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               Mobile and Alternative Payments in Canada

Mobile payments are gaining a foothold in Canada: Of an estimated 22 million Canadian adult mobile
phone users, some 17% have made a mobile payment in past 12 months, according to Packaged
Facts survey results. But in this very nascent-stage market, the issue comes down to the method of
payment. Despite Canada’s solid contactless point-of-sale base, we see significant challenges for NFC-
based mobile payments. However, mobile P2P has already taken hold, and we expect mobile P2P to
continue to lead Canadian mobile payments growth, thanks in large part to PayPal and Zoompass,
already popular P2P methods straddling online and mobile payments. While QR code awareness is low,
our consumer survey results suggest that mobile payers are twice as likely to use a barcode scanning
apps during the next 12 months than during the last 12 months. And with Starbucks Canadian rollout
of its barcode scan-based mobile payment application, usage and interest could rise.

Packaged Facts expects Canadian E-Wallet and electronic P2P payments to grow at a compound
annual growth rate of 62% during 2012-2015, on the heels of recent and expected mobile payments
launches and subsequent consumer uptake.

Mobile and Alternative Payments in Canada provides industry participants with the wealth of analysis
and guidance they need to stay abreast of this quickly evolving market. Report coverage includes
market sizing and forecast for Canadian mobile payments, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of
competitor dynamics:

- Canadian contactless and mobile payment strategies employed by American Express, Interac,
MasterCard and Visa.
- Mobile payments strategies employed by non-banks: carrier-based payment strategies, led by
Rogers Communications and Zoompass; alternative payments & emerging wallet payment
strategies, led by Google, PayPal and Square; direct carrier billing, provided by Bango and Text2pay;
and emerging mobile payment acceptance options, led by NetSecure Technologies and Payfirma.
- Mobile banking and mobile payment solutions of Canada’s Big 5 banks (Bank of Montreal, Canadian
Imperial Bank of Commerce Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and Toronto-Dominion Bank)
- Merchant perspective on Canadian mobile payments and analysis of the diverging mobile payment
paths taken by Canadian QSR playersTim Hortons and Starbucks.
- Macro trends shaping the Canadian mobile payments landscape, including internet and mobile phone
use trends; eCommerce and online merchant adoption trends; Payment method trends; mobile
banking and payments usage versus future interest; and security and fraud.

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary

Report Scope
Market Size and Forecast
       Macro trends shaping Canadian mobile payments landscape
       Internet and mobile phone use trends
       eCommerce and online merchant adoption
       Payment methods
       Mobile banking and payments usage versus future interest
       Security and fraud concerns
Canadian Mobile Phone Usage Trends
Canadian Mobile Banking Trends
       Summary analysis
Canadian Mobile Payments Trends
       Summary analysis
Canadian Interest in Mobile Financial, Promotional & Shopping Tools
       Summary analysis
Canadian Mobile Payments Strategies: Card Associations
       American Express
       Visa Canada
Canadian Mobile Payments Strategies: Nonbanks
       Carrier-Based Payment Strategies
       Alternative Payments & Emerging Wallet Payment Strategies
       Emerging mobile payment acceptance options
Mobile Payments Strategies: Canadian Banks
Tim Hortons & Starbucks Canadian Mobile Payment Strategies
       Retailer perspective
       Tim Horton’s opts for NFC
       Starbucks Canada takes the barcode route

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