The longest in the history of the coma lasted '42 by paradoks2202


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									The longest in the history of the coma lasted '42
In Miami, died 59-year old woman who is almost his entire adult life in a state of
unconsciousness. We are talking about Eduard O'Bara, which the media at the time was
called                     "Sleeping                      Snow                       White."
At age 16 O'Bara slipped into a diabetic coma, and since then has never "wake up" for 42
years. It is noteworthy that in the eyes of Edward were always open, but there was no
consciousness: she had not heard of others, had not seen them in any way and was
unable to perceive the world.

Last words before O'Bara coma, was a request to the mother. "Promise me you will not
throw me," - said the girl. A mother of a lifetime remembered her request.
following 35 years Kay O'Bara spent at the bedside of her daughter, regularly arranging
her birthday, caring for her and separate for 90 minutes at a time to sleep or take a shower.
In 2008, his mother died at the age of 80 years. And it was to fulfill the promise of Edward's
sister. It was she who found the death of "Snow White, Sleeping." "Edward just closed my
eyes    and     went    to    heaven     with    my     mom,"     -    said    Colin   O'Bara.
According to her, Edward was not only "the best sister imaginable," but also to teach
women a lot, even without contact with her . "It's really cool," - she said.

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