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									Mysteries of Medicine
                   10th place: Conjoined twins are the result of a failed dividing
                   egg. Depending on the stage at which the egg is "changed her mind"
                   divided in half, to obtain various types of connections, but no couples
                   who have joined at the same each year several hundred born Siamese
                   twins, 70% of them - girls.
                   9th place: People chimera - it's not scary, but mysteriously from a
scientific point of view. They - the fruit of the merger of two fraternal twins, that is, as it
turns out two people in one. How often people are born chimera - is unknown.
8th place: disease called acromegaly and Morfana syndrome cause people to become
giants. Syndrome Morfana allegedly suffered Lincoln. The disease affects one out of four
thousand people.
7th place: The smallest woman in the world was Pauline Masters, who lived at the end of
XIX century. Her height was 59 inches.
6th Place: Lots of fuss about "Man is a tree." Growths on his skin, which makes it really
look like a tree, are the result of a rare combination of immunodeficiency and is in the body
pappilomavirusa. The virus in a controlled manner, causes the formation of warts.
5th place: Dutchman Wim Hove, known to the world as Iceman or Ice Man, do not feel the
cold. It can easily transfer temperature, from which the average person would have long
since died.
4th place: In the last years of medical practice described at least three children with a rare
disease: they never sleep. Constant vigilance is called rare disease of the brain - the
Arnold-Chiari syndrome. People with this syndrome, the brain literally compressed
spine. Because of this, the processes associated with sleep, speech, and sometimes with
the breath, are wrong.
3rd place: Allergy to water was first described in 1964. Of course, patients can drink
water. But a few minutes of your bath or shower leads to the fact that their skin is covered
with red itchy spots.
2nd place: foreign accent syndrome is caused by damage to the speech centers of the
brain as a result of strokes or injuries. A case where a woman, who survived the bombing
of London, began to talk in English with a strong German accent.
1st place: Tourette Syndrome - a genetic disorder that manifests itself in myoclonic
twitching of facial muscles, neck and shoulder area. Also, patients may inadvertently
coughing, spitting and cursing uncontrollably.

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