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									The most common myths about hypnosis
                      Covert    Hypnosis     excites    the   minds    of   both    scholars       and
                      commoners. But if the first, at least approximately understand what
                      hypnosis is, and what can and can not do the hypnotist, the ordinary
                      people who are not familiar with the physiology of higher nervous
                      system, invent all sorts of stories about hypnosis. Situation spoil any
pseudo-scientific magazines and a newspaper, describing, for example, a person under
hypnosis remembered his past life. In general, we offer our readers learn about the most
common myths that are most likely to believe the public.
1. Hypnosis is called hypnotist. Actually, this is not the case.
Professional hypnotists often remember the saying "Any hypnosis is self-hypnosis." The
thing is that hypnotizes himself the "patient." If something happens with the hypnotist,
anyone can get out of his trance.The hypnotized no one stuck. And by the way, not
hypnotized becomes dependent on the hypnotherapist.
2. hypnosis can make people do what they do not want.
This myth is extremely common. This is a half-truth. For example, to make a person to
carry out non-relevant action is possible, but only up to a certain limit. For example, you
can cause a person to have an onion, suggest to him that it is an apple - not only the mind
but the body will take the bulb for the apple.What's interesting is that even the eyes
hypnotized person will not tear if it is a bow.
However, to make a person out of a window at 56 floor, to suggest to him that this door will
not work. Nor will cause a person to kill someone else in a state of hypnosis (although if it
is contrary to the moral convictions of the person). If hypnotized killer, most likely, it does
not make a problem to kill anyone who will point to the hypnotist.
As you can see, this myth has some truth.
3. Hypnosis - it's a dream . In fact, this is not a dream, just very difficult in other words to
describe the state of the hypnotized person. There is another word that is well suited to the
term "hypnosis" - Trans. Can serve as an example of trance phenomenon in which the
drivers are tired, can be switched off from the outside, staying active on everything related
to driving.
4. Hypnosis is a curing therapy . Hypnosis can be used only as spomogatelnogo funds and
can not be the primary method of treatment. Usually against a hypnotist use the term
"hypnotherapist." Hypnosis should practice only professionals.
5. using hypnosis hypnotist can get hypnotized to remember everything that happened in the
past. This is particularly harmful myth that has appeared recently. The thing is that in a
state of hypnosis a person can dream, believing that it is true. In addition, under hypnosis,
one can say that, in his opinion, wants to hear the hypnotist.
Incidentally, this is why the data that is extracted from hypnotists criminals can not be
trusted and have no weight in court. A person can simply slander yourself, and if a
hypnotist too clicks, then the "patient" can happen hysterical.
Now questioning the use of hypnosis prohibited in most civilized countries.

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