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									Myths about hearing
                       Myth: If I have worse hearing, I'll know about it.
                       Reality: Unfortunately it is not. Adaptive abilities of man is so great
                       that the hearing loss the brain adapts to the new environment, and
                       the person for a long time does not notice that he had problems. Test
                       at the doctor best show how sharp your hearing.
                       Myth: Hearing can be restored using certain drugs.
                       Reality: As with vision, the drug in the majority of cases (90-95%)
can not return the hearing. They may in some cases stop the loss of, or be complementary
factor to the special exercises and technical aids (hearing aids, for example) that help a
person hear better.
Myth: I can not hear in one ear, and the second hearing wonderful!
Reality: If a man speaks like that, he has a problem with both ears. The brain adapts and
"chooses" one ear as moderator. So, by the way, happens in a healthy person. Same
person with limited hearing in this case, we must immediately go to the doctor and to treat
both hearing.
Myth: Hearing loss - a property of older people, and there's no getting around it.
Reality: This is false. In people aged 18-45 years, the percentage suffering from hearing
impairment is only slightly lower than that of the older. Apparently, this opinion due to the
fact that older people with age more attentive to their health, and discovers that he has
hearing problems more often than young, who have no time to their health.
Myth: Hearing aid - a sign of disability and lameness.
Reality: People - strange creatures. Instead of enjoying absolute opportunity of hearing,
they are willing to endure the inconvenience. The deal is often not in money but in the
unwillingness to be treated and to correct their deficiencies. Points are more noticeable
than modern hearing aids (see picture), but nevertheless they are very many people who
have vision problems. In the process of writing this article, I found that the apparatus that
are not just small, but generally invisible in use. I encourage all to use hearing aids, they
are only for those who have hearing problems. But if you have time there was such a
need, do not hesitate and complexes. Use the achievements of science, and live for fun!
Myth: When a person loses hearing, he hears all quiet.
Reality: If you have problems with hearing people can hear the speech of others as loud
as before, but has difficulty with its intelligibility. Or, for example, hears better in a quiet
environment than in a crowded city center.

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