you, Mary Ann and Joe, for keeping                         Party Plus Rentals and Sales
e-mail:                        the Bray beautiful for all of us to enjoy!                       Sole Sisters
web site:                                                                                              St. Peter’s Hospital
                                                                                                                          Trimac Group, LLC Real Estate Professionals

    As fall settles in so do the new fellowship           alannaderocchi                                           seano’connell
    artists. Selected from a highly competitive           speyerfellow                                             matsutanifellow
    field of candidates, the 2011–2012 Archie
                                                          Alanna DeRocchi is originally from the small town        Sean O’Connell is a functional potter and his
    Bray Fellowship recipients are returning
                                                          of Petersburg, Illinois. DeRocchi makes large-           work is based on the idea that beauty and
    residents Jeff Campana, Alanna DeRocchi
                                                          scale installations                                      purpose should be a part of everyday life. “It
    and Jonathan Read; new residents Andrew
                                                          of animals and                                           is my pleasure to make these objects and my
    Casto, Sean O’Connell and Lindsay Pichaske;
                                                          furniture. Her                                           desire to see them in the hands and on the
    and current resident Kenyon Hansen.
                                                          constructed displays                                     tables of people who, like me, have a passion
                                                          are interpretations                                      for that which is tended and thoughtful,”
    anonymousfellow                                       of natural history
                                                          museum diorama
                                                                                                                   states O’Connell.

    Jeff Campana exhibits work nationally                 staging and are meant                                    O’Connell earned his BFA from the Kansas
    and internationally. His deconstructed/               to q u e st i o n t h e                                  City Art Institute in 2001 and his MFA from
    reconstructed functional pottery forms have           viewer’s placement in                                    the School for American Crafts/Rochester
    received national attention in several Ceramics       their surroundings.                                      Institute of Technology in 2009. Until recently,
    Monthly features. Since receiving his MFA at                                              Alanna DeRocchi,
                                                                                                                   he and his spouse lived in Rochester, New York,
                                                                                Cape Buffalo on Terrain (detail)
    Indiana University Bloomington in 2008, he                                                                     where he held several teaching positions at
    has participated in more than 50 exhibitions,         She received her MFA from the New York State             local colleges and art centers. He has exhibited
    and regularly gives public lectures and               College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2010.                                        nationally and
    workshops.                                            She also holds BA and BFA degrees from Western                                           in 2009 received
    He received                                           Illinois University, and spent three years as a                                          the “Salad
    h i s B FA i n                                        post-baccalaureate student at California State                                           D ay ’s A r t i st-
    ceramics from                                         University, Long Beach. She has since been a                                             in-Residence”
    the University                                        visiting artist at the University of Wisconsin,                                          at Watershed
    of Wisconsin-                                         Osh Kosh, and recently completed a residency                                             Center for
    Whitewater in                                         at the ClayArch Gimhae Museum in Jillye, South                                           Ceramic Arts
    2004.                 Jeff Campana, Cream and Sugar   Korea. In 2010, DeRocchi was a summer resident                                           in Newcastle,
                                                          at the Bray.                                                                             Maine.
    Campana has been a ceramic technician
                                                                                                                   Sean O’Connell, Teapot
    at Bennington College in Vermont, as well as
    a visiting artist and lecturer at the University                                                               lindsaypichaske
    of Louisville and adjunct professor at Indiana                                                                 tauntfellow
    University Southeast in New Albany. In 2010,
                                                                                                                   Lindsay Pichaske creates hybridized animal
    Campana was a summer resident.
                                                                                                                   sculptures and installations. Her created
                                                                                                                   environments are somewhere between real
    mjdfellow                                                                                                      and imaginary and intersect the familiar and
                                                                                                                   strange, beautiful and repugnant, human and
    Andrew Casto was born in Delaware, Ohio. His                                   Kenyon Hansen, Plates
                                                                                                                   animal, alive and dead.
    sculptural objects create metaphorical links
    between personal narratives and physical              kenyonhansen                                             She received her MFA from the University of
    forces of erosion and entropy. He received            lincolnfellow                                            Colorado, Boulder in 2010, and her BFA from
    his BA from Earlham College in Indiana, and           Kenyon Hansen is a potter who “strives to                the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
    his MFA from the University of Iowa. He has           create finely crafted, thoughtfully made                 She has taught extensively, including classes
    served as an adjunct assistant professor at           pottery that is both considered and balanced,            at Metropolitan State College of Denver, the
    Augustana College in Illinois, Knox College in        containing a healthy dose of spirit and                  University of Colorado and The ArtsCenter
    Illinois and the University of Iowa.                  care.”                                                   in Carrboro, North Carolina. Additionally,
    He was recently awarded the FuLe Prize by                                                                      Pichaske has been an artist-in-residence at
                             the International            He received his BFA in ceramics from                     Art 342 in Colorado, Watershed Center for the
                             C e r a m i c                Finlandia University International School                Ceramic Arts in Maine and the Odyssey Center
                             Magazine Editors             of Art and Design, Hancock, Michigan, and                for Ceramic Arts in North Carolina.
                             Association in               has spent time studying ceramics abroad
                             Fuping, China,               at Staffordshire University in Stoke of Trent,
                             and has been                 England. He has also been a studio assistant
                             featured in                  at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina
                             s eve ra l o t h e r         and a resident artist at Center Street Clay in
                             national and                 Illinois. He apprenticed with Simon Levin and
                             international                interned at Mill Creek Pottery in Wisconsin.
                             exhibitions.                 Hansen is a current Bray resident.
    Andrew Casto, Untitled                                                                                                                  Lindsay Pichaske, The Boar
Jonathan Read makes sculptures, installations
and drawings. He combines soft figurative
forms with dynamic drawings to create and
attempt to freeze a moment in time.

He received his
MFA in ceramics
from Arizona
State University
in 2005. Read
was a member
of the faculty
at Lill Street
Art Center in
Chicago, Illinois,
and at the Mesa                                     2011residents
Arts Center in                                      L to R: Jana Evans, Lindsay Pichaske, Andrew Casto, Jeff Campana, Courtney Murphy, Sean O’Connell,
                                  Jonathan Read,
Mesa, Arizona,             Woman in an Inner Tube   Kenyon Hansen, Steven Young Lee, Alanna DeRocchi and Jonathan Read. Not pictured: Nicholas Bivins.
where he was
the ceramic artist-in-residence in 2005 and
2006. He was also an artist-in-residence and
                                                    firstfullyfundedresidency                          2012upcomingexhibitions
taught sculpture at the Armory Art Center in        The Bray is happy to announce our first fully
West Palm Beach, Florida, in 2010–2011. He          funded named residency—the Anonymous
has also exhibited his work internationally         Fellowship. A fully funded residency is a          Beyond the Brickyard
at the Museum of Applied Art in Vienna,             $12,200 gift that supports a resident for one      Fourth annual juried exhibition
Austria, and Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art          year including the $5,000 fellowship stipend       February 4–April 7
Institute in Jingdezhen, China. In 2010, Read       and studio and communal materials. We are          Opening reception: February 4, 6–8 pm
was a summer resident.                              very grateful for this extraordinary donation.
                                                                                                       NCECA-Seattle, Washington
Each fellowship awards $5,000 and a one-            newfellowship                                      March 25–March 31
year residency at the Archie Bray Foundation        This year, the Bray is also pleased to announce    Opening reception: March 29
to artists of exceptional accomplishment            the addition of the Speyer Fellowship. These
                                                                                                       Community Class Exhibition
and promise. Beneficiaries are expected to          one-year fellowship awards are given to
                                                                                                       April 19–May 19
embrace the Bray experience of community            artists of exceptional merit and help offset
                                                                                                       Opening reception: April 19, 6–8 pm
and exchange, and have the opportunity to           living costs during a Bray residency. By
focus their attention toward producing and          reducing the need for outside employment,
                                                                                                       2012 Visiting Artists
exhibiting a significant body of work.              fellowships give resident artists precious time
                                                                                                       May 31–August 5
                                                    in the studio to explore and develop their
                                                                                                       Opening reception: June 21, 6–8 pm
                                                    work. We are very thankful for Tim Speyer’s
                                                    generous donation.                                 Resident Artists Exhibition & Auction
2012applicationsonline                              For information on how to become a                 Openings
                                                                                                       June 21–July 28
                                                    fellowship donor, please contact the Bray
Applications and guidelines for the 2012                                                               Opening reception: June 21, 6–8 pm
                                                    Development Office at 406/443-3502 or
Fellowships and Residencies are now available
online. To apply, go to                                                             Benefit Auction & Brickyard Bash
and click on Artist Residencies.                                                                       Saturday, July 28, beginning at 6 pm

All applications must be submitted online.          thebrayatnceca2012                                 2011 Taunt, Lilian, Lincoln, Matsutani,
If you have any questions, please call              During the 2012 NCECA conference in                MJD, Speyer and Anonymous Fellowship
406/443-3502, ext. 13.                              Seattle, the Bray will present two exhibitions:    Exhibitions
                                                    Table of Content and Prey/Captured. The            August 9–September 8
All applications for the 2012 Fellowships           exhibitions will feature work from current         Opening reception: August 9, 6–8 pm
and Residencies are due to the Archie Bray          and past residents and will be on display at
                                                    Foster/White from March until April. A public      Resident Artist Farewell Exhibitions
by March 1, 2012.
                                                    reception will be held during the conference       August 9–September 8
                                                    on Thursday, March 29. Stay tuned for more         Opening reception: August 9, 6–8 pm
             joinarchiebraytoday                      publicvalue
    The Bray is proud to have members from all        partnershipgrant                                      investinthebray
    over the world—artists, collectors, students,
    appreciators. We want you to be a part of this    In 2010, the Archie Bray Foundation was
                                                      the recipient of the Montana Arts Council             In times of uncertainty, we all want to feel
    great group of people who make the Bray such
    a fine place.                                     (MAC) Public Value Partnership grant of               good about our investments. The Archie Bray
             How Your Gift Supports the Bray          $10,000 each year for 2011–14. Public                 Foundation provides strong dividends on
                                                      Value Partnerships provide overall operating          investment because it is guided by intention
    oFriends of the Bray ($1,000 and above)
        $12,200-Supports a resident for one year:     support toward the educational mission                and integrity and remains clearly focused on
           studio expenses, communal materials        of Montana nonprofit arts organizations               its mission.
           and fellowship stipend
                                                      with strong operations—including stable
        $7,200-Annual studio expenses for one                                                               Maintaining leadership in ceramic arts is a
           long-term resident                         management, ongoing assessment and
                                                                                                            big job. A “fine place to work” in a frequently
        $4,000-Utilities for one month                evaluation and high artistic quality for the
        $3,500-Gallery supplies for one year                                                                changing landscape has only one constant,
                                                      communities being served. Public Value
        $3,000-Sponsorship of one visiting artist                                                           providing an environment and facilities where
        $2,000-Annual computer expenses               Partnerships between Montana non-profit
                                                                                                            creativity and innovation can take hold. Although
        $1,800-Annual studio expenses for one         arts organizations and the Montana Arts
           summer resident                                                                                  our determination to lead the field, serve the
                                                      Council champion the fact that the arts are
        $1,100-Insurance for one month                                                                      community of Helena and nurture the most
                                                      of benefit to all the citizens of Montana and
                                                                                                            talented of today’s ceramic artists is demanding,
    oBenefactor ($500–999)                            are worthy of state and federal investment.
        $730-Freight expenses for one week                                                                  we are steadfast in that commitment.
        $600-Studio expenses for one resident for
           one month                                  Bray Board President Jon Satre met with Bill          The success of our 60th anniversary celebration
        $500-Annual community class supplies          Lombardi, Senator Tester’s state director,            in June reflected the value that people place
                                                      and discussed the Public Value Partnership            on our work, our vision for the future and our
    oPatron ($250–499)
        $454-Telephone expenses for two weeks
                                                      grants with him. Both Lombardi and Senator            commitment to ceramic art. Every gift is a
        $335-Postage and delivery expenses for        Tester are supporters of the arts and are very        continuing investment in the ceramic artists
           two weeks                                  aware of the value the Bray brings not just           who, for 60 years, have worked to find their
        $250-Communal glaze and ceramic supplies
                                                      to Helena, but to Montana. Lombardi was               creative voices at the Bray, and then have
          for one month
                                                      impressed with the economic contribution              gone on to define the field.
    oSponsor ($100–249)                               to the state from this summer ’s 60 th
        $200-Stipend for one resident for one month   anniversary celebration and believes events           The Annual Campaign is an opportunity
        $150-Studio expenses for one resident for
           one week                                   of this type are critical to creating visibility of   for all of us to come together in support of
        $100-Stipend for one resident for two weeks   arts organizations within the state. It is his        our shared belief that the Bray’s mission
                                                      opinion that well-run arts nonprofits such as         remains an important, worthy and rewarding
    oMember ($35–99)
        $80-Advertising expenses for five days
                                                      the Bray are critical to the important goal of        investment. By now you should have received
        $60-Studio expenses for one resident for      sustaining a vibrant arts community in the            a letter asking for your support. If you haven’t
           three days                                 state and that a vibrant arts community is a          already done so, please take a moment now to
        $35-One subscription for newsletter and
           exhibition invitations
                                                      key part of the quality of life in Montana.           send your gift and renew your commitment to
                                                                                                            the creative community that is the Bray. It is an
     Name and contact information as you wish them
     to appear in membership listing:                                                                       investment that has stood the test of time, and
                                                                                                            offers a dynamic vision for the future.
     Name                                             donorhighlight
                                                      chrisantemann &                                       You can make your annual gift easily and
     Address                                          jakobhasslacher                                       securely online at, by
                                                                                                            calling 406/443-3502, ext. 17 or by sending a
     City                                             During the 60th anniversary live auction call         check to Archie Bray Foundation, 2915 Country
                                                      for cash, past resident Chris Antemann and            Club Avenue, Helena, Montana 59602. Thank
     State                             Zip
                                                      her husband Jakob Hasslacher donated an               you for your generosity and friendship.
     Phone                                            astounding $10,000 gift to commemorate their
                                                      10-year anniversary. Chris and Jakob first met at
     E-mail                                           the Bray’s 50th anniversary event in 2001.
     Enclose check or money order payable to the
     Archie Bray Foundation, 2915 Country Club Ave,   “We want folks to know how our special ten
     Helena, MT 59602                                 years of personal relationship and ten years
                                                      of our relationship with the Bray mean so
     Please charge: o Visa o MasterCard o AMEX
                                                      much to us and how honored we are to be
     Cardholder’s name
                                                      able to support and show thanks by giving
                                                      the $1,000 for every year on the occasion of
     Account #                                        the 60th Anniversary.”–Hasslacher

     Exp. date               Amount charged           We want to give a special thanks to both
               Thank you for your support.            Chris and Jakob for their continuing support
                        Tax ID # 81-0284022           of ceramic arts and the Bray.                         Tip Toland demonstrating during the 60th anniversary event.

60thanniversaryrecap                                          newsfrom
continued from page 1                                         theclaybusiness
the development of the Resident Artist
Scholarship Fund, the Bray has eliminated all
                                                              Tad Henningson Retires
monthly studio fees for long- and short-term                                      After 10 years as the Clay
resident artists and offers financial support                                     Production Manager, Tad
for long-term residents.                                                          Henningson has retired.
                                                                                  Known as the “Clay Czar,”
                                                                                  Tad worked to make sure
                                                                                  only the highest quality
                                                                                  of clay was sold at the
                                                                                  Bray. His steady flow of           Martin Holt
                                                                                  jokes, sports updates and          1940–2011
                                                              opinions about everything under the sun will
                                                                                                                     Martin Holt passed away of leukemia on
                                                              be missed as he goes on to pursue his studio
                                                                                                                     September 6 at the age of 71. Martin
                                                              work at his home in Dillon, Montana.
                                                                                                                     assisted many local arts organizations and
                                                                                                                     was particularly active with the Archie Bray
                                                              “All of us are going to miss Tad and the unique
                   Louis Katz installation and performance.                                                          Foundation, the Myrna Loy Center and was
                                                              qualities he brought during his time working
                                                                                                                     one of the founding board members of
The three-day event wrapped up with a night                   at the Bray. His passion for this place was
                                                                                                                     Helena Civic Television.
full of performances. Louis Katz mystified                    evident through his interactions with the
the crowd with an interactive video and                       artists and also his own artwork. No one in
                                                                                                                     Martin documented many activities and
sculptural performance about ceramics                         Montana made better clay or told a good joke
                                                                                                                     residents over the years, beginning with
and the Bray. Individuals were chained to                     like he did.”—Steven Young Lee
                                                                                                                     Rudy Autio and Peter Voulkos. He will be
oversized Styrofoam bricks and stood in the                                                                          greatly missed by the Bray and Helena art
middle of a circle created by 12-foot-high disks              Thank you, Tad, for all your years of dedication
                                                                                                                     community, but his legacy will live on through
with multiple video and audio projections                     to making the Bray the best place to buy clay.
                                                                                                                     his documentaries, which provide a small
playing at dusk. The rest of the evening was                                                                         window into how Martin saw the world.
spent dancing to the Big Sky Mudflaps at                      I f y o u h a v e p h o to s o r m e m o r i e s o f
the Brickyard Bash. Participants, residents,                  working with Tad, please e-mail them to
board, staff, volunteers and ceramic lovers          We will include them
danced the night away and celebrated the                      in a scrapbook for Tad.
past, present and future of the Bray.                                                                                newfacesatthe
On behalf of the Archie Bray Foundation for                   Duncan Glaze Sale                                      Amanda Bray, Lindsay Carroll, Andrew
the Ceramic Arts, many, many thanks. We                                                                              Ray and Kurt Repnak have joined the Clay
couldn’t do it without the support that comes                                                                        Business staff, bringing with them a variety
from the Bray community. Together, we will                                                                           of experiences and talents.
continue to fulfill Archie’s original mission to
make the Bray “a fine place to work.”

                                                              All Duncan underglazes and glazes are on
                                                              sale for 35% off.

                                                                                                                     L to R: Amanda Bray, Kurt Repnak and Andrew Ray.
                                                              Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves                           Not pictured: Lindsay Carroll.

                                                              Silicon carbide kiln shelves imported from
                                                              China are currently available with volume
                                                              pricing while they last.

                                                                         (1–9)   $59 each
                                                                         (10–19) $56 each
                                                                         (20+)   $53 each

                                                              For more information about sales or new
                                                              products, contact the Clay Business at                               Beth Cavener Stichter demonstrating during
Don Reitz demonstrating during the 60th anniversary event.    800/433-6434 or 406/442-2521.                                                         the 60th anniversary event.

                                                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
       2915 Country Club Avenue                                                                                                                     Permit #44
                                                                                                                                                    Helena, MT
       Helena, MT 59602                                                                                                                               59601

       Address Service Requested
       The Archie Bray is supported by the Montana
       Arts Council, a state agency funded by the State
       of Montana and the National Endowment for the

       Partial funding for this project was
       provided by the Montana Cultural Trust.

       Printed on Recycled Paper

                                        The holidays are just around the corner and it is time for the festive and creative spirit.
                                        The North Gallery is overflowing with work by current residents, as well as some of your
                                        favorite past residents, and a new selection of work will be featured on our Online Sales
                                        Gallery. The exhibition will open with a celebration on November 17th and will be open
                                        through Friday, December 23rd. We have wonderful gifts for everyone on your list.

                                        Make this year’s holiday special with a handmade cup and a Bray T-shirt for all your
                                        friends and family. If you are unable to join us in person, the Online Sales Gallery
                                        will allow you to get in on the action with shipping available to anywhere in the U.S.
                                        Visit and shop today.

                                        For more information, contact the North Gallery at 406/443-3502, ext. 18, or

                                                 Create Collect Connect
                                                 north gallery • november 17–december 23
                                    braygalleryhours • monday–saturday 10 am–5 pm • sunday 1 pm–5 pm

                                                                                                              The Bray is in need of a few items. Let us know
    The perfect gift for any clay                                                                             if you have something to donate, or would be
    enthusiast! Gift certificates                                                                             interested in donating funds to be used to
    are available to purchase                                                                                 purchase these items. If you can help, contact
    o n l i n e a n d ca n b e s e nt                                                                         Steven Young Lee at 406/443-3502, ext. 12.
    anywhere in the world. Gift
    certificates may be used for                                                                              Hair dryers for Pottery Studio
    gallery purchases, workshops                                                                              Hot pot for heating water
    or classes. Certificates can be                                                                           Plastic grocery bags for the Clay Business
                                                                                                              Garden hose roller stand for the Shaner Studio
    redeemed in person or over
                                                                                                              Pound scales
    the phone.                                                                                                Vacuum cleaner
    Go to and click on the Sales Gallery link to purchase today.

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