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									The most ridiculous drugs
                                     10th place: placebo or dummy. It is surprising, but a lot
                                     of expectation that will help to take the drug, really
                                     helped.Shortly before the revolution in Petrograd were
                                     very popular drops Baron Vrevsky - "from the
                                     nerves." They even sent out by mail and advertised in
                                     the magazine "Niva". It was later revealed that it was
                                     just water from the Neva.
                                     9th place: Bloodletting was one of the most popular
treatments in the history of medicine. Tried to use it with absolutely all ailments until the
XIX century. Killed at the same time a lot of people have helped - units. Now do
bloodletting only eritremii - rare disease in which the body is formed too many red blood
cells.8th place: Another very popular way to cure all ills - enema. Or enema. Poor fall sick
regardless of the cause of the disease mercilessly washed. Surprisingly, some help.
7th place: In "Manual of Pharmacology" G. Natnagelya and M. Rossbach (St. Petersburg,
1885, s.299) recommended to drink a glass of metallic mercury for straightening
volvulus. A Dr. Robert Patrick said that mercury can cure almost all diseases.
6th place: the heroine in the XIX century, people treated with cough!
5th place: Opiates tincture of opium is also offered for coughs and intestinal disorders.
4th place: pills for weight loss, which sold 40-50s of the twentieth century, contained
helminth eggs.
3rd place: Dissection of the brain or a lobotomy in the first half of the twentieth century, in
all seriousness, used to treat psychiatric illnesses, and the one who invented this, in 1949,
was given the Nobel Prize.
2nd place: Coca-Cola was invented by an American pharmacist as medicine, which was to
help with nervous disorders, headaches, prevent pregnancy, and already pregnant
anesthetize birth.
1st place: The analgesic syrup for children in the XIX century, containing 65 milligrams of
pure morphine and chloroform, codeine, heroin, opium, hashish. Many children died after

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