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APPLE Users Analysis


Comprehensive and good quality information about Apple Users Analysis.

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I-Phone users and Smartphone users, I-pad and I-Pod users Analysis

Before we discuss about APPLE               APPLE Inc. He became the member of
products, first we have a look on the       The Walt Disney Company in 2006. He
history of this great company APPLE.        also played a great role in introducing
Steve Paul Jobs was an American             the first LASER PRINTER. The co-
citizen. He was known for his great         founder of the APPLE was Steve
advancement in the field of IT              Wozniak. He introduced a great
(Information      Technology).    He        invention of APPLE which was named
introduced the company named                APPLE II SERIES.
APPLE. He was the chair person of                                             Page 2
APPLE is a well known company world-wide. This company is providing great
products to all over the world. The beauty of this company is that it is providing
unique operating systems (MACINTOSH) in their products. When this company
came into existence, their products were costly in the market according to the
products of other companies. But if you a look on the operating systems of APPLE &
will demand other company to make such OS then it will be more costly then APPLE
products. The growth rate of APPLE product is 50% approximately more than the
other companies. Iphone, I-pad, Ipod are some of the most popular product of
APPLE.                                            Page 3
Analysis on APPLE products:

   i.      IPHONE:

   Iphone is a great invention in the history of APPLE. It was a first smart phone
   designed by APPLE Inc. Iphone users have more peaceful usage more then they
   expecting. The first iphone was released on June 29, 2007. This device had user
   interference around it ( multi touch screen ). The cellular connectivity and Wi - Fi
   connectivity was also designed in APPLE iphone ( 2G, 3G & 4G ). You can make
   video, captures your pictures, play music, send and receive emails, play games,
   send and receive text & phone calls, web browsing and many more features can
   be performed through it. You can buy more than 70,000 apps from APPLE store
   online. Iphone has a fastest processor and high definition camera as compared to
   the other mobile phone companies. The iphone 4S has introduced a higher
                                                                 resolution 960 x 640
                                                                 ‘retina display’. This
                                                                 phone has 8 mega
                                                                 pixel cameras with
                                                                 1080 pixels video
                                                                 opportunity        and
                                                                 many     other    apps
                                                                 online. The latest
                                                                 product of the APPLE
                                                                 phone is Iphone 5
                                                                 which      is     most
                                                                 popular apple phone
                                                                 world-wide in this
                                                                 generation.        The
   marketing of APPLE iphone is more than the other mobile phone companies from
   all over the world.                                                 Page 4
   ii.     IPOD:

   Ipod is one of the most popular entertainment device introduced by APPLE Inc.
   Ipod was actually designed to have a classic music style. It was a first portable
   music player. It has a great sound quality as compared to other music devices like
   mp3 players, mp4 players and many other music players. This great product can
   give a classic sound quality and HD video entertainment. In the latest ipods,
   multi touch screens have also been introduced in this entertainment device. It can
   give you more exciting sound quality, music, video and many other features. Ipod
   is a true market music player which has amazing marketing style internationally.
   Every high school child, their parents needs an ipod for a classic entertainment.
   Even presidents, grandmothers, grandfathers use ipod for entertainment. The
   ipod price range starts from $299 - $599 depending upon which ipod model you
   desire like 8GB, 16GB or more…. The great opportunity in this device is the
   introduction of Wi–Fi connectivity. You can also use Safari web browser on it.
   This opportunity is also available Iphone. It makes web browsing more efficient.
   If you have a latest ipod then you may enjoy a lot even if you are alone…                                               Page 5
   iii.    I-Pad

   I-Pad is one of the great inventions of APPLE Inc. You can make video, captures
   your pictures, play music, send and receive emails, play games, send and receive
   text, web browsing and many more features can be performed through it. It
   performs almost every function which you perform through your personal
   computer. It is just like a tablet computer which runs only on APPLE`S design
   operating system (MAC). The very first APPLE ipad was introduced on April 03,
   2010. This device had user interference around it (multi touch screen). The cellular
   connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity was also designed in APPLE I-Pads. It also
   includes a virtual keyboard. With the advancement in science and technology,
   mini i-pad has also been introduced. It also works like a tablet computer and has
   capacity to perform almost all functions which your personal desktop computer
   can perform. The screen size of standard ipad is 9.7 inches while the screen size of
   mini I-Pad is 7. 9 inches. Through this device you can do you office work while
   travelling, or if you are on tour, wherever you are in the world you can keep in
   touch to your business. People are taking lot of benefits through this great
   invention.                                                 Page 6
The following pie chart and graph show some analysis on APPLE Inc.                                Page 7
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Author: Asif Khan

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