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									20 Tips to reduce
   your stress
                   Control Your Stress

  Stress is there in all of us life which helps us get motivated and
focused. But if there is too much of stress then it can hamper your
    life badly. You may become unable to do anything and become
paralyzed. Do not use alcohol or drugs to deal with stress because
 it will turn your problem from one level to another. So it is better
    to avoid these unhealthy coping methods and start some good
                     habits to control your stress.
                     Some Tips for you

 Perform some deep breathing exercises.

 Lie face down on the floor for five minutes with your hands resting
under your face and start breathing slowly and deeply.

 While sitting on a reclining chair, put your one hand in chest and the
other in abdomen. Make sure the hand on your abdomen is moving up down
because it indicates proper breathing.

 Learn the difference between Muscle relaxation and muscle tension.
Then try some deep or progressive muscle relaxation.
                   Here are some more

 Sit quietly with closed eyes and so some meditation. And also take up
yoga or exercise regularly.

 Sometimes arts and music can help you to relax and distracts you.

 First of all it is important to identify and monitor stressors and then
handle the situation with an organized plan.

 List down some important daily works and try to follow the list.

 Try to avoid the unhealthy coping techniques like drinking, smoking,
drugs or less sleeping.
                            And more…

 Try to avoid junk foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and binge eating.

Just learn to say “No” occasionally.

Proper sleeping is very necessary which is at least seven to nine hours at

Laugh and cultivate the sense of humor. Do not run from facing your

Keep in touch with your friends and family or maintain a close relationship,
it will really help.
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