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									Red Bull and cocaine
                       In Germany, under threat of a ban were drinks brand Red Bull. In the
                       five federal states that have prohibited the sale of cola. The reason -
                       the traces of cocaine were found in the Red Bull drinks from
                       laboratory analyzes. The producer categorically denies the
                       Once in a stake of Red Bull chemists found traces of cocaine, the
                       drink was immediately banned in the state of Baden-Württemberg,
where they decided not to wait for a long time any official reaction. Then joined the ban in
Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate, reports Die Welt.
The reason for the ban in these lands were the results of laboratory tests beverage
obtained by the authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia. As explained by the ban
representatives of the Ministry of Consumer Protection Hesse, although the amount of
additives contained in the stake and not a threat to human health, in any case they should
not be there at all.
The bone of contention was the beverage contained in the extract of coca
leaves. Manufacturers claim that the extract is purified of cocaine. However, the authorities
German states were not satisfied by these assurances, "chipped in" and made a very
costly chemical analysis, and found that not only extract, and the traces of the drug in the
Red Bull.
however manufacturer is not going to give up. In her view, the extracts of coca leaves,
peeled cocaine used almost everywhere, for example, as a seasoning. It is used in the
preparation of their products, many manufacturers, both in the EU and in the U.S.. And no
one has any doubts about the quality and safety of these products.
However, the government continues to stand his ground. Let Red Bull Cola and does not
constitute a real danger to health, but all the same - violates existing laws. It's not just
because of some sort of food additives, and on drugs.

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