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                      Silicone Pastes          3
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                      Wacker Chemie AG        14


Reliability and the ability to cope                   Versatile Applications                         Impressive Properties
under pressure are vital to the global                WACKER’s silicone pastes are all about         A broad portfolio hinges on impressive
market success of high-tech specia-                   reliability. Their wide range of applica-      product properties. WACKER’s silicone
lists and subcontractors. To secure                   tions includes the mechanical engineer-        pastes offer you key benefits thanks to
an impact on tomorrow’s markets,                      ing, metalworking, electronics, instru-        a range of impressive basic properties.
modern-day companies must offer                       mentation and food-processing sectors.         Our pastes comprise thermostable and
stable production processes and low                   As reliable functional and process auxi-       highly chemical-resistant siloxanes, whose
reject rates.                                         liaries, our products have been used all       consistency is largely unaffected by tem-
                                                      over the world by major specialist firms       perature changes. These pastes also
                                                      and industrial subcontractors for many         offer excellent electrical insulation, good
                                                      decades. The WACKER® Silicone Paste            release action as well as time-tested
                                                      and POWERSIL® Paste AP product                 adhesive and lubricating properties – all
                                                      grades are used in nearly every sector:        have helped make our silicone pastes
                                                      as industrial lubricants and assembly          so successful in a variety of applications.
                                                      aids, as lubricants in plastic bearings,
                                                      as electrical insulation pastes to protect
                                                      insulators, as a heat-sink paste in elec-
                                                      tronics, or as sealing aids to reliably seal
                                                      dismountable components.

WACKER ® and POWERSIL® are registered trademarks of
Wacker Chemie AG.

Whether your products are for antifriction,   Sealing Aids                                   Damping Media
lubricating, sealing, release, insulating,    WACKER’s silicone pastes permit relia-         Where components require dampened
damping or conductive purposes, our           ble sealing of detachable construction         movement (e.g. sound pickups, damp-
silicone pastes are effective, reliable and   parts and joints because the elastomer         ened hinges and comparable parts),
durable in a wide range of industrial         seal tightness can be adapted to the           silicone pastes are ideal as damping
sectors. It is does not matter whether        construction elements to be connected,         media.
you use the pastes as standard antifric-      such as glass apparatus, seals on liquid-
tion agents and lubricants or for com-        filled machinery, gears and similar parts.     Heat-Sink Media
plex, heat-resistant structural parts.                                                       WACKER products are suitable as
                                              Release Agents                                 specialty heat-sink pastes in electronics
Over recent decades, WACKER’s silicone        Their chemical stability makes silicone        and instrumentation. In electronic power
pastes have made an excellent name for        pastes suitable, for example, for heat-        components, our silicone pastes’ thermal
themselves as multifunctional process         resistant applications in which plastic        conductivity ensures enhanced heat
auxiliaries.                                  parts are deformed by pressure and             dissipation to cooling rails. In metrology,
                                              heat or are processed on extruders.            they also ensure optimized heat transfer
Lubricating and Assembly Pastes                                                              from the measurement point to sensors.
Silicone pastes from WACKER are suit-         Lubricants
able lubricating and assembly aids in         Offering good viscosity/temperature
both technical and, to an extent, food-       characteristics and chemically stable
processing sectors. The greasing of           properties, WACKER lubricants can be
O-rings and elastomeric parts before          used in a very broad range of applicati-
their installation prevents damage and        ons. They not only ensure extremely low
ensures ease of movement. Silicone            coefficients of friction in plastic/metal
pastes make it easier to push cable lugs      pairings, but also greatly reduce wear in
onto cable terminations. Our products         plastic bearings and peristaltic pumps.
cause only minime swelling of organic
rubber and elastomers. Only with silicone     Insulators
rubber can serious swelling occur as a        If used in transformers exposed to high
result of the chemical similarity. In this    levels of electrolyte and dust – as is the
case, we recommend pastes with higher-        case in coastal regions, coal mines and
viscosity base fluids, such as WACKER®        cement factories – silicone paste films
Silicone Paste P 8, POWERSIL® Paste           readily siliconize the contaminating foreign
AP or fluorosilicone greases.                 particles. Silicone pastes render the dirt
                                              particles hydrophobic and incorporate
                                              them into the paste film. In rainy, foggy
                                              or very damp conditions, WACKER prod–
                                              ucts prevent the formation of coherent,
                                              conductive films of liquid on high-
                                              voltage insulators. This helps prevent
                                              corona discharges and sparkovers.


WACKER® Silicone Paste                    P    P     P4   P4     PNP   P8   Heat-Sink Paste   P 14   POWERSIL®
                                              soft        soft                   P 12                Paste AP
Lubricating and Assembly Pastes
Installation of O-rings
Cable terminations
Cable sleeves
Cable connectors
Greasing of rubber profiles
Sealing and lubricating aid
for stuffing boxes
Plastic lubricant
for metals
Sealing Aids
Ground-glass joints, manufacture
of chemical equipment (devices)
Greasing of valves/stopcocks
Greasing of seal rings
Release Agents
Extruder dies and rings
Compression molding
Plastic demolding
Release agent on the jaws
of heat-sealing equipment
Plastic parts,
gears and bearings
Shutoff valves,
control devices
Plastic and metal guides
Pivot joints
High-voltage insulators
Ignition systems (automotive electrics)
Encapsulation of electronic
Moisture protection
Damping Medium

Heat-Sink Medium


WACKER® Silicone Paste P/P Soft                 WACKER® Silicone Paste PNP                     WACKER® Silicone Paste P 14
Translucent, Vaseline®-like, relatively stiff   White, particularly heat-resistant paste       Opaque, slightly glossy, slightly trans-
and water-repellent paste; it becomes           with good shear stability. This paste’s        lucent medium-consistency paste; similar
soft under the force of gravity or me-          white color makes it possible to control       to WACKER® Silicone Paste P 4, but
chanical loading (e.g. kneading). This          coating, e.g. as an elastomer lubricant,       with a much lower solidifying point and
permits greater ease of processing in           encapsulating material, release agent          high shear stability even after exposure
many cases; the paste’s actual consist-         or dielectric. The paste is also suitable      to high temperatures.
ency is less dependent on temperature.          as a damping medium.
The paste is compliant with German                                                             POWERSIL® Paste AP
BfR Recommendation XV (silicones).              WACKER® Silicone Paste P 8                     Opaque to white, medium-consistency
                                                Very strong, tough, slightly tacky opaque      paste; POWERSIL® Paste AP was de-
WACKER® Silicone Paste P 4/P 4 Soft             paste with relatively good shear stability.    veloped specifically as an assembly aid
Opaquely translucent when applied as a          It facilitates pushing on cable terminations   for cable terminations, cable shoes and
thin film; average consistency, relatively      and is used as a sealing aid in glass          cable connectors for pushing on the
shear-stable, slightly thixotropic; good        apparatus. The bleed values are very           associated cable accessories. The paste
electrical characteristics as regards           low and the electrical characteristics         enjoys the excellent dielectric properties
insulating properties, permittivity and         correspond to those of WACKER®                 of silicone; at the same time, it causes
dielectric strength, and good anchorage         Silicone Paste P 4.                            very little (if any) swelling of silicone
to metals and ceramics. Parts coated                                                           elastomers in contact with the paste.
with WACKER® Silicone Paste P 4 are             WACKER® Silicone Heat-Sink
particularly water repellent; this provides a   Paste P 12
certain amount of corrosion protection.         Pure white, soft paste with excellent
                                                thermal conductivity. Electrically
                                                insulating. This paste is used as an
                                                assembly aid in electronics and I&C,
                                                and dissipates the heat emitted
                                                by electronic components such as
                                                power transistors. It is also suitable
                                                as a heat-sensor contact medium.


Thanks to their versatile and impressive              Consistency as a function of temperature (penetration 1/10 mm)
basic properties, silicone pastes are
                                              Penetration [1/10 mm]

ideal functional aids in a wide range of
– Non-curing, pasty consistency largely
  unaffected by temperature, permitting
  use over a broad temperature range
– Water resistant, water repellent, oxida-                               250
  tion resistant, hence offering long-term
  resistance to atmospheric influences;
  forms a protective layer
– Odorless, of a low order of toxicity,
  radiation resistant up to approx. 106
  rad, inert with respect to a great many                                               25           50           75           100          125          150          175        200
  chemicals, resistant to microorganisms                                                                                                                                     Temperature [°C]

– Ready adhesion to numerous surfaces,                                             Paste P 4 soft               Paste P 4               Paste P 8
  good lubricating properties in plastic/
  plastic or plastic/metal pairings, good
  lubricity                                           Examples of coefficients of friction for silicone pastes in a steel/PTFE pairing
– Good release properties with respect
                                              Coefficients of friction

  to numerous elastomers and plastics
– Good electrical insulation, high dielec-
  tric strength and permittivity, low loss
– Excellent shelf life, guaranteed functio-
  nality of specific properties for up to                                0.10
  12 months and of general properties
  for several years
– Simple and direct processing (ready-
  to-use products) possible, supplied in
  tubes or drums
                                                                                                                                                                       Running time: 10 mins

                                                                                   Paste P 8                          Paste PNP
                                                                                Cylinder roller/Teflon slab pairing, load 20 N, temperature 25 °C, slip path 2 mm, frequency 20 Hz

Product Selection                              Consistency summary (unworked penetration as per ISO 2137)
Silicone pastes are based on heat-resist-
ant siloxanes and contain inorganically                       P
based thermostable thickeners as a
substantial second phase. The individual                                          P4                            P4w
WACKER® silicone pastes and POWERSIL®                                     Pw
Paste AP each exhibit different proper-
                                                                                          POWERSIL® AP
ties. Specific products can therefore be
recommended for individual application                     PNP
fields. As a solutions-oriented partner to                                                               P 12
its customers, WACKER does all it can
to provide you with just the right product                        P8
grade. Whatever your application require-                                 P 14
ments, we will be happy to offer you
further assistance.                                180       200        220       240       260      280        300   320
                                                   Stiff                                                              Soft

Our silicone pastes usually exhibit a
yield point and are slightly thixotropic in   Due to varying base-fluid viscosities
behavior.                                     and the thixotropic properties, there may
                                              be obtained different viscosities when
With low shear load, higher viscosity         measured as consistency on ISO 2137.
values are obtained.                          For more details, please contact our

Contact with Elastomers                      Elastomer             Blank value P        P4      PE soft   P8      P1
Because silicone pastes have little effect   75 EPDM
on elastomers, they are suitable as lubri-   G (%)                 -0.9        -1.9     -1.8    -1.8      -1.6    -1.5
cants on organic elastomers. The table       V (%)                 -0.9        -2.1     -2.0    -1.9      -1.8    -1.9
briefly summarizes the behavior of elasto-   Shore                 +1.9        +2.9     +3.0    +3.4      +3.9    +3.2
mers after they have been embedded in        50 CR Neoprene
the silicone paste and have undergone        G (%)                 -0.6        -10.8    -10.8   -10.8     -10.3   -11.5
thermal conditioning.                        V (%)                 -1.1        -15.8    -15.8   -16.1     -15.1   -16.7
                                             Shore                 +11.0       +24.0    +24.0   +23.7     +23.9   +23.3
                                             65 SBR
                                             G (%)                 -1.4        -2.9     -2.8    -2.9      -2.6    -2.5
                                             V (%)                 -1.2        -2.8     -2.8    -2.8      -2.6    -2.4
                                             Shore                 +2.7        +3.0     +3.1    +2.5      +3.8    +3.0
                                             DIN 53 538
                                             – SRE-NBR–28–BAM
                                             G (%)                 -1.5        -1.7     -1.8    -1.7      -1.6    -1.6
                                             V (%)                 -1.7        -1.9     -2.0    -2.0      -1.8    -1.8
                                             Shore                 +3.4        +3.4     +3.8    +3.2      +3.5    +3.9

                                             Swelling data of elastomers as per
                                             DIN 53 521 after 168 hours’ contact
                                             with silicone pastes at 100 °C.
                                             (test specimens: 36 mm/thickness
                                             2 mm); G = weight change after swelling;
                                             V = volume change after swelling


 WACKER® Silicone Paste                                   P                         P soft                    P4                        P 4 soft
 Appearance                                               Colorless, opaque         Colorless, opaque         Colorless, opaque         Colorless, opaque
 Specific weight ca. g/cm3                                1.02                      1.02                      1.02                      1.02
 Consistency: ISO 2137 1/10 mm
 a) Unworked penetration                                  200                       225                       225                       300
 b) Worked penetration (60 strokes)                       > 250                     > 270                     250                       310
 Solidifying point ca. °C                                 -45                       -45                       -45                       -45
 Dropping point ca. °C                                    None                      None                      None                      None
 Application range °C                                     -40 bis +200              -40 bis +200              -40 bis +200              -40 bis +200
 Volatiles content FED-STD 791 M 321                      1.0                       1.0                       2.0                       2.0
 (30 h/200 °C) %
 Bleeding FED-STD 791 M 321                               2.0                       2.0                       0.1                       3.0
 (30 h/200 °C) %
 Thermal conductivity as per DIN 52 612                   0.15                      0.15                      0.15                      0.15
 W/m · K (ca.)
 Electrical loss factor tanδ; 1 kHz – 10 MHz              <0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025
 Electrical resistivity at 25 °C (ca.)                    1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm
 Dielectric strength DIN 53 481:                          ca. 20 KV/mm              ca. 20 KV/mm              ca. 20 KV/mm              ca. 20 KV/mm
 0.05 inch gap between electrodes                         ~25 kV/0.05 inch          ~25 kV/0.05 inch          ~25 kV/0.05 inch          ~25 kV/0.05 inch
 Permittivity ε; 1 kHz – 10 MHz                           2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1
 Arc resistance (minimum) s                               60                        60                        60                        60
 Insolubility                                             Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,
                                                          ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,
                                                          glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils
 Soluble/dispersible in:                                  Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,
                                                          white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,
                                                          petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,
                                                          toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,
                                                          ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.

These figures are intended as a guide and should not be
used in preparing specifications.

PNP                       P8                        P 12                      P 14                      POWERSIL® AP
White                     Colorless                 White                     Colorless, opaque         Opaque, white
1.05                      1.01                      2.25                      1.03                      1.02

195                       205                       280                       220                       260
205                       230                       300                       250                       280
-45                       -35                       -35                       -53                       -45
None                      None                      None                      None                      None
-40 bis +230              -30 bis +200              -30 bis +200              -50 bis +200              -40 bis +200
1.5                       1.0                       0.6                       2.0                       2.5

3.5                       0.1                       0.1                       1.0                       2.5

0.15                      0.15                      0.81                      0.15                      0.15

<0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025      <0.003 – max. 0.0025
1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm                 1013 Ω cm
ca. 20 KV/mm              ca. 20 KV/mm              < 15 KV/mm                ca. 20 KV/mm              ca. 20 KV/mm
~25 kV/0.05 inch          ~25 kV/0.05 inch          ~25 kV/0.05 inch          ~20 kV/0.05 inch          ~25 kV/0.05 inch
2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1                 2.8 – 3.1
60                        60                        –                         60                        60
Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,          Water, methanol,
ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,        ethanol, glycerol,
glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils   glycol and mineral oils
Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,       Methylene chloride,
white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,   white spirit, gasoline,
petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,          petroleum ether,
toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,        toluene, kerosene,
ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.       ethyl acetate, etc.


WACKER                                   WACKER SILICONES                                With its comprehensive expertise,
is a technology leader in the chemical   is a leading supplier of complete silicone-     WACKER FINE CHEMICALS is a preferred
and semiconductor industries and         based solutions that comprise products,         partner for highly challenging custom-
a worldwide innovation partner to cus-   services and conceptual approaches. As          manufacturing projects in the fields of
tomers in many key global sectors.       a provider of solutions, the business divi-     chemistry and biotechnology.
With around 14,700 employees,            sion helps customers press ahead with
WACKER generated sales of € 3.34         innovations, exploit global markets fully,      WACKER POLYSILICON
billion in 2006. Germany accounted       and optimize business processes to              has been producing hyperpure silicon for
for 20 % of sales, Europe (excluding     reduce overall costs and boost productiv-       the semiconductor and photovoltaics
Germany) for 28 %, the Americas for      ity. Silicones are the basis for products       industries for over 50 years. As one of the
20 % and Asia-Pacific, including         offering highly diverse properties for vir-     largest global manufacturers of polycrys-
the rest of the world, for 32 %.         tually unlimited fields of application, rang-   talline silicon, WACKER POLYSILICON
Headquartered in Munich, Germany,        ing from the automotive, construction,          supplies leading wafer and solar-cell
WACKER has some 20 production            chemical, electrical engineering and elec-      manufacturers.
sites worldwide and a global network     tronics industries, through pulp and
of over 100 sales offices.               paper, cosmetics, consumer care and             Siltronic
With R&D spending at 5 % of sales        textiles, to mechanical engineering and         is one of the world’s leading producers of
in 2006, WACKER is among the world’s     metal processing.                               hyperpure silicon wafers, supplying many
most research-intensive chemical                                                         major chip manufacturers. Siltronic devel-
companies.                               WACKER POLYMERS                                 ops and produces wafers up to 300 mm
                                         is the global leader for high-quality bind-     in diameter at facilities in Europe, the
                                         ers and polymer additives. This business        USA, Asia and Japan. Silicon wafers form
                                         division’s activities encompass construc-       the basis of state-of-the-art micro and
                                         tion chemicals and functional polymers          nanoelectronics used, for example, in
                                         for lacquers, surface coatings and other        computers, telecommunications, motor
                                         industrial applications, as well as basic       vehicles, medical technology, consumer
                                         chemicals, i. e. acetyls. Products such         electronics and control systems.
                                         as dispersible polymer powders, disper-
                                         sions, solid resins, powder binders and
                                         surface coating resins from WACKER
                                         POLYMERS are used in the construction,
                                         automotive, paper and adhesives
                                         industries, as well as by manufacturers
                                         of printing inks and industrial coatings.

                                         WACKER FINE CHEMICALS
                                         is an expert in organic synthesis, silane
                                         chemistry and biotechnology, providing
                                         tailored solutions for its customers
                                         in the life sciences and consumer care
                                         industries. The range of innovative
                                         products includes complex organic
                                         intermediates, organosilanes, chiral
                                         products, cyclodextrins and amino acids.

                        CRE ATING TOMORROW’S SOLUTIONS
Wacker Chemie AG
Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4
81737 München, Germany

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